Idyll's #308 - Old friends and new

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)March 4, 2007

The Idylls: Caring, compassionate, and fun!

Carry on...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Fun, except for us. We are trapped in a home repair sitcom!
I had to take over from DH who is a lovable but hopeless geek. Kudos for him trying. ;)


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Kudos to YOU for stripping off the Haz. Mat. suit and gettin' down to business. ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I just had to go check out my refrigerator (it looks like Babs' before her clean-out) to find those raspberries. After seeing Monique's dessert, had to have some. And I did! So now I'm sipping ginger tea.
I lost my lengthy response to one and all, so briefly:
Monique, I adore chocolate and raspberries!
Chelone, I love tabouleh with fresh mint and a very heavy dose of fresh lemon too. (I also like Moosewood)
I'm so sorry to have missed in the fun. I just know there were plenty of giggles and laughs, something I could use as winter continues to drag on here. We are told to expect minus 15F tomorrow night. :( I just knocked a few icicles away from the kitchen exit.

I'm sending great sympathy feelings to babs and Ei and Chelone...and everyone dealing with the aging process in any way. I had both parents to work with and it was an unhappy and stressful time. Mom's was named "Binswanger's disease" and there was no treatment for it though she did escape from a dreadful period of paranoia for a pleasant though brief period. I have just bought myself one of those pill sorter boxes and feel as though I'm creeping up on that business myself. Not really alarmed yet fortunately, but like Cynthia, I'm sure I'm next in line.

My latest knitting project is a bright red jacket in a micro size. RED is not my colour in the home or garden, but DD loves bright colours, so this is in her honour. Lots of cables to knit.

I am weary after a very long meeting that went beyond the predicted 4 hour duration. So cheers to all, and more when I revive.

Words & music by Paul Simon

Old friends,
Old friends
Sat on their park bench
Like bookends.
A newspaper blown through the grass
Falls on the round toes
Of the high shoes
Of the old friends.

Old friends,
Winter companions,
The old men
Lost in their overcoats,
Waiting for the sunset.
The sounds of the city,
Sifting through trees,
Settle like dust
On the shoulders
Of the old friends.

Can you imagine us
Years from today,
Sharing a park bench quietly?
How terribly strange
To be seventy.
Old friends,
Memory brushes the same years
Silently sharing the same fears

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Chelone, DH has gone stealth with the straw. He has it tucked into his fleece pullover, invisible...he is waiting for DS to come in from outside so he can say "pull my finger"

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To the Only Group of Friends Who Will Truly Get It:

Today I braved the chill and took a good long look at the park. It amazes me that plants are still there, paths are still there, dumped out pots are still there, and the 'Rosanne' tag is on the opposite side of the lot. A Real Garden!!!

Today I realized that it's good to be "back." Unless you've nurtured then left several gardens, it's hard to describe. I've learned how to let gardens go, but the better feeling is embracing a new one.

The last two years have felt like work. This year feels like inception. The third year. What an incredible relief.

Good for you, Sue, to get anything done. My hands were up my sleeves the whole time I was outside. Glad you didn't tell Me to stay away from Broken Arrow. LOL

East Longmeadow, MA, Monique. It's cool because there's some very affluent towns nearby and they get stuff that's different than in Manchester. I went to Manchester last week and so between the two stores, we're covered with everything they have to offer. Only about 10 minutes off 91 once you know where you're going. Your dessert looks like our traditional Christmas Eve concoction.

Chelone. Chelone. Chelone. I did a double-take and my heart skipped a beat when I saw your picture. You are a splitting image of a friend of mine from high school who is long since out of my life but was my best friend through some weird times. Whew!! So, you coming to Philly???

Rich will consider IU but only if he can bring his drums. The musical talent in this group continues to amaze :-)

Ei: Wanted to wait to "hear" about your mother. I continue to be grateful for my parents' health and demeanor. It's hard to understand the feeling, but i know that deep down I'm dreading whatever comes. You will be strong through this.

And words to SIL's while holding hands seems a good way to communicate to me!

Now, Cynthia and Eden and others. Made the mistate of Goggling Agave and am a bit overwhelmed. Can someone point me in one of 1000 directions?

'Bug - If you don't have Kentucky Colonel mint for tabouleh, get it.

The last movement of Beethoven's 5th is coming up and I want to get the full splendor. See you all later!!


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I've been outside working! The day turned out to be a lovely 59 (I think that is our highest temp for months and months and....yep, months! :O) DH is outside mowing with the D R.. Field and Brush Mower we bought a few years ago. It, along with our D R trimmer (cannot think of the right name for that darn machine---it is a string trimmer on wheels---arugh!!) have been a couple of the best pieces of equipment we've purchased. They sit all winter (under a carport) and fire right up in the spring. Love machines that do that!! LOL The F & B mower is a bit more machine than I can easy handle, so it is primarily a tool that DH uses. He's out mowing some briars that he has been working on for a few weekends (he first works into the huge briar patches with long bladed loping or hedge shears, cuts them down about mid thigh, pulls them out of the trees and then goes back in with the F&B mower to chop them all the way to the ground). The man is a very hard worker...and his wife looks very hard at ways to avoid working.

Hey, that was me I was being truthful about!! What was I thinking??? ;o)

I am still short of breath and coughing a lot, but feel so much better. I helped him trim goat hooves and then I picked up wood splitting debris (lots of bits of bark) from beside the house. It was looking pretty messy (I've never shown you guys that side of the house, LOL) and it was buggin' me to have it look so bad.

Mary, another thought on you not hearing back from Annie's teacher---maybe the email never got to her. We've been having trouble receiving some emails in the past couple of weeks. There have been issues with some of the big Y groups (the spam fighter on this site won't let me post using the big group's complete name, interesting) emails, and I also heard there was a heavy influx of spam a couple weeks ago that overloaded many ISPs. The only way I found out about my missing mail was I received an email from another friend who said "what did you think of what Gwen came up with as a possible diagnosis?". Well, I didn't know Gwen had replied to my email and she didn't not get any notice that the email didn't make it to me. I'd give the teacher the benefit of the doubt on this one since she has been so on top of things previously and give her a call. Tell her you emailed, didn't hear anything and wondered if she received the email....that you are excited and eager to start lessons. A teacher has got to love a student who is chomping on the bit to study, practice & learn.

The party photos look like such a good time and the food looks delish! Chelone, it is good to 'see' you. :o) Monique and Les, it is always wonderful to see you two in a photo. It brings back such nice memories of meeting you two during the IU2 trip. I hope you start feeling better soon! Deanne, your smile just lights up your face! It was good to see Wendy & her hubby and of course I love seeing Sue (always a fitness and health hero to me, lol), Tom & Doug. I cannot imagine how fun it was to see Sue do the King Tut skit! LOL

Well, I guess I'd better get some laundry done.

Sorry about the Lowe's trips Jerri...... ;o\


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

One aspect of DD and DSIL's wedding that I really loved was the hand holding. Here are the words they chose for their service.

"Take each other's hands so that you may see the gift that they are to you. These are the hands of your best friend, strong and vibrant with love. These are the hands that will work along side yours as you build your future and share your innermost secrets and dreams. May they always feel the warmth and all-consuming love that shines on them today and may you offer that love to each other every single day."

I have always loved hands. Handsome hands win over a handsome face for me!
And so Babs, catching SIL's attention by holding hands is just the way to go. :-)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Photo as promised. I just love this little guy.
He's a deaf Pit mix. Talk about 2 strikes against him!
But how cute is Buddy? :)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hands...mine look like crap right now. To make matters worse I've been picking at the skin around my nails. Bad me.

Hi Buddy, you are cute! My town is one of the ones in the country that has an ordinance against owning pit bulls. How they enforce it I don't know-I guess one of your neighbors would have to complain. I'm against breed specific laws.

Chelone, no I don't care for onions cooked or raw but especially raw. Summer picnics can be a drag for me because just about everyone makes their cold salads with onions and generally that's all there is besides the meat. If they're cooked to mush in say a soup, stew or sauce I can usually deal with that but will still pick out the ones I see. It really is one of the few food fetishes I have.

An hour and a half of walking has been completed. It was chilly but enjoyable. Now it's time to stretch and do Pilates. Tonight we're having lobster pies for dinner with the fresh lobster meat I splurged on at the fish market yesterday when I was in getting the shrimp for Deanne's party. Dinner can't come soon

Bye for now,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

Well V. is winging her way back to Chicagoland and Doug will be leaving for the week in about an hour. The house will surely seem empty after hes gone. After all the camaraderie of the party and the lovely visit from V. I might find myself wandering aimlessly about the house like Zoe. V and I spent the AM and afternoon with garden talk, I showed her my Color for the Garden presentation and she showed me some of the new perennials shes heard about then we went to the big computer downstairs with the 24" monitor to pick out coleus for her. What fun! I love helping people buy plants. LOL Anyway she managed to pare the list down to ten or eleven plants down from twenty-eight possible choices. Another container queen is born! After looking through the Rosy Dawn sight Im probably going to peruse the site myself tonight and pick out a few new varieties to try this year. Unlike Bug, I love coleus! Te he.

Eileen, so very sorry to hear about your Mom. Ill be thinking of you.

Wendy, DH with the straw trick is just way too funny! The rest of the almond bars disappeared about lunch time today and the last Whoopie Pie will probably go with Doug. I really would have loved some more of Moniques Chocolate Raspberry Torte but then I would have eaten too much of it and had to spend the entire day at the gym tomorrow.

Monique, weve decided that you and Les ought to open up a little Bistro. You are both brilliant cooks. Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to bake the torte and make that incredible raspberry sauce. It was seriously the best cake Ive ever had. ~ so sorry you didnt get the salmon. Im going to put it in the freezer and bring it down when we go to the orchid show. It freezes really well and youd never know it wasnt freshly smoked. BTW the guac was terrific today at lunchtime and was still fresh looking if you just took a thin top layer off.

Bug, bummer about the post, I just hate it when that happens. Sure wish youd been able to come. Youd have loved it. You would have so LOL, the cats have gotten V. trained perfectly, today when she went to take a shower she decided to wait a minute because she saw Rahjii at the door and went to let him in. By the end of the weekend he began catching her eye to open and close the slider for him instead of me and Doug. Way too funny. The kitties just loved her and didnt mind sharing their bedroom. ~~ Love the hands photo and words.

Jerri, I just hate it when stuff like that happens. There is a commercial recently where a woman says how a project is either a two trip to Home Depot project or sometimes a ten trip to Home Depot project. We usually wind up in the three or four trip range for our home projects. Im very fortunate though because Doug is quite the handyman and can fix almost anything. ~ Buddy is a cutie pie.

T. so glad you are feeling better and Im so jealous of your weather. This week is supposed to go back into the deep freeze with temps back down below 10F. Brrrr.

Sue, I always make you a cold salad without onions. LOL

Chelone, didnt know that was a Moosewood Cookbook recipe. I love that cookbook! I dont remember if my favorite Molly Katzen recipe Cauliflower Marenka is from Moosewood or Enchanted Broccoli Forest but it is delicious. ~~ Love the photographs of your home. Wish Id known we were so close when we took a drive a couple weeks ago. Ill give a holler the next time I go birding up your way.

Babs and Cynthia, yes I did paint that cardinal and Babs, I do have plans to paint from a couple of the bird photographs but right now it seems Im allergic to my brushes. I cant get myself to go downstairs to work. Some kind of "artists block". Ill be glad when I get over it. LOL ~~ WE only remembered this morning that Dougs digicam has a video setting and I surely wish wed gotten one of Sue doing King Tut. What a hoot.

And Cynthia, yes, that was extra raspberry sauce. It was incredible!

Mary, I can totally empathize with you over your feelings about the violin lessons. Id feel exactly the same way. But, if you can do it, you really need to speak with her in person and get an answer one way or another then go to plan B if she doesnt have time for another student. It might just be that she doesnt want to have a mother and daughter both as students for fear of the daughter feeling inadequate compared to the mothers skill level? Or, she simply might have forgotten you asked. I dont know but there could be many reasons and the only way to find out is to speak with her in person if you didnt get an answer from email. ~~~ I sure wish youd been able to be here and help V. pick out her coleus selections from Rosy Dawn. ~~ Best of luck with the Odyssey of the Mind. Im looking forward to hearing all about it.

Hello to Cindy and Lauren, and anyone else I missed have a great evening all.


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Hello, and a pleasant Sunday afternoon/evening wherever you may be
What a cheery looking group at TYNAW ! I need a transporter ala Star Trek. I could have just had Scottie beam me over .. So what is the hidden meaning in the fact that there were more shots of food than of people???

Ei, I wish you the best in your search to find some comfort for your Mom. She is lucky to have caring daughters to try to ease her way through this hard time. Your post was a gentle reminder that none of us know what is in our future, and some things are out of our control . Good vibes to you, and hope you will continue to check in when time permits. Spring is coming you know !

