Idyll #311-With A Little Help From My Friends

lmcilhargieMarch 21, 2007

You all help me get through the rainy days like today, my Idyll friends!

What would you think if I sang out of tune

Would you stand up and walk out on me

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

And I'll try not o sing out of key

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

What do I do when my love is away

Does it worry you to be alone?

How do I feel by the end of the day

Are you sad because you're on your own

No, I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody

I need somebody to love

Could it be anybody

I want somebody to love

Would you believe in a love at first sight

Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time

What do you see when you turn out the light

I can't tell you but I know it's mine

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody

I just need someone to love

Could it be anybody

I want somebody to love

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Yes I get by with a little help from my friends

With a little help from my friends

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EXCELLENT tydll Eden! Sorry you've been feeling alone here: ) I suddenly got very busy otherwise I would have been babbling. I had time to read but not post: (

So you have rain right now? I suspect that will be here tomorrow. I don't mean to gloat but I had a GLORIOUS first time today at garden cleanup. It felt so good-we had a half day of school so it was good timing. It's still mushy,muddy but I did get to whack down old stems from last year and inspect any new growth that is peeking out. Funny how that time outside goes so quickly,I could have stayed out till the sun set.

Cynthia-you can't sneak stuff like that past us-tsk-tsk!: ) I've been continually thinking of how you are feeling/thinking and hoping your sister is on the road to a smooth recovery. I don't want to pry but I worry about the location of what and where it is. Will she be OK?

Kath what wine did you pick? : )

Deanne-what full bloomed fuchsias you posted!!! I wonder if I can ever do that with mine! Those are simply beautiful.

Eden I'm sorry to hear Megan is having such difficulty. She probably needs much more rest than she's able to get between her job and being a single mom. Mono takes such a long time to recover from-I'd bet it's harder for an adult who's a mom too. If I lived closer I'd help her with Bella in a heartbeat. (It's my nanny nature; )

Sorry to run! I want to see what's up on A.Idol...


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Yoo-hoo, where the heck is everyone today ? I underwent a tooth-ectomy procedure today and stopped in for a little sympathy ! I went in for my consultation this morning with the periodontist /oral surgeon dude, and he had me come back at the end of the day to remove the offending tooth. So here I am , Novocain starting to wear off, doing the warm salt water rinse thing, and having a glass of white wine (sipped carefully) and planning on scrambled eggs for dinner ! God, what a relief to have that tooth gone. So my next appt is for the first quadrant of my deep root planeing. Fun ! Anyway, this dentist was so nice ! Great "chairside manner" and every person in his office was so friendly and concerned. I guess IÂll have to pass on any crunchy hor dÂovres on the bus to the garden show tomorrow. Good thing you donÂt have to chew wine !!

Eden , the Beatles are always appropriate, and so is your selection from the discography. Sorry that your Megan is having a rough go. I remember when I was younger people would be laid up for six weeks with that damn thing. I think itÂs the fatigue factor that lays one so low.

Deanne, Babs, the wine will probably be a Hess Special Select, but from which year I donÂt know  We always get some good stuff at Master Gardener events in this county ..Dolores Cakebread is an MG , so is Laddie from Longmeadow Ranch, the tasting room manager from Pine Ridge , the garden manager from TrefethenÂ

And Deanne, your fuchsias are really first rate Âhow hot do your summer temps get ? ThatÂs my biggest challenge (besides the d#@m mite) and I try to find the happy medium between to much shade and too much heat.

Our rain never happened. When I got home from the dentist I started watering things. Very unusual to have to water in March. I actually have plants that were wilted.

Okay, going to read the paper and think about making the scrambled eggs.
Hello to everyone wherever you are !!!

Kathy in Napa

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Slow day here. I took many but its hard to get a picture of this little squirt.

This is the best looking plant in my garden. What a great plant to look this good after being under the snow up until a week ago.

Check out the video link below. I didn't think that I should be holding the camera the other way.

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Michelle, she is darling! What a fun age!

Just a fly in and fly out post tonight......

:) T.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll just swim in as I take a break from building the ark. We had 2 inches of rain yesterday, more overnight and more on the way. Water, water everywhere!

DS made it home from his trip safely. His girlfriend and her dog are on their way here for the rest of the week. It will be a busy few days!


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Just a very quick note to those requiring some sympathy... here's a quickie dose. ;) (must needs away to the world o' work shortly).

Hope the tooth is feeling better this morning.

Eden, sympathy to you and to Megan. I can't imagine the recovery is going to be quick or easy. I was thinking about how UNsympathetic toddlers can be... . Hang in there.

Thinking of Cynthia, too! Ceiling painting sounds like a profitable way to burn off nervous energy, but it would be better all around if you didn't have to resort to it, huh?

Deanne, I fear the skeleton you told me was/could be a Fuschia is a non-starter. Nothing yet, in spite of a very sunny location and adequate water... when should I throw in the towel?

Nice to see a shot of Kenzie, but I haven't had time to watch the link.

Gotta go glue foam, cut foam and stuff the latest round of cushions (a U shaped settee for a large catamaran). I like the fabric very much, would entertain notions of using it on the fake wicker sofa for the screen room... .

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Turbo post here,

Kathy, glad youve finally had that tooth out. Ill bet you are relieved. What is deep root planeing???? Sounds dreadful. ~~ Im jealous of the wine choices. Wish I could go on that bus ride with you! LOL ~~ Our summer highs can get to 100 or a bit over that, some years we dont get that high. We normally will have a few weeks in the 90s with high humidity. It definitely is a balance between how much sun to shade with these plants. The more sun they can tolerate the more flowers they produce for me. Ive noticed that most of my trailers dont have as much tolerance for the sun as the uprights. I did lose one of my Shadowdancer Marcias last year because I left it on the driveway during a hot spell. I think the roots just got too hot and the whole plant collapsed and died. It was doing fine until then. Im going to pay more attention to the temps this year and move things if it gets too hot. I had really good luck with the Safer spray that treats for mites, insects and disease. It seemed to control the mites better than any other miticide Ive used.

Michelle, that Kenzie is too cute for words!!!! What a sweetheart!

Good grief V. two inches of rain????!!!! Thats the kind of weather we had last spring when we had that flooding.

Chelone, if that fuchsia hasnt thrown any growth by now it probably wont. No worries. Ive got LOTS of Beacon Rosas and have started another dozen cuttings so Ill get you a healthy plant or two of that variety. It should do really well for you with your coastal weather.

Ok time for the gym Yuk! I really do not feel like going today but must.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OK, for those of you looking for inspiration to get you through the "home stretch" check out the link below. The author of the blog has photo journals of a variety of gardens she has visited. Some creative ideas...


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Hi-yah Kenzie!! Oh Michelle she is just so *sweet*! Do you think she's wondering why Gramma wants her to say hi to Idylls? Who the heck is Idylls? lolol. Thanks for giving a glimpse of her world-that was so fun: )
P.S. you're a pretty steady handed videographer lol.

Ugh-so not only does Eden have the rain but V too-man the oars!'s supposed to hit here in two hours...just in time to be outside on my way to work = bad hair day. I also have worries about basement leaks.Our rain a week ago was heavy and decided to visit our basement...why did I buy an almost century home?

Poor Kathy-The last time I had novacain I did bite my cheek-lucky it was just small but I am always so paranoid that I will bite a hole in my cheek and not even know it when I have novacain so I won't eat/drink until I know it's worn off for sure. Well at least you are almost half done with the restoration-doesn't it take a few visits back to complete? Such a pain-but better than the alternative.
Aren't some of the fuchsias tolerant of sun/heat? I know Gartenmeister is though it stil would probably need more shade for you than here. I put a link below in case it might give you some ideas.

Oh Mary? what's up with you??

I haven't cared about this in years until now but I happen to know that we have less than 50 days of school left: )


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Oh that it a great link Sue! That little shed reminds me of yours. A definite addition to 'my favorites'.


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Just a quick Hello, out the door in a few minutes, waiting for DD to get here (with the wine of course), just wasted to say thanks Babs for that great link on the heat tolerant fuchsias! The authors garden just south of here , similar temps...
later everyone

Kathy in Napa

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We had thunderbangers here this morning, but now the sun's trying to come out. Temps in the 60s too, so it is feeling springlike. The ground's way too wet to garden still though. I think Megan may be starting to feel better. Yesterday was the first day she went without having to take anything for her aches and pains.

Babs, we've never left Bella with anyone but Brad and I, Jen, David or my sister Kelly. But I'd let you take her with no qualms. Sweet of you to say that:) We're having a basement leak issue to on the driveway side. Thank goodness for the wetvac!

Deanne, those fuchsia photos are unbelievable! So, so pretty. I wonder if I could put them under lights for the rest of winter after giving them a shorter semi-dormant period in the greenhouse until around Thanksgiving time? I wonder if that would be enough to keep them going? I had four of the shadow dancers last year and I hate that I lost them, along with so many others too. Of course mine never got anywhere near the stature of yours, but I bet they would have gotten a little better if I would have been successful with overwintering. I'll just consider this a big challenge and see if I can figure out how to do it under my conditions. If at first you don't succeed...

Michelle, our girls are growning! Kenzie looks so much more grownup than last time I saw pics. And what a little doll she is! The video was so sweet! Thanks for doing that for us!

Have fun today Kathy!


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News Flash: I have yellow and purple crocus blooming! Such a welcome sight!


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babs, look a little further in the site that Sue posted and you will see a familar garden shed. I envy you a job that give you the summer off.

Eden, how cool that you have blooms.

Warm and sunny here and I'm at work :o(


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Whoo Hoo! Michelle is famous! :D I love all of the Idyll's garden sheds, each is unique. I keep telling DH that I *need* one, but so far my request has fallen on deaf ears.


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Let's hear it for little purple and yellow ambassadors of springtime, right Eden? I have noted little nubs of croci poking out of the ground in more protected areas of the yard, but we still have a full 5-6" of snow, though the sun has been working wonders. Very warm today (probably pushing 50) and very squishy in the driveway. Helpmeet's car (navy blue) is COVERED with little kitty paw prints. They love sunning themselves on the roof where it's really warm. :)

Good to learn tha Megan is feeling a bit better. I'm still mildly congested and coughing here and there... it just takes time. And rest, and poor Megan doesn't have the luxury of just "crashing" when she gets home.

I had to chuckle about the sewage "backwash" in a "health clinic". ICK. But it cleans up.

OK, so the fuschia is going to the compost pile tomorrow. I TOLD you I have marginal luck with them, Deanne! I'm not really thinking about planting yet. I'll be happy to see a few bulbs flower in the coming weeks. This time of year I have more on mind than what to plant... . I admire your growing excitement.

I had another good day at work today, completing the salon cushions for the catamaran. They looked really nice and we layered foam to give the customer a soft top with a firmer bottom. Gluing the two densities of foam together was sort of fiddly (2 man job), but once that was accomplished it was a piece of cake. A nice "trick" and one I'm certain we'll use more often in the future. My paycheck was pretty, "thin", though. :( , an entire week "lost" to sickness. I'm glad we're coming into "busy season".

Our home is built on a slab, so no water in cellars... if there's water on our floor downstairs we're in TROUBLE. Do you guys use sump pumps, or is the water so sporadic that you don't normally have to worry much about it?

I am getting sleepy, and am thinking about George Washington... meant to say that I got a kick out of Kenzie... not having much to do with Idylls, huh?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

GOOD MORNING! Guess what!!! My DS and his girlfriend announced their engagement last night!!!!!

He told me that I have two years to get the yard ready for a wedding. I was too stunned to think to ask if he was kidding about that part. More details to follow...


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Congratulations to V!!! (Oh, yes, and congratulations to your son and his fiance, too!!). :oD

I have the twins today, first cup of coffee consumed, but not awake enough to write more.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


We're getting there on the spring front.


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Good morning

Wow, what news V!! It sounds both wonderful and exciting. What is future DIL like?

Not having posted for a while I want to tell Cynthia how heartbreaking it was to read about her sister. I do hope surgery was successful. I've thought no end about her and her family, especially having two sisters I am so close to. I can only imagine what they are going through. Please know many good thoughts are going out to them all.

I have been snowed under with many things, but thankfully the real snow seems to be almost gone. One casualty of the winter was my pond - the little pump used to keep the airphole failed and I jsut discovered all my lovely koi are dead. They are frozen into the top layer off ice right now and I'm desparately hoping to be able to free them from before the kids get home. Anything that has been given a name is sorely missed, but seeing them that way makes it all the more upsetting.

I ended up taking this morning off as we have car woes. Our trustworthy Subaru needs a new clutch and is sitting forlornley on the driveway waiting to be towed. It also needs a new timing belt and oil seal. Ouch! Just when we were looking forward to getting ahead with our tax refund we will be limping through the month instead.

Work had been time consuming (but I guess that is the nature of such). I was bummed yesterday to be greeted by the Principal of one my schools telling me my room would no longer be available for our project, instead I will be assigned a smaller interior office (no windows). Not the best way to start a morning;0( I checked out my future digs and discovered it to be cramped and dingy and used to be the old Men's Room. Fortunately the urinals have been removed LOL! Hopefully it won't have the same problems as Bab's.

Unfortunately DH has Chelone horrible cold/virus. His was compounded by flying, and worse still, he has to leave again tomorrow. We're waiting to hear from his Dr who is hoping to fit him in today as he feels DH might also have a secondary sinus infection. A man with a cold is not exactly what you want on one of those not so good days.

On the cheerier side we are looking forward to going down to DC in a couple of weeks as Mum just arrived from England. She will be splitting her time between DC and New Orleans (my brother) so it will be fun all getting together after Easter. I also have a violin lesson later this afternoon - it will be the first time we really work on some of the technical stuff so I'm very excited but still somewhat nervous.

I'll have to respond to everyone in stages as having some time at home I feel I should use at least some of it productively. Hope to be back soon with some comments.

Have a good Friday everyone


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

I don't have time to post this morning as I'm on my way over to Mom's to clean her house. I wanted to stop in and say Good Morning, however. I'll catch up on reading and post later today. Everyone has a fab day!


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Hi again

I decided DH needed a bit of cheering up so I did a demo of the straw trick, producing a strong resonance in the bass range. He totally cracked up and pronounced it fabulous! As a connoisseur of the genre DH was tickled to find a new trick and can't wait for his next boring lunch meeting to try it out.

Many thanks to my Idyll friends for expanding our horizons.


PS Remind me to add bendy straws to my shopping list.

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LOL playing with the straw this morning...opened sleeping son's door to ask him if he's working today. Just before closing it I blow on the straw. Then ask "What was that noise?" Answer from half asleep boy..."It was probably dad". Brad and I both burst out laughing. Too much fun! Maybe you had to be there???


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I happen to have a bendy straw in the pencil holder right in front of me... I just gave it a blow, too. I'm all alone here and I still laughed. LOL, at Mary and Eden.

Cynthia has been in my thoughts since I read about her sister, too. We have a friend who's just started chemotherapy for Lymphoma and it's just such a WORRY. Even though there is nothing you can really do, the worry is still there. I hope we hear from you soon, Cynthia, and what we hear is good news.

V., that's terribly exciting news. Think you'll get the yard dried out by then, ;) ? But LADIES, you never, "congratulate" the fiancee, only the bridegroom! The bridegroom receives congratulations because he has wooed and won such a desireable partner; to congratulate the bride-to-be implies she is "lucky" to have been chosen at all, big difference! Rather, you wish her all the happiness the future can promise. That said, let's face it, I'm sure we all feel V.'s son would be "good marriage material". :) What sort of champagne would Kathy suggest for the toast?

It was very warm last night (is right now, too) and I was stunned at the amound of melting that occured over night. When I returned home yesterday afternoon there was no bare ground out back. At the break of day, there were patches of it, and they've grown tremendously in the time I've been out for errands. AMAZING how quickly it occurs.

I cleaned the kitchen, folded and put away the laundry, mined the catbox, and bid the helpmeet good-bye and good wishes for a fruitful day at the "saltmines" before I realized it had been 20 'til 8 for quite awhile. The tall case clock had stopped. I had just enough time to yank on my clothes, brush my teeth and get to my haircut app't.. I then went to the bank, the post office, and picked up the new mattress pad. Time for a nap?

