March Madness-Idyll style #258

babs_clareMarch 16, 2006

Yeah there's the basketball version but I'm talking about the madness of getting ready for the garden season: ) I want spring and it's driving me MAD lol. Are we all?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

MAD indeed here! Just raked and raked and raked because the weather is sunny and cold and I just needed to be outside. There's plenty more clean-up necessary, but it was a good start. I saw bulbs coming up, a few winter aconites trying to bloom and some snowdrops! Narcissus are pushing their way up and the wild angelica nubs are showing. Rhubarb too. Yippee! Too squishy to work near the creek so far. The goldfinches haven't started to turn yellow yet, but there are plenty around.

No witchhazel, forsythia or serviceberry activity showing like at Marian's place, but I can wait as long as there is something other than gray on the horizon.

'bug-mad mad mad!
It is 39F now and they said the high would be 32. I love it when they are wrong!

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Hello everyone

Welcome back VG and Suzy!! Great to hear from you again.

Babs - hope Ryan is enjoying the ripe old age of 5 and has a great time at his party tomorrow. Wish him a belated happy birthday and tell Chris that is wonderful news. What sort of cake are you making?

Glad Jerri is safe, and to nice hear indirectly from Ei.

This afternoon was great. I thorougly enjoyed the Garden Show and Pamela Harper is indeed a great speaker. Like Cindy I've read all her books but still came away with a long wish list of plants and combinations (color echoes) to try. There was a rather scary moment during her talk when a gentleman in the back collapsed. The lights were turned on and the talk stopped while we waited 20 mins for EMS to arrive. A couple of men had leapt forward (Dr's I imagine) when it was announced that there was a Medical emergency. Pamela Harper continued smoothly after they were able to move him, and it was announced at the end that he was OK.

At the beginning of her talk Pamela Harper commented on how lucky we were to have such a great flower show. A huge indoor lake had been constructed and most of the gardens played off that with different themes. The artificial light made it impossible to get decent photos, so I enjoyed just looking instead. I had a long chat with a member of the local Chapter of the Rock Garden Society. She had a table top rock garden complete with miniature paving, teeny weeny (1 inch ) tufa troughs and the smallest plants you've ever seen. She remembered me from a garden tour and I'm looking forward to joining and attending the next Rock Garden meeting. One day I'm going to find something I don't want to grow LOL! I also stopped at my favorite pond garden and purchased a lovely plump lotus tuber for $12 and spent the rest of my visit at a booth selling second-hand and rare garden books.

For a few hours I really did have Spring!

Its back to earth now, or at least to cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner. Annie and David have a Superintendents Day tomorrow so DH will be in charge while I attend a work Conference. The good thing is there will be no early morning bus or lunches to pack, and another day closer to it being the real Spring.


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Babs, Im a little MAD too. What wintery day again. It snowed and blew. When I left the garage I promptly got stuck. Luckily Rick is very patient with me. It was slow going to work as the road was very snowy, but the visibility was good. When I got home, I had to park the car on the driveway as there was a huge drift across it and it was hard as a rock. I walked right over top of it. WeÂre having more snow and winter than we did all winter.

Poor Kenzie and her mama have had a stomach bug since Monday.

Babs, thanks for the message from Ei.

Eden, I got such a kick out of Bella playing mommy with her doll. You mentioned that she was a "good girl" when Kenzie is told "no" and listens her mom says "you are a good girl" so now Kenzie is trying to say "good girl"
I wintersowed some of the KMOGG seed last night.

VG, welcome back, IÂm so glad you found that password back. I have a notebook that I keep them all in since there seems to be a password and login name for just about everything these days. Sunday on our way to church the road was covered with hundreds of red winged blackbirds in several spots.

Martie, I remember that reading the March winds poem to my children. In fact I usually think about it when the wind blows in March. Lucky you to get into greenhouses when you are working.

Mary, your day sounds lovely.

Company is expected soon, Rick is out the skidloader trying to clear away some of the huge drifts that are all over the yard.


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Good Evening, It's cold and feels like winter here too. But we are dodging a snow bullet tonight. It seems the snow will keep to our south. I think the warm weather we had last week just made me more anxious for Spring. Brad and I took Bella to get her new shoes and I spent the rest of the day getting rid of the old computer and desk. Then I did some reorganizing in the room we use for an office.

Mary your day sounds so lovely I found myself wishing I had been there with you.

Marie, glad the weather was mild enough for you to get out in it for awhile.

V, if someone has a problem with me I'd so much rather they tell me and clear the air than act frosty. I really hate that.

Cindy, hope you get all caught up with your work real soon.

VG and Suzy, good to have you back.

Michelle, hope Laura and Kenzie get over the bug quickly. It's no fun taking care of a sick baby when you're sick too. Poor Laura! How cute that Kenzie's picked up on "Good Girl".

I won't have Bella for the next 4 days so I'm hoping to get some seeds sown this weekend. That's it from me for tonight. I have to have Bud to the groomer by 8am tomorrow and I'm fading fast.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all!

Just a very quick post here. Babs!!!! My package came today!! Thank you so very much! They look great. The cuttings are just beautiful. Where are you keeping that fuchsia that you have such beautiful growth on it right now??

OK I'll be back to post in the morning. I'm crashing.

'See' you all in the morning,

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Talk about a kick in the head... I had more than half of my post typed, and hit the wrong key! Bye Bye post !
If I attempt to type it again it will feel like telling you the same thing 3 times, since I was posting from my notes ! YAAAAAAArgh ! Besides it is too close to my bedtime to start again.
Suffice it to say, I was 'talking' to each and every one of you.
I'm going to read yesterday's newspaper, and then go to bed!

Boo hoo !


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

March madness - 9 of my 11 picks have been right so far, and I'm in second place in my pool. Only my sports nut friend is ahead of me. Martie, I picked UConn to go all the way, much as it kills this Illini fan to admit that!


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

V-glad you picked UCONN to go all the way. I hope so! The women's team also, but it is highly unlikely.

I have Hellebores in bloom in my front yard (near the house). I took a few photos Wednesday morning. They aren't the best b/c I only had a couple of minutes, it was sunny and windy, but I was happy to have something to take pictures of :o). The lighter colored flowering plant is blooming-the darker pink clump (in the rear of my 2nd photo) is only in bud stage right now-but close. I have a few other Hellebore clumps in the yard, but they are younger and less protected, so I'm not sure they'll bloom this year.

Sue, sounds like you're having a wonderful time in Utah-love the food descriptions! BTW, that wasn't ribbon grass in my bday photo to Honey, it was Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum 'Variegatum'. Deanne has it in her driveway garden I believe. I read that it goes dormant in the heat of the summer, and it did for a few weeks, then came back in cooler weather.

Babs, great to hear that your hubby does not have MD!

Hi to everyone else!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, it is a beautiful sunny day here. It's cold and the wind is blowing but sunny. I don't know why lately we either get warm with clouds and rain or sun with the cold. Weird!

Monique, I'm in awe of your hellebores. They are just gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to move mine to a more sheltered location with more sun. I really need to take a pic of mine to show you what that last cold snap did to them. They are all burned up and the emerging flower stalks are blackened. I don't know if they will even open flowers now.

Marian, bummer about the post. I did that a couple days ago and it makes me crazy. I don't know why I didn't type it in Word like I normally do so I don't lose my posts.

Eden, so what seeds are you planning on starting this weekend? Inquiring minds would like to know. ~~ I lol because I read your post quickly and thought you said you were going to take Brad to the groomer. When I reread it, and saw Bud I had to tell myself to slow down. Well, Brad/Bud, they both start in B and end in d! LOL

Michelle, bummer about the snow. Hope everyone there gets well soon. It always makes me frantic for the littles to be sick. They dont really understand what is going on.

Mary, Im jealous of your flower show. How great! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

OK time for me to get myself to the gym. Have a great day all,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


And a Happy St. Paddys day to you all! Erin go bralessor something like that.

Well, no food descriptions this morning. We ate lunch at the ski area cafeteria and stayed in for dinner. One of the guys on the trip made homemade jambalaya and it was very good. Tom and I have decided not to ski today. Weve had enough and the cost of lift tickets is horrendous. So well just hang around today, maybe go downtown and poke around. Tonight we have dinner reservations for the five of us at one of the more highly rated places downtown.

Monique my Hellebores looked promising on the flowering front before I left. Ill probably need to trim back the old foliage to showcase the flowers though. Will hopefully have some pics on Sunday. Our flight tomorrow doesnt leave SLC til 5 PM local time and we dont land in Hartford til 11:30 PM. At least its a direct flight.

Marie, I cant wait to start my spring garden cleanup. For me the end of this vacation every year is the official start of my garden season. Yahoo!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Here is a little bit of Spring from my yard!

This is just a drive-by to wave hello to everyone - it has been a really busy few weeks. DD and I are going to a mother & daughter Girl Scout weekend, leaving this afternoon and it is a really long drive - almost 4 hours.

I have been reading along for the most part, but not much time for posting. I really admire those that take the time to compose those long, thoughtful posts. It seems I always have someone over my shoulder here lately.

Ei, so sorry to hear about your sister. Sending good thoughts to both of you. So many with illness in their families - I liked it better when the idylls had plumbing problems in common too.

Babs, glad that Chris's eye test results showed that he does not have macular degeneration.

Deanne, loved the new painted box - I thought they were tiles too.

VG, good to see you back again. Nice to meet you Suzy.

Monique, beautiful hellebores!

Well, have to run - later all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a pop-in. Still dealing with the missing keys, new keyboard is slated to arrive today :) I LOVE the MS Natural Keyboard, and ya just can't locate it in any stores around me, so had to order it online.
We had to make a tough call re Mom. Doc wanted her to go into a nursing home or a couple o weeks and do rehab. She really didn't want to, and my aunt (that she lives with) didn't want her to, either. Mom gave it some thought, and decided maybe it would be best. Her goal is to be out by her birthday, April 1. I say she'll do it, too! Also, they are going to do some therapy on the shoulder she had broken, they said that as high as she can raise it now, they're pretty sure they can help her so she's able to put her hair in rollers. She's keeping a positive attitude, and that means a lot.
Babs, I'm so glad that Chris doesn't have MD!!! I know there are other things I want to comment on, but will wait until the rest o my letters are available, lol!
Take care, everyone, talk to ya later!
PS...Marie, I counted 5 o my "missing letters" in the sentence..interesting!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Quick - My Signs of Spring:


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well I just finished potting up 40 cuttings, 11 'Alabama Sunset', 9 'Eclipse', 7 'Felix', 11 'Megilla perilla' and two Iresine. I'll bet I have over 100 coleus now and I've not even gotten my new order yet. I told them not to ship until May thank heavens. I'm quite sure there are over 100 fuchsia there not to mention the dozen or so Iresine, several strobilanthes and ten Abutilon pictum 'Thompsonii'. OH yes, I also have a dozen or so of two types of plectranthus now as well and I took ten cuttings of 'Plum Frost' too. I haven't even begun to get any of the dahlias, cannas, callas going yet. I told Doug we are going to have to dig up the entire front yard just to have room to plant everything I already have here. ROTFLOL

So the other drama of the day is DD called this AM and she'd gotten pretty sick Wednesday morning and went to the doctor's office yesterday. Well they swabbed her and she has the dreaded flu. She was calling to give us a heads up because she was over here for dinner on Tuesday evening. You know that great window of time when you aren't sick yet but are already contagious? She said her entire office is now sick with this. Hoping Doug and I don't come down with it.

Brenda, great to hear from you. Glad to hear your Mom is continuing to do well. ~~ I'll bet you'll be happy to get that new keyboard. Mine was acting up yesterday but apparently I just had toast crumbs under the letter t....

Wendy, lovely snowdrops, nothing here yet. I've been meaning to ask you if you are iterested in going to that Dan Hinkley lecture in April?

Sue, no skiing today?? To funny... You are turning into a stay at home gardener like me. HOpe you have a safe and uneventful trip home tomorrow.

OK off to run a few errands and get ready for company tonight. (I did call and let them know I'd been exposed to the flu and they have opted to come anyway)

Have a great evening all,

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

YAY!! It's the FFFFFFFinest keyboard I ever FFFFFFFFound ;)

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


Hi guys,
Been enjoying all the signs of spring, crafts, elk, garden photos and chit chat, but feeling too wretched to comment much. I have my first cold in a couple of years and it's a doozy. I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. :(

In good health news I saw GGG's naturopathic doctor in Toronto yesterday and she was fabulous! I'm healthy but insulin resistant and essentially in extreme adrenal gland fatigue due to stress. She has me on mega B vitamins, a multi vitamin with adrenal gladular and alfalfa tonic and low-carbing again. She agrees I may have a fatty liver & possibly leaky gut (she KNEW about both!!!) and should stick to a liver-cleansing diet, just without the grains and starches. It was SO nice to have someone understand what the heck I was talking about! And she really listened to me, and gave me a whole 1.5 hours, not 15 minutes like my MD. I have to record my diet for a week, take my temp several times a day (she knew about Wilson's temperature syndrome and the thyroid connection too!!) and see her again in two weeks. Hopefully my energy will kick back in by then. She says the adrenals come back fast with the right support. Many thanks GGG!

Very nice to see Jerri, Susy and VG back! Now where is Jain? Gotta go hack somewhere else so I don't give the rest of the family this nasty chestcold, so going to see what's on the dish and hit the couch...

Hi to all,


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Whew - am I glad this work week is over!

Taryn- Im sorry you've feeling punk -- but that's pretty neat you've finally found a naturopathic dr. who speaks the language! I hope you find it helps you a lot.

Wendy & Monique - gorgeous photos & what healthy stands of plants -- mine are pretty "dribs & dabs" but Im hoping they all multiply (I think I only bought a few bulbs (i.e., galanthus, iris, etc.) because I wasnt sure they'd ever even come up. I feel like a treasure hunter - checking each day to see what tiny gem has popped up (the neighbors must all think Im totally 'round the bend w/ my head staring down in the dirt - a lot).

Deanne -- I am speechless re the coleus & fuschia -- are you planning on opening a shop or mail order business this year? Holy moly!

Ffffflowerluvr -- don't overwork that letter too much already! I am sure with your Mom being "goal oriented" re the stay at the rehab/nursing facility she will accomplish her goal -- those places do not put anyone in the mood to linger a while -- but it will probably help her w/ the professionals showing how to get the muscles, etc., limbered up.

V -- good going, altho I'll confess Im fond of saying Im proud of my sports ignorance -- but I enjoy the enthusiasm of others who are not.

Well, I've been debating the # of calories in a glass of wine tonite (I've been soooo good on the diet) & this work week has been soooo bad - Im thinking those "few" 100 or so might be very well be justified tonite (& enjoyed)-- gonna go give it the test taste & see.

Happpy Freaking Friday!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cindy, just do it.(great garden wakeup shots, BTW)

This is one week I'm not glad it's Friday.


