Women!!! Rejoice!!!

agnespuffinMarch 27, 2012

Looks as if we won one. Unbelievable!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wow!!

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Somebody is always wanting to take the fun out of something

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I'm with you, agnespuffin. It is an interesting topic. I read some of the "many, many comments and a lot of the "guys" said that the only reason they watch volleyball is because of the Bikinis.
On the other hand, there is volleyball court in our local public park and there are plenty of activity. Lol, I did not see anyone wearing a bikini, but plenty of practice.

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Oh gads, oscarthecat.

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"It's an attempt to broaden the diversity in the sport, which tends to be dominated by athletes from Europe, Brazil and the United States. Allowing shorts and shirts can encourage participation from countries with more modest cultural beliefs."

Hey........I got news for that columnist. We talk about diversity, but lump all women of Europe, Brazil and the U.S. into one cultural basket? Makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

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