Idyll #309 Anticipating Joy (or Spring)

just_tMarch 8, 2007

I loved Ei's Anticipating Joy so much that I thought it was a great Idyll, here we go!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Here's my bit of joy to share this evening. As I walked out of the office tonight, I thought I heard something and came to a halt. I didn't want the crunch of my footsteps across the icy parking lot to obscure the sound. Sure enough, a minute later I heard it again - the trill of a red-winged blackbird, proclaiming to one and all that he had returned and this place was HIS.

Spring may come after all! I for one have been smiling whenever I recall the moment.

When I left, I headed to Trader Joe's in hopes that they might have some of the stupendous orchids that Deanne scored last week. Alas, no orchids (well, I'm not counting the two bloomed-out dendrobiums) but there was this sweet little succulent in a tin pot for only $2.99. Had to get it!

I'm going to enjoy my dinner and read the end of the last thread.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Yea T. good tydyll.... Nice one.

It's already down to 8F and on a fast track to below zero. Sue, are you outta your mind???? Flip flops tonight!!! You are a braver woman than I and I can take a bit of cold.

I spent a few hours out in the blind this afternoon and I finally had to come in. Just too cold regardless of the heater, heat packs and all the layers I had on. What the heck is going on with this? Must be our fault for thumbing our noses at winter last weekend. It is thumbing right back and blowing raspberries to boot. LOL

Kitties are finally bedded down for the night and I'm waiting for Doug to get home from Rochester. Hope he doesn't freeze his bippy putting the plane away tonight.

I've spent quite a few hours in the last few days getting some cuttings potted up and cleaning out any debris around the plants and washing all the trays down. The dratted fungus gnats have made another appearance after I thought I'd completely gotten rid of them. It leads me to believe that they are definitely coming from the potting soil. Every time I pot up some new things I have an outbreak of the dratted insects.

I'm finally started to get excited about the upcoming gardening season and began to think up some new container garden combinations today working with the plants I have under the lights.

Chelone sorry you are under the weather with that cold! Sorry but I LOL when you said you were getting worried about bed sores.

OK Doug just called and I'm going to heat up some dinner for him. Have a great evening all,

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I really enjoy all the fun personalities here at the Idylls.

Martie, sorry that someone has to be nasty. I agree with the advice of the others, don't let this creep run you off.

I had a suprise visitor at my office today. It was Kenzie with her parents in tow. They were on their way home from the airport. One of her favorite things in Florida was the monkeys she saw at the zoo. According to mom and dad, she travels quite well.

I'm living on the edge tonight too and posting in the little box.

I really must go and water plants. I'm such a neglectful plant mom during the winter.

Ei, great to hear from you. Thanks for the song. No sunshine here today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks for jogging my memory,`MIchelle. I need to tell Deanne that the coleus are all doing well so far.

My DH called to say he had decided to stay overnight in Chicago tonight. But he promises to be home in time to take me out somewhere to watch the Illini play in the Big Ten tournament. (Watch on TV that is - we don't get any cable channels.)

Work had been a challenge this week as someone has been trying to rock the boat most of the week. I remembered a little mantra that I friend of mine taught me and I have been reciting it in my head multiple times as I try to keep my cool. So far, it is working. Tomorrow the computer tech shows up to fix problems. This could be the real test!

Deanne, I woke up this morning thinking, "I'm so glad I didn't get a Cercis 'Forest Pansy' because right now it would be dead." It's just too darned cold for this time of year. We do have 50's in the forecast next week, but I think the damage has been done.

I think I shall call it a night. I don't think the dogs are getting a last trip out because they've been acting like there is a skunk afoot. I am NOT dealing with that tonight!


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Almost Fridayalmost spring, almost daylight savings time. Two weeks from today is the SF Garden Show ..Yippeee !

I will say first that I am bummed that some wack-o or wack-os have driven our Martie into the lurk zone. I still consider myself a "rookie" Idyll , but I never expected to see flame wars erupting on this forum . It is my observation that this group is way stronger than most , and can survive mostly intact . Believe me, IÂve participated in and lurked on many a forum, newsgroup, mailing list etc over the years, and this is by far the most enjoyable I have encounteredÂ. Idylls rock !!!

T , I do a cheek to cheek thing with my little doggie ! I pick her up and hold her cheek next to mine , and tell her sheÂs pretty. She seems to like it !

Deanne, if it makes you feel any better , I have problems with Rex Begonias no matter what the season. Mildew, leaf spot, crispy margins, you name it. IÂve discontinued them.

V, interesting that your TJÂs had no orchids to speak of, ours here always has large quantities of mostly Phalenopsis and Dendrobiums. And now there are the cymbidiums-everyone in town has them ; I feel justified in purchasing because I lost at least three this winter.

Ei , more good vibes to you, and any Beatles lyrics are always appreciated .

This has made me think about when I was 13 years old , and saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. ItÂs funny how extremely vivid this memory is to me now, 40 plus years later. I remember what I was wearing, I remember the traffic jam, I remember ironing my hair Âwhat a scene it was .

OK, I really need to do some chores and get my paperwork ready for my appt with my tax lady tomorrowÂ

All the best to everyone !!!

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

How about we anticipate some warmth. Heat wave today-high of 30 F. Of course that's still about 15 degrees below normal but who's keeping track. I'll be surprised if my Forest Pansy isn't dead along with alot of other things. Oh well, I look at dead plants as opportunities. What else can you do?


I couldn't sleep so I got up and came into work early. So far I haven't gotten any work done though-lots of early risers around here and too many shenanigans going on this morning. I'm fortunate to work with so many funny people.

OK, time to get crackin'.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OY, if it isn't snoring it's DH singing in the shower....Anyway, up early here too. The morning is sunny, presently around 12F but expected to rise to 33-34F later on. YES!

Since we are anticipating JOY around here, I will forget about all the anxieties buzzing here at the farm yesterday and think SPRING. Two good catalogs arrived in the mail and maybe with luck I'll find a few moments to peruse them?

Off to scrounge in the kitchen.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A good chilly morning to you all. No worries it only got to 1 degree last night it never got down to the predicted -1. It is supposed to get into the high 20s. Woohoo. LOL Actually they are now saying that next week might hit the 60s Good grief,. The plants wont know what the heck to do. Isnt there any such thing as normal anymore.

Sue, I was actually thinking of your garden this week and was wondering how all your marginal stuff would do with this cold snap. You know those False Thread-leaved Cyprus in the pots I have on the bench? Well they are toast and theyve been there for years. Also my holly isnt looking to swell either and the English Ivy next to the pond has taken a hit. Time to do something else there. That Ivy has been there for fifteen years and at one point you couldnt see the fence at all. Oh well, Im going to have lots of opportunities this year.

V. glad to hear the coleus are all doing OK. Those are some sweet varieties. Cant wait until I see what you do with your Rosy Dawn order. Boy did we blow it, there is no reason we couldnt have zipped down to Trader Joes last Sunday and bagged up one of those cymbidium for you to take home on the plane. They are still looking beautiful here. ~~ How very wonderful that the Red-winged Blackbirds are back. They truly are a sign that spring is around the corner.

Kathy, the best thing about the Trader Joes cymbidiums is that they are $19.95 for a double spike plant. Id been to our orchid show the weekend before and the exact same sized plants were $80.00. ~~ RE Rex Begonias, I think they have to have pretty specific conditions to look great and Ive not figured out what they are. This pic is my favorite from last summer and even if this plant survives I doubt it will ever look like this again.

And here is that Billy Greene fuchsia I was talking about. Whats not to love? (unless of course you dont DO pink LOL)

Michelle, how fun DD stopped in with Kenzie on the way home yesterday. Interesting that she liked the monkeys. Ive never liked them one bit. Great that she is a good traveler.

Chelone, watch out for those bed sores. Sure hope you are feeling better today. (thanks for the lovely note)

Good Morning Bug!

OK time to go to the gym. Ive been trying to push more weight with the upper body strength training. One of the trainers is going to help me with my bench presses. Im such a woose, right now I can only do three sets of 75 pounds. He is going to spot me and we are going to pile some more weight on there. He thinks I should be able to do over 100 if I only do a few reps. Well see how it goes.

Have a great day everyone,

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good Morning! Big fat goose egg on the thermometer when I got up this AM; zero, zip, nada. I am so sick of this cold. I'm tired of my winter coat, turtlenecks and warming up the car. The temps should start climbing tomorrow, as Deanne said. I planted an "evergreen" azalea last spring that is looking "ever yellow", a possible opportunity.

I'm sure lots of people lurk here for ideas, that's how I got started. What was the phrase Cynthia used: "lurker photo junkie" or something to that effect. Too funny WWF had all of your fuchsias Deanne.

I am still "pot hunting", but Home Goods seems a little played out lately. Probably all the lurkers have been there ahead of me. I may scoot to Home Depot and Lowes, just to see. I'm going to try to do the reverse of what I've been doing with the pots this year. I plan to decide what plants to put in the container, instead of buying the plants and then scrambling for containers to put them into. We'll see how that goes.

Question regarding planting an urn - what do you put in the bottom? Last year I had 2 urns and I filled them with soil, and roots grew down into the flared bottom, and I had a terrible time getting the soil out at the end of the season (yes, there was much banging and swearing involved). I have plenty of rocks, but that would make them too heavy. Any suggestions?

Babs, congrats to your son on his speaking engagement - has he done it yet? My DS went through a phase of being a bit of a clothes horse, lucky for us in coincided with his first communion. My SIL and I had to keep from cracking up when we were having him try on suits at the store, and he had to stand in a certain position so his sneakers didn't show in the mirror with the suit! He also was very clear on what he wanted; a gray, single breasted suit - had to be matching jacket and pants, no sport coat for him! That is over with now though, lately I have to make sure he's not going to school wearing the same shirt he slept in.

Honey, hope you are enjoying the warmth of Florida. You deserve a break after all you've been through lately.

Mary, I know you'll ace the audition - good for you for going after what you want.

Martie, the e-mails from a lurker are totally wrong. This is a public forum, if anything needs to be said to any one of us it should be said out in the open. I agree with Sue, it is cowardly for that person to pick on you privately. I hope you won't let one loser keep you away from here too long.

Well, have to run off to work now. Have a great day all!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Anticipatin. . . . anticipatin. . . .
thru my teeth gritted as I battle the wind chill & blowing "breezes" pushing me along the streets this a.m. . . . . Yea, I hear them talk about that rumor of 60s sometime next week but in the meantime, I still feel the winter grip!

Ei good to hear from you Martie & Suzy too its great whenever someone just pops in much as it would be nice to have you here daily; we all understand how other priorities and events get in the way.

Chelone so sorry youre still feeling so poorly I hope some of the winter warm-up comes your way too so you can bake those germs out.

Deanne I finally remembered to mention this got my latest issue of Horticulture last nite & in the ltrs section in front, theres mention of the article they ran about how to get rid of fungus gnats this follow-up swears by the method of putting about ½ inch of sand on top of your soil and apparently once the adults die off, the larvae cannot make it thru the sand to mature so they die... the writer says everyone whos tried says it works so worth a try I actually have some from bulbs Ive been forcing along w/ a weird trail of ants that had marched thru the walls in the kitchen to my Meyer Lemon pot & into that soil eeek... did that freak me out (Im hoping its not termites somehow attracted to the cedar chips that were w/ the Meyer Lemon I sprayed and sprayed & those terrors seem to have gone; but I still have the gnats). . . .

