Idyll #310 One day closer to Spring!!

just_tMarch 15, 2007


Well, it is true.......we are one day closer to SPRING!!!

Let the joy abound and the smiles spread!

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Spring is almost sprung! There are daffodils and cherry blossoms blooming all over my area. Deanne, Eden and others are enjoying temperatures in the high 60's and 70's. If it isn't happening where you live---it is coming soon!!!

Snow may still fall.........but Spring is springing up everywhere!!!

I'm not going to tell you to smile, I'm not going to tell you what to feel, I'm not going to tell you to do anything..................I'm just telling you that I am smiling, I am content, I am hopeful that my spirits will stay high as the beauty of our gardens appears again and the birds are singing their songs.

How can we be anything but happy when Spring is showing itself?!



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Nice to see a message from you, Taryn! Lots of food for thought. (and I actually like that song, one of the few I hear on "no music variety" radio that I enjoy, lol).

Deanne, I laughed at the strawberry anecdote. I have a "thing" about detail and am inclined to "put myself out" to TRY to achieve a convincing level of it. But, I follow directions, too... prep. work for painting, cleaning brushes, etc.. ;) Do you think I could learn how to do that sort of painting? you gotta see the tole work I have here; I have several of their books on it, too.

The cushion thing resolved itself today. My boss has the bug, too. She's a few days behind me and is still thoroughly miserable. Factor in Rheumatoid arthritis and an immune system compromised by the drugs she must take to control it and she gets "cut off at the knees" by things that make the rest of us just miserable. Suffice it to say, she's CRANKY. ;) I finished up V.'s berth (I love that!) and laid all the main salon cushions out in an approximation of their configuration. Turned out, they actually looked pretty good; turned out your's truly actually DID pay attention to the direction of the foam (duh) and spent a good deal of time massaging the decrepit foam into the foremost corners to eliminate wrinkles... (duh). One cushion, clearly visible upon entry to the salon has a "dead spot" on one corner. Solution? glue scrap 5" foam together and cut a new insert (not my suggestion, but easy enough). Nicest of all? the pat on the shoulder and the "I was too quick in my judgement, these look as good as they could; nice workmanship." Over the years I have learned how to leave a "breadcrumb trail", a way to orient myself in cabins I've never seen so that the pattern of the fabric is properly placed and aligned and the jigsaw aspect of complex cushion shapes fits the way it was supposed to. I came in at JUST under the time estimate, and used less goods. So, even with the time to glue and cut a new piece of foam, we're right on the snapper as far as money goes. WHEW! I particularly like playing "beat the clock" and coming in under time on jobs... :) . That's the thrill of the chase, for me.

Kathy, I stopped at the "li-berry" and picked up "Longitude" by Dava Sobel. I'm into it about 40 pages and it's great. It'll be a quick read, about 170 pages.

Bummer, I just heard the forecast. 5" of snow by Saturday morning? and cold afterwards? le sigh. At least I managed to extricate the last remaining evergreen boughs from the windowboxes. Pediments are still up, though... maybe I'll get them down with the step ladder as the snowbanks are now gone (at least temporarily).

I'm thinking about T.'s spring scenes, and reminding myself that they will arrive here, too. But, as any New Englander worth his salt knows, you never say goodbye to snowstorms until Patriot's Day. Another month to go.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marie I want a long weekend too but it's just not working out that way this week.

Spring may be springing but we've got a major storm predicted for here starting tomorrow afternoon and going into Saturday. Yech! Supposedly 6" of some sort of snow/sleet/possible ice mix. We often get a storm like this right around now. On the up side it usually melts fast because the average daily temps are well into the 40s F. I guess I can kiss garden work goodbye this weekend though :(

Work has been all consuming this week. Residual issues will make the beginning of next week no fun either but I remain hopeful for a gardening day off soon. On Tuesday night I went for another MRI. Ridiculous if you ask me. All the insurance company has accomplished by denying my procedure is to force my doctor to order another unnecssary and expensive test (a test insurance approved and will pay for) to prove I need the procedure (that they will end up approving and paying for in the end). Go figure.

OK Kathy, bring on some more spring scenes.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks for trying Sue!

One of those things today: I was filling my medicine container for my trip out west so that I wouldn't need to pack a zillion bottles. Well, it seems those 3 packets of pills on the shelf were EMPTY ones. That means I need a refill. So the pharmacy says I've run out of refills and need an appointment with the doctor. Swell. But I'm in Toronto next week and leave the following week. OK, they say, fax a request from the pharmacy to us and we'll give you a 2 week supply. Fine. But, the fax never got returned, so I was without today's and tomorrow's pills. So he gave me TWO pills. But I still need an appointment with the doc- who it turns out will be on holiday for a couple of weeks when I return. If you don't follow any of this, you are excused. I hardly can figure it out myself.

I'm starting a "knit-a-long" project with DD on her forum. Never did anything like this before. Tomorrow I'm supposed to find wool for the project we've decided upon and we'll all share our progress.

My friend Lynn's daughter is delighted to announce today that she is pregnant. Lynn can't stand the excitement and insists I join her in Toronto for shopping next week. ;-) Oh brother, two crazy dames!

Tonight I noticed our front field is flooded. At least we don't have huge chunks of ice carrying trees off as has happened in the past.

Hoping Megan is feeling better, Chelone's DH is on the mend, and that everyone recovers from the dreaded germs lurking about. Personally, I'm hoping all the creepy crawlies at DD's place vanish immediately. Norma, I hope your spirits lift too! Deanne, is your neighbor ever going to see the light and be reasonable? Here's hoping!


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Happy Friday eve ! and of course the Ides of March.. A pretty uneventful day for me unless you like hearing about meetings , having two employees in your office "unloading" (but they feel better now !) and the poor blind doggie having an "accident" in the house, stepping in it, and tracking it all over the place ! Crikey.

Well, I am definitely taking all the begonias and the plumerias out of the house this weekend. I think any frost we have from this point will be minor , and if I keep them under shelter for now they should be fine.

Deanne, loved those hawks on the last thread . The strawberry painting tale- itÂs funny how some people donÂt really "see" things. I took a painting workshop class at our adult school several years ago. I improved quite a bit over the 8 or so semesters I took it, but it became evident to me that I could not paint well from life, and that I had to copy the paintings of others. I painted a fake Monet (one of the haystacks) , a fake Erin Dertner (she is a Mendo county artist) , a fake Jane Froelicher , among others. I decided that my problem was that I couldnÂt get the "light" right. I also canÂt draw very well . so I had to pick paintings to copy that were easy to draw. I will take up painting again some day, because I really enjoy it, but I just donÂt have the time right now. I never really felt threatened at all by any criticism of the teacher-how could you ? Criticism is meant to help you improve, and that was my goal..

Taryn, nice sentiments. I was wondering where youÂd gotten to !

T, happy spring to you !

Chelone, glad you recÂd affirmation on your latest project at work. Sounds like the boss is a little high strung. Sorry about that snow !

Well, these are the spring scenes from Yosemite NatÂl Park that I tried to upload last night

A view from DS's campsite

DS and his friend hiked up this trail overlooking the Yosemite Valley. The tree in the foreground is a Manzanita for those who may not be familiar.

This is DS and his friend with the camera on a rock ...

So , thats all for today !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Toronto will never be the same after next week...

The weatherman was wrong; there was no snow last night but it did turn cold. Down to 29 tonight. Hurry, spring.

GB, our wetlands are filling quickly - it is amazing to see the change from day to day. I'm eager to see what birds follow the water.

I had a new employee start today. She's pleasant, willing to do whatever is asked of her, and I think she will be a nice offset to the grump she has to sit next to. (and NO! I don't mean me!!!) I found out a guy in another department was up to his eyeballs in work and I asked her if she would mind pitching in on something that was totally not what we hired her for. She went to it with a smile and finished with a smile and swore she didn't mind.

I hope she comes back tomorrow!

In 21 hours the spring break invasion of our home begins. One is only making a hit and run on his way north, but the other is here for a week. My posts may become less frequent.


V., off to her berth

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Good evening Idylls

A quick peek in before bed. Our snow has almost melted and we have snowdrops almost in bloom - I cannot tell you how excited that makes me feel. I'm smiling right along with Teresa and imagining her cherry blossom and daffodils. I'll be imagining them even harder tomorrow as we get hit with the feezing rain and snow :0(

Kathy- what stunning photos - an area I'd love to visit. Are we guessing, is DS on the left or right?

Thoughts and a wave going out to all. My work has been consuming this week - one particular case has been constantly on my mind. Nothing I can share here but to say how thankful I am for wonderful co-workers and a caring social worker. I hope together we can make a difference. I've hugged my kids extra hard each evening, played the violin a lot and thought about daffodils.

Nite all


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, I just had to show you a photo from 2004 of DS with friends at Glacier National Park. So similar!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just a turbo post from me,

Chelone, you bet you could learn how to do this style of painting. I'd guess you'd be very good at it because you must have very good eye to hand coordination to do what you do and this type of paiting requires that. ~~ Glad the job turned out OK. ~~ How's the helpmeet doing with his virus? Doug came down with it yesterday and he's been slubbing around the house all day in a fog. I surely hope he isn't sick for long.

V. that new employee sounds wonderful. Crossing my fingers that she shows up tomorrow...

Kathy, breathtaking pics from Yosemite... I've always wanted to go there but have only gotten as close as Coarsegold, CA. Taught a seminar up there but just didn't have the time to get to the park afterwards. Someday.
~~ Which of those handsome young men is your DS. Oh to be that young and that thin! LOL ~~ RE Painting, many times painting classes set up a still life or model and point the student at it and say 'paint it' without showing the student how to draw the subject accurately and without showing the student how to establish form, understand light source, perspective etc. I teach method painting where all my students work from my drawings, we all paint the same thing but I explain the how and the why of mixing the color, how to establish the form of the object etc.

Bug, thanks for the good wishes re the neighbor but we've been trying to resolve this issue for a year now and this guy just keeps getting stranger all the time. I have no hope that this is going to get resolved without litigation. What a mess, but I guess I can always hope. ~~ What a pain in the neck about the 'scrips'. I hate it when that happens.

Hi Sue, what a COLOSSAL DRAG that we are going to get this storm this weekend. I'm hoping they are wrong and that we won't get the 12" of snow they are predicting for our area,

OK I'm turning into a pumpkin so must get to bed,

Nitey nite,

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Just a quick good night from me too. It's been a quiet, cold day. We got a dusting of snow last night that's mostly gone now. I had frosted Cheerios straight out of the box for dinner, lol. We do have snowdrops blooming and crocus poking up their heads but March is really dragging for me.

Beautiful pictures Kathy! Thanks! More spring pics too please...

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow???


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Getting ready to watch Babettes Feast (an oldie!)
DS is on the left in the gret T-shirt.

'bug ! all my pics need were a third person ! Looks like they had thier camera on a rock as well ..

Off to DVD land !

Kathy in Napa

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Kathy , those are awesome photos from your DS's trip. Would I love to see that in person!

And Deanne how great that you got a picture of the pair of hawks. We have the pileated woodpeckers here too. Their size always amazes me. That last container you posted is awesome too.

Bug, thanks for thinking of me. I'm fine just been really busy and don't get to the computer as much lately.
The boys were here last weekend. Wyatts tonsilectomy changed his voice at least temporarily. I hope it doesn't stay that way as it sounds a bit strange.

I have been painting all week and am stiff and sore all over. Tall walls and vaulted ceiling ( that required two coats) so up and down ladders and scaffolding. Did I mention I am afraid of heights? Anyway that part is done and I have been cleaning up the mess. DD from Florida will be here tomorrow for a week. I am ready for a rest myself,so hope we can both kick back.

We had some really nice days but I couldn't get outside because of the painting. At least I could have the windows open. I have daffs , crocus,iris reticula (sp?)and scilla blooming. (turbo post no spell check LOL)

The beds are still full of leaves and sticks. It's a mess out there. But I'm determined not to stress about it. I'll do what I can when I can. It is supposed to be fun right.

