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west_gardenerMarch 28, 2014

I sure hope I can explain this well enough so you will know what I'm talking about, if not I have included a photo.

I have a plant that appears and blooms during the fall/winter months only, usually Oct to March, then it goes totally underground. Not a sign that the plant is there during the summer months. Then it appears bigger and fuller the next fall. I divided it some years ago and the second plant is doing as well as the mother plant.

My question is, what is the terminology for that type of plant?
I don't know enough to do a search on the net.
A bonus would be if someone knows the name of the plant.
Thanks in advance.
The colors of the flowers look white on my monitor, but in reality they are light blue.

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Pretty little plant- I tried looking it up to no avail though- the closest I came up with is " Zephyranthes". This has many different types under it. You may want to try the "name this plant" forum. Goodluck!

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I could not find it either, but as I type this I have on my right a picture of a plant and it says "Need a Plant ID?"
Share a photo here (here in blue). White question overlay on the picture.

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eaga(7a Long Island, NY)

Perhaps the word you're looking for is ephemeral, plants that go through a complete lifecycle in a brief period when conditions are optimal, and then the above-ground parts die back until its next season.

Your plant resembles Ipheion uniflorum, a/k/a star flower. Do the leaves smell like onions? That's one ID feature of star flower.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and I think you hit the nail on the head.
I think the word " ephemeral," is just what I was looking for. I've checked it out and it describes exactly the way my plants behave.
I also ran the names and found photos that looked exactly the same as my plants.
Although the leaves are rather limp now, because the plants are going underground, I can smell a hint of onion.
Now that I have the tools, I can search for the plants.
Thanks again.
Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it.

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eaga(7a Long Island, NY)

You're welcome!

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