Mary, that's so sad about your Koi. I'm sure the kids will be disappointed. Nature is a stern master. I feel the same way when I find a frog that has either emerged too soon or waited too long to seek cover.

I listened to the Red Wing Blackbirds this morning... of all the sounds that foretell spring, their song and that of the "spring peepers" are my favorites.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, Im going to try to leap back into the frey (sp?) - direct post into that little mystery box -- Hi, Folks.

Been out w/ family crisis to PA for the last 10 days - Dad was rushed to the hospital w/ bad bleeding ulcers; had that fun 6 inches of sleet turned to cement to deal w/ while up there and trying to find aides/helpers to do 24 hour care for Mom, since Dad is unable to do so now... fun, fun, fun...

From the wee bit I see, Im sorry to learn that Cynthia too has had a family challenge -- I hope her sister is on the road to recovery.

Congrats, V on the engagement - what fun!! Kathy, glad you got your tooth out.... more to others later. Just wanted to say I am back on this planet (I think)....

I will try to pop in over the weekend to see what other things I've missed -- I know I saw few bulbs & crazy blooms poppin up in my yard too -- Im going to crash tomorrow & try to recoup, and then attack & rejuvenate myself I hope in the yard on Sunday -- 75 degrees -- can Spring really really be here now?


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T for a moment there I wondered if the twins were consuming coffee? Just kidding: )

What exciting news that is V!!! Need your idylls friends to come and help with the wedding garden prep/planting?
So were you surprised or did you see it coming? That's just really great!

Shall I confess? The first night after I had learned the straw skill I took a straw with me to bed and minutes later Chris came to bed so I pretended I was already asleep and as soon as he was settled I gave the straw a good puff-it was HILARIOUS. We just couldn't stop laughing-I was afraid we'd wake up the kids. So see Eden, I *do* get it; ) Does your son think you are loco or did he think it was funny?

Mary-excellent that your DH approves of the straw : ) I do hope he feels better enough before he has to go back up in the air.
Your poor Koi-even though I know animals die,to find your own fish entombed in ice must have been tough to discover. Have you had success in previous years? I hope the kids do OK when they find out.
OH HORRORS-you've been banished to the poop deck? lol sorry-weak humor: ) but sometimes you have to make your own fun when things involve sludge or refurbished men's rooms...say,does it echo? The straw! Imagine the sounds that could resonate in a place like Beware if you have any remaining DRAINS in there! That really is terrible to go from a window to none-I'm very sorry.

Cindy-I hope your dad recovers quickly and completely before he even attempts to continue caring for your mom. Do you think this was the result of his caregiving stress? Good thoughts to you/your family. It really is hard.

I don't mean ot cut this short BUT the rain is stopped for now and I want to see what's cookin in the garden...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V, I was given 2 MONTHS preparation! Fortunately it was not at our garden though... That is wonderful news. I really am happy for you all!

I'm just back from Toronto - and no- there's nothing left for anyone else to buy! Lynn and I had a ball!

I'm supposed to be at a birthday party in 10 off I go. Later! At least I don't need to paint a ceiling.


Enjoy your weekends!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

LOL on all the straw antics! It does my heart good to be part of a group that takes flatulence to a new level in the humor department. My own mom gave fart machines as gifts for Christmas last year.

Not much to report here except that I met with a surgeon today who exceeded my expectations. The bad news is I do have to have major surgery instead of the less invasive procedure I had hoped to have because my largest fibroid is now approaching 15 cm and is of a type that can't be embolized. Right now we're shooting for surgery in mid April. Naturally I'm concerned about getting my spring garden chores done because I won't be able to do any heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks but Tom knows how to The good news is this woman is a competent surgeon who is progressive, well respected and will be able to remove all my fibroids and leave the rest of my parts intact no problemo. Never in my life have I even spent one night in the hospital so this will be a big deal for me.

Other than that I'm rarin' to go in the garden just waiting for things to dry out.



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Oh my, friends, there seems to be a lot of serious family stuff happening to a variety of us. Cynthia, Cindy, Eden, Ei., Sue spring immediately to mind. Forgive me if I've inadvertently left anyone out.

No different here. My brother called me last night. There is an opening at one of the nursing homes he's contacted and he wanted to talk to me about it. The woman who assessed Mum didn't feel she needed the "lock down" and wondered if she would fare well with assisted living. How did I feel about it, etc.? Funnily enough, I understood instantly that he needed/wanted validation that it's time for that step. I asked him some questions about how things have been going on a day to day basis... specific examples. What he told me about how she is at home indicates clearly that she now requires help and supervision that I could no longer supply and that is beyond his capability, too. I asked if the woman who assessed Mum has watched her use the toilet? No. Apparently, he has experienced some of the absolute refusal to what is asked of her, too. A week or so ago she was out on the back deck hollering at the neighbors who were just moving into an apartment, she "had to speak to them!" and refused to come indoors at DB's request. He repeated it and she again refused. He told her to come inside immediately or he would pick her up and carry her inside! And that's exactly what he did. That "iced it" for me. And it was shocking for him to endure what I'd experienced more than a few times over the past year. And I told him he really ought to speak with the assesssor and share some of the daily events that render Mum "too much" for him to care for at home. Mum has become very adept at "covering" her shortcomings. So, he will be moving swiftly on this present turn of events. He seemed relieved that I didn't hesitate to "back him up", expressed guilt and apprehension about how to tell her. I gave him the approach I would use (he thought it right in line with his own, but "softer"), and told him that she would be "over it" within 3 hrs. of being moved in. And then he and I would become "those nice people who come to visit me". He seemed comforted that I understood the angst and was completely in favor of the move. The last thing he said to me before he hung up was, "Here we go".

Cindy, what a rough stretch of road you've had to cover! worse that you had to deal with foul weather on top of it all. How are things now. Forgive me, please, but I am not "up to speed" with your mother's condition.

Mary, have you taught your mother the straw trick? what happened with the Koi and the kids?

'bug, any chance you could post some pictures of the "booty" you hauled out of Toronto? did you rent a U-Haul?

I'll hang some laundry and see if anyone else has shared anything.

OH, what's the status of the Idyll-union? organization of that nature is not my strong point.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Chelone I believe a private e-mail will be sent around shortly regarding IU4. Usually when we start getting into the specifics such as hotel choices we take it off the public forum.

Cindy, I was just starting to wonder where you were. Sorry to hear your disappearance was due to such unpleasant circumstances. Did anyone see the NBC news segments a month or so ago about caring for aging parents? A few of the top anchorpeople including Brian Williams allowed their own struggles with parents to be highlighted. It's unfortunately a widespread problem with no good solutions that only appears to be getting worse.

Marie, what did you do in Toronto? Did you go to the garden show? What is it called, Canada Blooms? The reviews of the Boston show over on the New England forum are coming back fabulous. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm very tempted to take a drive. We'll see...

It's still too wet to garden here but Tom accepted an invitation to lunch at his mother's so the day will be shot anyway. It's an hour drive each way. At 83 she doesn't cook too many family meals anymore so we have to strike while the iron's hot, so to speak. I just hate sitting around indoors on a nice weekend day. She lives near White Flower Farm but I doubt they're open yet. Maybe I should bring some straws?


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Cindy, sounds like you had a very rough week and I hope you and Chloe are sleeping in on this rainy morning.

Kathy, now that you are friends with your periodontist(?) you will probably be talking implants for your missing tooth. Be prepared to give up more than a few plants for that. Glad you are feeling better.

Thinking of Eden's Meg and hoping she starts to feel better and recover her energy soon. I too can't imagine having a toddler and mono at the same time. Yikes.

Sue, Having confidence in your surgeon is a wonderful thing! I'm sure you'll be happy when this is all over and you can begin to recover.

The 'early' daffodils all popped here this week and now they're hanging their heads in the rain. This has not been the nicest of springs. I think the Magnolias have decided to skip a year altogether. Yes, it's raining here too, so although the weeding will be easy tomorrow, I can't do anything outdoors today. Should be doing some transplanting in the cellar though.

Does anyone remember the pot of blue Iochroma at Tower Hill at IU2? I order one in 06 and it was puny and didn't put on much size last summer. It was also afflicted by scale or white flies. Can't remember which, but I left it outdoors very late in the season hoping cold would help to clean it up. No way was I putting it in GH. Finally dragged it into an isolation room in the cellar with no light. Well it's still alive. Dormant all winter and putting out a few leaves! Probably because Select Seeds carries it this year and of course I ordered one from them thinking mine was toast.

I have a home visit 1/2 an hour away for potential adopters at 2PM and still sitting here in my robe with zero accomplished this morning, so need to get going on some Saturday chores. This place is a pit! But after I get back from the HV I may get around to painting those bedroom walls.

Enjoy your week-end! Cynthia

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good sunny morning!

Just returned from a quick tour of the Boston flower show this AM. I almost didn't go because DD came down with the flu this AM, and I felt I should stay home with her, but she insisted - even she knows how much I look forward to the show. We didn't linger there as long as I normally would have, I wanted to get home to check on DD. She is sleeping now, which is better than the alternative.

The show didn't disappoint, it was wonderful. The central exhibit was actually a beach scene, complete with sand, trees and grasses. There is usually a separate design competition with table settings (thought of you Chelone); but this year they incorporated it with a beach scene. You walk along this wooden boardwalk, beach and and grasses on either side, surrounded by evergreens of all types and these lovely table settings. Beautiful! I have to look at my pictures, if any are halfway decent I'll post some later.

Eden, I like the tydll - very appropriate.

Michelle, loved the video of Kenzie - she is adorable.

V, what wonderful news! Did you see it coming, or were you surprised.

Cindy, thinking of you and your family.

Sue, glad you are moving forward with your surgery, but what lousy timing! You know I am only an e-mail away, if Tom gets tired of gardening I'd be happy to come down and dig for you.

Giggling at all the straw escapades.

Have to run, DS is attending a birthday party at a Chinese restaurant of all places, and he needs to eat lunch first because he doesn't like Chinese food (do many 10-year-olds?)



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Hi everyone. I have floor duty today at the real estate office, so I am using my time wisely by making a post. I have only done floor duty once or twice in the past year. My schedule was too conflicting with what they needed, but since Skip has been working from home lately I am going to try to do it at least once a month.

First I wanted to mention to everyone who is having family challenges that you are all in my thoughts, and I hope things are going better for you right now. It can be emotionally and physically draining trying to figure out how to handle everything. Don't forget to take your vitamins and drink green tea. You need the antioxidents.

Somone asked about my brother, and he is doing very well. He is able to wheel himself around and I have hopes that he will even be able to walk eventually. I went to a family conference with the docs two weeks ago. He can only stay in the facility he is in for 90 days, and that would be mid April, so we have to think of where he will go when he gets out. There is a nursing home around the corner from me that I told him he could wheelchair himself down the street to my house any time he wanted because it has a sidewalk the whole way. I thought it might make him feel like he has options. Plus I could take him food, pick him take him places. The gym where I go has a seat that lowers people into the pool, and they said I don't need any special permission or certification to use it, anyone can. I was pretty excited about that. I can't bring him to my house full time because I am not there to take care of him and make sure he doesn't get hurt.

Michelle, Kenzie is a cutie pie. I really enjoyed your garden pics.

V- congrats on the engagement. How exciting! And they gave you plenty of advance notice too... Your prairie will be a beautiful backdrop.

Sue, good luck with the surgery. I am glad that you found a surgeon with whom you feel confidence. Did I read that you are going to South Carolina? We are thinking of going to Nag's Head this summer. I have never been there before, but everyone I know who goes loves it. I thought it would be fun to go see the wild horses. Our other option was Florida, and we haven't been there forever, but it is about 12 more hours to drive.... still thinking.

Skip is going to California tommorrow, then Utah, Las Vegas, almost to Mexico and a bunch of other places. I want to go with him. I am so ready for some sun....But it is pretty nice here today, even with the overcast. The air feels moist like spring is almost sprung. My bulbs are starting to come up. And I am hoping to keep a garden journal this year. So many things I want to do..... as usual.....planning, planning...

I have been going to the gym pretty much every day. I wake up and can't get back to sleep, so I hop in my car and head out. I have been swimming a lot. It is amazingly good for my knee. I am much more limber and without pain from arthritis than I have been in a long time.

Mary I couldn't find your post about the fish, but sorry they were frozen. That happened to a frog year before last in our pond. Last fall I didn't write about it here, but a huge creature shaped like a heron.. way uglier than my decoy, and bigger.. started fishing in my pond. He must have eaten about 30 fish by the time it was all over. We only had about 4 left, and brought them in for the winter. I was so upset, I thought about getting out the BB gun. Anyway, I am going to have to work out some sort of net this year, because I think the word is out that there is dinner in my back yard. I never had that problem in all these years. Maybe I need a new decoy.

Deanne, love your fushias, and all of your birdie pics. Hope things are going better with your neighbor.

Babs, how is it going? Nice cake!

Okay, I am out of time...have to answer the phone and see if I can sell a house.

Hi to everyone I missed! All of you are on my mind, and I hope you have a great weekend.


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D., that's good news about your brother. Watch the nursing home situation closely. I know Mum made excellent post stroke progress at the rehab. place, but the move to the NH basically "stalled" it because they didn't have the skill level to continue the therapy. Sounds GREAT that he'd be able to roll down to your home. And there is NOTHING better than swimming... have you ever seen anyone in the water (willingly!) who wasn't smiling?! Good that your knee is responding to some careful activity and benign neglect.

Sue, like Wendy, I would be more than willing to come on down and help you out in your gaHdens. If you think it might help you out... say the word! Maybe we could get a carpool thing goin'? I'm glad to read you are comfortable with the surgeon; like you, I've never spent a night in a hospital and I'd be reasonably freaked out, too. Hang in there, it will all be OK in the end. In the meantime, get the "to dos" in place and know there is willing labor readily available.

Wendy, sorry about DD. Poor kid, what a crummy time of year to get sick. I've been to the flower show once, with my boss. We had a good time. My favorite part was the flower arrangements, strangely enough! I NEVER do that sort of thing for our home, and was absolutely dazzled by the ingenuity of them. Didn't it smell great?! LOL about your son and the upcoming BD party.

Where're Deanne and 'bug?! and Taryn? Woody?

Cynthia, it'll be some weeks before I have daffodils to bow their heads to rain. More snow forecast for tonight... albeit a paltry 2", but still. I would like to see a snowdrop, at least.

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Sue-Sorry that the embolization isn't a possibility. On the news they did a story about how the do the procedure and I had wondered if that was an option. Be careful with your back in your attempts to get things in order before your procedure. I have a vision of you scurrying to get lots done: )

Chelone-my thoughts are with you as you take a step further with your mom's situation.

Hi Drema-not much new here...good to hear how your brother is progressing. You're such a good sister to even try to consider how you could be helpful to him. Good luck on the house sale!

Don't mean to split, but.. today we are going out to dinner for Ryan's bday with MIL...and egads, SIL. She's already setting up the drama because,of course, the world is all about HER...give me patience to not toss my dinner in her face if she misbehaves. Bite my tongue,I will bite my tongue....bring rolls of gauze....bite my tongue....


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Make sure you sit next to her. Blow lunch into her lap if she gets too "full of herself". It'll serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes you can't control everything. I recall a President who did precisely that, albeit inadvertently. ;)

Got your straw packed?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm in a bit of a daze this morning. A good friend's daughter died suddenly last week. She was my son's age, 35, an amazing mathematician, a ferret owner, married and in line for adopting, and much more. Born with serious heart issues, she survived many heart surgeries, had a functioning pacemaker, and died of a stroke and blood clots... and we'll find out more soon I expect. Devastating.

This morning was to be warm and wonderful, but there are clouds and rain. I did get my hair done, a pedicure, manicure etc. When I returned home a few minutes ago I spotted masses of snowdrops and winter aconites in bloom...and somehow they are looking funereal to me in my present sad state. I should be overjoyed to see them, I know.