V I actually ordered a few things that were somewhat zonal borderline too and now Im really worried about it I think I got the itch to order them all during that tropical moment in January eeek, what am I gonna do now??? w/ the severe up-and-down temps weve had, theyll all be toast.

Kathy so glad to hear you havent been turned off by the Idyll high emotions of the last couple of weeks -- As a numbie myself, I agree with you totally Idylls Rock so rock on!!!

Eden - hope you managed to catch up on your sleep and caffeine -- and the same wish for other Idyllers who have been having insomnia probs.

I confess (again but please no one count these confessions or transgressions) that I "zipped" by Home Goods last nite on the way home (ya know, they sent a teaser email out at beginning of the week re new "Garden" stuff in starting March 8...) I made it out without buying a thing but I was wowed they actually had a full set of 6 foot metal fancy garden gates w/ attached open-work pillars that one could put climbing vines, roses, etc. all for $199 what a steal. . . . they were gorgeous... theyll probably be gone by Saturday stuff does NOT stay in those stores ya gotta buy it when you even mildly contemplate it (returns work for me but gates would definitely be a challenge). I have seen more amazing stuff in these stores -- from life size statues, 30" glazed pots, a complete metal pergola. I actually saw a woman last week who had a rental truck in front of the store & she was having them load up a whole bunch of stuff makes you wonder what that story was! Was she a seriously addicted HGer or furnishing a new house or an interior decorator getting some "goods" to triple charge/markup to her client?

My biggest problem with my favorite stores like that is that you never find what you NEED or are looking for but a ton of other things you just happen across and have no real idea that youre were going to purchase when you walked in. . . . . Probably another sign of a serious shopaholic, right?

Wendy re big pots I have filled (usually 1/3 of the way up) mine w/ the styrofoam peanuts/coils/garden packing stuff you get from mail orders (obviously you have to mail order to get this stuff to begin with) it works great for drainage and while theyre somewhat "together" at the end of the season, they break apart easily w/ a stick. Maybe you can bum of that stuff from others I usually keep a trash bag of it "in reserve" every year from purchases I get.

Happy Friday, all. Workie workie calls...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oh yeah, I've done the packing peanuts thing in the bottom of pots. Just remember you've done it when you go to dump out your old soil on a windy day or be prepared to chase styrofoam all over your neighborhood. I'm still finding that stuff under leaves, I usually leave half of my old potting soil in the pot. Just toss in a handfull of Osmocote then fill the rest of the way with new soil.

Cindy, I got that Homegoods flyer too and was tempted. Were there any deals or just lots more stuff at full price? You're right about grabbing what you want when you see it.

Deanne, I'm not worried about my banana-it's buried under a pile of shredded leaves. My Abelias are probably toast though, maybe the variegated Buddleia, and it will be interesting to see if Crepe Myrtles really come back from the roots. Sometimes plants surprise you.

Now I'm really gone.


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[eery Twilight Zone music playing in the background...]
So have you ever written a splendid post and posted it but it's just NOT THERE? I must be going NUTS I really posted one last night and it isn't HERE! lol. I was hurrying so I bet I just *thought* I hit 'submit' duh.: )

I remember a couple was-
CHELONE! GET BETTER *NOW*.(I was hoping some tough love would snap you out of your misery: )
Chris is passed out in bed-he's got a respiratory thing.He has a scary sounding cough. I'm hoping not bronchitis.

Sue how did Tom do with his injuries? Maybe I missed that.Maybe it never happened? ; )lol
One of the other things I had posted in my phantom post was how sad I am that you are enduring symptoms and you have faceless people telling you have to stick it out-it's just not right. Can't the Dr. pull some strings for the right treatment?

Deanne-'Billy Greene' is cool-it's flowers remind me of garten meister. LOve that combo of the begonia & fuchsia-and teh second photo too-well if you like pink that is; )
That's funny how Eden and Deanne have their specialties for successful overwintering. Eden I had better success with fuchsias this year and it's becasue I used straight potting soil which drains completely rather than holding the water and allowing the roots to rot then die. My enclosed porch got so warm at first that they started to grow then it got way too cold(as in zero degrees) so I ended up having to bring mine inside-those extremes would have done them in I'm afraid. I'm so amazed to think that my fuchsias were just bitty cuttings from Deanne and now they have trunks and full branches. I can't wait to see how they do this season.
Eden wishing your mom a great bday. That's great about your DD & her boyfriend!

Wendy thanks for asking about Ryan-Oh he did great! He spoke loud and clear and didn't sound nervous-later he told me he was a little nervous-though it didn't show. I am so thankful that I can buy any outfit for him and he wears it-AJ is more selective(many more whines come from him regarding how things look or feel). Wow that's neat that your son was 'into' wearing a full suit!-I sure hope Ryan remains like this for his Communion too.

Ei-no my dad didn't have hallucinations-we were very lucky. In fact he was pretty docile except for at the beginning some out of character swearing when he got frustrated. For much of his illness he really didn't speak. He also didn't wander. I'm so sorry you are going through this.((EI))

I just got news last night that my Aunt in VA fell and broke her hip-she's almost 80 but did well through her surgery and she should be OK. Falls involving older people scare me. It took her a half hour to get to the phone to call for help: (

OH Maaary! Are you practicing young lady?

Michelle-that's cute that Kenzie likes the zoo monkeys. Does she like Curious George?

Martie-why let someone drive you away from what you are free to enjoy-they win if you stay away from here.

I AM anticipating joy-the thermometer read 23F when I started this post and now it's 31F ! YAY. Sun, just keep on shining.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Just skimmed this morning and I'm mad as can be.
Marti, do not take this. Forward me, or anyone else you know that's a techie type, the email. The IP address of the sender is encoded in there. REPORT this to the SENDERS ISP as well as yours and if it's a reputable company, their account will be closed! There is no excuse for this behavior and you should take action.


P.S. Sorry to bring over bad thoughts but I'm in therapy for abuse as a kid. That behavior just fuels the fire right now.
(Rant) You DO NOT have to take it or be afraid! Find out who is doing this and go to GW, iVillage, your ISP, and THEIR ISP.
Hold them accountable for their actions.

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Good Morning, It's 36 here and the temp is climbing. And there's sunshine pouring through the window! Busy Friday here. Bella and my parents will both be here most of the day. I slept like a rock last night. I'm not usually one to have insomnia. I need my 8 hours of sleep.

Deanne, I think the fuchsia failure does have a lot to do with the fact that I just don't have a good spot to overwinter them. I left them out in the little greenhouse until after Thanksgiving and they did fine. But once I brought them in to the basement I do think it was just too warm for them. As far as the begonias go I think I give them just the right amount of neglect for them to thrive, lol. I love your picture of the pink combo!

Martie, I agree with the others. Don't let a lurker drive you away. I definitely would want to get to the bottom of it. You've gotten some good offers of help in doing that here. Hope you take one of them up on it!

Babs, glad Ryan did well! He's really growing up! We haven't seen a picture of the boys in quite awhile. Hint, hint.

Michelle, how great that Kenzie had such a good vacation. Bella got a zoo membership for her birthday and I'm hoping to take her there alot this summer to visit all of the animals. Animals are one of her favorite things to read about and look at pictures of these days. We could use a few Kenzie pictures too!

I have to run but Happy Friday all and here's to a great weekend!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Sorry all, can you tell I feel strongly about this??! LOL
Dear therapist would be proud~ ;)

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Happy Birthday Honey!!!!

Hope you are enjoying the sun!

Hi everyone...

I have been skimming along and hope to do a more in depth read this weekend, and post too! Babs is right, the sun is out in our neck of the woods. When it shows up, I get my book at lunch, I find a sunny window spot and sit in it until I can't take it anymore. I pretend I am at the beach... I do the same thing in the sauna at the gym.(without the book, of course:). it helps me get through the winter.. someone at work said according to her garden journal from last year that in April her peonies were coming up and by the end of the month they were two feet high.. Can't wait..


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just a quick one here. Wendy, Yes use the peanuts but save those plastic net onion bags to put them in so that they don't blow all over the place when you decant the pots in the fall.

Eden, need me to send you some more fuchsias???? Re rex begonias, how much humidity do yours get where you have them? I can't figure out why the leaves on mine keep burning and dying off.Too much light under the lights?

Babs, I'm over the moon that your fuchsias have trunks on them. Neato! Yes, indeed, the flowers on 'Billy Greene' are shaped like the 'Gartenmeister'. You'd love that variety. I'd send you some but I killed mine. LOL ~~ so sorry about your aunt.

Cindy, thanks for the information on the fungus gnats. Did they say what kind of sand to use? I want to give that a try.

OK I'm outta here

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Good morning all. The sun is shining here and the snow is melting. Woohoo!

Eden, I got Kenzie the cutest bath towel for Easter. Its brown and the part that goes over your head looks like a monkey face. Its like the hooded baby towels but for bigger kids.

I dont know about the fuchsias, they are in hopefully cold enough storage in the basement crawl space but the one rex begonia I have seems to thrive on neglect.

Babs, I dont know about Kenzie, but DD loved Curious George. In fact one of our cats is name Curious George or George for short.
Cute how Ryan wanted to dress up. I remember DS loving ties. It lasted until about 8th grade. RE: your vanished email, weird things are happening on the Idylls lately ;o)

Kathy, how cool that you saw the Beatles in concert.

Wendy, I use milk jugs and plastic pop bottles they work well, are free and not as messy as the peanuts.

Cindy, the arbors and pergolas remind me of that cool store that we went to last summer Steel Heart. I could bring U Haul there. LOL

Sue, did Tom hear the results of his sleep study?

Deanne, lovely garden pictures. Billy Greene is a winner. My DD always wanted a pet monkey. I tell her she doesn't need one now. Kenzie is such a climber.

Drema, love the picture of the gate. I think I have a gate fetish ;o)

I hope the sun shines on each one of you today.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Hi everyone!

Martie, I agree with the others to report the post to GW and their ISP. How awful! Hope you continue to post.

Deanne, we keep our Rex Begonias in the bathroom (they enjoy the humidity I think) and in our larger guest bedroom and havent lost one yet, which is amazing since I dont do houseplants. They are all getting natural light since I dont have a light setup. I only water them when the soil is dry-about every week or two. They hate wet soil. Must be why I dont lose them b/c I only water my regular houseplants every 2-3 weeks and my overwintering plants every 1-1.5 weeks. They have to adjust to my schedule or theyre out of here.

Wendy, we put capped 2 liter plastic bottles and plastic water bottles in the bottom of some of our large pots so we dont have to use too much soil. I like Deannes idea of putting the Styrofoam peanuts in an onion bag b/c when we tried the peanuts loose and dismantled the pots at the end of the season, they blew everywhere.

Honey, happy belated birthday! Ill get a photo out to you soon.

Sue, have you received your Garden Conservancy Open Days directory yet? I havent and am concerned LOL. I want to start circling gardens that look interesting.

We brought Emma to the veterinary ophthalmologist last night (the same place Sue brought Zoe). She doesnt have an eye ulcer again, but some sort of irritation. The doc flushed out her clogged tear duct and put her on anti-inflammatory drops for 2 weeks. Whew, not as bad as the ulcer last year when we went down every 2 weeks for a couple of months. The fun part is we got to visit my mom a mile down the road and she made stuffed cabbage and kielbasa for us. Yum!

