Idyll 256--The March Idyll

taryn(S Ontario Z6B)March 3, 2006

Everything will soon be melting! Yay! And I think we just found our new house! Yay again!


Here is a link that might be useful: John Fabian Carlson's The March Idyll

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Good afternoon

Neat painting and tydll Taryn. Do you have pics of your "new" house?

Just returned from being squished and scanned at the imaging center. I won't get results till Monday, but its good to get the visits out of the way (and off my chest).

Eden, I am marvelling at your Coleus list, especially as I think you mentioned you were cutting back this year lol! I hope you can give us a photo tour sometime, they sound fab. As I only grow a handful, I'll enjoy the variety of your collection.

GB - nice to hear from you adn glad you could log in. Love the Charlotte picture.

I'm just about to walk Clousseu so I'll catch everyone else when I return.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Off your chest, Mary? lol

So, Taryn, spill the deets on the new house prospect.

Eden that is one ambitious coleus list. All of my coleus cuttings rotted too. Last year I had no problems so next year I'll get rid of that light set up in the basement and put everything back upstairs again where I can watch it better. Uusally I can find a pretty good selection locally so I'll be buying alot of the 4" pots in the spring.

Marie, I'm so glad you were able to log in and post here today. I miss the good old days but unfortunately don't see any way to get them back.

Before I forget...below is the link to the unit we'll be staying in in Park City Utah the week of March 11-18. It's bigger than my house. Notice it has high speed wireless internet so I'll be able to provide updates and maybe even pictures at least once a day. I haven't skied since last year in Banff when my back went haywire but we plan to take a day trip to VT on Sunday. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Zoe killed a vole tonight. Tom said he looked outside and saw her tossing it into the Too bad I can't figure out a way to give the dogs free run of the whole garden. Athough the downside to that would be the digging-the only time they really dig is when they get wind of voles. As much as I don't care for the thought of a garden overrun by voles, I don't like watching the dogs kill them... but I don't interfere. Speaking of garden varmints I haven't seen one rabbit all winter. Let's hope their absence extends through the spring when they tend to do the most damage around here.

OK, enough from me. Enjoy your Friday night!


Here is a link that might be useful: Sue's accomodations in Park City

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Kenzie just left. They came for supper. She is really talking these days. When they got here, she was sleeping. Laura started taking her out of the car seat and said "morning" to her. She looked at Laura and said "morning" It was so darn cute. At least to her grandma. LOL

Taryn, that is a whole lot of seed counting!

Eden, that is a whole lot of coleus! I cant wait to see pictures of what you do with them all.

Ei, when you say you need 11 cuttings, are you saying that you plan your containers ahead of time?

Gorgeous garden picture Sue.

Deanne, that sounds like a great buy on the caladiums. I had one of the trailing coleus last year and really liked it. It got huge.

V, your day yesterday sounds like it went well and was enjoyable.

Charlotte, you look cold.

Our budding musician:

How do you like my ballerina bear outfit? It was a bargain, mom picked it up on clearance. I'll show you my new molar also.

Have a good night

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Taryn, good to hear you may have found a house. How far is it from where you are now?

Way to go Zoe! catch those voles. Sue that unit looks pretty comfy. I sure hope you won't have any back problems this time. I doubt that you will with all the good exercising you have been doing. I enjoyed the picture of your garden. I don't recall seeing it from that angle before. Will that weeping Japaneese Maple stay small?

Lol, Mary, getting it off your chest. I was thinking the same thing about Edens list, and her cutting back.
None of my coleus cuttings made it either. But my stained glass coleus that was in a pot that I brought in is huge. I have it sitting on an upside down urn and it is to the floor.
Named varieties were kind of expensive around here last year. I think I may do like Da did last year and sew a packet of mixed seeds and see what I get.

We went to grandsons band concert tonight. He is in sixth grade and second year band. They improved a lot over the past year. They have some pretty good teachers. The Jr. high band is playing at the state capitol tomorrow and The senior high band will be in the parade at Disney World in Florida on the 15th. Wyatt had a hard time sitting through the whole program tonite. But so did DH and I . Bleachers are so uncomfortable.

We are going to hang the laundry room cabinets tomorrow. Ei you ask why I took on the job of staining them. It was because the prestained ones were to different in color to the rest of the wood in there, and I had plenty of stain to do them.

V, how nice that your niece was there to keep you and DD company. When will she find out if she qualified? I'm sure she probably did.

I know there was more in the last Idyll I wanted to comment on, but without going back , I can't remember and I'm ready for bed. I finished cleaning today, even washed windows. I still need to wash down the kitchen cabinets sometime though.

Good night. Norma

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What pretty blue eyes to go with that pretty pink outfit.
Good to see you Kenzie. You are really growing.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning! The dogs decided to throw a party at 5 a.m. today, so since I've had a nice cool breeze up my nightshirt, I think I'm up for the day and thought I'd catch up on what ya'll have been up to. I'll sneak in a little post first, cuz I see I'm WAY behind on reading.

Taryn, details on the house?? Love that poem-nice way to start the Idyll!

Mary, kudos to you for getting squished. I've been putting it off, hoping that when I go to the doc, he'll be happy enough about the weight loss, and hopefully my cholesterol is down, and he won't think to chew me out because I haven't been in the masher yet ;)

Sue-I can't figure a way to KEEP the dogs from having free run of the gardens. Sarah is a pretty good little hunter, but Gus is awfully undermotivated. His day revolves around napping, waiting to see if he's going to get a boiled egg, and waiting for bed time, lol! I've got voles, too..we even had one get in the house this winter :( I was just reading in the local electric co-op newsletter about a guy who's come up with some new stuff for moles and voles. No chemicals, not dangerous to pets and humans and he's putting it on the market this spring. He's a pro landscaper, and has been working on a formula for years. It comes in a tube like caulk, and you squirt it down the holes. Supposed to work for three months. We'll see....
Sweet digs-hope you have a great time!

Michelle, I love it when the little ones start talking. Kenzie is just so adorable. She's got gorgeous eyes...what a little heartbreaker!

I've spent most of the winter running family back and forth to doc appointments, and doing some research into various findings. My sister, who had been suspected of having a heart attack earlier, didn't have a heart attack, but they did discover that she has a hiatal hernia, and a stomach infection caused by helicobacter pylori. In reading, that seems to be the major cause of ulcers, and can cause your body to produce too much insulin. I've done a lot of digging into the family medical history, and I think we come from a long line of insulin over-producers. Lots of Type 2 diabetes and obesity in the family. After a really LONG lecture, and "do you really think this is all coincidence, and doesn't apply to you", she has gone on the same diet that I'm doing, and was amazed at how quickly she felt better.
DD had a nasty low blood sugar swing at work one evening, and called me to come and get her. Took a Pepsi and a bag of almonds and went to the rescue. Brought her home with me, fed her and took her to the doc the next day. She's in line for some blood work, but doc seems to think it's entirely possible that she's got the insulin thing going on, too, and that if my sister is infected with H. Pylori, it's likely that more of us are. Lol, I imagine it would be weird to pass out gift certificates for blood tests, right? Odd to say, but I hope DD is's fairly easy to deal with, a course of anti-biotics and bismuth. And, if it helps regulate her blood sugar, that would be great. She had gone on a really wicked sugar binge the day before she bottomed out at work, so it's not like it was totally out of the blue, but there's something wrong in the blood sugar department in our family. Low swings have gone on for YEARS, and no one thought it was odd that so many of us have them. Well, I did, but getting my doc to pay attention is a whole different thing. This time, I'm armed with information, and a list of tests I want him to run.
I'm still on my diet, have lost 29 pounds :) It's not even a diet anymore, it's just the way I eat. I go low carb all day, and at supper, I get to have any carbs I PROPORTION to my protein and veggies. I eat a salad before supper, and then 1/3 protein, 1/3 veggies, 1/3 carbs. And, you're supposed to finish the meal in an hour or less, to avoid having a second release of insulin. Works like a dream! No cravings, and I'm taking the weight slowly, around 2 lbs a week. While I can have "junk carbs" if I want for supper, mainly eat good ones. But, nice to know I don't have to live the rest of my life without a piece of pie:) The energy is unreal-I had no idea how tired and weak the insulin could make you feel.. even Jim is slowly becoming convinced that it might be a good way to eat. I've started yoga (WAY harder than I thought it would be), using the treadmill, and also working on my flying squirrel arms. I should be really close to my goal by my birthday in July. Then, I get to start adding back some complex carbs one at a time, until I find out how many I can have before I start gaining weight. Deanne, do you go by a percentage of calories from carbs, or how do you do it? Lol, you're my diet guru/role model, even tho I don't post often ;)
Okay, enough about that...sorry, didn't mean to write a novella, just excited about the weight loss, lol!
I'm gonna head backwards, and find out what I've been missing with you guys, have a great day, all!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Me again...hey, didn't anyone else have to let their animals out this morning???
Honey, sorry to hear about the car. Lol @ carb addicted hubby..I've got one too. Trying to break his will and get him to eat like I am. A raised eyebrow has graduated to "My God, what are you eating NOW", lol. He's making progress. At least, now he's eating applesauce with some flax meal for dessert instead of a package of cookies.

Babs, the tooth bleaching thing sounds great! Well, not great as in a good time, but I really wish they had done that when I had a root canal. That tooth was always a little darker than the rest. Now that it's graduated to an implant, it's a little lighter than the rest. They made bleach trays for me, which work pretty well, just have to do it every 6 months or so. If I wasn't a coffee junkie, I probably wouldn't have to do it that often.

Marian, thanks for asking about me in the last thread! Didn't realize how much time had gotten away from me! All those orchid pics are gorgeous! I admire people who can grow such beautiful house plants..I'm not good with the indoor plants. The ones that ARE surviving are more a credit to Jim than to me :)

Eden, Bella is just a doll! Between her and Kenzie, my "grandma hormones" are going crazy this morning. All in good time.

Deanne, Rahjii is just a stunning animal. Lol, he kind of has the look in his eye that he knows it, too :)

Ei-Great job on going to Curves! I'd be SO terrible about getting out and going to the gym, I'm such a homebody. Especially in the winter! Big Kudos to you, and keep up the good work! Had to laugh...when I scrolled onto Taryn's pics, I was a bit shocked, too. Then I got a closer look and had a good laugh.

Marie, you have my full support and sympathy on the painting. My kitchen needs done again, and I truly believe I'd rather have all my teeth pulled and then welded back in than to paint that room again. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but you know....
Congrats on your weight loss...when we all hit our goal, Deanne can put together an Idyll calendar :)
Okay, I'm outtie..take care all!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Saturday morning all,

Well it didnt get down to the 15 degrees they said it was going to be this AM. I think it is around 22, Ill take it. Very sunny with blue skies today. It was pretty windy here yesterday and there was one gust that actually blew my UAV around on the highway when I was on my way to Starbucks for my daily black eye.

Yesterday afternoon I went for my girly afternoon with my friend and we went and had manicures and pedicures so I have painted toenails, woohoo! The pedicure was pure heaven. She did a fantastic job getting the callus off my feet not to mention the foot and lower leg massage. I really like this place my friend goes to in Pepperell. They are inexpensive and do a fantastic job. I decided to make a standing appointment for Friday afternoons to have my nails done. I was actually doing OK with the polish for two weeks but my nails got too long and irritated the heck out of me. The gal who does my nails is amazed at how fast they grow. I think it must have something to do with all the exercise and being healthy LOL.

After we left the salon we went to this little fish market next door and what a find that place is! I bought the best piece of swordfish Id eaten in years. All the fish was absolutely the freshest Ive ever seen. It is run by a couple and the fellow goes to the docks in Boston every morning to pick up his fish for the store. It certainly is worth the 20 minute trip to Pepperell to get my fish there from now on.

Yesterday I also potted up a few things that were really getting way too root bound. Im going to see if I can get a picture of my Beacon Rosa standard today for you guys. It is just too cute with its little pouf of leaves on the top with a ton of flowers hanging down.

Taryn, very nice start to our first March 06 Idyll. So pics of the new house?

Eden, thanks for posting your coleus link. I sat in my chair and LOL until my sides hurt. You are cutting down???? Te he we are both cracked. I sure wish Id seen your list before you sent in the order because I have a lot of those plants and could have sent them on to you. I already have,
Religious Radish (you are going to love this one)
Plum Frost
Peter Wonder
Kiwi Fern
Eclipse (my personal favorite)and
Alabama Sunset

Im ordering
Bipolar By Golly
Black Lace
Blackberry Waffles (Ei had sent me this one last year but it didnt make it)
Burning Bush
Cantigny Royale
Chocolate Drop
Dianes Gold
Dragons Claw
Gold Giant
Kingwood Kritter
Wild Lime
Lemon Meringue
Little Twister
Mahogany Giant
Pineapple Prince
Shocking Pink
The Boss
Trailing Rose
Trailing Salamander

So Im trying to pare this list down but dont see how I can do that. LOL If youve tried any of these and havent been too happy with them please let me know.

Thanks for the information about the caladium. I wonder if they would do well if I put heat mats down under the trays? I was thinking of starting them in damp peat in shallow trays on heat mats and see how it goes. I have way too many to use so if I lose a couple it wont be a disaster. You know I need to go back and pick up a couple boxes of callas. Even they dont bloom for long they had some of those lovely orange and pink ones and they were also pretty inexpensive. The white ones I had last year were really fun. They grew at light speed and the flowers lasted quite a while.

Sue, looks like the executive suite to me. Ill bet you cant wait to get out there. Should be a lot of fun. Do take care of your back though. You must be missing skiing.

Mary, good thing I wasnt eating or drinking when I read your post. Off your chest. Hope you dont mind I had to read that one to Doug and he had a good laugh over that also. You are too funny.

Michelle, those pics of Kenzie are just tooooo cute! What a darling in pink.

So Norma, now that youve finished cleaning your house maybe you can come out here and do mine???? LOL How many cabinets are you putting in your laundry room? I only have shelves over my machines in my laundry closet.

Brenda, how great to hear from you and how great to hear about your continued success with your eating program! Good for you and youve gotten DS on the bandwagon also? Fantastic! You must be so relieved. I find it incredibly interesting that youve done all the research into your health issues just as Ive had to do. The docs dont seem to have the time or interest to figure out what the underlying problems are. RE the carb thing. I dont pay attention to % of carbs in my diet. What I do is eat my heavy carb meal in the morning (one cup of oat groats with ½ cup skim milk, ½ cup blueberries) about an hour before I go and work out. I need them and use them up in my workouts. Then the rest of the day I eat moderate to limited amounts of carbs. Basically have eggbeaters or a protein shake for lunch, lean protein, salad, steamed veggies with no carb for dinner. Right now Im eating 1,400 to 1,500 calories per day and under 30 fat grams per day. Lately Ive been having a slice of whole grain toast (dry no butter or toppings) with my eggbeater for lunch and that seems to keep me from getting hungry until dinner. Depending on what Im having for dinner Ill allow myself a cup of coffee with cream in it for an afternoon pick me up. If Im having something with a bit more fat in it than a chicken breast (like salmon for instance)I skip the cream in the afternoon. I have to keep my fat grams under 30 and fewer than 25 is even better.

Hi to Marie, glad to hear you could log in. Id been a while with no problems then for some reason Ive had to log in ever time again the last few days. Chalotte looks like she is in her element when out in the snow for some reason.

Eileen, keep up the great work with curves!!! You will be so happy you did.

OK speaking of working out, time for me to hit the gym. Today is my ab day. I do 500 crunches, 300 on the power bench with weight then 100 on each side for the obliques, then 45 minutes on the Stairmaster then upper body strength training. Im graduating to 100 pounds on the lat pull-pull down machine and doing my biceps curls with 50 pound barbells. Then hopefully Ill be able to get in eight hours at the painting table today. Have a great day everyone.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good chilly morning!

Nice to see pics of Bella and Kenzie, they are so cute at that age. It gets harder to take pictures of the kids as they get older - my DS wants to make crazy faces, and my DD says "Don't take my picture" and runs away!

Brenda, way to go on the weight loss and sensible eating.

Martie, LOL on Rich and the leis - my DH started making comments as soon as I brought them into the house - I guess boys will be boys.

Honey, glad you found a new car. I saw a screaming yellow hummer this week and thought of your DH.

Eden, what a list of coleus! I have to spend some time googling them all later, there are some on there I've never heard of. Don't you love the way some are named after food or drink? I have heuchera called 'Peach Melba' and 'Creme Brulee', and I have seen 'Marmalade' and 'Key Lime Pie'.

Deanne, your list of coleus is impressive too. I have one that is Cantigny something, I'll have to check. It is upright and maroon colored, with small leaves. If it the same one you are looking for I'll give you one of mine. My cuttings are doing much better with the light adjustment; thanks for the tip. The caladiums would probably do well with bottom heat, it worked great for my tuberous begonias and cannas last year.

Sue, your vacation spot looks great - complete with hot tub I see! I know you and Tom love the skiing, but there is nothing like a getaway to a tropical spot in the middle of winter. You really know you are vacationing when you step off the plane and it is at least 70 degrees! DH and I went to the Virgin Islands twice in wintertime, before we had kids, but have not been back in a while. Sigh.

Hi to everyone else I missed! Enjoy the day!


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Good Morning, Cold but VERY sunny here today and for the rest of the weekend. I'm hearing rumors that we could break 50F by the end of next week. No sore throat this morning but I still have the hacking cough.

Deanne, I think you and I will definitely have to do some trading this summer. Between us I think we'll probably have most of Rosy Dawns catalog. I meant to say before thank you so much for offering to send me cuttings. I just figured as long as I had to order anyway I'd save you the time, trouble and postage. It was so thoughtful and sweet of you to offer though. I checked out your list and now am wishing I'd ordered Fireworks and Shocking Pink, lol. We're going to have to do some fuschia trading too if I'm more successful at growing them this year. And I plan to really put my mind to it. I checked out your fuschia website and only saw one of the one's I ordered on it. At the risk of everyone thinking I'm crazy here's my fuschia list:

Archie Owen
Blue Satin
Blush O' Dawn
Carmel Blue
Dark Eyes
Deep Purple
Dollar Princess
Julie Horton
Pink Cloud
Pink Fairy
Pink Marshmallow
Snowy Summitt
Strawberry Fizz
Vienna Waltz
Winston Churchill

Can't wait to see the Beacon Rosa pic!

Sue, my coleus didn't rot they got mealy bugs. Basically they died from neglect. I've never had luck rooting them in water, I always pot up my cuttings. I just need to learn that I need to water them periodically. Just didn't have time for them AND Bella this winter.

I can't believe how many of the Idylls are doing so great on the fitness/weight loss. Big congratulations to Marie, Brenda, and Eileen! I hope reading about you guys starts motivating me. By late winter I'm always eating way to much junk.

Taryn, tell us more about the house...

Michelle, oh I love those big baby blues that Kenzie has. She is such a doll in her ballerina dress! Bella's talking too...kinda. She babbles constantly and I know she knows what she's saying but it's in a language I don't speak, lol.