Eden, that Jackie O doggie hat is hysterical ! I cant imagine a single dog Ive evr had sitting still for it for 5 minutes ! Yknow, I dont think anyone gets named Kathleen anymore.

Jerri, what a cool story about the lost and found dog

Martie, I hope you are able to keep a professional demeanor and not segue into a Hokey Pokey mode in inappropriate business settings.

Sue, Monrovia grows Cotinus in standard tree form. I think they ship all over the US right ? And thanks for posting that classic King Tut skitits been a few years since Ive seen it. Too funny.

Wow Babs, SIL as a family counselor? Must be a case of Physician-heal-thyself .Sometimes people can be very insightful about other peoples problems but have no objectivity or perception when it comes to their own family. Another warm day today ! see pics below.
LOL the penecilin lab in the fridge! I have "changed my life" in regards to the fridge. I now clean it out every week when I am making my grocery list, usually on Fri nite or Sat morn.

Chelone ( and others who inquired) my friggin tooth (as thats how Ive come to think of it) feels amazingly better today. In fact I popped a couple of Advil this morning at 6:30 and have not had another all day. I thinks its helped that I havent talked much this weekend (good thing I wasnt at TYNAW ,eh ?) because Ive been in the garden for two days. I did speak to the cats on several occasions
I really like that structure you have on the north side. I have a gazebo which is rapidly falling apart and Im going to replace it with a free standing pergola. Im on the lookout for design ideas.

Lauren, here in California cookie cutter houses are by far the norm. There are 4 different floor plans in my neighborhood. My front garden will be my way of setting my house apart.-Im one of the few who has no lawn !

Okay Cynthia, Im going o try to describe something that was done in the garden of a friend of mine arch-wise. She actually built a "tunnel" out of 30 rebar . The thing is easily 10 ft wide. So envision a 30 piece of rebar, sunk into the soil on one end and then bent into an arch . Rebar as a material is relatively cheap. Bet you could find someone around to make something for you if you designed it on paper. I cant imagine being able to find a metal arch the size you describe pre-made.

So today saw two very cool things in my garden- Number 1 was the bees all over the rosemary. If there are bees , its spring.! Number 2 was a flower bud on Archduke Charles, a china rose. He was also the first to bloom last year. My dahlia order from Swan Island came yesterday but I restrained myself from planting. I put them in the garage and will plant in two weeks. I went to the garden center today and got 2 6 packs of Pacific Giant Delphiniums, and one of the workers told me they will have tomatoes and impatiens next weekend.

Some pics from today...

This is the area I worked in today..look how the roses have leafed out!This happened in a week. On the left is a bit of the aforementioned falling apart gazebo.

I can't even tell you what this looked like a couple of days ago. This is my pot garden-wait, maybe I should rephrase that, this is my container garden. All those pots with sticks are fuchsias that may or may not have made it through winter. By mid-June the containers will be invisible here.

Lavender, blooming today

Boo-boo kitty dozing in the sun

Later all , time for me to have dinner ..

Kathy in Napa

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YOU guys! it's just HILARIOUS. My fridge was packed you'd think we'd had a month's worth of (edible)food and nourishment in there. Ok so the Haz-Mat suit is discarded and all that's left is basically one shelf of food/condiment items....and to think I'd admit that on here.OY. Life is good.

Sue I tried your face on really DO that? lol
I'm sorry but I really love Steve Martin from those years I can't help but laugh-he was great. "I wish I could dance like those back up dancers...just hand me a goblet)

I'm not telling you this for sympathy or woe but while I'm trying to sanitize the fridge I get two phone from SIL(did your stomach just sink too?)regarding last night's 'discussion'. She didn't want to be at odds with me but wanted to agree to disagree about something or the other.Huh?
I hate when people tell me that since it essentially means I won't commit to a consensus on resolving the issue. Th eissue is that she disrespects her mom and degrades her. I'm getting quite good at not letting her ruffle my feathers. She hates that: ) I told her all I want is that you treat mom(inlaw) with respect. The girl is basically pissed that Chris has a family/wife and she thinks MIL's situation is easier for us because we have each other.Yes but no. Having a family actually can complicate the matter with caregiving but I know she doesn't get that part of the equation. Putting that all aside,two minutes after her phone debate the phone rings and it's MY mom. My uncle, the one who was acting weird(mentally unstable)and is now having to get divorced becasue he was irrate to his wife(other stuff too) sent a blanket email out to several family members stating bizarre untrue stuff,one being that he claims my aunt threatened to kill their daughter(who is schizophrenic & drug dependent) just before divorce proceedings are to take place.[I think he thinks he can build a case against her to make her the aggressor and hold onto more of his money]. My mom wasn't sure what she should do when she got this info so naturally she called me!: ).....and my SIL thinks I live such a charmed life? All I can do is LOL!

I must stop for minute and say 'Bug! I LOVE that basket weave blanket that is special!!!!! Can you make a queen sized one for me? lolol I wouldn't really do that to you.

BTW Mart-can you believe that SIL took my holding of her hand as me *grabbing* her and not letting her go(forcefully)??? SHeesh. I can't tell you-Mart and 'Bug how both of you understanding it the way I *meant* it feels right now--thanks. Mind you, this is a woman who wants to become a family joke.

JERRI -Buddy is CUTE! I love his ears: )

A HA! It is a Deanne original-I'm telling you I had to stop and look closely-the background from what I could make out reminded me of the background(pine boughs?)on a recent photo you posted that's why I thought it could be a photo-plus it's painted perfectly so it was hard to tell: )

Mary I got your email-no jokes allowed but I will respond before you can say...oops can't do that either. You'll be hearing from me: ) My tongue is bleeding; )


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

These idylls are zipping by at the speed of light!

Just wanted to say that I've made it home safe and sound. My flight even came in a few minutes early. DH and I had a light dinner of cheese, nuts, and olives, topped off with a glass of wine.

DH was rather amazed to see the quantity of coleus that came out of my suitcase. So it was probably a good thing that, when Rosy Dawn Gardens called to clear up an error on my email address, they didn't say it was for an order of coleus...

And speaking of the suitcase, TSA did run it back and forth through the xray machine a couple of times but ultimately didn't question the contents.

Time to go unpack and get tomorrow's coffee ready. Then off for sweet dreams of good times with good friends.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

It sure seems quiet around here and the cats are sure being a pain about going in and out now that V. isnt here to open the door. LOL ~ 28 degrees and its supposed to get colder as the week progresses. Most of the snow from the Friday storm melted yesterday though. Its amazing how fast it goes this time of the year. The sun is getting stronger every day and I cant wait for the ground to dry out enough to start some spring cleanup.

V. glad to hear you made it home OK. LOL about the coleus in the suitcase. Its a good thing we didnt go downstairs for more cuttings.

Babs, my sympathies for your having to deal with SIL. I dont know why some people have to make difficult situations more difficult than they already are.

Kathy, love, love, love the spring pics in your gardens. You are light years ahead of us. That last pic of Boo-Boo cat snoozing in the sun in front of the daffodil is precious. I love that blue obelisk in the first photograph. What do you have growing on it? My fuchsias look just exactly like yours except mine are still in the basement. I think Chelone thinks I need an intervention. LOL ~~ OH yes, we always really eat well when we get together. Priorities you know.

All righty, Im going to check my email and get to the gym to work off some of this food I ate over the weekend.

Have a great day everyone,

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Good morning

Glad that V is back safely - too funny about the coleus!

Kathy - what a warm breeze of spring your garden pics are. I often talk about my pot plants before clarifying that I mean containers.

Deanne - I can imagine how much you are missing such fun company.

Babs - boy, with phone calls like that cleaning the fridge must have been an almost enjoyable activity. Your uncle's situation sounds particularly dire. I almost called you yesterday to borrow the Haz-Mat suit. We were all sitting down for dinner with Clousseau in his usual position under the table when the poor dog lifted his head and barfed all over DH's shoes. I thought we would about die laughing. Usually there is fair warning with a few dry heaves but this came bolt out of the blue. Dogs - who'd have them.

Thanks to you all on your encouragement about violin lessons. I will just ask very directly this evening if my email was recieved and take it from there.

Time to head in to work - we have a consultant coming today and I'm presenting a case study on one of the kids I work - it could be a busy one.

Happy Monday everyone


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Good morning!

I've got the twins here today so I won't get to do much other than say 'hello' for now. Just wanted to pop in and see what everyone has planned for their days.

A quiet morning so far.......guess it must be a Monday. ;o) :oP



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oy, what a morning here! I think we need a Sherpa guide! The winds are fierce, the drifts are high, there are white-outs and the temperature stinks. The snow is above the split rail fence, that means 4 feet high in places. Nasty stuff, but they say that on Friday we can expect plus 2C or 36F. I'll be knitting indoors til then. Charlotte is NOT enthused about going outside either.

Mary, wishing you well with your presentation! I hope you find a music teacher soon, while your enthusiasm is high! :-)

Kathy, those narcissus and lavender etc...could be from a foreign land. I can't imagine even clearing the fallen branches from the yard these days.

The cat & coleus activities must have been fun for both V and Deanne. Last year our cats ate the coleus...and so my basement plant set-up had to be moved elsewhere. Monsters!

I think we need some more color here so will try to locate some summer cheer to attach here.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I was thinking the very same thing, Marie - we need Spring pictures on this thread from the East Coast....

Sadly, Winter has come again and seems set to stay this week....

this was a pic from one year ago (add 7 days) - I don't think I will be able to duplicate this next week....


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

oops, just lost another longer post -- no time to redo --
just to time now to say, Kathy -- LOVE your current photos -- keep 'em coming -- otherwise we'll have to resort to last year photos! It's definitely going to be a later Spring this year for most of us, I think.....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sure will Cindy!

So everyone with anything in their gardens, whether in New Zealand, BC, California or Seattle, please show us!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good grief Marie, get back in the house! What are you, nuts? Unfortunately some version of that is headed here. Looks like this whole week is going to suck rotten eggs from a weather standpoint.

I've got nothing here but here's one from 2006...


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Oh what a cold scene those photos show Marie!

Sue, I hate asking and showing my plant ignorance......but what is the purple blossomed plant in your photo?

The boys are asleep, but one is stirring and mumbling so I can't upload anything, right now, to picturetrail to help spring along..but maybe later I'll be allowed some more computer time.

Oh....if you ever babysit twins....demand that their parents do NOT feed them prunes & apples baby food the day before they are to be with you for the day. Just guess why I suggest that................. ;oP

Okay, better go before any wailing begins and wakes the brother....


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

T, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a crappy day!

'bug, that looks flat-out awful! Knitting sounds like the wisest course of action.

DH saw three sandhill cranes fly past the house on Saturday; I'm sure they were wondering what they were doing in the frozen north.

I'm hoping that Mary gets a positive response from the violin teacher today.

It was a rough morning at work. The computer problems that started to manifest themselves last Thursday only got worse. I won't bore you with the details but it will be a long week...

T, never feel bad about showing your plant ignorance. There's always something that one of us doesn't know. That's why we share with each other! Sue's plant is a hellebore, but she will have to tell us what variety that is with such a lovely deep purple color.

Thanks for the cheery color!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Oh Marie, how awful! Here's some crocus (from last year)

I did see a snowdrop near my front door yesterday, I'll try to get a pic tomorrow - I won't be home until after dark today. Most of my yard is still covered in ice.

Kathy, that hosta is stunning! Do you know which one it is?

T, those are some sort of hellebore in Sue's pic. Oh no on the prunes, I know exactly what you have double trouble!

Chelone, the secret is out - DS now knows how to make fart sounds with a straw. Had to frisk him for straws on the way out this AM - he would have been the hit of the 4th grade lunch table!

(((Babs))) hang in there. Sending good thoughts.

Mary, hopefully you'll have a good answer from the violin teacher tonite.

Must run.



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No time for reading or posting. Its Monday and the office was closed on Thurs. and Friday - need I say more.

I just had to comment on the Idyll picture. Am I the only one who thinks Chelone could be V's twin? When I first looked at the picture I thought - V didn't tell us that she got her hair cut. Then I saw her in the picture too.

Anyway, nice to "see" you Chelone. I'm so glad you were able to go and meet up with some Idylls. It is a fun experience.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

V, it's just some generic H. orientalis. It was in bloom when I bought it so I knew what I was getting.

If I were to ever babysit at all I would request that no food be given for at least 3 days beforehand, maybe more.

Uh-oh, Wendy, you may be making a visit to the principal's office this week.

OK, I'm going to blow this taco stand for once when the first bell rings.



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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, all. Lots of joy and sadness here. The joy has been watching my GN. Shes such a delightful, cute little sweetheart, but oh, my, shes kept me hopping. DD has taken over babysitting duties from me while I tend to chores, get ready and go on my trip.