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Babs, its so good to hear Chris's eye problem was not worse case sceneario and I hope the problem he has stabilizes.
Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan. Have fun at your party Ryan!

March Maddnes is right. This weather is maddness. Summer one day winter the next. I am thankful for the nice days but see sawing back and forth is a little crazy.

I got a little more clean up done yesterday. Some progress is better than none , right? Today it was cold out there and DH went to work so I just enjoyed having the house to myself. I did make him an apple pie that I owed him for helping me with some things. Apple pie is the best bribe I have when I want something done. LOL

Mary, the man collasping at the lecture was probably a bit startling. I'ts good he got the help he needed. I imagine the rock garden was cool. You will probably enjoy the meetings. I think I would. I'm thinking I would like to go to the St louis Botanical garden and see all the spring bulbs.

Monique, I never thought I would like helebores but have been thinking I have some good areas for them now and your pictures are about to convince me I should get some. Very nice shots.

Marian, to bad about the lost post. All of a sudden I have to log in , which never happened before. It must be a random thing.

Deanne, I hope you and Doug don't come down with the flu your DD has.
I have been having a hacky cough ever since I started going outside more. Its just enough to be an aggravation. I know it is just allergies.
You need to turn the garage into a garden and art shop. Tee Hee. Just kidding, I wouldn't want your plant propagating to turn into work as your painting has. But you sure have the talent for it. I can just picture your shop. I would want it in my neighborhood.

Michelle I hope Kenzie and her momma are feeling better by now. To bad you are getting all that snow now. They say we may have some the first of next week.

VG, glad you found your password. Nice that you are getting a lot of the woodwork done before spring gardening.

Suzy, good to hear from you too.

Eden , happy seed sewing weekend. How does Bella like her new shoes?
The night of Jacobs band concert Wyatt was wearing some hand me down cowboy boots that were falling off his feet, but he insisted on wearing them.LOL

Wendy , nice snowdrops. That is something I don't have

Brenda, good ffffor your mom for doing whats best for her. I admire her willpower.

Cindy,nice to see spring flowers are popping for you too. I tried to get a few shots this morning but my batteries went dead.

Taryn, I hope this will be the answer for you. Take care of that cold.

Sue, sorry vacation is over for you, but as you said gardening is next.

Well there is free HBO this weekend so I guess I won't expect any work out of DH.
There is also an auction in the neighborhood tomorrow I might go to for awhile.This couple raised minature horses and built there house after we built ours. She is in early stages of alzhimers so they are selling everything and going RV ing for as long as they can. I wish them well but doesn't sound like something I would want to do.
Time to go put wood on the fire and tuck myself in.

Have a good weekend all. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Brrrrrrr, 24 degrees out this AM. Jeesh. But the sun is shining out and it is a beautiful day. Still not sick here. If we don't come down with this by tonight we'll have dodged that flu bullet, so to speak. Crossing my fingers and toes.

Last night I went for my weekly nail thing (this lady is so inexpensive and fast it is doable once a week) and stopped off at the little fish market for swordfish on the way home. I just love small town markets like that. I ran in and asked for three pounds of swordfish and then told them I'd pick it up in an hour. I didn't even want to see what the fish looked like I knew it would be great and it was. When I got home and opened the package the fish filets were better looking than the one in the case. I'm thinking I'm going to drive out there and pick up fish a couple times a week. This is the third week in a row I've picked up fish from there and the third time I've been amazed at just how good it is when it is that fresh. We have some left over so MJ is coming over again tonight for dinner and Doug is going to fix the headlight on her car and show Justin (he is 15 now) how to do it.

Norma, I wound up with a bit of a hacking cough last night and was petrified I was getting this bug but like yours it was just normal allergies. ~~ You are too funny!!!!! A garden/art shop. I think I'd probably wind up killing the customers. I've never had a lot of patience with the general public and a shop owner has to be the soul of patience. Last spring the neighbors kept joking around and asking me when I was going to open for business when they saw all the plants in the driveway. RE the plant propagation thing. I just can't help myself and for some reason I like it better than seed starting. I told Doug the other day that I wished we had more land here so I could have a greenhouse. I could really use one. I'd like to pick up one of those temporary ones for hardening the plants off. We'll see, I don't know if that will be in the budget or not for this year.

Cindy, lovely spring pics! What a treat, I dont even have a snowdrop here yet. Just the hellebores trying to do their thing. ~~ One of the things I love about having all those cuttings is that I have LOTS of plants to trade and give away.

Taryn, oh no! Sounds like you have the flu that DD has. Take care of yourself. ~~ That is great news about the doctor. Sounds like you are finally going to get to the bottom of your fatigue issues.

Jerri, glad to hear that all is well. Thanks for checking in. Those fires are pretty scary. I can remember when I was a child and we were living on Chincoteague Island, VA, there was a brush fire behind the ridge behind the house and we had to be all packed up and ready to bolt at a moments notice. I was terrified.

Brenda, great to hear youve got your new keyboard and all is in working order now.

OK time to run and get my day started. Im still feeling OK so I think Im going to do the gym today.

Have a terrific Saturday all,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! Lots of sunshine this morning, although the temps are chilly (28F), there's frost on the ground and a few patches of snow remain. We only got 2 - 3 inches of snow on Thursday instead of 5 - 8 because the weatherman said "the snow was evaporating before it hit the ground." Okay, whatever you say. (Hmm, Sue , maybe we can try that in our jobs, "The profits were evaporating before they hit the bottom line"?)

Babs, I'm SO glad that Chris got good news on his eye problems. What a relief!

VG, good to see you back! Same to you, Suzy!

Now if we could entice Cynthia to return. I was posting a bit on the other board but I'm getting too busy now to keep up with two forums.

Martie, I can't believe you were getting those emails from a lurker. How awful. I know that anyone can read my words, but I feel pretty comfortable expressing my thoughts with this group, and I've enjoyed your posts since you've joined our group.

I sometimes feel that I am out of step with other parents, because I am always amazed and grateful when a talented parent continues to volunteer with a group after his or her children have grown out of that group. While I have talents in other areas, coaching sports is not my arena. (I am an enthusiastic fan, but I really belong on the sidelines.) One of my college friends once had my son on his soccer team, and I used to kid Phil that he had "drafted" my son so he would have at least one mom who wouldn't yell at him! But so many other parents just EXPECT that someone else will put forth this dedication and sacrifice of time and then they second-guess every decision that coach makes. Sometimes I'm amazed that anyone at all is iwlling to coach.

Okay, off that soapbox.

Brenda, so glad you are ffffree offfff fffff problems now! Hope your mom does well. It sounds like she's in a good position: she's motivated, she has a good place to return to and she has lots of family support. I heard an amzing story n NPR this week about a woman who is caring for her sister who has late-stage Alzheimer's and her brother who is severely incapacitated from a series of strokes. The doctors say the care that the brother and sister receive is much better than what they would get in a nursing home. The woman who is the caregiver is 101!

Well, after several days of trying to figure out what was wrong with our tape backup at work, the tape drive finally decided to outright fail. Had that replaced yesterday, so that's one of the two nagging computer issues happily resolved.

Going to do some garden cleanup today and a little shopping. Time for a trip to Trader Joe's today.

Speaking of NPR, they are running a story right now about the explosive growth in the rural areas around Chicago. No kidding!

Hi Marian! I always read your posts, even when I don't comment on them. Sorry about your lost post!

So I'm going to post this now before I lose it. Enjoy your weekend!


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Good morning

Wendy, Cindy and Monique - thanks for the wonderful Spring pick-me-up photos! We're further behind here too so I love having a sneak preview.

Taryn - great you have found such a fab Dr but miserable to be suffering such a nasty cold/flu. I don't think I know the acronym GGG. Feel better soon.

Deanne - hope your DD gets over the flu speedily too. I love hearing about your plant propogation and have visions of rows and rows of your gorgeous plants. It is on the scale of Taryn's seed starting:0) Is a trip out here still a possibility or will Doug's surgery curtail flying? (Can you tell I'm lusting after a few of your plants?) How yummy to have such a great source for fresh fish.

Norma - mmmmm - apple pie sounds delicious, bribe or not!

Hi Marian - loosing a post is so frustrating!

V - I envy you Trader Joes and keep hoping the'll move out here. Annie's favorite is the Cashew Nut butter DH brings back from CA.

Yesterday I had a good time starting my Lotus seeds. They have an incredibly thick, strong coating and need a lot of carerful filing. All 6 seeds are now soaking and I'm excitedly awaiting sprouts. On the germination front my Lemon Grass was described as a slow and eratic germinator but it came up (like grass) in 5 days. Michauxia also popped up nicely. Abutilon Suntense has come up gradually and the easy candidates (wave petunias, pansies, iceland poppies) are well on their way to true leaves. I need to set up the full light back this weekend for I'm quickly running out of room. Fun, fun, fun! It makes up for the fact it was 16F when I woke up this morning.

Starting seed had made me miss Cynthia too:0( Hope she hasn't forgotten all about us.

Have a great day everyone and a super Birthday party Ryan.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well, we'll be on our way shortly. Check out time here is 10 AM. Unfortunately our flight doesn't leave til 5 so we have some time to kill. It's been a good week but I'm anxious to get home.

"See" you all tomorrow.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi folks!
Nothing new and exciting here except that I did so much clean-up yesterday that I am still happy about it. I wish I could start seeds now, but it would be foolish before going away. So April 5th I'll begin. I did buy soilless mix today though.

Took 4 bags of junk and lots of recycling stuff to the dump, fed a friend's HUGE cat (16 lbs) and then bought groceries. That includes some sweetheart roses for me. ;-) Then on the way home I stopped at a clothing store and picked up a summer dress, a top, slacks and a scarf. They all sort of go together so that is probably my entire summer wardrobe. Nothing suitable for NOW though, and I DO need something for Oklahoma on April first. There's just no way of knowing what the weather will be like in adavance though.

We passed the scenes from last summer's tornado here and things still look awful. I can't imagine they'll ever clean up those areas. A few of the homes still have tarps over their roofs and one barn is just kind of hanging there... Such a mess and a shame. Also several bridges are condemned so that makes getting places "interesting".

Cloudy and cold here, but high hopes for more outdoor work one day soon!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cold gloomy weather has returned, and I am in the doldrums ever since I lost that lengthy post. I want you to know, I "talked" to all of you! I just can't seem to make another stab at it. There is an old saying here, "I don't chew my tobacco twice". Well, I feel as though I did that already!

We *are* surrounded with all my early spring flowers, but they are not perking me up. If you look beyond our yard, the woods still look like winter,( except for the serviceberries).The drought did not slow down their bloom, and we can see the woods back of our house is white with the blooms. I need to incorporate more into the woods in front of our yard.

The cold weather has put the bed building on hold.

Taryn, thanks for passing on the message from Ei. Did you e-mail her? I have hesitated to because of what she said about not using the computer for awhile.
I am using the Lakota on my neck, shoulder, and arm. Sometimes it feels rather hot, but not always. It does seem to help. Thank you again. I hope Deanne hasn't damaged her arm like mine. It has been at least 6 years for me.

Marie's pantry cleanup prompted me to do some. I had jars of home canned stuff under the cabinet that was dated 1994! They are out now, and the contents dumped. I should have checked the surplus batteries a long time ago . One package of small batteries...dated 2002, had corroded and ate a hole in the marlite on the pantry shelf!

Norma, what are LA lilies? My Surprise lilie's leaves are about a foot tall!

Martie, is the Lemon Verbena home grown? Do you freeze and make sugar from your own plants?

Mary, how long have you lived in New York?

Thanks, Babs ...I am glad to be back! Sorry i complained about the feeling that I was going unread. I know it is not true. I also know most of you are much busier than I.

Vegangirl ! HI ! So glad you found your password. I chose a word that I can't possibly forget. I just forgot about the lower case thing! :-(

Suzy, Great to see you , too.

Sue, What a shame about your camera settings, and your pics!
I hope you have a nice flight home.

Marie, I have a copy of the aerial pic of my sis's home, when it was still really new. It was the same type of deal as you spoke of. The landscaping would look so much differant now.

Okie dokie, that is a very abbreviated version of my lost post.

I feel better already!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Thought this was great--sure puts things in perspective about picking your fights...

Back to the couch now, hack, hack, hack--I hate FFFFFlu


PS Mary GGG is GirlGroupGirl who referred me the ND on the other post. The ND was tickled that I wound up in her office through a gardening forum connection. The power of the internet...

Enjoy this:

A mother passing by her daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped up prominently on the center of the bed. It was addressed, "Mom." With the worst premonition, she opened the envelope and read the letter with trembling hands:

Dear Mom,
It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new boyfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Dad and you.

I've been finding real passion with Ahmed and he is so nice-even with all his piercings, tattoos, beard, and his motorcycle clothes. But it's not only the passion mom, I'm pregnant and Ahmed said that we will be very happy. He
already owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of
firewood for the whole winter. He wants to have many more children with me and that's now one of my dreams too.

Ahmed taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and he'll be growing it for us and trading it with his friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want.

In the meantime, we'll pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so Ahmed can get better; he sure deserves it!!

Don't worry Mom, I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care of myself. Some day I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know your grandchildren.

Your daughter,


PS: Mom, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbor's house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than my report card that's in my desk center drawer. I love you!

Call when it is safe for me to come home.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Marian, just saw your post--glad you didn't lose it. It was actually Babs that passed on the message from Ei. I *did* email her but haven't heard back. I'm so sad for what she's having to go through, again.

Glad the Lakota is helping. It takes up to 5 days to kick in full strength, and then won't get hot any more. I love that it doesn't smell, like A535 and Tiger Balm. Hope you feel better soon, Deanne too, me too...Okay, now I'm really fading fast, so Bydylls...

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Hi Idylls

I just had the STRANGEST experience. I was coming out of the grocery store with Annie, David and a friend of his who is sleeping over. I'd driven our red Subaru Outback. After shopping we pushed the cart to the car and I used my keyring remote opener. The lights flashed and the locks opened. As I was about to start loading groceries I had the initial thought that the trunk was much cleaner than I remembered, and that DH had put a small First Aid kit in there - handy! Then I noticed a rifle lying in the middle of the trunk. Eeek! - the door opener had unlocked someone else's car - and a gun owner's at that! (I'm no expert but it certainly looked real to me rather than a toy, it was very smooth and heavy in appearance). The children had already clambered in so I got them out pronto and split. Our car was parked exactly one row over. My heart was thumping as we pulled away. An odd event!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, Mary - that event made my skin crawl! I have had the experience of using my car key remote and setting of another car's anti-theft siren - but it did not open it up! I used to park in a garage where this car was located & every time I opened my car -- its alarm went off -- it was very weird. But not as weird as yours! & I just read an article about how expensive & hard it is to get them "re-keyed" if you lose all your remote keys - so I guess that's not an option for you to get your's re-done. Hmmmmm.