No Sue, didn't attend the Canada Blooms show this year. My friend Lynn won 2 second prizes and was satisfied with that. She puts in so much committee and organizational time it's a wonder she participates in competition at all.

Chelone, I will try to photograph some of the loot later today and share with you. I am working on three knitting projects simultaneously, and I think none will be finished before my trip. That's OK though, no rush. DD is in line for a job interview at 8:30 Monday morning, unexpectedly. Leave it to the government to interview her for the job she is already doing. Does this make sense? Anyway, she needs to review material this weekend on endangered species of Alberta.

Things on the baby front are getting more exciting. DD believes that her child has taken up kick boxing. The excitement over their new home is feverish. I've not been able to tell her yet about our friend's death. Her stepson has similar heart problems and future surgeries. I guess I will have to tell them in person.

OK, time to make some food for DH before he trots off to the dump and skating.

Tell those you love what they mean to you. Do it now 'cause you never know....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So we couldn't find the cats. Turns out they discovered where the chipmunks are living. They rather like the live show that the triple screen in the basement offers:

For Chelone. These are a couple of 3-6month items I picked up for our no-name grandchild. There are smaller things too, but this is plenty for now.

And this is a jacket I'm completing for a 9-12month sized kiddo.

The fog is rolling in here now!

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I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend's daughter. It must be a shock. She was so young and with so much planned for the future. What can I say aside from, "I'm so very sorry"?

Nice goin' on the purchases! Pink and blue are OK, but puke and crap blend better with the "earthy" tones, dontcha think? SERIOUSLY, hedgehogs are a lot more fun than chicks or bunnies, esp. for a daughter who likes snapping turtles. :) !! Your knitted coat is simply beautiful. I immediately thought about Joseph's "coat of many colors" and the wonderful Dolly Parton song about the coat of many colors that her "mama made for me".

Maybe Drema or Ei will provide the lyrics?

No flowers here yet, but I snapped some shots of the cats on the ladder and the roof that may prove worthy of inclusion on the Idylls... MAY being the operative word.

I'm still coughing... will the doctor be in my future next week... AFTER finalizing the mortuary trust for Mum. Gonna be a swell week, huh?

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'bug... I love the sweater. So pretty, those colors are just beautiful. Is that more of the hand dyed wool? How special that will be.

Here are part of the lyrics... Chelone hope you feel better. Skip got bronchitis about a month ago, and then it turned into pluerisy. Very painful. He had chest pain so bad he couldn't move and I made him go to ER,(he didn't want to go, but I told him he could go under his own strength, or two paramedics were coming to carry him out:) because I had to make sure it wasn't a heart attack. That is as sick as I have ever seen him.

There were rags of many colors and every piece was small
And I didn't have a coat and it was way down in the fall
Mama sewed the rags together sewin' every piece with love
She made my coat of many colors that I was so proud of

Now I did not understand it for I felt almost rich
And I told them of the love my mama sewed in every stitch
Then I told them all the stories mama told me while she sewed
How my coat of many colors was worth more than all their clothes

They did not understand it though I tried to make them see
That one is only poor if they choose to be
I know we had no money but I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors my mama made for me

It is milkshake night around here, Devin is calling my name... have to go to the blender...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Girls - and guys if there are any of you still around! :-∙) Thats me smiling with my distinctive *beauty mark* (hey, wadda ya mean "mole") on my smiley face!

So today was my first opportunity to read and hopefully post. Cynthia...I was so sorry to hear about your sisters ordeal. I hope everything went as well as expected and that she is doing okay *and* that she has a smooth and uneventful recovery. I wont blather, cause I know you really wouldnt want that. And, I know there are no words (at least any *I* can think of) but just know I am keeping good thoughts for your sister, her family and for you. BTW Cynthia, count me in as one of the ones lusting over your steps... I remember your post from last year with all those lovely garden pics and your grassy paths....what a show! Really something to be submitted to Fine Gardening!

So today I finished cutting down most of the OGs. Still have two left in the back, but I see some headway. I also cleaned up *most* of the front (though the roses need a good prune) and some raking left to do, but not too much left out there anyway. Too messy and wet to do any serious digging though. should have seen me, I was caked in mud from head to toe and that was just cleaning digging. I was going to take a pic of myself and submit it here and call it the Rambo of Gardening, Part 1, First Blood....LOL! After I finished with that - Paul and I worked on the pond. Was it a nasty mess. I had a screen and everything and *still* the leafy debris was amazing. Here too I managed to make yet a bigger mess of myself. Paul had filled the kiddie pool with a bunch of the old algae water...meaning to clean it out and then dump it back in the pond. We try to use as much of the old water as possible. Anyway, I was up next and was doing the skimming and dragging of the pond with an old net, pulling out as much debris as possible. I stepped back and yep, fell right into the kiddie pool. Now I was caked with mud and green sludge and *WET* from the waist down. I looked at Paul and said "Dont you dare laugh...its *not* funny". I was kind of cranky because Im getting over the nastiest cold Ive ever had. Anyway, to his credit he barely cracked a smile, but when I looked up at him and then at myself, I *had* to laugh and then it was all over and we were both laughing till our sides hurt. Alvin (the only fish who lived through the Heron debacle) is *AMAZING*! He is so HUGE! I will *not* part with him, but I think I could get some real coin for him. Hes so big you want to pick him up and pet him...LOL! Anyway Ive told Paul that *all* my fish are coming with us when we move. Ruby is getting pretty big too and now has some blush on her cheeks to match her ruby red lips! :-) Creamsicle (aka Blossom) is growing by leaps and bounds, but Haiku may be the most beautiful of them all. He is black and white spotted, but I swear, his black spots look more like a deep, deep purple...hes gorgeous! Even Gilda is putting on some size. I didnt think she was going to make it; she was rather sickly last fall. Once the water clears I will have to show you some pics of all my babies.

Speaking of fish...Mary I was so sorry to hear that you lost some of your fish? I couldnt find the post where you mentioned it. You didnt lose them all; did you? Did your pond totally freeze over? Anyway, Im so sorry to hear that, I know how depressing that can be...2 years now and I am *still* not over the heron debacle. Do you use a heater in your pond? I use one of those heaters they use for horse and cow water troughs. It works great. You dont leave it on all the time (cause your not trying to heat the water). I have it on a timer and it goes on and off a couple times a day. Just enough to keep the water from freezing over. BTW, hope you are enjoying your visit with mum, well, of course, I *know* you are....what fun!

And, speaking of babies...Michelle that Kenzie is a doll. I so enjoyed the video and it was *so* nice of you to post it so we could all enjoy it. I *love* when the little ones are just starting to really talk. Anyway, she has a such a sweet, soft voice that I think most adults would find it hard to ever say "no" to her! :-) P.S. I *loved* seeing your beautiful shed again! :-) You are going to post pics this year of Kenzies new garden; right? Please??? :-)

While were on the subject of babies...Bug...may I say you have exquisite taste? (LOL Chelone on the "earth tones"). Actually, I am totally in love with the hedge hog outfit myself. I *love* hedge hogs! But that jacket is *stunning*...I love that shade of purple you used...what a color! BTW, I absolutely *love* the kitty picture. The starkness of the black kitties against those white walls...its really artistry. You have a real eye for stirring emotions in your pictures Bug. Well, all of you are very talented with the camera actually! :-) In fact your pic of the kitty reminded me again of that one pic of Cynthias with her kitty looking out the window. Sorry Cynthia, I dont remember the kittys name, but it was a grey one, if I remember correctly, and I remember the warm and cozy sensation I got just looking at the picture. I love when a photo moves me that way.

Speaking of great photos...Id feel bad if the snow ruined your daffs Norma, but your pictures "Daffs in the Snow" were breathtaking...a real Kodak moment. really are Martha Stewart ya know, even now that you have a job to keep you extra busy. Ryans cake was *wonderful* and your kids are just (dont tell them I said would probably disgust them...LOL...but they are absolutely precious and with the sweetest smiles! :-) BTW, Babs would you mind posting how to do the straw thing again? I scrolled and scrolled till my eyes got watery and couldnt find where you guys tell how to do it. I plan on pulling it on Paul...once I perfect it! :-)

Deanne...I always love reading your posts and so good to see you. Your bird pics are such a joy to behold. I especially loved seeing your woodpecker cause that was the one I saw here awhile back and couldnt identify. I havent seen him since, but he really was *amazing* and you captured him beautifully. And that Brown Creeper against the trunk of the tree was really *is* something how he blends in so perfectly. :-.) (Thats me blushing...oh look my mole move to the other side...actually it's suppose to be dead center on my chin...)anyway....I have *31* "Deannes Birds" now. BTW, that Shadow Dancer Peggy nearly made me weep! You really are a woman of *many* talents! I hope that sometimes, you allow yourself to sit back and just enjoy and appreciate all of your wonderful gifts. If I had 1/10th of your talent I dont know if I could stand myself...LOL! Just kidding! Just my goofy way of saying I hope you allow *you* to appreciate Deanne.

T- Jamie sounds like a joy *and* a real boy. I got such a kick out of reading about his costuming and pretend play. You make me want to be a grandma soooo bad! :-) But Paul and Christy have made it perfectly clear there are *no grandchildren* in the plans, until they both reach the age of 35. :-( Ive got about 10 years to go! :-( I guess Ill just have to live vicariously through you Idylls.

Speaking of beautiful pics...I really *am* enjoying spring vicariously through you Kathy. The anticipation is almost overwhelming...excuse me for a minute while I break into song with my friend Carly:

We can never know about the days to come
but we think about them anyway.
And I wonder if I'm really with you now
or just chasing after some finer day.

Anticipation, Anticipation
is making me late
is keeping me waiting

And I tell you how easy it feels to be with you
and how right your arms feel around me.
But I rehearsed those words just late last night
when I was thinking about how right tonight might be.

Anticipation, Anticipation
is making me late
is keeping me waiting

And tomorrow we might not be together
I'm no prophet, I don't know nature's ways.
So I'll try and see into your eyes right now
and stay right here, 'cause these are the good old days.

I *loved* your Idyll Title Eden *and* the song. May I say, even though I love the Beatles version too and am not necessarily a *big* fan of Joe Cocker. His version of it is my favorite...I *LOVE* the way he wails it! :-) I got such a kick out of your mom and dad! What a sweet and funny story. So sorry to read about Meg. My son Paul had mono this winter. It was quite a scare because they only discovered he had mono after several tests kept showing his liver enzymes were up. Happy to say hes doing just fine now, with no after effects. Hope Meg has a speedy recovery!

And speaking of songs...this goes out to Chelone:

Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton

Back Through the Years
I Go Wonderin' Once Again
Back to the Seasons of My Youth
I Recall a Box of Rags That Someone Gave Us
And How My Momma Put the Rags to Use

There Were Rags of Many Colors
Every Piece Was Small
And I Didn't Have a Coat
And It Was Way Down in the Fall

Momma Sewed the Rags Together
Sewin' Every Piece With Love
She Made My Coat of Many Colors
That I Was So Proud Of

As She Sewed, She Told a Story
From the Bible, She Had Read
About a Coat of Many Colors
Joseph Wore and Then She Said

Perhaps This Coat Will Bring You
Good Luck and Happiness
And I Just Couldn't Wait to Wear It
And Momma Blessed It With a Kiss

My Coat of Many Colors
That My Momma Made For Me
Made Only From Rags
But I Wore It So Proudly

Although We Had no Money
I Was Rich As I Could Be
In My Coat of Many Colors
My Momma Made For Me

So With Patches On My Britches
Holes in Both My Shoes
In My Coat of Many Colors
I Hurried Off to School

Just to Find the Others Laughing
And Making Fun of Me
In My Coat of Many Colors
My Momma Made For Me

And Oh I Couldn't Understand It
For I Felt I Was Rich
And I Told Them of the Love
My Momma Sewed in Every Stitch

And I Told 'em All the Story
Momma Told Me While She Sewed
And How My Coat of Many Colors
Was Worth More Than All Their Clothes

But They Didn't Understand It
And I Tried to Make Them See
That One Is Only Poor
Only If They Choose to Be

Now I Know We Had no Money
But I Was Rich As I Could Be
In My Coat of Many Colors
My Momma Made For Me
Made Just For Me

Beautiful song Chelone! OOPS! I see that Cindy has already provided the lyrics. Okay Chelone, just pretend that Cindy and I are doing a duet! :-) So sorry to hear about the ongoing struggles with mom. But I am *so* happy that you and your brother have found strength in each other! I smile reading about how you and brother are enjoying each other again. Thats really special Chelone and I am so happy for the *both* of you.

Wendy, so glad you got to go to the Boston show. You easterners are soooo lucky. I really think you have the best shows.

(((Cindy))) was so sorry to hear about your mom and dad. I hope your dads recovery is smooth and speedy and I hope the situation gets better for the both of them *and* for you. I will be keeping good thoughts...

CONGRATULATIONS V! Oh, sorry...did I scream? :-) Well, Im just so excited for you. And, you know whats the best part of being the mother of the groom? In Honeys funny words "The mother of the grooms duties include keeping her mouth shut and wearing beige," :-) LOL! Actually, they have asked me for my advice and help on some things and a good friend of mine who runs a floral shop is doing their flowers. Besides the rehearsal dinner and decorating the gazebo and helping with decorating the inside of the hall, I dont really have any other duties. I have to say, it feels good not to have all the stress and I dont even have to feel guilty about it! :-) Hey V...have you ever heard of Uncle Julios (I think thats how you spell it)? Paul and I went to dinner there tonight and I really enjoyed myself. Paul had some blackened shrimp stuffed with cheese that was out of this world; and beef and chicken fajitas. I had the Carne asada. The steak was delicious and had such a delicious seasoning/marinade to it. The margaritas were pretty scrumptious too. We went to the one in Yorktown. There is one in the city too, but I have heard from some people that one is not as good anymore as the one in Yorktown. The other thing I really enjoyed was the interior decorating. I have to say for the most part Ive never really appreciated the interiors of most of the Mexican restaurants we go to, but this place was *really* charming...lots of great tile and pottery, *tasteful* pics (there was one of some cactus in the desert that was painted in the impressionist style) and some other wonderful original oil paintings too. I loved all the huge windows and big wooden blinds too. Anyway, if youre ever out this way...check it out.

Sue...hope everything goes smooth as silk. I know its kind of scary having a hospital stay, *especially* if youve never done it before. Ive only been admitted to the hospital once...for my c-section. How long do they expect you to be there for recovery? Looks like you found a very competent doctor. Ill be keeping my good thoughts that you have a speedy and uneventful recovery. Im sure youll do great...youre a strong girl in top physical shape! :-) Keep your chin up and Ill be sending my positive thoughts. And remember even a tough cookie like you needs to be pampered a be sure to spoil yourself a little...and make Tom spoil you too! :-)

Hi Drema! Good to "see" you! :-) Okay everyone, bear with me, but I do have to post this one more song. You see, ever since I read Dremas post awhile back and Babs comment about the cabana boys, this song has been playing in my head. Thought maybe Drema might want to sing this the next time she gets a chance to "find a sunny window spot and sit in it until I can't take it anymore. I pretend I am at the beach"...

Artist: Andrew Sisters
Song: Rum And Coca-Cola

Rum and Coca-Cola

If you ever go down Trinidad
They make you feel so very glad
Calypso sing and make up rhyme
Guarantee you one real good fine time

Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co Laaa
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar

Oh, beat it man, beat it

Since the Yankee come to Trinidad
They got the young girls all goin' mad
Young girls say they treat 'em nice
Make Trinidad like paradise

Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar

Oh, you vex me, you vex me

From Chicachicaree to Mona's Isle
Native girls all dance and smile
Help soldier celebrate his leave
Make every day like New Year's Eve

Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar

It's a fact, man, it's a fact

In old Trinidad, I also fear
The situation is mighty queer
Like the Yankee girl, the native swoon
When she hear de Bing- oooo croon

Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Workin' for the Yankee dollar

Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La
Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La
Drinkin' rum and Cocaaaa-Co La

Personally, I think they should be singing Pina colada...but I guess it didnt have the right rhythm (or maybe Pina Coladas werent made back then?)...LOL! "Oh you vex me!" :-)

P.S. Hi to anyone I missed...thinking of you all....

