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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)March 20, 2009

In the last couple of years they have finally introduced tiny baby wear here. So today I was able to buy "newborn" "1 month" and "3 month" sizes to fit a tiny one. Since this is a 'surprise' baby, there's lots of yellow and green. Mom & Dad will be doing the almost diaperless method once again, so their preference is for 2 piece outfits, preferably with feet. They also prefer zippers to buttons and snaps.

This is the smallest outfit and it matches the beret and booties:

These little cocoa coloured pants match the first outfit.

Two more Teeny Tiny outfits, one with stars, the other with teddy bears.

This little footed pair of PJs has a giraffe theme.

Navy pants to match the sweater.

A soft and cozy woodsy theme with a wise old owl:

Another zipperd pair of PJs with ladybugs.

Something for a warm day...

A $3 sale item from Christmas with trees. They'll love it way before Christmas!

Couldn't resist this, though there's no rush for a bib!

And of course a book for big brother to read to baby.

Whew! That was fun!

Nana Marie

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And what a surprise it will be!

I like the little "Penitentiary Uniform" very much and I love the way it coordinates seamlessly with the taupe slacks. The "sporting baby" look is my favorite; never too young to begin benefitting from "basics" I always say, but the Wise Old Owl number is pretty cute. But your beautiful knitting takes the prize.

You must have had a wonderful time looking at and touching everything thinking about the arrival of Surprise. There's a "bounce" in your post that's great to see. :)

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Well, Grandma, you certainly have good taste - everything coordinates so well, and is thoughtful to the parent's needs!

I think the evergreen onsie will come in handy quick!

You do have a certain happiness in your posts :)


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Such cute little outfits! My favorite is the one with the giraffes. I can totally relate to the happiness of imagining that sweet little babe wearing each piece of clothing you choose. I'm so glad you had fun Marie! Wish I could have been there shopping right along side you, my friend.


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I forgot to mention that I think the book is the perfect finishing touch!

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Aww Bug, I love everything! Isn't it fun? I especially like the little knitted booties in the first outfit. Old fashioned look with an up to the minute color. Very cool!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Looks like someone had fun shopping.... :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA sweet! Easy to imagine a pink cheeked cherub in every outfit! I agree with Chelone, that your sweater is the keepsake that I'm sure will be an heirloom for your family. I like the fact that the baby is a 'surprise'. The neutral colors and the greens and yellows this time of year are so seasonal. I really honestly like them all but the giraffe outfit is my favorite too. You deserve every minute of fun and happiness Marie. :-) Such an exciting time!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

I love it all! And, of course, it is so like you to think of Big Brother and buy a book for reading. How kind you are!

If ever (!) another grandchild comes my way, I will be petitioning you to knit a sweater! Adrian had one that someone I hardly knew knitted - it had a little hood, and zippered up the back instead of the front - I kinds wish I had kept it...

Anyway, thanks for sharing this - I can just feel it!!!


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That will certainly be one well dressed baby! It's so much fun to shop for tiny clothing isn't it? You did good Grandma!


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Marie, this grandma took Bella shopping yesterday. We ended up with a pink unicorn with accesories, a Big Boy coin bank, 4 Madeline books and a stuffed Easter bunny. Most importantly we had lots of fun!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Eden, being a Nana is great fun! I wish I lived closer to my DD and her family. I'm not great at babysitting usually, but I sure miss holding her little one. It's time for more of that! More shopping will come later I hope. Glad that Bella is getting a good dose of Madeline. I hope she remembers these days with her Grandma!

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Marie, I remember how much you enjoyed your time with Reed when dd and dsil were at work last summer. It brings tears to my eyes to think how much you miss him. Those are very special memories to be cherished. You and I both now have the gift of our new grandbabies-to-be to look forward to and I'm grateful for that :) Here's to more grandma shopping and babysitting for both of us!

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