A few plant questions...

bellarosa(z5/IL)March 29, 2006

Hi all,

I have a few questions on some plants that are new to me:

- Hellebores: I planted one last year and I noticed that its green at the base. Will it bloom its first year and if so, when?

- Oriental poppies: Another plant that I put in my garden last year. I planted 'Manhattan' and 'Indian Chief'. I saw some frilly growth at the base of the tag. Looks like a good sign. When do these bloom?

- Tree peony: I have one that I planted in the Fall, but it looks dead! Ugh! I'm especially bummed out 'cause my mom gave it to me! I haven't told her. I'm wondering if its dead for sure. It looks like it. There's another tree peony that's next to it and it has some new growth. How can I be sure that the original peony is alive?

- Sundrops: I have some sundrops in my yard. I don't know the name of them. I noticed that the foliage is a deep wine red. Is this normal?

Okay, I think that's it for questions. Thanks all!


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putzer(z4 WI)

I can answer your question about your Sundrops-the foliage is wine red on mine as well. Pretty, isn't it? I know they really want to take over the garden, but I love 'em anyway.

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

I don't know if hellebores bloom the first year, I can't remember with mine when it bloomed the first time. But mine are blooming now and have been for about a month.

Poppies for me bloom in June, I think. Mine are quite frilly right now (foliage).

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