Overnight Spring

anneliese_32(6)March 10, 2013

The all night and all day rain stayed west of here, but the temps went up, right now it is 69 degr. This morning the crocusses, all colors, opened, by noon about 3/4 of the daffodils followed.
What puzzles me, is the time sequence to open and their sizes. Normally their opening time is spread over about 4 weeks and not almost all together. But they are about half their size, the dwarfs are about 3 inches and the King Alfreds, which are normally the tallest, are only about 6". I fertilized them as usual, in spring and again in fall. Weird.

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Interesting how they came out at the same time. Nature works in mysterious ways.

I planted some Sweet Pea, Early Multiflora Blend seeds, 10 days ago. Three in each hole, 6" apart. The packet says they will emerge in 10-21 days. Three emerged today, the 10th day. The question is, what made these 3 seeds emerge on the 10th day? What about the other seeds, why are they laggards? Lol, It's a mystery to me.

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We had a snowstorm a couple of days ago. Today it was in the 60s. Go figure.

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As of today, there are fifteen seeds pushing up, some in groups of three, and some loners. One lonely seed is trying to hang on to the side of a huge hole that "somebody" dug in the garden.

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