Have a good night all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Me again! Sorry! Just meant to ask Sue...Do you remember last year you were talking about a new Harry Lauder that you just loved? Can you give me the name of it again? I thought I put it on my list, but couldn't find it.

Also wanted to ask if you considered Amur Maacki for the tree near your patio? It gets a nice size, has a graceful shape and lovely cinnamon colored bark. Also has white flowers in spring. Anyway it's a good size for a patio I would think, pretty carefree and while not a "show stopper" it always looks graceful and striking. I really liked mine and will plant another when I move from this house. Also, liked the Acer griseum suggestion too. I've been very happy with mine, though it's a bit of a slow grower and mine is just now really showing off its shedding bark and has wonderful deep winey (?) red fall color. Okay, that's it....good night all! Ei

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Hiya Idylls..I must say it is not good to skip posting for a couple of dayshow does one catch up ?
I have no pics to post today, but will try to do a few tomorrow. We are in full-on spring here..
I spent way to much money at the SF Garden Show on Thursday ! Bought lots of lilies, begonia tubers, succulents, and some garden "art " items. DS took about a zillion pics of the display gardens and maybe I will post a couple this week. We had a very excellent time. I got home with all the purchases and UPS arrived with my rose order from Heirloom. Went to two garden centers today as if I didnt already have enough stuff to plant.

Tooth is feeling better every day. Still poppin the Advil, but I think a few more days and I can go without.

So, just a few comments, and will try to catch up better tomorrow..

V, congrats to you and your family . Nice that they gave you a long window to prepare your wedding venue !

Cindy, hope your Dad is feeling better , I cant imagine how painful a bleeding ulcer must be..good vibes to you.

Chelone, it sounds like your brother has really stepped up to the plate, and he is fortunate to have your support as he moves toward the assisted living option.

Cynthia, Mr Periodontist and I have not yet discussed the implant option. My BIL got one this year and it cost him 7K. That does not work for me ! The root planeing will eat up my dental insurance for the year. Oh well. I have absolutely no other health issues, so I guess the medical budget goes to my mouth !

bug, so so sorry to hear of your friends loss.

Ok , got to go for today..more tomorrow
nite all

Kathy in Napa

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I went to the city shopping all day today. I dont go often, so the "to shop for list" is usually pretty long. I have a secret pal in our Bible study group that is expecting twins and was recently put on bed rest. I picked up a couple of books and some other goodies to give her something to do. I picked up more fabric and some trim to make a table runner and maybe some place mats. Id better get going before I give it all up for the garden.

Ei, nice that you can be involved with some of the wedding preparations. RE: becoming a grandma, you know what they say about the best laid plans ;o)

Congrats to V and family.

Cindy, I wondered where you were. Sorry to hear of the difficulties that your parents are experiencing. Do you have other siblings to help out?

bug, so so sorry to hear the terrible news of your friends daughter. I can imagine the impact that it could have on your DD.

Sue, sorry to hear that you have to go the major surgery route. Im sure you will bounce back with flying colors with the great shape your in.

Drema, great to have you pop in. I have this picture in my mind now of you wielding a BB gun. Glad to hear that your DB is improving.

Wendy, what a bummer that your DD got the flu and also that it was on the weekend. If you have to be sick, you should at least get out of school for it.

Mary, that is just dreadful about your fish.

Chelone, its really great that you and your brother are working together to determine whats best for your mum.

I tried the straw trick on DH this a.m. I even have bendy straws in the house we use them when we have smoothies. He wondered where in the world I learned it.

Good night all,


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Wow how pleasant is that, to wake up in the morning with the only sound being little birdies twittering and singing! :-) I love sunrise in the's really magical! :-) I think I'm going to have to visit one of those websites that play the bird songs....I'd love to know who all these little fellows are that are singing here.

Anyway, just a quick post. Sue...I'm starting to lose it, I think. You know I woke up this morning and it popped into my head "Hey, I think I told Sue *Amur* maackii. I typed Amur, but I *meant* PRUNUS maackki. I think Amur was the old name for it. Anyway, the bark really is beautiful and makes a nice round headed tree. Dirr says it grows to 35', but I don't think mine ever reached over 20 feet. And even though it is a choke cherry (the fruits are very small)it did not reseed in my yard.

Okay, off to get ready for church! TTYL! Ei

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GB how sad and impactful to have such a young friend pass away. Take care of you and I think that is a very good idea to tell your DD in person.

OK so what happens yesterday just minutes after I warned Sue to be mindful of her back if she does garden cleanup with gusto?...dammit,threw my back out!!! I simply leaned forward to pick up a dropped laundry item and that pulling feeling and pain happened. I am so mad at me-today is a perfect day for gardenwork and we were going to take a hike as well. Doesn't that just get ya? I should have known last week when I did some debris pick up-lots of stiffness. Everybody please do stretches to get your bods ready for the garden it's not worth it to miss a gloriious day!

Ei I had to LOL about the 35yr plan for children...they'll learn for themselves that life isn't always planned that easily : ) Cute.
To use your straw skill,just lift your arm and place one end of the straw in the center of your armpit lower your arm and blow into the end sticking'll definitely know when you're doing it right ; ) Practice makes perfect; )

Drema! Pleurisy sounds terrible! You had to be freaking if you thought it might be his heart! Is he doing well now?

Chelone-I didn't have to spit out my food or toss my plate becasue SIL avoided me like the plague yesterday : )

Not to cut this short AGAIN,but if I sit one way too long it's painful to get moving mad at me.


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Good afternoon

Babs - oh No! How rotten about your back. It was this time last year that I put my hip out and I remember so well the frustration at not being able to work outside (far more than the pain). Hope yours is a most speedy recovery. By the way, I loved the brithday cake pics and the beautiful photos of the boys together. In my mind I still think of Ryan as being the age he was at IU1 at Honeys. You'll just have to bring the family to IU4 so that I can adjust my mental image of them!!

Cindy - what a hard time you must be having worrying about your parents. I do hope things become a little easier for you all. Is it cherry blossom time yet?

Ei - as always it's great to have a lovely long post to read from you, especially your pond story. Your smiling (blushing) face and mole cracked me up!! I think people who own fish understand how important they sometimes become. In a household with so many pets I never dreamt anyone would become attached to pond fish - myself included. I've always used a small pump to keep an airphole open during the winter, and other years it worked perfectly. I don't know when it stopped working though I think it was only recently and despite melting a hole every morning with hot water during the latest cold snap. I'm hoping against hope that the metallic gold koi is still alive as I haven't had to fish him out yet, and also some of the smaller goldfish.

Michelle - what fun to be buying things for your expectant friend. The video of McKenzie was just the cutest thing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

GB - some more incredible knitting. Your new g-child will be the best dressed baby in Canada! What a tragic loss for your friend.

Eden - when you posted that you were doing the straw trick the same morning as my demo to DH. I had visions of Idyll telepathy as we both blew in unison.

By the way Ei, just place one end of straw in armpit, adjust bendy part so you can blow then give it your best. Others might have refinements, but if you make a few adjustments you're sure to get a good sound.

Sue - having a Dr you trust is such a gift if you are awaiting surgery. HOpe it all goes well.

Yesterday was non-stop with activities with the children and seeing DH off to the airport. At 48 he found out he has his first ear infection - fortunately the antibiotics and steriod spray he was prescribed were fast acting. He is currently in Vegas setting up a trade show but has tickets from a client to see Elton John's "The Red Piano" - a very hard to get into show. I remined him that that same night I would be at David's school Talent Show. Sometimes our lives are very different.

Today is nice and relaxed. I made bread, played the violin, finished the poop pick-up outside and we are getting ready for a walk. The ground is still way too soggy for much else but it sure feels good to be outside.

Have a great day everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good to catch up on everyone's activities!

Speaking of Elton John...

"It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide..."

I just found this 31 year old photo with DD as a belly bump. LOL LOL LOL!!!

Interesting to see pots on the front steps and the wisteria leafing out...

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Good afternoon, and what a gorgeous afternoon it is! Sunny and 85. I had to come in and cool off and rest my hands for a bit. For some reason the weather has made my hands ache more than usual today. Pulling grass or weeds is NOT making them happy, so I'm just moving dead leaves and foliage and cutting off the peonies. I'll have to do the other another day.

Of course, while I'm sitting here, Mystique is up for a game of fetch with her toy...

Chelone, I've been through putting family members in a nursing home, and it wasn't very pleasant to do. We started by moving them to an apartment, then to assisted living at the home, and then finally full care. I always swore I would never put family in a nursing home but there comes a point where you just cannot provide the care they need and have any sort of life at all. We had young children at the time, involved in many activities and we were on the go constantly. Providing full time care for them was just not something we could do and still provide what the children needed. But I still hated it, every bit of it. You or your brother should not feel guilty, though. (((hugs)))

Kathy, glad you are rid of the offending tooth. I'm sure a trip to the dentist is in my future sometime this year, but I hate hate hate the dentist. It's nearly more than I can tolerate, so I always put it off.

Michelle, Kenzie is adorable. No little girls in our family to play with. All boys. And no little ones. My neice and nephew are of the age to marry and have children, but neither have...looks like they will be older than DH and I were when we had children.

Sue I hope all goes well with you, but I know you'll miss the gardening aspect. Good you have a surgeon you feel comfortable with.

V, how exciting, an upcoming wedding! I'm hoping my boys will find nice girls someday, after they are working in good well paying jobs. It's too early for either of them to think about such things.

Gotta close now, will post more later.


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Suzy Wow - 85F! We hit the mid fifties and I thought we were doing well. HOpe your hands feel better.

GB - I just love that photo. You look wonderfully happy and expectant. Is your DD is getting similar photos of herself? Annie and David love seeing pictures of me pregnant with them.

The rest of our day was as pleasant as the morning. Clousseau particularly enjoyed sloshing through the puddles in the woods on our walk. Annie is becoming quite an accomplished gluten-free baker. She made a batch of Lemon Sponge cookies all by herself and they were delicious. David and I played tennis together and then I made pasta, roasted asparagus and cucumber salad for dinner. Once the weather feels a little warmer I have a craving for fresh dill - to me it tastes of spring. I just love it with crisp cucumbers.

Time to fold the last load of laundry before turning in for an early night.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Things are quieting down here - we are down three "kids" and one dog as they all headed back to where they are supposed to be today. At 3:00 am this morning, DS and his girl slowed-danced in our driveway in the headlights of her car and he formally proposed to her. SO much more romantic that his father, who popped the question at 11:45 pm on March 31st and then regretted that he had not waited another 15 minutes so he could say April Fool. Anyway, the happy couple is very happy, the younger sister is thrilled beyond words and we all keep smiling!

We hit the high seventies today! The daffodils that were just emerging yesterday have buds ready to pop today. DH and I took a long canoe ride all through the wetlands. For those who were here last summer, the hike to the prairie today would involve a good stretch of thigh-high water.

GB, can you post a picture of your DD along with the 31 year old picture? I see a certain resemblance.

I am quickly fading, so I shall say that I am thinking of all who are facing challenges and looking forward to spring!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

LOLOL-V, I hate to say it but your DH is my kind of man...lolol.

Made a little headway in the garden today. It's still too wet and cold to do any digging or heavy walking around but I did manage to cut a few things back and do some creative pruning on a couple of my older Japanese maples. The sun never came out so we didn't get out of the 40s. Oh well...

Marie, you haven't changed a bit except for the hair color!

Babs, tsk, tsk, tsk, watch that back. Since I started doing Pilates three times a week a year and a half ago I have not had any major back issues. It does take some discipline but I highly recommend some sort of Pilates work for anyone with back problems. The condition I'm in will no doubt help with my recovery from surgery as well although I have been warned that I will have to give up both Pilates and weight lifting for at least six weeks afterwards. Sitting around doing nothing fo weeks on end will be the hardest part of surgery for me.

Ei, thanks for the tree suggestion-I'll add it to the list. As I look around the garden though I realize I already have more trees than I should so will probably shuffle around the existing inventory before buying anything new. Of course that's no fun but I have to be

OK, I need to head upstairs and get ready for the week. I hope to take a day off this week-maybe Tuesday since that looks like it will be warmest. Rain coming tomorrow.


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Hi everyone this weekend sure went by fast. Wish I had one more day to spend in the garden doing spring chores. I have Thursday off next week and Im toying with the idea of taking Fri off too-a 4 day weekend would be splendid !

I got almost all of my purchases planted , except for 6 lily bulbs that I cant decide where to plant. They will have to go in soon as they are sprouted.
I ordered 8 fuchsias from Antonelli Bros. in Watsonville today. They have literally hundreds of varieties available, and have them flagged for mite resistance and heat tolerance.
Today I was spreading mulch and suddenly the right lens of my glasses pops out and falls into the compost. The eeny weenie screw that holds the frames together was gone. I am extremely nearsighted and cant function without my glasses-(been wearing them since I was 10) and fortunately I had a spare pair in my car. They are my old ones so they are all scratched up , but they will get me by till I get to my eye Dr. to get my frames repaired.

So, a few comments and then some pics..

Wendy, when my DS was little one of the few things he would eat was Chinese food. I made stir-fry quite often and whenever we went out to dinner as a family we usually went to a Chinese restaurant. I have cats who are less picky eaters than he was , lol !

Drema, nice to hear from you and such positive news about your brother . How fortunate he is to have someone like you in his life to help him on his way.

Sue, bet youll break all records on recovery . I have only been in the hospital to have children, though my late DH was in a few times. Staff is usually very nice but the food is unconscionable. Cooked to death, no fresh ingredients maybe things have changed. Do you suppose they have data ports in the rooms so you can plug in your laptop???

bug, how cool the pic of DD in utero ! You just look the picture of health !

Suzy, I must say, my present tooth problems are the result of dental procrastination on my part I hate going to the dentist too, but I have no choice now unless I want to loose all the rest of my teeth. Im going to be put on a strict regimen. Yipeee ! and 85?? Thats about 15 degrees warmer than we are here in No. Calif. You are in Indiana , right ? Ive been to Indianapolis numerous time , always in the fall-usually Oct-and it seems like the weather is so variable there. Ive frozen my kiester off some years and was in short sleeves others.

Babs ! Hurting your back on the cusp of Spring ..bad deal. I hope you can recover quickly.

Ei, I really enjoyed your mega-post and the tale of the fish pond. As you continue to anticipate , hope you enjoy the photos below

Ok , this is it for me, here are some photos

Yet another climbing rose that I should not have planted! Lady Banks.I prune her severly twice a year.This will be huge yellow blob in a few more days.

Lilacs !

Mr Turtle --a purchase from the garden show, hanging out with the Huercheras

The entry area, lots of growth happening here...

see y'all later!

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Whoo hoo Kathy! Thanks for spring! :-) I especially enjoyed seeing the lilacs...ohhh can't *wait* to bury my nose in that fragrance again! :-)

Thanks Babs & Mary for the tips! :-) I tried it on Paul but I kept laughing everytime I put the straw to my mouth so it didn't work out so well...LOL! I do see what you mean about "technique" though. I will be diligent in my practice...actually I think I'm getting pretty good at it...LOL! :-)

BTW Mary the sponge cookies sound delicious. I've got cookies on the brain. I've been reading the China Bayles Mystery series by Susan Wittig Albert. Light reading (in the last month, I've already read ll in the series - I think there are only a few more) but very enjoyable. I'm on "Bloodroot" right now and I'm enjoying all the sidebar fascinating facts about bloodroot that I had never heard before. Anyway the premise is China Bayles owns an herb shop in Texas and a little tearoom too. She solves mysteries. I like the tie in of gardening with the mysteries and she also includes recipes and garden and plant history and lore. Anyway, long story short there is a recipe in there that I am dying to try called "Martha Edmond's Comfort Cookies" and the recipe calls for zucchini, cinnamon, cloves, *fresh basil*, nuts, and the usual sugar, butter, eggs and flour. It just sounds so *different* to me, I'm intrigued. If they turn out to be tasty, I'll give you the recipe and maybe you can figure out a way to make it gluten free.

