FOOD - a new poem

lilosophieMarch 13, 2014

This idea popped into my head this morning, reading the so-called news and there was another piece about eating, one of those lists: "Five foods you should never combine" or something like that, tiresome and superficial little items...


Food - a necessity
Three squares a day
Desired tradition

Food - as enemy
Abstain from some
They make you ill

Food - as medicine
Must eat this or that
Experts recommend

Food - as indulgence
Sweet tooth tickles
May make you fat

Food at celebrations
Getting together
Warms the heart

Food for thought
Mulling it over
No calories there

Lilo Ducommun

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Great topic for a poem, and so well covered. I'm a foodie, no question about
Nutrition is an important component of food. But that is just the start.
Then there is the emotional part of food. IMO, that's also important.

"Food at celebrations
Getting together
Warms the heart "

A story.
DS (age 52) moved from CA to OR a few months ago and he is busy setting up a new life. It's been stressful at times. DH and I sent him a "package from home" that included his favorite cookies, chocolate chips and nut cookies, yes with white and brown sugar and white flour (bad for you stuff) and DH air popped pop corn. Our favorite for football day.
DS loved it all and he was so happy with his package from home.

My favorite of food for thought here at the GP is Don. He feeds my brain cells.
Good going, lilo.

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Your poem is so true. No matter what you eat, somebody says it is bad for you and 6 month later somebody else is of the opionion that it is good for you. Therefore I eat everything, but in moderation. That rule goes out of the window when it comes to chocolate..

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Making me hungry.

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Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate?!

Great poem. I have one like that about water. But yours is much better. Maybe I'll go look at mine with new eyes. You're inspiring me!

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