Norma, what instrument is your grandson playing?

I can't believe it's already 10:30. Gotta get going here. I'm not even dressed yet. Have a great Saturday all!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Old age ain't no place for sissies.
-Bette Davis-

So its official, I really am getting old...
You wont believe what I saw this morning while looking in the mirror brushing my teeth...a wild HAIR...right smack in the middle of my CHIN! Felt like I was one of the three little pigs..."Not by the hair of my chinny chin, chin"..."Then Ill huff and Ill puff and Ill blow your house in."...LOL! Oh dear Lord, Im mortified! I kept on thinking "did it just appear overnight?...or did I have it yesterday?...Did Paul see it?...LOL! I guess I *am* a little vain. You better believe I plucked that little baby right out. Im counting on you guys to keep my little secret...its just between me and the Idylls; right?...LOL! I am my mothers daughter after all. There are many traits I would be thrilled to think I inherited from mom, but *not* this one! Poor mom...shes got a few stray hairs on her chin and I dont know if she doesnt notice them or just doesnt care (which is fine too) but sometimes I cant help but stare at them and have this overwhelming urge to just reach out and pluck them so then I have to look away for a moment to break the hold they have on me! LOL! :-) Oh well, just my little chuckle at myself. In the grand scheme of things, I know there are more important issues than a wild hair. :-)

Speaking of mom, she got her hearing aids yesterday and I already see improvement! :-) She will wear them for two weeks and then go back and they will program any adjustments she would like to make (i.e. louder, talking on the phone, background noise, etc.). Anyway, she is very happy and says that *she* can hear a big difference and that makes me happy!

Hi Brenda! Its great to see you! :-) Sorry to hear about your sisters health woes. You are right about the ulcers. Ive had them on and off since I was a child, but didnt learn until I was an adult that they are caused by a stomach infection. I was also told that many people can carry the bacteria without it affecting them; that the bacteria may lay dormant. Also read that there does seem to be some correlation between infection and stress.... medical experts werent completely wrong when they *thought* ulcers were brought on by stress. I guess stress can "trigger" the bacteria to become active and/or trigger gastric juices. I very rarely get ulcers anymore, but I can usually trace them back to a stressful period in my life, i.e. Holidays, etc. and antibiotics clear them right up. They can be very painful though and I remember as a child I would lie on the couch with my knees up to my chest for days, just to get some relief and at their worst I couldnt even bring myself to stand upright. Anyway, congratulations on the weight loss...thats terrific! I smiled when I read "It's not even a diet anymore, it's just the way I eat. " Thats a great attitude and a surefire way to success; just like Deanne and her exercise being a lifestyle. I hope to get there some day. Thanks for the encouragement and support too. I just have to keep myself going. Im kind of glad I wont be weighed for another month because I have always been slow to lose and I know I would get discouraged if I weighed myself after a week and hadnt lost anything. Hopefully, after a month, I should have lost *something*!

Eden and Deanne...WOW! Now I dont feel bad at all about all the coleus Im growing...LOL! I only have 8 different varieties this year; Coleus Christmas Candy, Felix, Freckles, Kiwi Fern, Sedona, Cranberry Sun, Dianes Gold, and Fireworks. Eden, The Line has always been a favorite of mine. I love its subtle, yet striking coloring. Guess Ill have to go over to Rosy Dawns website and check out all the ones you guys are ordering. I know I will be lusting after all the ones you picked, but I am probably not going to order any coleus this year (she says as she tries to convince herself). :-)

Speaking of which, Deanne, is there something I can give you in trade for a piece of your fuchsia? I dont have a lot of things, but Id be willing to share anything you would like, coleus? dahlia/canna/elephant ear bulbs? Seed? If Ive ever mentioned anything that caught your eye, let me know what it is and Ill see what I have to share. Thanks for keeping me motivated Deanne! BTW, I had heard that too about resting a day from using the same muscles. At Curves though every time you go the routine is set up that you end up exercising every muscle as part of the whole routine, so I cant skip that way. Its all timed and you move from one machine to the next (when the voice tells you to move). You work a machine and then you go to the bouncy board next to the machine and do a little aerobic exercise until the voice tells you to move to the next machine. Youre not finished until you have been on every machine. So the only way I would be able to "skip" is if I skipped going for a day in between. I thought about doing it that way, but dont trust myself to go back the next day if I skip a day...its too early, not a life style for me yet, and I think Id lead myself astray. Once I have faith that I am committed, I may start going every other day instead of every day.

Oh, thinking of you Deanne reminded me; for all you orchid aficionados (you probably already know about this /have done this) but did you know that mayonnaise works great to shine up the leaves of your orchid and get rid of any water spots? I read that somewhere online. They said its much better for the plant than leaf shine (they said you could use milk too). Anyway, I tried the mayo on my orchid and it worked great. The leaves look so shiny (not greasy) and healthy and you really only need just a small dab of mayo to do all the leaves. Weird though, every time I walk past my orchid now I have the urge for a bologna sandwich...LOL! Just kidding! You cant smell the mayo at all.

Michelle that McKenzie is a little doll! I definitely see the "Michelle family line" in her too and *Love* her little ballerina outfit - precious! Uh, LOL, I guess my shameful secret is out; huh? Honestly Michelle, I really am *not* that obsessive or organized in any other area of my life, but with plant purchases its a different story. I *do* have my containers planned and start right after the season is over thinking of new combinations or improving old combinations. I try to figure out exactly how many plants Ill need of each variety for each container. I looked at my spread sheet today and was *shocked* when I actually counted how many containers I have; 38! Thats *a lot* for me! But honestly, when they are out in the landscape, they really dont *seem* like that many to me! :-O My gardening budget is kind of tight, so I really have to plan ahead and think about the money and what I really *need* to buy. Over the years Ive begun carrying over a lot of my own plants so that I dont have to purchase them again the next year and then only buy a handful of new annuals in the spring (usually its because I wasnt successful in growing something over the winter or that I needed a whole flat of them - like white impatiens - that would take up too much room under my lights). You would be surprised how many different combinations you can come up with just using what you have already. Of course carrying over dahlias, cannas, elephant ears, etc., help too. Now perennials, trees and shrubs, thats a different story. I always try to buy a few new things every year, but even then I try to make sure I actually have a planned place for them in the garden. If I had a great paying job or if DH didnt care what I spent, it would be a whole different story though! :-) P.S. Do you play piano? Thats something I have always wanted to do. Some day, if I have the room for it I definitely want to get a piano and learn to really play. *Even* if I dont ever get really good at it...I just think it would be a very rewarding and relaxing way to pass the time.

Im waiting for good news from Taryn...keeping my fingers and toes crossed! :-)

Oh and speaking of secrets and wild hairs...I was shocked to find an email from PT telling me that some of my pics had over 1200 visits this week!?! There must be an awful lot of lurkers here, cause this is the only place I post any pics! Also, does anybody know how people could "view" pics that I've never posted! That has me really concerned. Are people able to get into my PT album? Not that there is anything private there, in fact I just use it as a receptacle to post pics here...but still, I don't like the idea that people are able to enter my account! Anybody have any ideas what is going on?

Well, I gotta go...were off again to DS townhome! "Hi!" to everyone and have a great week-end all! Ei

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, Im back! I think Ive finally got things well in hand here. I still have to catch up on the last idyll, but thot Id just jump in.

I knew this car thing would be a pain and it didnt disappoint. I ran around all this week gathering up receipts I was missing for the CD changer and auto-start, new tires, brakes and battery so I could get the insurance co to consider them in the payoff. Of course, I have every oil change receipt which I dont need, but was missing a number of the others. Some receipts had to be enhanced with a good copier at Kinkos before I could fax them to the adjuster. The good news is that they offered us $2700 more than we expected. So all the legwork has definitely been worth it.

After looking at several used cars within a 50 mile radius, we did decide on the land yacht we saw first and took delivery yesterday. Since we havent received a payoff from the insurance co, that meant more paperwork, switching of funds, yadda, yadda. All time consuming nonsense. DHs colleagues are teasing him that he needs a sign on the dash that reads, "Launch aircraft into the wind." We know we really got a good deal on this car, but its big. I hope DH enjoys many safe motoring miles in it.

Sue, your place in Park City looks like a real dump NOT. Hope you have a wonderful time! "Good Dog, Zoe", getting voles. You can come hunt in my garden anytime.

Mary, great to see you back. I still havent gone back to read about your trip, but Im so looking forward to it.

Michelle, Kenzie is soooo cute. Neat that she said "morning". She looks petite for her age. Is she? I spent a day with my grandniece last week and she wore me out, lol! Shes just a year old and just started walking no, make that running. Whew. Babies are definitely for the young. I went to bed early that day.

Taryn, how great you think youve found a house! I cant wait for the details.

Oh, Norma, Im so jealous that one of your stained glass coleus is doing so well. Mine croaked. Im so disappointed b/c the one I had was a brighter red than the others Ive seen.

Brenda, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!! Whoopee, 29 lbs! How wonderful for you. Im not doing quite as well as you, but Im still plodding along OK. Im disappointed that I wont be able to wear my leather outfit next week, but Im getting results so thats what counts. Im thrilled that Im able to fit into clothes I havent worn in 8 yrs, so thats encouraging.

Ok, Im so jealous, you guys, of your plant lists. All my nickels went to the car. Also, our deck is sinking and were either going to have to fix it or replace it. So Im going to have to lay low on the plant lists for now. Grrrrrr. My next project is to start calling contractors out here for extimates.

Oh, and Eis back! Hi! Its so great to see you posting again. Ive missed you.

Well, I gotta catch up on chores around here that took a back seat to the insurance claim and car. Hi to anyone I missed.

I was looking at the weather map and it looks like all points east are going to get the lovely weather they're predicing for next week. Yeah! 50's!

TTYL, Honey

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick 'flash' post for Eden and anyone interested in the light gardens. This baby is too tall to fit under the fixtures so I have a clamp lamp with a 100 Watt fluorescent bulb trained on the top of this. I started this standard from a tiny cutting a little over a year ago. I can't wait to see what it looks like mid summer this year! This one is the 'Beacon Rosa' a very free blooming variety that I posted a photo of another plant I have on the last thread. Oh yes, the fuchsia in the bottom of the pot are a trailing variety called 'Constance'.

Another of my favorite varieties is 'Lena'. This plant was in that grouping of container gardens around the bench in the front yard last summer. I got this one out of storage about six weeks or so ago. What a kick. As you can tell it is another very free blooming upright.

Wendy, yes, thanks, I'll take cuttings of any varieties I don't have. I guess this makes me a collector? LOL So how did you set up heat mats for your cana and tuberous begonias? I've never done that before. Glad to hear the closer placement with the lights is helping.

Eden, ROTFLOL! I was checking out your fuchsia list and I MUST have several plants on your list. Especially that Voodoo! What a beauty. I actually have Pink Marshmallow and it is a phenomenal plant. HUGE flowers. Your fuchsia list looks to be mostly trailing? I'm in love with the uprights right now but that will probably change without notice. Yes, I'm definitely into trading after we get our 'loot'.

Eileen, I've always thought one of the most unfair things about menopause is that your hair migrates from your head where you'd like it to various places on your face, like chin, moustache etc. where you'd definitely not like it. Oh well, I'd still rather be old than be dead so I just always keep the tweezers handy. LOL ~~ RE plant swaps, do you have any cannas that have those dark red/purple leaves? I'd really like to find one with pink flowers and purple leaves but I've not found what I'm looking for yet.

OK must be off and attempt to work for a bit. Later all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

WOW! I didn't even have to log in this time! Wonder what is going on here.

Anyway, I just caught up on reading about Honey's new car, Eden's plant lists (!!!) and Deanne's fuchsias. It has been sunny here today and while grocery shopping I stopped to find some nice tulips and there were NONE. :-( So alstroemerias and roses it had to be. Please note the colours...not my usual pastels!

Going out to eat tonight so off to read a magazine for a few moments before changing and heading out.

Take care one and all!

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I'm just doing a quick check-in and find the nice surprise of pictures from Deanne and Marie. Deanne, I just love those standards. Beacon Rosa is just the cutest thing and I love the colors of Lena. I was trying to order half trailing and half upright but checking back I guess I didn't do a very good job. I only ordered 5 of the upright out of 18. I'd like to try some standards but first I'll be happy if I can just learn to keep the plants alive. Have you tried any coleus standards? I'd like to try some of those too. There's a local nursery that sells them and they are really cool but really expensive. My cold has gotten steadily worse today. At this point I'm feeling pretty crummy. Bella's here and I'm the only one available to watch her, Jen and David went up to visit my parents for the weekend, or they'd be here to help me out and Brad and Meg are both working. I think she knows I don't feel well. She's been so good all day and has been playing in her play yard since she woke up from her afternoon nap. I just don't feel up to chasing her around. Another hour and it will be her bedtime and I think I'll join her.

I've been playing around with my Brent and Becky's order this afternoon and already 2 items are sold out that I wanted, Canna Pink Sunburst and also Gladiolus Flevo Kosmic that I was going to grow in a combo the catalog suggests with Lilium Tom Pounce, which I already have and Caladium Miss Muffet. So I guess I'd better hurry up and decide what I want and send it in. They do still have Canna Maudie Malcolm which I'm ordering.

Honey, I like the new car. Bet you're glad that shopping is over. I'll share cuttings from my coleus once they start growing if I have any you like.

Ei, I'd be happy to share with you too. I agree that The Line is a great one. That one was among the first batch that I ever bought. I saw that you have Cranberry Sun. I really looked that one over, but wondered about how strong of a grower it was. It seems to me that sometimes the pinky peach ones are hard to keep going. It's been a good one for you?

Sue, checked out your link and it looks like you're in for a great vacation. I remember last years was kind of a washout for you with your back problems but you've taken such good care of yourself since then you should feel just great this year. Hope you have lots of fun!

I'm thinking I need a witch hazel. I was watching Gardening By The Yard this morning and saw one called Jelena that I really liked. I see that Fairweather has it but I think I'll look around here first. Now where to put it...

Time to feed Bella some dinner. I think I'll skip wine night tonight but hope that all of you have a good one.


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Oops, forgot to say to Marie that I like your venture into color and also hope you have a nice, relaxing evening out.


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Bug,the color of your flowers is very warm and inviting. Enjoy your dinner out.

Deanne,I do wish I could grow fushias. I think our summers are just not right for them here. Yours sure are pretty. With all the indoor blooms and colorful plants you shouldn't be missing the outdoor gardens to bad yet.
We only put in six feet of cabinets above the washer and dryer. Its not a lot, but every little bit of storage area helps. I will be able to get some stuff out of the utility closet that doesn't belong there and maybe have room for some linens that don't belong in my clothes closet. LOL.

Eden, Jacob plays alto sax. His dad played trumpet and bass trombone. Our other son played tenor sax, and played in the Jazz band as well.
Your plant list are not so long if I compare them to my daylily lists. LOL I have decided not to add many more until I make better placement of the ones I have though. I have several that need divided this spring too.

Honey, Nice looking car. I'm happy that is almost over for you. I imagine your more red stained glass coleus was a nice color. Mine is more burgandy and pink. Way to go on fitting into clothes you haven't worn in eight years!

Brenda, wow 29 lbs is great. Its good you have things figured out for yourself and that you are helping other members of your family. How are the quilt blocks comming along?

Ei, LOL re wild hairs. I will never forget a picture of an older woman in an antique shop I saw once. She had a really long hair on her chin (probably 3 or 4 inches long) and I thought, why didn't someone tell her. Anyway I really try to check daily for strays. They are easily missed if your not in the right light tho.
I like the Bette Davis quote.

I'm offa here for now. Gonna play some cards for awhile on the computer and keep the phone line open for any news about my brother. He is in serious condition after a radical surgery.
Later people. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hope all is well with your brother, Norma.

Marie, enjoy your dinner out. I was thinking about eating out tonight but decided to pick up fresh swordfish at the fish market instead. We just had that grilled with a salad and fresh steamed zucchini. Oh, and wine of course as it is wine night.

Hi Honey! Great hearing from you. Nice wheels for Tom. May they keep him safe from the plethora of a**es who hit the roads every day.

Deanne, I'll have a bunch of cannas this year if all my tubers winter over-lots of Tropicanna and Red King Humbert as well as some others. I placed an order at Brent and Becky's for a few more varieties also. I only go for the ones with colored foliage but as you may have already guessed, none will have pink flowers.

Wendy, I hear you on the vacation locations. We've been taking ski vacations in March for many, many years. Personally I would love an island vacation in either January or February but because of my work requirements I have trouble getting away at that time. Maybe next year.

Ei, lol on the chin hairs. I'm always scanning for them. They're like dog doo-sometimes you don't even see it til you step in it. Then you wonder if you were blind. BTW, Picturetrail sends me a weekly e-mail with page view stats and I was shocked to see the 3 pictures of the Hartford Flower Show I posted on idylls have over 850 page views each in a week. Supposedly Picturetrail only records unique page views so that count doesn't include all the times someones opens the thread to post or read every day. Are there really that many lurkers here? It seems strange.

It was cold here today. I underdressed for my walk and only lasted an hour. The temps were deceiving because of the stiff wind. Brrrr...

Tomorrow Tom and I are heading up to our old stomping ground of Killington, VT for some skiing. Since we sold our house up there almost 3 years ago we just don't ski that much anymore. The plan is to leave at 5:30 AM which will get us there around 8. We'll ski til lunch then eat at my favorite restaurant on the access road. Sunday is the only day it opens for lunch. I used to eat at this place just about every Saturday night and haven't been there now in almost 3 years. When people ask if I miss the house I say no but I miss eating at If we're lucky we'll get home by 5 PM. My neighbor is going to come in and let the dogs out midday so I don't have to worry about that.

Brenda, good for you for finding the right combo of food and exercise and sticking to the plan. Changing any habit is hard but the end result will be well worth the effort. I'll have to be on the lookout for that organic vole killer. My dogs eat everything so I can't use anything even remotely toxic outside. Even though I see rodent type creatures scurrying around all season, as far as I know I've never lost a plant to them leading me to believe it might be shrews and not voles that reside here.

Allrighty then...since I have to get up at 5 I'd best start working my way up to bed. Since me neighbor is coming in tomorrow I was going to run a vacuum and do a little dusting but now I'm thinking screw

"See" you all tomorrow night.


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Good evening idylls

GB - your bouquet was a ray on sunshine!

Actually we had lots here today, though it was still mighty cold. Annie, David and I walked one of the nature trails at a favorite park. The chick-a-dees come up and feed right off your hand which the children love. Today there was a Nuthatch that fed from us too which was a real thrill - I've never had one come that close. There was still enough snow on the trees for everything to look beautiful, but the first sighting of geese flying back North was a nice reminder that spring will soon be here.

I spent a very happy morning planting up seed trays and reading about orchids. My first babies have emerged in the baggies - pennisetum purple majesty - it feels good to have seed season underway.