I cannot wait for the clocks to change and the weather to warm up. Wait, that all happens over the next few days. Yipppeeeeee.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sun is just wonderful! I love it!

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Day 5 and I'm still braying like a donkey, but the head is clearing out a bit. No bed sores, though the inactivity of the past days has made me stiff! Babs., would that some "tough love" would flush out whatever has invaded my person! I sure hope Chris isn't feeling too poorly. And once more, my sympathies to any parent who has a sick kid.

I, too use broken bits of styrofoam to buffer the bottom of planters. We used it in the windowboxes to save weight and the idea of putting the pieces in onion bags is BRILLIANT, Deanne. I only replenish the soil in the windowboxes every couple of years, never fully emptying them as I would a planter. We bring the two cement urns indoors for the winter, and the other planters are plastic.

I'm about to get another Amaryllis blossom. I think this one is going to be red. Interstingly, both the bulbs rescued have a baby bulb on the side of the parent.

My car developed a nasty rattle and went into the shop... yeah, some nasty rattle... broken spring and some other pretty important parts... to the tune of $500. What I would give for a public transportation system. :(

I think we ought to nag Martie until she checks back in. I'm with Babs. entirely on this one. Silence gives tacit approval for turkeys to behave any way they like. Come back, Martie, come baaaack... . Please?

There's more I want to comment on, but being upright is making me dizzy... maybe later. Or tomorrow.

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Drema! You have such a great imagination...what,no cabana boys? You must include them next time you bask in the sun; )
Where did you take that gate pic? That looks like an enchanting place-is that upper gateway a rose vine? Beautiful gate!

Aha Chelone lives! Sorry this has taken you down so hard. Watch your back-I know if I lay low too long it certanly does mess up my back. ANY improvement yet?

Monique-I am going to steal your 2-liter bottle idea-that's perfect! I've used over-turned discarded plastic pots to take up soil space but then the root systems have nowhere to go in the center of my pots-your idea takes up volume but not root space. I could use gallon milk jugs too.

Good GRIEF! I did my first walk of the 'estate'-yuck yuck yuck is all I could say. The deer ate every single living thing I've planted-they went crazy. I stood there thinking I needed to calm down because every year the gardens look like crap right now, it will grow...hard to believe: ) It WILL grow.

time's up-gotta make some grub.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hellllooo? Can anyone see me? Over here - in the fog...

We hit 50 degrees today, but that means major sublimation of the snow cover. DH and I were going to go out for dinner at a local sports bar but I decided the drive home was too treacherous. So we're listening to the game on radio and enjoying Trader Joe's frozen French onion soup (not too bad, by the way).

Wendy, as an alternative to the styrofoam peanuts we have used hunks of styrofoam - you know, those form-fitting pieces that a lot of stuff is packed in? You sometimes have to do a little creative hacking to make something the right size. DH started me on this a couple of years ago, but then Ken Druse showed the exact same thing in one of his slides last week.

I'm feeling rather whipped after a very busy week, so I think I will give up living on the edge and try to post this. If you never see this post, I will blame it on Babs.


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Has anyone seen V? Hmm I wonder where she is...
Oh well. I'll just keep looking..

~Babs[insert Twilight Zone music]

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Onion bags, huh? Well that's not something you're ever going to find in this house. As many of you know, I detest onions-yuck, yuck, yuck. Tom made a false bottom for one of my pots last year with a scrap of plywood. He drilled a hole in the wood for drainage. It worked like a charm.

Babs, deer damage must be extremely discouraging. When I had that one visitor for just a couple of weeks last summer years of gardening flashed before my eyes. Do they just visit you in the winter or are they year round guests?

Living on the edge must be the story of my life. I always compose my messages in the little GW window.

Like V, I'm beat after a long week. With good intentions I brought a bunch of work home tonight. I don't have a great set up here for doing in-depth stuff but I figure something is better than nothing. However, if it warms up like they say I may just spend my spare time in the garden.

Sleep well,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, Hmmm....24 degrees out this AM instead of 4... Nice change. It is supposed to get up into the 50's today.... Yabba dabba do!!!!! Can't wait to feel warm sunshine on my face.... (with sunscreen on of course to preserve my girlish complexion.)

So V. you out of the fog yet?

Chelone, I thought I heard a herd of donkeys here yesterday. Was that you? (sorry couldn't help myself)

Babs, I'd be ripping my hair out if I had to deal with deer. They are just terrible. So sorry.

Sue, ROTFLOL over you and onion bags. No kidding. I didnt' think of that until I read your post.

So many good ideas here. I like V's chunk styrafoam idea. Good one.

Drema, beautiful photograph! Love that gate.

Michelle,you must have sent us the sunshine!

OK time to motivate and get something done with this beautiful day.


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GOod morning

A little bit of pre-competition jitters here on my part as we head of to the big Odyssey of the Mind Competition. Over 150 teams are competiting in the tournament - can you imagine?!! Getting 7 kids, their costumes, props, all the paper work and all sorts of other miniuta ready has been no small feat but I think we're ready. After 4 1/2 months I can't believe that by the end of today it will all be over. I'll certainly be cracking out the wine tonight.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V, thanks for the fog....At least the temperature is in the 30s so far. Rain expected today, but SUN tomorrow.No deer or donkeys here so far, but certainly multitudes of rabbits. Le sigh! The bird sounds are beginning to change too...which is a treat.
Well this morning Minou has a date with the vet for a check-up, then some banking to do in a different town...and then I'd like to convince DH that I'd like time to check out baby things. ;-) These are exciting times! 20 days til we visit out west.

I'll leave you with one of those emails that get sent to us all, but this one somehow spoke to me today.

This is very scary!! I know someone else who this happened to.

Most of you have read the scare-mail about the person whose kidneys were stolen while he was passed out. Well, read on. While the kidney story was an urban legend, this one is not. It's happening every day.

My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. It was just that quick. I went to sleep in my body and woke up with someone else's thighs. The new ones had the texture of cooked oatmeal.

Who would have done such a cruel thing to legs that had been mine for years? Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs. Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans and Sheer Energy pantyhose. Then, just when my guard was down, the thieves struck again.

My a$$ was next.
I knew it was the same gang, because they took pains to match my new rear end to the thighs they stuck me with earlier. I couldn't believe that my new a$$ was attached at least three inches lower than my original. Now, my rear complemented my legs, lump for lump. Frantic, I prayed that long skirts would stay in fashion

It was two years ago when I realized my arms had been switched. One morning I was fixing my hair and I watched horrified but fascinated as the flesh of my upper arms swung to and fro with the motion of the hairbrush. This was really getting scary. My body was being replaced one section at a time. How clever and fiendish.

Age? Age had nothing to do with it. Age is supposed to creep up, unnoticed, something like maturity. NO, I was being attacked repeatedly and without warning. In despair, I gave up my T-shirts.

What could they do to me next?

My poor neck suddenly disappeared faster than the Thanksgiving turkey it now resembled. That's why I decided to tell my story. I can't take on the medical profession by myself. Women of the world, wake up and smell the coffee. That really isn't plastic that those surgeons are using.

You KNOW where they are getting those replacement parts, don't you? The next time you suspect someone has had a face "lifted," look again. Was it lifted from you? I think I finally found my thighs - and I hope that Cindy Crawford paid a really good price for them!

This is not a hoax. This is happening to women in every town every night.

P.S. I must say that last year I thought someone had stolen my breasts. I was lying in bed and they were gone! As I jumped out of bed, I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in my armpits as I slept.
Now I keep them hidden in my waistband.

Off to prepare some of that oatmeal for breakfast. ;-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Mary, eager to hear your news tonight! Best of Luck!!!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm trying to figure out how to deal with mountains of laundry with all my fingers crossed for Mary's team? I'd just skip the laundry but it is at the mandatory stage.

The fog is gone, the sun is shining and the temps should crack the freezing mark shortly. Best of all, there is a sandhill crane in the front field!

Sue, you reminded me of another idea for large pots. I saw a new product called Upsa-Daisy at the trade shows this year. It's a round disk that fits inside a pot and it has drainage holes in it. They have them in various sizes. Tom should have gotten a patent on the idea!

Okay, laundry is calling...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Spring ahead day! Woo hoo-bring on the weekday gardening. The week ahead is the one time a year my dogs sleep past 5 AM. Then they get with the new program.

Good luck Mary! I googled Odyssey of the Mind and got to their website. It looks like quite a production.

Unfortunately no sunshine here-overcast but still supposed to hit at least 40 F. I'll take it. I'm hoping to prune all the Clematis, cut back the rest of the grasses and coppice all the shrubs this weekend as well as general twig and leaf cleanup. Can you tell I'm anxious to get going? As usual, I have no shortage of ideas and potential projects for the upcoming garden season but this year I have the added pressure of the Garden Conservancy open day so any project I start needs to be completed.

No, Monique, I haven't received my open days guide yet. Supposedly I get one for free for being part of the program. I have seen the entire schedule for CT and I don't remember lots of new gardens. Mine is open the same day as Steve Silk, Jan Nickel and another garden in Glastonbury I've been to that is very nice. As soon as you get yours up and running for the season we'll get the GC representative down to see it along with Steve Silk.

Laundry...I have to admit it's been years since I've touched a washer or dryer. Tom does all the laundry here. You never have to remind him or even ask. The stuff disappears from the hamper and reappears all clean and folded.

OK, time to organize my plans and get moving.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning! The sun is out here, but it is still a bit chilly. Warmer temps are promised, hopefully the glacier in my backyard will melt soon.

What good ideas you guys have about the pots. I guess now I just have to mail-order some plants to get the peanuts! The styrofoam chunks and plastic bottles are a good idea too.

Deanne, I saw the tip Cindy mentioned about the sand for fungus gnats; it didn't say what kind of sand, just 1/4 inch depth. My rex begonia that I brought in is doing the same thing as yours, it has only 3 leaves left now. I put a dome over it to keep the humidity in, and it is sprouting tiny new leaves from the base.

Babs, that is rotten about the deer. We have them occasionally, but they don't seem to stick around. It is pretty populated where I live, I think they end up here when they get lost or something.

I keep hearing twilight zone music, where is that coming from?

I haven't received my Garden Conservancy guide yet either. I looked at the dates on their website, there are open gardens in Chelone's neck of the woods in June or July - road trip anyone??

Chelone, hope you are feeling better today.

Drema, that is a really pretty gate.

Mary, hope all goes well today!

I always write my posts in the little window too, does that mean I am a risk-taker?

Sue - plywood circles, stone patios and laundry?! That Tom is definitely a keeper!

Enjoy the day!


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I may think outside the box, but I definitely write inside it!

I think I may just be seeing the flickerings of light at the end of the tunnel of pestilence. I am presently undergoing the respiratory equivilent of the break up of pack ice. How's THAT for a "visual"? ;)

Rex and I went to the banks and then to the grocery store. Rex whines and drools when we go to the drive up window anywhere... how special is that? Anyway, it was a big day for him; riding in his mobile territory with his Mummy, and going to the cookie machines, too. WOW.

I was asked to pick up some chicken for dinner tonight. "What kind?", I asked. I received one of THOSE looks and then this, "How many kinds are there, darling?". I love givin' him both barrels when he says something like that... "Raw or already cooked, lovechop.". :) He thought spicey rotisserie sounded really good; good thing I thought of it, huh?

