And another weather report

anneliese_32(6)March 11, 2014

Now, 6:35 PM EST it's 75 degr. Yeah! In 24 hours? Low 30th. Winds 35 - 45 hrs. Rain, maybe some snow and at night approx, 19 plus windchill down to 0. Waaah!

I just got all my dead branches and broken ones out to the curb. I guess I have to start all over in a couple of days.

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With all the variations in outdoor temps, it is amazing that we (not all) are able to adapt and somehow manage a 98.6 or so.
It's 78 degrees on our patio as I speak.
I'm still looking for rain.

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Next week 83, 77, 79, 87, 90, 86, 82, 78, 71

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Low 30's in the morning and middle 70's afternoon all week and maybe more. Happy we had the rain, the earth is really happy.
A picture of the goats enjoying early morning sun

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gandle(4 NE)

We had the weather anneliesa is writing about. 70's yesterday and the day before. Snowing and raining today. 29 degrees now with 40 mph wind. Good thing we are adaptable.

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Lilo, I love the picture!

don, I'm gonna come "get you". Shame on you for flaunting it. KIDDING

yep, same as you anneliese. I left feeling pretty good, no jacket, no socks, knowing that I'll be freezing when I RUN to the car after work today.

I have been enjoying the reprieve. Next week, I have to go to class in a building a couple of blocks away that has no parking. So I have to walk. January was single digit weather. February it was in the 30s and this month it'll be in the 40s. I wish I'd taken this class from May-July. oops! It's for work, nothing that'll make more money for now (I would say, nothing exciting, but I'm enjoying it). Just give me a foothold up and maybe save my job? Or give me contacts if I were to lose it.

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The storm is supposed to hit the Mid-Atlantic full force during the overnight hours. The winds and temperature drop are going to be severe, if they materialize. Think I'll go to the grocery store after lunch--probably along with everybody else !
In the mean while, I'm listening to train horns/whistles;there seem to be more than usual. I love to hear them--Are they trying to 'get on the fast track' ahead of the storm? ( see what I meant about the English-language?) Lol

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