Adventures in Cooking- --Chapter 2

agnespuffinMarch 24, 2012

I hadn't paid much attention to what the Husband Cook had been reading, so I was greatly surprised when I walked into the kitchen the other morning and he was fixing French Toast.

I hadn't made that for Ages! But he had been reading "Joy of Cooking" the night before and decided that he could do French Toast. He thought the seasonings in the recipe were not what we would like, so he changed them. I'll admit. He done did it again! Perfection!!

And yesyesyes, I am going to keep him!

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Lucky you. Should he start a small cafe?

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I say you start planting cookbooks of cuisines you favor in and among your posessions for him to "discover" and "surprise you" with...

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Did I tell you that he made a Chiffon Cake the other day? All I had to do was tell him how to determine when the egg whites had "peaked" correctly. It was his first made-from-scratch cake.

It was a little dry because he had set the oven a little high. (it's hard to read those tiny numbers) I'll bet that he will watch for things like that from now on.

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I think this is wonderful! He is happy, makes you happy, what more do you want? He is a jewel in the husband category, do anything it takes to keep him!

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You're a lucky lady.

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And he's a great guy aside from his new cooking prowess! Christy and I still speak fondly of spending time with you two.

Reading cookbooks was surely one of the ways I became so interested in cooking. If you're at all adventurous or become confident in your cooking, I think the more you read them the more you can adapt recipes to suit your own tastes and those of your loved ones. Chiffon cake too? Be still my heart.

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I am envious!

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Coconut...Ahh, yes! Those Get Togethers that we used to have. Remember one of them, both he and Christy had just had little thingies removed from their noses. Hers was still pink and she wasn't too happy about how it looked. Well, tell her that he has had a couple more removed from his nose. The last one left a nice square scar. You would think that they would have thought about trying to leave jagged edges or something so that it would like a birthmark or something....But a square????? Geesh!!

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Agnes, I agree with gabriell and anneliese: you're a lucky lady and I am envious!!

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Your situation sounds good to me. It's true that old dogs can learn new tricks.
My DH does not cook at all, but after all these years, he has decided to do clean up duty. I cook and and he cleans up.

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I think it is so wonderful that he is doing this and enjoying so much! Be careful, before you know it he will register here and head over to the cooking forum.

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Pk... was either learn to cook or starve. My balance has gotten so bad that he would rather cook than pick me up off the floor several times during each meal prep. And get this....he has to clean up after himself!! I just sit back and grin..There IS a payback time.

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I'm enjoying reading about his adventures and your past GardenWeb meetings. Y'all make me smile.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Not just cookbooks are good to increase interest. I recently read Giselle Clark's "Into the Frying Pan" and another by an author on what it was like to start up a B&B, both in the biography section of the Library. I enjoyed not just the good writing, but that these were by "local" DC, and Chesapeake Bay)folks and ~yes! good recipes, altho Clark's do indeed have the high-fat tendency of a top-notch chef. I've also found tasty recipes by authors of mysteries and other fiction, so look for pleasingly light reading as well as recipes.

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