It's warm today, cats hopped right through the slider with no "ducking", and the driveway is already getting gooky. V., I was thinking about how fast snow melts when it's foggy. It's amazing. We get a lot of fog here, there are times we'll have fog along our road and 1/2 mile west it will be clear as a bell. It's the same way with summer temperatures, it'll be nearly 90 1/2 mile west, but 75 here. All depends on the sea-turn. Does that sort of thing happen along the Great Lakes, too?

The flock of turkeys was back this morning. I tried to open the slider quickly to get some pictures of them, but they're wary. All the heads came up as if one, and they began trotting off for the safety of low cover. They're rather large birds, and I was surprised at the gracefulness of their movement. Ben. Franklin thought they should have been our national symbol!

Best of luck to Mary and her "herd" today. Can't wait to hear the results and an update on her "hickey"/wart.

Martie... oh, Martie... come out, come out wherever you are!

Michelle, you'll have get a shot of Kenzie in the monkey blanket.

Ei., that's a nice thing to say to me. But when you get right down to it, you simply put one foot in front of the other and do what has to be done. Somehow you get through it, because you have to! Hope things are OK for you these days.

Am now completely forgetting all I wanted to say, and think some more quality couch time is in order. Later!

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Good morning!!

Busy, busy day planned for us (yeah, not 'by us' but 'for us'---helping out the kids).

Just wanted to pop in to say 'hello' to all who are thawing out and send Mary & David's team 'best wishes' for a fun and successful day (emphasis on 'fun').

Hope it is a good one!


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Hold it, back up, erase my faux pas above..................and amend it to read:

Wishing Mary & David's team fun and success with emphasis on BOTH.

Heavens!! If they only have fun and no success.....that was a bit on the rude side. Didn't mean it that way, meant I hope they have a wonderful time, presenting what they've worked so hard on and that the wonderful time isn't marred by whether the judging says it is 'the best' or not........

Success is the quality of the journey!!



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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

It's still morning somewhere, here for another 6 minutes, so I'll say good morning! The sun is shining and it's 48 outside. If the ground were'nt so mushy, I'd go play in the dirt. I'd probably slip in the mud and fall on my backside, though, since we are on a small slope here.

I did go out a couple of days ago, and looked at one garden, the one by the arbor. I planted a lot of bulbs and new plants in this one last year and I did find two green tender shoots (in different places) beginning to stick their noses above the soil. There is hope! The arbor will need attention this spring, though. It has a sweet autumn clematis on it, which I need to cut back anyway. The stake I put into the ground and attached the arbor to has, however, rotted away. I'm thinking new stakes at the feet and then a quick coat of something for preservation. It's redwood, so I'll have to ask Dad what the best thing for it is. Another project this year is the deck, which simply must be cleaned and sealed. This has to be done between the times when the pine tree is delivering goodies to us in abundance.

Today is laundry day for me, as well. DS2 always comes home with a bag full of laundry, plus DS1 hasn't had any done in 2 weeks at least.

Chelone, glad the crud is beginning to break for you. The field behind us used to have turkeys in it. One of the toms would come to the fence and shimmy and strut. He'd talk if you talked to him, also.

Mary you are brave to take on all those kids! Hope you have a fun and rewarding day.

Sue, how nice that your husband does the laundry, and other things too! Mine isn't built like that, unfortunately. Guess I didn't train him very well!

Thought I'd share a picture of Mystique napping. This one was taken a few nights ago.

Have a great day everyone!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

No, no garden work yet. Temps zoomed into the low 50s and it's just a bit too mucky. Tomorrow I'll try to work around it. I did bring the fuchsias out of storage. Sadly, it appears the only survivor is 'Gartenmeister'. Like Eden, mine were doing fine in the garage when it wasn't freezing yet but even the cool closet in my basement is just too warm, I guess. I remain optimistic though- watered them all well and tossed them in a sunny window. Maybe I'll be surprised.

Tom needed socks so I offered to drive him to the TJ Maxx with the Homegoods attached. I picked up a couple of do dads-most of the stuff was overpriced IMO. The best deal was a small wrought iron obelisk I snagged for $25. We also hit the fish market for fresh swordfish and king salmon filet. Now it's time to get ready for my walk. Where do these days go? Today will be the first walk in months that I won't have to bundle up in layers of fleece and gore tex. Yahoo!

Suzy, where is a picture of Cinders?



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I did a garden walk thru this afternoon. There's bare earth today for the first time and lots of green things that overwintered under the snow. The ground is very soggy though so there won't be any garden cleanup until things dry up. It was so nice to have a day in the 50s with the sun shining. We're in for another nice one tomorrow.

Mary, It's late in the day to wish you good luck. I'm sure you've already finished. I can't wait to hear how the team did though.

Deanne, I read that perlite will work for the fungus gnats too, just like the sand, 1/4 inch deep.

I have to leave in about 20 minutes for my sister's house. Birthday party for my mom is there tonight. It's been a busy week. Megan had a spell at work yesterday, almost passing out and isn't feeling well again. She's staying home until Tuesday and hoping she'll feel better by then. It's been a hectic week. I hope next week is a quieter one.


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So I wonder...CAN I do a turbo post? Let's see-no fair pointing out mispells-we don't check spelling for turbo posting.

Good Luck Mary-I must have missed this but this is something David is doing with you? I do want to hear all about You are playing your violin for this?

Eden-poor Megan! That's the thing with mono-it takes time to get back energy and a person can only take so much sick time off-I hope things go better for her. Are they understanding at her work?

Sue enjoy your walk! It's an odd feeling to suddenly not need the winter coat and apparel-it's GREAT.

Chelone-that is the BEST feeling to finally have the sensation of respiration through one's nostrils again: ) Chris is so-so, he's vertical but looks yucky to me. I think he should have stayed home but he & the kids are at his mom's to give her groceries and have dinner. Luckily i have my hands full,I don't want to see my SIL just yet. Chances are she won't be there anyway-that's the usual thing.
You asked how Chris felt about his sister and all the stuff happening. It's pretty sad because he'd do anything for her before all this animosity started. Their relationship was close before MIL had the amputations-as soon as caregiving became the issue the relationship fell apart-a common thing with caregiving families as you know. He doesn't feel any connection to her becasue he hates what she does to their mom. When he tries to speak to her it becomes a raging fight with him trying to talk sense and her yelling(she yells/swears up a lung to manipulate the situation so she doesn't have to deal with her part of the equation). That's the most hilarious thing about her wanting to become a family therapist. As for SIL & MIL they butt heads all the time-they basically pick fights with each other-one is as bad as the other...something I've never experienced with my own mom so it's uncomfortable to be around them-I have to close myself off from them. Just a very weird dynamic. Chris treats his mom well-therefore his mom usually treats him well. SIL treats her mom like a peasant and MIL does likewise. SIL is jealous of Chris but all it would take is for SIL to play nice! ugh I've said too much: )

Today is 'clean the entire frigginhouse day'. Ryan's Bday party is next Sat. so this is cleaning weekend...and week(much to do about everything).Damn,we lose an hour.

Chris woke up at 8am and started cleaning my stove-no, not just wiping it down-he stripped drip pans and grates and got to it: ) I am thankful.
I've been MOVING furniture while vacuuming(this means business)! Ryan swept the floors(one of those deals where I'll have to redo what he missed: ) And AJ washed the windows. The two of them had a half hour to go through a pile of this and that-anything left behind would be tossed(I never saw something disappear so quickly...there's probably a new pile sitting in their closet or under a bed).
V my laundry was past mandatory DAYS ago: ) I'm doing that today too. I want to rearrange my living room but I can't come up with a doable arrangement. I just need all new furniture: )

So I might make a Lochness monster cake for Ryan's bday(afterall he does believe lol).He liked the idea and I can sneak a St. Patrick's theme in then: ) His real Bday is on the Ides of March(15th). I'll do Corned beef sandwiches -still deciding on the rest of the menu.

Forget turbo-but definitely too long of a post!


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The weather was fabulous here today, too bad there is still a bunch of snow around. It is melting fast though and I can see bare ground, but all is very soupy. On my walk today I started with a coat, then I stripped off the outside layer and figured the liner would be sufficient, soon I was walking in a t-shirt.

I continue messing around in the kitchen. I put up the glass shelf that I bought for the area above the desk. I'm now waiting on countertops and fabric for the curtains. I think I will wait to pick flooring until the counters are installed. Rick tells me that we will never build a house as I am so slow to make decisions and I agree with him.

I hope Mary and David had a fun and successful day.

Watch out for the spelling police Babs! Your SIL sounds like a royal pain. My sympathies on the deer damage. I usually have some in just one garden that is farther from the house, but it is bearable. I usually use some Liquid Fence when I think of it. I think Jaden keeps them away from the rest.

Chelone, good to hear you're heading over the hump.

Sue, Rick made eggs with lots of onions this a.m. Oh, and he does wash too. Not all of it, but he helps.

'bug, who do we report the thefts to? I got a good laugh out of it. The breasts hiding in the armpits was just a hoot.

Tacos with onions for supper tonight so I best get going.


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54F at 7:50pm.

The above, on it's own, gets rejected as a post. I didn't realize there was a minimum of words required. But that's all I have to say.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm saving my onions for a pot roast tomorrow night.

Here's today's "can you believe it?" moment. DH and I went to the local bar for a late lunch and the basketball game. A couple came in and sat at the next table, and just as they say down the wife's cell phone rang. It was a child needing a ride, and the wife proceeded to say that they were at Walmart shopping for car stuff and could the child wait for 45 minutes? The wife then went on a little rant to her husband about other parents who were unreliable. Of course, they stayed for well over an hour...

Lots of sun and warm temps today, so we made progress in losing snow, but there's still more to go. No signs of any crocus yet, and not much green in the front garden. Still too much snow to check the back (more drifts and less sun in the back).

I sent DH out on a boys' night out with my blessing, but I am missing him now! My plan is too catch up on same garden magazines.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, well it is a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day here and already 45 degrees outside. There is a lake in the backyard and the ground is really mushy so even though Id love to do some cleanup Im thinking I need to wait a week or so for the ground to dry out.

Michelle, do you ever do any work in your garden shed this time of the year? Im thinking you need a little glass house off the side to get your spring annuals going and to harden stuff off. LOL I probably need to get a little greenhouse like Eden has. Id sure like to get those fuchsias out of the basement as soon as I can. I probably can get them up to the garage in another few weeks if we arent going to get any more artic blasts like the one last week.

V. That story about the couple lying to their children is unbelievable. Do they think the kids wont know they were in a bar? Jeesh! ~~ Ive not seen any Red-winged blackbirds yet but I had a Northern Oriole singing its heart out in the top of the oak yesterday. The birds know spring is here.

Babs, so great to have you posting regularly again! I need to learn how to do a turbo-post. Let me know when you figure it out. ~~ You SIL sounds like a pip. That kind of animosity makes an already difficult situation even more difficult. It is all so unnecessary. And she wants to be a family councilor? Amazing.

Eden, Im so sorry that Megan is still under the weather. Poor gal, mono really drags you down for a while. ~~ How was the BDay party? ~~ Thanks for the info on the perlite.

Sue, Id give the fuchsias a few weeks before considering them a lost cause. Hows your weather today??? Im sure youre already outside.

OK speaking of outside. Ive got to get to the gym and get my day started. Im already an hour late and Ive not done anything yet.

