An Extended Hand

kathyjane(z6VA)March 31, 2011

Cirque du Soleil--Alegria

The family saw their show last night.

(While I dog-sat their Oldy Dog Patriarch at home)

They were sitting in the front row.

The troupe bounded out and after some horsing around with his cohorts, the lead man danced over to my youngest DGD and he extended his hand;

she graciously accepted it.

She then begins to dance right along in an impromptu Tango across the front area. She is a ballerina who can stun an audience, ---OK, I admit the audience is usually made up of our local folks and families...

But, I know the lead dancer recognized her as one of them---no, they ALL did----and they made her whole dancing life and musical pursuits take on new depth.

She'll never be the same.

She'll never wash the aquamarine silk scarf that flowed from her neck and shoulders over her black outfit as she danced and swirled with him across the floor.

She was recognized by these driven artists----they are all a little crazy and are connected by some ethereal force that prods them on from their first glimmer of something beyond ordinary life----no matter what the art form or

life-long dream.

She was recognized and she'll never be the same.

The family considered camping outside her bedroom door in case she decided to

'run off with the circus' last night.

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So few of us are blessed to see a dream come true, a milestone reached, an acknowledgement that vendicates,
what a lucky night you all had!

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I understand exactly what you're saying, KJ. I'm not artistically gifted. But I have many friends whose talent can only be described as God-given. And to hear them perform is to feel you have touched the face of God (apologies to Al Jarreau lol). Wherever these gifted individuals get their talent and whatever drives them to share it with the world (lucky us), it is precious. I'm so glad your DGD was recognized.


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Thank you, Shilty and Karen---I still can't get over it----not even after she turned back into a smart-alecky teenager today!!!

She won't really know the true gift until she's older---
and wiser; it all takes time.
And it all goes by so fast, doesn't it?---and then it's all called memories or hindsight.
What a trip.

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This is magical! I'm sure she will keep this in her inner self and it will have changed her and give her what she needs.
She is blessed and will be blessed.

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Will these gifted people know what they gave to a talented young lady? It might be just the little touch which convinves her that she can do anything. What a great story.

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Lilo, you are right; this is food for the soul for her young spirit.
Her Mom has always claimed she came from 'somewhere else'.
Heaven help her parents; her energy spins them out to the edge of sanity sometimes.

Anne, you touched on one of the most important parts of recognizing the spirit, the need, the heart of others.
It's almost like a parallel universe which opens up only through an awareness in living through the HEART of each day.
One might think they haven't much to offer; sometimes all it takes is a smile, an encouraging word---it might make ALL the difference in someones' day.

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What a wonderful experience for your DGD. I can imagine the lead dancer was surprised and thrilled to have chosen such a talented partner.

Thanks for sharing.

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This must have been magic for you all (I'm getting goose bumps thinking about it) What a wonderful thing for someone to do. too bad it wasn't caught on tape.

So wonderful!!!

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