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rob333March 24, 2010

Ok, talk about pillows is a better descrption, but I couldn't resist :)

Every once in awhile I have back problems (really nerve pain) that are quickly alleviated when I change to a smaller pillow and by sitting with proper posture during the day. The, I get tired of sleeping on the tiny pillow, even if it doesn't make my neck crane in obscure ways, and I go back to the old big pillow. I can't help it, it's comfy! I'd love to solve the sciatica problem forever. Do buckwheat hull pillows work for you? What is a good source? Or is there something better out there? Or would doing something differently be better?


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Have you tried a little pillow between your knees when you sleep? That helps me a lot when I have back pain (I sleep on my side).
I also have a range of exercises my doctor taught me, which (if I remember to do them) seems to clear up the problem within a couple of days. Until the next time.

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Thanks Sara,

I tried the knee pillow trick last night, it helped. I swore it'd likely keep me awake, but it didn't. You mean you're not tired of "the next time"? I am. I'm fed up! But I bet there will be plenty more body battles as I age. I hate that I am aging. Who is that old woman looking back at me from the mirror?!! Tell her to give me back my body.


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In my old age I've realized that my body changes to it's own tunes. So rob333, when you said" "But I bet there will be plenty more body battles as I age." I think you are right about that. There is Perimenopause, Menopause, hormonal imbalance etc. It can be a real puzzle about what is happening to the body.
But the good news is that we can take charge (to a degree)about what's happening to our bodies these days.
Lol, as I said before, I've read your posts for some time, and I'm confident that if you decide to take on this "old age" issue you'll end up being a very young and healthy "old woman".

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West ~ that's a nice way to look at aging. Being a young and health "old woman", although I prefer "older woman".:) It gives me pause sometimes, but it's part of my life and I'm blessed with good bones.

You will most likely do what you always seem to do, Rob. Experience it, bemoan some of it, then simply get on with it.

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Thanks for the comment, Sheila. Re:"old woman". I used Rob's description as an old woman.
Rob said:"Tell her to give me back my body." From my experience, the good ole body I used to have, 36,22,36 will never be back. After having 3 large babies, my stats changed forever. There is a "new" you every time something changes in your body. You may have several new bodies. The trick is to figure out what's going on and work with that. That's not easy.

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A very good exercise is undulating the spine, forward and back ward and side to side, also starting from the base and starting from the head. Start with large movements and if you have a partner (LF) have them watch and touch where the movement seems to get stuck, each individual vertebra. do the exercise laying face down, sitting with legs crossed or in a chair and them do it in ever smaller movements.

You will find yourself doing it when sitting for long times or standing in lines and other places where it is boring. Get so you can move imperceptibly and no one around you will know. It does a few good things for you, moves the synaptic fluid up and down the spine, relieves pressure on the nerves that extend between the vertebra and exercises the intrinsic muscles of the spinus erectus group. It also helps with blood flow getting it back to the heart.

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In other words, take up belly dancing. You'll be amazed.

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Take a small pillowcase or make one and fill it with those empty store plastic bags from the market stuff it until you can't get anymore in it and then either tie up the end or pin it shut. then use this pillow at different sleeouing/resting points until you get it mashed down to where it is comfortable. You can always puff it up again.

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I have a huge pillow that is 31"x40" full of white goose down and feathers, 50/50.. so its fairly firm... I sleep with it on my side.. and place one leg below and one above... To me it works.

Maybe going bigger instead of smaller might work for you?
Try this pillow:

Here is a link that might be useful: The Slumber Pillow

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My back issues dissolved when I quit nursing. Yes, we were taught proper body mechanics and I used them, and you wouldn't think working in a children's ward would be a back breaker, but I assume it's from lifting the kids up from the odd positions you had to sometimes place yourself in.

About four years ago, I noticed that I avoided bending over. It was unconscious for awhile and then I noticed it and tryed to figure out why. Discovered it was a loss of flexibility in the lower back. Now several times a day I relax and as I am sitting very slowly stretch those muscles repetitively. Good grief what a difference it has made. IOW, if you don't use them, you lose them, and muscles are a joint's best friend. They can take over some of the joint's burdens and keep them well aligned.

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When selecting a good bed pillow for a side sleeper, it is important to consider neck support, texture and softness. The quality of the fabric of a particular pillow is very important to be determined as it has a lot to do in making you fall asleep fast.Let�s check some tips and tricks to get some best pillows.

Here is a link that might be useful: lower back pillow

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Rob, I could have written your post. I have the same problem and have considered the buckwheat pillow. I switched from a larger pillow to a mini with neck support. I keep the feather pillow next to the bed when I feel like a switch up. My problem with the little pillow is I have no pillow case for it! and it looks ridiculous. Aesthetics though are the least of my worries. I just want my neck to be "normal"

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Buckwheat hull pillows are noisy! I can't sleep on one....it seems to crackle with every breath I take. I like 100% down....I have 6 on my bed!! I can wad and bunch to my heart's content and there is always a fluffed one still to sleep on.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I am one who does like the buckwheat pillow, especially when I sleep on my side. The crunchy noise has never bothered me.

I use several other bed pillows, rearranged to suit whatever aches are paining me on any particular night (one of the joys of maturity).

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Since I have a slipped vertabrae in my neck, I sleep with a molded foam pillow, so that my neck is supported if I sleep sideway or on my back. Got a feather pillow too, but most of the time I use the foam pillow.

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