Drawing a blank now so will send thoughts along to everyone and hit the sack. Peace to all. Happy spring cleanup. Norma

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Oh heavens!! I had no idea that so many areas were going to get hit with rotten, cold, nasty snow and other freezing fluids...... I would have picked a different title for this if I had known. :o/

Mary, sending you a very good thought and hopes for the child(ren) who you are concerned about. I know you can't divulge anything, but if you need an ear for generalities, I'm here.

Deanne, hope the neighbor woes somehow work out without having to pull in lawyers and other officials. Been there, done that and in a way, no one ever wins completely. Even with a decision in your favor, there are still repercussions........but then again, some things cannot be ignored. A very tough thing to go through.

Eden, you are always interesting! :oD Cheerios, frosted ones, straight out of the box? Sounds like a good meal to me. LOL

Great photos of Glacier. DH and I visited there in the summer of 2004 I think. Impressive scenery.

V, how neat that your kids are still coming home for spring break. I'd love to turn back the hands of time and enjoy having my kids back (as kids, not as returning adults with children in tow.....LOL). Of course this day dream of mine would have strict limitations as to time duration and behavior during said visit. ;o) I already went through those years, so hopefully my day dream would be smarter than my reality was at times? LOL

Hope everyone's weather turns out to be milder than expected and of much shorter duration if the white stuff appears. I guess I'll not complain about gray drizzle and rusting webbed feet ever again........I live in a hot house compared to many of you.


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

A quick, late, driveby post.

I'm bummed. You all have daffodils blooming, mine are just coming snowdrops that I have yearned for and finally acquired last year are not up at all. I resorted to buying TWO gardening magazines today to look at pretty flowers. I'm soooo ready for spring.

We had two lovely days and now it's COLD again. I do have things sprouting but some things that should be there are just absent. They worry me. I do this every year and worry and fret.

More later, just wanted to pop in.


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No, Suzy, not all of us have daffodils blooming, lol! Some of us have sodden lawns, partially covered in snow (soon to be entirely recovered with snow), and squishy driveways. You are not alone. Don't fret. :)

Helpmeet is still a bit under the weather, but a day of rest seems to have helped him. I am going to try to get the pediments down this morning before the crummy weather rolls in. I am SO sick of looking at the windburned boxwood, and some real "idiot work" will be perfect for a day of rain tomorrow.

Kathy, such handsome young men in the pictures you posted! Manzanita is a popular wood for cage bird perches, as it is very hard and virtually impervious to busy hookbills. It's also good for their feet, as the uneven circumference and natural contour exercises them and relieves pressure points and therefore pressure sores on the soles. When we first introduced the Manzanita perches our birds didn't "recognize" them and spent the better part of the day clinging to the side of the cage or perching suspiciously on the factory dowel perches, give the M. the "hairy eyeball". Within a day/two they were fine. :)

I really do like and respect my boss but she IS "high strung". A worrywort; it's hard for her to believe that THIS employee actually does care about the business (why wouldn't I care about the business that supplies my paycheck?!). I know the incessant nitpicking/micromanagement has more to do with her own insecurities than my work, but I have limited patience for that crap. Emerging, as I am, from 3+ years of "sucking it up" to get through one more day, I realize my priorities are now different. Before, I didn't have the energy to make a stink unless it got really bad. Now, however, things are different and I'm unwilling to suffer the vagaries of her ill-humor/health and insecurity. Some people are just not cut out to "manage" people.

So, V., I hope this new hire works out well for you! I think employees are usually willing to do what must be done as long as it's properly explained to them and they're thanked for their efforts. You'll find out later on, won't you?

'bug, what a drag about the 'scrips! I used to live in fear of that sort of thing with repsect to Mum. I had reminders on my calendar to refill before they ran out! You must be very excited about your coming trip. I don't blame you about the "creepie crawlies", either. Parasitology is fascinating, but not the sort of experience we need to experience "in real life". ;)

Sue, your situation is just another example of why "the finest health care system in the world" is also so expensive close to 50 million can't afford it, even though many of them are working. I did what Governor Howard Dean suggested all Americans do when it's time for routine tests... call for prices. I called 3 places to get a price for a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. NOT ONE could give me a firm price for someone with insurance. I spoke with Mammography, Imaging, and Billing, as well as Radiology. How shocking is that? I received the customer satisfaction questionnaire a few days after the mammogram and was quite, uh, frank in my assessment of that aspect of the "service". Would I go into a store to buy something without first knowing the price?! I also requested a follow up from them with respect to my commentary... haven't heard back yet, either. ;) I hope all this is resolved soon and in your favor!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Think green-we can all hope, right? No daffs here either, Suzy, or anything else for that matter. Usually I have Iris reticulata by now. So far the snow hasn't started. Wouldn't it be nice if the weather was wrong on this one.

Chelone, I'm no expert when it comes to insurance and health care but I fairly certain that calling around for prices for tests paid by insurance is a waste of time. Everything is contractual now. Your insurance company only pays X for a mammogram regardless of what the provider charges. The provider can charge A, B, or C and all they're going to get is X. They write off the difference because their contract with the insurance company probably specifies that they can't charge you. It's all just an enormous shell game.

Okey, dokey, I need to get some work done.


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Hi Idylls!

Ironic,I read back on the other thread how Deanne was pleased that I could post more regularly...and then I just *disappeared* Not intentional,just cleaning house and celebrating Ryan's bday. Talk about freaky and darn lucky-yesterday(Ry's bday)we had the boys ready to go,they walked up to the door of the bus and the bus driver wouldn't let them on! Evidently their school closed due to partial loss of electricity/heat! Ryan got a day off for his bday! It was so cool-the boys were hooting with joy. Chris stayed home & worked from home for 1/2 a day then we celebrated with sushi for lunch per Ryan's request. It kills me that he had a choice of McD's or sushi and he went for the latter. Believe me I was happy lol.
Getting a whole extra day to shape this place up was major.

PM2 if you are still around? Pea sowing is supposed to be tomorrow but we are supposed to get part of that storm so we'll see. It'll be five years since my Dad died.
This coming storm reminded me about the day of his funeral; our weather went from the 60's before the funeral down to the 30's by the time we were done at church. Massive heavy snow plopped down during the hour drive to the cemetery.We all wore spring coats and froze our you-know-whats off. A wild day.

Sorry about this 'all about me' one: ) I have to scan the previous thread yet. I'm not sure how soon I'll be checking in with the festivities tomorrow-I'll try.

I hope y'all are well and seeing signs of spring once this storm leaves!

Drema-I assume you have off today?(chris does)

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Good morning!!

So good to see Norma and Babs :) I miss you guys when you are busy. Chelone, glad to hear you are feeling better....hope your DH and your boss recover quickly, too. Don't be surprised if it hits you again, I've been told by a couple people that it 'comes back' and mine did. Weird germs. ;o)

Suzy, yikes, you are getting the rotten weather, too. I wish now that I had stopped and taken some photos of 'spring' to share with everyone as it does lift the spirits to see the new green shoots, the pink blossoms and the crocus'/daffodil blooms. I promise you---Spring is coming!! ;o)

TGIF....and green is a perfect choice. :o)

Babs, what kind of cake is Ryan getting this year? I cannot remember if you told us what he was wanting. I've never tried Sushi....even your kids are more worldly than I am. :oD

Well, I've got the twins arriving in a little while so I'd better get off the computer and get some of my 'chores' done before my attention and energy is focused on them.

Hope it is a great day for everyone and may something in your day show you that Spring is coming soon!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning to all, We are now in the projected 12" to 15" snow range and then it is supposed to turn into rain after midnight. Good grief! I told Doug wed better stay up late and snow blow the driveway before we wind up with a foot of heavy wet slush to clear. Its supposed to go down below 20 degrees on Sunday night so cant leave that on the driveway or it will set like cement. I agree with Sue, Im hoping that the weather folks are wrong about this one.

Eden, how is Megan feeling? Hope shes getting her strength back. ~~ Have you gotten your greenhouse up yet?

Hi Norma, great to hear from you, thanks about the hawks. It is pretty unusual to see the pair together perching like that. Yes indeed those Pileated are amazing and huge birds. ~~ Oh my! You already have spring bulbs???? Way cool! Nothing and I mean not even a snowdrop or crocus here yet. Pretty strange.

T it really is a great title for this Idyll. No matter what happens this month spring is on the way.

Babs, too cool that Ryan got his BDay off! He must have been over the moon! And how terrific that they prefer sushi to McDs. Smart children!

OK here are a few birdies for the day.

A lovely Goldfinch still halfway through the plumage change. In another month hell be bright yellow. You can see hes starting to get his black cap in too.

And a lady Goldfinch, this was taken a few days ago and Im surprised that she is still in winter plumage.

And this one Im over the moon with. Ive been trying to get a decent photograph of a Brown Creeper for ages and yesterday I finally got one! I just love these little birds. They flit to the bases of the trees and creep up the tree looking for insects. They are quite fast and never sit still for a second so getting a clean pic in low light is a challenge. I just love the cryptic coloration of this bird. If it was still youd hardly see it on that tree trunk! What a cutie!

Have a great day all,

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Happy belated birthday to Ry., Babs.. The Ides of March was the day my father entered the hospital for the last time. 1994, was the year I learned about loss and the year I "grew up". It was also the year I threw myself into double digging and preparing planting beds. I want to see the Loch Ness cake, dearie! :)

It is true that hospitals negotiate with insurance companies. But, if that is the case, how can it be that the prices negotiated for services are not readily available to US (the consumer?)... ? Remember, we live in a "free market economy" (at least that's what we're told, even though it isn't really true), and that SHOULD mean that prices are right out there for all to see. I took both Macro and Micro economics and a lot of accounting classes. Knowing prices is pretty basic stuff; why is health care any different? See? I called the Feminist Health C'tr. for a price on a basic OB/GYN exam, told them I was insured (high deductible) and wouldn't qualify for low income "breaks". $110 with an additional $50 for lab. fees. Exam to be performed by a Nurse Practioner/Midwife, within 2 wks.. Price to see a doctor for the same thing? well over $300 and a 2 month "wait". The doctor's office didn't really want to tell me how much it would cost... why? My mammogram cost $120 and a $45 radiologist fee. the second one cost $153.50, with an additional $45 radiologist fee. Had I NOT called around I could well have spent either $200 or $325 for the FIRST set of "pictures" and more for the radiologist to read the films! My point is, it does matter! We have a 5K deductible so it's all "out of pocket" for us... and those of you fortunate enough to have "full boat" coverage need to consider that what's "free" for you affects a lot of other people very greatly. This is what I mean when I say, "consumer driven"; and this is what our GP and Howard Dean are trying to get across to the insured public. Ignorance may indeed be bliss, but it's certainly costly in the long run. Trust me, if you want a quick primer in the folly of our health care system take care of an infirm, mentally incapacitated senior citizen. It'll scare the daylights outta ya, and make you really angry, really fast. ;)

I've paid all the bills and need to get to the post office before the inclemency hits. Helpmeet took down the the big pediment for me this morning. I have 3 little ones to get down. But right now I'd rather listen to Stevie Wonder, "Songs in the Key of Life". :)

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The only thing blooming here are some geraniums under lights and it is somewhat dreary but at least the snow is almost gone. A little rain is predicted for next week. Right now much of Iowa is under a flood warning, so hopefully it wont be much, but I prefer it to snow. Our temps are at or above normal for the next week.

Kenzie, is spending the night with us. We are supposed to eat out tonight, I hope it goes well. Im just so out of the 2-year-old thing. Before I left this a.m. I gathered up all the pointed objects lying around. There were 2 clippers, 3 scissors and a stapler. She would make a beeline to those for sure.

My curtain fabric came and I laid it out and pondered the pattern last night. A couple of years ago for Christmas my mom gave me a wonderful scissors for sewing. It even came in its own lovely velvet lined wooden box. I rarely ever sew, but when I do this is a dream to cut with.