Have a great day

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The pack ice is still crumbling, I'm still making strange noises, but... (drum roll) I'm having my first cup of coffee in a very long time. The helpmeet's condition is deepening, however. Poor dear.

I turned the clocks ahead as I turned in last night. I awakened at my usual time (in the dark) and waited a long time for the horizon to show signs of brightening. The overcast is clearing out and soon the computer screen will be flooded with sunlight. The light is shining through the rain droplets suspended from the maple's branches. So, so pretty, and V., there is low ground mist... sure evidence of warm temperatures for the day.

I observed 15 turkeys associating around the compost pile. They then strolled to Sanitary Ridge and I was barely able to open the window and get one pathetic shot of them as they hastened toward the woods. I don't think it will rival any of Deanne's. ;)

Can't wait for Mary to share the Odyssey of the Mind results. Sounds as though it was quite a crowd and quite a competition.

I'd also like to know if Cynthia has given any more thought to the arbor she would like for her roses? Speaking of roses, I did a quick turn around the house and am a little freaked out by the size of New Dawn... Ei., I think it was your's that blew my mind some years ago... now I am freaked out about pruning it back. Yikes! I even observed some narcissus near the foundation breaking through the soil (mind you it's a protected area on the south side of the house).

Deer? you know how I feel about them. I would dearly love to see the overpopulation in my own area dealt with firmly. But sentiment and fear prevent it at this time. Though I do suspect the rising spectre of Lyme Disease and destruction of personal property will force the discussion again and again. I've witnessed very little deer damage to our yard, something I suspect is directly related to the patrols of the assortment of canine family members. I can only imagine the frustration!

My brother called me yesterday. He wanted to run a few ideas past me with regard to Mum. She seems to be enjoying daycare, but she's always been very polite and pleasant with "others". It's only with her kids that she can get sort of crabby when she'd rather do something another way, lol. The initial tension between him and me has evaporated, I'm relieved. So I sympathize on a very personal level with those of you who are struggling with an infirm elderly person and siblings/relations who are freaked out and unwilling to face the grim realities of the "next chapter". I was fortunate to have the helpmeet intervene of my behalf and that his level head and faultless diplomacy made clear the necessity of change. One foot in front of the other, my friends. And talking about it does help.

Time to hang the laundry and see if the patio furniture is dry enough to support the comforter for an "airing". Then I'll see what fun and interesting things all of you have posted. (I started this a long time ago!).

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Hi everyone

Thanks you for all the good wishes Idylls. Yesterday was a blast. Babs, Odyssey of the Mind is a competition to encourage creative thinking. Kids form small teams by age and create an 8 minute play around an open ended problem. They come up with the concept, write everything themselves, create their own costumes, props and stage-sets. On the competition day they also have a problem thrown their way they have never seen and they are graded on creativity. This can be anything from making a protective covering for an egg to naming as many different "states" as they can. The coaches role (my part)is to set up meetings, encourage teamwork and creativity but to keep it hands-on for the kids and hands-off for adults. That said, it was a mind bending amount of work coordinating everything but still a fabulous experience.

Our team came 6th out of 11 in their division and I thought they did great job, especially as half the teams were a year older and had done this before. They were delighted too. What made it all worthwhile was the way the kids had worked together over the past 4 months with such boundless energy and enthusiam and fun. I got the nicest cards and notes from both kids and parents, plus a gift certificate for dinner that I'm looking forward sharing with DH. But no kids!!

I got back from the competition just in time to drop Annie at a sleepover, deliver David to neighbors and pick up a friend to go see Pinchas Zuckerman perform and conduct the RPO. It was out of this world (he has to be one of my all time favorite violinists). I arrived home completely and utterly exhausted and it was only when I collapsed into bed that I remembered the only meal I'd eaten all day was breakfast.

My other piece of news is that I now have a violin teacher. The RPO violinist I'd contacted had me come play for her on Friday. I was incredibly nervous driving to meet her - I think the last time I played in an audition was 30 years ago to get into a youth orchestra. Also, the classical music world has its share of arrogance and elitism. However this teacher couldn't be further from any of that. She is warm and encouraging and thinks it great that I want to find time in a busy schedule to play. On my part I know what a fabulous musician she is and how much I can learn. It was rather like meeting the Idylls in person - we just clicked. I played the first part of the Vitalli Chaconne and then she me run through the hardest passages to get an idea of where my playing is -(rusty is the adjective that comes to my mind). I can't wait to start lessons - one middle aged, warty violinist is feeling very happy;0)

I must go - this obviously isn't a turbo post! Right now David is teaching Nu-Nu the pet hampster how to run on the treadmill and I see the potential for an accident.

Have a great day everyone


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Oh I just walked through the garden again. Daffodils are starting to poke up and I'm dying to get out there and start doing some cleanup! It's way too wet though and the ground's still frozen. It's a beautiful sunny day, 52F. I guess I'll go paint the trim in the bedroom. We need to get it finished. Spring's definitely on it's way! Yeeeeaaaaa! Makes me feel like dancing!

Mary, glad to hear yesterday went well for you and the group. Great news on the violin lessons. You're going to enjoy them so much!

I'll be back with more comments this evening. With the time change it seems like this day is moving too fast. I hope you all have sunshine today too! Enjoy it!


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Good Sunday morning everyoneAnother 70 degree day is in the cards here- with tulips blooming and tomatoes at the garden center , Spring is here for sure-noT to mention pacific daylight time. Its a little brisk out this morning so I ll do a few interior chores before heading out for the day.
Yesterday I noticed the lilies breaking through , so I decided it was ok to plant dahlias, and did so, got about half of them planted up. And, I also saw some growth coming from the base of Charles Grimaldi- I was sure he was toast yay! Chuck lives .. My other brugs appear however to be DOA.

bug, love the kitty photo you postedwhat a rough life , huh ? and Suzys Mystique looks quite content too.

Babs , boy am I glad I dont have deer to contend with ! My BILs used to live in a high deer population area , and they would get so frustrated with the supposedly "deer resistant " plants that would get nibbled anyway. They made themselves a fenced area for veggies and roses.

Chelone it sounds like you are on the mend at last. New Dawn, yet another climbing rose that I want but have no room fornot that that has ever stopped me in the past mind you, but its a little difficult to "squeeze in" a climber. I have a Cl Cecile Bruner that I hack back mercilessly every year with no ill effects. She would engulf the abode otherwise.

Well, I just stuck my nose outside and it is definitely time to blow this computer and head out.
Great day to all !!! Yoo-hoo Martie

Kathy in Napa

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Mary, that is great news on both fronts! You must be just thrilled to have found an instructor that is as stoked as you are. I remember driving to interviews and wondering about the "stitch test", too... what would I be given? would it be a timed test (frequently they are), and would they have deliberately left the machine out of adjustment to see if I knew how to bring it into proper adjustment? Don't you think a bit of nervousness ratchets up your effort? I can't wait to follow your progress. This is very exciting news.

You must be proud as peacock of the the kids in your group. 4 months is a long time to "stay on course" and work toward a competition. Were they nervous about it, too?

On a more domestic front, I failed utterly in my mission to purchase a new mattress cover. Apparently, I am not the only person to realize the elastic in the current one is totally shot. There were NONE at the Cuddledown store! not one. I ordered one and it ought to be in by Ry's birthday (I want to see that cake!). :) The other thing I realized is that it's time for a new mattress and boxspring. Our's is nearly 23 years old; and I remember when the helpmeet bought it... :/ Something tells me I am going to choke at the price.

I received the Garden Conservancy Newsletter yesterday. And noted, with sadness the sale of Fred and Mary Ann McGourty's lovely property. It is featured prominently in one of my favorite gardening books, "The Perennial Garden, Color Harmonies Through the Seasons" by Jeff and Marilyn Cox, c.1985, Rodale Press.

Martie? come out and play... please?
And where's Taryn?
And 'bug?

I can't go out and play, not quite recovered enough... are you guys gonna force me to go through my bureau drawers and bbegin filling bags for GoodWill? (the remaining evergreens in windowboxes are still frozen solid, I checked).

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm here Chelone! What a gorgeous day it is. A day to open windows wide even though it is only 34F. Not as warm as chez Cynthia. But the snow is melting in the sun. DH knocked icicles off the garage entryway and we struggled along the drive, our "luge" track. I saw a robin!!!! And the dirty horrid piles of crud are melting along the roads. It will take a while yet, but it is encouraging. The creek is flowing and the mallards are paired up there too.

DH did his hockey thing this morning and I waited for him at Starbucks and did some reading and knitting. I also bought DGS a neat book. Yesterday I managed to get into the grandmother mode and bought tiny garments. DH was marveling at them...which is certainly out of character! The maternity wear was uglier than ugly, and so today I found some very plain T-shirts for DD in white, grey and black. Nothing but pink and blue out there with ruffles, puffed sleeves and lace- definitely NOT DD's style.

Gardening is a long long ways off though. I brought home more planted white tulips- they're groceries, right? It will be a while before anyone can walk out there to collect the fallen debris and even think of weeding/edging/planting. Indoors the coleus are still alive mostly.

Mary, I'm so happy about your success in acquiring your new music teacher! Sounds like that will be a fine partnership indeed! DH's voice teacher is good, but not as fine as his first one whom he misses. He picked a really good one and she ended up going to Yale for further studies.

Chelone, I've wanted to get a new mattress and box spring for over 30 years. It never gets cheaper. Le sigh. Time for a shower I think! New dishes, mattress, rugs, paint, couches etc. Of course that doesn't happen, but I think a 40th anniversary shower would be a great idea. Things are looking tired around the old homestead. I guess other things are more important these days though, like that crib and changing table I promised DD & DSIL. His 40th birthday is Tuesday and he is overloaded at work but is one mighty excited papa! DGS was a hoot the other day talking to the baby through DD's belly. "Knock Knock! Are you there? I can't wait to play with you!"

Today marks the second anniversary of my Mom's death. She is still missed, even though it was a blessing. Now if only they'd stop sending me bills and tax stuff and just let us remember the fun stuff that made up her life.

Enough about me and mine...
How did YOU enjoy your weekend???

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

I've got 20 minutes until dinner so I'm going to try to make a post before the dumplings are finished. Chicken Fricassee with chive dumplings, green beans, mashed potatoes and salad. Nick says it's a waste of good chicken - he's very partial to fried chicken. I've never made this for him (it's been literally eons since I've cooked this one). I'm sure he'll like it, he just has to give me a hard time.

Sue, well I could take a picture of Cinders, but he looks pretty scraggley. We usually let his coat grow out all winter and by this time he looks like a "scruffmuffin". He's due for his Easter haircut. I'll take his picture then! I can't wait to start walking again. Maybe I'll take one after dinner - it's nearly 50 here. Heat wave!

Babs, Nick's birthday is next Sunday the 18th. He'll be home from college on break and wants crab legs. We only can get frozen ones here, but they are in the freezer waiting for him and the other guys - I don't eat seafood. He hasn't said what kind of cake he wants yet.

V, that just slays me that the wife told her child she was in Wallmart. I would have told mine the truth. On the other hand, we probably would have, in SOME circumstances, left and taken care of the ride and come back to the bar. I don't see why parents can't be honest to children - they usually know the truth and resent the lies. And what kind of example are they setting for the children? Not a good one, I think.

