Really outnumbered

gandle(4 NE)March 21, 2014

Just had Leone, DIL, DIL's mother, Gdaughter, G daughter IL, 3 great g daughters from 6 mos to 4. They were here for about 4 hours. A little outnumbered by gender but who cares. Held the baby until she needed feeding. got to play with the 2 and 4 year olds. We had a lot of games I confess I had no idea what we were doing but it was hilarious. Had to have g daughter help me get up from the floor but would have played with them all day if they had stayed.

And, hard to believe. One of the twin granddaughters is running for county commisioner in Seward county NE. Seems like just a few weeks ago I was going to her school plays and basketball games. She and her husband have taken in 3 foster kids from a dysfunctional family in Omaha. Mother in prison, father a druggie. Now they are thinking of trying to get the court to let them adopt them. Mother burned one of the boys with cigarettes on his neck and hands. Haven't seen the kids yet in person but DIL tells us they are surprisingly easy to care for. I guess grateful for some stability. 2 boys 2 and 7, girl 4. I pray that it works out for these kids and the family.

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I agree, it is so much fun playing with kids and they do enjoy being silly. And I doubt that any of them noticed the gender difference. Lol, I also need help to get up from the floor after playing with GS, age 7, and there are plenty of arms to help me get up.
Good for you to get down with the kids.

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I don't have any little ones in the family, the youngest is 15 and she was 7 when she became a family member. It's been a long time that I played wiggle worm for the kids.

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I think it's wonderful and brave, what your GD and her husband are doing. This world will be a better place for their kind and loving efforts.


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What a wonderful thing your granddaughter and her husband are doing. I'm glad you had a chance to play with the little ones,

I once sat on the floor to take my granddaughter's hem. Even with her help it was hard getting up.

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