This Moment - March 17, 2011

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)March 17, 2011

This Moment - A Friday (or anytime) ritual. A single photo - no words (or maybe a single sentence)- capturing a moment from the week. Perhaps a simple, special, extraordinary moment. Maybe a moment you want to pause, savor and remember. Maybe something that made you smile or laugh. Maybe a craft you are enjoying working on.... Please share your 'moment' with us.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I sent Randy out hunting flowers... No winter aconites here but he found these:

And in the house we were surprised yesterday to notice this:

I didn't realize alocasia flowered! I had to check around on the Intenet to see what it will look like - a bit like a calla lily in white or red it seems.

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Right angle binder that I have yet to persuade to deliver a satisfactory result in spite of several "college tries". It will go back to its manufacturer with my own observations on its shortcomings. Things like this frequently require a good deal of "tweaking" before they do what you want without fussing. The stitching samples don't lie.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I do like the right angle idea Chelone, but if the result isn't satisfactory, bye-bye!

No hellebores here so far Woody!

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Binding can be a fiddly/tricky operation. A right angle binder allows inside curves to be bound with relative ease. It's important that the binding operation be accomplished with this attachment. It is the proper "tool for the job" but sometimes you have to tweak the adjustment by moving the binder more to the left or right. The present configuration is "maxxed out" with respect to left adjustment... and more of that's what's needed to get a satisfactory result.

This a $300 pc. of equipment that is guaranteed by the machine shop. So, back it goes to have some "reduction surgery"on the mounting plate and the guard that rests against the inside edge of the presser foot. Pretty straight forward, just takes some time and some shipping. There are so many variables in this sort of operation... machine type, fabric type, fabric layers going through the folder, etc.. In my experience success "out of the gate" is a rare thing indeed.

I have high hopes for this shop, the workmanship on the piece is very, very nice.

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Nice that something is blooming somewhere. Nothing here, in fact despite temps in the upper 50's this week there is still some snow around.

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