Eden, thanks for asking about the knees, I do believe the exercises are helping some.

T, I saw my first robin today, so that is definitely my sign of spring for the day.

Babs, it seems every funeral I go to its ugly weather. At Ricks moms funeral it was freezing rain and we were all trying to walk across the ice in heels. How fun that Ryan had the day off for his birthday.

Norma, nice to hear that spring is at your house. Be careful on those ladders and scaffolding.

bug, pass along congratulations to Lynn. Is this the first grandbaby for her?

Deanne, the colors on the finch are wonderful. Do you get the black and white creepers there? I see them occasionally here but I dont believe I have seen a brown one.

The Glacier and Yosemite pictures are stunning Id like to see both someday.

I hope the eastern Idylls dont get dumped on.

Have a great Friday


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Just a quick post while I'm awaiting Bella's arrival. Today has turned into a beautiful sunny day around 40F. That's not something I was expecting. I went out and did some shopping this morning, replacing the old bath towels with new fluffy white ones.

Happy Birthday to Ryan! Here's to a fun birthday party for him this weekend. Sushi huh? Those kids are braver than me, lol!

Michelle, have fun with Kenzie! Try to get a picture or two? Hint, hint!

Norma, I hear ya on the painting. Have fun relaxing with your daughter!

Marie, uhoh, sounds like baby clothes shopping will be in the plans for you and Lynn both. Congrats to her!

Chelone, I can't ever imagine you NOT doing your best on a project. Glad that one's over for you!

I always am amazed looking a health insurance statements what the Drs have charged and what they actually except. I do think it's all a big game. Especially around here with so many working in the auto industry. Things they are achangin' though. The car companies have really tightened up in regards to what they're paying for these days.

Deanne, lovely finches! Thanks:)

Suzy, give it time, things will pop up. It's still early!

Gotta run now. Bye. Eden

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Shhh I'm not supposed to be here: ) It's so hard when I know I won't be able to check in and then there's the turbo skimming...ugh.

I ran out of time this a.m. but Deanne I really liked seeing those hawks up close-I never get to see one standing still-that pair look like an old married couple lol. I've seen one hanging around and I want to catch it,and ask it why on earth hasn't it caught the rabbits yet? I've got a conglomeration of deer and rabbit poo everywhere-yeah it's good for the plants but I know that this poo contains all my plant material that should be GROWING this season lol. Thanks for all the condolences on the hooved rodents(a Deannism?)eating everything. This is positively the worst year-they've eaten poisonous plants along with the usual deer salad ones...I'll really be worried when they start eating my house or the children.

Kath!!! What beautiful pics! The Manzanita-and everything beyond is perfectly breathtaking! I would love to hike there.

Good luck to those of you getting the snow-I think we are just on the fringes of it-nothing big here. Just keep in mind that it will be in the 60's next week: )

Chelone I am sorry your helpmeet is ailing...I'm so behind maybe he is OK now?
Ryan's bday is a strange one-we are in party mode for him & St. Patty's day yet knowing that my dad died two days after ry's bday and actually on St. P's I get weird feelings.At least this year I'm not edgey or crying at strange moments.We did a cool thing-all my sibs pitched in and bought a flag case for his flag(Army Vet). It has a brass plate that my sister engraved(where she works)-neat that one of his kids actually engraved it. Hmmm maybe we should have built the case? lol. My mom will be surprised for sure.

I need to go-I'll try to slip back later if I can...must get pic of cake--that is if cake turns out presentable...he changed his mind-not Nessie-he wants a Terranodon(sp). I'll make him green before he changes his mind. I'll tell you later about my great Nessie idea-remember that sea monster at IU3 in Chicago last year??? I was going to use that idea!

Bye... must look busy; )

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Hey Cyyyyyynthiaaaaa....I just got back from Target and I've got Cadbury Eggs! Want one????


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well for once the weather geeks were right. We are in the midst of a very nasty storm. We already have 7-8 inches and it's not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow. I just shoveled paths across the patio for the dogs for the third time since 3 PM. The bad news is a changeover to rain or freezing rain is expected overnight so floodwatches are also in kill me. We kicked the employees out of work at about 1:30. I stayed for about another hour. Driving was not the greatest as no real road cleanup had gone on yet at that time. On the news right now they are saying that the state police are asking people to stay home. Those of you in the storm's path, stay warm and dry.

Wine night, Eden, fill those glasses to the brim.


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All you easterners stay safe! Just remember it should all be melted in a few days. Spring's coming, it really is! I bought some new stemless wine glasses today. I figure they may be more stable and harder to tip over after a glass or two, lol. I'll crack open a bottle and try one of them out. Let's toast to spring and hope it shows up real soon!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I love those. I would fill them up a little bit more. LOL
It's a night to celebrate here. Tomorrow one of my fosters is going to a really great home. :)

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Turbo/shorthand post:

Twins here all day, spending the night, too. Grandparents exhausted. More babysitting tomorrow.

T. (tired and loving every minute of it ;o) ).

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So much for Spring here

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Thinking of Ryan on his party day. Happy Birthday Ryan!

And T, who looks a little bleary eyed. Do the twins sleep all night?

Eden did you get your painting finished? More stable wine glasses hey! Sounds like a plan. I don't know what the deal is but our regular drinking glasses have been getting broken right and left here.

Michelle did you get hit with snow again too?

Sue and the rest of you up that way. Hope it doesn't stick around long. Take care.

Need to get back to company. Later, Norma.

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Oh no Norma! :o( I've never seen snow on daffodils, either in person or in a photo. Seems very strange (doesn't happen here, that I remember anyway).

I was thinking my turbo post had broken the Idylls, :oD . Everyone must be busy or just have nothing to say. The twins are down for a nap (always a very short one in the a.m.) and James should be here soon. The twins will go home after lunch and James is spending the night with us tonight. DH is out cutting brush and I should go wash & sterilize some bottles before the babies awaken.

I'll leave you with two little facts that I became aware of last night:

7 month old babies can do raspberries....they can even do raspberries while having a mouthful of sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are hard to wash out of a white t-shirt.

;o) I hope all who have snow will see it melt soon and that it will be a good weekend for all.


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No snow here Norma. I hate to say it but the pictures are quite pretty with the snow covered daffs.

Kenzie just left and I'm worn out. I wonder how T handles 2. She really starting to talk well. We taught her the "Wheels on the Bus" song as we drove home last night.
Eden, you had to go and mention Cadbury eggs. I had bought some and I was doing so good at staying out of them, but now I think I must have one.

I need to get something done today so talk to you all later.


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If I had a working camera I could take pics of blue anemones in snow, daffs in snow, crocus in snow, snowdrops in snow,hellebores in snow...greyhounds in snow...enough. You get the idea :-)

It rained steadily all day yesterday and then turned to sleet and finally s***. 72F to 27F in just two days. How does that work? Norma, my grasses are cut back, but otherwise you could have taken those pics in my yard.

The happy part is that the dogs love running in it! I couldn't wait to get up this morning so that I could send them out and let them do 'zoomies' in the snow. It's like watching pure joy.

I've missed a lot, so can't really comment. Started writing this at 8AM and then decided it was time to do my taxes before the good weather returns. Done, and nothing due. I think that's what I was afraid of. I always cut it close since I prefer any extra dollars to be spending the year in my accounts, not the government's. By the way, tax day is April 17th this year.

Now I've dusted the ceiling in my bedroom and have everything together to paint it. Let's see how long I procrastinate. I hate painting ceilings, but once the worst part is done, it's rewarding. Eden, is your office finished yet? The wine glasses are very nice! I bought a set of shortstemed wineglasses at a consignment shop a dozen years ago. They were my favorites. Cracked the last two this winter and spent too much time looking for replacments. I wanted exactly the ones I had. Compromised and bought some 6" glasses on Ebay for a fantastic price for crystal. And yes I like the short stems because they're more stable :-)

Happy Birthday to those with birthdays. Feel better to those under the weather. And hang in there spring is coming to those suffering bad weather...


PS: Deanne, the goldfinch turning is a wonderful sign!

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Hello Idylls, and happy St. Pats day.I have not had a single green beer, but Im having some Chardonnay .I lived in Sedona Az for a few years when I was in my 20s . St Patricks day was a major event there. A big parade (by Sedona standards) and parties everywhere. Guess it was kind of like Super bowl Sunday.
It is absolutely Spring here. Im going to take some pics tomorrow.
I dug up my Giant Burmese Honeysuckle today. It didnt make it through our zone 8 winter we had this year. Bummer. However, I see growth from the base of my favorite Fuchsia (Voodoo) . Very happy about that. That poor plant has been dug up and unceremoniously moved about three times in the last three years !

So, I am going to cook dinner and read the paper , maybe watch a movie..

Hi to everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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I wanted to know the difference between stitches and staples. Here's what I found. (The whole site is fun!) When is Easter anyway?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Back from a greasy dinner of wings and nachos. eeew! But DH enjoyed his green beer and I had WATER!

Today I bought the yarn for DD's knit-a-long. I'll have to play with the tension a bit, but it should work out OK. It's a navy tweed and I have fish buttons that I hope will work with it.

Neat about Kenzie learning words and songs! The car is a good place for learning it seems. I guess they're a captive audience then. :-)

It was sunny here for most of the day, but COLD! Unlike the greyhounds, I'll enjoy things better when temps stay above zero C and the snow is gone. Not even white capped daffs here.

I hope Ryan has calmed down enough that he's ready for bed by now. So how did it go Babs? Photos? I bet he loooooved it!

Wonder what Drema is up to...

Honey, I see your tan! It's the real thing too.

Back to my needles.

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Today was fairly nice although I didn't get outside at all. We're supposed to have 60 degree weather next week, I'm definitely looking forward to that. Then I'll get to rake sputnik balls up. DH SAYS he'll do it, but if I wait for him to actually do so, the grass will grow up into them and they will be even harder to rake.

I also need to fix the falling arbor and have a trellis that fell over in the wind this week. It will be good to get outside.

Today I did some cleaning and after throwing a hissy fit managed to get the son to help carry the tree downstairs. Finally it's out of the living room and stored away. Tomorrow I'll get the last bits put away and downstairs and be done with it finally.

Son has not yet mentioned what he wanted for a birthday cake, so I guess he will get pot luck. Whatever I have on the shelf.

Lovely bird pictures Deanne! We have goldfinches here year round. I have the kind of feeder that they have to hand upside down on to eat. They are the only ones that can do so, and that's how I know it's them and not some other small finch. Sometimes it's funny to see the other finches try to figure out how to hang to eat.

Norma I think we've had snow on our daffodils here before. How in the world do you keep your gazing ball from losing the blue coating? All the ones I have had have the rubber cap and the cap comes off and the coating deteriorates. My mother has a blown glass one that is not coated on the inside and does not do that. But it also is not shiny like most balls, just colorful.

Michelle we have robins most of the winter here also. It gets cold but they eat from feeders and suet cakes like the other birds. They have adapted.

Off to stitch a bit,


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! Been a busy couple of days. DS and friends made it here about 3 hours late Friday night, but they made it across the border with no problems by early Saturday morning. Yes, most college kids go somewhere warm for spring break but my son and nephew are going to northern Ontario. There should be some interesting stories later this week.

DD also got home safely and we spent the day together yesterday. She is going to be my "slide cilcker" for my power point presentation later this morning. I am hoping that no one in the audience knows about sweet potato raspberries...

The shower is calling and I can't type worth a dang this morning, so I'm keeping this short. Enjoy your day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good brilliant sunny morning all,

Well we are back to the depths of winter it seems, 20 degrees out and 12 inches of snow on the ground. The mailman got stuck delivering our mail yesterday. This is March for goodness sakes. The weather persons said that there was probably more than the 12" but it turned to sleet later on and compacted it down some. Now it is supposed to stay cold all week so this snow sill be hanging around a bit. What a bummer. I'm ready for spring garden chores.