Sue...don't mean to be pushy...but I really *do* want to know what that shrub is that you loved so much last year in the Corylus family....if you don't mind sharing? I remember something about the great red (?) foliage. Okay I don't remember exactly what you said about the shrub,but whatever it was I *knew* it was something I wanted! :-) BTW, I absolutely love my Hydrangea 'Lemon Wave'. Thanks for that recommendation.

Bug - I too enjoyed seeing your picture. You know what really impressed me though? Except for the hair color you look *exactly* the same (well, okay, you weren't "with child" when I met you)...LOL! But *honestly* you haven't aged one bit!

Okay, off to bed with me...Good Night All! Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Corylus avellana 'Red Majestic'. I think Eden has one too. Great foliage. As soon as it breaks dormancy I'll grab some pictures. Mine is grafted so I have to watch out for suckers. It also recieved some unwanted attention from japanese beetles last year so if they are a problem in your area you may want to keep an eye out.

Kathy, some great spring shots.

Gotta run...


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, I know I am sorry to have missed out on the straw instructions and demos! Someone will have to show me this summer during the IU!

I confess I was too tired to even lift some fingers to turn on my p.c. at home this weekend how sad is that? I slept 12 hours on Sat.; pretty much was a slug, did a few errands & met a friend for an early dinner it had rained pretty much on and off here so I couldnt garden. But Sunday was a fine day & I worked almost all day outside boy, is my body telling me I overdid it today... it required 3 "vitamin Is" and a hot shower to get groaning into work . . . . but since I suspect Ill be in PA next weekend I had to crowd as much into yesterday as possible. . . . I still cannot get over all the weeds they must have been growing under the shredded leaves all winter!

O, Sue sorry to hear about the more invasive surgery what a 360, uh? from the insurance co telling you you didnt have a severe enuf problem to now having major surgery! Sheesh another primo example of stupid insurance system, uh? I guess this messes up your vacation plans too?

Chelone thats sad but good news that your brother is now on board re your Moms condition its heartbreaking but necessary step to do no one should kill themselves trying to care for others (just my personal selfish opinion)

Sue, I did indeed see that NBC segment re aging parents I think theyre calling us the Sandwich Generation and its not for Food! Luckily, my child is grown but it must be even worse for those who have small ones at home & aging ones as well. I feel lucky that Im only 3 hours away I cant imagine what it would be like to be 8 hours... Not sure how long this is going to go on though its been 4 hours of shuffle; and weve been very lucky that Dad wanted to be the primary caregiver for so long.

Re Spring here in this area the poor bulbs are all whacked out! later blooming things are blooming along with crocus; daff leaves are burnt out; and Im not getting much of a good display from them crazy weather. They had the a.c. turned on in the Metro this a.m. as I shivered and shook but tomorrow the temp is supposed to hit 80 degrees for one day; then plunge again... aaaah.

Gardenbug Im so sorry to learn of your friends loss deaths like that really brings home how short and precious life can be, doesnt it?

Ei Im laughing over the First Blood bit yep, gardening is aking to Rambo sometimes, isnt it? I feel like an old Rambo today myself! LOL. Ive been a fan of those Albert books, but kind of got out of the habit of reading them after about the 6th one.

Boy, you all are a "singing bunch" on this thread!! Loving every word.

Kathy, how delightful to see your new purchase love that turtle & I ador that white birch near your frton doort what a lovely vignette.

Ok, now to work.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

First came the thunder, lightning and huge downpour.
Then I boiled my keyboard in hot hot hot tea. :( I'm using DH's now. All the mess of papers on my desk drowned.

Then I had to rush off to the pharnmacy, collect more cat food, etc.

Now I must pack. Hope to knit too, but we'll see.

It will improve, won't it?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

In honour of Ms V:

(The Bee Gees)
In the Spring , a young man's fancy likely turns
to what he's been thinkin' of
He's thinkin' of love
In the Spring , a young man's heart's begins to sing
Thinkin' of wedding rings
He's thinkin' of love
The chilly wintery winds, they blow,
In his heart ,he's warm
And true romance begins to grow
A love is born
In the Spring , a young man's fancy
likely turns to what he's been thinkin' of
He's thinkin' of love
The chilly wintery winds they blow
In his heart , he's warm
And true romance begins to grow
A love is born
In the Spring , a young man's fancy
likely turns to what's he's been thinkin' of
He's thinkin' of love
He's thinkin' of love
He's thinkin' of love
Ooh ........

Back to work now...

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)


'bug, glad to see you singing now. This is the quote on my desk calendar for today:
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." -Dolly Parton

Babs, take care of your back.

Kathy, thanks for the spring pics - I can smell the lilacs!

Waving hello to all!

Back to work.


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79 degrees here today making the Midwest one of the warmest spots in the country.

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Good heavens! miss one day around here and it's like trying to get on a moving Merry-Go-Round. :) Naturally, I will forget most of what I wanted to share, but it'll be OK.

I hope 'bug is doing OK with the loss of the young friend. I've thought of that every so often and the whole notion of why it's important to "Shower the People" you love with love; even if it's in the smallest ways... . When do you leave for DF's (dear family)? You really DO look the same, you know.

I'm also glad that Babs. survived dinner without gastric upset. But am very sorry to learn of the current back woes. See the chiropractor and go easy on yourself. Sue's advice about stretching is spot on.

For the "'fraidy cats": I was a "penny candy" kid... with all the rotten teeth to prove it. My parents went to the dentist when it was necessary and that's how it was for my brother and me, too. Any wonder why I was so freaked out?! Long about age 25 it dawned on me that "putting it off" only meant it would hurt more and be more expensive to fix what needed fixin'. I swallowed hard, called for an appointment, and have gone every 6 mos. ever since. My father was a handsome man with a dazzling smile in his youth. He rarely smiled later in life because he had a headful of rotten teeth. His mouth smelled foul. Very, very sad. Go to the dentist, tell him you're afraid! I don't LOVE going to the dentist, but after replacing fillings and having 5 (count 'em!) crowns in the past 23 years, I'm pretty much fearless. Only the fact that I have always used dental floss and brushed regularly has spared me periodontic woes. Did you know that by the time Mary I ("Bloody Mary") was 20 she'd pretty much lost every tooth in her head?! The first Europeans to these shores were blown away by the beautiful teeth of the native peoples...

So, Kathy! great news on the offending tooth. Your roses are breathtaking. Do you have to spray them at all? (this is aphid territory, and sawflies... and blackspot). I'm still not convinced they're really worth all the fuss.

I called the funeral home today and started the "mortuary trust" procedure. The guy was great. I told him what we wanted to do, what Mum's wishes were, and he walked me right through it all. He was very quiet and reserved until I made a characteristically flip remark. I said, it's OK to laugh a little; we're all going to end up at the same station, it's just a matter of when the train pulls in. He chuckled and said, "you're not kiddin'". I have to make a few more calls about a few other sundry details, but other than that, it's pretty much a "done deal".

I'm not sure things would have moved nearly as speedily to this end had I not "hit the wall" and had not the helpmeet intervened as he did. The incident where my brother had to carry Mum indoors against her will was a sobering moment for him, I think. Until that time, I think he'd harbored a certain belief that I was "being a baby", but that evaporated when he had to intervene physically. I am greatly relieved that his innate practicality has taken over and whatever feelings of anger/resentment he may have felt following Mum's arrival in his home have dissipated. We have laughed about some things, spoken frankly about several others, and the old, "easy" rapport is back. We're on the "same page" and we trust each other. You have all given me courage and support when I was most beaten down. I think of all that I've been given often; I hope one day I'll be able to repay the kindness.

I am so glad the lyrics to the Dolly Parton song were posted. I LOVE Dolly Parton, actually I love "country music"... but not the crap pumped out by the Nashville establishment that will blacklist talented people for their political views. One of the prettiest tunes on the Maria Muldaur cd I'm presently enjoying is one of Dolly's ("My Tennessee Mountain Home)... she is one of the (if not the very) first artists besides Dolly to record one of her songs. Thanks for the great quote from her, Wendy! She is a woman of amazing talent and great good humor. A treasure.

It's really raw here today. Overcast, cold rain and I whined enough to have the helpmeet start a fire in woodstove. It feels great. Warm and cozy and no droning furnace in the background. The cats are drawing nearer to it by the quarter hour.

I'm presently working on a recover for a sofa and a loveseat. New foam for the deck cushions and new foam bolsters for the back cushions. Personally, I think it's pretty dreadful, but the owner loves it. The fabric is a denim with Lycra... sooo... how much "ease" should I add to the cut pieces? should I add any? Never a dull moment, kids... good thing I'm a risk taker. :)

OK, I need to shut up now. Ta ta.

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Chelone-IMO if the denim has a much smaller percentage of Lycra(say less than 5%) wouldn't you treat it like any ordinary woven upholstery fabric? I would think the more give it has the less ease you'd want to cut the pieces me help you screw it up)what other fibers are in this-just cotton? Does it have alot of body? I bet that wears pretty quick!The customer is always right lolol.

Oops-must tend to bedtime for a sleepy boy-I love shipping them outside after homework....he's going to pass out: )

Ryan asked to tell you all that "this is a happy day because we had gym and recess outside today. The worst of the day was being sweaty when the class had to run a lot for gym...Goodnight!"

I shall return...I hope ; )

~Babs(& Ryan)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Finally I got to view Kenzie's video! What a going concern! You're so lucky she lives nearby! I wish...
Michelle, my sedum angelina looks pretty much like yours. Tomorrow we are supposed to have high 60s and so everything will really wake up in the garden. Lots of bulbs are poking up already, but then it is supposed to cool off again of course later on. I saw talk of 12F! I guess we could even have S**** in mid April.
I'm adjusting to my new keyboard that DH brought home for me. How neat to be able to see all the letters!
Well I finished the little sweater while waiting for DH to come home for dinner, so I'll be able to take it along with me when we visit DD on Wednesday. I can't wait to get all the boxes moved and sheets on the beds and then go off to buy baby furniture. :-)
But first, more packing and then organizing things for the pet sitters etc...
It's good to hear that Drema's brother is doing well and that Chelone's brother is completely on board now. Ei, I hope things go really well with your sale of your home. We sold our own place many years ago. It took about 3 weeks and we advertised a lot in the papers. We had 2 kids at the time who messed things up in no time I would spend LOTS of time with them at the park while DH showed the house.
The purchase of DD's new place involved lots of nonsense on the part of the bank and problems signing things long distance. Funny, last time DH was on a flight and managed to finalize the deal on the plane! I'm reminded of the saga of Sue and Tom selling their place..almost...many times. It all works out eventually though.

Here's the finished product

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Rain all day today here in Northern Calif. But thats ok-we needed it bad. We are at about half of our normal rainfall totals. The rain let up about the time I got off work today (how convenient !) and I took a stroll about the garden-how nice and perky and dusted off everything looked . We are supposed to have showers tomorrow, and clear sailing through the weekend.

Ei, I may have to check out those China Bayles mysteries. For many years I would rotate murder mysteries with "literature" and non-fiction of various sorts. In fact I used to read a mystery newsgroup on the internet . I hope I can resume this , I have really fallen behind.

Cindy, I used to have three white birches in that area, but we had a severe beetle infestation several years ago and two of them "passed on" and had to be removed. Really just as well I think-birches will rob the water from anything in the area and it was really hard to grow anything else in that area when there were three there. I can relate to your wacky bulb dilemma.I lost almost all of my freesias this year because they always come up really early and our severe cold turned them to mush..

Chelone ! Your comments on the state of "country music" could have been written by me. My DD and various coworkers have listened to me ranting and raving about this for many years !
Last March I was in Nashville on business with a fellow employee. She had never visited Nashville so I arranged for us to go tour Ryman Auditorium-the original home of The Grand Ole Opry. What history is there ! Doc Watson, Flatt and Scruggs, Dolly and Porter Waggoner, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Snow, etc etc. So sad to see the demise of this great musical tradition.
On the rose front- I am organic. I dont spray at all. Aphids are a 6 week thing here and I use a "slapping" technique or a jet of water to get rid of them. Blackspot is definitely a problem, but only in spring. I try to keep the ground cleaned up and I tolerate a certain amount of bad foliage. I find that new foliage grown in summer is clean.

bug, that little jacket is just a beauty ! The colors are wonderful- I could go for a sweater like that !

Ok, time to go cook some food..
Hi to all

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good foggy morning all,

Well, two inches of snow on Saturday night, rain yesterday and today is supposed to get up to 70 degrees . Yikes! Go figure that one out. New England weather at its finest. Ive been looking at the long range forecast and it looks like I can take the rest of the large pots up out of the basement and put them in the garage. I dont think it will get below freezing in the garage again this spring. (crossing my fingers)I really have to get those plants up out of the basement as a couple of them need to get the aphids hosed off. The bulbs are going to explode out of the ground with this warm weather and sunshine. I finally have a few tulips poking up out of the ground, and lots of the hyacinths in the front of the house are showing green. Yippee!

Kathy, great that youve gotten some rain and how convenient it stopped so you could do a garden tour when getting home from work. I love all your spring photos! I didnt know you could grow lilac there. Thats neat. There is nothing like the smell of the lilacs in season. They are our state flower and almost everybody has a shrub or two. The neighborhoods around here are all scented of lilac when they are blooming. This year Im going to put a thistle seed feeder in my lilac in hopes I can get some Goldfinch photos in the lilac bush. That would be so pretty.

Bug, what a sweet little sweater! When are you leaving for your visit with DD??? Ill bet you cant wait. ~~ You probably didnt have to pour hot tea into your keyboard to get a new one! LOL ~~ Great pic of you and DD!!

Chelone, Im so glad to hear you and your DB are on good terms again. ~~ Im very lucky that our upbringing included dentist visits every six months beginning at age six or so. (my mother had to get dentures when she was only twenty years old) I only have four fillings or so and the only reason I had to have two crowns is that Im a teeth grinder in my sleep and have cracked my teeth.

Michelle, soooo happy youve sent that weather our way.

Hi Wendy!!! Maybe we can get into our gardens this weekend! That would be so great. Ive still got a huge pile of snow in the corner of the driveway garden but if it hits 70 today that should be out of here before too long. ~~ Glad you enjoyed the NE flower show.

V. Congratulations to DS his fiancé and your whole family. What joyous news!

Sue, sorry to hear about the major surgery. Thats a bummer. Are you still going to be able to go on vacation? Im with Wendy, let us know if you need any help in the garden while you are convalescing. Somehow I want to be a fly on the wall to watch you try to be a couch potato for six weeks! You are going to need someone to tie you down.

Babs, take care of your back. So sorry that is causing problems.

Mary, I dont think I told you how sad I was to hear that you lost all your lovely fish. That is so sad. I lost four of mine in the aquarium this winter. No idea why! That is what bothers me most, is that I have no idea what happened. ~~ So do tell, how did your violin lesson go??? Please start bugging me to practice my guitar? I dont seem to be able to make time in my schedule for it.

Eileen, how LOVELY to have nice long posts from you again. Its wonderful to hear from you. You are just too sweet! So happy you enjoyed the bird photographs. I think of you every time I have a robin pop up in front of my camera.

Drema, glad to hear your DB is doing better. My youngest brother had a tumor removed from his pituitary gland a month ago(brain surgery) and they only kept him in the hospital less than a week. I wonder how many people die because they get kicked out of the hospital too soon because insurance wont pay.

OK Ive got to get a move on here and get to the gym, have a great day everyone!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, summer is here today -- how's about the expected 82/83 degrees??????

No wonder we're all confused, including nature! Sure would be a nice day to get "sick" - but little chance of that since I missed a bunch of work recently due to the family probs -- guess I'll just have to take a long lunchtime walk if I can muster up the energy.

Babs - take care of that back!! ouch, terrible thing to happen right before Spring.

Deanne - hope you get the weather here too that you want to be able to get goin on Spring.

'bug, that's a lovely sweater -- Im sure the parents will love seeing their new chick outfitted so delightfully & with such love.


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Good morning everyone!