DH and I signed off on our taxes and are looking forward to a refund March 17th. All in all a good day.

I'll be back to comment tomorrow - I've enjoyed reading, but I'm about to join DH with a book by the fire so I won't stay long. Deanne's fuschias were a treat for the eye! Have fun skiing tomorrow Sue.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is 8:30am and I have painted 6 cabinet doors, their second coat. I hear my brother moving about, so i'll be off shortly to do his breakfast. I feel no need to eat after last night's dinner out. We went to a renovated old church in the town of Kitchener which is now called 'Verses'. They are not cheap! But the food is lovely, and in reasonable portions. I began with a spinach salad with caramelized mushrooms and snow peas and followed that up with pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots, with several grilled vegetables on the side. This was accompanied by Italian Pinot Grigio. Later, I felt a need for my first dessert of the year. This was lemon canolli stuffed with mascarponi cheese and drizzled with fresh cassis. Now why did I gain 3 pounds overnight? That surely wasn't 3 pounds worth of food!

This afternoon I have planned an outing and will try to take photos to share with you tonight. The 2 kittens are a bit subdued but doing well after their spaying ordeal.

The sun is shining! Enjoy your day!

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Good morning! Nice to see the Idylls are still going strong. Hugs to all who need them! April

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We went to a wedding last night. Very elegant wedding and a lovely meal. The sad part was that just 2 weeks ago the brides sisters 9 month old baby died from influenza A. The sister was the matron of honor. This was the couples first child and the only grandchild. The sister put on a brave front.

Its very windy this weekend, so it feels colder than it is. 48 is predicted for today, but it is kind of gray out.

Mary, that is too cool that you guys could get the birds to eat out of your hands. I got squished about a month ago. I do go annually as there is a fair amount of breast cancer on my moms side of the family and 2 women from our church who are about my age have gotten it within the last 2 years.

Eden, I hope you start feeling better. What a good little girl Bella is to take it easy on grandma when shes sick. LOL that she is speaking a language that you dont speak.

Deanne, the Beacon Rosa is just darling. I love standards and topiaries. I really like how the veining on the undersides of the leaves on Lena are a dark pink also. I think you may just be a coleus addict. LOL I did set up another 2 light in the basement.

Sue, what was the name of that canna you had last year that got so huge?

Honey, the car looks very luxurious. Tom will cruise in comfort and safety.
It is amazing how a small child can wear you out isnt it? Kenzie is may be a little on the petite side, but then my whole family has that tendency as children. Sorry to hear that so many things are eating into your plant budget.

Ei, how nice that your mom has been able to improve her hearing. I hope it all goes well for her. Hey, Im impressed that you plan your containers. I usually go out and buy whatever catches my eye and throw them together. Last year I made a container of all the extras. It was horrible! Somewhere I read this and thought it applied to that container "it looks like a clown threw up" LOL
I did take piano lessons, but play very little.

Wendy, I planted h. Peach Melba and h. Keylime pie last year. Peach Melba was a very wimpy grower for me. How did it do for you? Keylime pie on the other hand is a fabulous plant. I actually have several of this one as I found them on clearance.

Norma, I did order some coleus seeds just to try. They are of the Wizard series. Scarlet, Pineapple and Sunset Wizard. I bought Sunset and Pineapple last year and loved them both. Unfortunately all my coleus but Kiwi Fern were killed by our late summer hail.

Brenda, you seem to have some health concerns in your family. Good for you for investigating. Congrats on the weight loss ~ that is terrific.

Bug, your meal sounds scrumptious.

We have a birthday party today for Rick's granddaughter and grandson whose birthdays were Thurs and Fri.

Have a great day

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Mornin' all!
Deanne-good for you having a girly afternoon. I've always wanted to get a pedicure, but my feet are just soooooo ugly, lol! I'm sure they've seen it all, though. RE the nails growing faster...mine, too, and my skin and hair are WAY nicer than they've been in years. Lol, who knew all that crap they taught us in school about eating your veggies was true ;)
MMMMM..I'd just LOVE to have a good source for fresh fish. I'm really leery of the stuff in the grocery store. Guess I just need to corner the meat guy, and find out when they get it, and how fresh it actually is.
I AM so relieved about DS and the eating program. I was really amazed to find out how many of the little "health glitches" I've had can be insulin related. I had done a search on skin tags and sebacious (sp) cysts, as I get them both, and wondered if there was a way to prevent the cysts. Ran across a research article that said that most of the people who got them were insulin resistant. They don't know why, though. Very interesting, because on my Dad's side (where the type 2 diabetes is rampant) ALL those girls had skin tags you wouldn't believe. Like enough to frighten little kids. Sounds like you're eating pretty much like what I'm working toward. Makes sense to have the bulk of your carbs at a time when you'll be the most active. Lol, Jim was REALLY bummed to find that corn is a carb, and there would be no potato along with it. I gotta say, I'm a little put out with the food people for sticking sugar in absolutely everything. DD said she's going to silk screen T Shirts for us that say, "Sugar....the other white powder" lol, too true, it was a serious addiction. I'm watching fat, also. Some say that it's not necessary if you're watching your carbs, but that just doesn't make any sense to me. We've switched to olive oil being our main oil, and some canola oil. Low fat cheese, and I use very little butter. If I'm eating fat, I prefer it come from nuts. And, as a rule, I go for the least processed form of food.
That fuschia is just GORGEOUS!

Wow, looks like it's a good thing I'm no good at growing Coleus, lol! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm just as addicted to peonies, lol!

Ei, I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about your wild hair :) I was getting long black hairs popping up, seemingly overnight, too. A couple of years ago, I was wearing shorts, sitting with my leg cocked up. Just idly ran my hand down the back of my leg, and found these big LONG hairs...kinda like a fringe on my fanny :( Showed them to DH, and asked if he'd ever noticed them before. "Yeah, they've been there a long time". Lord, why would you NOT tell someone that????? He got a talking to about discreetly telling me things like that. You know, if ya got something hanging in your nose..that kind of thing. He'd let ya walk around like that forever. Odd piece of trivia, though. After the discovery of the "fringe", of course, I started shaving even MORE acres, but since my hormones are getting back in line, they haven't grown back...and my moustache is taking forever to come back in, lol! Evidently when one hormone is out of whack, they all throw a party. Again, who knew???
DS has complained before about his stomach hurting, kind of a burning hurt, and not often. I'm betting on a round of anti-biotics and bismuth for us all. Can't imagine the kind of pain you were in...bad enough if you're a grown-up, but to have them as a kid! Good luck to you on your weigh-in. I've done every diet you can imagine, and they were mostly a source of frustration, and more reason to beat myself up for not having any self control. I'm just grateful that I've found "my" way of eating. Back in the day, when I went to the gym, my trainer also told me to let my muscles rest between workouts. I went every day, but worked the upper one day, lower the next, and did the treadmill, rowing machine or stationery bike every day. Odd that curves isn't set up that way.
Oh, on the PT thing. I've noticed that when I do a google on plant images, some of the hits are in people's online photo albums. I don't know about PT, but at Photobucket, there's an option about whether you want your albums to be public or not. You may be getting hits on people searching to see what a plant looks like.

Bug, those flowers are beautiful-I love the colors!! SIX cabinet doors by 8:30...what a woman! That canolli sounds so yummy! May or may not affect you this way, but I'll pass along this little bit of info. On the diet plan I'm following, one of the main rules is that you finish eating your big meal in an hour, including dessert. The theory is that when you start eating, your body releases insulin. If, after an hour, you're still eating, you release a second wave of insulin. Since insulin is the "storing" hormone, guess what happens? Lol, I've "tested" the theory, and it works on me. I can get away with a little dessert WITH my supper, but if it's past that hour, fuggedaboutit. It shows up on the scale in the morning. Last night, before bed, I thought some ice cream sounded good. Had just a little, probably not more than 1/4 c. VERY lightly drizzled with chocolate syrup. And, I even had some almonds with it, so I was getting some protein, hoping to offset the carbs. NOT! Added 2/10 of a pound to my weight this morning. And, it tasted so horribly sweet, that it wasn't even really that good. (I've been eating very, very, very little sugar or artificial sweetener, so even peas taste like candy to me!)

Eden, hope you get feeling better. I think the little ones do sense when you don't feel good, and have some mercy on ya!

Norma, thanks for asking about the quilt blocks :) Progress has been slow this winter, as I can't sit still for as long as I could last year, lol! I'm almost half way through with them, though. We're working on a room upstairs that will be our bedroom, and I'd really like to be covering up with that quilt sometime next winter.
Any word on your brother?

Sue, I hope that as I type, you're having a great time, swooshing around on the slopes!

Honey, I LOVE the car! Lol, I've driven a pick-up truck for so long that driving a car is just a little slice of heaven for me-to actually have some ROOM!

Oh, sad about the baby. Can't imagine having to try and put up a brave front just two weeks after losing your child. I imagine it took everything she had, bless her heart.
Oooh! A birthday party..that sounds like fun. Lol, every time I read here, I want grandkids, lol! Have a great time!
I'm not sure why it has fallen to me (I'm next to the youngest of 7 kids) to do all the investigation on the medical woes of the family, but what the heck. Someone needs to, or they're all going to keep taking stuff to treat symptoms, and not deal with the whys and wherefors. Although, I think if Jim catches me one more time on a site with a picture of H. Pylori (or, belly squids as he calls them) he's gonna put me away, lol! Well, I don't like to believe the FIRST thing I read..there's a lot of information on the net, but some of it isn't what I'd call dependable...especially if they're trying to sell me something.

Thanks to everyone for the woo-hoo's and pats on the back for the weight loss. It's greatly appreciated! I wish I had taken measurements when I started, and I also wish I had kept one pair of my biggest pants, for a comparison. The really FUN thing is that, since I pretty much hibernate all winter, there are several people that haven't seen me for a couple of months. Should be fun to see their reaction.
Have a great Sunday, all!

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Hi guys...remember me?

Love the pics of your fuchsias,Deanne-I do think I need to find a source for those upright fuchsias. I seem to normally find the trailers. Lately I keep killing all my fuchsias over winter(except garden meister).

Honey nice looking ride there-land yacht?lolol.

Eden you and deanne crack me up with your 'tiny' lists of plants. What would you have on your hands if you went hog wild like you'd like to? Scary,lol!: )

Sue have an excellent trip!

Brenda thanks for those details regarding your sister-the skin tags,etc are things I never knew about in relation to insulin resistance. I also like your phrase about 'it's not a diet it's just the way I eat'-good girl for understanding that-we've learned so much from your research.

Michelle-Kinzers amazes me-she's all grown up!! She's got such great fashion sense too; ) Beautiful new molar! I bet she's performing EI-EI-OOOOH??

Norma-I'm sending good thoughts for your DB-how are you holding up?
How great that your family has the musical background.It's such a great activity for kids to be involved in. Even though Wyatt had trouble sitting still that's great you exposed him to the concert-the more they do it the more they understand how to behave...can you tell I've been through that? Ryan is so active I was quite worried about whether he'd sit still for AJ's first concert and surprisingly he did well and even got a few laughs from the audience around us by asking a few times(loudly)"When is this thing over?"[as I shrank in my seat lol]

Can't remember what I was about to comment on...let me just sit here and twirl this foot long hair protruding from my CHIN. hehehehe you guys are HILARIOUS!

Please don't give me another facet of aging to worry about,I made an appointment to see the eye doctor because I am doing that reading technique that requires an arm extension to see what I'm reading...oh joy. Just in time for my 42nd bday, a pair of progressives. Chris had his eyes tested yesterday and there's a possibility he might have macular degeneration-we're just stunned but I hope it's a mistake. He needs to see a retinologist to see what's up.ugh.

Had too much fun lastnight. Friends of ours have a DD with MS and they had a benefit for her because she is having a hard time affording her meds. These are friends we lost touch with due to marital probs they had been having and it ends up the husband also has MS. They are separated now and getting along better. The evening was like old times-complete with Karaoke: ) We did our infamous "Love Shack" performance and got the usual laughs just like the old days. It was really nice to get out.

Gotta go eat lunch and catch a nap...just an old fogey: )

Hope to hear about Taryn's new house soon!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi guys!
Wrestled the computer away from the boys for a quickie post. We are leaving to see the house again, with kids in tow this time, in about half an hour. I want to question the neighbors about a former chicken farm that is behind and to the right of the property. If it were to become one again, I want to know it won't be er, nasally offensive. It IS right in town, so can't think they would allow it if it were, but want to check it out a bit further. If we are satisfied with the answers we get, we'll be putting in an offer!

Here's a couple of pics:

The house was custom designed and built by an architect about 80 years ago, and is full of charming, unique features, such as built-in cabinets and unique light fixtures, glass-block windows, etc. It sits on 0.6 of an acre, and is 45 minutes from Glenn's work. We both adore it! Now to convince Shane...

Hi to all (nice to see April!)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Weve had a semi-productive day here. Doug and I went out for a Starbucks then off to HD to pick up some more light fixtures. Well, HD had their racks of summer tubers and bulbs just in and I scored! Honey, they had Thomas Edison!!! I was so happy as Ive wanted that dahlia since I saw yours two years ago. Anyway, I wont be able to use all the ones that came in the package so thought you might want the extras??? Ill mail them out as soon as the weather permits. I also have a ton of Bellini that I probably wont be able to use so I can send along some of those if youre interested also. Ive got to start making myself a list because I owe Eileen a Beacon Rosa and Michelle a Golden Tiara hosta from last fall. What fun, what fun to share plants with fellow addicts! LOL If I didnt mention someone I said Id send something to please let me know.

Anyway, when we got home I cleaned off that other shelving unit in the basement so Doug can fix up another light cart for me. Im thinking Im going to get one of those pop-up temporary greenhouses from Charleys so I dont have to take over Dougs garage and have all that hassle of taking the plants in and out every night when hardening them off. Im SO anxious for spring I can hardly deal!

Bug, lovely flowers in lovely colors. Im going to try to incorporate more hot colors in my new border this summer. Well see how I do with it. ~~ Your dinner from last night has my mouth watering! Im going to have to try to stuff a pork tenderloin with apricots. That just really appeals to me. And canolli? Be still my heart! ~~ Glad to hear the kitties are doing OK. Rahjii sends get well wishes.

Honey, great car. Please tell Tom to take the Hit me Now sign off the bumpers and doors. Hope he has nothing but safe, uneventful motoring in that vehicle.

Norma, how is your brother doing? ~~ I was doing pretty well for most of the winter as far as not missing the gardening but lately Im getting seriously itchy feet to get out there and get digging. I just spent twenty minutes looking over some of my garden photographs from last summer and now Im really wanting things to get going! Cant wait, cant wait!

Sue, hope your day of skiing was a lot of fun. ~~ I definitely could use a couple of Tropicanna if youve got extras. Does that have orange flowers like Pretoria? Or are they more red? Regardless of the flower color Id really like it for those leaves. I dont know about you but I have no clue where the heck Im going to put all these enormous tropicals this year. Ive got six or so brugs, the banana, and a TON of cannas. My Ch. Grimaldi from last year is still ok in the basement and I have a feeling it is going to be a monster this year. The variegated one you brought me a cutting of is still doing very well in water but is starting to throw out lots of new roots and top growth. Almost like it knows its almost time to start growing for the summer.

Michelle, what a sad story about the Matron of Honor from the wedding you attended yesterday. ~~ How great you are getting more lights too! Yea! ~~ Yes you are absolutely correct. I am a coleus addict and am probably OCD about anything to do with gardening and lately container gardening in particular.

Eileen, I cant believe you are that organized with planning your containers. Im in awe! I just grab a bunch of plants that appeal to me and start stuffing them in the pots. Im afraid that it is survival of the fittest with my container gardens. LOL

Brenda, I agree with you 100% about sugar. It really isnt good for you in any way, shape or form and you are correct that you need to pay attention to the amount of fat grams you are eating. Good for you for using olive and canola oils. Ive completely eliminated butter from my diet and dont even use the olive oil spread on my bread like I used to. Lately Ive just been having my toast dry, no toppings. It saves a lot of calories.

Babs, great to hear from you. I was wondering where you were. How about we trade some fuchsia??? Id really like gardenmeister and I"ve got quite a few Beacon Rosa and Lena cuttings rooted up and growing well. ~~ Youd be scared to ever see me go hog wild with anything. LOL

Taryn, GREAT HOUSE! Hope it works out for you guys. Love the built in cabinets.

OK time to mosey off here and see if I cant accomplish something else with the rest of this day.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

So good to read good news.

Taryn, your prospective house is a beaut. I want one of the rooms that opens on to the balcony! LOL

Honey, your new car is a beaut also. We owned 2 Merc Marquis. The second was a Grand Marquis. I drove the first one on our move to Ark. from Idaho. I pulled a large u-haul trailer behind it. I wouldn't mind having another if the gas mileage has improved. The Grand got 8 miles to the gallon! I am chuckling about the suggestions that your DH get a Humvee...preferably bright yellow!

Those 2 little gals are such sweeties! They are growing so fast. We have 2 new borns in our congregation. I haven't seen the last one yet, but the 'oldest' made her second appearance today. One of the other'grandmothers' ( unrelated to her) glommed on to her through the entire service. Nolon told her she need 2 or 3 of them. LOL
The newest is a boy.

Eileen, that is hilarious about your wild chin hair! A while back I kept feeling a rough spot on my chin. I kept digging at it, thinking it was a scab. Finally I happened to run my thumb and forefinger down my chin ,( like stroking a beard) , and discovered it was a very coarse, very kinky hair! Tweezers made fast work of it! I have fine white fuzz all over my cheeks. It really doesn't matter.
I actually think my scalp hair has thickened up some, but maybe it is just all the new hairs coming on after the last horrendous perm that broke so much off. As some have mentioned, my nails are growing overtime. I was rather hoping they would slow down with age, espacially the toe nails. They are too hard to reach to cut! :-( And the little toe's nails are like horse's hooves! lol.... or maybe little piggy hooves?

Deanne, shame on you .... tempting me with those beautiful Fuchsias! Have you no mercy? I WILL not yield to temptation again!

Wow, what lengthy lists of plants ( esp. coleus) you gals have! I am rather envious of the energy you all have. I AM still working on the 2 long lasagna beds. I've got to put sides on them to hold the ingredients. I wish I had done that before I started cleaning the leaves and dead tops from my flower beds. I would have dumped it all into those beds. As it is, most of it would just blow away. I am dumping a lot of the ashes from our wood stove on them ( after it is thoroughly cold ). Since our sold is acid, it should be quite beneficial.

Brenda, I am so glad to see you posting again. I hope you have a good handle on your inherited health problems. It appears my son has inherited a lot of mine. :-(
Congrats on your weight loss.

Norma, I sure hope your brother is doing okay. Does he live some distance from you?

Marie, those roses are one of my very favorite colors.
It's good to hear that you were able to get here with out logging on. I hope it continues that way.

I hope Sue is having a great time skiing.