Michelle, I forgot to answer you about the fuchsia, yes if you've got the room now is a good time to get the fuchsias under the lights or in a bright warm window. Also, when they start growing keep pinching the growing ends so as to make a bushier plant. The more growing ends on a fuchsia the more flowers you'll have. I've only got one left to drag out of winter storage. I lost about ten plants but the only two large ones were the 'Billy Greene's. I'm going to keep those under the lights for next year so as not to lose them. They must be less tolerant than the other varieties that I grow.

V. you'll have to let us know how your presentation went today. I know some don't like Power Point but it is so easy to make a nice presentation with it.

Norma, bummer about the snow on your daffs! Great photos though. I can't believe how much further along you are with spring bulbs. It still looks like January here.

Cynthia, love to see pics of the Greys frolicking in the snow.

Suzy, I almost bought one of those feeders one time but settled for the ones where the cage covers the feeding ports with heavier birds or squirrels. I have lots of feeders though and could probably make room for one more.

Bug, if I ate greasy wings and nachos now I'd probably have a gallbladder attack! LOL

Eden, I thought I didn't have too many coleus this year but I counted last night and I have 76 coleus upstairs alone!!!!Good grief, I'm out of control again. And to think I ordered more and there are still a few varieties I'd like to get from Rosy Dawn. There is one called Kingswood Kritter that is the loveliest combination of chartreuse, gold, green and violet... Then that one called Fireworks that I must have... well you know how it goes. LOL

Kathy, are the flowers on Voodoo as large as advertised??? Looks like a variety I'd like to add to my collection. What a beauty. Do you have pics of yours in bloom?

OK time to get to the gym. have a great day everyone.

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We received about 9" of snow Friday/Saturday. It changed over to freezing rain in the predawn hours, I could hear it ticking against the windowpanes and there was a coating of ice on the north windows. We did get a changeover to all rain, too, but it was only for a very short time, so there was no flooding in my area. We were out early to clear the snow before it crusted over. It was "heart attack" snow.

I was awakened by a good deal of feline activity about 4 AM Saturday morning. I lay there, listening thinking something wasn't quite "right", the sounds were too animated and I didn't hear the sound of a toy on the floor. I turned on the light and saw Spencer and Vera happily laying siege to a very lively field mouse (pretty little thing). The light distracted the cats long enough for the mousie to scurry for cover. Hmmm... what to do? I roused the helpmeet and we did a perimeter sweep of the bedroom. No mousie. He showed up in the library, about ready to jump down to the staircase. Helpmeet went down the stairs and held an open grocery bag below him. I gave him a good shove with a yardstick and into the bag he plopped. Helpmeet folded the bag over and released him outdoors near the woodpile. Never a dull moment here at "happy valley".

I spent yesterday on the couch, reading. I polished off "Longitude" and a couple of chapters of George Washington's biography, too. It was a reflective day for me; it would have been my father's 82nd. birthday. And today is the 13th. anniversary of his death. It hardly seems possible it's been that long. I miss him still, but the memory of him in the hospital makes me glad he died so quickly. He looked so weak and he told me he was "so uncomfortable". I knew then, at that moment, that what he needed most was to be dead. And when he died I was so relieved. It was his time and I knew he was no longer in pain. My only regret was that he wasn't able to die in his own bed surrounded by kitties.

Norma, the pictures of the snow on your garden are so pretty. I'm tired of snow, but it will melt and spring will come, so I'm reminding myself to appreciate its own special beauty.

Thinking good thoughts for V.'s power point presentation... no sweet potato raspberries, I hope (T., that brought an audible guffaw to my lips, as did the subsequent stain removal exercise).

Nice to see Cynthia resurface, too... . I am dreading tax time. Foolishly, I never adjusted the witholding thing-y and suspect we'll have to reach into our pockets come mid-April. :( . Like you, I prefer to control my nickels rather than allowing them to lie fallow in the clutches of Uncle Sam. I don't have the option of a health savings account through my work, but they're now available at the bank... I'm thinking it might be a good idea to fund one and there could be tax advantages to it, too. You do this, don't you? any thoughts to share? I am wondering if there must be 2 accounts (for the helpmeet and me) or if we may both contribute to one account.

I love Cadbury eggs (the little ones with the colored coatings). And I adore marshmallow eggs, I actually bought one last week, gobbling it down in an obscene amount of time. MMmmm! Also, when I went to work last Monday there was a box of Peeps on my sewing machine, a harbinger of spring if ever there was one. I promptly opened them and devoured 2. :)

We still have the "death rattle" thing going on... and there is still coughing, but the congestion has abated and our energy level are returning to pre-pestilence levels.

Deanne, I LOVE that shot of the creeper. It blows my mind that such perfect camouflage is available. The detail is truly amazing.

Time to hang the first load of laundry and start the second. Toodles.

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We have bright blue sky here and sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. We're supposed to get into the mid40s and I can live with that. Brad's home today and no Bella so we'll probably just be doing those things that always need to be done around the house. He has to do a little electrical work, the light fixture at the bottom of the basement stairs just decided to quit working the other day. Seems there's always something that needs repairing even though we really do try to keep up with that sort of thing. I've been dragging my feet with finishing the painting in the bedroom we're working on so I should probably work on that, even though I really don't feel like it. In a couple of weeks when gardening season kicks in I'll be happy if it's all done.

Cynthia, Easter's April 8th. It's my favorite candy holiday. I love the cadbury eggs, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, the little foil wrapped Dove eggs, and most of all the peeps. Brad's been keeping me in a good supply of peeps for weeks now. I always eat them a row at a time, without separating. I'm glad now that I saw your "peep surgery" demo. Those poor little things, all stapled and wrapped in gauze in the end. You asked if the office is done and I'm happy to say that yes it is. It turned out just the way I wanted too. The wall of shelves Brad built house all of Bella's toys, my garden books and misc other thing, all in an organized fashion. I wish I could take pics to show you all. Darn the broken camera! I must confess that I don't do ceiling painting. It hurts my neck and back so Brad does that job along with rolling the walls. I'm the cutting in and trim girl.

Deanne, are those 76 different varieties or plants? And how many more do you have lurking in the basement? Either way that's a lot of coleus. Great that so many of your fuchsias made it through winter. I had to water everything in the basement light garden this morning and did a count, 155 pots of many sorts, about 45 are coleus and 50 or so begonias. The others are various tropicals. Upstairs the plant total came to 47. There are also assorted dahlias, brugs and cannas in a state of suspended animation, I hope. Now lets hear a count of what you have, including all of the fuchsias and even the orchids. I'm interested in those numbers, lol. You asked if I had set up the little greenhouse. I never took it down. It's up against the east side of the house and works great to overwinter things in the pot ghetto, some marginally hearty j. maples and salvias, my potted mints, and semps that I don't want to get too wet. I can't remember what else I tossed in there but it's been packed to the gills all winter, lol.

I HAD f. voodoo last summer and mine did have really large flowers. The flowers are a very pretty dark, clear purple and red too.

V, hope your presentation goes smoothly. I know it will. How great that you got to spend the day with dd yesterday. I always enjoy a day of just shopping, eating and hanging out with my girls. They're so busy these days it doesn't happen as often as it used to.

Babs, waiting for an update on Ryan's birthday party. Hope you all had fun. It would be great to see a picture. We haven't seen those boys in a while.

Well, T must be getting tired with the nonstop babysitting duty she's had this weekend. Those little ones are fun but I know how tired they can make you too!

Michelle, Bella likes Wheels on the Bus too. She's also talking nonstop. I'm still just not always sure what she's talking about. I think I'm going to put some child size gardening tools and gloves in Bella's Easter basket this year. How are plans coming on Kenzie's garden? I so wish I had the room to do a separate children's garden. That would be such fun!!! I'm jealous, lol!

Marie, nachos and green beer huh? My tummy is too old and touchy for that sort of thing anymore. Hope you had fun celebrating St. Pats! Bella wore a cute little green dress all day.

Oh, one last thing about my new wine glasses...I'm not sure if I like them. They seem a little big around for my hand to hold comfortably. This has turned into quite a chatty post and I have to get started on something or another around here. I can't believe it's already past 10am. Where does time go???

Have a great Sunday!


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Cynthia, I was unable to open your link earlier (computer is old, cranky, and runs scans very slowly), but I've just viewed it and am still wiping tears from my eyes. That's hysterical.

Eden, I shall never again bring a Peep to my lips without thinking of you. Kindred spirits, methinks. I like them "fresh" and I like them "stale", I even like them frozen! There is a very swanky candy store in town and they make their own "peeps"... out of this world! I love Easter, too. I'm very fond of malted milk eggs, too.

I hate painting ceilings, too! I don't mind rolling walls, and I'm persnickety enough to be very good at cutting in and painting trim. Hard to believe, I know.

It sounds to me as though there is a lot of jibber-jabbering going on in Idyll households. :) I don't have kids, don't spend much time with kids, but I know that jabbering to the animals here reinforces the "people are good and kind" response in them. How could it be any different for little kids? as long as you respond favorably and figure out a few key "words" here and there everything will be just fine. I like the "captive audience" concept with regard to the automobile, we did a lot of singing in the car, too. Some favorite "family-isms" from my family are: "mossacins", "scabetti", "churken". Oh, and "bigga-biggas" (Christmas ornaments).

The ice has been clattering off the trees all morning. The ice on the deck is melting nicely and the cats have been zipping out and back in through the 4" opening I've left with the slider. They've even "done the limbo" to get out on the windowboxes. The fresh air smells great. I'm a little nervous about whether or not they'll catch the fieldmouse again, but HEY! I'm a risk taker. LOL

Woody, my second Amaryllis is in bloom. 4, blood red blossoms. Perfectly lovely, even though they don't exactly "blend" with the pink geraniums (also covered in flowers). Hope you're well and would love to hear from you... ?

Also: Miss Martie needs to check in, as does PM2, Taryn, and others too numerous to recount.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sunny, beautiful and COLD here this morning. DH is of course off playing hockey. I'm at home knitting, tea and an apple at my side for breakfast to soothe the stomach after last night's nachos etc. Boy, talk about heartburn!!!

I must have missed this, but I'm curious about the topic of V's Power Point presentation. I think it often works well to have the PP be only a portion of the talk, then some more informal stuff too. Having the college age kids around was a real treat I found. You're learning who they are really turning into and with luck, they end up just the sort of friends you would choose and better! They do have more energy than their folks though...and the decible levels are often high.

I counted coleus (you KNOW how I detest them)under lights in the back room and got to over 10. Then there are some in water too. I know that sounds pathetic compared to the rest of you ladies...I have a couple of variegated African Violets that have taken off from pinched leaves..and that is fun- even though they aren't exactly a favourite plant of mine either. One of them is variegated!

Outside the squirrel population has increased dramatically. I know they live in the barn now and come out to munch on birdseed. We have both black and grey squirrels, and I've seen chipmunks already too. Lots of starling and mourning dove activity too.

Oh, for Easter the best thing to my mind are the little foil wrapped Dove eggs. But any chocolate will do....

Ten more days til we see DD and get to pat her tummy. ;-) I'm not excited or anything though...
Off to dream up something for DH's lunch and defrost something for dinner. My, that skinny husband of mine can eat up a storm. UNFAIR!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, I just had to add favourite phrases from our household to your list:

- "Greasy Stripes!" (Now where did he hear that I wonder...)
- "Adam, you're EXTURBING me!"
- And this one, from DS to DD to truly aggravate her:
"Eto pinka ba eh..." with a distinctive musical lilt. It's a combination of Russian lessons, her loathing of the colour pink, and merciless teasing. It is still in use! (He's 35?)

And as far as painting ceilings, does anyone really enjoy paint dripping down in their armpits? YUCK! Give me a good bunch of windows or radiators any day!

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Yeccch that eastern snow sounds very unfun-we only had an inch.