A rare morning that I am actually up and functioning this early. I'm typically a night owl but yesterday was spent nursing a sinus headache that was a bit migrainey so there were several naps during the day. I need to be on a better schedule but I just can't seem to wind down at night.

I want to say what a difference a few days of warm temperatures make in the garden! So many things I was worried about or thought might be lost have show life. All the bulbs I planted are now up, and I'm excited about that. Finally I have a baptisia too! I planted it last fall but it had a long time before the ground froze to root. Lots of shoots coming up there. I think, however, my euphorbia might be toast! What should they look like in spring? Do they come up from the ground, or sprout from old growth? Mine looks dead, but since this is the first spring with it, time will tell, I guess. Maybe a new opportunity there, LOL.

I'm thinking of tackling the wild bed out front. Now that the offending persimmon tree is gone, I need to dig up the whole bed and redo it. I have a lovely bleeding heart out there with a tree growing in the middle of it. I'm thinking now would be a good time to dig the whole thing up, pull out the tree and replant the bleeding heart. It's just sprouting now so it wouldn't be too hard to handle. That whole bed is just a mess of neglect. *sigh*

Tomorrow will be an early morning also as Cinders is going for his spring "do". He's so scruffy looking! When I called the groomer, I didn't mention my name but told her "Cinders needs his spring hair cut" and she just chuckled. He always is eager to get in the door until he realizes where he IS, and then he turns back to the door. She'll come over to greet him and he gives her a soft grrr, not a mean growl, just a disgruntled one. She's the only one who's ever groomed him so she knows how he is. Funny thing will be when I bring him home, because Mystique has never seen him clipped. I'm envisioning some fuzzed tail and cautious sniffing, since he'll be perfumed.

Kathy, thank you for the photos. I love to see other's garden photos, especially when it's still early here. Gives us hope!

About dentists: I have no idea why I hate dentists so much. Mom said I was fine until I had my tonsils out at the age of 4, and then I was like another person at the dentist, someone she didn't know. I tolerate visits but find myself clenching my fists the whole time I'm there, and come home just exhausted. Once a dentist scheduled me to go somewhere to have dental surgery where they planned to pull my gums down and scrape my roots. The closer it got to time for the procedure, the worse I got. In the end, I cancelled the whole thing, I just couldn't tolerate it at all. I don't think I've had any ill effects from not doing the procedure, sometimes I think dentists just get overzealous about some of this stuff. It's like doctors - they are just "practicing". LOL

Must get moving.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Another turbo post:

DD is feeling better, well enough to kick me off the computer to do her homework last night...she did miss school yesterday, but she had a friend bring the homework to her.

I grew up listening to country music, my Dad is a fan of Willie, Waylon and especially Johnny Cash. I like it well enough, but it is not my first choice.

Been meaning to put this picture for Deanne, of the coleus standards they had for sale at the flower show - they wanted $35 and up for these!

The snow is almost gone at my place, just waiting for the mud to dry up. Have to walk around today and spread my rabbit-repellent so the little buggers don't eat the crocus shoots that are popping up.

Duty calls!


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Babs, my sympathy on the back problem. No fun! Ryan, it was a happy day here too. It was absolutely summer-like.

Cindy, I checked last night and the iris that you gave me is looking good.

bug, does your DD have a digital camera that can take video also? Most of the cameras have this feature. Maybe she could set up a photobucket account and just upload videos that you could go to and view. It is really quite easy. I bet your GS would even enjoy seeing you in a video talking to him. What a well dressed baby this will be great sweater.

Deanne, I brought out my 3 fuchsias and put them under the lights, but they dont look like they are doing anything. What a cool idea to put the finch feeder by a lilac. We have several lilac hedges here on the farm. They may be quite common, but they really are beautiful flowers with a scent to match.

We are supposed to cool down some and get rain. Im enjoying a daily walk around the gardens. Getting down low to see if certain things survived the winter. Trying to remember where all the new plants are.

I only go to the dentist annually even though I have dental insurance. The dentist I go to now as well as the last one both tell me that I take such good care of my teeth that it isnt necessary to come more often.

Im still sewing like crazy. I made a table runner last night to donate to our local schools annual auction. I saw one on line that I wanted to make for myself so decided that I would make one to donate as well.

I hope the sun shines on you today.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

WOW! I actually like those coleus standards!!! (You know how I hate coleus usually!)

Well this morning, unlike Sue, I had my first spring walk! I'm actually too warm now! As I crossed the bridge with Charlotte, I heard this rumbling and splashing. At least five deer were galloping across the yard at full speed, right through the pond water! I don't dare check the plants in the flats since they were probably browsing there.

So there are bulbs emerging everywhere. Winter aconites, iris reticulata, and snowdrops are in bloom! Chipmunks are munching them too, but it is exciting. There's loads of rabbit damage, but I still can't bear to look in any detail.

OK, back to packing now. I'll be away for over a week. Take care everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Stairway to Heaven (polemonium)

Lime Ricky



There are delphiniums emerging too, peonies, tulips, other stuff too. Yippeeeeee!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Well, we set an all time record yesterday of 80! It was glorious. Ill have to go to Fla. every yr. to bring back temps like this.

You know youre addicted when you follow a growers delivery truck to the nursery. Yep, I did that. Im incorrigible. Got some color to tide me over

Been busy since Ive been back from vacation. Wont bore you with the details. More sad news tho 2 former colleagues, one much younger with small children, are in hospice. Too much.

DH and I both have been fighting a stomach-type bug. We think our OJ and vitamin regimen has helped and weve just had a mild case. Some in DHs office have been down for the count for 7-days. The Drs are saying its very contagious and related to the virus on cruise ships.

Michelle, McKenzie is just darling! She so reminds me of my DGN. When we saw her Sat. at Moms bday party, I was amazed how much she grew and changed in just a couple weeks!

Congratulations V, on your DSs engagement! How fun. Ei, the advice from my friend for the mother of the groom was: "Shut up, show up and wear beige!" It is rare these days that brides family handles everything. Ill bet the bride and her family were thrilled to have you lend your talents to the planning and décor.

Sorry to hear so many idyllers are dealing with serious illnesses of family members. My heart goes out to you all. Oh bug, how horrible about your friends DD. She was so very young. Im so very sorry and send my deepest sympathy to you, your DD and the girls family.

Sue, so sorry to hear you need major surgery for those fibroids but glad you found a Dr. you like and trust, tho. I, too, have never been in the hospital except to have DD, so I cant offer any advice. Im sure you cant wait until its over.

Kathy, what a trial youve had trying to save that tooth only to have to have it out. I opted for a fixed bridge instead of an implant b/c of the cost and it worked out just fine. Good luck with your dental issues. Been there, done that and youre right its costly.

Hi to all. Sorry I havent commented on everything. Im a bit overwhelmed trying to catch up on a couple idylls and what youre all doing, especially since Ive got an eye allergy thingy going again this yr. Im only halfway thru this thread so Ill catch up more later. Im off to the drug store to get a prescription for my eyes, then Im going outside in this glorious weather!

Hi to all. Im glad to be back and close to being caught up with all of you.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

After balmy 81 degrees every day in a resort like setting, I now GET why people enjoy having a place in Florida. And I understand why a hi-rise condo is preferred -- no critters or bugs.

I particularly liked my friend's place. Everything about her condo and location is fabulous. Their complex has 2 bldgs. on 18 acres in between the intercoastal/Lake Worth and the ocean. The bldgs are oriented so that no one can look into your windows/doorwalls and the bldgs are diagonally placed on the property so that everyone gets both views from 5 sets of doorwalls. I also like that their balcony is an integral part of the bldg. instead of cantilevered out; is enclosed with a 4' high wall instead of just iron railing; and that there are only 4 units per floor each with w/d inside their units, etc. The lowest level (underground parking) of the complex is 25-30' above the beach.

There are no bugs so you can leave your doorwalls open. And it's only 4 miles to Stein Mart!

I could do this life -- walking the beach, sitting by the pool every day, watching the boats, stingrays and manatees on the intercoastal. When we win the lottery, we're buying a place there (as a winter home Don't think I'd live there year round). Click on the link below and enjoy.

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I had to sit with the accountant for a bit this morning. I was 1/2 hr. "late" to work. I'm REALLY tired of this late start schedule! I've taken a hit to my paycheck (down 6 hrs./week) and this is not a busy time of year for alterations. I've asked twice when we're returning to our usual work schedule and have gotten nonanswers. So, I've decided I'm starting back in on my preferred 6 AM start time; there is plenty of work, I need the money, and I need my afternoons "free" for private appointments/yard work/etc.. I have to take matters into my own hands. ;)

The denim wouldn't be my first choice for upholstery, but the owner is elderly, no pets, so it will work out just fine. It would be "roached" in no time flat at your house, Babs.! Most of the upholstery fabric we work with is very stable, much of it has a bonded back, too (we use a lot of fabric intended for automotive interiors) so there is MINIMAL ease. Typically, I cut the fabric the size of the template and overcut the foam by 1/2" all around. I suspected the denim needed to be UNDERCUT, but was overridden. I made up one cover, stuffed the foam into it and sure enough... it was not quite tight enough. The finished cushion was too wide; remember when you're putting 3 cushions into a confined space a little extra quickly becomes too much and they ride forward annoyingly when the backsides get up to go to the kitchen/bathroom; also, the test ass left a series of nasty wrinkles in the cover. Sooo... I ended up cutting the tops/bottoms 1/4" narrower than the foam and taking a "strong" 1/2" allowance. They looked much better. But they're STILL homely as sin. Tomorrow I will tackle the back bolsters. (Cant wait).

It's still too wet for many of the bulbs to reveal themselves; beds closer to the house are now sporting some, though. Parts of the yard are still under snow, but it's receding daily. We have the materials ready to submit for a building permit. Now I'm getting freaked out... the amound to work (trees to be felled, plants to be moved, enriched soil to be dug and "stored", etc., etc.. GULP.

I thought of Kathy last night as we were watching "Sideways". I didn't get all the way through it, but what I saw was pretty funny. I kept looking at the vineyards and thinking, "I know someone who lives out there" (that is, if it really EXISTS ;) !).

Mary, I too, want to hear about your violin lesson! I had forgotten to ask you about it earlier. But I do think it's a very exciting thing you've undertaken!

Good to hear DD is on the mend, Wendy. I'm STILL coughing, but feel fine.

Now I'm drawing a complete blank, there was something else I wanted to say... (ain't that the truth?). Ahh well, I close with my best and fondest wished to 'bug on her journey. Your daughter will be so thrilled and touched by the wonderful knitted items you produced. I am awed by them, personally. Every baby should be so swaddled with love!

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Hi everyone, We've had three great days weatherwise here in MI. Sunday, Brad and I spent the afternoon at the park with Bella. Then yesterday and today I spent cleaning up the front gardens. This morning I bought pansies and put together a few pots. Fun! Megan seems to be feeling better at last. Thank goodness for that. We also have engagement ring shopping going on with Jenni so it looks like I was correct calling that one a few weeks ago. It was great to see all the pictures posted here of spring blooms too. Looks like spring really is here at last.

Since I have been absent for the last few days it's hard to comment, I'm afraid I'll miss something but just want you all to know that I'm thinking about you, especially those going through life's trials.

Marie I do have to say that I love the little sweater and can't wait to see it modeled by the new arrival. Have a wonderful trip!

I'm going to keep this short. I had forgotten how much working in the garden all day tires me out. I have to recharge and get a good night's rest because I'll be chasing after Bella all day tomorrow. I've linked below to Bella's latest pictures, we're up to the two year old ones now. Time's flying! Some are in her Easter dress and some are in a jacket and hat my mom made for her. It's starting to thunder and I hear rain pouring down so I'm shutting down. Talk to you all tomorrow!


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Driveby, waving hi to all!

Kenzies video and Bellas pictures are just to cute for words. Thanks for sharing.

Bug that sweater is so cute. I just love those yarns and styles you pick. Have fun at DDs . Sorry to hear about your friend. It always hurts to see a young life cut short.

Honey, sad to hear of your friends too. Good to hear that you enjoyed your trip. The condos do sound nice. Pretty containers already.

We had a nice visit with DD while she was here.. We have both gained to much weight though and I challenged her to see if we can get a certain amount off by Sept 1st. The prize yet to be determined. Hope it works.

I am under the gun to get the leaves out of the flower beds before their is to much growth on the plants. It has been so warm here things are happening way to fast. Even though we did the leaves at least four times last fall they collected again over the winter. One of the pitfalls of living in the woods.

V, congratulations to your DS and girlfriend.
Eden Congrats to Jenni too. Our #2 grandaughter has recieved a ring also. I asked her if she got a romantic proposal. She said he had baked her some oatmeal cookies she had wanted and when he picked her up for lunch he handed her the container of cookies. He was determined not to move the car until she had opened them and there in the cookies sat the jewelry box. Their date has been set for April of 08. She has ask me to take their engagement photo.

More to comment on I know but my eyes are drifting shut so will try to get back soon. Take care everyone. Norma

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Tuesday Greetings
Hi everyone, we had really cool temps here today. The wind machines were on in the vineyards this morning-you can hear them all over the valley .When the vines start to bud out a frost would be very bad.

Deanne- my Lilac is the hybrid "Lavender Lady" which was hybridized in SoCal in the late 70s . The issue was to develop a Lilac which did not require the chill hours that the French Hybrids did. I bought this plant in the early 80s when I still lived in San Diego County.. I moved it in a pot from SoCal to NorCal and kept in the pot the first 3 years we were here-it never bloomed till I planted it in the ground.

Chelone-"Sideways" was filmed in the Santa Ynez wine region, some 3 hundred or so miles south of here. This is one of my favorite areas of California-we refer to it as the "Central Coast"it is inland from Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is beyond question my favorite city . If I could choose anywhere to live , Santa Barbara would be the place.

Hello to everyone else hope I can post more tomorrow. too much to do !

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good sunny morning everyone,

Yesterday was simply gorgeous, partly sunny and 65 degrees. What a treat. I did some yard cleanup finally. The yard is such a mess after this winter with lots of blown down branches and tree debris. We are going to have to get the utility trailer down from the hill to get all that debris to the dump.

So Cindy, did it ever get up to 82 degrees yesterday??? We didnt quite get to 70 but 65 felt wonderful. Thanks for wishing us some warmer weather.

Suzy, how great that many of the plants you thought were lost are coming up. I had a nice surprise myself yesterday. I was looking over the rose garden yesterday and four of the Hybrid Tea Roses I thought Id lost have some green life at the bottoms of the dead canes. It looks like I might have just lost one bush instead of the five or six I thought Id lost. My Miss All American Beauty that has been there for fifteen years or so is still alive, barely, but its alive. Im hoping it throws a lot of new canes from the roots. ~~ Hope youre feeling better today.

Wendy! Thanks for posting that photograph. Those standards are just lovely! It makes me want to start some more plants. HE HE HE. I only have the one that I did with that Malibar variety. Ive got several more of those cutting rooted up and are ready to put in pots now. Im thinking Id like to try a standard with one of the trailing varieties. So many plants so little time!

Michelle, Id give the fuchsias a few weeks to see if they start some new growth. You can tell if the woody growth has green if you prune some of them back a bit. The canes are plump and have green just under the bark. If youd like some more cuttings let me know. I pruned a bunch of fuchsias back last week and have several dozen cuttings in water right now. ~~ Michelle, Im another lucky person who only needs to have my teeth cleaned once a year. Works for me!

Bug! I cant believe that your spring is ahead of ours! I dont even have an Iris reticulata out! My hellebores are mushy messes, they were in bloom when the ice storm hit in January and between the ice and the cold they are just sodden black mush What a bummer! The only one that looks OK is my Ivory Prince. Im hoping that one get a few flowers on it. ~~ Your spring pics are just gorgeous!

Honey, Thanks for bringing this warmer weather north with you! I LOL about your following the delivery truck. Lovely splashes of color in your containers! Im getting itchy to plant out some pots of pansies. Maybe this weekend.