Well, it was a grand high of about 45 here today -- and very windy which made it feel about 32 - and going down to the 20s tonite - I hope it doesnt ruin my Rhodo Cornells Pink that's blooming and some of the other things - but aah, Mother Nature - what are you gonna do... So I didnt get a thing done in the yard -- went in search of some "chicken grit" for spring planting -- Im determined to try some penstemon and lavenders again...but this time w/ lots of good drainage.

Im sorry Taryn you're feeling so horrible - and I sure hope, Deanne, that you resist the bug that your DD got.

Marian, I hope you get to feeling a bit better too -- it is hard to comment to everyone and makes for a huge post - I know I always forget people but it's usually in just trying to keep the post "readable" so everyone doesnt snooze thru it! Hopefully, all our Springs are just around the corner, no matter what game Mother Nature tries to play with us!

Taryn - I've seen that "elope" note in an email -- does make you think about overreacting, doesnt it?

Marie - it's amazing what the first events of getting into the yard for prep work make one so happy isnt it? Unlike, at the end of the season, when Im dragging and tired and usually don't get it all done! Im still a bit euphoric from my last weekend's days so they'll have to tide me over this cold & chilly (wintery feeling) weekend. I guess that means Im supposed to think about cleaning inside tomorrow instead (ugh).

Sue - fly safe!

V- hope you enjoyed Trader Joe's - I hit it myself today (it's becoming a weekly thing -- I love their Greek yogurt and the imported Fage yogurt -horribly pricey but tastes like whip cream -- I find if I put just a dab on fruit it makes it seem like a neat dessert. 'Course there are a ton of things I love in that store... but definitely not a "budget" place to do all one's shopping. I hear that the ones in California are huge - the ones in my area tend to be fairly small, but packed w/ goodies.

Deanne - as usual, the fish "tale" sounded wonderful -- a lovely reason to love a small town - sometimes I think I wished I lived in one -- well, maybe in "retirement" that might happen. In my 'burb, one can't even find a fish market! I would have to venture to Alexandria or D.C. to find one of those - quite a ways off.

Well, that's my blather for tonite - I see a few more bulbs peeking up - chiondaxi (sp.? wrong), anemone blanda (weird - too early!)and I think I saw the first of the scilla siberica - so much for "planning" group combos! They're all blooming one by one after each other....I obviously need to re-think some of these groups that did not group!


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Marian ,This is info I found on the LA hybrid lilies I have and a picture from last year. I still don't think they should be up already. I most certainly need to go out tomorrow and cover them with shredded leaves before the real cold hits.

" lily group, referred to by breeders as L.A. hybrids, is the product of crossing Lilium longiflorum, the Easter lily, with various Asiatic hybrids"

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I forgot to say this variety is called "Fangio'.

And yes Mary, that was a scary incident. I'm glad you didn't meet up with the owner. But it may have just been a hunter or something.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks for the lily info, Norma. I was not aware of that hybrid. The info says it is hardy to zone 5, and since you are in z5 I would say it would be good to cover them. I haven't noticed any of my hybrids up yet.
Yours is beautiful.

Mary, that is scary about the Suburu. I wonder how many vehicles share the same programing? I think I will stick to the old fashioned way of unlocking my car.

Taryn and Cindy, I am okay, except I have a very stuffy nose tonight! I think I have had a rebound to my nasal spray. :-(

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, it is a chilly 27 degrees out this morning. Another Brrrrrr. Its also a bit breezy so too cold to work outside. Bummer. Today Doug is going to install another couple four foot fixtures downstairs for me so Ill have the second light cart up and running. We also found a neat faucet for the utility sink downstairs that has a sprayer in the faucet end. I cant wait to get that installed. ~~ So the good news is that no flu has descended on me and it has been four and a half days since we were exposed so looks like we dodged it. Thank goodness! ~~ Ive got a couple more things to do cuttings from then I think Im done with propagating from the plants here. The new fuchsias are settling in really well and a few of them will be ready for potting up fairly soon. Did anyone here get the new Logees catalog???? Im rubbing my hands together in glee. They have some things that I absolutely MUST have for my containers this summer. They have a wonderful collection of abutilon and some fabulous geraniums not to mention lots of really neat begonias. I was exclaiming every couple minutes while looking through the catalog. Doug looked it up and apparently there is a small airport just a mile and a half from their greenhouses so he can fly me down then we can hoof it over there. The only problem will be getting back to the airport with my stuff.

Hope everyone under the weather is feeling better soon!

Norma, pretty lilies!

Cindy, that is pretty strange about the remote setting off someone elses car alarm. That has happened to me several times. The first time I thought it was just coincidence but when it happened again I knew Id caused it.

Mary!!! That is really STRANGE! Id have been freaking out. Bad enough that your remote opened that persons car but it means that their remote will open your car. ~~ I love hearing about your seed starting and especially the lotus seeds. How neat! Im assuming they are for your pond. Are they hardy in your zone? ~~ No I could not ever keep up with Taryns seed starting! ~~ Yes a trip out to your area is still a possibility. When is a good weekend for you guys? Id be happy to make a contribution to your garden when we come or even if it winds up that we cant Ill mail some stuff to you. Youll just have to send me a list of what you want. One of the main reasons that I do so much is so I have plenty to give away.

Taryn, funny story! Sure hope you are over that soon. DD is feeling a bit better but is still at the stage where she feels like shes been run over by a truck. Poor thing. Im going to make her some soup. That is her favorite thing I make and just happens to be the best comfort food for cold/flu.

OK time to get my day started here. Have a great day all,

PS I wonder if Sue is out of bed yet? Ill bet the Zoestress and Nickster were pretty happy to see them last night.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oh boy is it great to be home! Traveling by air is such a drag these days. The usual...our flight was on time but another plane was at our gate so we had to sit out on the runway in the plane at 10:30 at night. Then it took over an hour for the luggage to come out. Then you have to shlep everything onto the airport parking van to get to the car then shlep it to your car... By the time we got home it was 1:15 and I only live 20 minutes from the airport.

Right now I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee in over a week along with a fast internet connection. When I can't get Dunkin Donuts coffee on vacation I drink the bottled Starbucks frappacinos just to keep from getting a caffeine headache. I've already filled the bird feeders and jumpstarted their heated bath. Later this morning we'll drive out to my MIL's and pick up the dogs. I miss my mutts.

Anyhoo, I haven't done a full tour of the garden but I do see Iris reticulata coming up along the wall. Of course good old Arnold Promise is still blooming. I wish I had room for another variety of witchhazel. The colder weather appears to have followed me back across the country so that ought to keep things from progressing for the time being. Hopefully I can get going on some cleanup but it probably won't start today.

Mary, that is very odd about your car. Maybe you should call the dealership and let them know it happened. They can probably reprogram your lock and key to some different frequency.

Norma, great shot. This is the time of year when I start looking back at garden pictures fom previous years. When you look out at all the brown, bare ground it's hard to imagine the lush green landscape that will begin emerging soon. I need to start making lists. Now is a good time to move woody plants and I have a few that need to be shuffled.

Marian, I hate loosing posts. Last week when I had all the connection problems I got in the habit of composing them in Word then copying them into GW. I should probably do that all the time. The only time I lose something here is if I inadvertently hit a delete or erase key.

Where is Deanne this morning? Hopefully she won't get the flu. I'll be holding my breath all week after flying. Planes are like petri dishes. Feel better soon, Taryn.

Well I'd better get going. We have unpacking to do, mail to sort and things to put away. The house is filthy but that will have to wait.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

You can fly here too Deanne. Logees is a very scenic hour drive from my house. We can have lunch at the Vanilla Bean Cafe. Just pick a date.


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Good morning

Taryn - I got a chuckle out of your story. Perspective is always a good thing to have.

Welcome back Sue!! Glad you survived the travel and hope you can have a relaxing day at home with the dogs. Don't clean too much!

Deanne - the rest of the weekends in March are jam packed, but April we have very little on the calander and I think anything would work, ditto May at the moment. Is Easter weekend a possibility? - you could join the kids in our egg hunt lol! Being a holiday weekend I know DH would be here then which would be nice.

I was feeling very British this morning and made a batch of Marmalade. I love toast and Marmalade with my coffee in the morning, but find most shop bought jars too sweet. I've made a good dark one with grapefruit, orange and lemon and added a nip of DH's smokiest single malt to one jar (for special occasions). David and his friend informed me it smelled awful as it was cooking - perhaps you need to be 100% British to really appreciate it. Now, if only I had some Kippers for a proper English brekky.....

Ok - I'm stalling as I need to clear out part of the basement to put up my light shelves. It's become a catch all for everything we don't know where to put so I could be a while. My lotus seeds are plumping up nicely and I'll need lots of light space available for when the leaves emerge. By the way, Deanne, or anyone else with a pond, you would be welcome to a baby if I'm successful. Lotus need a lot of growing space, but are hardy I believe down to Zone 4. The seedlings bloom in their second year, but the leaves are beautiful any time.

Our weather for the next week has predicted highs of 32 each day, maybe warming to 40F next weekend. Could someone please send us Spring?

have a good day everyone


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I don't know if you can tell but my eyes are rolling around in meh head. Speed reading: ) I am going nuts waiting for my spectacles to come in-I want to SEE. AJ doesn't call them 'glasses',they're spectacles he says lol.

Ryan's party was really fun-for some reason it went pretty late for my family...11pm and I couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't leave(!)lol...I was so tired from whipping this place into shape(big job)and the cooking & general party festivities had me whooped by 9 but still it was fun.The funny thing was that after Ry opened his gifts the adults were all playing with the toys: )
Deanne you'd appreciate my coffee efforts-I was making french roast and yapping with my sibs and naturally it's not easy to simultaneously count scoops of coffee and talk coherently so one task had to suffer...I could't remember how many scoops I had done...we'll just say the coffee was quite strong(you know how FR is anyway)-you (and V) would probably have enjoyed it. We could have added boiling water to it but I opted for Bailey's: ) I'll try to get the cake pic up eventually.

Taryn-sorry you're under the weather: ( Your little report card story was a crack up! Anything else new with your house selling? That's great how you found someone who understands the medical problems you are dealing with-I hope you're able to resolve your health issues now!

Deanne that's terrible your DD got so sick-I hope you/Doug have escaped catching it.
Glad those fuchsia cuttings finally reached you! I bet you could get quite a few more plants from each of those stems-they root at each notch of leaves if placed under water. I never ended up cutting back my fuchsia so that's why I had such long stems-also,they were in an east facing window and they just took off. That 'Gartenmeister' is such a strong grower. I am just amazed at the volume of plants you produce! So why don't you have a greenhouse: ),or do you?

Mary how unbelieveable to have that happen with the imposter car! I'm just glad nothing came of it such as the owner finding out and being mean. I agree with Sue that it might be wise to see if the dealer can change your lock combination. The part about the gun is so scary!
Your lotuses sound fun-you are an adventurous seedstarter: )

Michelle even though those lupines were from 2004 I've gotten 100% germination!

Welcome home Sue!,it's like you never left? lolol.

The most exciting plant that's revving up in my yard is a screaming pink primula that I noticed the other day. I had gotten it from the grocery store last year and tried to see if it would take outside. I do have daffs and pulmonarias budding up too. Otherwise it's just freezing out there!
Deanne my Helebore Argutifolius has that same blackening-I think it's a fungal thing but I don't know if it can be treated-when I have time I want to research it. It has one bud but not doing a whole heck of alot.

The best thing of all is that my house is clean from top to bottom....give it a

HI everybody I didn't mention!

...need to attend to Ryan who spurted a nasty cold in the middle of the night. Poor guy can hardly breathe.


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Wow, lots went on here while I was gone yesterday. I went to Sioux Falls for the day. Talk about car remotes, I had them adjust the door handle on the drivers side of the car a while back. After that all the doors would lock but that one, so I needed to bring it back. I meet up with my son and his GF at the mall and visited awhile. I got more copper to make an arbor for the potager garden. I really scored at hobby lobby. They had all the garden metal items ½ price. I go some really neat hose guards for $4, brackets for a couple shelves for the garden shed for $2.50 ea., a really cool finial for my copper obelisk for $5.00 and a few other things also. Since I had to take the car, there was no room in it for the 2 shelving units from Sams so we will probably go back soon.

Now Kenzies mom and dad are sick. I just talked to Mike and he thinks Kenzie is feeling better, but not DD. She was sleeping.

Its nice to see all the pictures of spring bulbs and the hellebores. Nothing blooming here, as everything is under more snow than we had all winter.

No fish markets or Trader Joes here.

Babs, great news on the lupines. Neat that your primula came back.

Mary, the lotus seed starting sounds very interesting. Weird about the car.

Sue, welcome back, although it doesnt really seem like youve been gone.

Norma, I love your lilies, such a great color.

Marian, sorry about your post. I almost always type mine in Word and then copy it. Ive lost several posts doing it directly on the forum.

Taryn, I got a kick out of the report card story and how true it is. Feel better quick.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi all,

A quick note to ask all who are interested in the Idyllunion to check my post on that thread. Plans are starting to come together!

We burned mucho acres today. I have some awesome pics and as soon as I get fresh batteries in the camera I will try to upload one or two.


V. (who is glad that you are only reading me and not smelling me!) (smoky smell, that is)

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Happy First day of Spring!!!

28 frosty degrees here but I have high hopes for the day to be a nice one.

Hope everyone gets to see some hint of spring today!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

An excellent introduction to SPRING! (in my opinion!)

[Sunday NY Times]

By George Ball, a former president of the American Horticultural Society,
is the president of the seed and plant company W. Atlee Burpee &

Warminster, Pa.

THE horticultural world is having its own debate over immigration,
with some environmentalists warning about the dangers of so-called
exotic plants from other countries and continents "invading" American
gardens. These botanical xenophobes say that a pristine natural state
exists in our yards and that to disturb it is both sinful and
calamitous. In their view, exotic plants will swallow your garden,
your neighbors' gardens and your neighbors' neighbors' gardens until
the ecosystem collapses under their rampant suffocating growth.

If anything suffocates us, though, it will be the environmentalists'
narrowmindedness. Like all utopian visions, their dream beckons us
into a perfect and rational natural world where nothing ever changes a
world that never existed and never will.

Native plants are the survivalists of the botanical world, and in the
appropriate settings wilderness areas, home and botanical gardens,
public parks and sidewalks they bless us with their beauty and awe us
with their tenacity. Our lives would be poor and grim without the
strawberry, cranberry, columbine and trillium. They've always been
here, in the same way that Native Americans have been; only their
arrival and settlement are more ancient.

