A family card party.

west_gardenerMarch 11, 2013

One of DH relatives, who lives back east, is turning 80 next month. His daughter sent us a card (snail mail) inviting us to his birth day by sending a card, (snail mail)for his "card party".
We'll send a card, and DH will write a small note with a memory from their childhood together.
I think this is a totally cool idea.

And while we are talking about celebrating long distance, a friend of mine could not make it to her daughter's house for xmas, so they celebrated via the computer and video. The grands opened the presents, showed them to grandma, then grandma opened her presents and showed them to the grands.
All kinds of ways to connect.

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Yes WG - even when alone one doesn't have to be lonely

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Last July, when I turned 80, I told my DD I didn't want a party. She honored that request, but surprised me with a "card shower", such as you describe, WG.

I received over 90 cards, so had "ten to grow on". Many of them were from people I didn't--nor will ever-- know. Friends of friends, Facebook folks, former school and work mates, and many folks from my church, all were kind enough to send me birthday greetings nd help me celebrate becoming an octogenarian!

WG, if you'll send me your DH relative's address, I'd be happy to send him a card.

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mwheel, thanks so much for replying and telling about your experience. It is wonderful. It seems like the younger generation has found a new way to celebrate a birthday.
I read your post aloud to DH, and he thought it was great, but when I asked him if he would want to post the address, he said no.
However, I think it's a great idea.
Thanks for the offer to send a card.

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