Hi Babs...yes, I remember you remember me?

Great to see Wendy, and April.

Mary, that would be so fun to have wild birds feed right out of your hands! None of 'ours' have ever got that brave.

Michelle, that is so sad about the bride's sister's baby. There is just not much anyone can say about a tragedy like that.

Our day was rather interesting. We got ready to go to AM worship, but when we got into the car the ignition was on, and the battery totally dead! I have no idea how it got on. I always leave the key in it since we are in such a remote area; and no way out except past 3 neighbor's homes and 2 of them are cousins. I called a member that lives about 10 miles from us, just to report our plight. He insisted on coming with his jumper cables, and getting it started. Believe me, from now on the keys will be removed from the ignition!
Ennyhoo, it also is our 49th wedding Anniversery, so we stopped at the neighborhood One Stop,(on our way home), and the gal that owns it fixed a special dinner for us! Her employee was sick with a virus, so she and her sister ,( both friends of ours), were running the place.

The daffodils are bursting out all over our yard...also crocus, anemones, and iris reticulata. Hyacinths will not be far behind. The Cornelian Cherry is in full bloom, but it's blossoms don't look as large as before. I think it is because of last year's drought. It has been threatening rain all day, but so far has not succeeded.


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WOW! How cool it was to open this Idyll and see so much color!!

Marie -- your arrangement is the base palette for the front (yes, the front) of the house with some purple thrown in for good measure. Doesn't "bold" feel good??

Sue -- hope you had a great day in VT. Could you have asked for better weather?? The condo looks way too inviting. Have A Blast!!!

Deanne -- I have never been able to overwinter Fushia and darnnit, your pics almost made me weep with envy.

Eden -- Majorly impressive. Wouldn't it be fun to have a job naming Coleus?? Maybe one could be Bella Rouge??

Michelle: Kenzie!!!! The molar!!!!! Please give that baby girl a smooch to end all smooches from me.

Marian: I closed my eyes after I read your bulb list and could see it. Just a few more weeks here, we hope...... Happy Anniversary! What did you have for dinner?

Taryn: KaBlamm!! Being a lover of all things wood, it's a GREAT house. What's Shane's hesitation?

Brenda: Wahoo X 1000. 30 was the hardest number and you've right there! If you get really hard up for fresh fish, swing a request out east and Sue and I, will overnight some to you. A benefit of living in CT is fresh fish from both New York and Boston. If you like Cod, I can hook you up.

Offer is open for Logee's plants, as well, to anyone.

Admittedly skimmed through the last few days and probably missed something important. If it is a good important thing, I celebrate with you. If it's a bad important thing (the matron of honor story punched my stomach) my thoughts are there for support.

Today at the grocery store (isn't it fun when this happens??) found Scilla peruviana in bloom, two awesome mini-roses with R. chinensis - type roots so they may be hardy. Then took inventory of everything I've gotten since the first of the year and hid it from Rich. Then gave myself a Very stern talking to about the amount of damping off my seeds are doing. Getting used to new light set-ups is a pain. (No Excuses.)

40degF predicted this week!

Best to all -- Martie

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Who's Marian? lol-just kidding: ) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That sounds so quaint about the owner making a special dinner for you two-did she know ahead of time that you'd be stopping in? It sounds like you had a nice celebration.
Kind of eerie about the keys enagaged in the ignition-I wonder if you'll ever be able to figure that one out.

TARYN I LOVE THAT HOUSE!! excuse me I just couldn't help screaming: ) I hope this one works our for you. Do the other two boys like it? And how about Glenn? Does it have two fireplaces(I noticed the two chimneys)? Keep us up to date when you know more.

Deanne I've definitely got a 'garten meister' cutting for you. 'Lena' is beautiful! If I had to choose I'd go with Lena. How soon weather temp-wise do you think it would be safe to swap? I was thinking it's probably better to mail them when their roots are fairly small(not sure if that matters). I do know we are getting a warm trend by week's end up to 50F. I don't care when I get a cutting from you but I would be glad to send mine off to you anytime soon. You're not planning on leaving the country this week are you? lol

Time to cook up some grub...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hey ho! What a loverly weekend its been! Im referring to events and not the weather, as we are in the process of getting 2 4 inches of snow. For any local lurkers out there, we tried plying the school board president with lots of wine and then suggesting school should be cancelled, but I dont think its gonna happen

Eden and Deanne, I have news for you two. You are both HOPELESS addicts!!!! nuff said.

Okay, so heres the readers digest version of the weekend. Yesterday, we went to the house concert with Darden Smith. What a great time! He was a great performer, and it was a wonderful, informal way to hear a singer-songwriter. The home we were at was we were at was lovely, and the price of admission included appetizers, dessert, wine and beer. Darden mingled with everyone before the show, during the intermission and after the show, and it was very cool because we were all in somebodys basement and it was very informal, so you didnt feel intimidated about talking to him.

Grace, he had a great Starbucks story. A while ago, he had a dinner with a Starbucks bigshot hoping to get his music played there. Sometime later, he stopped at a Starbicks en route from one show to the next, and as he was waiting in line, one of his songs came on! Just as he was doing the, "Wow! How cool is this?" thing, the barristas started to talk about the music and totally slam his song! He ran through various options in his mind, and finally decided to tell the guy taking orders that he had performed the song that was playing. The guys first response was to ask for an ID. Then he went in back and checked on what was playing. He comes back, and says, "Dude! Thats you!!! Thats so cool!"

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the friends who invited us we stopped at their house first for a drink. The husband is a serious perennial gardener. For the last six years, he has kept a journal of whats blooming daily in his garden! And another couple that was there, he is a professional arborist and she is a semi-serious gardener. A nice mix of people all gardeners. ;-)

Today, we had some friends over for a wine tasting party with five bottles that DH brought home from Paris. Before we started, the guys went up to the woods to check out some fallen oaks. We are going to have some of them cut into boards and then made into a custom table for our dining room. One of the guys is a woodworker and he will build the table. The wine was great, we had lots of French cheese and a lot of good camaraderie.

So bug were you reading a gardening magazine? I do like the roses! I bought flowers yesterday in tones of green and yellow very spring-like.

Speaking of spring, somewhere under that snow I do have blooming crocuses. I saw several on Saturday. Why is it that the yellow and white bloom before the purple?

Oh, Michelle, how sad about the brides sister! Thats such a tough situation, when one event has been planned for so long, and then a tragedy happens just before On a different note, those pics of Kenzie are delightful!

Squishing My last visit about five months ago was really painful. And sometimes its not bad at all. I wish I could check and see which tech was on duty! Thankfully, theres no history in my family. I keep wishing that fact would get me on a more prolonged schedule LOL!

Brenda heres something to share with your DH. I once heard that if you see something amiss on another person and its something they can fix, you tell them. If its something that cant be fixed, you ignore it. So if someone has a run in their stockings you stay mum. But hubbies are supposed to tell you about fringe!

Babs? Who is Babs?

Okay, I havent finished reading but I gotta post and run! TTYL,


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Brenda...rotflmao...a fringe on your fanny...I just cracked up over that. You are just too

Well we made it back from skiing in one piece. As far as the actual skiing goes, conditions are OK. If you get out early they are pretty good but things deteriorate with more traffic as the overnight groomed layer gets skied off to reveal the icy layers underneath. Despite the clear blue sky and warm sun it was freezing today. Unfortunately the wind was nasty and made the chairlift rides tough. So we skied for a few hours then headed to Choices for brunch. During the meal I told Tom I didn't care if I had to waddle out of there I was going to eat everything-the basket of homemade quickbreads, the soup of the day, the meal, and dessert. And I Who knows, it may be another 3 years before i get there again.

On the way home we stopped a couple of ski shops but the discounts are only 30% and that just doesn't tempt me. I did pick up a couple of bracelets at a handmade jewelry place that we've been driving by for years but had never stopped. Neat stuff and all designed and made right there by the owner.

Taryn, neat house. Did you make an offer? Why is it empty now?

Happy Anniversary Marian! Did you enjoy your dinner? That was a nice surprise I bet. It sounds like you are way ahead of us here in the spring department. It really has been colder than normal for a couple of weeks now but if the weather forecast is right it will be in the 50s F by Friday. Temps like that ought to start coaxing things along.

Hi April! Hey, great to hear you will be attending the idyllunion. The more the merrier.

Deanne I should have plenty of Tropicanna. Yes, the flowers are orange but you can just cut them off. It's all about the foliage on this one. Charles Grimaldi is starting to sprout in the basement. The plan was to keep it dormant but it must be too close to the lights. BTW, the only coleus that is still alive down there is Perilla Magilla. All the fuschias are dead and I lost the variegated Abutilon and a zonal geranium. I wish I had room upstairs-I just don't think to go down to the basement to water things. Everything above grade is still alive.

Well, I stretched out, gave myself a pedicure, reheated some pizza for a quick dinner and have now caught up with idylls. Since I've been up since quarter to 5 this morning, I'm fading fast. Five days of work to go, then vacation.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The One Stop that we ate at specializes in pizzas, sandwiches, and taco salads. Since it was our Anniversary I told Nolon he needed to get something he would espacially like to eat. He asked for a chicken fried steak. Shirley (the owner) said she thought they could do that, and they did, with green beans, rolls, and french fries ( they had no mashed potatoes. It looked good, and he ate every bite, except half of a roll. I had a taco salad, and it was very good also. The best part of it is that apparently my GERD is well under control, because I suffered no indigestion from the taco salad, and I ate every bite! Oh yes, Shirley said I should have let her know ahead of time and she would have made a blackberry cobbler! LOL ! She's quite a gal. :-)

Blabs, the keys are now in my purse, in the house! No more leaving them in the car! I'm sure I will never know the answer to that puzzle. I sure hope it wasn't a senior moment on my part !

Sue, I'm glad neither of you suffered any injuries skiing. The eating sounds more enjoyable than the skiing.

Martie, lots of color popping up around here. If we ever get the predicted rains things will really pop out.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Wow, lots and lots of reading tonight. Neat!

Sue, how great, sounds like you had a great day and an especially good lunch.. Sorry it was cold though. I know even though it was in the 30s here today that wind was still pretty cold. I cant imagine how frigid it was on the mountain. ~~ Bummer about losing all your coleus, fuchsia and abutilon. No worries, Ive got PLENTY of everything to share. Im so out of control I never seem to be able to toss out anything I pinch off the plants. Anytime I need to cut something back, whoops, there it goes into a glass of water and then I have a dozen more of something. I think Im back up to 50 or 60 fuchsia again. As I said Im out of control. As V said, Im hopeless. But just think of all the plant material I have for trading. LOL

V, sounds like you had a terrific weekend. I love the Starbucks story. Yes, I resemble that remark, I am hopeless. Guilty as charged. LOL

Babs, if youve read my above information youll know that you dont have to choose one fuchsia over another. You can help me out and take one of each! If the weather is going to be in the 40s and 50s you can give it a shot and priority mail me the cutting of Gartenmeister. Ill be happy to get it as soon as possible. Oh boy, oh boy, another new baby! LOL

Martie, you are too funny. At the grocery store no less. And yes it is lots of fun to find new plants.

Marian, Happy Anniversary! How neat about your friends fixing you dinner. ~~ Re the fuchsia, you must know by now that Im an enabler. LOL

Brenda, I completely missed the butt fringe story. You are toooooo funny!

OK I guess Im ready to crash and need to turn in for the night. Have a great evening everyone.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)



P.S. Coleus are fun and EASY from seed (need warmth to germ!)

P.P.S. Thanks everyone for the pos feedback! Sue the house is empty because the wife died (not in the house) 6 months ago and the husband moved a couple of months ago. We put an offer in tonight but another one is also going in! Will find out tomorrow night if we are in or not. Have a showing here at 2:15pm, so things are heating up...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The event I had planned for this afternoon did not pan out, but there was other excitement. Here are the visitors that arrived here and spent the day...much to Charlotte's consternation. There were six of them. If it isn't rabbits or groundhogs, then I guess it is turkeys!

And congratulations to Marian and Nolon!
Good luck to Taryn and Glenn!
Off to bed- zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, Well severe clear here today. Lots of sun. Temps are supposed to get into the 40's. Yea!

I took a stroll around the yard yesterday and was pretty discouraged by what the extremes in temps have done to the plants. One of my hellebores had flower stalks about four inches tall and they are looking frozen and burned now. I'd raked some mulch over them before the single digits occurred but the wind storms blew that off. I'm thinking in the future I'm going to have to cage and cover them with shredded leaves. Also, ALL the heucheras looks pretty dismal and they'd looked terrific a month ago. All the foliage has died back to the crowns and one of my 'Amber Waves' lookes like it bought the farm. The 'Arabella' clematis in the Sundial Garden looks like it has died back to the ground as well. Oh well, it did last year too and still looked great by June so I'm just not going to worry about it.

I don't know if I mentioned this but Sam's Club has some terrific powder coated aluminium lawn furniture. They have that lattice topped table like mine in a set again and we absolutely love it! It is so much better than a glass or tile topped table. Because of the lattice you just need to hose it off occasionally and you're good to go. The old one we had was a glass topped table and that was a huge pain. I had to get out there with the glass cleaner every day.

The good news is that I was talking to Doug about renting a Bobcat next summer to do some of the major digging I want to do and he didn't even flinch! Woohoo!

Bug, lovely, turkey photographs! I can imagine Charlotte wanted to go and investigate them.

Taryn, great coleus pic, what is that variety with the maroon splash in the center?

Marian, I'm so envious of all your spring bulbs. I just can't wait for things to get started here.

Norma, thinking of you and your DB.

OK off to the salt mines for me. I've got to get downstairs and get some painting done.

Have a great day everyone,

So where the heck is T???? I'd think we'd be getting some baby elk pics up here soon.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Norma I was so sorry to read about your brother, I know you must be terribly worried! Sending positive thoughts and prayers. I hope the news will be good.

Babs keeping my fingers crossed for Chris...I hope its a mistake too! Id *love* to see your rendition of Love Shack. Sounds like you guys had great fun! When my son was in drama in high school there was a talent show and one group of kids did the love shack...they were great and really nailed it - costumes and all. I can still see them...they were my *favorite* act (well, my sons was my favorite really, but thats just cause I love him best...LOL!) I cant remember who won, but I think the Love Shack group should have. Actually all the kids were very talented and some of the singers were unbelievable. Id love to see those shows again teens really *can* be a joy to be around when they want to be! :-)

Taryn...that house is *gorgeous*! When I saw those heart went pitter patter, pitter patter. And I love the upstairs balcony. Would that be your bedroom that faces the balcony? :-) My dream if we ever get another house is an old brick bungalow...I really *want* an old brick bungalow and high on my list will be *any* home that has built-ins and little cubbies...they make me weak in the knees! I love the Craftsman look. I'm sending good vibes that it all works out for you, I know I would have a hard time passing up such a beautiful home. Is the price right?

Honey the car is *so* pretty! When we bought a new car we passed our old Mercury Marquis down to my son (who is 6 ft. tall) and he *loved* it. He still talks about how comfortable that car was, how you never feel a bump in the road and how you could stretch out forever....a nice ride! Hope you guys enjoy it. crack me up! :-) Actually, you guys are all great...what a bunch of fun gals and you really made me feel much better! :-) Funny, I cant remember any of my girlfriends having mentioned this to me. Of course, a lot of them are younger than me, so maybe the subject has not come up for them yet! :-) After all your talk though, especially Brenda and the picture of that woman (that I cant get out of my head...thanks very much Brenda), Ive been thinking, maybe I should mention it to my mom? Ive toyed with the idea before, but then thought maybe she doesnt care about it and I wouldnt want to be the one to make her self conscious about it. BTW, thanks for telling me about the "public" thing. Im going to check PT and see if there is any option for that.

Eden you are so sweet to offer some of your coleus, but I couldnt ask you to pinch something you just got! :-) But maybe in the fall we can do some sort of trade? I still havent had a chance to look at Rosy Gardens. Re Cranberry Sun. I just got it last year and it didnt grow massive like Deannes Felix, but then again I dont think it had a fair trial since our gardening season was just horrible. Actually, its not doing as well as my other coleus now, but could be a combination of the horrible garden season it had to deal with or my skills.

Deanne, Beacon Rosa is lovely...I cant wait! :-) Thank you so much. And of course, so is Lena. I really admire your skill. Cant believe your turning fuchsia into topiaries and I cant even keep them alive! :-( BTW, I dont have any cannas with pink flowers (wish I did). I do have plenty to share of a canna with brown/burgundy foliage, but the flowers are orange (Wyoming). I also have Pretoria I could share too (but Im sure you probably already have it), King Humbert (red flowers and common, but its a healthy plant and I have plenty of it...LOL!), and finally one small piece of Tropicana Canna. Unusual coloring, kind of reminds me of Pretoria, but with red, brown and orange added to the mix. I forgot to dig this one up until very late and consequently only one small piece made it. I didnt plan for it in any of my containers this year, so if you would like it, Id be happy to send it along. I think you had asked me about this one last year. Heres a pic of it from last year:

If you are interested, let me get started potting it up right now (to make sure it will succeed) and Ill be happy to send it on to you once I see it is making some growth. The flowers are orange though.

Trying to think of what else you might enjoy...I do have extra Illustris Elephant Ears (one is already sending out a shoot, while in storage):

The only Dahlias I saved last fall were Thomas Edison and Fascination. Excited about a couple of Gallery Series Dahlias I ordered because of you Deanne (Art Nouveau & Bellini) and cant wait to see them in bloom! Dont feel you have to take something that you really dont need. If I have nothing you need right now, maybe Ill have some perennials later that you would like a piece of?

Looking for bulbs for Deanne, made me do a thorough exam of all my stored bulbs last night. There is only one possible fatality, thats the Banana I stored like an elephant ear (an experiment which probably wasnt successful...LOL). It feels solid though, so Im going to pot it up anyway and see what happens. I also realized that I forgot to dig up my Atom glads last fall and that kind of bummed me. Ive quit growing glads because its really only their flowers that I like and the time for that in the garden is so short lived. But, little Atom is a very charming little red gladiola that really tickled me and Im sorry I dont have it to use this summer. Would also love Gladiolus byzantinus (makes me think of EP I sure do miss her!). Anyway, I love the gorgeous color of that glad and the fact that its supposed to be perennial. Old House Gardens has it (and said to be the "true" one) but the price has always kept me away from it.

Hey, speaking of plants, now dont snicker, but does anybody know where I can get some Coreopsis Limerock I know, but I love that coloring and use that color a lot in my garden. I think Ill need some more cause I am betting the ones I had were lost to last season. I dont care if they arent reliable, Ill be happy to use them as an annual if I can find them cheap enough...Any suggestions?

Michelle I laughed at your clown description...LOL! Well, serendipity is good too...sometimes better than planned. Ive had planned combinations that ended up being pretty awful and not at all the vision in my you just never know. Like I said I really plan them mostly because of budget constraints and also because its a pleasant diversion in winter, looking over my old container pics, Idyll container pics :-), garden mags, etc. and then dreaming up new ideas for the following spring.