Their presence illustrates a geologic time, about 8,000 years ago,
when the glaciers receded and unimaginably vast deluges swallowed the
surface of the future United States an airplane ride over the Midwest
reveals enormous lakes formed by even larger melted ice masses. As the
landscape changed, the botanical world sorted itself out, leaving us
with the hardy "natives." (It should be noted, though, that many
plants now considered natives like sycamores, magnolias and cinnamon
arrived from other continents, just as we did. They are products of

Like human survivalists, natives are also subject to exploitation by
the horticultural equivalent of radical fundamentalists. The
anti-exotics argue that gardens should be populated exclusively by
native plants, as if the exotics were trying to enter the flower bed
illegally. The consequences of such a stand could be dire. Should we
eat no onions or garlic, apples or lemons; feast our eyes on no
magnificent tulips or roses all exotics of Eurasian origin? Should
Asians not enjoy their distinctive peppers, tomatoes, beans, squash,
sunflowers and corn all from the Americas?

Indeed, the world's most popular root crop, potatoes, started life as
a staple of the Andean people and achieved its first international
fame as a slave food. By the time it reached France, the "earth apple"
was a delicacy likened to truffles; their flowers were featured in
tiaras of court ladies. Exotic indeed.

Should we deprive ourselves of petunias, begonias, impatiens and
hollyhocks not a one of them "native"? Must we, on pain of being cast
out of the garden as horticultural pariahs, deny the elephant his
peanuts? This wouldn't be merely ridiculous. It would compare with the
denial of human immigration on grounds that certain ethnic groups
breed in numbers "too prolific" for the existing elite to tolerate.
Imagine, then, a horticultural ruling class. No "invasives" need
apply: let the lily find another valley. Such prohibitions of exotic
plant species demonstrate only an elitist snobbery that is as
dangerous to a free society as it is to a free botany.

No one, and certainly no gardener, grows truly destructive invasive
plants in his garden. The devastating kudzu in the South, star thistle
in the West and purple loosestrife in the East were accidental
introductions from Asia, most often mixed with the feed and bedding of
livestock. Yet the pro-native, anti-exotic partisans also wish us to
stop enjoying the charms of harmless and beautiful plants like Queen
Anne's lace, yarrow and chicory. Aside from requiring a bit of
weeding, exotics are safe as milk, unless one considers gardening a
chore rather than a passionate hobby. If so, forget the

Let's welcome, as spring arrives tomorrow, as many huddled masses of
flowers, herbs and vegetables as can fit in our unique melting pot of
a nation, unrivaled in its tradition of lush diversity and freedom to
grow rampantly.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Amen , Marie ! That is a great article. Thank you.

Winter has returned here, just as I figured it would after our unseasonally nice winter. We had gale force winds all night, with rain and hail. I see no damage in our yard. Very small icycles have formed on the vegetation. I expect it to be more wintry by tomorrow morning. It is so foggy. Visibility is about 100 feet. Serviceberry blooms litter our front yard, but the tree still has a good supply left on it. It is a good day to cook a pot of pinto beans and ham hocks on the wood stove!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi yall! Im with Sue. Its great to be home. I enjoyed Phoenix and visiting w/friends. Its a great place to visit but I dont think Id like to live there. Too brown. Temps were 60s 40s at night. We had one pm of shorts weather it got to 75. It made me anxious to get into my garden but alas, its still cold here. Drat! They have a lot of discount stores we dont have and I shipped a box of stuff back. I got a cute little hanging wall planter for $9; a filigree plate stand for $10; and two decorative wall items for $20 ea. Also, they had a Steinmart. Ive seen their ads on HGTV, but have never been in one. I bot 2 outfits, 2 sizes smaller! Yeah! Real cute stuff. I havent lost more weight, tho, but at least I didnt gain while I was in Phoenix. I did cheat quite a bit. On the plane ride back, my dentist and his wife/hygienist, were in the row behind me. What are the chances of that?!

All weekend, I played laundry queen, cleaned out tons of email, read a weeks worth of newspapers, finished the novel I started on the plane and we had a couple contractors out then and this am to give us ideas on repairing the deck or replacing it. No proposals yet.

While I was gone, DHs boss called him into the ofc and told him to brace himself and put feelers out for another job that theres a huge reorg coming. The good thing was that his boss said hed do everything possible to keep DH, but it depends on what scenario comes down. Ive also been updating my resume and think Ill throw my hat in for a couple jobs that were in the paper. I might have to put my garden on the back burner and go back to work. Well see. I hate being so unsettled.

Im also waiting for the furnace/ac contractor to call me back. Just before I left for Phoenix, the twp. Building inspector looked at the job and it didnt pass inspection again. The owner of the company might be coming by tomorrow to check it all out.

Oh, and yesterday some kids egged our house! Our front picture window and trim is a real mess. Its not above freezing so I dont know if Ill be able to clean it.

Im having a dinner party next Sat. night for friends we havent seen in quite awhile. So Ill be on a cleaning jag this week.

Hi to everyone. I hope Marian doesnt lose any more posts, that those with colds, allergies, flu and other ailments are feeling better, that V has the patience of Job in fielding our emails, plans, etc., for the idyllunion, and that Spring truly arrives soon! Im READY!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi guys,
Thanks for the well wishes. I keep thinking I must be on 'hump day' with this flu, then the next day happens. :( Got the boys to school today, except Devin who has a sore throat, then went back to bed until 1:30pm, when Devin woke me up to say THREE agents left messages about showing our house today! Plus a message from Uncle Jerrold (my bro) that he bought a house today. Cleaning this house was absolutely the last thing on earth I felt like doing, but three showings on the first day of spring plus my brother's good fortune might be a sign, so I did it.

Took some Dayquil, got in the shower and with Devin's help somehow managed to whip this place into respectable shape for showing to all three at 6:00pm. Our agent said one is very, very interested, but his wife is still in Indiana so he wants to email her a bunch of pics, which I'll take tomorrow. So fingers crossed it wasn't for nothing, as I'm completely wiped out now.

I've barely skimmed today and will reply to idyll-union emails tomorrow. But want your help please for my friend Sue, who's a finalist in a garage makeover contest hosted by a local radio station, DaveFM. Her's is garage #1 on the link below, please vote for her's to win! She is a fantastic person, helps needy kids with the Children's Aid Society, and deserves to win. Plus just LOOK at her garage, lol! Some of the idyllers I have emails for may have got this from me earlier in an email but figured I could reach more at once (with less energy) by posting here. I'm ready to crash, and this is time sensitive, so please vote each day and pass it on if you wish...LURKERS TOO! Thanks!

Hi to all, and happy spring!


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Just a quickie before I go to bed. It may be officially spring but we are facing a winter storm warning with heavy snow expected for morning. Could be more snow than we have had all winter.

I'll let you all know what it looks like around here in the morning..... *yawn* off to bed.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll be interested to see what Suzy has to say when she wakes up. The wind is really howling right now, but we are supposed to miss the snow here. (Do you hear me crying - not!) But today is DS's 21st birthday and he is smack in the middle of the storm. Guess he can't get too carried away with celebrating if he can't get anywhere! And it is hitting early enough in the week that it won't disrupt his trip home later in the week. Wow - the radio just said two to four inches of snoew per hour is falling downstate.

Time to finish my coffee.


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Good morning

No snow storm here but a chilly high of 33F. Still, at least its sunny.

Happy Birthday V to your DS!

Babs - glad Ryan's party was a success. You know it was fun if everyone stayed that long!

Feel better Taryn - hope that offer come through. I'll go vote for the garage.

Last night was fraught as the family computer appeared dead, unable to start up. I was in a state of panic as I'm up to my eyes with program, poster, and logistics for the Memorial Concert next week, as well as work emails. Also, all my photos are stored there too, and thats where the Idylls are and IU3 plans! Fortunately DH was able to find a solution though it took 4 hours to get the @#%^* thing going again. It made me realize how bad I am about backing things up to disk:0(

Have a good day everyone, and stay safe those in the path of the storms.


PS One lotus seed is about to sprout - its swelled up and a tiny peek of green is showing.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Bought new shoes yesterday...and Vita thanks me:

As with Mary, it is cold and sunny here. Dishes washed, house plants watered, bird feeders filled, and IU3 hotel plans firmed up this morning. Pruned some ornamental grasses yesterday, should finish the rest today. I sure notice that my hands have suddenly got that 'garden look'! I tried on garden clogs yesterday but they just didn't seem to work for me. I'll keep hunting for some.

Happy today!

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I ran into snowy roads on the way to work. We didnt get any, but there was some to the south of us. The whole state of Nebraska really got hit with a foot or more, which is very unusual for them.
I talked to DD and things are starting to look up at their house. They arent completely well, but getting there. She did say that everytime she thinks they are about over it, it hits again. I seem to have the sniffles this a.m. and my Zycam is at home. So much for using it at the first sign. I do have some green tea here at work, I think Ill have a cup of that, it sure cant hurt.

Deanne, I forgot to mention that I picked up some of the famous dahlias for your hedgerow. Need some more? I also got Crazy Love and that box of 60 caladiums from Sams. I never thought Id bother with dahlias, but you all are such enablers. I was hoping to find some more cannas, but didnt. I was thinking of a small tropical area.

Mary, computer issues can be so frustrating, but Im glad you were able to get it up and running again.

Happy 21st birthday to Vs son.

Taryn, what a bummer about having to clean house while you are sick, but great that it was for showing the house. I voted for your friend. She really does need a makeover. Rick and I put up more sheet rock in our garage last night. Three sheets to go. I wish we could have won a garage makeover, this is hard work.

Honey, I sure hope that Tom is able to keep his job. That uncertainty must be very nerve racking. Whats with the egging? I didnt think that winter was conducive to those kinds of pranks.

T, there was no hint of spring here at all yesterday. Theres lots of snow on the ground and the wind blew. Ive been skipping walking outside more this month than I did all winter.

Vita, looks mighty comfortable.

Have a good day


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning. Im stuck here waiting to hear if our furnace guy is coming out. Theyre having a hard time reaching the inspector to get details on what he wants done. I hope to hear from them soon b/c I have to grocery shop today.

Whew, V. Glad youre missing that storm. I havent looked at our forecast lately but dont think its heading this way. Happy Birthday to your DS! Hope he has a quiet celebration.

Mary, weve had a puter scare here, too. Our hard drive is making noise. DH backed up our documents but dont know if that includes pix. Hes talking about a thingy you can add for about $70 that automatically backs up your hard drive before shut-down. I have no clue about electronics, but it sounded good to me.

Poor Taryn. Hope you feel better soon. Ive got my fingers, toes, etc., crossed you get an offer on the house! Even better, that you get competing offers. Wouldnt that be fabu. I voted for your friends garage. Whew, she does need a makeover.

Oh, Marie. Vita is so cute. What is it about bags and boxes? Cats just have to get in them.

Michelle, hope you dont come down with that bug. My friend has had it and two relapses, too. A special trip to the drugstore at lunchtime for more Zicam would be worth it. Thanks for commiserating re the job. Im a planner and a control freak so not knowing whats coming down just drives me crazy. I dont know what the egging is all about. Kids pulled out my callas and dahlias 2 days before my garden tour, then last yr. they shot out our light globes in the front courtyard, and now this. Were the only home w/o kids. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Who knows? BTW, hope you can convince Rick to come to IU3. Im sure hed enjoy the other guys. If T brings Jim, they can compare "big" toys, lol.

Cindy, stay out of that storm!

Babs, it sounds like everyone enjoyed Ryans party. You should be a kids party planner! Youre so in-tune with what they like!

Well, Im off to make some headway on my to-do list. Have a great day yall!


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Hello everyone!

I was upstairs, doing some cleaning, I glanced out the window and saw the elk were visiting once again. As I came downstairs to get the camera I noticed a portion of the herd was grazing in the front yard also. Here are some pictures:

Out the kitchen window:

From an upstairs bedroom window (Sue this was the room you slept in):

From the front door:

From the living room (isn't he gorgeous?)

From my computer chair in my sewing room:


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Wow T, you are surrounded.They certainly aren't afraid of coming close to the house are they. What does Boo think about them?

Honey, I sure hope Tom is not booted out of his job. That really has to be nerve wracking.
Sorry about the kids egging your house. Sounds like they need a good talking to.
What a pain the furnace thing must be.

Michelle, hope you don't come down sick. Mother nature sure has been fooling with us on the weather front this year. We didn't get much of the predicted snow. It was mostly rain, which I wouldn't have minded if the wind had not blown so hard and it is pretty cold again.

Babs, I think people must feel really at home at your place or they wouldn't hang around longer. I imagine Ryan had a great time too.

Taryn, I really hope something comes through for you on the house. Way to go Devin for giving mom a helping hand!

Vita , just fits that box. What a cozy spot for a nap.

Mary , thank goodness your DH was able to bring the computer back.

Happy 21st to V's son. Ummnn did't V promise some pictures?

Marian, you inspired me to cook a pot of beans today.

I dragged DH out floor shopping yesterday. We found something we both liked. Today the guy came out to give an estimate. Wow talk about sticker shock. I had another estimate almost two years ago, but could never make a decision on how I wanted it done. Now that I know what I want and how to do it I'm going to have to come up with some more money. I'm going to do the laundry and entry anyway whether the rest gets done now or not, because I need to get the baseboards back in place in the laundry room. I really want to get rid of the stained and worn carpet in the living room and hall to though.

I twisted wrong today and have a heck of a sore spot in my back tonight. That is the last thing I want right now is another round with my back.

Not to much going on around here right now. I'm considering painting my bedroom while waiting on the weather to clear up again. The painting wouldn't take long, but the clearing out would be a chore. My computer desk is a corner unit with a hutch and weighs a ton. And I have two tall bookcase units in here too.
I don't know if its worth the effort.

Take care everyone. Norma

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Boy, did the D.C. area luck out! No snow, no ice, no nuthin! Yippee. Flowers still standing (altho chilled to their "bones")

Taryn Im crossing my fingers all your housecleaning was really worth it & youre getting an offer(s) soon!

Michelle sorry to hear that bug is still going thru the family how horrible. Hope they get better soon. Sounds like you really scored at the hobby shop I dont think we have good stuff in our hobby shops here.

Ok, sounds like theres now a "shared" problem w/ computers going here at the Idylls hope its not contagious! I definitely cannot do a new puter right now

Honey, we have Steinmarts in this area but theres only one about 20 miles from me, so luckily I cannot go there very often (altho a new Home Goods store would be on its wayhmmmm sounds like a regular shopping route developing here no, no , Im on restriction (again) Im sorry to hear about the potential layoff for your DH I guess its good to have the heads-up & youve been kind of living w/ that uncertainty for a while, havent you? So stressful though Hopefully something neat will happen for you, even if the garden has to take a bit of a rest it looks so wonderful, you could let it "coast" for a while I bet and no one would ever guess!! Good luck on the cleaning & entertaining (& de-egging kids why o why, right?)

