March18th at the Farm

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)March 18, 2009

I managed to get outside today to prune raspberries, a couple more clematis and a white baptisia. The sun was still shining so I took a few photos.

Geese by the pond.

Geese Fly away.

The reason the geese flew away.

Some of the mess left from flooding and vole damage.

We lost some old trees as well. This one destroyed a young apple tree, but I may try to rescue it...

The little apple tree that took the hit.

Narcissus are emerging.

And snowdrops!

And some hellebores too.

I finished knitting a small sweater (but haven't shaped it yet.) I also knit a baby beret and booties which I decorated with ribbon. I plan on stitching the ribbon so it doesn't come off.)

I still needed to knit something pink/lavender, so these went to Eden:

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

What fun to take a look at the Farm! I wonder how Phoebe feels about her short new 'do'. I bet she is lighter. Little chance of her coming in with burrs all over her, like our dog used to do this time of year. Sorry about the damage G'bug. You wonder some years if you're ahead or behind. Brother.

How beautiful that sweater is! I love the buttons and the heart theme. I would love to be able to knit a whole sweater and among the parts that I never knew how to do, was shaping it after it was done. I hope you'll share how you do that. The colors are shades that I particularly like.

You are much further north than I am, but you seem further ahead of me?? My galanthus finally are peeking out but barely and the Hellebores are just showing shoots at ground level. Interesting.

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Quickie here! the itty-bitty attire is darling. Back later, Rex has been very patient and it's not fair to make him wait any longer.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just back from spring practice with the Gentle Leader. Phoebe did quite well at Heal, Sit, Stay and Come. She earned her treat and a little free play time.

PM, I took some photos for you this afternoon. I think Chelone must know about T-pins, which I believe are used for upholstery. In any case, they are nickel coated steel pins which I use to shape knits as I'd like them to be(!!!). I try to mostly just flatten things, not stretch them. I work on the ironing board, like this:

Then I use the steam setting of the iron, and without touching the garment, moisten the item. Then I leave it to dry overnight. It usually looks better, LOL.

(No, I'm not left handed, but I had the camera in my right hand!)

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I know what T pins are! For some reason they were all over my grandmother's house...hmm...wonder why? She was a beautician, not an upholsterer! Maybe she dabbled....

Great pictures of the pond and our Phoebles, but the knitted garments steal the show! What a great skill. I never could keep at it long enough to even make a pot holder :)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Wow..that was fast! Thanks G'bug. My favorite, a photo tutorial! lol That looks pretty straight forward. I remember those T Pins too and I forget why I had them. I learned to knit and made a cable stitch afghan when I was in my 20s, many moons ago. I was tickled with myself, [g] but as with my sewing skills, give me anything with straight lines and very little detail and I was okay. I made scarves and that was as good as I got. I never followed a complicated pattern or made pieces that had to be sewn together. Did you teach yourself, or did someone mentor you? Great job, G'bug and thanks for sharing. Love all the details you put into your crafts, the buttons, the very pretty ribbon on the booties. I'm glad you have a camera and make such good use of it all the time. :-)


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Wow, 'bug! we have a lot more snow than you seem to. To be certain, there are growing patches of "grass" but a large portion of the lawn on the south side of the house is still covered with snow. And of course, the banks from the snowblower are still high enough to offer His Hugeness a "cool" vantage point when we're out puttering around the Compound.

I love the detail the heart buttons give the sweater. And the booties are great... but my favorites are the "Mary Janes", they're darling!

You must be getting excited, no? (and that makes me very happy).

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Bug, I'm happy to hear Pheobe did well at practice. Good that you and her can start being outside a bit.

The sweater is precious. Love the heart and heart shaped buttons. Nice Beret and booties too. I especially like the Mary Jane style ones too. Lucky Edens grandbaby.

Don't let the clean up overwhelm you. One spot at a time and rest when your tired. Thats my motto this year. Norma

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The wee things turned out fabulous! I'm thinking some little pink pants would look darling with the sweater. I really like the ribbon on the booties too.

I've never planted snowdrops but really should. I've got zilch blooming in my garden.


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GB - what beautiful knitting. The details are lovely. You have such an eye for wool and patterns. I can't think of a more special gift, for DS and DSIL or Eden. I'm going to look for some exchange pins for blocking.

Phoebe looks as if she was having fun:0)

Did you cut away the old foliage on the hellebores? I wasn't sure whether to do so or not on mine which are at about the same stage.

Thanks for our visit to the farm. Hope it is one of many and the seasons progress.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm itchin' to be outside in the garden here too but the last assignment in the course is killing me - and is due a week earlier than I thought!

It looks like Phoebe's coat will be more gray when it grows back.

Cute sweater and footwear - gonna be a well-dressed baby....

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Marie, great to see the first signs of spring at the farm and Phoebe too.

I just asked a question about hellebores over on the Idyll thread and it looks like you've cut back the old foliage. I was wondering how to proceed with mine.

Your baby clothes are all so sweet. I think my favorite is the little beret. But that sweater runs a close second.

You're all right, I was very touched to receive the special gift of the little booties. They're just the cutest little things and I'll be sure to get a picture of Kate modeling them. Again, thank you so much Marie.


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After revisiting this thread, I think that the photo of the baby's clothes are so beautiful that they would make pretty prints in the nursery!

Especially the can see each little stitch in the chain!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi Marie! It seems like a million years since I saw the farm for real...

I love the baby clothes. I looked quite a while, thinking of a little boy - but then I really thought how amazing they would look on a sweet little girl!!!

And how thoughtful of you to send little boots to Eden....

Lovely thread, wonderful things to think on....

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