Now the sad stuff. SILs uncle passed away of a heart attack. He was a father figure to our SIL and his sister and they were very close. So weve been busy with the wake and funeral and supporting them as much as possible.

Then we got word that my very good friend and HS classmate passed away. She never regained consciousness after heart surgery to repair a valve, then had a massive heart attack. Its just devastating news and I spent the weekend contacting friends all over the country. She was such a sweet, giving person and were all in shock.

Lastly, Ive been running Bullet back and forth to the vet. He stopped eating again. Tests reveal minimum kidney function and hyperthyroidism as well as his heart condition. Theres not much we can do b/c a remedy for one thing causes a problem with another. Hes become more chipper in the last few days after the new meds kicked in so were hoping we can keep him around a bit longer.

Otherwise, Ive been trying to keep on track with the winter to do list, mostly going thru boxes of old papers and stuff Ive stashed for years. Also, getting ready for my trip to Florida. I fly out Wed. I can do temps of 70s and 80s!

As for home projects, Ive schlepped 8 or more king sized comforters and bedspreads home and back to the store or to UPS for return. DH usually doesnt say much about décor but he was a butinsky on selecting the new one this time. We finally agreed on one but I havent a clue what to paint the walls. The comforter is 2 shades of taupe, cream and rust in a striped jacquard pattern. Ill have to redo the headboard, but I only paid $18 for the fabric so its no biggie. When I return from Fla, tho, Ill be heavily into redo-ing the sun garden design so paint will have to be decided later.

OK, Ill post this all about me note and try to read the last thread so I know whats happening with you guys.

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Good afternoon

Honey - wonderful to hear from you. What a lot you've had going on. Sad that Bullet has so many health problems to contend with but it sounds as if you are keeping him comfortable and enjoying some time together. Have a fabulous time in Florida.

Marie - we had driving snow and sun today too - your photos capture it beautifully.

Cindy - I just love those first brave flowers of the season.

Wendy - what pretty crocus. David has worked hard to perfect the classic underarm fart but I'm sure adding one using a straw would have great appeal.

T - oh my, prunes and apples X 2!! You could be busy.

Dinner is calling - I have some nice home made chicken stock and spicy sausage I'm thinking of turning into a gumbo. Anyone care to drop by for a bowl?

Stay warm and safe


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Another Monday is winding down. All day meetings tomorrow, and only a few more days till we "spring ahead"..
Another 2 exciting spring indicatorsI have aphids on 2 of my daylilies. Muscari is blooming.

Deanne, my DH made that blue obelisk for me from a plan that was in one of those Better Homes and Gardens special interest gardening publications. I painted it periwinkle blue , and Buff Beauty which is a golden yellow-ish hybrid musk rose (1939) lives on it. In this pic, it it the tallest rose in the center, you can almost see the obelisk if you look hard !

Disclaimer ! this was taken last summer , not today !!!

Mary, anything new on the violin front ?

bug your delphiniums are just awesome ! But those snow pics ! How forlorn that BBQ looks I hope you were dressed warm when you took these.

V. ..Nothing worse than computer problems. Our IT guy is often so hard to reach ( old joke: IT stands for In Tomorrow) that for reasons of longevity (Ive worked there for 20 years) people call me when they cant reach him. Jeesh. Hope you get your situation resolved.

Wendy, that was bugs hosta ! It is fabulous isnt it ? I would love to figure out a way to defeat the snail issues that keep me from growing them here.

Honey, what a rough time youve had ! What ups and downs youve had with Bullet. So sorry to hear of the other passings in your life, best wishes to you.

All for now...later
Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh! That hosta is 'Fire and Ice'.

As for snow pictures, I did NOT leave the house to take them!

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~:~:~Happy Birthday Honey~:~:~


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A very chilly morning here. It is only 5 degrees out and very, very windy. Chill factor must be down well below zero Brrrr.... I've got no motivation to leave the house but must get to the gym after my weenend indulgences. LOL YEsterday was 40 degrees then around 3:00PM we had wave after wave of snow squalls blow through here. The wind came up and its been windy since. Have I mentioned that I hate the wind?

Kathy, that photo with the 'Buff Beauty' rose is stunning. What a beautiful garden you have! All that color is a sight for sore eyes.

((((Honey))))) Great to hear from you but sorry you are dealing with some sad times. I sure hope Bullet has another rally. He is such a sweetie. Hope you have a great birtyday and a great trip to FL.

Michelle, that was just a trick of the camera, they really don't look alike in person.

Bug.... Brrrrrr.... great pics but Brrrrr.... colder there than here and that's just miserable. Kitting is a good thing when it's this cold. ~~ Beautiful delphinium photograph!!!! It is so fun to see your photos now that I've visited your gardens and know where all the shots are taken and what the area looks like in person.

T. Ugh.... That wouldn't be on the top of my list of things I'd like to do, clean up after not one, but two babies with digestive difficulties. Hope everything came out OK. (Sorry, sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Mary, I would have loved to come for gumbo last night. Doug is out of town and in fact flew to your neck of the woods last night. I don't mind him travelling but one of the few things I do mind is eating dinner alone.

Wendy, love the crocus! LOL about frisking DS for straws!!!!

Hello to everyone else. Have a great day!

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Good morning from headcold central. I bagged work after 2 paltry hours yesterday and called in this morning. It's about 7 degrees outdoors, the wind is howling, and I see no point in leaving the house today.

Best wishes to Honey for a Happy Birthday! (Spencer sends his regards, too)

I think Florida is just exactly what you need about now! So sad about your friend, and shocking. And then SIL's uncle; and then Bullet! I have had to laugh about the comforter search, though. I understand completely because I'm pretty picky about things like that, too.

Prunes and apples X 2 ?!! Sounds like a full day to me, T. ;)

I can't wait to hear about Mary's music lessons. I laughed about Cloussea's digestive woes, too. I can't help it!

Wendy, the image of you patting down your son in preparation for school cracked me right up. I absolutely love stupid stuff like the straw trick. The crocus look so cheery; but I fear it will be awhile yet. My yard is a sheet of ice, too. I don't care much about "daylight savings" since I'm up early. For me, it simply means the morning light and sunrises are delayed.

Babs., my sympathies with SIL. In many ways, I think being married is harder than being single. And children must complicate things more. More variables require more time to solve the equation, simple as that. I don't think SIL has really given your circumstances much thought. I will say, though, that Mum treated me very differently than she treated my brother or my helpmeet. My brother and helpmeet could do no wrong, had all the answers, and whenever they would ask her to do something she never hesitated. I could ask her to do the same thing and would invariably get an earful of "why do I have to do that?", "why does that matter?", "I don't want to.". It was terribly frustrating and it required every ounce of self-control and patience I could muster to deal with her. I ran out of both more than a few times, and said some pretty tough things to her; "toothpaste moments", you know. Hang in there, I know it's tough to be in it.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Clear and sunny and minus 9.4F here at the farm....Less wind, hurray! I imagine though that folks east of us will have a yucky day today.

Chiming in with Chelone on the acceptance of male instructions by our parents. Just like workmen, not listening to us or taking us seriously...but snapping to attention when DH speaks. GRRRR. Anyway, DH's mother just loved her men and giggled and smiled at whatever they suggested. You can imagine what she thought of my opinions and suggestions though...:(

I too am awaiting Mary's news on the music front.

I'm so glad to read that Honey is preparing for a Florida holiday! We could all use one, but Honey in particular.

I'm enjoying all the photos here. Thanks all!

V, good luck on the work front. Eventually things should come together. Put some coleus cuttings in water on your desk and stare at them and breathe deeply when things get too chaotic and crazy.

Off I must go.
Later gators,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good fandango freezing morning! Good freakin' grief, why are we getting weather considered extreme for January in March? We're breaking all sorts of 100 year old records here. It isn't even supposed to squeak into the low 30s until Thursday. For a few brief moments I considered staying home this morning but I just have too much to do. Unlike Chelone though, I can't wait to turn those clocks ahead on Saturday. I wish it would stay light out til 9 PM all year round. Give me garden time after work and I'm happy.

Honey, so sorry you've been so challenged with so much tragedy lately. I went through the kidney failure too and it's not easy. Enjoy the time you have-this may sound like odd advice but take lots of pictures. Happy Birthday to you! I'll be back with proper idyll greetings tonight.

Must run but below is a link to another very neat looking little tree. Could it be too good to be true?


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Good morning!

Weather sounds brutal where most of you are. 'bug, hope your weather breaks soon and you get to go outside for a bit.

Honey!! It is so good to 'see' you!! Missed you terribly and have been wondering how Bullet and his slaves (you & Tom) were doing. I'm sorry that he isn't doing well, but so thankful that your care for him over the years has given him so much more time with you. I hope his latest rally will be a time of quality for him & you.

And a birthday for Honey??!!! Happy Birthday! I'll see what I can rustle up for a card.

The boys will be here in a little over an hour and I'm just enjoying my first cup of coffee. The morning so far is going by very quickly.

Sue, I like the tree and it is *purple*!!! Perfect!! ;o) I even wrote it down to see if I could locate it locally. I've been wanting to find a small tree for the front bed (not sure exactly where I'll place it yet). I thought of a weeping tree, but haven't yet checked into whether there are any that elk/deer don't consider candy.....and I also would like to have something 'different' than what the usual is when I drive around in this area. I wish they had shown a full photo of a tree...but I'll do some internet searching to see if I can find a photo. I want to see what the branching looks like ( that a correct terminology? I don't think so). I want to see what the tree's shape is.....(how's that? ;o) ).

Mary, hope you found out about lessons and the reason for no response to your email. Odyessy of the Mind....things go okay on Sunday? Poor Clousseau (sp?)......hope he is feeling better and that DH doesn't habor ill feelings towards him for messing on his shoes (what a funny visual you painted!).

It sounds like problems were lurking when people returned to work on Monday. :o(

Wendy's crocus' were so pretty! I need to plant some bulbs in the fall so I can enjoy seeing beauty like that daffodils are getting ready to open and my tulip foliage is up about 4". There is going to be a little bit of color showing soon. I think I need to plant more bulbs, the color is a bit sparse....this will be the year of taking many photos and documenting where things are and how they 'look'. Scary and exciting to be thinking I have all of this blank area to begin filling in. I've not yet dug into the bed to see what the chips look like and if it will be ready for lots of plants, or if I'll just be bringing in a few to place. Time, money, knowledge and planning.........going to be an interesting year.

Hellebore, that was my guess....but I thought they were a plant that sat much lower to the ground (thinking height like a crocus). The pretty dusky purple color is very attractive, too. Thanks for the ID and not teasing me about not knowing something so basic. I usually won't ask and usually do not know the names of the plants that everyone shows.

I'm missing on a lot that I was going to mention...but need that second cup of coffee and the morning is still moving too fast. I need to get out of this chair and get things done before the babies arrive.

Hope it is a good one!

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Hi everyone

A two hour delay for me today due to driving snow and a state of emergency. I was looking forward to getting Annie and David off and then relaxing with a cup of coffee but DHs taxi never showed so I had to do a mad dash to the airport instead. Can you believe that when he called the cab company they told him they had changed names and as a result are running late. DH responded that he didnt care a rats a__ about what they are called but wanted to know when they would be here, and was told 2 hours time. Good grief! Roads are downright nasty right now its 1F and the salt just isnt working. Deanne I pity Doug being here again in such sucky weather. Tell him if hed like a bowl of gumbo any night to just give us a call:0)

So for the violin update. I received the nicest email from Annie's teacher just before leaving for lessons last night. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but it had been a matter of weighing a difficult decision not lack of concern. She feels that as a violist she does not feel as comfortable teaching the advanced violin literature but has a new teacher joining her this summer she wanted to recommend. She was so nice about hoping it hadnt hurt my feelings and Im sure would have approved of all your advice! I had picked up a couple of bunches of daffodils to give her earlier in the day and she seemed touched with them. Of course I couldnt help feeling disapointed as I like her more than ever, but understand and respect her decision.

But Im left wondering if I can bear to wait till the summer to start up lessons and have another plan I will try in the meantime. There is violinist in the area who is taking new students. She is highly qualified, plays with the RPO and I imagine has a lot to offer. The downside, apart from not knowing anything about her, is that you have to audition to get in. I feel nervous just thinking about it but sent off an email to set up an audition and will see where it all leads.

Well, have a good day everyone it's time to brave the roads again.


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I'm frantically cleaning my house, my mom will be here later today and I'm sure you all know your house must be spotless when your mother arrives, at least mine, lol. I must take time to send out birthday greetings to Honey though. I never forget it's her birthday because she shares a birthday with my mom.

Happy, Happy Birthday to a very special lady. A birthday dahlia for you Honey...


