As usual, their timing is atrocious

gandle(4 NE)March 8, 2011

!0 or 12 days ago before we went back east, we heard the first sandhill cranes of the season. They were so high we couldn't see them but that call of theirs carries for miles. So eerie and welcome, that should mean that spring is just around the corner and the weather at that time was good, the Platte was mostly ice free and the daytime temps. were in the high 40's. But, yesterday we had 6 inches of snow and today another 3 inches and it is still snowing lightly. Nighttime temps. are in the single digits and with all this snow on the harvested corn fields I don't know how the birds are going to find any dropped corn kernels to eat, Not really concerned though sandhill cranes have been usuing this flyway for a lot longer than people have been here so I suppose they have found like conditions many times.

On another topic. Often son asked my opinion on some project or idea and he may even take my advise rarely but, he called and said "dad there will be about 700 acres for rent just north of Purdum NE." This is sandhill country and I am adamant that it should never be farmed. The soil is almost pure blow sand and is very unstable if high winds catch it just right it will blow away so the soil must be kept damp at all times to prevent blowing.

He told me that there pivots enough to keep the plot well watered and even agreed with me that that soil should never be broken but he also said that if I don't rent it and care for it someone else might not be so careful. That soild when kept moist and properly fertilized will produce great yields of corn or soy beans because of the quite low rainfall in the area minerals have not been leached out.

So, I don't have any idea what he will do. That land is right over the Ogallala aquifer and irrigation wells can be put down cheaply.

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Seems to me that it is a mater of what is the lesser evil. If it gets rented to whomever, your son might be the right answer because he would be careful.
The owner might not care who he rents to as long as he gets the money.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

The first of the Sandhills started showing up in the marsh adjacent to the dog park last Thursday, and the population is growing bigger by the day. Watching and hearing their courtship rituals up close has been a daily highlight for the last week.

As for your son's dilemma, the lesser of two evils is not necessarily a good choice, and I wouldn't undertake an endeavor if I didn't feel right about it... but his mileage may vary.

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