V Happy birthday to your DS a biggie hope the weather does inhibit any potential "extravaganza" for that number! & Hope you did luck out too w/ no horrible weather as I read southern mid-west got. This is definitely a whopper of a March Madness Weather Phenom isnt it?

Vita is such a dahling, Marie! She must love having her photo taken since shes always got the purrrfect pose.

Neat Im in time (for a change) to see your great Elk photos, T!

Norma- I hope your back feels better & I commiserate re the flooring prices going up I tend to dither & put things off in my house and all too often find another year & prices somehow have always doubled or some horrible number what is it w/ our economy?!! Or is it the home improvement industry? Guess its probably a sore subject & lots of opinions about.

Well, not much here except the excitement of Missing that weather if only, if only, Spring would return.

Guess I better think about some rest - it's been another "challenging" work week and most of the energy has been sucked out of me -- and it's only Tuesday....


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Good morning

Honey - was a stressful time for both you and DH. I think not knowing is the hardest. Good thoughts for you both. I can't believe neighborhood kids threw eggs- Yuk! They are so get off. Good luck!

T - the elk are magnificient! It always looks such a beautiful spot you live in.

GB - your lovely picture reminds me of how much I miss having a cat in the house!

Hope you survive you work week Cindy! I hear it is almost cherry blossom time down there.

Woo hoo - Idyllunion plans are firming up. Who would have thought our location was such a hot spot? For those who haven't done so, its worth booking the hotel now as rooms are going quick!

I think Sue must be buried back at work and Deanne under her latest painting :0)

I'm ignoring the snow outside this morning and concentrating on my seedlings instead. How are yours doing Martie? I'm also delighted that the tiny cutting of tropical ginger I bought at the airport in Hawaii have all rooted and have new leaves. I have red, white, yellow and blue ginger and a Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid. I'm not sure I'll be able to get any to bloom, but hopefully I can enjoy their tropical leaves over the summer as a rememberance of our trip. Has anyone else grown ginger?

Well, DH left before dawn for Florida, Annie went half an hour ago and its time to wake David. Morning send offs are very drawn out here, and will be worse next year when David's bus departs 8.50AM. That will give me almost 2 hours between busses. If I'm organized I could have an extremely clean house, but it will be much more fun to sneak in an hour gardening. Right now though I'd need an ice pick to do anything outside.

Have a good day everyone


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

It's a chilly, cloudy 30 degrees out here this am and it apparently is not supposed to warm up in the near future. It sure doesnt feel like spring to me. LOL Brrrrr.... The sun wins out in the afternoons though. Yesterday afternoon I went outside to have my coffee break in the sunshine and it was warm enough to work out in shirt sleeves even though the temps were only in the mid 40s. I managed to clean out the rose garden and mailbox gardens. Not bad for a spur of the moment two hour gardening session. It felt so great to be working outside. Ive got to work downstairs today though. A gal whod taken one of my seminars wants to buy a painting that isnt quite completed yet so Id like to finish that off today and get a start on the next magazine article thats due the first of April.

Had the funniest thing happen last night. About 4:00Am Rahjii was walking around the bedroom just howling his head off. He did not settle down and after five minutes or so of this he walked into the bathroom where the sound echoes and proceeded to do his imitation of a male lion looking for love. Well, after ten minutes of this it finally came to me in a flash that Id sprayed the plants in the light room in the basement yesterday then closed the door to keep the fumes out of the studio. The thing is, the litter box is in that room. So I leapt out of bed and ran to the basement and opened the door followed by my frantic kitty. Sure enough, he made a bee line for the litter box. Poor kitty!

T those elk are so lovely. Id not get anything done if I had that to watch outside my windows.

Hi Honey! Glad to hear you had a great vacation. Hope you dont have any computer troubles. That is just terrible about the egging. What a mess. So sorry about Toms job situation. Been there and done that and know how unsettling that can be.

Norma, I so know what you mean about having to move really heavy stuff to accomplish a cleaning. My drafting table down in the studio is an old steel base with a huge top. It is an absolute bear to move it and on top of that the entertainment center that is right next to it has to be moved first in order to replace the carpet in my studio. It is time and past time to do that job but every time I think about moving that massive amount of stuff I decide Ill spot clean the carpet one more time.

Michelle, sure hope you stay well! Too funny about the Thomas Edison! Im actually now planning on making a whole section of the new garden just for dahlias and fuchsia. I really planted them too close together last year and the dinner plate dahlias didnt like being crowded one little bit and didnt perform as well as theyd done in the past. I grew Crazy Love in the garden next to Lilac Time last summer and they looked beautiful together. Crazy Love is a beauty. What are you looking for re Cannas? Ive got a ton of Pretoria and can send you some along with Wyoming if youd like when I send you your Golden Tiara hosta.

GB Miss Vita looks demure in her new bed. LOL

Taryn, get well soon!!! Hope you get an offer on the house.

Babs, the problem with my hellebores is this crazy weather. The 60 and 70 degree temps in January got them sending up new growth then the temps went down in the single digits in Feb then we had a few days back in the 50s in the beginning of the month and now it is below freezing again. Id had them mulched but we had several severe windstorms and it blew the mulch off so now I have several large blackened flower stalks about four or five inches tall. I noticed yesterday that one of my heathers in the driveway garden had a lot of die off and it had looked great all winter. Too many temp extremes this year. All the tea roses have died right back to the ground too. Cest la vie.

Mary, very neat that your lotus seeds are germinating. Thats exciting. We cant make it Easter weekend because we already have dinner plans with family and MJs family. Maybe we can do something the weekend before or after Easter. It will depend on the availability of the airplane and the weather.

So this weekend is the flower show in Keene that my DB and SIL work on. Im going to go on Sunday and stay overnight and help with the breakdown of the show so I can score some plants before they throw them in the dumpster. The sad news is that this is going to be their last year for this flower show because the expense of heating the greenhouses and the building where they have the show has become prohibitively expensive and the profit margins are down to nill. This show was always done to raise money for NH Home Hospice and it is really a shame that the fuel prices have made the show unprofitable.

OK Ive got to get my day started. I had to log on again. What a pain. I go for weeks with no problem then all of a sudden I cant get in. Very strange.

Later all,

PS Eden, how are your light gardens doing?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

STRANGE! I don't need to log on today! What's with this Deanne?

Today my new wheelbarrow comes. Boy, small things excite me! The old one is 9 years old, was a house warming gift and was used daily! Soon the new mower will come too, in April!

It's a gloomy cold morning, must run off to get DH fed before his early meeting.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi everyone. Well, things have gotten way out of control here. Were going to have to bone up on "tough love" for Bullet. Sheesh. Ive already told you about the morning ritual with DH. Bullets gets a face wash and dry, a fresh drink from the bathroom faucet and a love while DH shaves. Then he waits on the stair landing while DH dresses and leads him downstairs to the food closet. This am Bullet raised the bar once again -- he prefers ice cubes added to his drink-well water to cool it off! When DH didnt do it fast enough at 5 am today, Bullet raced upstairs to scream the complaints at me! It was definitely a "Mommmm, hes NOT DOING IT! How did it happen that were ruled by a 9 lb. animal?!!!

Oh, Deanne. Poor Rahjii. And they say animals cant communicate!

T, love those elk pix. They sure are big! Please leave them up. I want to show Tom tonite.

Norma, sorry about twisting your back. Have you tried Biofreeze? The mfg. facilities and physical therapists here use it for sprains and muscle pulls. It doesnt smell and gives life saving pain relief. You can buy it online. I keep some on-hand all the time for when I overdo.

Mary, so sorry youre dealing with snow and ice. Yuk. Thanks for your comments re DHs job. Youre so right. Its the not knowing. And the egging it was hard to get off particularly since it was 30 degrees out. In fact, some of the window paint came off with it. I think we still have some of the original paint to do some touch up this summer.

Cindy, thanks for the support on DHs job, too. Everyday is a frustrating adventure for him. Its hard to know what to think. He regularly "saves the day" and the shooters want him on the most difficult problems. If hes saved in the reorg, it might be b/c of something silly like bringing in cookies and paczkis. But thats how it goes.

Re Steinmart, I just love, love, love that store. Good thing we dont have them here. Their clothing selections and home décor items were outstanding and with great prices, e.g., the jacket for this outfit was priced $125 marked down to $20. I love how the charcoal denim jacket and pants are trimmed in the same plaid as the shirt, particularly the bottom trim/bow on the pant leg on the right:

This is the second outfit. My batteries were low so the pic isnt good. But the jacket is painted with the same design as the mid-sleeve tee under and the pants have a sash in the same design.

I be stylin yall! And in a smaller size yeah! Thats always fun.

Gotta get to the grocery store, fax a resume, put in an application and spot clean my carpet. Hi to all and have a great day!


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Hi Idylls,

Looks like it's been a quiet afternoon here!

Well the great snowstorm petered out - as I hoped it would - our total was around 2 1/2 inches and most of that is gone from the yards and streets already. Shady areas are of course still covered, but hopefully that will melt soon also. I'm glad we didn't get what they were originally predicting!

T - it must be awesome to look out and see those beautiful animals so close to your home. We occasionally have deer in the neighborhood. In fact, I think I have one investigating my birdfeeders on a regular basis, and not finding what he wants. One evening I turned into our neighborhood (think elongated cul-de-sac) and had to brake for a deer in the road. She was beautiful and big!

GB - cats and boxes, so funny. My 17 pound fat cat found a shoebox last week in the bedroom and managed to cram his body into it. Of course the sides were pushed outward and he was hanging over on all sides....

Honey, I hope your husband can find a good permanent position or become more fixed where he is. DH lost his job over a year ago - now he works at something he likes better for less than 1/6 the salary. Hopefully we can make it through, but I'm pretty sure at some point it will involve me going to work (something I've not had to do since my oldest was born). It's very stressful, not knowing, and sometimes even more so when you do know.

Deanne, that's funny about Rahji. Licorice (the 17 pounder) uses his box in the basement also, and we keep the door open. But the thing is, if I'm down here, he expects me to carry him back up the stairs! He's so lazy. The other day he was sitting in the garden window, and a vine from the hoya you sent me last year was curling down under his chin and beyond. It was like he was out in the tall grass or something.

Honey, those clothes from Steinmart are so cute. We don't have any of those around here, I don't believe. Looks like a store I would enjoy.

Just finished dinner - pork roast, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, etc. I'm glad I actually cooked a decent meal today, as my just over 18 year old gave blood at school and he was HUNGRY. Sometimes I get the timing right.

Can someone send me some spring weather? Please?


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Suz, I'm so glad you got less than predicted snow and that it has melted. With the crazy weather we've had, I'm wondering if we'll get a blizzard or and ice storm before it's all over. Hope not. As much as I want it, it's still not Spring.

DH is hanging in there. Of course, reading the papers here is no lark and the media seems to lap up all the bad news. They're like buzzards on a feeding frenzy.

Trust me, Suz, you'd love Steinmart. I spoted Evan Picone, Jones, Liz -- major names there. Even off brands like the ones I bot, were great. And the home decor section was fabu, as Deanne would say. I'd spend a bundle if they had outlets here.

Hmmmm, I'm trying to picture a 17 lb. cat cramming himself into a shoebox. that had to be a sight to see!

Bug, I understand your excitement over a new wheelbarrow! I get spastic over stuff like that, too!

Well, I applied to the job I saw in the paper. The mgr. said I was "overqualified". I thot - yeah, I know that! I can do that job with my hands tied behind my back. But the pay is great and I'm going to continue to lobby for it. Can't hurt. I've sketched a thank you note and will get it into the mail tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've emailed or faxed a resume to couple other opportunities.

That's it from me tonite. The afgan and couch pillow are calling. Time to get into the fleece robe and watch a bit of TV. 'Night all.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Where is everybody? It's been awfully quiet around here lately.

No surprises after vacation but work has been somewhat annoying to me this week. As far as work goes I usually have a pretty thick skin but there is one thing that I'm overly sensitive about and that is not being included in company functions and events. Tomorrow is the annual expo for one of our divisions and I was not included or formally invited until I got a half a&&ed invitation from my boss yesterday...I really should go...blah, blah, blah. Well if that was the case then why wasn't I invited and included like everyone else months ago? At any rate, it's over an hour drive away and I'm going to pass. Maybe next year I'll get a real invitation but I'm not holding my breath. I don't know which bothers me more, not being included or caring that I didn't.

Anyhoo...tonight I had my hair cut. For years I've been trying to get away from the '80s perm look but when you have straight, fine hair like mine the options are limited. Well, we decided to start the process with a new cut. Hopefully in a few months I'll have a radically different look-probably in time for IU3. I keep telling myself that change is good. Last year one of my loving brothers told me the 80s called and they wanted my hairstyle

So, like many of you, so far spring has not fully sprung here either. Temps are still below normal. With luck I'll be able to get out and do some cleanup this weekend-maybe grab some pictures. Next weekend my mom and her traveling circus will be here on their way back from FL so I'll be lucky to get outside at all. It will all get done, right? From here it looks like we'll all have plenty of weekends and time but we all know how fast time evaporates. Supposedly my town has a garden tour this year and I was going to volunteer but I decided I don't want to have that mid June deadline of trying to get everything sewn up. Tom has decided he wants an outdoor hot tub and in order to do it right I have to rework the garden on the west side of my house. At least it keeps me off the streets.

Something is wrong with Nick. He hasn't been himself for a few days. I think his back may be out so we've been giving him baby aspirin but it doesn't seem to be getting better. He's reluctant to jump up on anything or go up stairs so we've been carrying him. If he doesn't perk up in the next couple of days I'll bring him into the vet for a full blood workup.

T, great series of elk shots. They must keep you entertained.

I've never heard of Steinmart-we don't have them here. Looks like you scored though, Honey. Much to Tom's dismay I've acquired alot of new clothes this year but I do power shop the bargains and rarely if ever pay full price for anything. It's amazing what you can get stuff for if you're willing to wait.

OK, enough drivel from me. Time for bed. I have my 6 mos GYN checkup tomorrow. Oh joy-something to look forward


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Have fun, Sue! I had the annual on Tuesday evening. The GYN I was seeing retired, so it was a new doctor. I was familiar with her because I had met her socially and she is the daughter of the retired doctor, but of course all that doesn't mean that she doesn't have to get a complete health history on me. And they ask a LOT more questions than they used to!

And of course, both the nurse and doctor made a HUGE point of noting that I was fifty. (Oh really? I hadn't noticed! When did that happen?) So I have a referral to get the health care system's 50th birthday present. yuk.

It has been quiet here lately. Where is Martie? and a lot of others, like Marian.

