Green Bananas (a story)

lilosophieMarch 30, 2012

Claude Pepper: "At my age I dont even buy green bananas", he said when advised about a stock-purchase with a favorable long-term increase.

I happen to disagree.

Everyone needs green bananas

She planted some flowering tree saplings and the husband, asked "when will they be shading the porch?" and she said "In about ten years or so" and he said "You are wasting your time, we will not be around in ten years".

Its twenty plus years later, the trees are beautiful in spring, furnishing shade all summer and are taller than the house. She is still around, but were she not, would it have made a difference? She had some years to enjoy and love them. After her departure someone will enjoy the blooms and the shade, saying nice things about those who planted them, and if not, it doesnt matter.

The husband looked at the half empty cup and had no desire to re-fill it, hed say it wasnt worth it and so his body followed his mind-set, he sickened and left this world at age 65, His eulogy:: "He took retirement much too seriously".

Her cup is always half full, and there are always green bananas around,

The contents of the cup?: mostly good, sometimes delicious, sometimes not so much, but half full always.

Green bananas? Occasionally one needs to be composted,

Some day she will not see them ripen, and so what?

They make excellent compost for roses.

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That's why I planted, against advice, last week a small apple tree. Somebody will enjoy it if not I.
Thanks Lilo.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I read this to Steve. He smiled, and agrees that you're an excellent writer.

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Good stuff Lilo. At 82 I'm still planting.

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My good friend invited us to her father's birthday (late 70's) and I figured I needed to bring a gift. At his age, he doesn't need anything and I don't him well enough to pick out something special, so I plucked a green banana from my bunch and stuck a bow on it. I had to explain it, but it is his favorite fruit.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Bless you, Miss Lilo. Keep buying green bananas. We enjoy
every one of your green banana stories.

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The feeling of contributing to the whole is just as important as eating the fruit now. If we can just get enough people to realize this it may work like the 100 monkey story and improve the overall outlook for us now and our progeny later.

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Thankfully there always have been people who planted without thinking of rewards, otherwise we would not have parks, shadetrees along streets, replanted woods. Gardners and farmers rarely think of instanteneous gratification, unless it is the vegies and flowers in a couple of months down the year and the harvest.

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Great story, Lilo; your outlook on life is uplifting and inspiring; I try to look at the glass half-full, too. Hope is always better than despair, isn't it?

And if the bananas get too ripe, banana bread is always good. :>)

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tibs(5/6 OH)

My mom would always shake her head at all the planting I was doing. You are making alot of work for your self. In the future you will not be able to take care of it and it will get you depressed when you look out and see it all over grown. She was telling me this when I was in my 30's! Maybe so, but I am going to keep on planting, and if it gets too much, it can all go back to grass and get mowed over.

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