Mary, sounds like a wonderful time with the Odyssey of the Mind. Glad you have acquired a teacher also for your violin! We have a grand piano in the living room - DH is the pianist - and I've often wished to learn myself. I've puttered but wouldn't dare ask him to try to teach me. He just can't teach it, it's not in his make up.

Time to finish the food, I'll check back later.


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Mid 40s here today with bright sun and intermittant cloudy spells. I opened the windows too. The cats were in and out all day long. Even elderly Flo was outdoors, sunning in one of the patio chairs. I watched the snow disappear from a bed out back, the snowblower paths gradually widen, and the driveway grow a little bit gookier. All the while there was a steady, drip, drip, drip as the remaining snow on the roof succumbed to the rays of the sun. I hung the laundry out on the deck to dry.

I cleaned out my underwear drawer, finally pitching a few bras that have long since lost their elasticity and adding underpants with holes in them to the silver polishing ragbag. I pitched socks that were thin on the soles/heels. The drawers close more easily now. Then I put on my hat and coat and went outdoors to begin pruning the climbing hydrangea. I couldn't help myself. I have to haul out the step ladder and get busy tying the longest branches securely to the arbor so the growth is directed UP and OVER the vault. It is covered with buds and I removed several lower branches that were extending too far out from the fence, this should help with the training, too. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to cut down the Aconitum, right now there is still too much snow around it, but another day like today and it will be exposed. I noted a few more bulbs poking up on that side of the house, too.

Rex had a nice time outside with me, even though I was unwilling to go for a "walkie". I have to watch him now, he's taken to digging up cat turds next to the foundation on the front of the house... yum-yum "tuberous begonias". EWW. I hate dogs.

One of our friends was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. He has cancer (they think it's Lymphoma) and his ankles were very swollen today. He is a smoker and they fear blood clots and stroke, so he's in for a few days. And very frightened. The helpmeet has gone down for a visit bearing my good wishes and I'll go see him tomorrow on my way home from work. His girlfriend is really freaked out, too. I have to e-mail her tonight, she was ready to cry on the 'phone and needs a "shoulder".

Thinking of 'bug and her Mom today... even as I anticipate the anniversary of my father's death. Bittersweet.

Here's what I want to know: when are my sinuses finally going to drain completely? my poor head feels so full right now. I just wish it would GO AWAY. :/

I need some cheese to go with my whine. Wah.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Deer? Who said deer? Nine of them just strolled across the front. The dogs were quite enthused to see them, and demonstrated that by pressing their wet noses all over the glass door that DH had just cleaned. Fortunately, the deer stayed well away from any garden plantings. We haven't seen numbers like that for some time.

It was a perfectly lovely day today, but I had to work all day at a customer's so no outside enjoyment for moi. I totally disliked changing the clocks today because I had to get up in the middle of the freakin' night and was too danged tired to enjoy the extra hour of sunlight when it finally rolled around. Chelone, can I share some of your whine?

Mary, what great news! I'm so glad that the violin teacher worked out, and i think the kids did great as well.

Babs, my DH's uncle knew he was terminal for many months, and went over in great detail how he wanted his memorial handled. It was such a relief for his family when he did pass that they had no such decisions to make. I hope your SIL calms down a little.

I have to accomplish one thing before bed, so I shall call it a post!


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It would be insensitive of me to mention our temperatures here today ..I was sorely tempted to move all the begonias back outside , but resisted. Late frosts are still a possibility . They go out for sure in three more weeks, and that includes the plumerias too. No rain is in the forecast for this week, and temps will stay warm so they say . I am going full speed ahead on planting the dahlias. One of the things I love about spring is that sense of go outside and it seems like every day something new is happening. I was looking at my Dicentra yesterday (which I swear was not there last week) and looked up and noticed the Japanese maple is leafing out. DS went to Yosemite for a couple nights, so I am having a bit of solitude and BBQing a pork tenderloin.

Mary, way cool that you got yourself a violin teacher-and one who sounds supportive and helpful to boot. And what a busy day you had ! No wonder you were exhausted..I saw Zuckerman a couple years ago , as part of a chamber music series I subscribe to. We get some decent soloists sometimes in our little town.

Chelone, count me in as another who is sleeping on an ancient mattress. Every time I stay in a hotel I find myself pulling back the sheets to look at the label. I had a very comfy mattress in Chicago last summerI know Im looking at at least 7 or 8 hundred bucks to replace the piece of c**p I have right now if I shop cleverly.. I swear Im going to do it this year. Mattresses have come a long way since 1975. I also need a new refrigerator. Its all a matter of prioritization , right ? And good job on the underwear drawer ..but what about the pediments ???
Sorry about your friendmy late DH was a smoker too. Part of the process is the anger dare you not quit ? How dare you expose all of us to your smoke ? Dont expect me to take care of you when you get cancer ! (which of course you do anyway..what else can you do ?) Anyway, I hope your friend is in place where he can beat it. Some people do .

My DH and I collected antique clocks, I have purchased one more since he passed away, and now have 8. This adds a dimension to the spring-ahead, fall back.! Spring ahead is easy; but for fall back I have to go around and stop all of them for an hour and then re-start. Do not spend the night here if you are bothered by gongs !

OK time, to clean the kitchen.. Its almost 7:30pm and the house is still wide open ..

Kathy in Napa

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi folks, just thought I'd stop by on my way to bed. Time off for my walk, workout and meals aside I've been doing work, work all day. Yuck. On the bright side it was too mucky to work outside anyway.

We sprung for a Tempurpedic mattress a few years ago after Tom spent the night in some swanky golf resort on business and claims he got the best night sleep of his life. It is very comfortable but I rarely get a chance to sleep on it all night because of the

Off to stuff earplugs in my ears and give it a try...


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I'm going to give work a try to today. I'm still coughing, but I can't stay home forever, so I'll see how it goes. It's showing a deep orange-pink over the horizon (I see it through the trees).

Kathy, the pediments are just out of reach for me. I can't move the the extension ladder alone (heavy and awkward) and the 8' step ladder can't be used because there are snowbanks where it must be set up. Perhaps the helpmeet will help me this afternoon. You're right! they've been bugging me for awhile now... the boxwood has that "windburned" look. :( We have 3 older clocks, too. A tall case clock that the helpmeeet's grandfather made in the '20s (he was a master cabinetmaker), a marble mantel clock, and a cuckcoo that returned from Germany with one of Mum's aunts in the early '30s. All desperately need a cleaning/oiling; the "grandfather" has never sounded the chimes in our home. I love chimes, lovely background noise. Have you read, "Longitude"? I haven't (want to very much) but received the 2 disc DVD for Christmas; it's great.

I believe my hydrangeas are going to be without blooms this year. I am very sad about that, because they were so pretty last year. In all, this winter has been a very tough one for me. I'll be relieved to see the end of it.

Good to know I'm not alone in the mattress department! our "Perfect Sleeper" ain't so perfect, anymore. We have two other sets in the house from a local (REALLY) manufacturer and that's where I'll go. May as well pay to keep fellow state residents working as anyone else! I have to get some prices some time soon.

The sky is now a flaming pink and I have to get on my pony and ride. Have a fine day, friends!

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Good morning

Suzy - your dinner sounds delicious - I was tempted to stop by:0) Hope DH enjoyed it.

My DH would join many of you in dreaming of a new mattress. I'm not at all sure it's the root of his sleep problems - he's going into the sleep clinic in a couple of weeks to see what the doctors come up with. I'm fortunate that I can sleep absolutely anywhere - in fact when the snoring/tossing and turning become too bad and our guest room is in use, I decamp to a sleeping bag on the floor and am just as comfy.

Chelone - I too applaud your accomplishment in the undies department. Many of mine are long past their prime, but to ditch them would leave me in short supply. Is gray an "in" color this year? By the way does spicy food help your sinus' at all?

Thinking back to the Odyssey Competition the kids were all nervous, one little girl in particular. It made it all the more special that they were able to come through and give a performance they were proud of.

Kathy - I adore old clocks and though we don't own one ourselves love the ones at my Mum's house that came from our grandparents. I especially liked the ritual of winding them up with a key.

GB- I love hearing about the anticipation of the new baby and remember that time so fondly when I was pregnant.

Babs - bummer about the deer. Our snow is still too deep to see the extent of winter damage but if we are true to form it is the rabbits and voles that wreak the most havoc.

Eden - I agree, the feeling that spring is around the corner makes me feel like dancing and I am a terrible dancer!

Last night I was so completely exhausted I fell asleep at 9 PM. I hadn't even finished cleaning the kitchen but when I got up this morning everything was put away - either Annie or perhaps DH when he arrived home in the wee hours from Vegas. It was a nice surprise and a great way to start the day.

Time for work - have a great Monday everyone


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Morning all

Friday turned out to be a nasty work day so I slunk home and died. . . .
but we have had some glorious weekend weather unfortunately Sat. was a Chloe do date ("hairdo" for those unfamiliar w/ chloe-isms) & I usually end up doing errands while waiting the 2-3 hours as its usually a 30 min drive to home I managed to snag a flat of pansies at Home Cheapo tho & plant some that afternoon. I cut back all the roses, remaining shrubs, did a bit of weeding and started on the clematis (altho Im a wee bit hesitant to chop those that need chopping just yet; a lot of them had started to bud up in January when we had that heat wave & I just am not sure how chilly it may still get). It was so squishy though I probably stepped on a lot of popping bulbs.

Im suffering w/ the aches and pains of the first Spring clean-up today I dont know whether the bones & muscles hurt more or the aching body from lack of sleep add that to body parts stolen for medical science loved that little story, bug.

Cute kitties lazying about here!

I guess I need to dig out the digital camera & start practicing on the dog & the few pots I potted up w/ pansies...

Again, Babs has coined a another great term turbo posting (which doesnt get counted for spelling errors thanks!)

Sue I agree with you that a lot of the HG stuff was somewhat overpriced but I did snag a few obelisks and a couple of pots that I thought were pretty reasonably priced. They didnt have any of the Asian ceramic stuff (humongo pots of last year). . . . its always intersting to see what new "wave" of things they carry from year to year though. And I would have loved to have that set of gates if Id had a place for them!

Drema I loved that garden gate shot too beautful! Good to hear from you I think of you often doing the city commute too, trains, etc. . . . Hows your brother doing?

Chelone funny you mentioned that about ND rose I chucked mine a couple of yeears ago because it really was a monster and only bloomed once a season for me there was some discussion on the Roses forum about 2 types one that only bloomed once & another that did repeat a lot of people seem to own the one a season guy and in my real estate, a one a year rose is way too expensive and it was a huge thorny guy to try to prune. Good luck on yours. I ended up replacing it with Viking Queen and so far have been pleased but its only been in 2 years and Im looking forward to this year being a pretty good year for it. I did some pruning out on it but not too major yet.

Mary how exciting re the violin teacher and after auditioning too Congrats! Thats so neat.

Kathy wow tomato plants at the GCs?

It is supposed to hit 70 on Weds!!!!!!!! I wonder how many people will call in "sick" that day? LOL.

Suzy Im reading about your chicken dinner and it sounds yummy and its 9 a.m here... YUM!

Okay, on that note w/ food int thought I better tackle Monday. . . . and think about Weds weather.


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World's fastest turbo post; )



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lost a post it seems....

In brief:
DGS has major head lice. Joy.... (The ex blames it on DD's dog. Dogs however do not carry human lice.)

DSIL is very anxious about the move and work...very unlike his normal easy going self.