Eden, pansy pics please! Doesnt it feel great to start working outside? Im loved just raking yesterday. Im thinking Im going to clean out a couple gardens today. Ill see how bad the wind gets. They say its supposed to gust to 30 or so and that will put the end to any further raking but one never knows. ~~ Those pics of Bella are just darling! I cant believe how fast she and Kenzie are growing up.

Norma, best of luck with your weight loss challenge, I should join you. Ive been so bad this winter and MUST take off ten pounds. ~~ Congratulations to your GD and her engagement. How neat about the oatmeal cookies. Clever boy!

Kathy, thanks for the information on the lilac. I was wondering how you got a lilac to bloom there. Neat that they have hybrids that work for your climate.

Well spring is in the air and Ive really enjoyed watching the garden birds the last week or so, they are starting to look at the nest boxes and pairing off. I thought youd all enjoy this photo of a pair of House Finches I took yesterday. Part of their courtship ritual is for the male bird to feed the female. This pair were at the feeder and all of a sudden they started this thing with their beaks and I noticed that he was feeding her. I was snapping away with the camera and happened to catch this one right at the second the sunflower seed was passing from his beak to hers. How cute is that? Love is in the air! LOL

And here are a pair of photographs of Mrs. and Mr. Downy Woodpecker

Have a great day everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We'll have a great day alrighty! I hate flying, but the bags are packed and the destination, though cold, will have a warm atmosphere. ;-)
Can't wait to start on the baby's room.

I fully expect to experience more snow there, perhaps even here when I return. But it is on its way OUT, for which I'm thankful.

Sue, take care of yourself, and don't rush with the recovery!

Deanne, the birds are Fabulous!

Norma, good luck with the challenge! ;-)

Hugs to all. Off i go to deliver Charlotte to Spring camp.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning all its back to real spring of 50s here today. . . .

Suzy I meant to mention to you that in my walk thru my gardens I also noticed that a couple of the variegated euphorbias I had that looked so good thru early winter, seem to have disappeared I know that my others such as Chameleon simply spring again from the crowns, but I am a bit more concerned about the Tasmanian Tiger & First Blush that are somewhat more tender well have to cross our fingers! I did see that quite a few things really bit it this winter after that drastic warming & then icing trends we had guess we have to look at it as more opportunities, right?

Honey how nice to see you back sounds like you had a great time except for nursing that norovirus type bug upon your return? Yucko. Love your vacation pics that spot does indeed remind me somewhat of a Mediterranean or other resort spot looks like it could really be a great place to retire to! Wish I had the light to take some spring pics at present I leave in the dark & get home w/ only about 30 minutes to spare and Miss Chloe doesnt like the idea of waiting to walk in the dark, LOL. . . .

Eden I am having the same problem I relaxed last Sat to gain some energy to work in the garden on Sunday but totally wore myself out now Im dragging all week sheesh the early spring "Rambo" gardening phase (Ei, love that phrase) can be quite exhausting -- & looks like Ill only get one day this weekend gotta work on Sunday at ofc (what a fun choice either drive to PA again or work on Sunday. . . . I need to expand my choices) but at least I hope to work Saturday in the yard.

Norma what a sweet (literally and figuratively) way to propose I liked Vs sons method too these guys are doing it right!

Kathy I do envy you your Lilac interesting to hear of its nature thats a problem here in VA as well; theres such a short time of bloom for lilacs and it gets so hot rapidly.

Deanne yes, it actually hit 83 degrees can you believe that? But its gone already and back to dreary 50s the stuff in the yard is looking quite burnt (from winter winds, ice, etc.) and I noticed the pansies & bellis perennis Id potted up were quite drooping from the heat of yesterday. . . . they dont like extremes me neither! I meant to comment that I do hope your brother is recovering well from his surgery that is so scary so many people having serious illnesses. Best wishes for a speedy one for him. I did see that my Buddleia Pink Delight really bit the dust (from that 12 inches of rain we had last spring if you recall I said a lot of it had died back in the summer - just rotted away apparently) & so I pulled the rest of it out last weekend sadly. It was about 9 years old & had really given me a lot of pleasure and "delight" Im going to replace w/ Guinevere I think for a different look this year (w/ Cl. Duchess of Albany thats still there).

bug have a wonderful, safe trip!! That new home of theirs looks delightful and charming. A great first place.


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Good Morning, It's a bit nippy out this morning, only 50s for today but then warmer again for the rest of the week. My bending muscles are a little sore today, lol. I went shopping at Homegoods, JoAnns and Michaels last night and got a few Easter decorations to put out by the front door for Bella to see when she comes up. She loves that sort of stuff. I also decorated an Easter tree inside for her. Today will be a laundry day, I'm behind from all the time I spent outside. I'm so happy that gardening season has finally arrived though!!!

Deanne, I love the picture of the finch couple. Wouldn't that make a great Valentines card? I'd take pansy pictures for you but I'm still camera-less:(

Wendy, those coleus topiaries are great. There's a nursery called Telly's here that sells them but they are sooooo expensive. One day when I have more time I'd like to try some.

Marie, you'll have such fun setting up that nursery! You've got some great days ahead of you!

Hi Norma, so that makes three Idyll engagements. It seems things here always happen in multiples. How cool that you get to do their engagement picture! You know, you really should give us more glimpses of your photography. Your pictures are always such a treat!

Chelone, I was glad to hear that you and db are now solidly on the same page. I hope the transition for your mum goes smoothly for all concerned.

Sue, so do you need us to send you jigsaw puzzles to pass the time during your recovery? I just don't see you doing them though...With the great shape you're in you'll bounce back fast and be back to yourself in no time!

Hi Honey, what a wonderful vacation! Let me know when you're up for a nursery run. I'd love to come and check out that new front garden of yours too!

I need to get to the grocery store before Bella gets here. Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare. Have a great day!


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Lordy but it's windy here! The ocean was gorgeous; deep green-blue with sparkling white caps on the rollers. The gulls were just suspended in the air... floating on the wind. People make fun of seagulls, but to me they are beautiful. All you have to do is watch the way they use the wind, air currents, and the water to be amazed at how perfectly adapted they are. The wind is supposed to keep up through tomorrow and it ought to dry out the soggier areas rather nicely. I spied the first tentative showing of white in the crocus on the south side of the house!

I finished the back bolsters for the cushion job I've been working on. Tomorrow morning I have a couple of little zipper replacements first thing, then the remaining 4 cushions for the present job. After that? probably more cushions, lol. And my first prom gown fitting of the '07 season. I loathe that sort of thing, but the woman who called me is a long-time customer and she BEGGED. I had to accept the mission. ;)

There is a sink FULL of dishes awaiting me and after that I have to shove the vacuum cleaner around the "lab.". And then there are some calls to return... I don't feel like doing ANY of those things.

Deanne, the bird shots are wonderful; esp. the one with the male feeding the female. Eden's right, it would make a great Valentine's Day card... or an anniversary. Feeding is very standard avian courtship behavior. When cage bird owners do "kissys" with their birds, it's precisely that behavior that their bird is exhibiting. Preening is another. Larry used to love to preen our eyelashes or eyebrows. He was so gentle neither of us ever feared his beak near our eyes. Great shots!

Eden, the shots of Bella are wonderful. My favorite is the 4th. one down. There was a shot of you some months back and it flashed in front of my eyes as I looked at a couple of Bella. I'm starting to get a little freaked out at how the kids are "ageing", the gardens "maturing", and pets going "bye-bye". How long have the Idylls been chronicling our lives? has anyone ever bothered to save them to CD or anything like that? Wouldn't it be funny to set the "way back machine" and see what was going on at the outset? Talk about a life voyage! There are several people I wonder about, too. Ruby Star, Rara Avis...

I can't postpone the inevitable any longer.


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I spent a little time cutting back a few grasses last night and pruning a few roses it felt so good!

Eden, wow that Bella is sure photogenic. I cant help wonder how many shots were taken to get so many good ones. It sounds like wedding planning is in your future how exciting.

Deanne, that finch picture is awesome!

Norma, congrats to your GD.

Honey, good to have you back, it looks like you had a nice vacation. Sorry to hear about the flu bug.

Wendy, those coleus standards are great. Id love to try one sometime. Ive also seen some really cool geranium standards.

Marie, enjoy your time with DD and family.


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The pictures of Bella are outstanding! She should have her own movie with her great-grandma as costumer. You did say your mom made the jacket and hat Eden? Wow, great colors fabrics and design. What a little princess :-)

Michelle, I watched the video of Mackenzie(sp) a few nights ago and was just completely charmed. I think my bp went down 20 points.

I always get a smile when you guys talk about your grandchildren. Eden saying she got Easter decorations for the front door because it pleases Bella literally put a smile on my face.

Bug the sweater is gorgeous. Very sophisticated for a little one. You have such nice taste!

I've been out in the garden for two hours. Had my morning meeting canceled and pushed things around so I could take the afternoon off. It's perfect outside. Put 5 or 6 flats out to harden off under pergola, and then moved a few things in back yard. My arms have the scars to prove it because it's tank top weather and everything I wanted to move seemed to be next to a rose bush. I moved C.Betty Corning and it was like trying to dig up a volkswagon. I'm sure I left enough roots that it will appear again right where I decided it doesn't belong.

The Magnolias are blooming! The neighbor's is in the side yard right outside of the french doors to my office (which lead to a roof I could fall off of, so not used). I bought these neat 'crane' rods this winter so that the sheer curtains I have there can be swung open when it's blooming. Otherwise I have no need to see out of those doors.

Picture of rods from catalogue:

Well yes, I managed to install them before spring came :-)

Terrific bird shots Deanne! Soon we'll be getting your super garden shots too.

Enjoyed everyone's pictures and updates, just too far behind to remember everything!

Back outside with me (I had iced coffee as a cool down drink while I caught up). Spring is really here!

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I have two Fridays this week-today since Im taking the day off tomorrow, and of course the real Friday.what could be better ?

Wendy those coleus standards are pretty nifty. I bet that wouldnt be to difficult to do but lots of pinching involved. I saw Willie Nelson a few years back when I was in St Louis on business (of all places !) and boy, does that guy have one tight back-up band.They were great.

bug, you emerging spring photos are so pretty, and Honey love the primroses. I didnt plant any this year We usually put them in in the fall here and they bloom through winter and spring . I like the basket with the ranuncula in the center. Hope you and hubby are feeling better.. now here is a question. Ive heard the term "doorwall" used always by people from the east . Exactly what the heck is a doorwall?? Is it as obvious as it sounds?

Eden, what a ham that Bella is ! Cute pics..

Deanne-love the finches .

Cynthia- those are nifty curtain rods ! Lol your struggles with Betty. I moved 3 roses this winter-one of them (Boule de Neige) I have moved 3 times in the last several years. I think I finally have it in a spot that will work ! It always amazes me how forgiving they are of being yanked out and shuttled off to another location.

One of the items in my mail box at the office today was the Simple Pleasures wholesale bulb catalog for fall. Im going to order 200 tulips to line my brick path for next spring. Purple, yellow, orange and pink. The drama !!! A horrible extravagance of course , but this is something one should do at least once in their lives. I will get top-size bulbs at a very attractive price with my employee discount .

Ok, time to go. I have to read the paper, and work on my fantasy baseball roster (opening day is only a few days off ! yippee !)

Hi Martie !

Kathy in Napa

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Good evening

just taking a little break in my violin practice to say Hi to everyone.

Deanne - the birds are stunning and the finches just adorable. You've obviously been busy with the camera.

I had a great violin lesson on last week. I felt over my nerves at playing to someone new and we worked on some of the trickier parts of the Vitalli Chaconne. Having learnt the notes I am now able to work on bow control, tone color and phrasing. The violin can be such a difficult instrument to play well, but it is unbelievably rewarding when you are able to express yourself through it.

back to tackle some more of the tough spots


have a great trip GB!

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"Doorwall"? not a phrase with which I'm familiar, but now... "doohyahd", that's another story. That's the area immediately outside the front door. The place where snow shovels tend to be left about this time of year.

Good news on the lesson, Mary. Any chance we could get you to play, "Turkey in the Straw" for us... only kidding. :)

I have the prom dress appointment this afternoon. I hoed out the "lab." and shoved the vacuum cleaner around after dealing with a disaster of a kitchen.

I have to rustle up some grub and make like a baby (head on outta here). Later!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning from vacation day central-my first vacation day since last September. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating as well as I'd hoped-windy and cold-but it was either today or not til after surgery. As soon as it warms up a bit more I'm heading out to move shrubs and do whatever else strikes my fancy.

Wow, Deanne, great picture of the finch couple!

Eden, the pictures of Bella are adorable. That photographer is talented but of course it helps to have such cutie patootie subject matter.

Boy the wind is really howling out there...I guess I'll spend some more time on my list of what needs to be moved and to



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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

More bad news this am. One of my former colleagues passed away last nite. They have 2 small children. Its so depressing. His wife is also a former colleague. Tomorrow is visitation. Im dreading it.

DH is still hanging in despite his job being posted. Only the desperate would go after this job, its that bad. But that doesnt mean it wont happen. Weve been busy swinging our finances around in case the worst happens. Meanwhile, Ive been notified by my former co. that my health insurance will stop when I reach 65. Thats really scary.

On a more positive note, "THE BOSS IS BACK IN TOWN!" GOT MILK?

Bullet is doing so much better since the new meds. He has an appt. tomorrow for more blood work to check on his progress. But he feels like hes put on weight, his coat looks better and hes resumed his role as Boss, telling DH when its time to go to bed so he can take over the warm spot on the couch. Hes such a vocal kitty.

OK, you enablers. You MADE me stop at Homegoods yesterday. Lots of looking and thinking but I didnt buy. There was however, the cutest folding wrought iron kids chair. Another gal grabbed it before I could get my hands on it. Darn. However, I stopped at Pier I nearby and scored some wrought iron banana leaves, a floor vase and plate for our new bedroom décor. I still havent found a wall color I like yet despite mega-sample tries. Im going to try again tomorrow.

Oh, Eden, Isabella is just darling! And her outfit is so very cute. And congratulations on Jennis engagement! BTW, I HAVE to get your books back to you. Hmmm, I feel the need to visit GW or even Tellys soon. Perhaps we can meet up for lunch. And we definitely have to have you and Brad over.

Norma, congrats on your DGD getting engaged, too. Seems this Spring love is in the air.

Bug, I love the heirlooms youve been making for you new arrival. How very talented you are. Im sure your DD will just love them all. How fun youll get to help set up the nursery. Enjoy your visit.

Suzy and Deanne, thats great some of the plants you thot were toast have survived! Im hoping that is the way it works here. My new azaleas out front look to be toast. Well see.

Deanne, Norma, I have to get in on the weight loss challenge. Ive been snacking. Think it has to do with not sleeping well since I got home from Fla.

Deanne, you blow me away with your bird pix. I just love the finches. I hung some lint from the dryer under my bird feeder for them to use as nesting materials. However, it seems to be scaring them off. Perhaps, Ill move the lint over to a nearby tree.

Chelone, I was so glad to hear that you and DB had a meeting of the minds on your mothers care and this ordeal hasnt affected your close relationship with him. Thats so important for all of you. Hey, would you please come help me shovel out this place?

Wendy, great coleus pix. Hmmmm, seems Deanne has got us all more into coleus than we were.

Oh Cynthia, your magnolias are blooming! Im so jealous.

Kathy, a doorwall is a sliding windowwall as opposed to full length french doors that open in/out. Ive never heard them called anything else. Guess Im still an east-coaster.

Mary, it sounds like youre really enjoying your new violin lessons. What a wonderful emotional outlet for you. Violin music is so expressive. Im in awe of those that play well. One of my favorite songs on Yanni Live at the Acropolis is the dueling violins. Im looking forward to hopefully hearing you play at IU4.

Sue, Ill bet youre relieved to have a date set for your surgery so you can get it behind you. Hows Zoe?

Gotta run. Have a subdivision board meeting here tonite and I need a big shovel for this place. Then Im heading to the grocery for snacks and hopefully will still have some time for outside clean-up. Hi to anyone I missed.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

In honor of the only day of Spring we seem to have had here, Chloe got out into the yard last nite & took some pics of her favorite new scents... it's now a breezy 47 degrees here -- from the 83 we had 2 days ago. The flowers are retreating.

