Happy First Day of Spring

west_gardenerMarch 20, 2011

Today is the first day of spring and my spring is leaking all over the place. Been raining for days and more to come.

It's been a tough year weather wise for a lot of us, but hope is here.

Below is an Azelia that I planted some 30 years ago and it keeps on ticking.

Below is a photo of Sweet Peas, Little Sweetheart. They have not had much sun since I planted the seeds in the fall, but they are doing their thing.

Happy Spring

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It's a georgeous first spring evening here, but only the daffs are blooming and since this morning some maples have a shimmer of red.I just can smell your sweet peas. They don't do well in my garden, the time between spring weather and hot temps is too short I think. Envy you for your spectacular azalea.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Beautiful photos!

Our first day of spring is a rainy one, but we're having fun in spite of it.

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Ours is cold, wet and dreary and I've been sick as a dog since this past Wednesday.....but, all I have to do is look outside and realize everything is just fine and I'll always be behind and that's fine, too.....spring doesn't need anyone's help---she has her own plan.

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