I saw See's today. Yay! :o)

mjmercerMarch 26, 2011

I've been aware for years of a See's outlet store in the far southwest burbs of my city. I resisted tracking it down because I can gain weight just walking through their front door.

My will power crumbled today. After visiting Hausermann's Orchids (yes, a phal from the sale table followed me home lolol), I motored on down to Downer's Grove, IL, where I loaded up on gourmet lollipops (the box of assorteds) and one butterscotch covered in milk chocolate. Although I can't figure out why it's called butterscotch because to me it tastes just like maple sugar. Either way, YUM.

A new orchid and a box full of sugary deliciousness. It was a good day!

And you? How are you spending the weekend?


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I was dodging rain drops while taking a walk. Eating a mini Cadbury, creme egg. Is it Easter yet? I'm looking for the caramel kind. Your weekend sounds great. Candy and flowers. Can't beat that.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

My dad is originally from Downer's Grove -- I will tell him they have a See's outlet now.

I love See's candy and like to say that I was raised on it, along with recipes made with Campbell's soup. A child of the fifties.

I'm just vegging out, but will try to do a bit of housekeeping before day is done. It's threatening to rain again -- enough already!

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We have a See's right here in town about 10 minutes away next door to a feed and pet food store we go to often. I got Missy a box of truffles last time I was down there. She immediately hid them so they wouldn't disappear. She gave me a couple since I was good.

Did the rear brakes on the truck today, shoes and wheel cylinders. I used to be OK with getting greasy but now not so much. Crawling around on the driveway is also not as much fun as it used to be.

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Cleaned out some overgrown bushes and some long overdue housework since they let my husband go home for the weekend and he promised me he try to get up only when I was there.

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The title of your post reminded me of that old joke where the hobo asked for a handout. The lady of the house looks at her woodpile -- but the hobo says, "Lady, you saw me see that wood, but you ain't gonna see me saw it!" LOL

I've never heard of a store called "See's"; maybe it's a Mid-west and/or West Coast chain? Candy and flowers are always a good combination.

Yesterday was laundry day, as usual; this morning was church and now 'puter time. If I can talk DH into it, we may go see "The Lincoln Lawyer" with Matthew MacConauhy. (Sp.?)

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DH is in the downsize mode...so what do we do....drive around looking at condos that have at LEAST 2000 more sq ft than the house we now live in now. So my day was spent contemplating murder....
Chocolate covered maple creams from Sees.....sigh

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Never heard of Sees candy until last year when someone sendt me a thank you gift of theior candy, What a treat!!

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