I have a couple more very hectic days but then I have several days of peace and quiet. I may not post much until the family all get shoveled out the door to their various destinations, but I will keep reading. So someone say something!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,
34 degrees out today. Yesterday afternoon I was able to grab 2 hours outside and clean out the area under the Japanese maple in the front and the yews next to the front steps. Another little area done until I get my composted manure for mulching. All the coleus and fuchsia are doing really well and I've got to spend some time potting up my new fuchsia babies. They've settled in and are showing some lovely new growth so it's time to get their feet in some new soil. I also repotted that 'Beacon Rosa' that lives at the foot of my Polish Spirit clematis on the arch. It was really root bound in that small urn but the shape of the urn kept me from prying it out easily. Anyway I needed a razor to cut through the roots to get it out of there. It felt good to get that job done. Something I knew was going to be a bear of a job so I kept putting it off. Im thinking Im not going to start my dahlias until I start moving the coleus and fuchsia outside to harden off. That way I wont be so cramped for space under the lights.

Sue, sorry Nickster isnt feeling like himself. Thats a worry. Hope is back to his old feisty self soon. ~~Whoops, so Tom has gone for the hot tub idea. Sorry! Where do you think you are going to put it? ~~ Would you let me know what coleus varieties you want from my overabundant supply???? Im assuming Alabama Sunset and Mt. Washington since I got those from you in the first place and also Sedona because it is orange. Is there anything else? Ive also got a fuchsia Sunray and Firecracker for you since they have variegated foliage. Do you need Pretoria cannas? I didnt remember if you saved yours from last fall. ~~ Bummer about work. That would make me a bit cranky to tell you the truth. ~~ LOL about the hair. Ive always liked your hair do so cant imagine why you need to change it. I didnt know it was 80s. I guess because I have such bad hair I dont notice styles that are in or out.

V, ah yes the old you 50 now you need to do this thing. Ive successfully pulled an ostrich on that one. I get the referral every year and every year Ive avoided going. Im thinking Ill have to break down and have it done this year. Yuk.

Suzy, I lol about Licorice in the shoe box. I could just see him oozing out of the available space. Too funny.

Honey, cute outfits. You must have had a ball shopping especially because they are in a smaller size.

Bug, have fun with the new wheelbarrow. LOL

OK time to get my day started. Ive got a session planned with Steve the sadist. No he really is my personal trainer but he killed me yesterday revamping my abdominal and lower body workout. And today is going to be a new upper body workout. He has me doing some balancing exercises on the half ball to help stabilize the knee and ankle joints. Ive got really good muscle strength but need more work with stabilizing the joints so I dont aggravate the arthritis in them. When you are on this ball trying to balance yourself then doing squats on top of that, well, lets say Im in pain this morning. With the ab stuff he now has me doing the reverse crunches holding a ten pound weight out in front of my body. I thought Id be sore there but I dont have any muscle pain the abs this AM thank heavens.

Have a great day all,

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Good Thursday Morning, It's bright and sunny here but cold. All of the birds seem to know it's spring though. They're busy at the feeders, taking baths, we can't keep the birdbath filled and the birdhouses Brad built last summer are hot properties now. Things got busy here this last week. My best friend's dad passed away last Friday and another neighbor's dad on Saturday. So I've been helping out both places and Bella's walking full steam ahead now so we're constantly on the move around here. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can take her for walks and to the park. I went to a garden club meeting Monday night for the first time in ages and the topic was rain barrels. So I'm thinking of rigging up a couple, or should I say having Brad do it. Also I picked up a begonia 'northern lights' and a really cool variegated maidenhair fern that will look great in a container garden if I can keep it alive inside until then. The begonia collection is growing. I think I'm up to around 20 varieties now and am trying my hand at propagating a few. Jennifer has a small balcony at her condo and wants to try a little gardening this year, just a few containers, so I thought a tropical theme would be nice. Maybe a banana, a brug, some of the begonias and of course coleus and whatever else I can squeeze in. She doesn't have much space and tropicals will give her more bang for her buck I think. I've got Bella all day today and some housework to do so I've gotta run. I need to play catchup and read what's been going on here before I can make any comments. Just wanted to check in though. Have a great day all.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning. I was up and at'em early today awakened by the smell of skunk! Hope Ruth's kitties didn't get sprayed.

I finished revising my interview thank you note and posted it. I included copies of kudo letters from satisfied customers so I'm hoping the note and attachments set me apart from the other candidates. Who knows? From what the mgr. told me, at least I'm only competing with hundreds, not thousands. I'd be thrilled with the $. Keep your fingers crossed. Today the local papers come out so I'm going to see if there are other possibilities.

Sue, I think your hairstyle looks good on you. What's the new style look like? The hot tub addition sounds great. Hope Nick is OK. Keep us posted.

Deanne, I'm in awe of your workout sessions. I've decided that I need to do something about my belly flab so will be adding some crunches to my routine. I've got the Biofreeze ready.

Eden, sounds like you've been busy and now that Bella is walking, have been on the run after her. She's such a cutie and lucky to have her G'ma.

V, you're sure running, too. I'll bet you're really looking forward to things calming down. It looks like IU3 is coming together!

I didn't get to my carpet spot cleaning yesterday and tons of other chores around here in prep for my dinner party Sat nite. So I have to get crackin'. Hi to all. Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Merry 3rd day of spring in the 'sunny' south!!!

In case you can't recognize it, that is a forsythia in full bloom!

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Good morning!

It is just a few minutes after 6 and it is light enough to see all of the pasture, the hillside across the way and .... well, everything inbetween. I enjoy seeing the seasons change from my window, but I do miss the longer quiet dark mornings. That is 'my' time before the world intrudes......before the sun comes up. During the winter months, I enjoy extra hours of 'me' time....the dark of the mornings. When spring & summer arrive....I lose my cherished time and I'm sad to see it go away, bit by bit each and every morning. It is ridiculous since I am alone all day long, every why have I put such importance and emotion into those specific hours? Odd. But there is lots 'odd' about me. ;o)

'Bug, Vita looked very content in her new bed. Has she continued to use it as a new lounging area or did she go back to her usual favorite spots?

Marian, looks like you got a dusting of snow to set off the colors of spring showing up in your yard.

Sue, I hope Nick perks up soon. It is worrisome when the furkids aren't feeling up to snuff or behaving quite their normal. I am eager to see your new hairstyle....if you hadn't shared that your hair is permed, I would have thought you had natural curls. My fine, stick straight hair won't hold a perm.....I've tried many many times over the years and have finally given up on trying to make my hair doing anything other than what it wants to. I liken the darn stuff to an onion skin, just laying flat on my head. :oP I've worn bangs my entire life and those have always laid flat against my forehead no matter how much mousse, hairspray, curling I attempt..I can curl my hair, walk around the house and it will go straight before I leave the house. Any touch of moisture in the air just finishes it off. Lovely stuff.....and I've decided to let the bangs grow out, even though I hate my face without being able to hide behind the bangs.......Oh heck---I hate my very straight, very fine hair along with a high forehead, double chin and .......... Ah heck, now I'm depressed just thinking about what I look like. I need some chocolate.

Honey, thinking of you & Tom. I hope the job situation works out for both of you. How awful about the egging, silly kids with their silly pranks!

V, a happy belated to your son.....and it sounds like your DD & DH will be having some wonderful times soon.

Babs, I hope Ryan had a wonderful birthday! :oD

I was looking through my photos from Australia and found a couple I forgot about that aren't anything special but were just fun enough that I snapped photos of them so I'd remember the smiles they provided when I came across them.

Yield sign in Oz:

Many of the houses, in Melbourne, had the most wonderful gingerbread type trims. We went into a Home Depot type of store, to buy something for my hostess' home, so I asked permission to photograph some of the displays.

Okay, enough of more for awhile..... ;o)


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Oops! I forgot to brag! I was in a store, looking at the magazines and there was a Decorative painting magazine......and in it was an article (and painting how-to) by our Deanne! I almost told the lady standing beside me "I know this artist!" but I held myself back. :oD

That was my celebrity sighting..... ;o)


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I saw a sure sign of spring yesterday. The greenhouse is up at the local grocery store and the farm supply store. I had to laugh at the parking at the grocery store. One huge area on one end was taken up by the greenhouse and on the other end the parking spaces were taken up with huge piles of pushed up snow.
It was sunny and 40 yesterday and a fair amount of melting happened. We have some areas of bare lawn and then there are the 4 snowdrifts.
Good news, the Zicam really worked. I basically dont have any symptoms.

Eden, sorry about the deaths around you and how sweet that you can help out.
How are you propagating the begonias? Are you using the leaves? Ive never tried it, but it does look interesting. How fun that Bella is walking and that Jennifer wants to try gardening.
I have one rain barrel of sorts. It is a large round black planter that someone wanted to give away. I would like to add a gutter to the backside of the garden shed and add another in my potting area. It is also the pot ghetto, so it would be perfect to have one there.

T, the pictures from down under are very interesting. The pictures of the trim remind me of some of the stuff that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I got the neatest piece that I am going to put in the peak of my garden shed. I just love interesting architectural elements. That is an impressive retaining wall, I can just imagine curvy beds in front of it. ;o)

Sue, LOL "power shop the bargains" I became a bargain shopper out of necessity when I was a mom with kids, but now I just cant convenience myself to pay full price. I think I love the thrill of the hunt. I hope that Nick feels better quickly.

Marian, what a pretty scene. With all our snow, nothing is blooming.

Honey, you really scored at Steinmart. We dont have them here, but I have seen them advertised. Best of luck in the job hunt.

Deanne, I did order 1 Pretoria, but if you want to send another piece that would be great. I would go for some Wyoming too. Thanks so much.

Norma, I hope that you dont start with back problems right at the beginning of gardening season.

Have a great day


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I'm totally beat tonight but I'm here for a couple of minutes. Just put Bella down and Megan should be here to pick her up in an hour or so and then I'm off to bed too. Now I just need to remember all that I wanted to comment on...

Deanne, I had to laugh at how many baby plants you have going now. I still didn't get any of my seeds going. I don't know what's wrong this year but I just can't seem to get to it. I have some doubleclick cosmos, some black pearl ornamental peppers and jester ornamental millet that I really want to try this year and about 50 other things too but so far they're all still in the seed packets. Very frustrating! My light garden is doing well though, my tables are full. I have some room on my shelves (for seeds) but it's filling up fast (with plants) too.

Michelle, so sorry to hear that dd and family had that awful flu. Are they on the mend now? I did propogate the begonias by leaf cuttings. So far they look good but no new growth yet, but then it's only been a week or so. I also rooted some of the angel wings in water and they're about ready to be planted up now.

Mary, I have a few gingers that I got last summer that I'm overwintering. Hedychium white butterfly and dr. moy which are ginger lilies and alpina zerumbet a variegated shell ginger. I had zingiber midnight last summer but lost when I brought it in last fall but have another on order for this year. I didn't have any blooms last year on any of them but they're easy to grow.

Hi T, I've been enjoying the elk pictures and it was good to have a chatty post from you.

Sue, hope Nick's feeling better. Maybe he just really missed you guys while you were on vacation. I hope that it's nothing serious.

Honey, I've been hearing on the news all the shenanigans going on with Tom's company. I hope it all works out ok for you guys. Love the new outfits.

Marie, congrats on the new wheelbarrow.

Marian, looks like winter at your place. Hope it warms up for you soon and for me too. They're keeping a count now on the weather report of how many days in a row we're staying at below normal temps. So far it's 9 days.

Oh my gosh, I thought I just lost this post and then it magically reappeared. I think I'll take that as a sign to post it now. See you all tomorrow.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay! I have changed the camera batteries, downloaded the fire photos onto the home PC, transferred them to my laptop, uploaded them to picturetrail and I am ready to post them here. Whew! Remember when I would have had to take the film to be developed, then get copies and then mail them to you all? (Except of course I didn't know you all back then).

Enough prattling - here are the photos.

Here's DD keeping an eye on a small backburn area:

This is overlooking the seasonal wetlands area, which is all dry right now. The backburn is about to meet the headfire.

Finally, a small part of the backburn got a little exciting. Although the fire flared up dramatically, it died back almost as quickly because the ground underneath the dried rushes was pretty wet.

We had a beautiful day to work outside, as you can see in the photos. Tonight is a study in contrasts. We have enormous snowflakes falling and accumulating, while frogs are chirping on the pond. We grilled pork chops outside and attracted a coyote. Mystic was doing a little doggie two-step with Mr. C when we realized what was going on. He really wants to go back outside now and tell Mr. C who's boss, but we have other ideas.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Yes, Michelle, it's the thrill of the chase. Today I went to DSW shoe warehouse at lunchtime to chase down some dress sandals before the selection in larger sizes dwindles. While there I took a stroll through the markdown area and just stumbled on a pair of full height black leather dress boots for 40% off. They were size 10 but fit me perfectly. Now you just can't leave items like that sitting on the rack for someone else to buy. boss made the unfortunate mistake of calling me after lunch today to ask me if I was coming down to the show and one of our poor AP people had to make a hasty retreat out of my office when she walked in on the ensuing conversation. Oh, you mean the show that everybody else is at and got invited to weeks ago? The same show that I watched the IT manager get ready for this morning then heard our outside auditor tell someone he was going to for dinner? The same show that my newly hired contemporary asked if he would see me at later? That freakin' show? Well, let's just say I was shocked when the doctor told me my blood pressure was only 110 over 70 this afternoon. Tomorrow morning won't be pleasant but I guess I've just had it with being invisible(a feeling I'll no doubt live to

Marian, ugh! On the bright side though, at least your Forsythia is blooming and it does look good.

Deanne, thanks for the offer but I have plenty of cannas. Not only did I save most of them from last year but I ordered a bunch more from Brent & Becky's. I'll take whatever coleus you have available though. All I have left is Perilla Magilla-a cutting from plants you gave me last year.

As far as the hair goes I guess I'm just sick of it and want a newer, more contemporary look. Despite my inept attempts this morning at styling the new cut myself it did get favorable comments. The new cut is shorter, more layers and less volume below my chin. Even Tom noticed it when I came home last night. In 4 weeks I go back for more tweaking. At least I got my hairdresser thinking. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

T, cool shots from down under. Maybe after I get fired tomorrow for insubordination I'll have some time on my hands to go visit Karen. Too bad I'll be

So, did this hotel shortage for the Idyllunion catch everybody by surprise? Even a procrastinator like me had to get with the program. It looks like we have a good size group though so loads of fun will be a given. I'll have to remember to pack my soft sided cooler so I can chill wine for the room and my dark side purply nail polish for adventurous toes.

Time to get ready for my beauty sleep. Lord knows I need as much of it as I can get.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wonder where I put that green nail polish for my toes?

Today the workmen 1pm although they said 8am. Why did I believe them this time? Oh well, the kitchen ceiling has started. If they don't finish tomorrow...well who knows? We're outta here for the weekend. Painter comes next week, and he'd better hustle too as we're off to OK the next Friday. I guess if they want their check, they'll do what needs doing!