GB your dinner out sounded yummy. Your flower pics are gorgeous and how cool to see the turkeys! Have to admit the turkeys *do* look striking against the bright white sn** Great pics even if there is that horrible white stuff! We have some of that right now too (the sn** - not the turkeys).

Hi T! I wasnt able to see the juggling at all! :-( When I clicked on the link it said "the video wont work when linked directly" or something like that. Hope you are okay?

Belated Happy Anniversary to you Marian! 49 years...Thats really something.

Sounds like you guys had a nice day and I agree with Babs, I find it very endearing to have a dinner made just for the two of you; small community life has a lot of perks. :-) Really enjoyed living a vicarious spring through you. It all sounds lovely. I *love* the scent of hyacinths and always sniff the heck out of them when they have them in the grocery store.

Okay Babs & Deanne you have to tell me how to make cuttings from a fuchsia. I would love to make some cuttings from my gartenmeister, if its possible. It was dormant all winter and is just waking up. There is new I cut off a piece of the new growth? How do I root water, in soil? BTW, I placed an order for a fuchsia Clair de Lune. It just looked so sweet and the name of it and the description clinched it for me..."clusters of lovely pink with salmon tubular flowers just dripping from the tips of the branches." "Its upright form makes it valuable for topiary and standards as well." If I dont kill it and you guys teach me how to make cuttings maybe Ill have some to share! :-) I was also tempted by two other ones; Chiltern Beauty and Hidcote Beauty if I have any success, I may order these next year. BTW thanks for the fuchsia link Deanne. They are gorgeous and if I thought Id have any real luck with them, I might become a fuchsia collector myself.

Sounds like you had a great week-end V...cracking up about Darden and Starbucks! LOL! gotta love em! :-)

P.S. Well Deanne, I guess I can nix the Tropicanna. I see Sues giving you some, so I guess I didnt need to put the pics up either, but they were already loaded, so.... Hmm...theres still Illustris if youre interested. Or, maybe you would like to wait until summer to get something from me? Just let me know.

P.S. Ive been thinking of Babs this morning so todays song will be, yep you guessed it....

Love Shack B 52s

If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says
15 miles to the...Love Shack! Love Shack yeah
I'm headin' down the Atlanta highway, lookin' for the love getaway
Heading for the love getaway, love getaway,
I got me a car, it's as big as a whale and we're headin' on down
To the Love Shack
I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

Well the Love Shack is a little place where we can get together
Love Shack baby, Love Shack bay-bee.
Love Shack, baby Love Shack, Love Shack, baby Love Shack!

Sign says.. Woo... stay away fools, 'cause love rules at the Love Shack!
Well it's set way back in the middle of a field,
Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back

Glitter on the mattress
Glitter on the highway
Glitter on the front porch
Glitter on the hallway

Well the Love Shack is a little place where we can get together
Love Shack baby! Love Shack baby!
Love Shack, that's where it's at! Love Shack, that's where it'sat!

Huggin' and a kissin', dancin' and a lovin', wearin' next to nothing
Cause it's hot as an oven
The whole shack shimmies,
when everybody's movin' around and around and around!
Everybody's movin', everybody's groovin' baby!
Folks linin' up outside just to get down
Everybody's movin', everybody's groovin' baby
Funky little shack! Funky little shack!

Hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail!
I got me a car, it seats about 20
So come on and bring your jukebox money.

Well the Love Shack is a little place where we can get together
Love Shack baby, Love Shack bay-bee.
Love Shack, baby Love Shack, Love Shack, baby Love Shack!

Bang bang bang on the door baby! Knock a little louder sugar!
Bang bang bang on the door baby! I can't hear you!
Bang bang! On the door baby
Bang bang! On the door
Bang bang! On the door baby
Bang bang!
You're what?... Tin roof, rusted!
Love Shack, baby Love Shack, Love Shack, baby Love Shack!
Love Shack, baby Love Shack, Love Shack, baby Love Shack!
A lot of love at the love shack

Have a great one everyone...this rusty tin roof has to get to Curves! :-) Ei

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wheew -- just a quick pop-in - great to see fantastic photos and such chatter!! I will go back thru as soon as I can to see what everyone really had to say -- I had to zip to PA to visit the parents quickly this weekend so I've been out of the loop. Funny, though, my brother is now into collecting conifers and had to give me his "grand tour" of all his new acquisitions. I kidded him just last year that he had a gorgeous property, but it was a bit boring w/ the "gas station" look of many, many immaculate borders w/ annuals and hosta, hosta, hosta (& most only 1 or 2 kinds!).... so guess I got him thinking and before I know it.... he's exploded into shrubs and conifers. So, now we actually have something to talk about for a change, besides "family" issues.... I admit he's doing a really nice job - he calls it "therapy" - I laughed, and told him welcome aboard the garden obsession.

-- Good to see so many photos -- LOVE that possible new house, Taryn, happy anniversary Marian, and I know I have lots more to see and read.

Have a great day - Im kind of dragging physically (I hate the 3 hour trip up and back and rotten bed to sleep in there!), but it's in the 40s here and I hear whispers of it hitting 70 at weekend! woohoo!!

I do believe, however, a Coleus 10-step program is needed for several idyllers.....


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Good morning!

I just have a moment to pop in, but wanted to send birthday wishes to Honey......I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I finally made connection with my internet server. They must have been off for maintenance , or something. It was 7:30 before they 'recognized' me! Bummer, espacially since it isn't one of my better mornings. Maybe the taco salsd finally caught up with me?

Taryn, how sweet of you to post that coleus pic for our anniversary. Nice assortment. I frequently started them from seed. You are so right, they are very easy, and so fun to see what all combinations you will get. I always ordered a mixture.
Thanks to everyone for your anni greetings. We no longer make a big deal out of it. It is more of a case of endurance!!!

Marie, I'll trade you.... a dozen deer for your 6 turkeys. lol. I haven't heard the local turkeys yet this spring. They seldom are where I can see them.

Deanne, sorry about the losses and damage of your plants. I have noticed similar problems in my beds. I cut one spirea completely down, in front of the house. It was so tacky looking. I am going to move/remove it. I had two...both in front of the house, and they are not the prettiest shrubs for foundation plantings. I got the starts from Tim's former home in Little Rock. I am thinking I want some sort of flowering evergreen there. I have always wanted to try a Kalmia,a Leucothoe, and a Pieris. Another Azalea would be okay , too.
Do any of you have any of the 3 first ones that I mentioned?
I could just have dwarf evergreens that don't bloom, but prefer bloomers. Oh, I almost forgot about Oregon Grapes. I need to do some more research. With our acid soil the members of the heath family might be a good choice.

It's a lovely sunny morning, and will get into the 50s or higher. I'd better spend some more quality time outside.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A quickie, but I had to share this story for Sue:


Even if you aren't a skier, you'll be able to appreciate the humor of the slopes as written by a New Orleans paper:

A friend just got back from a holiday skiing trip to Utah with the kind of story that warms the cockles of anybody's heart.

Conditions were perfect...12 below, no feeling in the toes, basic numbness all over ... the "Tell me when we're having fun" kind of day.

One of the women in the group complained to her husband that she was in dire need of a rest room. He told her not to worry, that he was sure there was relief waiting at the top of the lift in the form of a powder room for female skiers in distress. He was wrong, of course, and the pain did not go away. If you've ever had nature hit its panic button in you, then you know that a temperature of 12 below doesn't help matters. With time running out, the woman weighed her options. Her husband, picking up on the intensity of the pain, suggested that since she was wearing an all-white ski outfit, she should go off in the woods and no one would even notice. He assured her, "The white will provide more than adequate camouflage."
So she headed for the tree line, began lowering her ski pants and proceeded to do her thing. If you've ever parked on the side of a slope, then you know there is a right way and wrong way to set your skis so you don't move. Yup, you got it!!! She had them positioned the wrong way. Steep slopes are not forgiving ... even during the most embarrassing moments. Without warning, the woman found herself skiing backward, out-of-control, racing through the trees ... somehow missing all of them and onto another slope. Her derriere and the reverse side were still bare, her pants down around her knees, and she was picking up speed all the while. She continued backwards, totally out-of-control, creating an unusual vista for the other skiers. The woman skied back under the lift and finally collided violently with a pylon.
The bad news was that she broke her arm and was unable to pull up her ski pants. At long last her husband arrived, putting an end to her nudie show, then summoned the ski patrol. They transported her to a hospital.

While in the emergency room, a man with an obviously broken leg was put in the bed next to hers. "So, how'd you break your leg?" she asked, making small talk. "It was the stupidest thing you ever saw," he said. "I was riding up this ski lift and suddenly, I couldn't believe my eyes! There was this crazy woman skiing backward, out-of-control, down the mountain, with her bare bottom hanging out of her pants. I leaned over to get a better look and fell out of the lift." ......

"So, how'd you break your arm?"

I haven't read, but did see those turkeys! Cool.

Lots of sandhills around here over the weekend.

Back later...


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Good Morning Idylls,

A container garden for Marian & Nolon, Happy 49th Anniversary!

And Honey too, Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my mom.

My cold's better today. Yesterday it was miserable. Not much going on here. We were supposed to get some snow but so far it's a no show. I did drag myself out and picked up some dahlia tubers yesterday, Kelvin Floodlight, Thomas Edison, Lavender Perfection and Otto's Thrill. While I was out I stopped to mail some things and when I rolled down the window it wouldn't go back up so we had to take the car in this morning. Turns out the window motor burned out to the tune of $225. Why am I translating that into how many plants it would buy, lol? Bella had her one year checkup this morning and Megan called to say everything was fine except she's small for her age, only 18 lbs and 27". So the Dr. scheduled her for some blood work next Monday. Now I'll be worrying about that. He wants us to feed her an extra meal everyday too. I haven't had a chance to read what you all posted yesterday so I'll be back later.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)


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Just a note for now.
Happy Birthday Honey.
Happy Anniversary Marain and Nolan.
Taryn, I love the house.

In Honor of my Brother Bill. He didn't make it.
Thanks for everyones concerns. Norma

And for you guys that are still waiting for your crocus to bloom.

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Norma, hugs to you and my sympathy.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hello, all. I think Im caught up. As to whats going on here -- there was an ad in yesterdays paper for a job that I just HAD to apply for. It would be perfect for my skills and experience. The only hang up is that it requires a Commercial Drivers License, which I dont have as yet. I went to the local copy center this am and faxed in my resume. I tried 4 times yesterday but wasnt able to get thru. I was successful today. While I was out, I picked up a CDL manual and will go for the test regardless. Perhaps itll work out and I could get some remodeling projects done around here. Well see.

Our tax guy passed away last year, so DH did a rough estimate. Somehow I dont think were going to get a $25,000 return! Since I dont want to go to jail, I made an appt. and we had our taxes done Sat. And no, were not getting that large a return! At least we dont have to pay.

DD was going to take me to lunch today, but we just rescheduled that for tomorrow. And I finally cleaned out my email this am. Sheesh. It was overloaded.

Deanne, gorgeous fuchsias! What a treat today, as s*** flakes are coming down. BTW, I, too, love those cannas with the dark purple leaves. I saw some dwarfs in one of my catalogs and thot Id like to include some this year. Oh wait, theres no budget. Good for you getting a pedicure isnt it heaven? I think Im going to schedule one once a month. I had a manicure and ped last Wed. so I have good feet for my sandals in Phoenix next week.

Michelle, such a sad sorry about the Matron of Honors loss. Perhaps it was good she had the wedding to help distract her. It just broke my heart heading about it.

YES, YES, YES. Id love some Thomas Edison and Bellinis if you have extras. I just love those Dahlias. And Ill have to make a trip to HD this week. Thanks for the reminder. We removed the "Hit me now" sign from the car. Sheesh.

Marie thanks for the pix. Im moving toward hot colors, too. Turkeys, cool! Does Charlotte chase them? Hope your new furbbies have recovered from their surgery. Hope you got a discount for doing two of them at once! And oh, yum, yum. Your dinner sounds heavenly! What a treat. And I just love Kitchener. We spent 2 days there for the Oktoberfest a number of years ago. What fun. The whole town turns out. We also learned something there, too, about food. We learned NOT to order a "Hamburger", b/c you get a pork burger. Not quite the same taste!

Eden, hope your feeling better! Are you using the Zicam? Im so glad Bella was good so you didnt have to chase her around and could rest. Thanks so much for the offer of the coleus cuttings. Ill take you up on it. Can you believe that the temps are supposed to get close to 60 degrees this week? How fabu if this is all the winter were going to get. My tulips and daffys are sprouting. BTW, you will just LOVE the Dahlias you chose. Thomas Edison isnt as large a bloom as Kelvin or Otto, but Oh the color. Youll just love it.

Norma thanks for the encouragement on my weight loss. Its a drop in the bucket compared to what I need to lose, but definitely some headway. Oh, sorry about the news of your brothers surgery. I hope hes doing well and gets better soon.

Mary, your walk in the woods sounds like a real treat for the kids, especially the birds eating out of the kids hands. How neat.

Marian, yep the Grand Marquis is a great car. Its mileage is rated 25 hwy/17 city not bad for such a tank. Friends have one and it actually gets 27 on the hwy. same as the Taurus its replacing. Itll be great having a nice car to go out in. LOL about your resolve NOT to give in to plant temptation! Remember, we know you, lol! I dont believe it for one minute.

Happy anniversary, Marian and T! It wont be too long before these are in bloom!

Brenda thanks for the info on eating dinner and dessert within an hour. Ill hurry up tonite! DH is taking me out to dinner to a really nice restaurant and Im sure hell order us a Grand Marnier Soufflé w/vanilla sauce for dessert. OMG, I cant imagine the calories.
Babs, oh, I hope Chris doesnt have Macular Degeneration. If so, since Chris is so young, you should look thoroughly into the cause. My brother was also in his early 40s when he was diagnosed and his is from histoplasmosis which we think was caused by him being around duck/geese poop when we were young. We had ducks in a swamp behind our house and the ducks used to frequent our back yard. Also, my DB fished a lot at a nearby pond filled with geese and ducks.

Histo " is caused by spores that grow in soil and material contaminated with bat or bird droppings. Spores become airborne when contaminated soil is disturbed. Breathing the spores causes infection," which results in mild flu-like symptoms. But the long-term damage can come to light later in life and show up in internal organs lungs, liver, etc., or in the eyes. My DB got into a study and was treated with a COLD LASER, (hot lasers destroy vision) which has stopped further deterioration of his macula.

Taryn, re the former chicken farm near the prospective house, read above. Im sure youll check it out thoroughly. Charming house! Gorgeous built-ins. Maybe this is the one! Any offers on your house?

Wow, V, what a weekend! How neat to hear the concert and meet the artist in person! Loved the Starbucks story, too. And how neat is that that youll have a dining room table made from wood on your property! Your comment about the squishing, echos my thot exactly. I really do think some techs are better than others. Still, there has to be a better way! Id bet if the guys had to have "squishing", theyd find one pronto! OMG, that ski story is an absolute riot. Its a real belly laugh!
Sue, glad you had a fun time skiing, shopping at the boutiques and brunching at your fav restaurant. I think my cousin in NJ has a ski home near where you went skiing. Ill have to ask her. Im sure its gorgeous. Her DH is a cardiologist.

Martie, have you recovered from your cold? I remember you were sick last week.

Thanks, Ei, for your good wishes on the car. Another of the reasons we have the type cars we do is that my DB and good friends who we occasionally take with us are 65" and 66" respectively. They dont fit in smaller cars! Re the Dahlias, youll love Art Nouveaux and Bellini. I think I like Bellini as much as Fascination, if not more so b/c its so floriferous! Thank you Deanne, for putting me on to it.
Cindy, lololol re the 10-step for coleus idyllers! Thanks for the laugh.

Thank you T!!!! Gorgeous tulips. Are they at your house!!!!! And thanks Eden for the b'day wishes, too.

Hi to Wendy, Grace, Brenda, Michelle and anyone else I may have missed. Gotta go get dressed for my nite on the town!



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Oh Norma, I'm so sorry. My condolences to you and your family.


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Norma - I'm so very, very sorry for the loss of your brother. Please know my thoughts are with you. That must be awful news to hear by phone. The shining crocus is a lovely tribute.

I'll be back with birthday/anniversary cards and wishes later. Thinking of all.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Norma I'm so very sorry. Was this sudden or had your brother been ill? Hugs to you from CT also.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Norma...Im *so* sorry! My heart and thoughts are with you today. I wish there was more that I could say, just know we are all thinking of you...Ei

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Honey!

But in peeking here again, I see that Norma has had very sad news. Im so sorry - my thoughts & prayers are with you and your family, Norma.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)


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It is 50 degrees here, so I opened 2 windows in the office. The fresh air is so nice. We had new carpet installed in the basement last week and they also painted. The glue and paint smells are getting old. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, Ill bet that things start greening up. I am getting gardening fever quite badly.

Eden, those containers are fabulous. Is that ornamental millet in the first one?

Ei, I absolutely love the picture with the Illustris Elephant Ears. Are they hard to carry over? Some are quite expensive and it wouldnt be so bad if you can use them several years. Do they multiply like other bulbs? Your urn planting is great too. Very tropical looking.

Honey, I hope you are having a wonderful, special day. What kind of job did you apply for that you need a CDL? Im dying of curiosity. With a $25,000 refund, you would really have a plant budget. LOL

V, the table made of your oak tree will be very special. We have a grandfather clock that Ricks son made from a walnut tree from our property.

Taryn, the house looks fabulous. I hope it all works out for you.

Marie, great turkey pictures. We still have our resident 2.

Babs, I sure hope that it is a misdiagnosis for Chris.

Marian, congratulations on 49 years. How sweet of those ladies to make your day special.

Cindy, how neat that your DB has been bitten by the gardening bug.

We just had 5 dozen daffodils delivered for the American Cancer Society fundraiser. They should make the office look springy when they open up.

I'll find a birthday picture when I get home. Coffee break is over.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


From me and a honey bee...


P.S. we got the house! more later

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Norma, just scrolled up to start to read today's posts. I'm so very sorry to hear about your DB. Thoughts and prayers going out to you...

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I've been so lazy today. I've done just about nothing, just a little laundry and finishing up a couple of plant orders. I think as soon as I send these orders in I'm done. I ordered almost all tropical and container garden stuff and did really well not ordering any shrubs and very few perennials this year. But if I'm going to keep myself to 50 container gardens I'm really going to have to pack those babies in, lol.

Ei, I wish I could plan out my containers over the winter, but it's hard for me to decide what goes where without seeing the plants together in living color. I like to get together all of the plants I've chosen and then pretend I have my own private little nursery of all of my favorite things to pick from when putting them together. Thanks for the info on Cranberry Sun. I love your container garden pics too.

Babs, Glad you and Chris got to have a fun evening out. I would love to see a performance of Love Shack. I sure hope they made a mistake with Chris's eye test.