DS is gradually regaining strength from major lung worries: "Still glue in my lungs, can't fully breathe, but everything else is gone"

Lots of road kill around. I've seen skunks etc on the roads. We in fact hit a raccoon the other night when it suddenly changed direction and committed suicide. Much as I hate them in my roof, I still feel horrible when that happens.

Tree pruners are expected tomorrow, YEAHHHH! There's still major snow on the ground though.

Hoping for knitting time today, but we'll see how that works out with everything else.

Happy Monday to all! (Is that an oxymoron? Is that even possible? We shall soon see!)

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And now for the slightly longer version...

It's gloomy here today with some rain expected later and I awoke with a headache that I can't seem to completely shake. Maybe it's because I know I have to do more painting today? The house is quite messy and needs cleaning after a busy weekend and I have laundry to do. David has jury duty this week. He's the youngest I've known to have to go, 20. I think you can be called anytime after 18 though. We're supposed to get into the 60s tomorrow. I'm thinking I can at least get out and clean up after the dog if I wear my boots. It's a start. Also there are lots of sticks lying around that need to be picked up.

Mary, maybe you have a kitchen fairy???


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We looked at mattresses recently and were shocked at the prices especially the high end ones.

Deanne, I really had little room in the garden shed until last year when we got rid of all DH's stuff. I did bring alot of the plants out there as the eight windows face south and 1 east window. I put up shelves above the tables under the windows. Right now I can't get the door open because there was a large drift in front of it and now its all ice. Todays 65 degree temp should get rid of that.

We have lots of bare grass with large snow drifts and piles every where. Extremely foggy this a.m. with all the warm air and all the snow.

There are a fair amount of pheasants as road kill around here. Once we got all the snow, they can't find food and peck around the sides of the road. Hopefully, now that there is bare ground showing in the fields they will be able to find food again.

Chelone, I was glad to read that you and your DB are getting along and that your mom is adjusting to daycare.

Well, its Monday so I'd better get back to it.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day
Monday, Monday, it just turns out that way
Oh Monday, Monday, won't go away
Monday, Monday, it's here to stay

You can say that again Mama Cass.

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I put in a full(ish) day at work today. I'm pooped! I'm feeling pretty good, but my head is still pretty "full", lots of nose blowing and intermittant coughing. My boss is now fully in the clutches of the "grippe", and the helpmeet's descent into it is gaining momentum. Boss was particularly peevish today, which doesn't float with your's truly (I'm not putting up with that crap anymore). She isn't a 5 yr. old, and if she's that sick she needs to stay home; I told her so. Much subdued, she left at about 2PM, clear evidence that she felt crummy. I'm thinking about what to prepare for the helpmeet's dinner. Methinks he'd be best served with "room service". I hope he decides to stay home for as long as he needs to.

My week at home means I'm STILL ploughing through the dreadful sailboat interior. It feels like a life sentance, lol. I finished up the port settee cushions for the main salon this morning. I'm now working on the aft sleeping area (could accomodate two, very much in love). Two cushions, with a great deal of shape and bevelled edges (that means the top is larger than the bottom because they rest against the side of the hull). They take time, and the bottoms are to be made of vinyl, so I'm cutting from different rolls of goods. I should have them finished tomorrow, and will enter the homestretch... the V berth (the cabin in the bow of the boat). The fabric is homely, all the cabins are in the same fabric, and it's decidedly "unfulfilling". Knowing what I know about their boat, I'd hazard a bet their home and garden is "safe"... know what I mean?

HEAD LICE, 'bug? Oh man! like your daughter needs that? any chance she could take some pictures?! (I loved entomology and parasitology, and I love forensic science... so, yes, I'm serious). How do you get rid of them? shampoo, obviously, but is it necessary to go after the nits, too? Or have they "new and improved" the products doled out? Enquiring minds want to know. :) What was the book you bought for DGS?

Cindy, my New Dawn reflowers. I'm a reactionary rosarian; prune too late and spray too late, too often... but if it will flower continually for me it's definitely not a "one trick pony". I'm freaked out by how sinister the errant canes look. But I think the "cyndies" (loppers) will tame it in no time flat. It obviously enjoyed the fertilizer I gave it last spring.

I am going to need the assistance of all of you this season. For 3 years I've done very little in the gardens and it shows. I shovel pruned several things last spring and need to rearrange what I have and add more select things as the season progresses. We have nearly 3 acres and I am fond of the "wild" buffer areas that surround our home. I am having a hard time "smudging the edges" of the more cultivated areas so they blend smoothly into the natural woodland. Need help esp. with woody shrubs; type and placement for overall effect and "feel". Would LOVE to have any of you come for a visit, anytime. REALLY. I had the nicest time at Deanne's last weekend, and I know you guys all "understand" how very personal plantings can (should!) be.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dh just came home so this must be short!

Chelone, head lice are awful. Little eggs that are almost invisible that must be removed. Itchy Itchy too! The suggested product for this (30 years ago) was carcinogenic. Great! An alternate product is tea oil, but that is not advisable for pregnant women as it can encourage spontaneous abortion. So the midwife suggested fluoride toothpaste as a shampoo. DH suggested a Brittny Spears haircut. LOL.

The book I bought DGS is called "If I Were a Lion" and DH & I fell in love with the poetry and art work. DGS will love the naughty little girl and the rhythm of it all.

Time to cook.

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What about kerosene? I recall my father's advice about crabs when he was in the Navy. Shave one side, light the other on fire and swat 'em as the jump over... ;) Hey! I NEVER told any of you I was PC, let alone "polite".

Seriously, do you have to use one of those little, tiny, fine "nit combs". STILL? I would have thought by now they'd have a "nuke it from orbit" solution.

What a drag! can he still go to school or is he under forced confinement until containment is achieved? Yikes.

What does Nurse Ratchett have to offer on the subject?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Heck, well school is where he got them no doubt, so I guess he'll be there with everyone else unless his mother keeps him home. Not likely though I think.

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There was a story about headlice on NPR not too long ago (Morning Edition) and the furor surrounding the admission of kids with headlice to school BEFORE eradication. The whole point was, once the colony was established on a head it was very localized. Lice need blood to live... no blood, no life. Unless hats, combs, brushes are shared, the lice have no desire to GO anywhere. :) CONTAINMENT. (They don't live on dogs while waiting for a human host, LOL! and they don't "jump". Mother must be some piece of work, 'bug. Is she completely stupid or just a PITA?)

So kids with lice were allowed back to school and monitored. A lot less hassle than ostracizing them and THEN having to make up the missed work.

But what a drag... I can only equate it with FLEAS. And 3 cats and 3 dogs... . I was vacuuming, bombing, bathing for about 3 months straight. It sucked. TOTALLY.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Yeesh! today was a Monday all right. I will go to work tomorrow wearing a sign around my neck that says, "READ THE MEMO and then ask questions". And in three weeks when everyone's computer changes time again, I will not answer my phone, because I told them what to do today and they didn't bother to read it. Okay, rant over.

On the plus side, I started working on my very first Power Point presentation for public comsumption and I am far too pleased with how nice it looks. I'm like a little kid, playing the entire slideshow everytime I add a new slide and then grinning because it looks so good. Make that a modest little kid.

And then I thought of Chelone, and decided that I had done quite enough work and left at 4:00 pm! I went home and actually strolled in the garden with the dogs. (Is strolling the right verb to describe mucking through piles of unmelted snow and puddles of snow melt, all the while yelling at the black dog to drop the pine branch that is supposed to keep the rabbits off the heuchera?) Anyway, it felt good to get outside and assess the situation a little bit. This garden needs to dry out more than Britney does!

Babs, you realize that Eden has you beat?

GB, sorry to hear about the head lice. What a PITA! We had a scare once when my daughter was young but no actual lice. When I was young, we had a huge bridal wreath spirea in our yard that had a bad infestation of aphids one year. I didn't know they were aphids then, and I thought they were lice. The arching branches reached over our sidewalk and I would try my hardest not to brush up against the bush so I wouldn't catch lice!

Our deer were back again this evening, and the cranes were very vocal.

We replaced our waterbed with a nice mattress a few years ago. It cost more than I expected but it was worth it. I'm still enjoying it.

Chelone, I thought the V berth was where I slept?

Hmm, I had one more important thing to say. I wonder what that was?


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Hello Idyll friends ! Its Monday indeed, but a 75 degree Monday in spring cant be all bad !

ClocksMary, I wind mine every Saturday as a rule, but I have two that are 31 hours and should be wound daily- one of them needs a repair so it isnnt running, and the other I frequently forget to wind ! One of my employees and her husband own a clock repair business, and I am gradually getting all of them cleaned and repaired if needed.

Chelone, I looked up "Longitude" on Amazon- I love this sort of obscure historical/scientific stuff .Ill definitely try to make a spot for it on the list, thanks for the recommendation. LOL on the crabs story ! havent heard that in a while !

Cindy, I whacked my clematis quite brutally this winter. I completely disregard the A B C pruning thing. I have one (Ramona) that has so much thatch now that I think I will cut it almost to the ground this fall and see what happens. Im with you, I dont have room for once bloomer roses. Wish I did, there are about 10 I can think of that I would love to have !

V, Id like to borrow your "Read the Memo and Then Ask Question" sign. Perhaps a sandwich board outside my office ?

Ah, head lice , my kids had one incident when they were in school. The product was "Rid" and smelled like hell and came with an attractive fine tooth comb.

Well Suzy, I must admit I have no idea what Chicken Fricassee consists of ! Sounds like comfort food though

Okay, here are some pics du jour

Re: the discussion of house eating climbers, I took this pic of Cecile Bruner this evening. I cut at least 30 percent off of her this January. She seems to be rebounding . Jeesh

Dicentra ... also taken today

Tulips !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, honestly! I can't take it! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
I'll try again tomorrow when they say it will be around 45F, but I'm sure there won't be any plants pushing through the snow yet....
There ARE tulips in my kitchen though! :)

Chelone, I don't dare answer your question. ;-)

Nighty night everyone!

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

It got to 64 here today and I opened the kitchen windows. Mystique loved that - being an indoor cat she loves the smells and sounds of outside. It was nice to get a little fresh air in here. Still too wet to do anything outside though.

Ewwww, we were lucky and never had head lice. I don't know how we escaped it - I know there were times the schools were rampant with it. Yes that product was Rid, I remember that. Mom was a school nurse and did lots of head checks in her day. I'm surprised there isn't more of it around - kids share EVERYTHING these days, even when they are taught not to. Yuck.

Chicken fricasse in short: browned chicken, then cooked in water 2-3 hours, then make gravy out of the liquid and put the chicken in it, and the dumplings on top of the chicken. Family was decidedly not appreciative of my efforts. I think I'll not waste my time any more because they just don't seem to care. *sigh*

I'd love to have a huge climbing rose but my ground will need a lot of amendments before I can hope for anything like that. I'm anxious for the flowers this year. I'm hoping the two Endless Summer hydrangeas will do well and bloom for me, they were very pretty last year.

Nick came down with something last night - he was headachey and felt feverish. Complained of a sore throat. I did the mom thing and gave him tylenol and vitamin c, and then some nyquil. He says he feels a bit better today but is still headachey (he went back to school) so he's probably still a bit feverish.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 70s, what a tease. I'll enjoy it though, and maybe get out in the yard a bit after my "do date", LOL.

