That ought to be a hoot

gandle(4 NE)March 10, 2011

Grandson B's bride to be, Suzi, was here mot of the day with RN granddaughter and GD's 6 month old baby. Suzi, bride to be asked Leone to make a certain dress for little Christy, she wants her to be a flower girl at the wedding. She will be only 11 months old but Suzi had an idea. She was part of the wedding in CO where CJ got pulled down the aisle in a red wagon. He was the ring bearer, now Suzi wants CJ to pull Christy down the aisle while tossing flowers. That should be the hoot.

The wedding will be Labor Day weekend so there is plenty of prep time. Have mentioned it before but those two met in a sheep show ring when I don't think they were over 12 years old and one came to the aid of the other when the sheep got cantankerous, no on remembers whose sheep was responsible but this youg lady seemed to just meld into the family and for the last several years she has been at just about every family function. Really pleased to have her join us in the clan.

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gmatx zone 6

George, she sounds like a real "keeper". Best wishes to the couple. I know you and Leone will truly enjoy the wedding! We really need to see pictures of CJ and GD's baby following the wedding.

Hope your health is doing well and your strength is returning.


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You have such a great family and Suzi seems to be of the same mold. What a wonderful idea to bring the little ones into the wedding instead of hiring a babysitter.

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George, your family is so lively, a sad day is usually followed by news of a happy one soon enough.
Congratulations to you and yours!

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You have told us of other weddings in your family, and this one is exactly of the same spirit, a Family Celebration rather than a "big show".
So refreshing to hear about it

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