Honey, ok what kind of job are you thinking of getting yourself into now, lol? Have a nice dinner out with Tom. I know you will.

Michelle, how are your projects coming. Will we get to see pictures when they're done? Hope so.

V, thanks for the ski story. It gave me a good laugh. What a cool idea for your dining room table. Bet it will be beautiful.

Cindy, Brad thinks I need a 10 step program for gardening in general. How cool that your brother's getting into gardening too. I would just love it if either of my sisters would.

Mary, I've been wondering how Ruth and her family are settling into their new home? Are they liking it there?

Hi T, what's up?

I know I missed comments, that always happens when I skip a day here. I've loved all of the pictures today. Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you guys. I found a new, to me, source for cannas that I'm thinking of ordering from. I'll link to it. There are 5 or 6 I've found that I must have: aries, beloved, pink sunburst, pisces, and snow dragon are on my list.

OK that's enough babble from me for now. Have a good evening,


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Taryn, Yes! Good for you guys! And Spring will be a great time for your move! BTW, I loved the pictures of it. All that wood is incredible and what a beautiful light fixture.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Norma, so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

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Norma I'm so sad to hear about your brother. Hugs to you. We're here if you need us.


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Happy Anniversary Marian and Nolon!

Happy Birthday Honey

Tonight was one of those evenings when too much was happening - David's Drama club, rehearsal for the memorial concert, a quick supper then a rescheduled violin lesson. We're done and I'm pooped.

Hope to be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone else.


PS Taryn - congratulations!!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

(((((Norma))))) So sorry to hear about your brother.

While this group is great about sharing words of encouragement when times are tough, sometimes you share the wrong kind of encouragement. I went to Farm & Fleet to buy dog food, and just inside the door all the bulbs were on display. Golly gosh, there's that Thomas Edison dahlia. And Smokey and Hawaii look pretty cool, too. And look! Elephant ears...

So I've never tried dahlias before; this will be another experiment for me. I think I'll plant one in honor of Norma's brother Bill.

Deanne, I have to give you an orchid update. My one and only phal very definitely is getting a new flower spike. At first I was afraid that it might be wishful thinking because it was showing up in the right spot, but now it is far enough along that I can tell it's different from an air root. I'm excited!

Taryn, how exciting about the house! More details, please!

I have to keep it short, as I'm doing a small financial report for a volunteer group tonight.

Tomorrow should be a calmer day! I'll post some pics with belated good thoughts tomorrow.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I'm really bushed, it's been a long day. No time to read or write, but I didn't want to let the day pass without wishing Honey a Happy Birthday! Did enjoy all the beautiful pictures...

Thinking of you are in my prayers tonight...

Good Night All! Ei

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My thoughts are with Norma at this time...

Today is the last day of my brother's visit. He made a ginger/squash soup for us last night. And that leads me to thinking about Honey's dinner out last night. Hope it was super!

This is for both of you fine buddies-!

I'm off to start my day...I hope everyone has a good one!

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((((Norma and Family)))))

Happy Birthday Honey!! (No pics yet, HP high-end digital we got came broken so we're in the process of exchanging.) I'm thinking bright thoughts for you, though.

Congrats Taryn!!

Not much new here. Quick garden walk late yesterday resulted in comments like Deanne's with a few four letter words thrown in. Only real concern is with Dianthus at this point. Everything else should rebound or is easily replaced. Walkway is going in week of March 22. Material choices down to bluestone or an irregularly shaped paver in a terra cotta/grey coloration. Think we'll end up with both somehow. Rich can "see" it and I trust his taste, though I'll be supervising the actual in-the-gardens placement.

Bright, sunny day here but may just crack 40degF. The lamb part of March can't come soon enough.

((Charlotte)) The turkeys will go away, soon.

All the pics are stupendous!

Good wishes to all!! (Marian, Deanne and other orchid enablers -- was $3 short to get an awesome Phal as a try-it-out yesterday and refused to go back to the car for plastic. But, today have to go by the same nursery ......Rich is designing a bench to go along a west window. This is what they need, right??)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Has anyone else heard about this? It was posted on the New England forum. Gardenweb as a GE


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I'm so sorry to hear about your brother....


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

((((((((Norma)))))))). Im so sorry to hear about your brother. I see you posted just before I did yesterday and I didnt see your awful news. "Wishing you peace to bring you comfort, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to hold forever in your heart." Brothers are special and I send my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Thank you, thank you, everyone for the bday wishes. What gorgeous photos. They make me yearn for summer and prove once again what I piker I am at photography!

Congratulations TARYN! How fabulous you got the house!!!!! Any deals on yours?

Dinner last nite was scrumptious! I used up all my calories for the next month and have a bit of a hangover from two Golden Margaritas. OMG, they were soooo good. We had baked filet Dover of Sole, an Asian veggie medley, and DH arranged for the owner to come in to make the Grand Marnier Souffles (not on the menu). That dessert probably has the most calories and cholesterol of any in existence, but, what a treat! Im going to have to turn into a salad to make up for it all, but it was lovely.

Sue you beat me to posting that link I saw that article, too. Guess well have to brace ourselves for changes again. Grrrrrrr.

Cindy, thats great about your brother liking conifers. You guys can trade expertise and plants. What a bonus. Im really getting into textures and want to add more conifers around here.

Michelle, I havent yet applied for the job, just sent in a resume. With thousands and thousands out of work in this area, itll be a miracle if they call me but I had to try anyway. The job is for an operations supvsr over drivers of a fleet of limos and luxury buses for VIP travelers and events. The nuts and bolts of it is almost a mirror image of my job before I retired. The CDL w/passenger endorsement is probably so that I could jump in and drive if someone didnt show up or to supervise on-site at an event. I heard yesterday that the owner is a bear to work for. My thot is that its a job, not a career. If it doesnt work out, its no biggie. Meanwhile, I can generate some nickels for extra stuff like deck repair or a patio, plants, etc.

Eden, so that's what I'm up to now! You are too funny, but right on the mark. I'm always into something and it will be a challenge to find time to work again, lol.

Wonderful V, you got a Thomas Edison. I put 48" tomato cages around mine. Cut off the bottom ground spikes and bend them to anchor the cage upside down. I sometimes have to also stake the cage so it doesnt topple over. Oh, its so fun to be an enabler!

Oh, Martie, please take some pix of the walkway design. It sounds beautiful. How great your DH is so talented. Mine contributes "bull-work", but has no eye for design. Hes all function, lol. I think we may not be able to repair our deck (its sinking). If thats the case, Id prefer to replace it with a raised patio. Im going to call several places this week to come out and give estimates.

Hi to all. Gotta run and hop into the shower. I have to follow DD to the shop to have her car repaired and then later we're going to lunch for my b'day -- a BIG salad for me. Tootles, y'all.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I want to add my hearty thanks to all that posted lovely pics, and sent good wishes for our 49th. It was great of you all!

Today is my day in town... so I will chat with you all later.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning all!

Saw a weather forecast for the weekend, should be high 50's to 60 here on Saturday! I have to attend a wedding shower though, figures.

I am very anxious for spring. I'm tired of my winter coat and wearing turtlenecks, and I want to see color in my yard again! I started some seeds on Sunday, and I was in the basement last night checking for germination.

Michelle, what a sad story about the bride's sister - how heartbreaking. On a lighter note, my Heuchera Peach Melba was a wimpy last year, but it was in a container being shaded out by a monster canna. H. Creme Brulee did much better for me.

Babs, I hope Chris's test was wrong- thinking good thoughts for both of you. My grandfather had macular degeneration, and my mother is showing signs of it as well. The Dr. advised Mom to eat lots of spinach and take a certain vitamin (I have to check which one)to slow the progression.

Taryn, congrats on the house! It looks like a beauty, I love all the wood and built-ins, and the light fixture is adorable. I love brick houses - my house is red brick, built in 1939. The light-colored brick is stunning - your garden will look outstanding with that for a background.

Deanne, LOL on the Bobcat - I envy you actually. My DS has offered to rent one to dig pond for me - when we find a place that will rent to an 8-year-old we're in business! Last year I started my begonias in trays with seed starting mix on the heating mats, under the lights. I read somewhere that the heat is good for cannas too. I started out with pots, but the heat was not reaching the tops of the pots so I switched to the trays.

Ei, love the container pics. How do your store elephant ears? I'm pretty sure my Illustris did not make it. It started to mold in the container, then I think it got too dry when I removed it.

Marian, good to know that you find spirea is not a good foundation plant, I'll keep it in mind. One of the foundation shrubs that DH removed here was a kalmia - it was pretty, but just too big. The trunk on it was huge - it had probably been here since the beginning. There are dwarf varieties of all the shrubs you mentioned, if size is a factor.

Well, have to run now - will post a pic on the other thread for Honey and Marian, then off to work.

Have a great day all!


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Good morning.

Norma, I'm so very sorry to read of your brother's passing. You've been in my thoughts a lot in the past day.

Marian....belated happy wishes to you & Nolon on your 49th Anniversary. It sounds like you have wonderful friends to have provided you both with such a nice anniversary meal.

Honey, I like your DH's new wheels. It looks lovely, lush and very comfortable. I'm glad it is going to be good armament around your hubby for those times that his vehicle is sporting the "Just Hit Me" sign. Oh, the photo of the tulips is one from my visit to Australia......if you ever see gorgeous flowers you can be assured that I didn't grow them and they are not at my home. :o(

Sue, I hope you have a wonderful vacation with no on board germs flying with you & Tom, no injuries and the vacation home looks very nice.

Oh! Congratulations to Taryn on the lovely home, it has some gorgeous woodwork and it looks like it will have lots of room for the boys to play and for you to beautify with your green thumbs (and fingers!).

I'm not going to be around much, but will read as I'm able.

My best to all......

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Taryn...I can't wait to hear more about the new house-how exciting!! Is it far from where you are now? Please let us know how things are going.

Michelle-those sprouting seeds in my garden are definitely the lupines-such sturdy plants. I tried to germinate a few indoors to see what they'd do and they are the same as the ones in my garden: )
(I know I get excited about small things lol)

Mary I like those exotic pics you posted: )

I've been a bit preoccupied with this macular degeneration stuff-doing computer searches. It doesn't make sense that chris would have this because he doesn't have the risk factors. What has him worried is that the screening test that detects MD does show distortion in his eyesight(as a comparison mine showed nothing). So far I haven't found info that gives other possible causes for his screening results. I guess I'll have to cross my fingers for the next week. Not liking this-he really doesn't need this worry right now. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Eileen! So did you know that "tin roof--rusted" means you're pregnant? I was cracking up when you said: "...this rusty tin roof has to get to Curves" Is there something you want to announce? Do we need to plan a shower?; )lol
It's not hard to root fuchsias. If you have a new stem that is about six inches long just snip it above a pair of leaves and remove a couple bottom leaves from the cut stem so they aren't immersed in water. I just stick the glass of stems in water on the window sill. In a week or so little root nubs will appear and then they grow like nuts. So that's how I do it anyway.

Sue have you tried the hottub yet? I bet you are having a wonderful time!

HI Marian!! It's 10:08am,do you know where your car keys are? ; ) Hey believe me I've done odd things like that-leaving my house keys in the lock outside for a whole day and that was because I was probably tending to the kids or something happened that took my attention away. I bet it was something like that so don't worry too much.

I've just loved all these springy bday/anniv. cards-soon we'll be seeing the real stuff! Am I prematurely optimistic?'supposed to be 60F on Fri!

Have fun today


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning Idyll,

It is turning into a beautiful sunny day here with temps supposed to get into the 40s.

Oh Norma, Im so terribly sorry about your brother. ((((Norma))))). As I was enjoying the sun coming up this morning I was thinking of you and how after the death of a very close loved one it seems so strange that the sun continues to come up and the skies are still blue. It always seems strange to me that the world continues to move on as it always has and always will when your own life is so ripped apart.

Eileen, I just love all your container pics! Please tell me what is that fabulous coleus in the arrangement with the Tropicanna canna? I would love to have one of your Illustris Elephant Ears if youve got extra. I was actually thinking of buying that one this year so Im excited that you have some. I always enjoy having plants that have come from friends. They are so much more special to me because I always think of the friend who shared with me when taking care of them. ~~ RE cuttings from fuchsia, I just cut off a new growth with at least four to six sets of leaves, make a sharp diagonal cut in the bottom of the cutting, strip off the bottom sets of leaves and put in water or rooting gel. Ive had equal success with both. This time of the year the stored fuchsia are putting up soft new growth like crazy and that roots up very quickly for me. After I see active roots growing I pot them up in tiny pots. Fuchsia resent over watering more than anything so the smaller pots need watering more often but they keep me from over watering the babies. In a few weeks youll notice lovely new roots on the surface of the small pots and then I move them up. ~~ I looked up that Clair de Lune and I love it! Hoping to eventually get a cutting of that one from you.

T beautiful tulip photograph. Was that from your Oz trip last year???

Marian, bummer that youve got winter damage in your gardens as well. I do have a variegated Leucothoe and a couple Pieris. The Leucothoe is new to me and I only put it in last year so Ill see how it wintered over for me. Monique and Sue both have them. I put in a lovely variegated Pieris last year but it died in the drought at the end of last summer. I do have other varieties of Pieris that do very well for me, especially a lovely dwarf I have planted next to my small pond. Ill have to look and see if I have a pic of it blooming in the spring.

V. Funny skiing story! I love to laugh and you and Brenda always seem to provide a chuckle for the day, thanks. Congratulations on your new phalaenopsis spike! Neat-O! ~~ LOL about buying Thomas Edison, Ive been looking for it for two years, ever since I saw it in Honeys garden. She sent me one tuber of it last year but it didnt make it. I was really happy to have found it at HD. You must be careful about dahlias. They can become an obsession.

Cindy, how neat your DB is now a fellow garden person.

Eden, love those pics of your containers. ~~ Im so peeved that the container garden tread we did last year fell off the bottom of the list and is gone. When I finally had the time to get to it and make the container booklet I was going to do with the info it was gone. Drats. ~~ Thanks for the canna link, So many beautiful varieties! I actually found a short pink with burgundy leaves at HD the other day called Rosever. I hope the leaves are as dark as they look in the photos. That site I went to said it has green leaves but everywhere else and the packaging says it has burgundy leaves so well see. Hopefully it wont have yellow flowers like the supposed City of Portland I picked up at HD last year. ~~ Sorry about the window on your car. I hate it when something eats into my plant budget.

Honey, that job sounds tailor made for you. Hope it works out. ~~ I have TE and Bellini with your name on them. ~~ Glad to hear the sign is off the car now.

Michelle, Im envious of your 50 degree temps and the open windows yesterday. I think we are supposed to get that weather by Friday or Saturday.

Taryn, Congratulations!!!! Way to go! Details please?

Eden, ROTFLMAO!!! There is NO way you are going to keep yourself to only 50 containers. I just know it. After seeing your coleus list and fuchsia list and now youve ordered more tropicals???? Hmmmm. Well, Ill bet you didnt know you were a comedienne? !~ RE container design, Like you I have to have all my plans around me telling me who theyd like to be planted with. I wish I could plan in advance like Eileen.

Sue where is that weigelia? Is that on the right side of your house?

Wendy, me too! Im so anxious for spring this year. Ill have to have a long chat with your about tuberous begonias. I only have limited success with them and no success at all with wintering them over.

Babs, I sure hope the eye doc is wrong about Chris. That is a terrible worry. It is becoming more and more common and hopefully they will find a treatment for it soon.

OK time to get to work here. Have a great day everyone,

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Oops forgot to tell you Marian that Kalmia are adored by deer here. The deer seem to suck the leaves off. Twice they completely defoliated mine during winter that I planted a couple years ago and it eventually died so I decided not to plant another one. I did read that Pieris is deer resistant as is Leucothoe. Hmmm I think I read that Kalmia is supposed to be toxic to deer but I haven't found any deer carcasses; ) Deanne I'll bet your Kalmia was a native specimen-bet that was gorgeous-in the right location though. I bought Kalmia "Tiddley Winks" for my mom and it stays under three feet and blooms well.

~B....getting nothing done!

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Hi everyone.

Just a quick question. I have been trying to keep up, but sometimes feel like I am missing some of your postings. Just wondering if it is me trying to read fast, or my computer...

Babs, I can't find where you first posted anything about Chris and maculardegeneration, but now I sort of see followups? Sorry I didn't get to call you back last night. Things got a little zooey at my house after we talked. Skip is home this week, and I get so used to him not being there, that when he is I can't seem to get my act together and get things done as I usually do. Maybe because I don't usually cook dinner just for Sean and me. Everyone else flew the coop! He and I are having fun hanging out though...I eat cheese and crackers and an apple or something:) I could live on that and popcorn.

The other thing I seem not to see is Sue's reference to hot tub. Did you get a new one?

I just wondered if it was me or my computer:) Maybe I need to read slower.

By the way Michelle, Kenzie is so adorable in her little pink outfit!

Congrats Taryn on the acceptance of the offer on your house! It looks really cool.

Have to scoot!


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The March wind blows.

I just love birthdays here, what a treat for everyone.

Eden, you are such an enabler. I checked out the canna website and wow they have some great ones. My projects are at a stand still right now. I need to find a finial for the tuteur. The birdhouse should be painted and grouted. Ive been helping Rick in the garage. Sheetrocking isnt exciting at all. He has meetings tonight and tomorrow night, so Ill have some *me* time.

Deanne, maybe we could start another container thread, so that we can all have inspiration from each other before we start buying for this year. A bobcat huh, that Doug must be a softie ;o)

Taryn, congratulations, I look forward to more details.

Honey, your birthday meal sounds like it was special and delicious.

Babs, good news on the lupines. I wondered since the seed was from 2004.

Drema, dont you hate when you read that something was said and you cant find it.

Spring is coming...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Why is it that when I'm really slow, the idylls seem to drag, and then I get busy and the thread just goes ripping along? It's probably the same reason why the phone at work doesn't ring for hours and then all the lines light up at once.

We have a wonderful sunny day here, but the reflection off the snow is quite brutal. Oh well, the snow should be gone by the end of the day!

Drema, I suspect that you and Babs were composing at the same time and that your question on Chris is answered right above your post. But I'm stumped on the hot tub too! Generally I find when I start reading a little faster I miss details. I can relate to your problems in dealing with Skip when he's home for the week. I start kicking my DH out the door if he's home for more than two weeks!

Babs, I never knew that about the tin roof - rusted. Congratulations, Ei!

The exciting news is that today we have a new employee and I'm no longer the oldest in the office.

Deanne - do you want a Thomas Edison? There were more left at the store. I'd be happy to pick one up and mail it to you. Seriously!



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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Babs, I hope Chris gets good news at the retinologist.
Okay, now you're just gonna HAVE to get the two of you doing love shack on video and upload it so we all can enjoy it. DD and I both just adore that song :) I even found her a little decorative birdhouse on Ebay that has a "Love Shack" sign out front. I didn't know the meaning of "tin roof rusted"...DD and I never could make sense of that, lol! Thanks for the enlightenment!