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Mary, it will all work out for the best in the end. The new violin teacher sounds like a better fit for you. An audition huh? Practice, practice, practice...

Pretty, pretty pictures everyone...except for Marie's snow, lol. We're supposed to get socked tonight, but 40s by the weekend!

T, I knew there was a reason we didn't feed Bella prunes. Really, I can't get past the sight of baby food prunes. They look as bad as the resulting diaper. Enjoy your baby time today!

Honey, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through so many sad times. Great that you finally found a set for the bedroom though.

Good news here is that Brad's cracking out the paint brushes today!

Guess I just can't stay away from here now can I? But I must run.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Good morning all. I got busy the last couple of days and could only read and try to think about what to post. Of course I can never think of those things when I actually try to post.

It's sunny and 25 here. I'm wanting it to be warmer so I can go out and see what's happening in the gardens. We had a warm mild start to winter, the columbine were sprouting in December, so I'm hoping no harm was done. On the other hand, it was good for the things I planted lated in the season, more time for them to get acclimated to the soil.

DS2 was home yesterday for a dental appointment. He wore his braces for so long he had loads of cavities when he finally got them off. I think the orthodontist was trying to correct something he couldn't possibly do, with DS's skeletal structure in his jaw, and after all these years DS said enough, I just want them off. So now we fix the teeth and he'll be set. Anyway while he was here we broke the tree down into pieces with the intent of taking it to the basement, but for the life of me I can't find the ropes I hang the pieces with. Now the tree is in the corner in a pile. At least it's down...

Anyway, I must get busy and do some stuff around here. I'll check back later and maybe be a bit more newsy.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief and little fishes..... It is so flipping cold that my eyes hurt when I walked the thirty feet into the gym. It must be blowing gale force winds out there. My absolutely LEAST favorite form of weather are heavy winds. Sounds like the entire northeast is dealing with this crapola... If my hybrid tea roses weren't dead before they will be now as there isn't enough snow cover and between the warm Jan temps (up to 60's and 70's) then deep freeze for six weeks then a bit of a warm up again and now this... Well, V. what did you tell me? consider the dead roses a new opportunity??? LOL My workout was really difficiult for some reason today and I'm afraid I might be coming down with somthing. Drats...

Mary, A disappointment but I'm sure you will find a teacher you click with. Plan B can turn out better than Plan A. YOu just never know. Thanks for the invite for Doug. I'll tell him as I know he winds up having dinner by himself in a restaurant most nights and he'd love a visit with you and family. Is this too strange that he's back out there bringing really nasty weather with him yet again??? I tease him about it but it seems to be the case. Should I warn you about the weeks he comes out to your area???

Suzy, you're having a heat wave compared to what we are dealing with here.

Sue, I think it's going to be a bit nippy for a walk today. LOL

T, looking forward to seeing the evolution of your new curvy beds.

Eden, lol about the house cleaning. I so know what you mean. I don't understand why I think people would think less of me if there is a speck of dust on something. Go figure?

OK I'm starving and I've got to go an fix a yummy (not) protein shake for lunch.

Later all, everyone in this deep freeze keep warm,

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On the weather front, we are supposed to hit 50s by the weekend and possibly warmer than that next week. Hmmm, with all this snow it seems a little unlikely.

Mary, good for you. Im impressed with your desire to continue to improve your musical talents. I hope you will find a teacher that can help you with the growing.

T, hopefully the boys havent had prunes again ;o)

Add me to the lovers of daylight savings time. I love having all my gardening time after work. Although, it is light for quite a while now days after work. Ive been trying to do my walk with Jaden, but it is very slippery. I need some of those shoe grippers. I told DH last night that I was giving up composting until some of this snow melted. The snow is at least knee deep on the way to the compost pile. He gave me some suggestions of other spots I might use and then we could move it come spring.

Honey, I can just picture you tearing around after your GN. Sorry to hear about Bullet and the other difficulties. Enjoy your birthday and your time in FL.

Sue, with that babysitting request I doubt that you will get any requests. LOL The katsura sounds ideal for a small garden.

How nice to see some pretty lavenders and purples. Im enjoying a bunch of daffodils on my desk today. Its amazing what fresh flowers can do in the winter.

Babs, LOL on the haz mat suit. Send it over when youre done. I usually procrastinate on that job.

It looks like food, fun and friendships abounded at the mini-Idyll get together. Lucky were those in attendance.

Kathy, how nice that we can vicariously enjoy spring through your garden. Thanks for the pictures.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Honey! Enjoy Florida!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Mary, I didn't say it but I thought that your skill level may have been the reason the violin teacher was hesitant. The other option seems more suited to what you can do. Start practicing.

I found a reference for that Katsura tree that said it could get 50 or 60 feet tall-perfect for T's back 40. Yikes, I've already got three trees that are too big for my lot-no need to add more.

Back to month end.


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Honey, not my photo (it came in one of those many times forwarded emails that everyone keeps sending to everyone else), but it made me smile and I hope it brings a smile to your day, too.

May your birthday be a wonderful and special day--as you are a wonderful and special person!

Happy Birthday!


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Ohmyheavens! there isn't anything on the face of the earth cuter than a kitten. No, T., esp. not a Charlie Brown dispensing processed prunes into a diaper... JUST teasing. Hope things are better today. :) Hey? when do you have time to plan your gardens with diaper duty, 'n' all?

I'm with Deanne on the weather. I made a trip to the mailbox about noontime. I bundled up and was SHOCKED at how cold it is. The wind is just brutal. The helpmeet informed me the mercury had not risen above 6F at the greenhouse. Your hybrid teas may well be toast, and I'm growing increasingly concerned about the liklihood of Hydrangea blooms. :( It was too warm to really encase them in leaves and then it snowed... oh well!

Mary, great news on the referral. I think Annie's teacher may be doing you a favor and showing you a good deal of respect by saying you'd be better served by someone else's instruction. Break out the fiddle, rosin up the bow, and practice up, girlfriend! I think it's so terrific that you're excited about lessons; summer isn't THAT far away.

Sue, will you forchrissakes plant a damn Sand Cherry and be done with it?! ;) You really are a "collector", and the results of your careful selection really show in your garden. You have plenty of time to arrive at the perfect choice. Sadly, though... I have few pearls to offer, bein' a "bullet-proof", no frills kinda gal. I don't think you can miss with a JM or relocating the Stewartia, though.

'bug, I had to laugh at the picture of the forelorn grill, lol. I can't remember who else commented on it, but I LOL when I read their reply to you because it was exactly what I was thinking.

Michelle, I think you and 'bug get top honors for winter photography. Your shot of the ice encrusted evergreen was brilliant. I've looked around my home and thought about projects and wonder how your project is coming along. It's hard to wait for supplies and "the next phase". Have you received a post card from Kenzie yet?

Ditto for Eden! please take a moment to tell Brad how impressed I am at his willingness to suffer the dreaded "prep. work". The helpmeet sure won't! in his own words, "I paint everything in a 6' radius". He ain't lyin'! :)

Suzy, I still have evergreens to extricate from frozen potting soil and pediments and plaques to disassemble. There's a lot of staple pulling in the not-too-distant future... .

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The propane guys are expected sometime soon...not soon enough though. With present temperatures, we may well turn into frozen meat by tonight. I shoveled half of the path to the tank for the guy. This involved whacking the icy crust of snow first, then locating the fallen trellis and extricating it. What fun., not.

A bit of progress made after doing dishes, laundry, etc.

Sue, I LOVE Katsura trees. I had one that a propane truck ran over...:( The most gorgeous one was at the Royal Botanical Gardens near Hamilton Ontario. They are apparently male/female. But you are right. The one I fell in love with was GIGANTIC and had huge sprawling branches. What a delight for climbing kids! It must have been over 100 years old. They are used as city trees in Toronto and handle pollution well. I'd love another one....

Back to work.


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Honey, may your birthday be as magical as this little garden.

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......shhhh.....boys are asleep....YEP! BOTH of them at the SAME time!!!! :oD I'm so tickled that I think I'm going to slump in my recliner with my eyes closed for awhile and just enjoy it. ;o) LOL Hope Honey and all of you are having a wonderful day.


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Lauren_StL(z5/6 Mo)

Oh! Oh! I'm feeling overwhelmed with this again. This is what happened last time I tried to join in--I just can't keep up. Let me just to say:
**The pictures for Honey's Birthday are beautiful(especially this time of year).
**The kitten made me smile - and I'm definitely not a cat person (don't hate me for it--terrible allergies)
**Gardenbug - amazing pictures you're posting of your sorry that a major storm is hitting all of you northeasterners right when Spring Fever really begins to kick in.
**I'm going to google katsura trees this evening because you all have piqued my interest.

Now I'm off to frantically clean the house for the next 60 minutes before dinner guests show up - thankfully I put the meal in the crock pot this morning so no more cooking needs to be done. Gotta love crock pots!

One more thing...beautiful picture of the garden Michelle--almost as pretty as your own!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Birthday Honey!

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Yep. Katsura trees are big. And the purple foliage doesn't last. They are an outstanding tree, but definitely not for small spaces. I'm pretty sure there are Katsuras at Mt. Ucanoonac (sp) Perennials display gardens not far from Deanne. There was one in the garden of a guy I dated who lived in Ipswich Mass right on the water. He had great trees and a terrific ocean view. Katsura trees have a distinctive scent especially in fall. Sort of like cinnamon. That's what I remember.

Time to walk the dogs. Great birthday cards! I woke up on the couch at 2AM and caught up on idylls before going to bed last night... :-)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OK, add me to the list of people who just lost a long post:(. No time to redo.



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Bummer on the lost posts but fabulous pictures everyone.

Woo-hoo - I just heard back from violin teacher #2 with a very friendly email to say she will be calling me tomorrow. I've actually been practicing up a storm lately and have even developed one of those hicky type marks violinists get on their necks. David very reassuringly told me not to worry - it just looks like a wart.

nite nite


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BrrrIt sounds like winter thumbed its nose right back at you New Englanders! I got home from work late today, so Im not going to have a very productive evening. We are supposed to get some rain but it never happened today.

T, it sounds like you are about 3 or 4 weeks behind me- and I concur with you about the fall bulb planting. I have really let that slide over the last few years. Im going to do a couple hundred tulips up my brick path in front next fall- I can get a very attractive employee discount. Most tulips are basically annuals here, although I have some Pink Impression in my backyard that have come back for about ten years.

Mary, good deal that Annies teacher expressed her doubts that she could teach at the level you require. You really want someone who is able to guide you up skill-wise .. I hope you have some luck in finding an instructor with whom you "click" and is up to the task of an advanced student.

Eden, Enjoy your time with Mom !

Hi to everyone else! Time for evening chores , tomorrow is trash day
Kathy in Napa

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Good morning......too early to be up but I've laid awake for the last hour, just willing the body to fall back asleep or the clock to move a bit faster towards morning. Figured it was best to get up instead of making everyone else's day begin too early by messing with the world clocks. ;o)

I had grand plans of a huge day doing errands, grocery shopping, paying bills....but last night the twins' mom was called to work for a half day today. So, I'm heading in to babysit them (at their house) and I'll split my shopping and errands into this afternoon and tomorrow. Not ideal as I dislike extra trips into town, but not really a big deal when I know the extra funds really help out -- those babies are expensive. ;o) Baseball gloves, cleats, bats, balls, bikes, skates......yep, they are going to be expensive...might as well help them out whenever they need it.

As of last night I have a new battery in my car. Yippee (yep, the little things in life) I was concerned about being stranded somewhere and this just made me feel much better about being out and about on my own.

I wonder how Norma's grandson is doing. Poor guy. By now hopefully he is back to feeling well.

Mary, great news about your violin lessons....sorry about the wart/hickey although it sounds like it is a badge of honor for violinists? I did laugh when reading David's assessment that it didn't look like a hickey. Warts are much preferrable. LOL

Well, I cannot even have my morning coffee yet. The alarm won't go off for another 45 minutes and I don't dare wake the dogs before then. I'm sure they hear me in here, with the keyboard clicking, but they've not stirred (they are in their crates and close enough that I'd hear them moving about). Once they are awake then I'm expected to feed them and they are single focused until that deed is done. Big brown eyes imploring you to fill the dishes and get them delivered to the floor immediately can be very difficult to ignore.

Wednesday--hump day. All downhill to the weekend from here.


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I do believe this is one of the coldest days we've ever seen at this house. I don't believe it's been below zero more than a couple of times in the 16 years we've lived here. And this morning is one of them, -1, to be exact. But the wind has abated.

My cold has not, however. :( The tip off that things are not "right" with me is a complete lack of desire for a cup of coffee. I've had no coffee since Sunday morning and even that one didn't taste all that great. So, I'll remain in my "lounge wear" and safely at home again, today.

