Bizarre, even for a cat

gandle(4 NE)March 19, 2011

Got home, called the vet and got the cat out of boarding. If you could have translated what she said to us I don't think it would have been printable. By the time we got home with her everything was O.K.

I went out and sat on a bench by my shop door. Out of the wind and in the sun, the cat of course was sitting beside me. She all of a sudden jumped down on the patio and was rubbing her cheeks on something that looked like a small twig. She did it over and over so I pulled her away and looked, it was a millipede. She begin licking it and I picked her up and tossed the millipede in the lawn. She jumped down and was looking for it when she laid down and was totally inert. I actually thought she was dead. I could lift a paw and it would drop. Her head would drop if I lifted it, was about to make an emergency call to the vet when she stood and swayed slightly and began looking for the millipede. It must have been pleasurable because she looked for quite a while for it.

Have never heard of that kind of cat behavior before but I don't think I'll try licking a millipede.

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Here all this time we thought they loved a bowl of milk more than anything!
I wonder if it was sending little stingy charges as she licked it?
I'll never figure cats out; they're always two jumps ahead of me, so to speak....

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Perhaps the millipede had some catnip.

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I'm with KJ on cat's behavior and preferences. What is great today is "pfft" tomorrow. Mine do at times get obsessed with small bugs of all sorts, millipedes and gnats and moths, must be something very wonderful, I'm not trying to take them up on their offer to share...LOL

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I forgot to figure out cats years ago. Cats are fastidious, right? So why does my cat like to take a dust bath? Is it because she knows that she gets brushed afterwards? It's not like she does not get brushed otherwise. She needs to get a couple of brush strokes everytime she goes out or in? She is a cat!

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My big bear of a black kitty Oliver has apparently taught hiimself how to river dance. When he's feeling playful he sidles over to the wall where I have hung a 4' x 4' painting. Oliver delights in confusing the corner of this painting with his scratching post. So I say "NONONONONO!" At which point Mr. Oliver Wesley Catt dances over to me, jig-style, with a look that suggests, "Oh yeah? Make me!" Then he river dances off as if he were Michael Flatley.

Now how on earth could I still be miffed at that point? lolol

It's so much fun having him around and way cheaper than springing for the deluxe package from my cable TV provider. lol


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Is the cat still ok?

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