Norma-those spring pics are so cool-the starkness of white and black and bursts of bright color have a very artsy look: )

Ryan enjoyed his party day immensely-he just loves his cousins and they are all at a great age where they go off in a group and entertain themselves while the adults stuff their faces and sip cocktails(pitiful)...the best thing of all is I have a clean house. Just don't look in the closets; ) Lots of corned beef,cabbage and though it is a strange twist in ethnicity,guacamole! Hey,it's green.
The biggest hit was a gift of a recording toy parrot that repeats anything you say. My sister's family gave that one, but in playful revenge we're thinking we need to buy one for each of her kids-she has four. Chelone,imagine the jibber jabbering in that house; ) My sister will hate me: )

T one thing I learned when I had seven month olds,there's a reason they make Actually I first learned that one on my sister's baby...she never said anything about the shirt lol. I also recall that I taught my niece(@ 1yr)to do "So Big" where they raise their hands up high and then the hands covered with food would go right onto her sister never forgave me for that one and tried to return the favor when my kids came along...the things we remember: )

Eden my neck aches in empathy of your ceiling being painted!

Deanne & Eden you would both laugh at my family regarding overwintering plants. They were truly amazed yesterday that I have several coleus/fuchsia cuttings in various cups and a few more potted coleus/fuchsias scattered around the first floor. They didn't see the half dozen other pots I'm hoarding on the second floor but the biggest laugh is that my plant numbers are miniscule compared to your collections-they would flip : )

Michelle-that is so cute about Kenzie learning songs-one thing I appreciate so much is hearing a little child's pronunciations and inflections as they learn new verbals. I cherish Ryan's little(not so little) kid voice and always have a note in the back of my mind that one day soon enough he'll probably have a deep voice like his dad! I'm so happy when I hear how much time the idyll grandmas get to spend with their grandchildren. You are creating lifetime memories for them: )

V Good luck with your presentation-pea rasperries are actually worse!

EDEN I must know if your Clerodenron made it through the mites and all? If you still have it, cuttings root very well right now! I have six rooted cuttings I just planted.

Oh great, now I hear whoopie cushion noises coming from the parrot. Uumm,we don't have a whoopie cushion!

I will see if I got any postable pics...

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Hey, Babs.! do your kids know about the STRAW in the armpit? They're the perfect age to fully appreciate it's usefulness. REALLY.

Truly the best, most useful trick I've learned in YEARS. Ask Wendy (where is she, anyway?!). LOL. The fact that I've not only embraced it, let alone mastered it is clear proof that I'm utterely UNFIT for parenthood. I swear, I laugh at inappropriate things, say inappropriate things, and will most certainly TEACH kids inappropriate things. In short, I'm a danger to society at large...

Well... SOMEONE has to assume that mantle, right?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Too much snow here for outdoor work and it doesn't appear to be melting all that fast. For kicks and giggles today we've opted for binge cleaning-attack with the vac (among other things). So far, so good, it even smells better.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Yo Sue, you can come here after you finish cleaning up your house! This place is an armpit at the moment. What's doing in Hartford??? One of these weeks I'm going to mosey down for dinner when Doug is out in Rochester but I think I'll wait until its warmer.

Eden, I'm about to go out with camera so I'll do the count later and get back to you but that 76 was plants not varieties. I think I have about 30 or so varieties. Yikes, you want the full count???? You have to promise not to laugh at me. Does that mean you also want to know how many Dahlia and Canna tubers I have as well as the ten or so Brugs??? Also, that was only coleus I don't know how many fuchsia I have. Not as many as last year because I didn't do a bunch of cuttings this year because I had so many plants in dormancy I didn't need a a lot of new plants. Now, that being said, Monique said she could use a couple Golden Marenka so I grabbed about ten cuttings off that one then when I pruned back my Beacon Rosa I just couldn't throw all those perfectly great looking growths away so I've tucked thirty or so fuchsia cuttings in water for now. It's hopeless I tell you. It kills me to get rid of any plant material.

Chelone I lol over the mousie story. Too funny!

Babs, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Guacamole?! Now that is a very interesting combination. ~~ I think I'd like one of those parrots. That could be a lot of fun. I just know Sue would think of some creative things for that parrot to say.

Bug, That is pretty good for you to have ten live coleus at this time of the year. Especially because you hate them so.

OK must run, I need to take some bird photos.... Then I need to water some plants and hose off a few where I noticed a couple dratted aphids again. I surely wish I knew where the darned bugs were coming from.


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Chelone I am embarrassed to say I do NOT know about the straw trick-considering I grew up with five siblings that is strange! I only know of the hand in the armpit and I was very talented at the double hand to the mouth ripple effect.(I cannot believe I am revealing this...)I am LOL thinking back to the laughing fits we had as kids(!)
ROTFLAAPMP!Naturally I had to test the straw; ) Both the kids have a renewed respect for me as I have those bendy straws(!)and can rip a mean one. My ribs ache from laughing so hard. Thanks Chelone?(both boys are downstairs trying out their new toy). Meatier armpits work best. Chris of course needed to know where on earth did I learn that...Chelone on GW of course lol. many lurkers just went to find a straw?


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It's a good one, huh?! :) My brother was in hysterics when I demonstated it to him (he's in his mid-50s) and he taught me how to amplify the natural sort with judicious use of a car door. My remaining family is a meance to polite society... . And I'm OK with it. Proud, even.

But you have to help me out here, Babs. ... I'm fine with the ROTHF, but please translate the following AAPMP, willya?

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And Almost Peeing My Pants: )

I'm sorry but it was the truth-I haven't laughed that hard in years!

I think I will get my nephew a package of plastic bendy straws for his 4th bday party on April fool's day. My sister will love it.

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Jeez! I love the internet. LOL.

And my father would have been doubled over about this one, too. Truly, I can't think of anything more fitting for the 13th. anniversary of his death. I mean that! he was SO about laughing and good humor.


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My cake for Ryan was not what I had hoped for-very basic due to not enough time to get more creative...he was happy anyway. It's a pteranodon on the cake. The funniest thing was that we used trick candles that relight several times-much laughing over that.

In this photo below,Ryan was not in the mood to be a subject but I like the yin-yang between their faces/emotions that came through on this shot(normally Ryan's the life of the party).

Note: My Kitchenaid mixer is a dream(this was my first cake using it)-Ryan helped me make the frosting and it was so perfect/smooth because of the mixer-the cake too was phenomenal!!Unbelievable how the right tools really do make a difference.

Deanne I am off to pinch my fuchsias per your instructions: )


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Babs, my clerodendron did make it through. How'd you root your cuttings, water or soil? I should take some. We used to have that parrot back in the 80s. Someone got it for Brad for his birthday one year. It looks like a stuffed animal right?

Brad and I are going out to grab a bite later. I'll have to grab a couple of straws while there. I don't think we have any hanging around the house. He'll love it, he'd fit right in with you guys. So how do you do it? Directions please Chelone, lol?

Marie, I know you can't wait to pat that belly! Is she feeling the baby kicking yet?

Deanne, I want the whole shebang...count em all. No laughing, promise. You'll just make me feel like I'm not the only crazy one :)

I was out earlier and stopped by Tellys. It's one of the nurseries I go to for tropicals. I got to talking to the employee working in the greenhouse and she started asking about how I overwintered everything, and I amazed myself at how much I've learned and know and 95% of it was from you guys here. She just kept asking more and more questions.

Sue, be careful that it's not attack OF the vaccuum. Remember those things have a way of turning on you when you're not looking.

It's turned out to be beautiful here. 46F and blue skies. It feels like spring, just a little brisk! Gotta run. Brad's home from racquetball and I'm starvin'!


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Babs, thanks for the pics! The cake it too cool! I so wish I had the talent to do something like that. And those boys of yours! Where oh where did they both get those beautiful eyes? And AJ's eyelashes! They are growing up to be so handsome and both look to be such sweeties too. Great pictures!


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What a lovely thing to see today!

Yeah... the internet is a very good thing, indeed. REALLY!

Thank you for brightening what could have been a glum day! Dad would have been "all over" the cake, the theme, and the fun. And the "crook neck" straws... LOL!

:) Life and the JOY of it passes imperceptibly... in ways we are too oblivious to appreciate, in spite of our best intentions. What we do and how we laugh at it is what makes the biggest impressions. The things we "do" when we are least aware are the things that make the biggest impressions... . Sooo... be "stupid", be vibrant, and teach your kids how to be apologetic. And always, ALWAYS! be kind to animals. How we treat animals is the snapshot of how we treat our fellow man. REMEMBER THAT. Always.

Knock on this door and you'll be well treated... :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We never learned the straw trick...but my brother and I drove the parents WILD speaking in Donald Duck to each other. Made my Dad ANGRY, LIVID, etc, but we continued anyway. I'll have to do that on the phone next time DB calls....:-) Oh, and I can pull off my thumb too. Very useful trick in certain situations.

Blowing out the candles! Perfect shot Babs!
Now ladies, if anyone needs an alligator shaped cake for an event, email me and I'll send instructions along. It was a HUGE success here many years ago. I ran out of green food coloring when I made it. Yes, I think my friend Lynn helped with that too. The teeth are corn candy.

Be kind to animals, well of course! Much easier than people sometimes Chelone. Why here, we even let insects outdoors rather than squishing them. Perhaps that's why I'm called bug? Well no, I do eliminate aphids and white fly! But if I think of my long gone father, it is thoughts of hiking in the Vosges mountains, picking blueberries, exploring castle ruins, observing wildflowers in the Alps. Not bad thoughts at all!

Today DH and I cleaned up a bookshelf filled with music things. Piano, flute, recorder, guitar, trombone music....such memories. But one heirloom we couldn't quite eliminate was our encyclopedia. There's something about books that you can't just throw them away. Anyone even remember what an encyclopedia is now that we have Google? Well, we have an ancient typewriter too!

Yes Eden, lots of movement but not a great watermelon in front so far. That will come though! She can hardly see her toes because her top has grown so much. She thinks that's what her boss is looking at and why he hasn't noticed the minimelon. ;-) So, 12 days til they move to their new home, 105 days until baby time. Time flies! There is much drama in their lives, but DD's husband is so full of pure joy that it should be bottled! Lucky girl.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I was outside in short sleeves, cleaning up the front yard, admiring the blooming snowdrops and other bulb foliage beginning to poke up; the sun was shining and it was warm...AND THEN I WOKE UP! Seriously though, I was in the garden just last Wednesday, doing a little clean-up, dreaming and planning for the coming garden season...then Friday we got slammed! About 9" of snow here, then sleet and freezing rain, some minor outdoor flooding; a fairly nasty storm. Seems winter is getting the last laugh around here.

We had plans to go to the flower show in Boston early Saturday AM, but those plans were nixed since the roads were so slick. My girlfriend that I always go with lives an hour west of here, the drive would have been too treacherous for her. We'll do it next weekend. I know many of the exhibits are contrived and over-the-top, and the ticket price plus parking is a bit expensive, but seeing growing plants and smelling those dirt smells at this time of year - priceless.

Babs, what a fun cake! Your guys are cuties, such nice pictures. Chelone showed us the straw trick at Deanne's, and it was quite a hit with DH and DS around here the next day. Eden, you just take a straw (a bendy one works best), put one end in your mouth and the other end under your arm, and blow. Instant fart machine! DS was experimenting with different positions and strength of breath to bring forth a multitude of sounds.

'bug, I probably have less than 10 coleus. I only took a few cuttings as an experiment - figured I wouldn't feel as bad if I only killed a few. I'm actually pretty surprised that most of the plants I dragged inside for the winter seem to have survived. Even the plectranthus I took in at the last minute (Deanne, its the green one with the purple/blue flowers that you gave me last year - do you know the name??), is doing well - it may reach shrub size this year. I took some cuttings of the brugs in the fall in case the original plants didn't make it, but the plants seem to still be living; in fact one is trying to grow new leaves. Should I pot up the brugs cuttings now, or is it too early?

