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agnespuffinMarch 17, 2011

You may remember that back in December, I posted about my husband's dermatologist finding a little melanoma on his face...then it's removal, everything OK, etc.

Remember DECEMBER, that's important to my question. She also found a spot on his back during a follow up visit about the end of the month or maybe the first of January. So, she had him get a chest xray. That's all. A chest xray.

Now today, March 17, Two and a half to three months later, her office calls. It seems that there is a spot on his lung and she wants his to get a CAT scan.

I have been around long enough to know that things are misplaced, etc. but what happened here?

Did the xray just get read?

Did it just dawn on her that he should have some sort of follow up?

Something was mishandled and just showed up?

Or the bad thoughts.....are we just digging for some extra money.

I'm just curious as to what others would think about the time lapse involved.

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If it were me id call and demand why the time lapse and not accept a lame excuse for an answer. Sounds like someone dropped the ball here and your DHs health could suffer.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

But I also think you were a little slow....not to call after a week and you had not heard results of that x-Ray and ask what it showed.
I know more than one other person who had a test of some sort, never was informed of the results until months later....and the test showed cancer.
I hope it's nothing but encapsulated histoplasmosis.
But I would be ranting and raving to all sorts of people....state agencies, the chief of staff at the hospital where he practises and make phone calls to the radiology clinic where the X-raysw ere read.
Linda c

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Actually, I didn't know about the xray or the reason for it until today. the DH didn't think it important and never mentioned it.

I could hit him with something hard and heavy.

I'm thinking that someone goofed and it just came to light. However, when he makes his appointment for the CAT, I want him to ask WHY so long if it's important enough for a Cat scan.

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Yes, I too think that somebody dropped the ball but I also understand your reaction to your husband not telling.
I have been sitting in the hospital since 2 weeks for hours and hours because husband "thought".
I definitely would call the doctor and ask.

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Someone probably "goofed". I wouldn't wait any longer, get the spot on your Hubby's back checked immediately! They had to notice the spot on his lung in the X-ray. But the spot on his back should also be checked, especially by the Dermatologist. At our clinic they tell us to wait 2 weeks for X-ray and other tests results but after that you better call as you've probably been lost in the shuffle!

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We thought and thought some more about this. I cannot see a thing on his back that is different. What I think happened is that she was standing behind hinm checking his back and she may have noticed that his breathing was not normal. Then, because of his hearing problems, he misunderstood why she thought he should get the xray.

He had a spell of congestive heart failure several months ago. Maybe his lungs are filling up again. Maybe there is some scaring from the previous time. Anyway, it's a worry. We'll get it all sorted out.

I agree, I think the time lapse was a goof up. Just about any office will, at some time, misplace a report.

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I know it's a worry. Vernon is too precious to fool around with spots on lungs! Fie on the doctor or whomever it was that dropped the ball.

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Hope everything turns out OK!

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Good thoughts to you and yours.

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