Happy freezin Thursday!

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Hello to all. I'm taking a break from a short burst of energy outside. I went to the neighboring town with DH to deliver a tape to a school and on the way back it seemed to have warmed up substantially. I decided to tackle that bleeding heart/redbud in the front disaster bed. I dug down about a foot and pulled out the dirt - the bleeding heart came apart in 5 pieces since the redbud was smack in the middle of it. I then cut the tree off below ground and planted a piece of the redbud back in the same spot. I think if any new shoots come up off that root I'll cut them off right away and see if the root will die back. Spread the other pieces of the bleeding heart out around the yard, one where I seem to have lost my white one! There was another redbud tree growing there I had to dig up. It's still cool and the plant was not more than about 4 or 5 inches tall, so hopefully with the cool weather and rain in the next couple of days the pieces will all take and make nice new plants.

BTW, Deanne, do you want a redbud? Now would be a good time for me to dig one up for you (small one) if you want it. I have them growing all over the place. Volunteers...

LOL on the "Rambo Gardening". I try very hard not to do that any more, because it leads to suffering. I raked half the front yard of sweet gum balls (that translates to one very large trash bag full), picked up a large can full of sticks, cleaned out a peony/daylily bed, and the bed behind the deck which consists mainly of removing about an inch of pine needles each spring. That amounted to a bag and a half of pine needles. We won't talk about how many are on the deck to be cleaned up, but the trash men only take so much and I don't want to overextend their generosity.

At any rate, I'm feeling muscles I forgot, of course. Not too bad but enough for Aleve...and a good hot shower. I'll go out later and do a bit more, perhaps. I think a trip to the 'mart for weed and feed is in order since rain will be coming tomorrow night. I could spread it in the morning.

Bug, that sweater is adorable, your grandbaby is so lucky! What an heirloom to keep someday. My mother still has a little cotton dress of mine. I still have a lot of the boys' clothes, I really should get rid of most of them. After all, they are nearly adults!

Deanne, your bird and flower pictures are always stunning. I love to look at them, you have a great eye. Last year I had a fuschia in a basket I kept alive all summer, first time ever. I considered bringing it in the house, and I guess I should have, or at least taken cuttings. My coleus are still in water in the window upstairs. OH, and the hoya you sent a couple of years ago is blooming...again! I guess it likes my window. My roses regularly die back nearly to the ground. I think they are doing better though. Age and better soil, and I plant the crowns deeper than I did at first so it gives them a better chance. And the right varieties help. I just had to realize that I have to grow what I can, not necessarily what I like, in the way of roses! What I'd really like is a gigantic climber that flowers all summer, that wouldn't lose leave to blackspot, that the Japanese beetles would hate, and that required very little care. I don't ask for much.

I have two hellebores this year! One I've had for several years and it looked pretty bad up until about a week ago. Now it's sending up lots of new growth and has it's first bloom of the season. The other one I planted last year and it's taken, also. I have tried a couple of times to get a second one to grow and this is the first one that has succeeded. It looked pretty sad until about a week ago also.

Kenzie and Bella are both adorable. Maybe someday there will be little grandbaby GIRLS around here. But not too soon!

Cindy, the euphorbia still looks dead. Still waiting to see if there is an "opportunity" there. I have no prior experience with euphorbias and I was so pleased with this one and the plants I put around it, it made a nice grouping. I'll still wait a bit.

Chelone, sounds like a doorwall is what we midwesterners call a sliding glass door. I love French doors, and would like to replace our slider with those, but really our room isn't set up well for that sort of arrangement. If we left the door open, for air, it would be blocking other thngs (like television). My parents have a slider that LOOKS like French doors, it's nice.

Oops, had to chase Mystique across the basement with her favorite toy. She sneaks it down here and if she were to lose it that would be sad. Our basement is a bit of a catch all area, so lots of nooks and crannies just big enough for a kitten to wander through. She's allowed to explore, but no toys!

Honey, sorry to hear about your colleagues. I dread funerals, too. I'm glad your kitty is better. So pretty!

The other day I was at the grocery and the cashier asked me if I'd been pruning roses. I haven't done that yet, and then I realized she was seeing all the scratches up my arm - I told her no, I have a kitten.

Better get back out there for a bit.


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I googled 'doorwall'(*) because I've lived up and down the east coast and never heard the term. The only regional association I could find was Michigan! That explains why Honey knows it. To Kathy, I guess it's all East :-)

(*) It means sliding glass door.

I need food.

Latah, Cynthia

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Okay ! Doorwall=slider. I'm feeling pretty smart !
Went to a fantastic lecture today by a local entomolgist
on butterflies and moths. It was very cool. I always enjoy talks by the bug guys;they are so passionate about insects.

No time for a lengthy post tonite, but I must say Honey ,how great that Bullet is doing better.

So, ta ta for tonite-

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Now that I actually give "doorwall" some thought it makes complete sense. Nice goin' Cynthia and Suzy!

Definitely good to know that Bullet is feeling better, and it made me wonder about zoned out Zoe, too. I have a vision of Sue's yard completely excavated with plants heeled in here and there... :)

Kathy, I loved Entomology when I took it. I particularly liked parisitology, too. There was a pickled beef tapeworm in the lab. that was over 40' long. And there was a dog's heart completely plugged with heartworm... it was pretty cool, but definitely an EWWW moment when you first realized what it was. What really fascinated me was the interconnectedness of everything... that even the ickiest creatures serve a purpose in the big scheme of things and are supremely adapted to fulfill it. Even as I instinctively recoil from something, I think of that.

I am going in to work today in preparation for a new schedule, will be back to Mondays off next week. I am going to gradually introduce my early start time, too. ;) I'm shooting for 6:45-7 AM today. I know it won't be greeted with joy, but I like afternoons free for yardwork and appointments and will stay later when it's required. The "homely as sin" cushion job is nearly finished, with 4 left to do. They actually look pretty nice from a professional standpoint... it's just that the fabric is dreadful.

We secured a building permit for a garage yesterday. I was appalled at the cost of it, lol. Apparently, things have changed a good deal in the time since we built the house. :/ . We are going to mark the trees to be removed tonight and call the guy to fell them and relocate them so they may be turned into firewood in the coming months. I'm beginning to wonder if I've lost my mind...

The prom gown is going to be a horror. Beading... EVERYWHERE. Mercifully, it fits her pretty well, so there is minimal beadwork for me, but there are aspects of the fit at the bustiline that I'd normally "tweak", but I'll be leaving well enough alone in this case. I may have to take drugs to get through it. Babs. will understand.

Thinking of 'bug and how much fun she's having "out west".

I have to get "motivatin'".

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Yup Chelone, it's plants on wheels time and what a vicious circle it is too. In order to move plant A over here you have to move plant B over there. Oh wait, there's a couple of perennials that haven't quite emerged yet. I wonder what they are? Where can I move them too? Not over there, there's not enough sun. Too dry over, you get the idea. The bottom line is I wish I had more sun and better soil in some areas. When I was digging yesterday I didn't have any problem with the soil being too wet. Much of my garden is on the dry side.

Cindy, you've got way more going on that I do. Just a couple of Iris reticulata and winter Aconite here. It's my own fault-I haven't planted any bulbs in a couple of years. Pansies always seduce me around this time of year. Maybe I'll pick up a couple this weekend.

Oh Bullet, you handsome devil you. So wonderful to hear you're doing well. Zoe is doing great. She's still a little antsy at times but the housebreaking problems have stopped. The funniest thing to watch is the way she runs around like she's a puppy. When she gets going it's a riot. She actually runs at full speed through the kitchen, takes a flying leap onto the diningroom rug then tears around the DR table a couple of times oftentimes chasing Nick. One of these days she's going to wake up and realize she's At this point I can't see medicating her with steroids as prescribed. I should call the vet and see if there is any downside to us doing nothing.

Until yesterday I'd never heard the term doorwall either. You truly do learn something new every day.



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning, all -- yes, another whacky Friday. I actually also have a pulmonaria and Veronica Georgia Blue that's blooming - totally seduced by that 80 degree temp we had on tuesday -- very strange. Im excited too because altho I only have one day to garden (tomorrow), my Cercis Covey arrived from Forest Farm, so it will work perfectly to get it in the ground. Yippee -- and I will have to do that plant circus act too, moving a bunch of things to make way for it and probably tossing some phlox and other stuff that just got messy. Im sure there's way more work out there than Im really thinking, esp. since I didnt finish the huge weeding job needed in front.... but I'll try to work my body into a spasm as best I can (that's a phrase a friend uses when I describe a frenzied garden day to her, LOL).

Count me in on clueless re doorwall = slider. Always happy to expand my knowledge -- Im waiting for the demo on the straw trick though before attempting to share that knowledge with others....

Sue, that's cute re Zoe -- Chloe is 8 also and she's lost a bit of weight over winter for some reason & is almost "skinny" -- which worries me a wee bit since I wasnt really trying hard to get her to lose weight (altho she was probably 3/4 of an lb heavier than she might have been) -- but I've noticed a distinct perking up to her -- she too is bounding up steps that previously she was stopping half way up; running & "ripping" around - feeling quite perky it seems. And it's not warmer enough which is when she's more normally perkier (like me..). Anyhow, I guess we should just be happy that they're feeling good these days - and let well enough alone, right? I personally hate giving steroids to dogs - had to do for another Maltese because of a back problem & I also felt it let to her having early heart failure -- the stuff is just not good for long-term use - not even for humans - even though we obviously have to do what we need to in order to function. Hope Zoe stays frisky for years!

Well, guess I better face the work day - it's gonna be a tough one; I probalby spent 3 hours yesterday on phone trying to get an atty flites out of Gillette, Wy; now he's just called to say he wants to totally review it all over again today -- Im about ready to belt him. Patience.... Like why cant he just call the airport/agent himself if he wants to know 200 answers to all possible itineraries in a 250 mile radius?


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Good Friday morning, It looks like it's shaping up to be a sunny day here, but no gardening for me since I'll have Bella. I was hoping the weather would hold so I can get out there this weekend but it looks like we'll have rain. Monday and Tuesday are still showing some promise though. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a list of plants to remove and rearrange. I did alot of that early last fall but have come up with more "plans" over the winter.

As for the doorwall/slider topic, our house here in MI had one when I was a child and it was always called a sliding glass door. I've only begun to hear them referred to as doorwalls as an adult.

Good news that both Bullet and Zoe are doing well!!!

Chelone, I too like to get up early and get going on whatever project I have. Don't ask me to start anything after 6pm though. I'm looking forward to seeing the progression on your new garage project.

I've run out of time, Bella's here! Be back later...


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Wet, wet, wet! And the plan is for it to continue for a while, so no gardening in the weekend plans. We are having pre-Easter get together with DHs kids/grandkids on Sat. night.

Cynthia, the curtain rods are a nice idea.

Im glad you all liked the Kenzie video. Too bad that I didnt think about holding the camera the other way. Im sure you all can appreciate the excitement that she has over the dog and cats.

Eden, make sure to tell your mom what an adorable outfit that she made for Bella.

Wow, Cindy, things are really looking good in your garden. I havent even seen a pansy for sale yet. Last year I did a pot with primulas and a bunny for Easter by the front door, but havent seen any of those yet either.

Honey, sorry to hear the news about your former coworker, how tragic. Good to hear that Bullet is feeling better.


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I'm glad Michelle mentioned the curtain rods because I meant to comment on them, too. We have several pair of them that came out of my late aunt's apartment (she lived there for over 60 years!) and Mum put them to very good use covering drafty doors in her home with thick, interlined draperies. It pleases me to see a practical idea return to vogue. How's things goin' with the fabric Michelle? it will be fun to see what you crank out.

Windy again today but nothing like the past few days! and the sun is really warm. Remaining snow is receding quickly and the lawns are beginning to dry out. I'm hoping to get a basic clean up underway tomorrow. I'm laughing at the image of Sue and all the frenetic activity of mistress and canids. :) Remember, you need some help... sing right out. Really.

I arrived at work at 6:45 this morning and immediately addressed the accumulated dishes in the kitchenette (I always cave in first), then I finished the fugly cushions. I'm now hard at work at probably my LEAST favorite type of work... moulded seats with knee and/or lumbar supports, all "skins" stapled on. Ugh... BUT! knowing how much I loathe that sort of work, my boss will be unlikely to fuss too much about my bald-faced move to return to my preferred 6 AM start time. Hehehe... (always thinkin', me!).

Here's one more tale to share from today (one that will make the shop lore category). My co-worker and I were singing along with some obscure disco tune, spoofin' it up. We looked up and there was a thin, nervous looking guy standing there watching us (lol). Turned out he was British and was on a 3 mo. visa intending to cycle from BaH HaHbaH to Florida. HOWEVER, he has a phobia about bridges and the one in front of the shop freaked him right out (draw bridge with a grid deck!) and he couldn't force himself to cross it. Did we know anyone who would drive him over it??? I grinned, told him I had a wagon and I'd play Caron and ferry him across the raging Styx... he laughed. Once we were in the car I turned to him and told him that the grid deck on the bridge makes the tires "sing" and the car sort of sashay side to side and that if he flipped out I'd belt him. I winked at him and took him across the bridge, helped him unload the bike and sent him on his merry way. I warned him there were a lot of bridges in his path and he'd best prepare himself for some inconvenience. I wish I'd given him a card and told him he had to send us regular postcards... he would have done it, I'm sure!

We had a prliminary discussion about how to approach the whole garage project; naturally, our different views on money have sprung to the forefront. :) But, as usual, we had a few laughs, made some notes and have found a way to compromise. I'm reminded that marriage is not for self-important! those unwilling to laugh at their foibles and seek middle ground would be best served avoiding the "altar". ;)

Time to go back and reread and be reminded of all I WANTED to say...

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I can't do much after 6PM either Eden, though I generally work til 7 :-). This winter I started having the coffee and Bailey's at night as a little treat and that can keep me going when I need to. 'Need to'? That would be to have some 'me' time, so I try to stay awake for that! Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8PM, woke up at 2AM and called it morning. It was peaceful.

Ok, I'm going to try to remember what I have blooming!

Peach tree (from a pit), Magnolias, forsythia, hyacinths, early daffs are past, and mid season are full, late are budded. Pulmonarias (a dozen? very easy with root cuttings, so I've sprinkled them everywhere, one of my VERY favorite plants), campanula glomerata, blue Anemones, Ipheion uniflorum, Hellebores are still in bloom but got ragged from the really cold temps in February, the cherry and crab apples are budded up. Fothergilla is just starting to bloom. Not sure why the species tulips aren't in bloom yet. They're up.Crocus and Eranthus long gone.

Most of the clematis are starting to leaf out,(Hi GB!) I'm worried about the ones on the lamppost. Not seeing much life in them. I think the fence sliced my two baptisia, no sign of them. I'm sure they'll pop up sometime. Dicentras are up 8". A couple of small baby buds on the oriental poppies.

I like that Zoe is out of her mind and acting like a puppy. I hope the same thing happens to me when I get old.

And YAY Bullet! You are looking good. George (18) says hey, and he's had CRF for 2 years now, and hyperthroid since last summer. Amazing how they rebound when you throw a bunch of money at a vet :-)

I posted to my greyhound group that I'm taking Monty and Dannie to the dog park early tomorrow to see who can join us. Monty will be 12 in June and still loves to run. He can't go anywhere without a stuffy in his mouth, and this winter when he wasn't picking one up everytime we went up or downstairs or changed rooms, I worried about him. He had a couple of housetraining 'moments' this winter too, and his anxiety has ticked up a notch. I attribute it to age and just watch him very carefully, give him plenty of breaks, and keep enzemic cleaners everywhere.

Sheesh Cindy, what a waste of your time. Doesn't this person have internet? In public companies we all learned how to take care of ourselves 10 years ago. I share a sec'y with about 20 other people and she's basically a 'manager' and makes us laugh. She can solve anything. I would never waste her time.

Chelone good luck with the beads, if any fall off make a necklace for your cat.


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