Is anybody here on a coumadin diet?

anneliese_32(6)March 10, 2011

My husband was put on a coumadin and low/no salt diet. Seems to me that whatever I could use to make the low salt food palatable, I run into forbidden seasonings (garlic, onion, celery, parsley besides vitamin k rich foods). If somebody has gone through that and has an idea for me, I surely would appreciate the help.

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Just started in January an use the list below for vitamin K.
Never have salted any thing but use Mrs. Dash for some stuff. There are a bunch of different ones. I think pepper is OK and some other spices. Prepared meals seem to be loaded with salt.
This is a good short article.
Can you tell me what I should eat while I am taking warfarin (Coumadin)? What foods should I avoid?
This is a site that has recipes.
Coumadin (warfarin) Diet Information

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA list for vit K pdf

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I also meant to add that my pharmacist that monitors my coumadin levels told me about a new drug that is up for FDA release in a few months that is safer and has none of the diet restrictions of coumadin.

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Don, thanks for the information. I hope he does just have to stay on coumadin until is other health issues are resolved, cooking two opposite meals each day is no fun.

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The diet information link has a lot of recipes so you may find things you like too.

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I cook for a person who restricts sodium and is on coumadin.......and I had practically written a dissertation on the subject and erased it all. It's a pretty simple concept really, and my spouse has extraordinarily stable dosage, so I must be doing something right.

First off, I read recently that in the average American diet only about 15% of the sodium intake is attributed to that added at cooking or the table. The rest is hidden, and it's often in processed foods because it's a taste enhancer. Of course I use known salty foods like dried beef, bacon or ham in great moderation. But I seldom use any processed foods and those I do buy........I read the labels for sodium content. Read those labels carefully. You may be in for a surprise and find that restricting sodium by cooking from scratch is easier than you'd think it could be.

As to the seasonings you are using to pep up the low salt diet.........the main one I see suspect is parsley. Onions are onions aren't.

All greens aren't culprits, either and I certainly don't spare the salads. I just use the appropriate greens instead of things like spinach or kale. The whole thing in a nutshell is to eat a foods with a healthy level of vitamin K........neither too high or too low...and keep it consistent. Know what the RDA is. By keeping it consistent, it's a lot easier to tritrate the correct dosage of medication and keep it in the narrow therapeutic range.

I really like this website for explaining it and it has one of the best tables I've seen for listing the amounts of vitamin K in all foods, including spices! There are two lists, check both out. One of them has complete dietary information, including sodium content and the common RDAs. I'm bookmarking it myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: clot care

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Calliope and Don, thanks for all your help. The low salt is a no-brainer and all I have to do is move the salt shaker from the dinner table, but I previously used more seasoning, mainly garlic, cellery and parsely I use a lot. Glad to see that it is not entirely banned and the Mrs Dash can stay.

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I work for people who treat coumadin patients. Here is a website for a magazine we keep in our waiting room. We, who aren't on these diets, fight over who gets the magazine first has to pass on the recipes. Really good stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eating Well

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

My dh has been on warfarin for about a decade. He gets his PT/INR checked once a month.

I don't shy away from cooking green veggies or foods with vitamin K, but I do keep them consistent in his diet. If we have green beans, asparagus, broccoli, chard, etc., I don't serve a lettuce salad that night.

He isn't on a low-salt diet, but I try to keep that in check just for basic health reasons.

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Anne, I think you'll find that the main thing is as most have said and implied, keep it consistent. You want a diet that you and he will enjoy. You also want it to be something you'll want for the long haul. Keep it basically the same in the seasoning side of things and see how his levels settle into it. Plus, for garlic, remember that you can use it to season lots of things without using a lot. I also think that long cooking it in dishes makes it's impact less all around.

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I would agree with the above. Have been on Warfarin for a year now and am on no diet..other than consistency.

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