Add me to the group that rarely get bulbs into the ground with any level of efficiency. I never order them early from catalogue sources and then am usually less that thrilled with what's available in local establishments. Maybe this year will break the spell?

Time to grab my book and "kick back" until the helpmeet is finished in the shower; maybe one of those will perk me up a little bit.

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ggggggoooodddd mmmmmmiororroronnnnninnnggg. Add me to the list of frozen New England Idyllers. Have decided to just pack up and go join Kenzie and Honey :-)

Learned a valuable lesson yesterday: Do not park in a deep puddle just left by a car wash ajoining a gas station. By the time I filled up, got a cuppa, paid and chatted with an adorable woman for a few minutes, my car was frozen into the puddle. It caused a good laugh amongst the regulars who just figured it was my "southern" blood :-) (I guess that living in the next state down about 50 miles away qualifies me as a foreigner :-)

Not much to add except that I'm loving all the pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY.

How about this??? What if the Idylls picked one ****easy*** piece of music, recorded it at the same tempo, and morphed it together on-line?? Those if us without instrument or voice that can be shared will keep the beat by finger snapping.

We ended up with an extra 5 for dinner Saturday, to whomever asked (we're moving fast, here). Major discussion was a myriad of ways to cook chicken. Many of them are seniors and there is a Need to Know.

I'm looking forward to the bathtub being reglazed and appreciate the heads up about cleaning supplies. Rich assures me that the materials have vastly improved in the last several years. I'm just looking forward to the sink, toilet and tub all being the same color. Cleaning bathrooms gets done but not happily.

Running now (really!) to get as warm as I can before heading out. Won't get out of the 20's today and I'm starting to worry about some of the plants. Love V's advice that anything dead becomes a new opportunity!!

Best -


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all the wonderful birthday pix and wishes! After all the incredible garden pix, I wont ever post one of mine again. Wow, you guys. You are the BEST. Cant wait for Spring. Chelone, I love Spencer. Hes too cute.

I couldnt sleep so have been up since 3:45 am. We got 4" of snow overnite. Hope my plane isnt delayed. Cant wait to blow this pop stand.

Last nite, I called my other lifelong friend (also in Fla.) just to hear her voice and share memories of our mutual friend. The 3 of us girls were best buds since we were 12 yrs. old. We cried and laughed over the crazy and funny things we did together and I think it helped us both.

OK, Ive caught up on the threads. When reading about Ts dual "Charley Browns" sharing their first germs and then the prune/apple fiasco, I remembered that our GN shared her tummy flu with all of us. Oh, what a joy that was! I cant imagine dealing with it in duplicate!

Marie, I thot that hosta was "Fire and Ice". Looks like you REALLY got socked in up there.

So sorry you guys in the NE are dealing with such brutal weather. Weve had those horrid winds here, too. Im afraid my new azaleas out front are probably toast and Im keeping my fingers crossed that the Knockouts come thru ok.

Babs, Im so sorry your SIL is giving you such a tough time. It has to be maddening for you. Its obvious she doesnt have a clue. Ive noticed that my single friends w/no kids and/or who have never taken care of a loved one with a serious illness, often think they have all the answers. As frustrating as it is, all you can do is speak your mind firmly, be tolerant and dont let her push your buttons. ((((((Babs)))))))

Kathy, it looks like youve got a great head-start on Spring already. Youll have to keep the pix coming until the rest of us catch up.

Ei, so sorry youre dealing with such heart-breaking, difficult issues with your Mom. Youll be in my thots and prayers.

Jerri, Buddy is sooo cute and you have a huge heart. Sounds like you are super busy with your charges.

T, thank you for your sweet , kind thots! I feel the same about you.

Eden, I clean up a storm before Mom comes over, too. She always used to do a white glove inspection after I did my chores as a kid. Guess you never forget that. Oh, that Dahlia is gorgeous! Thanks. Enjoy your visit with your Mom.

Mary, great news about finding a new violin instructor. Im sure your audition will go splendidly. As others have said, sometimes a disappointment turns out to be a good thing. This teacher might be more suited to developing your talent!

Loved the pic of the mini IU at Deanne's. Deanne, Sue, you both look so healthy and positively glow in that pic. You're a real inspiration for me to get back into my exercise routine.

Hi to anyone I missed. Im off to finish packing last minute stuff and to the shower. Oh, and I have to put on my tan stuff. These ole white legs just wont do!

TTYL next week when I get back from vacation. Stay warm and safe everyone.


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Just a quick pop in to tell Honey "hope you have a wonderful trip!".

Martie, your car was frozen in the puddle? Can't imagine temps and conditions such as that.....doesn't happen here ever.

Babs, beautiful card! All the cards were lovely!

I'm enjoying that first cup of coffee.........wonderful!!! :oD


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well I'm going to be very blunt...this weather just freakin' sucks-it blows! lol There, now I feel much better. I never, ever ever wish time away but I can't wait for this week to be over because by Saturday the temps are finally going to be somewhat normal (low 40s F here now). Mentally winter is over for me at the end of February. I sucked up the February that was like January but a March like January I don't need. It was 4 F when I left the house yesterday and 9 F when I left this morning. Honey, do you have any room in that bag?

Yesterday I heard from Zoe's vet neurologist. Her spinal fluid did contain some inflammatory cells, too many to consider it normal but not enough to signal anything serious. He wants my vet to do a liver function test and if that's negative then we'll start her on the steroids. Apparently this could be something as simple as Lyme disease. Some dogs who have it show normal blood results. At any rate, weird behaviors aside Zoe seems happier and healthier than ever. She acts like a puppy most of the time-bounding around with enthusiasm. Until somebody tells me her condition is life threatening I certainly can't get too upset about the way things are now.

Yes, Chelone, I'm a plant collector-guilty as charged. In the past couple of years though I've become more discriminating as my available space dwindles and lots of new introductions turn out to be duds. When it comes to trees though, I live everyday with the mistakes made by others-not only in my yard but from neighbors who have trees so tall and overgrown that they create deep shade for me. Any tree I plant needs to be size appropriate and have as many seasons of interest as possible to earn it's keep.

OK, time to do some real work.


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Hi-yah Hon: )ey...not sure of when you are leaving for Florida but I hope you get to see this. Here are some big hugs((((Honey))))) for all that you've been through with loss-you've had so much to deal with this year and last. Included are bday hugs. You really need a vacation that's for sure. What do you MEAN you can't post any more pics after seeing your cards-you take wonderful pics and you have such beautiful gardens to show us! I'm looking forward to seeing your new entryway as it evolves this season! Have a safe fun trip: ) Bring me back a tan please.
I think that's so neat that you are still in touch with such a lifelong friend!

The funny thing is that after my 'talking to' with SIL now my MIL is my biggest fan-THAT'S pretty funny.

Mary-see? Didn't I tell you you're too advanced for teacher #1? After hearing you play I just knew it. You just might motivate me to play my clarinet more-it really would be fun to play in a group-though I know the schedule won't allow for that right now.

Deannne-it's not the 'speck' of dust that's the problem here-it's the 'coating' of dust that I never want my mom to see lol.

Martie you literally got stuck in a puddle?lolol

Marie! That knitwork is beautiful and so even-it's perfect!!Is that going to be a sweater?

Ryan has his first part in a class mass at school today-he gets to say a prayer of petition...he's is so proud.He chose to wear an oxford shirt,a knit vest, and corduroy pants. This is a kid who normally wants to wear tee shirts and jeans: )

Chelone-me too;that's how I know when I'm really sick-if coffee doesn't taste good or even the thought of it. You need soup broth or tea. I'm glad you are staying home-sleep is what you need!

Wendy which geranium is that one? That's very pretty! I just can't wait until it's *all* green and blooming...I need spring!

Time to get ready for work

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Last night's entertainment consisted of various odd activities to keep the house warm without propane. DH turned on ALL the lights, the stove, etc. Pretty silly me thinks, but that's what he did. He phoned the company at noon, at 5pm at 8pm and still nothing. BUT, at 8:05 we found the propane truck stuck in our laneway, waiting for a tow truck to heave it out. I swear these drivers have IQs below 80. Only the propane guys attempt our drive backwards, over the bridge no less. UPS trucks, cement mixers, wood and stone deliveries, tree surgeons etc...never attempt it backwards. Go figure. Anyway, around 10PM the guy makes it to the house and needs instructions on how to locate the tank. Of course doing this at night in total darkness is foolish, but that's what they chose. Now why they waited so long to come we don't know. This is the 3rd time in a row that they have allowed the tank to empty before coming.

On the good news front, DD and her DH have finally got their mortgage situation under control and we get to sign papers at the bank tomorrow. Good thing she's been keeping track of things because the first fellow to offer them a mortgage really was a slippery soul, offering them one thing at first, but raising the rate at the end.

Lots of stressful stuff going on at DH's work and we are both excited about our trip to Edmonton in a few weeks, even if the weather is horrid there. AWAY anywhere sounds good right now. In early April DH goes to Vienna too, so perhaps I'll be free to finish painting things here during his absence.

Friend Lynn is ultra busy with the garden show here called Canada Blooms. She has several entries and is in charge of things too. Whatever she touches is sensational, though right now she will be frantic and I don't even try to call her!

Such beautiful cards! I don't know if I should smile or cry over them. Still bitter cold here, but the sun makes a huge difference.

Glad to hear the news on Zoe and that you are keeping tabs on things Sue. Here, Minou goes for her check-up this weekend.



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I'm cutting a pretty dapper figure here in my red velour pull-on pants (from the thrift shop), sweatshirt, woold sockd and red Acorn slippers... NOT. I did take a shower, so the "bed head" is long since tamed, but the rheumy eyes that bespeak pestilence are still there, lol. The cats don't care though, the opposing thumbs are still functioning. And I'm paying attention to who's out and for how long.

The wood stove is working at maximum efficiency (catalytic combustor) and it sure feels good. Whenever the mercury takes a dive I'm reminded that many people don't have cozy houses. I brought up some wood not too long ago and was again mindful that there's plenty of that, too.

Babs., it good that you've earned some points with MIL. It is difficult being a DIL, sometimes. My late FIL was terribly suspicious of me (having a failed marriage under his belt and having watched another son fail at it, too). I was always invited to "family" things, but when it was time to talk "business" I was excluded from the "brandy and cigars" behind the closed door. I knew I wasn't trusted and it hurt. I maintained a carefully modulated distance for my own sanity. One day, I saw FIL walking over to the house, I waved, and kept staining the trellises on the sawhorses (really wishing I could just vanish). We exchanged some pleasantries and out of the blue, I asked him about the difficulty with his warring STEP children. An embarrased silence followed, then a shrug, and a conciliatory response that couln't be construed as insulting to anyone; very typical of his gracious nature. "Well, doesn't matter, really... either way, it's insulting to M..". When I looked up he was looking right into my eyes, and he said, "yes, it IS.". From that day on things were different between us. He knew I was OK and we both had his son's best interests at heart. I'm happy for you, I know she can be a difficult woman. And I know times are hard for all of you now.

Mum and I were never particularly "close" after I was about 13-14 years old. Although I never doubted her love for me, she was often tight-lipped in her disapproval of the way I chose to live my life, certainly fear and worry were part of it, too. Being around her for any length of time was a trial for me. It was difficult to benignly "keep it light" when things said were meant to "jab". I "blew it off", but it did hurt. And there were many times before her stroke when I could have cheerfully throttled her. That's why I shared the bit about how she responded to DB and the helpmeet's requests, Babs.. Your SIL may have the same sort of relationship with her mother I have with Mum; an uneasy coexistence. Maybe that's one reason she won't/can't bring herself to do more for her? Not that that's really OK, at all (esp. from your perspective!), but it may be something to consider when you watch her actions/interactions. I agree, when the s--t hits the fan and it's time to take care of business, you have to put that garbage aside and do what's required. But I'm of a very practical nature and will do what must be done to take care of business. Not everyone is cut from that cloth. I can only imagine your frustration watching this unfold, what does DH have to say about it to you and his DS?

Sue, I so completely understand what you're facing in your garden! We have 3 acres and thus a good deal of "control" about what trees we may remove, but still, you have to consider the passive air-conditioning they represent, as well as the neighborhood "shock". If we proceed with the garage project, I desperately want to address a shrub border along the road in front of our home. It will be neither "easy" nor inexpensive, and it may just be the thing that will have to be cut from the budget. :( . It's the reason "they" tell you to add 15% to the finished price of the house for landscaping! Choke.

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Another webinar today. Actually a good way of having training or meetings without leaving the comfort of your office.

I finally got the kitchen back in decent order. Im having a planning meeting at my house tonight and we need the table. We are planning a wedding style show luncheon with the profits to go to the school that DH is on the board. Any ideas would be welcome. The fabric for the curtains has been backordered and the countertops wont be installed until sometime in April, but we are getting there.

