We sure hope insurance covers it

gandle(4 NE)March 27, 2013

Leone was in the basement , she had gone down to the freezer to get a roast for Friday and the freezer was unplugged. We've been itemizing and we are close to the $600 mark. Have absolutely no idea how that could happen. There was a saftey lock on the plugin but it obviously didn't work. Just what we needed to spend Wednesday evening doing hauling things to the dumpster..

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How horrible. Hope there was no ice cream. Same thing happened to a friend and she said cleaning melted ice cream was the worst.

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What a bummer! In addition to the expense of the lost food, the actual disposal of a full freezer's contents will be a challenge. I hope there's an outside exit from the basement; if not, there will be a lot of trips up and down the stairs. :>(

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gandle(4 NE)

WE made a lot of trips up stairs. Insurance agent is trying to decide whether or not we are covered. Says we are if the electricity goes out but can't decide if it is covered when the freezer is unplugged. The disposal people have already emptied the dumpster. We can replace all the meat but what hurts most are the homemade pies Leone made last fall. She made 10 and there were still 5 left,that hurts me. Fortunately, there was no ice cream. Thats upstairs in the refrigerator freezer. I've been reading our policy and of all the convoluted language. I kind of think we have a dedutable of $100 on the stuff but even the agent isn't sure. He promised to call before noon with the answer.

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It cudda been worse! When it happened to me, the freezer was full of shrimp we had dragged back from Kema, Texas, frozen, and packed away for good eating later, swimming in brackish water when I discovered it. Loaded it all up in garbage bags, hauled the can out to be picked up, and THEY DIDN'T TAKE IT.

After about three 90 plus deg days, I buried it deep.

So sorry about the loss.

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I don't know where my son disposed of freezer and refrigerator stuff when our refrigerator went on the blink when we were out of town for husband's surgery. Son came by after about 5 days and the whole house stunk. He cleaned out, washed refrigerator down and we had to buy a new one. I feel for you other freezer victims.

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It makes me sad to think of loosing five home made pies.

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Food gone bad has a variety of ways to mess up a day. Sorry for the problem and the loss of things that bring good memories. by way of the senses.

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What I'd look into is how that plug got unplugged, so I could prevent it ever happening again.

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We had a freezer quit working once that was full of beef.
My mom and Neil's dad was in the hospital at the time and we
didn't know it til I went to the basement and was overcome by the stench. I called the man that worked for us at the time and he got
rid of the whole mess.
I've never owned a freezer since.

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