Cynthia, the peep surgery was a riot. I love Easter candy too, especially the Cadbury eggs - both the mini eggs and the filled ones. I have been resisting them for the most part this year, trying to be good.

Norma, your shot of the snow on the daffs is pretty. You are ahead of us here, I didn't even see daf foliage last week, only crocus and iris reticulata foliage.

Suzy, glad you got your tree put away! We usually pack all that stuff up on New Year's, but we had to do it early this year. DD got a drum set from her uncle, and that needed to go in the spot where the tree was (the bass drum thumping in her room, above the living room, got old real quick - now the drum set is 2 closed doors away from the living room!) and DS wanted the extra table that the village was set up on to lay out his Lego models for assembly.

I guess I should go throw something together for supper - Sunday is usually "clean out the refrigerator" night.



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Im nursing my 2pm beer, though it is close to 3, and have been catching up on all the chatty posts today !
And what great (non-judgmental) garden companions are the animals. I loved Cynthias description of the greyhounds romping in the snow. My felines were in kitty-heaven today, snoozing in the sun on various piles of compost. The weekend here has been so very nice- I hate for it to end. We are supposed to get a bit of rain tomorrow , which is okayI held off watering anything today.
All Dahlias have been planted and tagged with my new plant markers. Thursday is our outing to the SF Garden show..and, yesterday I made my first fuchsia purchase of the year..a single upright called "Shadow Dancer Violette", pink sepals/purple corolla. Only about 50 to go before I catch up with Deanne !!

Speaking of which, yes Deanne, Voodoo has very large flowers. Regrettably I have no pics. I moved it last year and the spot I put it in way way too shady so it barely bloomed. We have to be careful with siting them ; It often gets hotter here than they like . The morning sun seems to work best. Anyway, I moved it again this fall and I think I will buy a second one-if I can find one, in the event it doesnt recover well.

Eden, re your new wine wine glasses- I know exactly what you mean about glasses being too big around. I always test that when Im buying any sort of drinking utensil. I like the feel of skinny glasses in my hand much better. Wowee, 150 pots ..

Babs, I loved the black and white pic . Love black and white movies too.

Well, I need to get the BBQ set up and make a salad, so this will be it for now

Plus a few pics..they didn't turn out very well, it was overcast this morning when I took them , which was good, but they aren't very sharp.

This is a little blurry , but it is Geranium "Biokovo" in bloom today , with a few of the lilies poking up behind it.

Pulmonaria and a few clematis leaves..

Geranium maculatum "Elizabeth Ann" ..Love the foliage on this one

Euphorbia "Tasmanian Tiger. This has been very slow to get going ...hoping this is the "leap" year

Okay, later all
Waves to everyone

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Fast one - the corned beef is done and the irish soda bread just came out of the oven (yes, we're a day late).

Thanks for all the good thoughts - the presentation was a success! No technical glitches, DD came along and was my "clicker", two people asked if I spoke to groups, and one woman said it was the best presentation she had seen - "you make it very REAL". Needless to say, I was very happy!

If you live in New England, please do not read this next part. I got out in the garden this afternoon and got a big chunk of cleanup done! And DH collected bombs, just in case anyone is tempted to admire the crocuses.

This was a busy group today - I didn't allot enough time to read everything! Dinner calls.


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Ah, plectranthus, one of my favorite things. Right up there with Agave :-) Here's 'Mona Lavender' from 2004. (Purple blooms left and right) That's the most common one sold as bedding plants Wendy. And P.Argentata in the white pot.

I took a bunch of cuttings of P. 'hilliardae red' this summer - ok something broke the whole plant so I stuffed 6 stems in pots and they took. They're doing well in a dark spot of the gh. The blooms aren't red, they're lavender but are a little bigger than Mona Lavender and the leaves darker.

I think the straws,the slapstick humour are all stress relief kind of things. Very healthy! I don't have a straw so can't try this. But next time I go through McDonald's for a frappe, I'll ask for two straws.

That picture of Ryan with his face in his hands looks just like you Babs! Even the reddish bangs. Pteranodon cake is not 'basic.' Sheesh. I love the tummy twirl of frosting. Somebody had fun :-)

I found the pole for the paint roller. One step closer to a painted ceiling, but no contact today. I was dis-inspired when Eden reminded me of the neck and back pain. Congrats on finishing the office Eden. My camera's dead too, so I remember not to ask you for pictures. Maybe if you get a new camera, it will inspire me to get one too. By spring for sure, how else to share all of the surprises in gardens!?!

I love the Trudy arch Sue. I remember that picture and it's exactly what I want. Thanks for digging up the photo. I have no idea who would make something like that, and I already spent my 2007 home improvement budget on more fencing. So arch like that is not going to show up here this year. I'd say that's a $2-$3K arch no?

Thanks for sharing spring Kathy! Biokovo is a great little ground cover geranium. Terrific fall color and the leaves hold up well all winter here. I uncovered a bunch raking on Wednesday. So sad to look out there now. That Euphorbia is great looking.

Nice story made me cry. My sister was at work during the storm on Friday. She's in Mass, and think you guys got 9 inches of ice and snow? (Yep, checking Wendy's note and she confirms.) Driving home, she got to Holy Cross Hill in Worcester, and it was a rush hour mess with other cars that couldn't make it up or down. She pulled over hoping no one would hit her while she figured out what to do. She called her son. He came up with a friend driving a plow. Her son got in and drove her car, and the friend with plow got in front of her and drove in front all the way to her house. Having been in Mass traffic during awful snow storms, that little rescue really touched me. Good boy :-)

So Happy Paddy's Day week-end. I took Mr. Monty to an open house today. He wore his green cable knit sweater and a nametag that said 'Kiss Me, I'm Monty.' He got lots of kisses and didn't lift his leg in the store, so a successful outing.

Good night for chickie pie and green beans I think.

Hi to all! Cynthia

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Another weekend bites the dust. As far as the garden goes I keep saying "maybe next weekend". I am getting tired of having to bundle up in layers of fleece and goretex for my afternoon walk. Today I had the added joy of being buffeted by winter winds. Enough already.

Well, one thing no one can accuse us of around here is being lazy. All of us seem to be in motion all the time-gardening, baking, reading, kid's activities, knitting, the gym, pet stuff, cleaning.... I just had to break down and clean a few rooms today. Nothing is worse than being home midday when the sun is Tom took it upon himself to scrub the tile floor in the kitchen and breakfast room. It's a big job that I never have time for. We're getting ready to strip the diningroom wallpaper and paint so the diningroom table is covered with those little paint sample color squares-a gazillion shades of blue. We did take a break and went out for some lunch just to get the stink off.

Cynthia, David and Monique have had some large copper pieces made by a craftsperson in NY state. I don't recall the name but maybe Monique will pop in and share. Someone like that could no doubt make an arch like you want. Probably not cheap though. We're looking for a teak "sofa" for the patio so I can make a livingroom like grouping. The prices I've seen are frightening. I want something very comfortable so we'll actually want to sit on it and read or hang out. The cheaper stuff I've tried has shallow seating and straight backs-not all that comfortable.

Babs I'll have to hire you as a consultant next time I need a cake. Nice job-the kids look happy as they should.

So the Boston Flower Show is this week? Hmmm...maybe I'll take a day off...

Kathy, I have Geranium Biokovo in a few places in the garden. Great plant-looks good all season even after the flowers fade. Your pictures are making me anxious. Usually I have early bulbs by now and don't see a sign of anything-not even foliage. Maybe this week...

Time to get ready for bed. "See" you all tomorrow.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, oh wow, BEAUTIFUL photographs!!! Thanks Kathy for spring shots. You are going to LOVE the Shadowdancer Violette. I have 'Betty' and 'Peggy' and the 'Peggy' is the bloomingist plant I've ever seen. It is an amazing and beautiful fuchsia that I adore. I've been looking for 'Violette' as I'd love to collect all in that series. Your geraniums are gorgeous!

Babs, those photographs of your boys are priceless. What handsome children you have, those eyes! Amazing. Great cake. you are such a talented person.

Cynthia, how beautiful! I grew P. 'Mona Lavender' last year for the first time and I'm in love with it. It really is a beauty. I had some cuttings but they wound up with mites I couldn't eliminate so I got rid of them in December sometime but I want to find that plant again this year. ~~ Wonderful snowstorm rescue story! ~~ we got 12" here, can you believe it?

Wendy, That is probably P. 'Mona Lavender'. So glad you still have yours. ~~ You can still wait a bit on potting up those brug cuttings. They start growing like weeds the second they hit the potting soil so depending on how much room you have to let them grow you can pot them now or wait a bit longer.

OK Eden, here goes, and I don't think this is a totally accurate count because I have so much stuff in so many places I might have missed a few things (LOL) I have 180 coleus (this doesn't count the new cuttings, only what I have potted up) 80 fuchsias and probably twenty-five or so of those are in 12" or larger pots (again I'm not counting unpotted cuttings)I also have 80 or so assorted Begonia,Iresine, Plectranthus, Coprosma, Abutilon (at least a dozen large Abutilons)Crosandra, Brugmansia, Alternanthera and Acalypha. I have 65 orchids, and five lovely, huge old hoyas. Now the dahlias, cannas, callas and colocasias are all in tubs in peat in the basement and I'm probably not going to pot them up for a while yet but there are at least fifty clumps of dahlias, ten of cannas a couple colocasia and a dozen calla lilies. Phew! I've got to be outta my mind! Don't ever tell Doug these numbers. te he... But, just think about how much all that would cost if I were going to go out and buy it all new for the season. Couldn't do it.

V. so glad to hear your presentation was a success! Good for you!

Bug, lol you kept the encyclopedia. I still have a couple of my Time-Life encyclopedias that I just can't part with.

OK I'm crashing. All that counting of plants has left me exhausted.

Nitey night

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

9:30 am and whiteouts here....

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Ugh 'bug.......more snow?! I hope it doesn't stick around long and that this will be the last snowfall before spring. What are the chances that this could be true (last snowfall before spring)?

I enjoyed envisioning Kenzie singing the 'Wheels on the Bus' for her grandma. James doesn't really sing us any songs that I can remember, but he did use to love to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider with hand movements. Saturday he came across his cowboy hat so he decided he wanted to ride Boo. He has a hat collection here so that he can be a fireman, building contractor, mailman, baseball player, police officer, timber faller or a cowboy as the mood strikes. Apparently the mood was 'cowboy'. So, I put a halter on Boo (poor horse, lol) and tied the lead rope to turn it into reins, DH placed James on Boo's back, walking alongside James and holding him on (bareback) while I led Boo around the pasture. James kept hollering YEE-HAW, lol. It was so funny. He kept wanting poor old Boo to go faster, although the grandparents weren't too keen on Boo deciding to obey him. Poor Boo just wanted the noisy little tyke off of his back so he could go back to grazing. Boo is very docile and obedient, but his main goal in life is to graze and don't be messing with his daily agenda. ;o) James enjoyed his ride and then went on to begin to build birdhouses with Gramps. Grandkids are fun.

I have to make a trip into town today as James forgot his boots here (black rubber boots with construction equipment on them). He brings them so that he can go 'find mud' with Gramps and stomp in it. Well, we forgot to take them when we returned him to his mom and he had a bit of a melt down when he realized that they were still here. He was in tears when he called me, telling me that the boots were at my house and would I please bring them to him NOW? Nope, not bringing them then, but I did promise him I'd bring them to him today. He wasn't happy but it is a hour round trip and he's lucky I love him enough to make a special trip to get those darn boots to him..... ;o) train of thought has been derailed by an empty coffee cup so I'll take care of that and wish you a happy Monday. Only 4 more days until the weekend (I heard that from DH as he went out the door to work this a.m.)


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I was so miffed last night-I had a post to finish up and suddenly the electicity went out-the weather was quiet so I don't know why it happened. It naturally happened while I was posting and never happened again the rest of the night.

Eden I rooted the clero stems in water.