T, how far from town do you live? We are 12 miles from a decent sized town. 5 from a couple of very dinky one.

bug, here its our responsibility to order propane and if you run out and need it brought out immediately, they will do that for an extra fee.

Sue, the news about Zoe sounds encouraging. Come on now, you dont have it so bad, how would you like our "mountains" of snow? LOL

Babs, your card for Honey looks like 3D to me very cool.

Chelone, hopefully you can shake the cold quickly.

Martie, how did you get your car unstuck?

Eden, enjoy your time with your mom. I dont need to clean for mine since she is pretty laid back about that herself. She grew up in a family of 8 kids, but my grandma was such a cleanie that they scrubbed all the floors daily I think she realized that life was too short for such foolishness ;o)

Lauren, dont worry about keeping up. Just post what you can, when you can. We understand.

Enjoy your day


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From work so quick ....

Yes, I got stuck in the puddle. 3" deep by 36" or so round of water does, indeed, freeze in 20 minutes in 4deg temps with -30deg windchills. I didn't realize it until I tried to move. My car is front wheel drive and the front passenger wheel was the one stuck, so I kind of veered forward and of course the passenger wheel wouldn't go anywhere because it was encased in ice. It loosened, but didn't move.

Regulars to the rescue. They got an old piece of plywood and kind of wedged it between the tire and ice and that got me enough momentum to get out.

It's embarrassing, but I guess something that happens occasionally in the northwestern woods of Massachusetts.

And, so I wouldn't be considered a total idiot in town forever, I bought everyone who helped a cuppa and when I left we were all best friends.

Sometimes I wish I Could make up my life :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I suppose Sue and Chelone already took this test and were scared off, but I thought Eden, T, Michelle and others might get a chuckle out of it.


Smear peanut butter on the sofa and curtains. Place a fish stick
behind the couch and leave it there all summer.

Obtain a 55-gallon box of LEGOs (or you may substitute roofing
tacks). Have a friend spread them all over the house. Put on a
blindfold. Try to walk to the bathroom or kitchen. Do not scream
because this would wake a child at night.

Borrow one or two small animals (goats are best) and take them
with you as you shop. Always keep them in sight and pay for
anything they eat or damage.

Obtain one large, unhappy, live octopus. Stuff into a small net
bag making sure that all the arms stay inside.

Obtain a large plastic milk jug. Fill halfway with water. Suspend
from the ceiling with a cord. St! art the jug swinging. Try to
insert spoonfuls of soggy cereal into the mouth of the jug, while
pretending to be an airplane. Now dump the contents of the jug on
the floor.

Prepare by obtaining a small cloth bag and fill it with 8-12
pounds of sand. Soak it thoroughly in water. At 3:00 p.m. begin
to waltz and hum with the bag until 9:00 p.m. Lay down your bag
and set your alarm for 10:00 p.m. Get up, pick up your bag, and
sing every song you have ever heard. Make up about a dozen more
and sing these too until 4:00 a. m. Set alarm for 5:00 a.m. Get
up and make breakfast. Keep this up for 5 years. Look cheerful.

Take an egg carton. Using a pair of scissors and pot of paint,
turn it into an alligator. Now take a toilet paper tube and turn
it into an attractive Christmas candle. Use only scotch tape and
a piece of foil. Last, take a milk carton, a Ping-Pong ball, and
an empty box of Cocoa Puffs. Make an! exact replica of the Eiffel

Forget the BMW and buy a station wagon. Buy a chocolate ice cream
cone and put it in the glove compartment. Leave it there. Get a
dime. Stick it into the cassette player. Take a family size
package of chocolate chip cookies. Mash them into the back seat.
Run a garden rake along both sides of the car. There, perfect.

Obtain a large bean bag chair and attach it to the front of your
clothes. Leave it there for 9 months. Now remove 10 of the beans.

Go to the nearest drug store. Set your wallet on the counter. Ask
the clerk to help himself. Now proceed to the nearest food store.
Go to the head office and arrange for your paycheck to be
directly deposited to the store. Purchase a newspaper. Go home
and read it quietly for the last time.

Find a couple who already have a small child. Lecture them on how
they can improve their discipline, patience, tolerance, toilet
training and child's table manners. Suggest many ways they can
improve. Emphasize to them that they should never allow their
children to run wild. Enjoy this experience. It will be the last
time you will have all the answers.

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First of all. Happy Birthday Honey. I hope your time spent with your friend in FL will be a healing time for you as well. You sure have had a lot on your plate.

I started a post several days ago but found it boring to me so didn't want to subject you guys to it. So many of you have posted things that needed heartfelt comments. And I did feel them, just couldn't put it into words.

I think I need a spring tonic. I have been way to draggy. Not sleeping well and paying for it all day.

For those asking about Wyatts recovery. He is having a rough time of it. I feel bad as I kept assuring him it was no big deal. (mine wasn't).
Today was grandparents day at his daycare and he just looked plain miserable. The teacher was taking special care with him and I was grateful. I'm hoping the pain will subside soon.

My SIL is helping me with some prep work on the master bedroom and bath. Cracks and nailhead issues. And she has experience in that field.
Then I get to paint some more. I am not thrilled, but it needs to be done and I want it out of the way before spring.
We have had a couple of nice days but it is still to chilly and muddy to get out there. I have crocus blooming but no daffs yet.

Thinking of you all ,but will probably just lurk for awhile til I'm feeling a bit more up.. Take care Norma

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

GB, I remember that test well! My fur-babies do just fine thanks. ;)
We have a vendor in at work for 2 weeks. I haven't had time to breath, much less read. Just wanted to say 'hi'.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marie, if you want to guarantee my face on the evening news, put children in my at 11...LOLOL!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So add me to the list of people who lost a long post recently. I wrote and spoke to everyone, making the deadly mistake of writing it in the message box instead of in Word. Well just as I was about to click the preview button Rahjii the Brat Cat jumped on the arm of my chair, bounced my mouse onto the floor where it closed GW and all was lost. Grrrr. Kitty has me trained well and has learned that if he wants me to get up and do something for him like feed him or open the door all he has to do is knock my mouse on the floor and Ill get up. He is very good at training humans, just ask V. LOL

Bug, LOL, Love the test.

Norma, so sorry Wyatt is still under the weather. Hope he is better soon.

Martie, LOL getting frozen into a puddle. I know, not funny but funny

Michelle, where are you going to have this show? How many people do you expect to attend? Is it like a real wedding luncheon or a wedding then youll have a luncheon? Sounds interesting.

Chelone, no coffee???? Horrors! I get wicked headaches if go without my coffee now. I surely hope you are feeling better soon. Both Doug and I are fighting off colds at present so Im hoping we escape the virus, whatever it is.

Monique and Les. How are you doing? Hope you are both feeling better too. I could sure use a piece of that cake right about now.

Very stressful day. Luke had to go to the vet for another dental and the vet called and said that they had to extract one of his lower canine teeth. There is a possibility with that procedure that it will break their lower jaw. I was flipping out when I heard that but the tooth had to come out. Anyway, kitty is OK but poor Lukie is all swollen and his tongue is sticking out. And of course all of this cost a heart-stopping amount of money. Good thing Ive started plant production in the basement.

Sue, sounds like good news about Zoe. You must be relieved.

OK I dont remember who I answered this morning that got lost and who I didnt so Im going to say hello to everyone! Have a great evening and BTW, Im writing this in Word.


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I didn't write a long post and it wasn't blown away.

Risk averse as I am, I'll just say 'hi' and *s*n*o*w all day, and call this little greeting complete.

Ciao, Cynthia

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Just checking in and living on the edge (yep, writing my post in the message box).

Maybe the cyber gremlins can discern a 'great' post from a 'mundane' one and thus only gobbles the great? Mine never get gobbled......hmmm.


The twins slept most of the time that I was watching them. I did some balancing of the checkbook while keeping an ear and eye glancing often at them. They have the battery operated swings at their house, so the babies were swinging and snoozing. Yes, I truly did consider purchasing swings today but decided a couple hundred dollars was just far more than I could then I thought 'one' swing would keep one baby occupied........


Nope, didn't buy any!

DH is home.......gotta go!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I was going to write a long post, but I've got to run to Deanne's and let Luke out.

I thought the IU3 participants would enjoy seeing today's big news in town. But of course, you already knew this!


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

I'm going to try posting tonight without losing the entire post. That would be nice for a change!

I took some pictures of Mystique but haven't loaded them to the computer downstairs yet. I like using DH's laptop here at the kitchen table at night because it's WARMER up here than in the basement. I am so ready for warm weather.

Honey, I tried to post a Happy Birthday to you yesterday but GW kicked me out. Hope it was a Happy Day! All the flower pictures are wonderful, and the kitten just cracks me up! What a cutie. I hope Bullitt is doing better. I find it so hard to see my beloved pets age.

Bug, your weather looks awful. We've not had that much snow in a few years, and I don't really miss it at all. I like the change of seasons, but snow on Christmas Eve/Day is enough for me. Then it can be spring again. Hope you are staying warm and safe. That Fire and Ice Hosta is a stunner. I'll have to watch for that one! And your knitting is so perfect! I'd knit if I could do it that well. I'll stick to my needlework for now, I think.

Kathy, I hope your teeth are better. I have that same obelisk in my yard (well it's sitting on my deck because I haven't decided where to plant it yet). My Dad built one for my Mom and I both a couple of years back. She has 4, yes 4 Clematis planted on it. They are still babies. When they mature, she's going to regret that, I think.

I abhor daylight savings time. Indiana went for too many years without it, and also having lived in Arizona, I can't see the sense of it. It takes my body MONTHS literally to adjust to the change in time. All the reasons given here to finally get it passed through the legislature were so bogus it was pathetic. Hopefully at some point the state will come to its senses and repeal the measure.

Sue, I hope this turns out to be something treatable for Zoe. I'm glad she's acting like a pup, that's a good sign. I love to see pets acting happy and healthy. What I really love is seeing Mystique with Cinders in a tummy-tuck - it's so adorable.

The test is hilarious. I'm so glad mine are more or less grown. But that brings its own issues. DS1 stepped on his less than a year old cell phone (I'm probably repeating here) last weekend and broke it in half. He's borrowing mine (which I can't stand, not that I use it alot but I want it available). Finally he ordered a new phone last night for himself. I think he was hoping dear ol' dad would kick in for a new phone - NOT. Especially since the one he stepped on was a replacement for the year old phone he lost at college last April. He's nearly 21, time for him to take care of this sort of thing on his own. But he doesn't like it much, LOL.

Norma, I hope Wyatt feels better soon. I hope you "spring" back, too.

Martie, LOL on the puddle. My husband got his hand emergency brake frozen once. He hadn't lived in this area for long with that type of system, but I had and knew it would happen to him. But he didn't listen to me!

Deanne, I hope your Luke feels better soon.

Here's a picture of Mystique when we first got her at 4 months old. She is playing with her favorite toy. She carries this all over the house, and even plays fetch with it.


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One good thing about this weather is that it will give Sue a few extra weeks to decide on a tree. Highs of 24 today with 20-30mph winds. Hunker down day, again.

Michelle: My secret career desire is to be a wedding planner. Dealing with nervous brides wouldn't be the fun part, but spending their money on finery sure would be :-) One idea I really like and used at my DSD's wedding was instead of having one centerpiece on the table, bunching 4 or so single stem 6" vases with short-cut like flowers in each in the center of the table. The vases become the favors for women to take home. In her case her colors were deep blue and yellow, so the vases were dark blue glass with yellow roses and light blue delphinium. I think each cost about $6 and that was still less expensive than a centerpiece AND keepsake.

Love the kid's test. I might add having sensory perception when grocery shopping to know without being told when many extra friends will be at dinner.

Short work day today. Sunday I'm hosting the Civic Center box for a Hartford vs. Springfield minor league hockey game. Gotta consider my job diverse -- Trans Siberian Orchestra, a 400 kid party, and hockey with car dealership owners within three months. Flexibility!!

The New Garden Encyclopedia Fact of the Day, page 369 and indication of why it's hard to identify plants without pics even in the 40's: "Daisy. Now a common name for many Composite flowers, this originally meant the low, cheerful Bellis perennis, the "daisy" of poetry and literature but in American known as "English Daisy.: In this country "Daisy" alone more often relfers to Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, a European perennial that is now one of our most widespred pestiferous weeds on waste or mismanaged land; this same plant is also called Ox-eye Daisy and Whiteweed, though the former term more correctly belongs to Rudbeckia hirta, also known as Yellow Daisy and sometimes as Black-eyed-Susan."

See what I mean??? LOL

Have a great day, everyone.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A pretty good start to the day here with fat snowflakes but sun in the background. High of 23F today but we expect a period of above 32F after that. YES!

