If at first you

oscarthecat(z7MD)March 11, 2013

don't succeed. The vinegar in dish soap worked out pretty well but think it is just easier to switch back to DAWN.

Someone said the glass bacon press was no good. I ordered one. Made in Taiwan. Followed the directions faithfully. It blew up Saturday

Don your guess on salt content a good.one. I know some companies use salt to thicken soap and detergent products.

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Thanks for sharing your research. I was thinking of getting a bacon press, but now I'll pass.
Re salt and cleaning. During the war, when there were no tooth paste or brushes, we used salt to clean our teeth. Even to this day, I make body scrub with sea salt.
Keep us up to date on your latest research.

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I had a cast iron bacon press, makes ore sense than glass - don't know what happened to it, I guess it didn't get used enough and went to someone else or to somewhere else :)
I vote for Dawn as dish-soap

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I have a bacon press. It's a brick which I cover in foil. It's also great for making "brick" chicken.

I too love Dawn. Its is the best grease remover, also in laundry.

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If you are cleaning glass, try some baking soda and water. It takes the stains off of glass tea pots.

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