So I do remember that I oooed and aaahed over Cynthia's garden steps-I know I will need to find plectranthus this year. That urn is just perfect there too.All of it is beautiful!

And Kathy's pics amazed me-I have those exact plants but they are invisible now! It always amazes(I'm easily amazed?)that in our climate we go from bare ground to full gardens in a matter of months. I would guess that your geraniums stay evergreen in winter? Of course I also have the deer removing most of my above ground growth--maddening.

T that's so fun that James actually HAS a horse to even use for his fantasy play-that's really neat!

'Bug you're contagious-we have driving snow too: ( I thought I heard a predicition of RAIN showers,not the white kind.

Well, work clinic is a bit isolated from the rest of the school....should I take a straw with me? lololol-well but the gym teacher's office is within earshot; )

And that snow is falling harder: (


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Sorry to read that so many of you are dealing with snow. Im happy to report that we dont have any. I took a stroll around the gardens and noticed tulips that are about 2" tall.

Im happy to report that one of the valances is pretty much complete. These will be stapled to a 1 x 3 board and attached with L brackets, which I dont have yet. Its going pretty good.

Great cake Martha oops I mean Babs. :o)

T, you and Jim sound like fun and indulgent grandparents the best kind to have. The hats sound like fun. Ive been collecting things Ive found around the house for a dress up trunk for Kenzie. Hats, gloves, old jewelry. I think Ill have to add some high heels, as they are always fun. This weekend she was really into babies and tractors.

Cynthia, your steps are breathtaking. I dont believe Ive seen them before.

Deanne, I cant imagine having enough time to take care of that many plants. Wow, those are impressive numbers.

Id better get back to it.


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We woke up to snow here too, about an inch total. It should melt this afternoon though. I hope so, I'm sick of looking at it.

Deanne, I bow down to you. Those are very impressive totals.

T, loved the story of James and Boo!

Cynthia, I enjoyed your story too. Son's can be sweet like that:) I'm overwintering a p. mona lavendar that I got thanks to seeing that same picture of yours once before. I'm wishing your camera was working, I'd love to see Monty all dappered up for St. Paddys.

Kathy, thanks for indulging our need for spring with your pretty garden pictures!

I'm cleaning today, what fun! I'd so much rather be outside gardening.


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An *interesting* day. Apparently my clinic which is on the bottom floor of school was flooded with sewer sludge...! I had to play 'clinic' in the main office instead. The pump had a malfunction and what goes down must come up? They almost sent the kids home but the pump was able to be reactivated so all was OK and it didn't affect the areas where the kids use. I hope I can have my clinic back in *disinfected* order tomorrow-I know I will be paranoid that germs will still be lurking. I'm glad I don't have to do the cleaning. Yuck. Double yuck. Lol Ryan's K-garten teacher told me he was a bit distressed when he learned the clinic was flooded-he worried that I had drowned(good grief, in sludge? blecch). He didn't know that this all happened before we all got to school. : )

Eden did you get ice/sleet too? It was terrible going to work at 11. It was like a slushie was dumped from the heavens and it froze when it hit the ground. By afternoon everything was melted. 60F can't get here quick enough-they said we'd be warm by Wed.

I'M NOT CLEANING: ) : )it's already clean![that won't last long but I'm enjoying it as long as I can]

Michelle I hope you plan to show us your valances????

T did you take James his boots?

It sounds like someone is knitting...GB?

Time to scare up some chili...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Babs, three projects going simultaneously. Knit Knit Knit! DH said last night that "only one project is the sign of an idle mind".... ;-)

Everything is white/grey/black here. Supposed to warm up though. I have many errands to do, but no vehicle. I hope I can scare one up tomorrow morning and get banking etc accomplished. That *%&$#* mortgage with the "kids" is still dragging itself out. Grrr. Durned bank! The courier has not yet delivered the papers sent from Alberta's branch last Thursday.

Saw a muskrat in the creek yesterday, cardinals today.

I was thinking that Deanne collects fuchsias and coleus of many hues...and that I look at yarn colours in a very similar way. Others collect fabric that way as well. No doubt Chelone and Babs fall into that category, maybe Michelle too.:-)

Today DD broached the subject of baby names! I've been pussy footing around this topic, afraid of saying the wrong thing. They muttered something about seeing the baby before naming it. But now they seem to be making tentative steps forward. We shall see! They even asked for opinions! I'm not sure I'll agree, but I already had my turn, it's up to them I guess.

Wish Eden would come clean here too....

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I'm still not done cleaning. I had to rearrange things in my living room because I got Bella the cutest little chair and had to find a place for it where she'd have enough light for reading and a view of the tv for watching her dvds.

Baby names...Jennifer and Megan kept telling me that they liked the name Tallulah for a girl when Meg was pregnant. I was never sure if they were kidding. I came up with Isabella real fast though and that's what Meg ended up going with. Just think instead of Bella we would be calling her Lulu. If she would have been a boy it was going to be Gabriel, Gabe for short.

Babs, we didn't get any rain or ice this morning. It was too cold, so just snow. It's all melted now.

Michelle, can't wait to see the valance. Babies and tractors, what a combination. Kenzie's a girl with well-rounded interests, lol.

Break's over, I'm still doing housework but I'm feeling ready for bed. In less than 24 hours we can say "It's Spring!".


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I keep expecting Seymour or something to appear on the list, but guess what I saw today! "Eden"! Nothing is definite of course.

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Rainy afternoon but if I have to chose between this and that white stuff so many of you are dealing with----I chose this one. ;o)

Yes, Babs, I did deliver the boots and got a big hug. I ran some errands with them so that I could do the heavy lifting and help with James. One of the errands was for him to get a haircut. He was such a big boy about it. At first he wasn't looking very happy but the fellow cutting his hair interacted wonderfully with him and had him smiling big. The stylist told him 'you are a happy boy, stay that way forever, okay?' and James' reply was 'Mommy, I'm a happy boy and I'm going to be happy forever'. She said 'just stay happy until after nap time'. Apparently nap time is something he no longer feels he needs and his mother knows that many days he does 'need' a nap. :o)

Yep, tis good to be the grandparent.

Eden, James has one of those chairs here, except his is fabric. I told DH that we needed to go get 3 more for the twins and the new baby.......have them lined up. ;o) (just kidding---but then again, it is only fair....) James does sit in his quite often, but it takes an adult to recline it and to set it back upright (safety feature). He has his own little side table/book stand so that he has a place to put his water glass (still a sippy cup when on my carpeting) and his book. Too cute. I bet Bella will enjoy hers and look darling sitting in it. (I like the faux leather better than fabric).

Well, DH is working on our taxes so I'd better go see what I can do to help. (Get a job?) ;o)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Spring?? Where? It's #$%^&*#@ snowing here again! Tomorrow...windy and upper 30s...could get as low as 10 F tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow I'll think to get a picture of the two Adirondack chairs half buried in snow on the front lawn. Wake me up when spring really arrives.

Zoe went for her final test this morning-a liver function test. If that comes back OK then I guess we try steroids. Since her current personality is rather endearing I go back and forth with just leaving her alone, provided there is nothing wrong with her that is endangering her health, and trying to bring the more relaxed and obedient Zoe back.

Work was a grind again today but at least there was no sludge. I'm hoping that won't be the theme for the week. Tonight I got home just in time to get something tossed together for dinner before Tom had to head out to an 8:15 appointment MRI for his shoulder. Unfortunately for him the actual appointment was for 8:15 this morning. Men...need I say

Short list of good baby names...Mary, Michelle, Marie, Cynthia (Cindy for short), Laura, Susan, Suzy, Teresa, Barbara, Liz, Deanne, Kathy, Monique, Marlene, Taryn, Drema, Dottie, Norma, Good, solid names. Why look further?

Nite all!


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Good Monday evening to all, I came home today and on my garden stroll I saw that one of my bearded Iris has buds, yippee !

Cynthia, I must say that the pic of your steps is too lovely ! I can just see the greyhounds descending elegantly, and posing dramatically at the bottom (though Im sure the reality is far different , lol ) I had Plectranthus Mona Lavender last year too, and I foolishly left it out all winter. Its quite dead. I remember where I bought so I will re purchase and be sure to bring it in next winter but next winter ?? we mustnt think of that .

T, not only 4 more days till the weekend, but1 day to spring !

Babs, the biokovos do stay somewhat green all winter- they start pumping out new leaves pretty quick after the fall color dwindles. But most of the others disappearJohnsons Blue, Ann Folkard, Rozanne etc. Nary a leaf to be seen. The sanguineums stay evergreen too, but look really ratty so I usually cut them way back anyway. Yuck-o on the sewage sludge..

Michelle, I second Babs request for pictures of the valance.

Deanne, glad to hear that someone has experience with Shadowdancer Violette-I might have known the undisputed Fuchsia queen of the idylls , lolI have my fingers crossed that it is mite resistant.

I saw in the paper tonight more airport snafus due to the weather in the east. Bad deal.

I was thinking today as I was sitting down to post that I get to have two springs this year my own which is happening now, and then the enjoyment of sharing the spring of the New England and Midwest Idyllers.

My internet connection is too d*#m slow tonite, and I cant open Edens links. Grrrr. I bet my DS is doing a file transfer. He went off to teach his weekly guitar lesson, so I cant huff and puff. Jeesh.

So here is another pic !

This is the container-to be. I am stepping up to the plate here ! I surely don't want to be the container dunce of the Idylls! This is Phormium "Toby" , Heuchera "Key Lime Pie" and the aforementioned Shadowdancer Violette. Need two more plants . Thinking a trailing Lantana or Tapien Verbena over the edge and a player to be named later.

Yoo hoo Martie !
And Hi to PM2..
Woody ?
Honey ?

Kathy in Napa

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I don't want to make you all feel bad, but we had sunshine and 50 degrees today. I picked up sticks and went on poop patrol, moved the pot that held the Alberta spruce and Christmas decorations from the front door to the holding area and went for a walk. I keep telling myself that we will probably see snow yet before the "real" spring.

Eden, cute chair. Kenzie has a little brown suede recliner, but she just loves the kids rocker that we have here. She likes to "rock a baby"

Kenzie was almost Sydney. When DD told me that was the plan, all I could think of was Rick's bald uncle Sid. LOL

Me and fabric? LOL I really don't enjoy sewing at all, its just that I am very picky about curtains and can never find anything that I like.

I'd better head back to the sewing machine.


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Funny story...I got my mom and dad a Netflix subscription as part of their Christmas gift. My dad's had nothing but trouble with it, he had a hard time redeeming it, then lost his password etc. Let's just say computers aren't his strong suit, lol. He's finally gotten comfortable with it and started ordering movies. So he chose one he thought was called Stocks and Bonds. He and my mom sat down last night to watch it and it was actually called Stocks and Blondes and was a little racier than what they're used to. They ended up not watching it, lol. I laughed so hard today when he was telling me about it. I think I could write a sitcom based on the two of them sometimes.


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How about:

Chloe, Zoe, Katie,Charlotte, Abraham, Audrey,Luke,George, Meetoo, Rahji(sp), Dannie, Monty, Vita, Oliver, Saul. Tired, I can't remember any more.

Rain and 54F right now, but the high to day was 45. It gets warmer at night, pollution factor.

I love the count down to spring Eden! I wish you had found that a month ago. Wow, Lulu-Bell has nicer furniture than I do. (That doesn't say much.)

My sister went in for surgery to remove a brain tumor this morning. It was supposed to be started at 8AM. She finally went into the OR at 8:30PM. Her kids are exhausted. What a way to stress out a patient too. She'll be in surgery until 2 or 3 AM. Hey Sue, her insurance approved a hospital stay of 3 days. At least they approved it, guess her symptoms were bad enough? I ordered lots of pretty hats :)

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Hugs to you Cynthia...
Kathy in Napa

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Oh Cynthia, I'll be sending every good and positive thought I can for her tonight. And I'll be thinking of you too.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Since I look at the clock every hour on the hour all night anyway, I'll be thinking of your sister each time tonight Cynthia. I sure hope you get back to us early with news tomorrow because my computer will be off all afternoon. Giant hugs to you both!