I had to laugh at my friend working on the garden show. Here's what she wrote:
It is the usual seething hotbed of frustrated competitors, acres of smiling garden clubbers hiding their
I-could-kill-you-for-winning feelings bottled up inside. Oh joy Oh bliss.
I'm sure she'll be happy when it is over.

It is fun to hear from DD about her drive to drop off DGS each day at school. This week she's been introducing him to the joys of multiplication- what it means and how to do it. So he can now do the 10 X thing and started the 11 X too. He is learning about "thousands", so figured out what 10 X 270 was yesterday and was quite proud of himself. Other days they sing songs, some classical some not. He identifies instruments in Peter and the Wolf and loves to sing Johnny Cash and Joan Baez too. He's just so excited about the move to the new house, but his mother isn't and presents many roadblocks and threatens custody changes. Life is always a pins and needles affair there, but DGS takes it all in stride. He's such an amazing kid!

Yesterday DH came home with surge protectors, new telephones and a new Visa card. All those nuisance things are finally things of the past! :-)

Tomorrow we are off to the nearby Brew House for French Club. I guess the beer will help the French flow freely?
Off to deal with breakfast now.

Happy today everyone!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Yes this is in Word again. Even though the post erasing cat is outside at the moment I dont trust the gremlins of the perverse not to erase another one.

So, interesting factoid, I went to the White F. F. site this morning to order Billy Greene fuchsias to replace the ones I killed over the winter and what varieties do you think they are carrying new this year that they didnt have last year???? Now keep in mind that there are literally thousands of varieties of fuchsias, they are now carrying Lena and yes, drum roll here, Beacon Rosa. Two of my three favorites that Ive posted a zillion photographs of here over the last couple years. They also have Shadow Dancer Betty which I also posted pics of here last summer. What do you think are the chances that a greenhouse that only carries seven varieties of fuchsia would have those three varieties new this season? Another of the new ones is Marenka. Im wondering whos lurking here looking at our photographs?

So Luke is even more swollen this morning and really under the weather but hes still looking for food so Im not worried. Just feel sorry for him. I know how lousy Id feel if someone yanked a canine tooth out of my lower jaw yesterday. V. so sorry for your wasted trip yesterday, I forgot to tell you that Luke cant go outside for a couple days. LOL

Suzy, Mystique is a cutie pie! Love black kitties.

Martie, stay warm. Interesting daisy info. ~~~ Youd be terrific as a wedding planner.

OK Ive got to get to the gym before this day gets any older.

Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

By the way, I still love talk of wedding planners. My friend Lynn sure does a terrific job with the flower aspect alone. These days she's planning her daughter's wedding, so it will be more than flowers!
From last summer:

And my favorite of the headpiece and the expressions!

So I hope Ei and Martie and anyone else can keep that theme going!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I feel the need to live on the edge - must be this stinking weather - so am posting directly - hmmmm...

Sue - I for one love to hear your musings about which next purchase of tree you are contemplating -- I can enjoy it vicariously if nothing else - I love to "hear" your musings.... Glad to hear Zoe is feeling chipper and maybe you'll keep meds/treatment to a minimum; I imagine you will all enjoy that more (pursewise and health wise!).

As Cynthia said - we got more dreaded 4-ltr stuff -- I dont care if it's only an inch, whine, whine -- I too am sick, sick of winter and feel cheated - I guess we're paying for that January warm-up now (it also definitely made for some winter-kill on some of my shrubs; hope other things were torpedoed too). I didnt even bother to try to shovel when I got home - the stuff is just gonna have to MELT on its own!

'bug - I like that Children Test - very humorous and o so true - if only we'd known.... Exes do tend to make trouble; all too rare is the one who does not - esp. if they're not mentally well-balanced. I suspect they will all just have to get used to this as behavior that will be prevalent for a long time; so dont angst over a lot of the "threats" etc -- sometimes it's best to ignore all that stuff & only deal emotionally with the big issues -- would she really have enuf $$ to go after changing child custody, etc.,? I hope not.

Well, the good news is Im looking at the local "Home" section of the paper before work here and I see a big full page ad from a local garden center -- obviously they think Spring will come too -- so I may have to go check 'em all out; still looking for some fiberglass pots.

Deanne -- that's really interesting about the fuschias -- I wouldnt be surprised re someone checking out the fantastic photos & containers you and others put together -- they say imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

It feels like it should be Friday - is that because Im working a full 5 day week or Im just dragging? Guess the new DLS starting will make that feeling worse next week -- I take a while to get used to it too.


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Good Morning, I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up when Brad got home about 1 and couldn't get back to sleep until 5am. To top it off we were out of coffee this morning. Brad's at the grocery now. Not a good start to the day. My mom and dad were over all day yesterday playing with Bella and we all had such a good time. Count me in as another who's sick of old man winter and looking forward to a warm up that's supposed to begin later today. Melt snow, melt! Megan went back to work this week on a limited schedule, a couple of full days and a couple of half days and is doing ok so far. Bella seems to be completely over whatever she had too. Some vacuuming and laundry for me today and a trip to the grocery store for supplies for tomorrow evening. My mom and dad will be coming over for dinner. We have a birthday party for my mom at my sister's Saturday, cake baked by me, and then they'll be going home on Sunday.

Deanne, I've lost all of the fuchsias I let go dormant. I'm just not good at plant resurrection, lol. I do have a nice healthy gartenmeister, but that's it. I'm thinking fuchsias just aren't my forte. I'm more of a coleus and begonia girl I guess.

Poor, poor Luke!

Suzy, I'm partial to black kitties. Yours is a cutey!

Weddings...I'm thinking there might be one in my future. Things seem to be heading in that direction with Jenni and boyfriend. There's been mention of some future plans being made so we'll see. He's a really great guy and the whole family just loves him. Time will tell!

Marie, thanks for the Children Test. So true! LOL! I always had the best talks with my kids on car rides back and forth to school or lessons. David used to love to read to me when we were driving too. Those are good memories.

Norma, I'm so sorry to hear that Wyatt's having such a rough time. I hope he turns a corner soon and is feeling back to himself. None of my kids had tonsils out but my sisters and I all did and I had a rough time of it with an emergency trip back to the hospital and a blood transfusion. I still remember it and I was only 7.

Hope Chelone is feeling better today!

Time for Bella's arrival and I hear Brad back with coffee. Have a good Thursday. It'll be spring before we know it, right?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Heat wave...14 F when I left the house this morning. My boss picked a great week to go to Scottsdale. We probably should have joined our friends in South Lake Tahoe this week-it's probably warmer. Anyway, don't get me started. One of my co-workers in another building (but who calls me at least 10 times a day) just told me I sound very down lately. No vacation since Marie's last September is starting to wear thin I guess.

It's now over an hour later than when I started this post..lately I seem to be a very popular person-at least at


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Hi Norma! wow this does seem long for Wyatt's recovery-Is it maybe because he had more than just his tonsils removed? I also imagined it would not take this long to get back to snuff. That is a terrible feeling to tell your kid(or GK) what they are experiencing is no big deal and then you realize they are definitely NOT the times I've told one of my kids to quit being so crabby and later I realize they are having a fever then I feel terrible-lol. I hope he's OK soon.

Deanne-I wouldn't doubt that nurseries look in places like this to get feedback from the gardening public! Did you find a new 'Billy Greene'?

Hmmm then maybe the newspaper article I read last week about agaves was influenced by the idylls too? lol I really did think for a moment how ironic that was. And what about the coleus craze??

I am SOO tired today that the thought of losing an hour this weekend is not a fun thought!That trend of waking with the sunlight went away and now I get startled out of bed by the alarm.
I don't know what category this would be under for 'Bug's test but Mon. morning I was so tired from the weekend that when I packed lunches I accidentally put AJ's sandwich in Ryan lunchbox-Ryan had TWO sandwiches and AJ had none!lol. Ryan was wondering why he had two sandwiches but went ahead and ate BOTH: )

V-That's neat to see your town getting historical distinction(I already thought it would be on that list)-it really is a cute square-cool to be able to say I've BEEN there: )and they have a Starbucks,go figure lol.

Must find something to wear,etc.


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Good morning!

As I look out my window, next to my computer, I see 6 elk grazing as they work their way up to the house. I wonder if they plan it so that they graze to the flower beds and then are prepared/ready for the dessert menu (roses or whatever else might be blooming)? Right now there is just the tender shoots from the daffodils, tulips and iris'. I don't think those are true elk/deer candy, but might find out in about 30 minutes. ;o)

Today I'm planning on stopping by the kids' resale shops to see if there might be a swing at one of them. Those swings seem to be life savers (mood savers?) right now and there are some times with the boys, when they are both fussy, that I could hold & rock one while the other could sit facing me in the swing. Right now, if they are both fussy, I lay them on a blanket and then lay between them, looking them in the eye and stroking their faces. I try to get the 3 of us close enough that I can tuck my face down into the blanket and they then have a cheek against my cheeks. It does take a bit of arranging and it isn't at all comfortable for me, plus I have to pretzle my arms so that I can stroke the head of the baby on the left with my right hand and the baby on the right with my left hand. I tried laying on my back, with all of us staring at the ceiling, but that doesn't allow my cheeks to touch theirs (shoulders in the way). Hmmmm, never thought of having their feet going one direction and mine going the other direction......then the tops of their heads would be touching my shoulders and we could still be touching cheeks. Just like holding a baby against your cheek/neck, it seems to help soothe them when they get really cranky and I'm alone. Watching two by myself can get frantic at times with plenty of unhappiness and upset----and then when the boys feel the same as I do (frantic, unhappy and upset) things really get interesting. LOL!!! ;o)

There are now 11 elk up nearer the house. Right now they are below the new flower bed (area of the flagpole) but they don't appear to be heading closer to the house. Last night they were bedded down up behind the house. They are such beautiful animals and I feel pretty blessed to have them hanging around so much.....remind me I said that when I grouse about all the footprints in the flower beds in the upcoming months.....

Lots of errands to do today....Oh, and the new battery didn't seem to take care of my car's desire not to start easily. Me thinks there is another auto repair bill in my future when I take the car back for a tune up.

Hope it is a great day for everyone! (Oh Michelle, you asked how far we are from town-----it is about a 20 - 25 minute drive to the nearest grocery store).

Norma, you sound 'down' and I hope you'll get some sunny days that will allow you some time outside along with lifting your spirits! Poor Wyatt!!

'bug, love the red cables that you are knitting!


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The news this morning was higher than normal temps and lower than normal precipitation. Sounds good to me.

We decided to call our event a Spring Tea & Bridal Review. It will be a salad luncheon and bridal style show. We will be using candle centerpieces and some other things from DDs wedding to keep the costs down. Number of people, thats a good question. We are thinking in the area of 100, but you never know. So we will need to be prepared for more. The school is a small one and the community is small as well.

T, they wont eat those shoots, around here, they wait until the are the bud stage, almost ready to open and then they eat the buds :o) Sorry! I wonder if Liquid Fence would work for elk? I have a fun mental picture of you trying to get everyone "arranged" on the floor. Stroking Kenzies forehead down to the tip of her nose worked to put her to sleep.

Norma, sorry to hear that Wyatt hasnt bounced back from the surgery. What does the Dr. say about it? My DS had his tonsils and adenoids out when he was 6 and recovered very quickly. Hugs to you too, I hope your funk is short lived.

I remember getting my tonsils out at age 5 and they made me sleep in a crib, as a big 5 year old, I was mortified.

Deanne, some gal on the kitchen forum found out a picture she posted of her kitchen was on some companies website. So I think the companies definitely are looking to us for thoughts and ideas. Poor Luke, I hope he is feeling better today.

Martie, with your people skills, you would be very successful as a wedding planner. Have you seen the movie?

V, we really enjoyed Woodstock and the quaintness of it, so the designation doesnt surprise me.


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Dear Ones --

It's ironic that Michelle would mention people skills right before I needed to write this.

As a child I had crosses burned on my front yard, as a teenager I had machine guns pointed in my direction by Haitian dictatorship militia, as a college student I was teargassed, as an adult I found myself in a psychologically abusive relationship that got so bad that I was color blind for almost a year.

At least in all those instances, I came to understand that contorted logic prevails in some people's lives sometimes. There was meaning behind the actions that I felt needed to be righted, and I did my best to do so in a peaceful and loving way. I've tried to do that in every uncomfortable situation I've ever been in.

In this case, I just don't get it at all.

The fallout from the recent upset on this Forum hasn't ended. I don't know about anyone else, but the rash of emails accusing me of everything from really being 'bug (can you believe it???) to downright very specific threats has me scared. I wish I hadn't posted where I'll be on Sunday, and Rich is now sure to accompany me.

It's all so sad, but a necessary thing to withdraw for a time. This is the second time my good nature has been attacked by people I don't know, but know enough about me to make it prudent to say farewell for a bit.

