Egg yolk color?

west_gardenerMarch 13, 2014

I'm looking for eggs with a rich yellow or sunny egg yolk color.
The eggs I buy in the store have a very light, almost white yolks.
I've search the web, but I have not found an answer.
Any suggestions?

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Chickens' diet determines the yolk color, I feed mine plenty of greens, weeds, grass-clippings and kitchen-scraps and their yolk is very deep yellow, sometimes almost orange, when I am short of green stuff, their yolk show that within a couple of days.
Do you have a farmer's Market close by? Sometimes there are eggs available and they may have much brighter yolks. Some Organic eggs have better yolks also, but they are a bit more pricy.

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Lilo is right. When we had chickens, in our cold, snowy winters, the yolks were light yellow. As soon as the hens had access to green grass, they were deep yellow again.

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How about that, it comes down to diet. Lol, it fits in with lilo's Food poem.
Thanks for the replies.

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