The second shoe dropped, 1% issue.

west_gardenerMarch 30, 2013

Some time ago I wrote about how my city that we have lived in for more than 40 years (in Silicon Valley) have lost the middle class businesses and gone to high end business. And I mentioned the 1%.
I was verbally attacked and threathened with the TOS for the post.Well, the second phase of the project is in progress.
We are losing more of the middle class stores and they are building either a 4 or 5 star hotel, with high end shops.
The 1% is a major player here in Silicon Valley.

Here is a link that might be useful: The 1%

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My favorite (only) local consignment boutique shows that times have changed, not so many high-end, fancy label clothing in stock as they had in the past, people don't change their wardrobe as much, they wear it out

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lilo, it's the same thing here, both at the consignment boutique and Good Will.
The shopping center that is going high end, still has a Walmart, Kohels (sp), a noodle restaurant, Trader Joe's and a Thai restaurant. I have not seen the master plan, so I don't know will happen next.
BTW, if anyone wonders if I dwell on this topic because of sour grapes or whatever. It is not that, because we have done very well here in the valley, our property values have skyrocketed.
I dwell on the subject because I miss my old middle class life style. And I'm afraid that the middle class will be lost forever.

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