Taryn, the house is just gorgeous! Great that it has all those unique features!

Marian, it's so good to hear about flowers popping up...spring is on it's way, I can hardly wait! Happy late anniversary to you and Nolan! Tell ya what, if you had a senior moment, and didn't get the ignition turned all the way off on the car, then I've had the same senior moment. Fortunately, when I did it, I was going right back out again soon after, so my battery wasn't dead. We leave the keys in the vehicles, too. Jim doesn't like them left in the ignition, so ya gotta put them in the change thing (that is wide open to view)...somehow he thinks that would make it more of a challenge for someone to steal it, lol! I just humor him.

Bug, the turkey pics are great! We've got quite a bunch of them in the neighborhood now. And, the pheasants are getting more plentiful. Hopefully, hunters won't blast them all back to extinction in the area.

Martie-Lol, you aren't kidding about 30 being a hard number. I'm sooo close! Thanks for the fish offer, I will keep it in mind. I love living out in the country, but selections of stuff at the grocery store aren't the greatest. When my friend, Diane, and I went to South Bend for the weekend, we were marveling at all the different produce available in a bigger city. Last night someone was cooking flank steak on the food network, and Jim and I both remarked at the same time that you never see it in the meat dept. at our store. Guess no one knows what to do with it, so they grind it into burger, maybe?

V-that is wonderful advice about what to tell someone. If they can't fix it, no point in making them self conscious about it. I did have to stop and wonder how many times I had worn a bathing suit and had the fringe hanging, lol! The how did you break your arm story is a hoot :)

Sue, it sounds like you had a lovely time on your trip. I don't blame you a bit for enjoying all the good eats. You have to take advantage of the opportunity when you have the chance!

Deanne, have fun with the bobcat! I've wanted one of those for years, but Jim says it's not practical. May have to rent one one of these times when he goes on a fishing trip. They look like they would be a BLAST to use.

The coleus pics are just beautiful! I have no luck at all with them :( They live, but they don't look happy about it. And, I'm terrible at overwintering plants in the house. I have a very small lemon tree, and a wandering jew that have so far survived the winter. That's more to Jim's credit than mine, though. He's much better about keeping them watered.

Happy Birthday Honey! Did you jam your dinner down your throat in less than an hour, lol? The only time I find it a challenge is at a restaurant. Since I hadn't been on the diet long, it was a bit of a challenge at Christmas, too. Jim's Mom has all kinds of food sitting around all the time, but I was able to fight off temptation. But, at a nice, leisurely restaurant meal, it's tough.
Interesting about the histo...I've never heard of it before.
Good luck on the job!

Yesterday afternoon, Jim and I headed to town. I needed a trip to the "bone crusher", and we went to Lowe's to pick up paint and stuff to do the bedroom upstairs. I'm GONNA be sleeping in a BIG bed before we start farming :) BTW, seems like someone...I'm thinking Sue, has a tempurpedic bed. How's it holding up..still happy with it??
I had planned to get some cheap carpet installed up there, but when I figured out how much that would be, we could do Pergo for not too much more, and that's a lot easier to deal with the dog hair. Our current bedroom always looks filthy. Two black dogs and off white carpet...SURE, why not!?
We also have to replace all the ceiling tiles in that room, from a leak years ago. And, Jim is installing a ceiling fan.
I probably should be up there filling nail holes, and getting ready to paint. I'm actually thrilled..for once, I don't have to paint the ceiling, and since I'm going to paint before he puts the new tiles up, I don't have to be careful, either. Should be almost enjoyable!
We didn't go look at beds while we were out. Jim would probably fall over in a faint when he sees how much mattresses cost, and I really NEED him in good shape to do the ceiling and stuff, lol! He's got a really bad sense of what things cost. If I asked him, I'll bet he'd think you should be able to get a set of KS mattresses for a couple hundred bucks, lol! And yet, he doesn't bat an eye at farm chemicals that cost a bazillion dollars a pint.
Once we get the bedroom moved upstairs, we can lay the pergo in our "old" bedroom, make that the living room, and then I have a DINING ROOM! I'm so excited about that. I love to have people over to eat, but just don't have room with the table in the kitchen. Also, I really need to stop watching so much food network. I would so love to gut the kitchen and do up a really nice one. And, I'm yearning for Calphalon pans. My SIL got me a chili pot and a skillet, and I just love them. They're so expensive, though. Just can't justify spending the money on them right now. I figure I'll replace my old ones one by one, slow but sure.

Okay, I'm gonna go load up the caulk gun and get to work. It's supposed to be pretty rainy for the rest of the week, so it will be a good time for us to get at it. Jim's out hauling manure right now, once that's caught up, I think he's ready to get at it, too.
Have a good day all, and an extra (((Norma)))

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I think the reference to the hot tub by a few is the one in the condo unit we have rented in Park City, UT next week. The link is posted at the beginning of this idyll. I'm trying not to look at the extended weather right now since we'll be leaving CT on a day that may hit 60 F and going to Park City where the high is predicted to be 28 F. What in the world is wrong with that picture?

Brenda, I love the Tempurpedic and I it really seems to have helped my back. Unfortunately I rarely spend an entire night sleeping on it because of Tom's snoring. I'm going to have to take Simply Sleep pills on vacation because there will be no guest room to escape to when the snoring permeates my earplugs. Between the snoring, what I think are minor hot flashes and restless dogs I never sleep more than a couple of hours uninterrupted at a time anymore. Surprisingly though I'm not tired during the day.

OK the boss is in Disney this week and I have to get statements out tomorrow. I caught him checking his e-mail yesterday and asked him why he wasn't out at Cinderella's cocktail party or some such thing. What, Cinderella doesn't host cocktail parties? With all those kids down there somebody should.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Just a quick check in this afternoon then back to work for me. It is a sunny and beautiful 42 degrees out at the moment and I succumbed to temptation and went outside for a little bit and pruned the wisteria. I couldn't help it. I kept telling myself that I had to get downstairs and get to work and then my feet just walked my body out the front door completely disregarding what my brain waws telling them. Jeesh, sometimes you have no control over those feet.

V, ROTFLOL, speaking of missing things in posts. I'd told Honey in one of my above posts that I'd FOUND Thomas Edison and that I bought extras for her so I don't need you to get any for me, but thanks a million for thinking of me!

Brenda, I simply can't wrap my brain around the fact that you don't have any luck with coleus. I grow them in more light than some do and keep them watered and fed and VOILA! Massive, fabu-fabu plants. Hmmm....perhaps they don't get watered enough? Same with trying to figure out why Ei and Marian have trouble with fuchsia. You are all great gardeners so I find it strange you have problems with what grows well here. ~~ Wow your bedroom/living room/dining room project sounds exciting. We had a very small eat in kitchen for 22 years before we put the addition on this house and I can't tell you how much we enjoy having a dining room. You are going to love it.

Eden, the main reason I'm posting this afternoon is I wanted to tell you that I just got in some new fluorescent light bulbs from Charley's Greenhouse and Supply and they are fantastic! They are also horribly expensive but they are supposed to last three times longer than the normal bulbs and they throw three times as much light! I installed them in my fixtures and it looks like daylight coming from those lamps. I'm over the moon with them. I like them so much I'm ordering another set to install over my painting table. It should be like light therapy in the winter to go to work down there. Maybe it will make it easier for me to get down to the basement.

OK must run to work now,

Later all, enjoy the day

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

okay, it's really not a very good day! If I read ALL of the sentences in Deanne's post, I can skip the trip to the store.

I've spent far too much time listening to music on hold with insurance companies!

V. the frazzled

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Greetings one and all ....

Angel rose seeds from Woody have started sprouting. Life is good.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Took my brother on an outing today. Come along and see what we saw!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Desi Arnez
We're having a baby - my baby and me
You'll read it in Winchell
We're adding a limb to our family tree

While pushing that carriage - how proud I will be
There's nothing like marriage
Ask your father and mother - they'll agree

He'll have toys, baby clothes
He'll know he's come to the right house
By and by when he grows
Maybe he'll live in the White House

Our future looks brighter
But definitely...
We're having a baby
We're having a baby
We're having a baby...
My baby and me!

Im thinking pink and Ill be registered at Target, if anyone would care to send something along...LOL! Babs I *cracked up* when I read your post this a.m., but couldnt comment then, cause I was running late for work. LOL I had *no* idea! I thought it was a poetic way of saying they were old, because they were worn out from dancing...LOL! Ive *never* heard that saying before and have been laughing (out loud) about it all day at work. People kept asking me what I was laughing about..."ah, nothing"... Actually, Id be thrilled! Not to actually *be* pregnant, but to be young enough to get pregnant! :-) BTW, thanks for the encouragement and tips on fuchsia cuttings. I think Ill have to wait a few more weeks before I have enough growth on my gartenmeister to make some cuttings, but I cant wait. I am *so* longing for spring....Ive got it bad this year for some reason. Ive never longed so much...hope it wont be a disappointing growing season!

So many beautiful pics for Honey...I love all the eye candy!

Hearing Eden and Deanne describe designing their containers with the plants at hand, reminds me of the old days when I had the gardening service. I know just what you meant Eden when you said "I like to get together all of the plants I've chosen and then pretend I have my own private little nursery of all of my favorite things to pick from when putting them together." And Deannes comment put a smile on my face too... "I have to have all my plants around me telling me who theyd like to be planted with." I understand totally! I remember the excitement and anticipation when the containerized perennials would be delivered to our customers blank slate garden. How satisfying to move around the plants in their pots, switching them here and there, until you got the *perfect* combination, spaced perfectly. It *is* a lot of fun moving the plants around to create that perfect design and is something I really miss about our garden biz. Of course the one thing I *dont* miss is digging all the holes, all the soil prep before hand and all the edging, mulching and watering and maintenance after...LOL! I think the worst part though was being too bushed to work in my own garden. Still, if I was about 20 years younger, I would definitely do it all over again (but with more help). There was a lot of personal pleasure and gratification working in that business and of course many joyful days spent with my best friend Anita! Not like the job Im doing now.

Mary...did you see? I am *so* tickled. My favorite movie of the year, the one I raved about to you last year; "Crash" won for best movie! I cant believe it...I didnt even know it was nominated! :-) I thought it was one of the most thought provoking, soul searching, movies I have ever seen. Not that that I cant appreciate "just being entertained" when I go to a movie, but there have only been a handful of films that I can think of that touched me in the way Crash did (another one for me was "Life is Beautiful"). Anyway, Im just so pleased for them. BTW, your pictures were gorgeous...I *love* the colors! And, you have to tell me...what is that *neat* looking foliage plant? Very cool!

Honey...How hard is it to build a raised patio? I dont think Ive ever seen one. I love my porch, but really dont like the deck out back. It is so much maintenance to keep it looking decent. In the next house, I will still want a porch, but would definitely go with a patio out back. BTW, how tall does Bellini get? Does it need heavy staking like the bigger dahlias?

Eden thank you about my containers plantings. Well, I *love* your container combos. They are so expressive and yet they are so different from one another. I love the "light" or shimmering effect of the first container with the tricolor potato vine that picks up the colors in your verbena and then the moody black purple majesty behind it all. Very elegant! Hey is that black stem elephant ears I see in the background behind the container in pic#2? I love the way those stems echo the color of that black potato vine you have next to them. How do you like that E.E.? I think Ill have to put that on my list...maybe for next year. Glad to hear your cold is better.

I think my sinuses are *finally* getting back to normal. Its probably just the 60s hippie in me, but if I didnt know better, Id swear there is a conspiracy and a cover up going on...LOL! Seriously though, I cant tell you how many people (in fact I think its nearly everyone I run into these days) have been complaining of constant sinus problems. A few years back when I first started having these problems, I didnt know anyone (other than my dad and brother) who had them. I thought it was just a "genes" thing for me. But, now days it seems like *everyone* I meet has sinus problems and cant get rid of them. Makes me think sometimes that maybe well hear something 15 years down the road, about how someone did something to the environment, released toxic fumes into the air, or something that are linked to all the sinus woes. Okay, Ill shut up now before you guys think Ive turned into some sort of paranoid radical!

Sue I sure hope the IVillage buy out wont represent more changes for the GW! Sympathies with the snoring hubby...I have one of those too. Luckily, there is one blessing in being deaf in one ear...I sleep on my good ear and most nights (unless hes doing the sonic boom snoring) I usually dont hear a thing! :-) BTW, loved your pic to Honey. The formatting is so looks like it could be a poster with the way you wrote the script and the faded edges. You guys are so creative!

Hi April! :-)

Taryn...I am *so* tickled for you you deserve it! Its a beautiful home and Im sure you will all be happy there. Such a warm place, just the kind of home I see myself in some day. Youll have to give us a complete tour, when you finally call it "home"! :-)

Deanne...planned or unplanned you have some of the most *gorgeous* container plantings I have ever seen! Whats this major digging you are doing? Whats in the plans? A berm? Another pond? Tell me, tell me, inquiring minds want to know. And what are you painting now? Thanks for sharing your tips on the fuchsias. Well good! Im glad you would like Illustris. Should I send it straight away? The coleus you were asking about is Freckles. I really liked that one when I saw it last year too. Very cheery and I really like the unique coloring with the yellow and orange marbling and small streaks of red. It was an impulse soon as I saw it I had to have it! :-) I just started some cuttings of it so they are pretty small, but I would be happy to send you a piece if you like.

Michelle Yep, thats exactly why Ive got bulbs like cannas, EEs, and dahlias...because you *can* use them for several years. The EEs do multiply, but probably not as quickly as Dahlias and cannas do. I dont think they are hard to carry over. After a frost, I dig them up, wash all the soil off them and then leave them to dry for a day. Then I put them to sleep in a cardboard box filled with hamster bedding. You can use anything really, perlite, peat moss, saw dust, etc., I just like the hamster bedding cause its cheap! :-) Heck, the cannas have even stored well without any covering at all...just threw them into a cardboard box once. Thats because I had run out of hamster bedding and was too lazy to go buy some more, but most years I store them in bedding too. Anyway, youre suppose to store them in a place that is cool, but not freezing. My basement works just fine for me. I spritz the bedding with a *little* water just before closing up the box. Then every couple of months I check on them, just to make sure they havent become desiccated or mushy and if they seem a little dry, Ill spritz the bedding again, just a little. I usually check them around Christmas and then again in February and March. By the end of March Im usually starting to pot them all up again. BTW, if you would like that piece of Tropicanna canna (if it starts growing), Id be happy to send it along to you. I may even have another Illustris to share too, but want to see it send out a shoot before I send it along. I think I should be able to tell in another couple of weeks whether they are "good to go". So just let me know... just something to get you started! ;-) Oh, I also have the plain green elephant ears if you would like some of those too.

Cindy, I think thats neat that your brother is getting into the gardening thing. Its really almost as fun to watch a new gardener grow as it is to "grow" in your own garden! :-) And now youll have so much more to talk about! :-)

Marian smiling about the shrubs you want. They are *all* shrubs Ive always had a hankering for too. Sorry I dont have any of those to share with you. Unfortunately, our soils are neutral and not really to their liking, though I do have one neighbor who has mountain laurel. My best friend Anita grew Mahonia while she was living out here. It really only "just lived" and never thrived (she fed it constantly with Miracid). But I loved that bronzy foliage and it was so gorgeous when in bloom. Another acid loving plant that I have always wanted is Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. I dont know what it is, but ever since seeing a picture of that plant many years ago, I have wanted it. And blueberries! Ive always wanted blueberries. Im getting wistful just thinking of all the plants I would grow if I had some acid! :-) ...the heaths, the heathers, the hollies, blue hydrangeas. And Japanese Iris...I would *love* some of those. In fact, I've been contemplating trying J.P.'s anyway, even though I know they arent really going to like it here. Of course I love all the plants I can grow here too, but why is it we always have a hankering for the ones we cant have? :-) BTW, I *love* the color combo in your pic for Honey! What a beautiful and unusual color combination. I love "surprises"(or was yours planned?). Ive got some master scheme to change an area of one of my beds to a soft yellow w/magenta theme. It all happened by accident. I have a trailing oenothera with beautiful, huge, cup shaped soft lemon yellow blooms. On the opposite side of that walkway I had some wine cups growing and some had managed to reach the other side by the oenothera. One day I caught them together and just loved it. This year I plan to add some Mirabilis Flying Colors (which are streaked with a combination of soft yellow and magenta) to the mix, along with some Thomas Edison dahlias and hopefully, if I can find them, some soft spoken yellow mums. The oenothera, wine cups, and four oclocks will bloom most of the gardening season and hopefully through the time when Thomas Edison and the mums do their thing. I guess Im a little geeky to get so pumped about it, huh? I cant help it, that kind of stuff just turns me on. I just hope my vision is as pretty in reality! :-)

Fantastic field trip GB and a great diversion...thanks for bringing us along! :-) BTW loved your picture of the cheerful violas. I have a soft spot for Johnny Jump Ups and Pansies. I love their smiling faces and seeing them brings memories of my wonderful neighbor Marge (who also loved them so) and my best friend Anita...our company logo had pansies on it and we always send a little something to each other with a pansy on it (our silent message of love and "thinking of you" to each other)! :-)

In honor of Crashs win....

In The Deep (from the movie "Crash")
by Bird York

Thought you had all the answers
to rest your heart upon
but something happens
don't see it coming, now
you can't stop yourself
now you're out there swimming
in the deep

Life keeps tumbling your heart in circles
till you let go
till you shed your pride and you climb to heaven
and you throw yourself off
now you're out there spinning in the deep

In the deep
In the deep
In the deep
In the deep

And now you are out there swimming
And now you are out there swimming
In the deep
In the deep

In the silence
all your secrets will
raise their weary head
Well you cant pin yourself
back together with who
you thought you were

Now youre out there living
In the deep
In the deep
In the deep

In the deeeeeeeeep....

And now you're out there spinning
Now youre out there swimming
Now youre out there spinning
in the deep

In the deep
In the deep
In the deep
In the deeeeeeep.....

Well, looks like this is going to be a crazy week at work, so I better get my beauty rest. Good night all! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning all, A lovely, sunny day is on tap here again today. It is going to be a struggle to keep my feet from walking me out the door. There are so many chores that are screaming at me from the garden to attend to. Sigh. OK work first play later.

Eileen, you are such a sweetie! I so enjoy your chatty posts. Currently I'm working on a box with an arrangment of fruit on the lid. I'm going to do some spongeing on the sides and hopefully get this done and out of here by tomorrow evening. ~~ If you've got extra 'Freckles' I'd love a piece. ~~ RE Colocasias, do you ever have spider mite problems with them? I had a heck of a population of mites on my 'Black Magic' and on my Brugmansias last summer and I'd sure like to prevent that from happening again this summer.

Bug, that looks so interesting. Must have been a fun day for you. Thanks for the link.