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Cynthia, you & your sister will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Cynthia, I'll be thinking of you and your sister today. Hope all went well.

Eden, LOL, wouldn't you have liked to be a "fly on the wall" when your parents started watching that movie?!

Kathy, keep the pics coming!

Sue, I think Spring is stuck in an airport somewhere; can't get a flight to the northeast.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

We've got a very windy day on tap here and you'd never know spring is supposedly here. Last night I went to Chunkys to see that 'Wild Hogs' movie. It was pretty stupid but immensely entertaining, especially because I was with my dear friend Deb U. and we both were having a couple margaritas. We both needed a good laugh and the evening fit the bill perfectly. Her DH came along as our designated driver and I think he found us more entertaining than the movie. Anyway, a funny movie with a good friend, one of life's simple pleasures.

Cynthia, hope all went well with your sister's surgery. Please check in and let us know when you get a chance.

Wendy, you are too funny, stuck in an airport! ROTFLOL...
Have you seen the forecast for today and tonight???? winds gusting to over 40mph! Good grief...

Eden, I laughed until my sides ached when I read that story about your parents and that movie.

Babs, Eeeeeuuuuu... Sludge. sounds pretty gross. Hope they sterilize the area for you.

Sue, please thank Tom for me for the great laughter. I had to call up Doug and read your post to him but for some reason he didn't think it as funny as I did.... te he.

Michelle, I'm looking forward to seeing your completed project. ~~ LOL "impressive numbers" actually I was thinking they are pretty stupid numbers. Way too much to take care of and then that assumes that I'm going to put them outdoors in pots and water them all summer. I'm thinking I should have been happy I lost a few plants but what did I do but order replacements. There really must be something wrong with me.

Kathy, that is going to make a really pretty container. I love that phormium. My Shadowdancer 'Peggy' wound up with spider mites on it last summer and I treated it with a Safer miticide and it took care of the problem. I was kind of expecting to see a recurrance of them when I got the plants out of dormancy but so far so good. This year is the year of the indoor aphids. I still can't figure out where they are coming from.

T. too cute about James and Bo. What a dedicated grandma to go and deliver those boots. I LOL about the nap time, can you imagine how lovely it would be if you had someone insist that you take a nap in the mid-afternoon? LOL

OK time to run and get this day started. I've got a ton of cuttings to pot up and need to fill a couple orders. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, the twins will arrive in just a few minutes, but Cynthia & her sister were on my mind and I wanted to check in to see if there was any word yet.

I hope the day goes well for everyone. Loved seeing the birthday boy (and brother), the birthday cake (too clever!!), to read about Stocks and Bonds (oh how funny that would have been to see their faces when they realized what the show was really about), to hear of spring springing up, to imagine two friends giggling over a silly movie and having margaritas........the sewing, the painting, the MRI appointment that was moved by the receptionist and not told to the patient (hey, I'm sticking up for Tom, LOL).....well, the list could continue for a long time.

Hope those dealing with the germs are feeling better (dang cold hangs on FOREVER!!). I am still congested and coughing but I think it is easing up.

Guess that is it from here......I'd better get myself ready as the day begins real soon.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Note to self - Never, ever book Spring on Jet Blue again.

Mother Nature

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Just a quick stop in to send Cynthia's sister/family my thoughts and prayers. Not an easy thing to see a parent/sister go through. ((Cynthia))

I hope I'm not in trouble!I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I threw away a soiled shirt belonging to a student who had a bloody nose. We have to bag it up and slap a bio hazard sticker on it and send it home...well I sent it to the rubbish instead. Hopefully this parent will be was just a whacky different kind of day yesterday.
Deanne if I don't smell chlorine bleach wafting from my clinic I won't enter! I love our custodian SHE; ) is great and I know she'll have the place spanking clean-I just think it's natural to imagine globular paramecium lurking in the shadows when you hear the word 'sludge' ya know?

If I had a haz-mat suit I would wear it-the office would get a good laugh.


Sorry I need to go-but I'll try to finish my thoughts later.

Have a great day that resembles spring.


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Cynthia, how awful for your DS and family, why the big delay? I hope all went well and that she will be able to recover quickly.

I believe spring is laid over in the midwest. We will have another day in the 50s and then up to the 60s, though it will be windy today.

Eden, I can identify with the parental sitcom. We actually have done a number of skits at our annual campout about my parents. When my mom asks why we just tell them that they provide us with so much material. They are so fun.

Babs, I meant to tell you what adorable boys you have.

Kathy, the container has a great start. H. Keylime Pie is a favorite of mine.


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Wow, Cynthia, I sure hope all went well for your sister. What a worry that must be for you and your family! I know how I felt when my friend underwent the DBS surgery for her Parkinson's. I'm thinking of you. Good that you have lots of animals to pat and hug.

I am, however, DEVASTATED that on one suggested: Vera, Spencer, Florence, Polly, or Rex for baby names... not. I came very close to being christened Wilhemina (for a maternal aunt who died young and tragically)... I'd have been Willa for short. I actually like that name, very much, but instead I was named for a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and an aunt. I like that name, too! What a weighty thing to consider... considerably more difficult that selecting a vanity license plate. :)

Bright blue sky, strong westerly winds, and the ocean is like a bathtub. High pressure in firm control. Cold, I'm growing weary of it, but it won't last much longer. Hang in there, Sue! (great story from Cynthia... made me smile and nod in appreciation of similar stories that affected "me and mine" over the years).

I had a nice day at work, today. Just the boss and me. She's finally feeling better, installed an awning that looked GREAT, and we had a nice time chatting and joking. It was nice to see the person I like so much. We touched on the topic of the coming chaos (aka "busy season") and that was enough for today. It was a good day.

I have to do the dishes now.

But I hope there will be more funny, personal stories, and pretty garden shots.

Maybe even PM2, Taryn, and Martie will resurface?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Sue, Tom is off the hook. It isn't men only. Today DD checked her calender to attend her legal hearing for a traffic ticket she felt she didn't deserve. Trouble was, she wrote it down for Tuesday the 19th. Obviously she missed it yesterday, so she has to pay $300 and collect many points on her license. All for not stopping at a stop sign. Trouble is, she did stop. A full stop too. Anyway, I guess both men and women can make errors about appointments.

We are expecting warmer and warmer weather this week and some showers alternating with sun. Looks like a fine weekend ahead, should i live so long. Lots to accomplish before then.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cynthia, how is your sister? Good thoughts have been winging her way since I read about her surgery last night.

Marie, when I was in college one of the most heinous traffic crimes imaginable in the eyes of the campus police (fondly referred to as Barney Fyfes) was rolling through stop signs. They use to lay in wait in a cow pasture in the pitch dark by the most remote intersection on campus. It was a joke but to this day I still look around before rolling through stop

I'll take all your words for it that spring is here. Tonight I took my walk outside-another gore tex and fleece experience complete with the gusting winds. It doesn't look like we're going to get any seasonal weather until at least Thursday. I was looking forward to maybe taking a day off this week to do garden work but it would be a waste at this point.

Wendy, lol on the airline thing. We had a bunch of people from work at a dealer meeting in Savannah last week. They were supposed to fly home on Friday night and ended up choosing to rent a car and drive 18 hours. Otherwise they were told they would have to wait until at least Monday for a flight. Ridiculous if you ask me and one of the main reasons we're driving to NC next month.

Okey dokey, time for bed. My financial results presentation went well today but getting ready for these things always stresses me out so I'm wiped. Tomorrow I'm going to reward myself by placing my Fairweather Gardens order.


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Happy happy spring everyone ! Appropriately, today on my after-work garden inspection I observed aphids on the roses, and the spittle bugs have arrived--do you eastern folk get spittle bugs ? DD and I strategized about which wines to take on the Master Gardener bus to the SF Garden Show on Thursday.
I need to work on my fantasy baseball team strategy for our annual draft day which is in a couple of weeks, so I must cut this short tonite.

Best to all, especially to Cynthia ...

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Well it's finally here. Welcome spring 2007! We've been waiting for you.

Cynthia, how did the surgery go? I've been thinking of your sister and you all day.

Marie, Count me in as someone who got a rolling stop ticket many years ago back in my college days. I'm thinking it was around $25 back then though.

I'm tired and ready to turn in so just a short post from me tonight.


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Good Morning, It's a gray and rainy day. Just what I don't need. Sunshine and warmth, that's what I'm longing for. Maybe we'll have that by the weekend I hope. Megan's still having a hard time. I talked to her last night and she's having bad headaches when she's working, body aches too. I wish there was more I could do to help her and that she could hurry up and get over this and feel better. Bella will be here this afternoon while Megan works. I haven't seen her since Saturday and I miss her. A new Baby Bug mag came in the mail yesterday so we'll read that today and I'm working with her on some new puzzles that are a little more advanced. She loves her puzzles! Hope you all have a good day. I'll check in again later.


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OK, where is everybody? I have two posts in a row, last night and this morning. It feels like I'm talking to! Hello! Anybody out there???

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ARUGH, I just lost my post!!!


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You guys are all too kind and sweet and sensitive. I tried to slip that in there to get it off of my chest and you all read it. Thanks for your kind thoughts. The good news is that I painted that bedroom ceiling Monday night :-) It seemed easy too, (not that I'm signing up for more or anything.) If you think about the potential to lose your ability to do what you want, painting ceilings in the here and now seems easy. I'm just happy to be home with my dogs and my cats and my life. Trying to figure out what to do for my sister.

It's spring! But at 33F doesn't feel like it.

Best, Cynthia

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Cynthia, thank you for popping in to let us know about your sister. I hope circumstances allow a full recovery.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, quiet around here, no Eden you aren't talking to yourself. So sorry that Megan still isn't feeling well. I know DD had Mono once and it took her ages to get better.

Well you can add a couple dozen to the plant numbers here. I spent the day potting up rooted cuttings. Then I've been taking all the fuchsia out of storage and many of them had six to twelve inch soft growths off the woody stems. Well that growth is all to leggy so I had to cut it all off and ask me if I threw it away??? Nope, its all in water. Now if they all root (and why wouldn't they) I'm going to have about forty new fuchsias....ROTFLOL... My variegated fuchsia 'Sunray' has put out some beautiful growth and I'm going to get quite a few new plants out of that one. Here is a pic of it from last summer.

Kathy have a great time at the flower show! Let us know what you chose for wine for the bus trip. Here is a pic of Shadowdancer 'Peggy' from last summer.

Hello to everyone, I've got to run for now, get to the gym and finish potting up some cuttings then take Luke to the vet for a recheck from his dental two weeks ago. If he loses any more teeth we'll be calling him the 'Toothless Wonder' instead of 'Cover Cat'


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Spring, woo, hoo! Rainy and gloomy but expected to hit 60 today. It is getting drier, but still too wet to be in the gardens.

Deanne, those fuchsias are really something. Do we need to have an intervention? LOL

Eden, mono is a tough one. It has to be especially tough when you have a 2 year old as it does require lots of rest.

Twice yesterday I had a cop behind me with flashing lights, fortunately neither one was "after" me. Whew!

Ill add to the name game with Jaden, George and Meanie. Well, maybe Meanie might not be an appropriate baby name ;o)

I hope spring finds each one of you today.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just a pop in here,

T sorry you lost your post. I really, really hate it when that happens.

Cynthia, thinking of you and your sister...

Michelle, you bet, I probably do need an intervention. LOL... I can't resist a pretty plant. If I keep this up I'll be shipping out plants again this spring. That 'Sun Ray' is really enormous even as a dormant plant I think it's in a 14" pot right now (might be bigger) Anyway I want to get one of those very large urns at Home Goods for it this year. What a beauty!

OK must take his nibs to the kitty doctor to check on his teeth. I'll be yelled at again for having an obese kitty. I'm really at a loss as to what to do with that boy.


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