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anneliese_32(6)March 20, 2014

I just watched on the NBC evening news a report from the North Plate in Nebraska, the Snow Geese and of course the Sandhill Cranes. I really wish I could see them. I am envious, George and Leone.

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I also saw that news report and immediately thought of you two, George and Leone. What a glorious sight and sound they must be and make. Please take an extra look and listen for the rest of us.

(I was thrilled the other day when I heard--first--and then saw a flock of 30 or 40 geese fly over my house.) LOL

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I also saw it and thought about George & Leone. I would love to see the sandhill cranes, but am too far away so have to rely on others to bring those pictures and sounds to me.

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gandle(4 NE)

We missed it on TV but can go see them anytime. Game and Oarks says they now estimate about 600,000 cranes in the area. Think there are that many bird watchers too. Went out to eat and the restaurants are reallu busy/.. Paer said people from England, Germany, Iceland, A large group from Switzerland and a scattering of other countries. Plus about every state. And that is just the people that are staying around here, a few miles east of here whe the Rowe Sanctuary for the cranes is there are hundreds more people from everywhere One of the men from Switzerland was interview and he said he and his wife will be out at the river every morning and sunset for a week. He also said he cried when the cranes took of in the morning and actually blotted out the rising sun. Didn't know why but was moved deeply.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

The news report video footage was amazing. I told DH it was a shame that his project in Columbus, NE was finished because we would have had a wonderful opportunity to see the Sandhill Cranes there. One time, quite a few years ago, we had a group of several hundred cranes "stop over" on their way south in one of our neighbor's harvested milo fields. I guess there was quite a bit of grain on the ground. The Farm-To-Market road on the north side of that field was packed with cars parked on the shoulders to see the cranes. They were so beautiful. Hope you and Leone are doing well, George.

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