Whoops, almost forgot, Ei, we are planning on making a new border in the front yard in front ot he white fence on the opposite side from the driveway garden. I'm planning on it being about twelve feet deep and thirty feet long. I'm also going to enlarge the mailbox garden so the dahlias aren't so crammed in there this year. Last summer I planted those dinnerplates too close together and they didn't do as well as the previous year so I'm going to give them more room. I'd also like to widen the foundation planting on the right side of the walk by three feet or so. I don't know if we are going to get all this done this year but I have no tours or garden events planned so this is a good year to get some new beds in.

OK off to the paitning table. Have a great day all,

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning, all. Just a quick post before I hop on the treadmill. I have a ton of stuff to do today and DD is coming over so I must get this show on the road.

V, that ski story was a real hoot. I could see that happening!

Brenda, I have one of the Tempurpedic beds and dont know what Id do w/o it. Finally, I can sleep b/c I get relief from pressure points (hips and shoulders) from my arthritis. Both my DBs have one, too. We can hardly sleep when we travel. I heartily recommend them. Your remodeling project sounds terrific. How exciting. Itll be like having a new house! Keep us posted with pix.

Sue, Im sure Ill be in a hot tub in the evening sometime next week while Im in Phoenix. Its between 82 and 85 during the day there now yahoo!. Ill be thinking of you guys in the snow. But Im sure youll have a wonderful time. That condo looks fabulous. Ruths kids just got back from there this week and they were skiing in 40 degree weather.

Speaking of weather, its supposed to be 60 degrees Sat! Wow, what a change in temps.

Marie, fascinating tour. What craftsmanship! Tell us more about where this is, etc.

Ei, Bellini for me got about 28", not like the dinnerplate dahlias which can get huge. Last yr. I put it next to "Fascination and Caryopteris "Snow Fairy" and loved it. It blooms its head off:

Deanne sent me some last year and every time I looked at that plant I thot of her and was so thankful she turned me onto it. BTW, I tried a "Crystal Blush" dahlia last yr and wound up pulling it out. It had tons of foliage but it hardly flowered even with bloom builder on it. Bellini is a far better one. Deanne, your sharing your gardening experience and tried and true hardy plants has been invaluable to me.

Re the raised patio, my deck isn't that far off the ground.

I think we could wall-in some crushed stone as a base and then top it w/a patio. If that's too expensive and our deck can be repaired, I might change it's design a bit by taking down the railings that impede our view of the garden and beyond. We'll see.

Well, gotta run for now. Hi to everyone. TTYL.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning, all! Great day here...I'm finally under 210..209.8! woo hoo! As soon as I knock off that .8, I will have lost 30 pounds :) And, I was able to get into a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in YEARS. Didn't even have to lay down on the bed to zip them up, lol!

Sue, I did some looking at the tempurpedic mattresses online last night. Jim was every bit as stunned at the price as I expected him to be ;) I'm going to have to spend some time laying around the furniture store, lol! Hm, wonder if they would find it rude if I brought a book and a cup of coffee, lol!?
Sorry to hear about the snoring thing. Jim and I both snore, although I'm not as bad now that I've lost some weight. Fortunately, I'm a really deep sleeper, so if it's a "normal" noise, I don't wake up. Interesting the way that works, because I always heard the slightest noise out of the kids, and one of the dogs whining or starting to get sick wakes me right up.

Well, Deanne, I would guess my lack of success with coleus is probably tied to my poor watering habits :( In my defense, though, up until last year, I had to haul water in gallon jugs, or string a hose up from the basement. Maybe I'll have better luck this year. I grow REALLY nice Russian Sage, though--not to mention how well sedums do for me :) I always have the coleus in windowboxes on the porch, those self watering ones. I use potting soil with slow release fertilizer already in it, but maybe they're not getting enough food? Or, maybe they need a bigger container. I have a feeling I'm going to be a lot more attentive this year, just have way more energy. Maybe tonight I'll hit the powerball, and I can hire someone to fill in for me in the tractor so my gardening doesn't have to be interrupted.
I'm almost as excited about a dining room as I am about the new bedroom. I found the kids' old high chair down in the basment, in excellent condition, except for being powerfully dirty. They had one of the wooden ones, it needs cleaned and a good rub-down with oil, then it can be in the dining room. Coming from a huge family, there's no shortage of little ones that need a boost up to the table. And, I'll be able to get a hutch and start using the china I've had packed up for ages and ages. It came from my Stepmom, and she used it every day. I probably will, too. It has apple blossoms on it, and I just love the pattern. When Ebay was just getting going, I got some great deals on extra pieces.

Bug, thanks for the field trip...that was cool!

Ei, I always loved that episode of I Love Lucy! It was a daily ritual to come home from school, watch WB cartoons, Gilligan's Island, and I Love Lucy. And, they hardly ever showed that one, and it was one of my favorites. That, and the one where they were going to CA, and stopped at that little place and got the rubbery cheese sandwiches.
Will you be using cloth or disposable diapers?? Gee, I'm not even sure I remember how to fold a cloth diaper. Mom taught me when I was little, I started getting nieces and nephews when I was 4, and thought it was such a good time to watch tv and fold diapers. Yeah, I was pretty easily amused...Dark Shadows and diaper folding, lol!
I hadn't heard of the movie Crash until I heard it won. I'll have to see it. I love a movie that makes you think. Pleasantville is one of my all time favorites-one I would love to see shown to HS kids and then discussed. Of course, I also love stupid humor that you don't have to think about. Airplane is a favorite of mine, along with the Naked Gun movies. Leslie Neilson is just a hoot!
I think I was born in the wrong time..I shoulda been a 60's hippie, lol! I just told DD the other day that the hippies are going to be the ones that were right. Organic gardens and tree could ya go wrong??? I always think of that old margerine commercial..."It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

Jim got a good start on his upstairs projects yesterday. We had more than a wealth of windows in this house, and when we sided, we covered some of them over. Now, one by one, we're dealing with them on the inside. I want the one in the bedroom boxed in and some shelves in it for my jewely box and other little gee-gaws. The demolition part is done, now he's boxing it in. He got a call from his cousin, and has to go help install drainage tile today.....grr! Today will probably be the only day this week they can do it, since it's supposed to rain, so I won't complain. There's stuff I can work on in the meantime.

Got a call from my Aunt last night. Mom got pretty sick yesterday. She has some kind of chest infection bug. Mom's going to be 80 next month, so nothing to fool around with. They've got her on antibiotics, prednizone (sp) and hooked her up with oxygen at home. Talked to Mom this morning, she's feeling better, but is really ticked that she can't go work out. There is a senior's workout place that they had been going to until Mom broke her shoulder. They had just gone and signed back up for it yesterday morning, then Mom got sick in the afternoon. She's too stubborn to be held back for long, though. She'll be back on the treamill before two weeks have passed, if I know her. I think it's great that there is a place like that for them to go, and they really enjoy it. The doc told Mom when she broke her shoulder that she'd probably never be able to raise her arm over her head again. Well, she's out to prove him wrong. Her goal is to be able to put her hair in rollers by the end of the month. She can get part of it done, and said it gets easier every time, and she's needing less help. She was also afraid she wouldn't be able to roll out pie dough. She called one day last week, and was SO excited, she had baked an apple pie. Peeled the apples and all. Lol, and Jim wonders why I'm such a stubborn's in the genes on both sides :)

Probably ought to get off my behind and get busy. Jim requested omlettes for supper, easy enough. Bless his heart, when I married him, he thought it was totally wrong to add cheese to eggs, let alone vegetables. Tonight we wants "one of those omlettes with cheese, onions, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes. Do we have any mushrooms??" They grow up so fast, lol!
Have a good day, everyone!

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Brenda, the new dining room will be great. We like pictures you know. My kids had a wooden high chair. I refinished the top, as it was pretty yucky. It looks great and is nice to have for the grandkids.
I actually cant imagine living on the farm without a bobcat. We use it for everything. Even non-gardening stuff. LOL
I admire your mom, I hope that I can have that kind of determination when I get old.

Ei, maybe well have to have the first Idyllunion baby shower. LOL Ive only tried a few cannas, 1 dahlia and one year some caldiums. I really havent been successful carrying them over, but I think its probably neglect. I have never misted them. Thanks for the tip on hamster bedding. I did order canna Pretoria. Illustris would be great, but I dont want to short you, so only if you have plenty. The green would be nice too. Your offer is very generous. Im thinking of a tropical spot somewhere. I also ordered the purple leafed castor bean seeds. If I have mentioned anything that you would like or if you see any perennials in my pictures that I could sent you a piece of, let me know. I do have some of the fancy leaf geraniums if you are interested. (If the cuttings take LOL) Im like Deanne, I think it is special to have plants in your garden from special friends. I actually have a chance to get some peonies from the house that my grandparents lived in and my dad grew up in. The single guy that lives there now is a friend of my dad and said he didnt care if I got some. Not that I need more peonies, but they were grandmas.

Honey, your picture of the dahlias is stunning. Next thing Ill be looking for dahlias. At one time I thought Id never mess with all these tenders. You all are such a bad influence on me. LOL
Is that how much snow you have now? We have none. I think a deck or patio without a railing would be nice since Im sure you have a great view from it.

Bug, the organ tour was so interesting.

Deanne, heres a picture of the canna Rosever that I had a few years ago. I really liked it. A 12 x 30 border is a pretty ambitious project in itself. Youll have to document it with pictures.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quick lunch check-in --

Taryn, love the new house! neat that you've gotten it - looks like lots of potential there!

V- I meant to tell you re the ski story - I was hooting w/ laughter -- what a vision!

Marie - that's a really neat set of photos re the organ -- I knew it was a labor of love for those artists -- amazing isnt it? I think I heard it's one of the arts that are being lost slowly, isnt it, as few want to learn to carry on in future generations?

Michelle - I have to tell you -- Im considering trying dahlias also after all the raves and incredible photos I've seen here -- after I'd sworn I wouldnt waste my time w/ such "labor intensive" bulbs...hmmmm.....still - maybe just a few to try out, right?

Brenda -- that is so fantastic about your 28 lbs -- wow, you and Gardenbug are doing amazing! Im inching away at 14 lbs but do feel that Im really committed this time to losing all that I need to -- but suspect it's going to take most of the year to really do so... but w/ inspiration like yours, I know I can do it. Im looking forward to feeling like a different person. Im sorry your Mom is ill -- hopefully she'll bounce back. Definitely sounds as though you two share that genetic stubbornness.

Deanne - wow - a new 30' border -- Im so envious! Sounds like you and Honey both have some ambitious garden plans afoot for the next year... I know you'll keep us posted w/ photos -- looking forward to seeing you in that bobcat!

Sue -- good luck and have fun on your vacation -- altho I would feel bad too leaving 70 degree weather for 20s... even for a hobby I liked!

Honey, I imagine you could do the gravel bed/stone patio w/ a sufficient retaining wall - I had to have a slightly raised brick patio done (w/ concrete base) - they convinced me it was too high (at about 15" on one side) to not make it reinforced base of the concrete - hence, it was a bit more pricey than I'd hoped for a sand/gravel base brick patio -- but now Im glad I did because there is NO maintenance to be done other than hosing it down from time to time to get dirt/debris off.

Ok, enuf for now.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, let me ask the silly question - is there a reason the patio would have to be at the same height as the deck, or could you have a step down from the sliding door?

I'm going nuts with computer issues that are proving difficult to solve. Time to get back to hitting my head on the wall!

Later, V.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

A couple of pics to show that I have not just rolled over and played dead !
The first is the pile of raw slabs from cousin Keith's saw mill:

The second is the lasagna beds I am making:

I have dragged 9 slabs from the pile to the beds, and need 3 more of the 8' long ones and 4 shorter ones. It is at least 120' from the pile to the beds. I have no idea how heavy the slabs are, but I cannot lift one. I just raise up one end and start dragging! As I said , these are raw slabs, still 'wet'. I would estimate they weigh well over 100 lbs. each. As the old saying goes..."Where there is a will, there is a way". It will not be very pretty structures, but they will contain the stuff I am putting in to them. I put cardboard and newspapers under most of it, and am filling them up with leaves, garden bed rakings, and old potting soil. I plan on buying commercial soil and manure to top them off.
At the risk of sounding whiny, it certainly is not easy, nor does it do my fibro, and arthritis any good, but it beats setting in the house and cracking up!
I have about got all of the beds cleaned out. They are looking much better. It is threatening rain ( we have had a brief shower, and we are under a severe storm watch.

If you look back at the first pic, you can see the pile of firewood that Nolon is cutting the slabs into. It is on the lefthand side. It is not as conventient to use as 'normal' firewood, but it is free. He will eventually haul it to the woodshed.

A strange thing is happening with my iris reticulata. I originally planted them on the southeast side of our Heritage Birch. This is probably the 4th or 5th year for them. They have almost petered out in that location, and are all on the opposite side! Now how in the world did they do that?

It is rumbling thunder again, so I must shut down.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Marian, maybe those aren't iris reticulata - maybe they're walking iris?


I finally resolved the worst of the computer issues and came up with a temporary work around for the second issue. But my brain is totally fried. so I'll try to keep this short and coherent.

How many Thomas Edisons do you need, Deanne? (kidding!)


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Whoops! Sorry Sue, I thought you were in UT already: ) Hey Drema,Sue's not in UT until next week, lol.

I am so guilty of reading so fast I miss or mix up info...never listen to me; )

Marian,Marian! You must be careful dragging those things!!!! You need a helper! I don't have fibro,yet I'd bet even I'd be hurting after moving those monsters!
Funny about your irises-could an animal have pulled them up and redistributed them? The deer are notorious for pulling out my rhizomes and I find them strewn across the lawn.

Ei-I've gotta tell you,just as you were laughing to yourself during the day I was too!I kept thinking you'd be ROTFL when you finally read my post; ) [I'm glad you are lol with us!]We love you! So think it's going to be a boy or girl? TWINS?
Re:paranoid radical-but you're a CUTE one lol. I do think there's something to what you said-I think there is evidence that allergies are on an increase compared to past generations-more asthma as well probably due to pollution but I often wonder how our processed diets contribute to general health probs and our ability to fight off illnesses....psst don't drink the water either. lol now who's paranoid?

Brenda Sorry that your mom is having troubles. I'm glad she was given treatment so promptly since she's older. Wow her determination is such a great thing,good for her! I hope she reaches her goal-I bet she does.
The thought of myself in a videotape singing Love Shack for people I KNOW to SEE,frightens me ever so slightly...! Lol I tend to hold the microphone AWAY from me so I don't a.)startle people with heart conditions or b.)make people cry from sheer It's best for my performance to only be seen by drunken audiences: )

I'm so scatter brained...did I hear Deanne say she's getting a bobcat to dig up the yard?? Very cool! I need a cherry picker to take down a tree...

This is the time of year when I can't imagine that the grass will ever grow and be green,the beds of dirt will have plants and flowers growing in them and I will be able to take a stroll with no coat should see all the winter debris I have to clean up-as long as it means spring is coming I guess I'm OK.

Oh Honey!I love that combo pic of the dahlias and caryopter.-I need to get that 'White Fairy'. I like how the mum buds lead into the variagation of the caryopteris.

Wendy-yes I've read that nutritional supplements do slow wet macu. degeneration. 'Wet' is the advanced version of the disease which involves actual blind spots in the central field of vision. I find it weird that supplements are not known to slow or prevent dry macu. degeneration which involves blurred vision-yet dry can evolve into wet. Maybe I read it wrong but that was the way it was described. Chris is so good at what he eats in the way of healthy food. Apparently the amounts needed to slow wet MD are much more than daily food intake offers. Lol tonight for dinner I practically made him eat a whole large head of brocolli: )


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Good evening

Ei - I was thinking of you when Crash won the award! DH and I both agreed it was one of the most powerful movies we've ever seen. I too was thrilled it won, even though I spent most of the time watching it in tears! I was also wondering if it would lose any of its power on DVD.

Eden - Ruth, BIL and the children are settling in to their new home and love the DC/Maryland area. Things are working out well for them meeting new neighbors and starting to make friends. However, I know they still mourn the loss of their old house and their life in New Orleans. My BIL was there last week to cover Mardi Gras for the Washington Bureau. The first thing he did was drive over to their wrecked house, which is still standing though in an area where power has never been restored. It was still very emotional for him. The Army core of engineers are starting to rebuild the levys but to 1959 specifications. Scary to think how soon before hurricane season begins again adn then what will happen.

Today the snow had mostly melted from the lawns and I spent a happy hour poking about in the beds and borders, then a less joyful time picking up the last few weeks of doggie-doo. I also stopped by HD and bought a Thomas Eddison Dahlia - woo-hoo! Hey V- shall I buy one for Deanne too?

There has been lots of fun talk I've enjoyed reading - sorry I don't have time to respond. Today was hectic at work and children's after school activities, and ended with a coaching session with my string quartet which was fun but tiring. I just need to finish a couple of emails for work before dragging myself off to bed.

Good night all


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Good morning! Drizzle here but Above Freezing!!! Was in southern Vermont yesterday and folks were running around in tee shirts. I think everyone in New England is just a bit antsy for warmth.

Love all the pics and talk of Dahlias and Cannas. Last year was the first year I tried either (Can you imagine gardening for 25+ years and never having Dahlias?? Me, either, now!!) Don't know the names, but they worked much better for me in the ground than in containers. Is there a trick to container Dahlias?

Re: Beds. We are scheduled to take a "Test Rest" on a sleep number bed. Because they are about the same price as the temperpedic, we figured we'd give both a try. The Temp. was comfortable but Rich rolls around a lot which meant that when he got into a good pose he'd stay there -- sometimes with his arm across my face, etc. So, we'll try the Sleep Number and see if the firmness I want is uncomfortable enough for him to stay on his side.

Have been getting calls from soccer moms. Some of them have been outright nasty about me not coaching this year. And why am I not doing it?????? LOL Seems some younger sisters of kids I've coached had their "hearts set" on me coaching and the attempts at severe guilt have made me want to scream. I finally said to one: "If you feel that strongly about a woman coaching, why don't you do it?" Dead silence on the other end of the phone. 'Nuf said.

Everyone's trips sound exciting and like adventures. I can see the travel vicariousness coming on!

Marie, that organ is amazing and I know your brother must have had a blast going to see the work. Some of the pipes are so tiny! Just when I think such craftsmanship is dying, I hear about another person carrying on the old traditions. Good!

Looking forward to hearing more about Taryn's house, Deanne's new border, Marian's lasagne beds (Be Careful, Friend!!!), Brenda's and Marie's exercise regimens and everyone's coming and goings. Haven't seen "Crash", yet but the lyrics to the music put me over the edge.

Best to everyone, enjoy your days ...


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Almost forgot (and didn't want to start a new Idyll LOL).

Have a gorgeous Papyrus that will end up about 4' tall. Want to use it in a container but it's doing well in water and won't be able to start even a small water garden this year. What could I plant with it that likes really wet feet in a container??


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