I promise, promise, promise that I'll post pics of the Third Year garden. You have all had so much to do with it that it would be unfair for you not to see the beginning of the end result.

There is a special love for EVERYONE on this forum in my heart.

Best to all -


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Martie, we are one and the same? Poor you! I'm confused. Email me if you feel the need. Others you know have my email address. I'm so sorry for this and will miss your input.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I just popped in for a quick look and see Martie's extremely disturbing email. If there are personally malicious emails being sent - I truly think it should be reported to the GW websites - rather than withdrawing and letting these neurotic freaks win. Just my personal thought.

While we may each disagree about posts or subjects or how things (or people) are "treated" here, I do not think it warrants or justifies ANYONE sending personal attacks to be sent privately to people - that is outrageous, unforgivable and frankly I think something should be done about it. I am truly saddened to think that "lurkers" express themselves privately in such a manner and are allowed to do that! People who receive such emails should report those threatening emails to GW caretakers at the very least. PLEASE! Freedom of speech is one thing - threats and private "communications" are totally different and need to be dealt with rather than permitted to go on.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief will someone turn off the artic blast machine???? Its 16 degrees out right now at 3:30PM with winds gusting to 35+. Wind chills are off the charts and hitting new records. The cats are driving me nuts. Luke must be feeling better because hes been crying for the door for the last four hours. Rahjii is wailing away and it is just too dangerously cold for him to be outside but there is no way to explain that to a cat. So I cant get a thing done because this cat keeps sticking his nose in everything Im trying to do. Hes already knocked the mouse on the floor and I only just turned on the computer. Grrrr Have I mentioned that I hate the wind??? So the other thing is that it is supposed to go down to -1F tonight. I can see the holly and English Ivy dying a bit more each day these cold temps keep up. I shudder to think what is going to be toast in the gardens when spring rolls around. I know, I know V. consider it a new opportunity. Winter doesnt normally get me down but this hideous cold and windy weather is beginning to really bug me. Holy moly. The side of the dining room just got slammed by a 12 foot pine branch!!!!!!! Came flying through the air from one of the trees next door. Glad it didnt get my duck blind. Have I mentioned I really hate the wind.

So, Martie, I agree with Cindy 100% that kind of malicious, threatening and harassing email is unacceptable. Is there any way you can find out where that email came from? I think we need to find out who it is and do something about it. There is no excuse for anyone to get threatening emails from a gardening forum or on any forum for that matter. I know you want to take a break for a while and I dont blame you a bit but would you please forward that to me so I can get my computer gurus working on it and finding out who it is so it can be reported to the proper authorities. I know Eileen also got disturbing emails in the past and that kind of underhanded, vicious stuff makes my blood boil.

T. how neat about the Elk but what a bummer that the boys are so out of sorts lately. Ive heard that isnt uncommon with twins but dont know why. ~~ Hope you find out whats wrong with the car. That would have me unsettled, not to have a reliable automobile when you aren't close to town.

Babs, I LOL over the sandwiches. Too funny that Ryan ate both sandwiches. So what did AJ have for lunch? ~~ Sorry you are tired lately. Sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends. ~~ Yes, I did find Billy Greene again from WWF, thanks for asking. Next year I think Im going to keep them under the lights all winter so I dont lose them. It really is a wonderful variety.

Eden, what a bummer you lost your fuchsias! I cant imagine what happened. I wonder if your basement is too warm to let them get truly dormant. Well, I cant winter over Rex Begonias to save my life. I lost two of the three I had and the third is looking pretty awful so I guess we are even. How about I raise fuchsias for you and you do begonias for me??? LOL

So Sue, maybe when we TONAW next year we ought to do it on Key West????

Bug, that photo of your DD and DH is priceless!!!! I just love that. Flowers are lovely also. I forgot to tell you how much I like that red cable piece you are knitting now. Are you quite sure you dont want to knit something for me???? LOL

Cindy, LOL about the snow having to melt on its own. My grandmother used to say "God put it there let him take it away".

Yes, Im thinking that there must be people lurking here who glean this site for ideas. The chances are astronomical that a greenhouse would just happen to begin carrying those particular varieties out of the thousands that are available. I actually found one of my container combinations on the Proven Winners site last year. Could have been coincidence but who knows.

Ok time to run, Martie please forward those emails to me if you dont mind. Time to get to the bottom of this.


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Martie, forward that stuff to Deanne, will you? It doesn't take any guts to send a nastygram, anonymous I presume? Blow 'em off; people like that aren't worth your worry as they tend to lack the courage of their "convictions". BTW, I cracked up about the car stuck a puddle. I am not surprised, and buying coffee for your helpers was very thoughtful.

Poor Wyatt! it sucks when you don't feel good and little kids don't have any alternative but be crabby. I'm in my 4th. solid day of it, have missed the entire work week. My nose is the color of my red velour pull on pants and slippers. It's gone from a head cold to a chest cold (I sound like a donkey when I cough). I don't have bedsores yet, but a few more days of this and it just might be a possibility. I haven't been outdoors except to go to the mailbox or the woodpile. Poor Rex, I've promised him a nice "walkie" as soon as I'm feeling better.

I don't have much to say and can't remember all the things I wanted to share individually. Time to return to the couch and work on those pressure sores.

OH, I heard a ruckus on the deck this morning and saw 2 cats with HUGE, bottlebrush tails on high alert. I watched a dozen turkeys meander off into the woods... . Very windy here, too. And cold. Kitties go out for no more than half an hour and then come inside and head straight for the catbox, lol.

Give Luke a special "scritchie" for me... poor baby.

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It may not be from a lurker. I removed my email from GW when I returned to the Idylls in December to avoid exactly that sort of thing. Martie, please NO don't go away. You can forward the emails to your internet provider and they will either block the sender, report the sender to their ISP, or both. You should NOT have to be hurt by this childish meanness. Which has been going on too long as it is. I thought it was over.

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Chelone......hope that nasty cold eases soon!

I was in town this morning and saw: ForCynthia blooming ;o), a tree that had cherry blossoms opening up, daffodils aplenty and two azaleas blooming. I was dumb-struck (no nasty comments on that choice of description of myself, if you please ;o) ). Way cool to see some color.

Now, I didn't tell you that to 'tease' those of you who are freezing or dealing with too much snow.......I just wanted you to know spring is showing up on the west and heading your way. :oD It's acomin' !!!

I stopped alongside the road and cut a couple more branches of pussywillows to add to those I cut almost 2 weeks ago. They are pretty much past their furry best and the yellow is beginning to cover them. I enjoy pussywillows, reminds me of elementary school and being captivated by the thought that something so furry and soft would grow on a tree. I have them in a vase on the dining room table. Simple pleasures.

I went outside and pulled a few weeds in my front bed. I really like how the mulch looks, still like the shape and size of the bed although it would have been nice to have made the area from the flagpole to the bird bath a bit wider. This is sufficent and quite nice though. I dug down about 8" and was poked by hard wood. The shredded wood chips (most the size of a paint brush handle or a bit larger) are not broken down. I didn't expect they would be, but had a tiny glimmer of hope that I would be wrong. I imagine I'll just try to get a few plants into the bed this year. Maybe try to decide on the main shrubs, trees that I'd like to have to be the larger focal interests and get them planted this spring. Leaving the majority to be added in spring 2008. Not really sure.....I'm not in a huge hurry to go out and buy lots and lots of plants just to decide later that it isn't the way I wanted it. Since things are beginning to bloom, it must be time to head to a nursery or two and begin 'shopping'. I have a little list of possiblities tucked away---I'd better locate it and see if I am 'sure'.

Poor Luke! Maybe he and Wyatt could get together and cuddle a bit to make them both feel better? Or does Luke even like kids? Does Wyatt like cats?


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Vicious threatening emails are inexcusable behaviour from anyone in my opinion. Can the emails be forwarded to someone at GW? I know if you get phishing (?) emails like from eBay or other places they have an address to forward them to, and eBay can track the senders down. ((((Martie))))

More later, have to fix something for dinner. Maybe leftovers.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Idylls!

I haven't been able to catch up, but did want to stop by and thank you all for the encouraging and kind words about my mother. I wouldn't want anyone to go through this (don't know *how* they get through this...I guess you just do..huh?)but it helps to know that many of you have gone through similar experiences and have made it gives me courage. Chelone your words and advice were taken to heart and if I haven't told you in the past, you have been a real inspiration to me. I would often say to myself when I was feeling my most discouraged..."Look at strong she is and how she always takes the bulls by the horn...Eileen you can do this." Honestly Chelone, I don't know how many times I've said that to myself and I thought instead of talking to myself I should let *you* know! :-) And Babs thanks too! You have always been such a sweetheart and really helped me when I needed someone to talk to about Dad. (((Babs))) I'm so sorry about your dad. Was your dad hallucinating too? They haven't put a name on mom's dementia yet. I guess they are waiting for the results of all her tests. On the good side her blood tests came back as all within normal limits, although a part of me had wished they would have found something like a vitamin deficiency or something that could explain the problem and fix it. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the other tests say. Anyway thanks again *everyone*.

I also wanted to tell Martie how sorry I was to read about the nasty emails. Cynthia, Deanne and Cindy are right...don't let anyone chase you away. Send the emails to the GW. Get them to stop them. It does have me wondering though we *have* to have our email listed with the GW? I can't's been so long since I first joined. Can I ask the GW not to forward emails? Can I take me email address off the GW? If you can, it might be something to consider. As Deanne mentioned, I got a pretty nasty email last was very upsetting and so I can understand how you feel feel violated (intruded upon) and defenseless and *hurt*! In fact after reading mine I was so upset that I immediately deleted it...just an instinct to rid myself of its ugly presence. Now I wish I hadn't. If that ever happens to me again I will definitely report them. Of course, ever since then I no longer open any emails when I don't recognize the sender's name. I report them as spam and then delete them. In any case, I hope you won't let the nasty emailer take away something that gives you pleasure. Don't give them the power.

P.S. I woke up "anticipating joy" T! So I won't tell you how the day went...LOL! Just kidding! Actually, it was a pretty nice day and Scout and I took a nice long walk in the's funny how a little sunshine can change your whole outlook...

The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine

I need to laugh and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good in a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day

Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine

We take a walk, the sun is shining down
Burns my feet as they touch the ground

Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine

Then we'd lie beneath the shady tree
I love her and she's loving me
She feels good, she knows she's looking fine
I'm so proud to know that she is mine.

Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Sunshine, Good Day Suns

Thinking of you all...Ei

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Ah Ei, it is good to hear you singing again. ;o) Anticipating Joy.......a wonderful way to begin the day! Even if the day does hold more downs than least you awaken 'up'. ;o)

So........I cannot remember if I am post #100 or if this will make it #101....


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, I'm confused...are you receiving e-mails from someone at GW about something you posted here on idylls? I notice you don't have a link to your personal e-mail on your GW member page. Did you disable it this afternoon? Has anyone else here received anything threatening? I've been posting at GW for almost 6 years and have never, ever received an unsavory e-mail from anyone about anything I've said or posted. If I did, the first thing I would do would be to contact the GW moderators. then I would post it here and encourage the coward to make themselves known. In the right mood I could actually have some fun with that. Hmmm, very strange.

Forcynthia! T, you're going to make me cry. I have ice floes on my patio.

Pedicure night tonight. I really enjoy kabitzing with the two women who own the nail salon where I pamper the tootsies. I also got my eyebrows waxed-forgot to ask about Cynthia's weaving process. Dashing home through the arctic cold in flip flops is an experience I'd rather not have to relive again. Hopefully it will be warmer on April 12th but the way this year is going I won't hold my breath.

The radiology doctor finally called me today about the insurance denial. Yup, someone at Anthem BC/BS who has never seen or examined me feels my fibroids aren't symptomatic enough to warrant treatment. Why should I have to suffer with any symptoms? It only gets worse and in the four or five months that this process has dragged on mine have. I guess the two GYNs and one radiologist I've consulted with don't know squat about There may be some disagreement about the choice of procedure but everyone agrees that I should do something and I made that choice. At any rate I have to go for another MRI next Tuesday night. not to get too worked up over this.

Speaking of people lurking here for garden ideas, Steve Silk wrote the lead article in this month's issue of the CT Hort Society newsletter. The title is "Pot Hunting Season". He did divulge a few of our sources but left out JoAnn Fabric and Homegoods. Perhaps I should e-mail him and thank

Allrighty then, tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the week. Time to prepare.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Just skimmed this morning and I'm mad as can be.
Marti, do not take this. Forward me, or anyone else you know that's a techie type, the email. The IP address of the sender is encoded in there. REPORT this to the SENDERS ISP and if it's a reputable company, their account will be closed! There is no excuse for this behavior and you should take action.


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