I went to check on the roses I bought for the guest bedroom and they were all dead. Guess who forgot to put them in water! HONESTLY! Well, my guest will get new ones on Monday.

Soon I hope it will be time to put in the dock, set up rain barrels and clean up the branches. But for now, brrrrrr. Birdwatching from indoors is best these days.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

G'morning. Drive by from me. I have a haircut this am, then to the grocery to pick up some fresh produce for my dinner party tomorrow, then cleaning chores on this pit, etc., etc.

Thanks for your comments on our job situations. I hope I get one and DH gets to keep his. OMG, the newpapers yesterday and today! My DB in Atlanta even called to see what's really happening. Hope Janie's OK up in Ontario.

Hi to all. To the shower with me. TTYL


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Good morning

Sunny here - Hooray! Just wish it was a bit warmer than 26F.

What neat pictures V. How did you learn how to control a fire like that?

Marian - brrrrr.... Hope its warmed up a bit!

T - what great shots from down under. One day I'd love an old house loaded with gingerbead trim - meanwhile DH craves sleek contemporary lines. Opposites attract......

Honey - those are such fun, cool outfits. Perhaps we'll see them at Idyllunion!

Sue - your new "do" might give me inspiration. I used to perm and higlight my dead staight, fine hair unitl it just couldn't take it anymore and started falling out. With the arrival of children I resorted to yanking mine it back in a granny bun and it's rather stuck that way. I never knew yours was permed - your haridresser obviously does a great job.

I'm getting very excited about seeing so many again at IU3. I'll check out nail varnish and flights later this evening. But now I must head into work - an easy day with just a meeting this AM then free.

Have a good one


PS Deanne - I have a baby shower the Sunday before Easter but we're free the weekend after.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I am forcing myself to be cheery and perky this morning. We have a lovely inch or two of snow on the ground and more snow predicted for most of today and tomorrow. Nothing heavy, but how do I spend my weekend cleaning up the garden if I can't find it under the snow? Rats, if I can't do garden cleanup I will have to do house clean up!

I'm also sleep deprived this a.m. Went to sleep about 10:00 pm, DS arrived home at 12:30 am, then DH got up at 2:45 am to leave with DD for the Bahamas. When the alarm went off again at 5:00 am, I wasn't thrilled. The dogs were quite happy to see DS. Sunrise was in full pout mode when the suitcases came out last night, and since I was helping them get things ready, she couldn't quite understand that I wasn't leaving as well.

I have a few quiet days coming up, though.

Sue, I hope Nick is feeling better and I hope you have a better day at work. I hope the outcome from yesterday is that you opened a few eyes as to what they were doing and how it affected you.

Mary, DH and I have both been to training sessions for natural areas volunteers on conducting controlled burns. We have our own equipment and a fair amount of experience at this point. But I'm the one who always worries anyway! The big risk factor is always the wind - if it changes direction while you are burning you could be in trouble.

In the middle photo, you are looking about due east, and the wind was blowing from north to south. The backburn fire is on the right, and you can see that those flames are fairly small. They were moving to the left but very slowly. The head fire is on the left and is moving much faster with the wind, but as soon as it met the backburn, it ran out of fuel and put itself out. We also mow around the perimeter of the entire burn area to limit the fuel.

Today's theme at work is computer issues, and I have to go solve another one. Hi to everyone, including Honey in her lovely outfits and 'bug with her dead flowers!


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Good Morning, It's snowing here too. Not much else going on, just the same old stuff. I'm so ready for some warmer weather. I really want to get out in the garden and do some spring cleanup. I need to find something fun to do today to perk me up. No idea what that might be though...Hope you all have a good Friday. At least it's the weekend!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

quick peek from work -- Neat photos, V -- I've never seen a controlled burn before -- thanks for sharing 'em & explaining them!

It seems cold and dreary here - a bit depressing. Like everyone else here, Im anxious to get out and really start digging & planting. I've even got a few plants that got sent way, way too early for this area so I have to "nurse" them in the house til it's warmer -- the nursery says "o those plants like cool weather" -- ha -- not 28 degrees, I dont think!

It feels about like what it looks in your part of the States, Marian! Brrrrr...

Those are really cool photos, T -- wow, what we wouldnt love to have the Home Depot stocked w/ stuff like that, uh?

Should we poll the idyllers re fine, straight hair? It sounds like there's a majority here!

Sue - I have to say I havent noticed you in any photos w/ an 80s hairdo -- like you I've got the thin, fine, fine straight hair - and like T have never been able to do a "perm" without it melting the hair away to 1/2 inch stubbles (& Mary, I did the "highlighted hair for more than 10 years!).... I long for a "new look" every time I go to a good hairdresser -- and usually I say "do what you want", thinking ok, even if it's wild, it will be different --- well, I end up with the same blunt cut no matter who does it!!! I have finally decided I guess they're telling me something -- this is what's best for the face and the hair... sigh.... along w/ a face lift, can one get a scalp changeover? I think that's the only thing left to get me "glam." LOL. And boy, do I hate the word "cute"!!!! I dont think anyone is "cute" after the age of about 27?

Hope Nick is feeling better -- I've had 2 dogs who both injured their backs (about ages 6 and 7) and have learned w/ the one I have now to make sure the jumps and things she leaps on and off of are "low" -- there seems to be a lot of wear and tear on their poor bags that eventually creates problems for them, no matter how fit they are. But they sure look pitiful when they're in pain -- just like we humans. A bad back is tiring pain.

Well, back to slogging thru the rest of this week.

V- enjoy your days of quiet "respite" -- you too, 'bug and I hope the workmen get the ceiling done in time. Honey -- good luck w/ the dinner party festivities.
Counting the hours til the "weekend"!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm off for the weekend to give a presentation on gravel pits. Sounds like fun...;-)

I plan on taking the camera, so perhaps there will be photos for Sunday or Monday.

Thanks V! DD sent us photos long ago of a controlled burn in Arizona. Fascinating!

The ceiling is getting there, but I think the painting will be delayed. :(

May you all have warm blue skies for the weekend!

'bug (thick layered gray hair here)

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Greetings one and all! Whiz by here to say the pics are great and SO appreciated. Everything growing here has come to a screeching halt, and if it doesn't get above 50degF soon I'm packing up and visiting a friend in Florida. Just Kidding!!! But it feels better to say it :-)

Seeds are progressing nicely and no police at the door, yet. Kid seed starting party is turning into a fiasco as I figured no respectable 11 year old boy would want to come; we'd do something different later on. WRONG. They were completely dissed and let me know it. So, to make peace, I told them they could each bring a friend. I must be out of my mind. 17 kids in all from 19 months to 12 yo. I've given Rich and Kyle cash so they can disappear for the day. A good way to save a marraige and 'loving' son :-)

Marian -- Yes, I grow my own Lemon Verbena and make my own sugar. It is so easy and just the right touch of elegance when all else fails to bring a smile! I do cheat and get a new plant every year since overwintering is pesky but I think I have a place where one will last next year. Other great thing to use is 'Pineapple Sage'.

Yes, folks, I'm an Herbie at heart.

What was supposed to be a whiz by turned into more than that and I gotta run.

Hope all who are less than great feel better soon, and glad all plane trips landed everyone home safely. BEST TO EVERYONE!!!


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The morning's snow has all melted here, though flurries are still swirling around in the air. I've decided my "fun thing" will be putting together an Easter tree for Bella. Just back from Michael's for supplies and from pruning a "tree" from one of my lilacs. Picture to follow if all turns out well.

Have a safe trip Marie.


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Monique, those Hellebores are so nice. Mine aren't doing anything.

I have very thin, straight, fine hair. I always wanted thick dark hair. Funny how everyone is going for annual checkups, and hair appts. I was just thinking this morning that something needs to be done with this stringy mess.

Sue, I didn't know that you had straight hair. I thought it was naturally curly. Can we see a photo? How was your boss today? Maybe he just assumed you were going, or had been invited, but your conversation to him may have served as a wakeup call that he needs to be more conscientious as to what he says.

Deanne, you do amazing crunches, so no wonder you don't have a sore tummy. I went to a Pilates class a couple of weeks ago instead of my regular workout, and my stomach was sore for four days. That tells me that what I am currently doing obviously isn't cutting it, and I have room for improvement. You however have reached perfection. I have slacked off this week and last. Jen had surgery, and I think I used that as an excuse to talk myself out of going to the gym.When I know she is counting on me to show up, I don't have the heart to dissapoint her. Guess it isn't a habit with me yet. I have to work on that. And, I am going to the Pilates class tommorrow morning, as atonement. Not was fun. Then Mary and I are going to go talk to someone about flowers for her wedding.

T- cool pics. One thing I have noticed with the earlier daylight hours is that I can see where I am going in the morning on the rapid transit. Probably a good thing I couldn't see it before this, it was always black outside. We go over high (to me) bridges, and there is a lot of broken concrete, rebar and other ugly stuff.

Honey, good for you getting out there and giving it a shot. You guys are due for some good news...crossing my fingers.

Marian, wow, I feel like my forsythia is far from being ready to bloom. But I don't have any snow. Someone I work with brought pictures from Louisiana and the Azaleas were blooming, everything was green. Hard to believe that is happening somewhere out there, when I am still frozen. That is what always amazed me about jain's photos, all that color happening somewhere else.

Martie, how do you make lemon verbena sugar?

I haven't been doing anything exciting..just gathering stuff for the bridal shower and wedding. Trying to find deals on stuff. I did get a cool book out of the library "Bringing Tuscany Home"... I love looking at it. Did I tell you guys that DH's company was sold? Don't know quite what to think about that. Have to wait and see.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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A quickie here. Nothing much new here.

Cindy, put me down for fine and curly hair. Im different ;o)

Eden, thanks for asking, I do believe that DD and family are all well again. You gave me the idea to put some angel wing cuttings in a glass of water last night. Do they take long to root?

V, your pictures are great. The color of the sky and the fire are so vibrant. We have some areas that could use burning, but there never seems to be enough time.

Sue, we would sure like a peek at your new hair do.



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laurenlolly(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi all! Well it sounds like Spring has almost sprung for most of you. Down here, I am starting the usual Autumn gardening chores - pruning, lifting, dividing & repotting. It's always a surprise to discover what is in the pots when you tip them out, some of my bulbs have grown huge, while what they had above ground might have suggested otherwise (eg a spindly little stem of leaves). There have been dissappointments too - I have lost 3 species of Cyclamen to rot, because we had a fairly cool rainy summer compared to previous years which Cyclamen really don't like.

Anyhow, here are some recent pictures from my Autumn garden:

Crocus boryi:

Bright red Nerine:

Habranthus robustus:

Cyclamen africanum:

Virya rhodo Coral Flare:

Last of the tomatoes:

Yellow crocosmia:

Rose hip:

Lilium speciosum:

The leaves are starting to turn:

Well that's all for now. I have just bought my first wheel barrow! I got to put it together myself at home, so much more satisfying that way ;-) Now I must go do some gardening so I can use it!! Bye for now,


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Hi Lauren

Great to hear from you and fabulous photos! Congrats on your first wheelbarrow! Do I remember rightly that most of your garden is in pots? I love crocosmia and can't wait to see mine again this year.


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Good Morning, It snowed again last night and the ground has a light coverning. Yuck. I want to wake up to sunshine and 70s! Bella and I put up the Easter tree yesterday. I dug out all of the old Easter ornaments from when my kids were small and we tied some pastel bows on branches too for good measure. After I had the ornaments on I wished I had strung on some lights but it was too late at that point. She likes looking at it though and enjoyed watching me hang all of the ornaments. Maybe I'll try to post a picture later if I can figure out how to do it on this new computer. I need to get David to set up the resizing stuff. Bella spent the night last night so we have the Tigger Movie in the DVD player now and I need to make her some breakfast.

Thanks for posting all of the pretty pictures Lauren. It was nice to see all of that color first thing this morning.

Michelle, the begonias should sprout roots quickly. You should start seeing little white nubs on the stems within just a few days.

This Idyll thread is getting old. Everyone needs to post a little something today just so we can finish it. Have a good weekend all.


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Good morning

I'll do my part Eden and move this old thread off and out!

I just got back from dropping Annie off for her dress rehearsal for All County Orchestra. The concert is at 1.30PM this afternoon. She looked all grown up in a long velvet black skirt and black top, but the way she picked up her skirts to run to get on the bus reminded me of the little girl underneath. Annie told me that playing in the orchestra has been really fun, and that the kids who enjoy playing musical instruments are nearly always nice. I'm thrilled this has been a good experience for her as going to an new event with people you don't know can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. I can remember my stomach churning with nerves at her age.

I need to make tracks as my next activity is collecting food with David's Cub Scout Den for the Scouting for Food drive. (Do any of you have those plastic bags blowing around on your front lawn?). The weather is not cooperating well and is slushy with wet snow outside. I'm putting in an order for warm sunny weather next week too.

I did a little Ebaying this week (is that a verb?) and scored 4 different Passionflowers for around $3.00 each. They are grown in 3 1/2 inch pots and shipping was reasonable combined. I'll let you know how they look when they arrive - the seller had 100% approval rating so my hopes are high. I'm very excited!!

Have a good day everyone and stop in and say Hi if you can. Waving to all those I missed commenting to!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well it's fall at Lauren's that means it must be spring here. To celebrate the first weekend of spring I plan to work in the garden-mostly on cleanup but I may also move a few things. It's only in the mid 30s right now and overcast but we're supposed to get into the high 40s. As long as it doesn't rain I'll be in good shape. If it does rain I really should clean the house-it is beyond disgusting and my mother will be here next Friday.

Other than that there is absolutely nothing else going on around here. I'm still employed and Nick is still reluctant to climb stairs or jump on things. He seems fine otherwise. Maybe I need to look into a doggie chiropractor.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! It's Saturday, and it's NOT a crazy weekend here. I'm looking forward to a little quiet time. (Have I said that a few times already?) Right now, it's only 35 F and sunny, but the western sky is dark and we may have rain approaching. I'd love to get a little garden clean up done today, but it may be too wet out there.

Warning! Parental brag ahead - skip if you want! About three weeks ago we got a letter about some senior awards our school board sponsors. I read the letter several times and finally asked a friend on the school board if I was supposed to nominate my own kid. Felt a little funny doing so, but she really seemed to fit the criteria for the arts award because of her involvement with theatre and music. I was assured that it was okay to do so. Well, yesterday she got a thick letter, and it turns out she has been nominated for a total of three awards, which means that at least two other people besides her proud mother think that she is award-worthy!

Bragging over, continue reading!

T, I loved your elk photos! What magnifcent animals, and how fun to watch them from your window. I have heard that elk are attracted to curvy beds.

Lauren, nice to see another season. Tell us how you're doing!

I hope Marie is having tons of fun at her gravel pit presentation.

Martie, when you book that flight to Florida, let me know, I'll be right behind you. You're right, even pretending makes me feel better. Yeah, things just don't want to grow when the high temp doesn't break 40.

Marian, you've been quiet lately. Check in and tell us how you're doing.

Sue, I'm with the rest who didn't realize you had a perm. I can understand wanting to get away from it, though.

Okay, I'm looking around at this house, and I think I need to get my work clothes on and start hosing out this stable. Then I'll decide at 10:00 if it looks like outside work is possible. TTYL and have a great weekend.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning all!

Cloudy and unseasonably cool here - at least no snow though!

The little city garden center I pass every day had pansies out already! He always pushes the spring season, he is in a bit of a microclimate with all the asphalt around him. I resisted the temptation to stop, but I probably will next week.

Sue, sorry to hear about all of your office troubles. With only 3 of us at my office I am certainly not invisible, even when I'd like to be!

V, congrats on your daughter's award nominations - you must be very proud. Your burning in your yard is fascinating. How much land do you have? I've always been a little afraid of outdoor fire, ever since my brother and one of his friends had a "campfire" get out of hand and set the woods behind our house on fire. This happened when he was probably 12 or so, but I'll never forget it.

Honey, good thoughts to you on the job front.

Well, have to run - my brother is coming soon to take me to my car, which is at my office with a flat tire. The tire was completely flat when I came out of work last night, and I had to be at DS's cub scout banquet by 6, so I did not have time to deal with it then. Hopefully the tire can be repaired, I just got new tires this summer.

Have a great day all!


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Good Morning! Was thinking about breaking this down sentence by sentence into different posts to sweep the Mad out of March and get on with some Spring, but it's still cloudy and 40's so I'll stick with just one.

Herbal Sugar Best Method I've Found: Use very fine sugar. The regular granulated tends to clump. If you can't find very fine sugar use a food processor with granular sugar. Confectioner sugar doesn't work.

Pour a cup of very fine sugar into a jar with a screw-top lid, leaving at least 3" of head room. Add about 2 tablespoons bashed* herb leaves to the sugar. Screw on the lid. Shake the jar every morning and evening for about two weeks. When the herbs start to corrode, remove from the sugar and keep tightly closed.

*Bashing herbs slowly releases the oils as opposed to finely chopping them which spews oils forth and they get "stuck" to whatever they hit first. It's why oils and vinegars (PLEASE LET'S NOT GET INTO A DISCUSSION ABOUT SAFETY -- WE'RE ALL SMART PEOPLE, HERE, AND KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO) take a day or two to mellow and taste better when whole leaves are used. Easy bashing method is to roll leaves in plastic wrap cigar style and roll once the long way with a rolling pin. There may appear to be oil on the plastic, but most of it is still in the leaves. Using a mortar and pestal squeezes too much of the oils out. Absolutely crushing the leaves is similar to fine chopping.

A lot of words to explain a simple process, but I don't want anyone here to go through 20 or so years of experimentation needlessly.

Good herbs to use: Lavandula vera (for a bit more zing use the bracts instead of leaves); Pineapple Sage, Lemon Verbena (the best in my mind), Orange Mint, Red Rubin Basil (amazingly sweet despite the smell).

Another really awesome use of herbs is in liquors. A small amount of Vodka (or a large amount depending on how many kids are going to be around in a month :-) with some simple syrup mixed with bashed Anise, Fennel, Chocolate Mint, OR Lemon Thyme (you gotta try it to believe it!!) work well. Screw tight, Refrigerate and shake occasionally. Remove the herbs after about a month and add HOT simple syrup to taste. The heat will NOT kill the vodka.

Back in the Day I'd make up a bunch of liquors, some sugars, some jams, jellies and relishes -- ALL from my gardens, and that would be gifts popped into a basket with a pretty dishtowel.

The first year I didn't do this -- also the first year after my divorce -- there was a revolt amongst the usual recipients and I promised that as soon as I could "really garden" again I'd get back into the swing. That's this year and I can't wait!!

Sorry you asked, Deanne??? LOL

All of these methods probably go back for centuries but became quite popular during Victorian times and were frequently sent with tussy mussy's as a compliment to their meaning. Part of Victorian Chivalry must've been raiding the keeping cabinets!!

Though the formal herb garden is slated for next year, I'll have at least 30 varieties of stuff growing this year. Life just isn't complete without Lavender and the rest of the stuff may as well come along for the ride.

Best to everyone!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi Lauren. So good to hear from you, and see your fall flowers.

It is looking very Springlike here, but still sooo cold at night. The past 2 nights have got down to 24F ! I thought sure that the new growth, and flowerbuds, on some of my clematis were goners, but they just may have survived. My 2 Asao will soon be in bloom if it stays warmer ( and it is supposed to).

V, I am 'okay'. Not at my best, but trying to keep a siff upper lip!
I must spend most of this week trying to grub out some of the winter's accumulation in our house. Our son and granddaughters are planning on being here next weekend.

Re: hair. Mine is naturally straight, but will take a perm. I am now wearing it short, and the perm is totally gone. I am debating whether to get another perm. The present hair style, for older women, is short and straight, but I feel rather unattractive like this, and only 2 or 3 friends have said they like it, soooo...... I hate the way it blows around, and I don't like it stiff with spray.
I wouldn't call it really fine, but it is very thin on top. The straight hair covers the thin better than curly. Maybe I just need to get used to seeing it straight?

I don't think I remember an Idyll thread lasting this long. It will be 10 days tomorrow.

V, parental bragging is fine! Congrats to you and your DD, and all others who have praise-worthy children. ( I guess that can include all of us,[ who have children], at one time or another. ) LOL - "hosing out this stable"!

Sue, I hear you on " beyond being disgusting", but the thought of all that needs done overwhelms me. :-(
When I e-mailed Tim that I would " grub out some of the winter's accumulation of dirt" he responded for me not to do too much, he wouldn't want the girls to suffer from culture shock ! lol ! Bad, bad ...

I really start getting antsy this time of the year for wanting to put all the plants back outdoors. It will be 5 more weeks before I will attempt it, except with the hardiest. I bought 3 perennials Tuesday, and will even wait to plant them out. They are 2 columbines, a yellow and a blue, and a new plant to me : Lithodora. It says it is a "sun perennial". I need to google it. It is only supposed to grow 6" tall and 15 to 18 " wide. Have any of you grown it?

Okie doakie... this is my contribution for now. Carry on all.


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Martie, I have a few mints that I got last year, berries & cream, candy lime, margarita and sweet pear. I wonder if these would work to make flavored sugars? I think I'll try some once they get growing this summer.

V, congrat on dd. You must be very proud of her and you definitely should brag about it!

Wendy, there were beautiful pansies for sale at my local garden center last weekend too. If the weather had been a little warmer I wouldn't have been able to resist. I'll be back to pick some up at the first sign of warmer weather though. Bummer about the flat tire.

Mary, sounds like you have a busy day with the kids today. Good luck to Annie on her concert. I'm so glad it's been a fun experience for her.

Sue, I thought you're hair was naturally curly too. Can't wait to see the new style. The ground is still too frozen and wet here to do anything in the garden.

It's snowing like crazy here. But it's not sticking...

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Hi Marian, I'm with you and ready to get the houseplants out of here for their summer vacation in the garden. There's nothing like having company coming even if it's family to get me motivated to get the whole house cleaned at once. That's great that Tim and the girls are coming for a visit next weekend. I looked up the lithodora. I love anything that flowers blue. Wonder what zone it's hardy to? I didn't run across that info but I have a feeling it wouldn't be here in z5.


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So you guys are tired of my thread? Thanks!

It's been crazy here.We've got another bday celebration this weekend, this time it's my nephew's.He's three. The party's tomorrow but I've been gift shopping-and that general routine.
I also have my new glasses and I'm going through that realization of how bad my sight has been-now that I can see. I have to say I'm reading fine print more enthusiastically! I'm still trying to decide if I really like the frames I picked.It's hard to have something on my face lol.

Been doing stuff like recovering from the virus I had and now we're in track season so three evenings a week we are busy with that.
Thanks all for the bday wishes for Ryan-he loves being five and has accepted his new age quite well-I think he's getting out of his "I never want to grow up" mode.

Lol Chris is chatting with Drema on the phone right now-he always steals my friends lol. Drema and he both work at the same university so they are talking 'shop'.
Hope your pilates class went well Drema!

Lauren your pics seem like a dream!-to have tomatoes on the vine right now-that is such a cool thing to realize how opposite we are. Love the pics and color-thanks!Glad to see you here again.

V such dramatic burn pics-it really is cool to see how different our environments are, from you burning the place down; ) to Lauren doing fall cleanup during our spring lol.
Hey brag away there's nothing wrong when your kid is doing a great job-three awards is worth being very proud of!You've done a great job raising her: ) and Happy belated bday to your DS!

Honey you've got some fun stylin' clothes there! Definitely need some pink nails/toenails when you're wearing that first one!
That's was terrible that your house got egged!I hope it doesn't ruin your siding.How could someone do that to such nice people!
I've been thinking about Tom's job situation-reading the newspaper is so stressful lately when it comes to jobs.Hope it all settles well.
Sue I hope Nick is improving-such a worry when you're not sure what's affecting your pup. I know when our two dogs started walking gingerly it was due to arthritis(they were old).
I can't wait to see your new hairdo...will you show us? I'm sure it looks great. Aren't brothers mean: )? I'm convinced I'm more resilient because I've had similar 'brotherly' advice all through my childhood....luckily now my big brother lives on the opposite side of the country lol. I learned early to always be on guard when once he told me I was pretty and after I said "thank you!" he added, "pretty ugly". Grrr.

Oh I never told you guys my experience last week when I helped out at school picture day. You may recall AJ has a teacher who is a bit overbearing and I really haven't cared for her methods. Well as I get to know her I see she's an insecure person and she was especially nervous about getting her photo taken. She asked me what type of pose the teachers had been placed in and to lighten things up I calmly said "Well so far they've been laying on their sides-you know, like a boudoir pose?" Her eyes got larger than saucers and she just looked at me stunned. I said,"you do know I'm kidding,right?" I never heard a louder guffaw from a person!!(My dry sense of humor gets me in *more* trouble) It was hysterical and thankfully she doesn't hate me and she actually might think I'm not so bad. She couldn't wait to tell the other teachers at lunch what I did....yikes. She did say now she knows where AJ gets his sense of I'm wondering what he's been saying lol.

Taryn are you better yet?and the boys? Any house news?

Mary-I liked your description of Annie. That's nice to hear she's having a good experience with the music group. I've been hoping the same for AJ. He's got very few boys in his class so I'm hoping when he joins advanced band next year he can forge more friendships-the music groups generally seem to attract friendly kids I think. I look forward to May when he'll be involved in an area band festival even though he's in beginner band. They group four beginner bands from different schools together for one practice that's two hours long then perform the following day and amazingly their fall performance was very impressive for their very first performance experience.You sound like me-I was always shy in big groups of kids too.

Marian I hope all is well...and we're missing so many others.

Have a good one.

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Good morning! I'll do my part to help this Idyll thread finish up.

It is foggy & 30 degrees out this morning but that didn't keep DH inside. He was up at 5:30 and outside enjoying the daylight at 7. Me? I'm still in my pajamas enjoying the last drops of my second cup of coffee. Jamie is coming to spend the day and stay overnight.....I'm resting up. ;oD

V, elk do like curvy beds......almost as much as I do. ;o) They haven't made any yet though (and neither have I......). The elk haven't been around since Tuesday, they must be off ruining someone else's yard and nibbling off their plants. I do miss them when they are gone and wish them away when they are here longer than a day or two. Can't make some people happy!

Well, guess I should get out of this chair and start preparing for the little guy.

Well sugars! Firstly I didn't send this, just walked away from the computer and blessed car won't start. Jamie's mom will bring him out here instead of me meeting them somewhere. I had the trunk filled with recycling & donations to drop off at Goodwill........Sugars! DH will be cranky when he has to look at my car........and I will be cranky if it needs repairs & towing to the mechanic. Hopefully it is just a bubble in the fuel line or perhaps even a battery near death.........I'm not smiling and my tail isn't wagging.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Shoot, T, hope it's nothing major on the car. I have 3 cars at my disposal this week if you want to stop by and borrow one.

I have found the island in the kitchen and am now working on the rest of the kitchen. I stepped outside for a bit and the ground is just too wet to try and do garden cleanup. Darn it - I have DS here today to help me with the hauling.

Just taking a little break and trying to end the idyll!

V. again

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quick check in from the infirmary. Michelle I sure hope what your family had isn't this mutating, mutant, @#%%^#$$# virus from hell! This is day 12. It keeps seeming to be a little better, then keeps coming back to torment me all over again. Fever, cough, aches, stuffy head, the works. Probably the worst is the 3:00am dry hacking cough attack that won't let me sleep and won't be calmed with any cough medicine. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. And, it seems to have an inverse relationship to how often I need to clean the house for a viewing. Perhaps when I'm at death's door we'll actually get an offer?

On one of those "little better" evenings I dragged my sorry butt out for a good cut at a trendy salon. I needed a lift after being cooped up with germs and Javex forever. Got a very nice layered but still long cut with some wispy bangs. Needed to have my very thick locks thinned all over. I don't like the 'wings' I get when it's not thinned. Grass is always greener...

Took Shane along with me for a proper cut. He is growing his hair out and didn't like what the Magicuts $7.99 haircut people did to him last time. Was very impressed with the salon and the cut and now I can see his eyes again, so we're both happy.

Michelle, Babs, and anyone else wanting seeds, can you please email me with your snail mail addy and what you'd like again? I'm going to get them ready to go by Monday. Mary will get your Muhlenbergia capillaris out as well--is there anything else? Going to put that one up on Ebay today, after our showing at 1:30. Ebay seedsowers are coming out of the woodwork and grabbing up my seeds. Caryopteris divaricata is the front runner so far, but bet the Muhly Grass gives it a run for it's money. Doesn't make up for me not being able to sow any this year, but will go towards the garden budget at the new place.

Fun to see the idyll-union plans shaping up! Mary and I and probably Babs and Drema will all be having an Idyll pyjama and toenail painting party in one room. Nice to see Cynthia is hoping to join us there, even if she can't join us here. I'm hoping Jerri can swing it too.

Well, are we at 100 yet? I'm ready for a new start too. Will take my cheery self outta here now. Enjoying all the commentary, Lauren's pretty pics from down under, but too pooped to concentrate too hard, and must do a final run through the house, turning on lights and checking everything looks respectable.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eden, the best I could find it is hardy to z6. There are more tender species, but the 'stick' in the pot doesn't say which mine is. It had 'better' be the hardiest! The info says it works good in containers, so the temp wouldn't matter as much there.

Teresa, I feel your pain about the car. Been there, done that! Living in the boondocks makes in harder at such times.

( Did I reach 100 yet! )

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