We've not had to worry about a mattress for a long time. We did replace the waterbed mattress about 4 years ago, I think. The old one was drying out and had a cracked area that hadn't started leaking yet, so we thought it was best to get a new one before we had a flood. I don't sleep well on a regular mattress.

Off to see what's on tv for night owls,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

I did some quick skimming and heard about painting, and knitting, and head lice and garden planning and Kathy is just rubbing it in with her tulip pictures! Things here are still pretty squishy in the gardens but another few days of this warm sunshine ought to dry things up sufficiently to start spring cleanup. That is going to be major work this year with all the broken tree stuff that came down in that ice storm. Then of course all those days of strong winds brought down even more tree debris. The yard and gardens look a mess. Its hard to believe it will be a garden in a month or so.

The snow melted off the poor hellebores and they are pitiful. They began blooming in January then between the ice storm and polar blast cold temps the flowers are just soggy, mushy rotted messes. How sad is that?

The family and neighbor upheaval continues. I dont think I can stand to deal with a whole lot more at this point but such is life. One just has to do what one has to do.

OK enough downer stuff, on to the good stuff. Luke is now completely healed up from his oral surgery and youd never know he lost one of his canine teeth. Doug is recovering nicely from a cold he caught a week or so ago and is working from home this week which is nice.

The plants under the lights are starting to look really good after a winter of bug problems. Ive lost a few more fuchsia but there are still plenty left in the basement and Ive been unable to keep myself from making a few cuttings so there will be more! LOL. My four large Lena uprights are looking great. That variety and the Beacon and Beacon Rosa seem to survive dormancy well. Ive brought a bunch of them out and put them under the lights and Im hoping that soon the temps will stay above 22 in the evenings so I can start bringing the rest of the fuchsias up to the garage. I wish I had a heater in there and then Id bring them all up now. Id lost a couple more and I think its just time to get them growing again. I got my Avent Gardens catalog the other day and Ive been perusing it and planning on a few new purchases. Id like to get a couple more acalpha and coprosma. I was surprised to see they have quite a few varieties of coprosma. Last year I used the C. kirkii in a few containers and in fact I still have the large plant under lights downstairs. It is the variegated trailer on the right side of this container.

Im also looking for a few more varieties of coleus because, of course, I dont have enough plants. ROTFLOL Im going to be putting in an order to Rosy Dawn soon but Im going to wait to have them delivered until the middle of May this year. I lost too many after the cold wet spring last year and dont want to risk that again.

Yesterday I had a pretty exciting bird show up here in the back on the oak trees. I looked up and there was this humongous bird on the tree, a Pileated Woodpecker!!!! What a beauty! Not the best photos of this bird but you see what its like. This guy can be 19" tall with a 30" wingspan. A very impressive bird and is our largest woodpecker here.

Ok Ive got to run and get to the gym. Ive been meeting a couple woman lately and weve been doing our strength training together and spotting each other which is working out great. I can tackle more weight if I have someone ready to help out if I get stuck.

Have a great day all

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The snow is melting so fast that there is some minor flooding around. Our creek looks pretty mighty right now. We hit 64 yesterday, I rode home with the sunroof open.

bug, dont be so sure that you cant find anything green. I told DH that I was going out on Sunday to find something green and he said "good luck" I do have some evergreen perennials and also could see the first little nubs of sedum Autumn Joy and some of the creeping sedums are leafing out as well. Some of the gardens are completely under snow yet, but the garden shed door did come open yesterday.

One incident of lice with DD who of course had had down to the middle of her back.

My New Dawn is a rebloomer as well. It hasnt gotten all that big yet as I seem to have a fair amount of winter die back. It is on a open fence and not a wall which may be the reason.

Its nice to see that someone has green grass and something blooming. I love the moss covered rock. Is it natural or did you help it get that way?

So, Deanne its time to get my fuchsias out of cold storage? I dont have many, so can I just put them under my lights? I had to laugh at your woodpecker, he has such a skinny neck.

Enjoy your day


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Just wanted to let you all know that it's 71F here and I've been out doing a little cleanup. Mother Nature is very messy! It feels wonderful out there and I'm surprised how much "green" was hidden under the snow. Oh how I wish it was here to stay. Soon!

My kids never had head lice but I was always afraid they would! Notes were always coming home from school warning of outbreaks. Everytime I start reading about this topic my head starts itching, lol.

Love the woodpecker Deanne! What a funny fellow he is!


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Eden, I'm envious of your temperature. Hopefully that will head our way for tomorrow.

I spent 1.5 hrs outside last night after work with hubby and we did some cleanup. We tried to only walk on paths and stepping stones. Cut down some grasses, some perennials, the everfruiting raspberries, etc. It was wonderful-I had a light coat on over my sweatshirt and pants, but felt very comfortable. I didn't go inside until 7:20pm. Woo-hoo.

I've been meaning to apologize to the Idyllers and spouses from Deanne's party that got colds. Tis the season, but if hubby and I had anything to do with it, we're sorry :-( I was almost over mine by the party day, but Les had it worse and it took a few extra days. We tried to wash our hands often and did not touch our faces while cooking/baking, but those pesky germs.

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Hi there Idylls!

Neat photo of the pecker Deanne! I love seeing photos of them......not so entralled with getting to see them up close and personal though. ;o) I keep looking at mylar tape, plastic owls with swivel heads and other such deterrants. I do draw the line at inflatable or plastic anaconda snakes.......I'd probably have a heart attack if I saw one stuck to the side of my house. ;o) The woodpecker would probably just use it as a perch while pecking holes in my siding anyway. Dastardly peckers!

I worked for a few hours yesterday cutting down briars at the bottom of our driveway. It looks much nicer and I'm quite pleased with my accomplishment but there is a tiny bit left to do in that area. My cold has come back with a vengance (sore throat, ear ache, stuffy head and feel feverish-------yep, I'm sniveling & whining AGAIN, LOL). I thought once you hosted those germs that they were suppose to move on to their next victim? Sucked the energy right out of me. So, no brush cutting for me today. Just bundled up, staying indoors and taking it easy. is Megan feeling?

Monique, I have some new leaves on my raspberry plants so I guess I'm too late in cutting them back. I guess I could go take care of the dead canes at least. I meant to move the plants but didn't get the new area prepared (DH didn't get my new area prepared, LOL, old weenie arms moi couldn't prepare soggy clay soil on my own). Maybe I'll get everything ready this fall (when the soil is dry and easier to work) so that I am ready in January to move the plants into a better spot. I loved the copper supports that you & Les had for your berries....loved your trellis'..........loved your entire yard! :oD

Michelle, (and Ei) New Dawn is on my list of 'must purchase' for this year. I loved seeing the photos of it that Ei's shown. I'm trying to remember if you've (Michelle) have shown us your New Dawn? Scrunching my brain and trying to 'see' it. ;o)

Kathy, your rose bush is going to cover the whole corner of your house it looks like. Wow!

Well, I've run out of steam so I'm going to take my water jug back to my recliner and melt into it. Such a wimpy and sniveling waste of human flesh when I feel puny. LOL

I hope Honey is having a wonderful time with her girlfriend in the warmth.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just a quick pop-in here, have to pick up DS in a few minutes. I am very tempted to go poke around in the yard, but it is still way too muddy. I made the mistake of stepping off the path into the house last night, and went almost to my ankle in mud. We'd really like to have that path re-done my a pro. We re-lay the flagstones every year, and the path becomes a mess again in the Spring. It is a difficult spot, slight downhill slope along with tree roots and some ledge.

Kathy, how nice to see some spring! Is that spiky plant on the far right of the 1st pic actually blooming?

Re: head lice, never had to deal with them here, though there are outbreaks in the elementary school every year.

Bug, I love looking at infant and toddler clothes; it was such fun dressing my kids when they were too small to voice an opinion.

Deanne, I have been looking at Avant Gardens website and I'm thinking of ordering some stuff too. I have a small list of tender stuff so far, and I am just working my way through the perennial offerings.

Eden, I hope Megan is feeling better.

T, take care of that cold!

Have to run now!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

YEAH! The fruit trees are pruned, some things got sprayed against the rodents (after the fact unfortunately), the ninebark was cut back, and some snow removed from the house foundation. Things are really melting nicely, though snow is still expected at the end of the week. Lots of fallen branches picked up too.

Busy knitting and reading at night these days. Just 15 days til we go visit DD's small family and new home. Pretty exciting. I'm into talking about names, but I don't dare mention my opinions in front of them. I've had my turn already. ;-)

DD asked me to sign up on her pregnancy forum to do a "knit-along". We will all make the same garment and encourage each other's progress. Should be fun.

DGS phoned his Dad at 7AM to wish him a happy birthday this morning. Dad thought that was a bit too early! It seems he's afraid he'll be teased at school for his new haircut. He probably will...but he'll also learn that it grows back. Perhaps others will have the same "do"?

Can't get over having windows open and fresh air and the Christmas lights put AWAY. ;-) Tomorrow, the wreath has to go!

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Very wet here, too. The ground is still frozen and the melt is just floating on top of it. The lawns are still pretty nearly snow covered but the pack is deminishing daily. Driveway is gooky, though.

The woodpecker is beautiful, Deanne. They are impressive birds, aren't they?

Monique, if you and Les. were the vectors of my present malady... well, it was definitely worth the risk of infection to meet you! I'll survive and am reminding myself how great it will be to feel "good" again. Esp. today, as I've suffered a bit of a relapse. My sinuses were pounding today and I was coughing up storm, so I bagged work at about 11 AM. I felt pretty good this morning, too... oh well, it just takes time. I've been meaning to inquire about Megan, too, Eden. And my sympathies to T., as well.

Kathy, your spring shots are great. I am in awe of the size of Cecille, too. Yowza! Your stories of clocks inspired me to drop the cuckoo off at the shop for a cleaning and adjustment. I told him NOT to change the chains, as I like the old, "tarnished" ones perfectly well. It was brought back from Germany in the late '20s-early '30s, by one of my mother's aunts. After that one, I'll take the mantel clock in (marble). I'm not sure that shop is the one to attend to the tall case clock, though... . We'll see. Our library has "Longitude" in the stacks, I simply need to get down there and pick it up.

Suzy, I thought chicken fricasee sounded delicious, personally. Sorry it wasn't received more enthusiastically. :(

It's time for me to retreat and cough in private.

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Tuesday- 5:30 ish and the sun is still shining bright. UPS came with my plant labels from Gardeners Supply today. I ordered two pens and they billed for two and only shipped one-how very nice they were when I called to report the shortage ! My second pen will be in-route shortly. I still wish it had a finer point though. I find these pens hold up better than Sharpies over time(fading wise) . Anyone got any leads on good extra-fine point pens for plant tags.?

Upon close inspection tonight I have many rosebuds-eeny-weeny, but rose buds none the less. So exciting !!

Suzy, youd be surprised what crummy soil climbing roses can grow in-my Sally Holmes is in a horrible location but it seems she could care less. A couple of years ago the fence even fell over on her during a bad storm and she soldiered on as though nothing had happened.

Deanne, Lena is a fuchsia from my childhood- along with Voodoo and Hollydale. I always remember these names. My Voodoo I have now is in the ground but I dont know if it survived the winter yet. Im keeping my fingers crossed. Love the Pileated ! We get them in NorCal but rarely and only in heavily forested areas I think.

T, I bet you are having some nice weather up your way too ! How crummy that you are having a cold relapse .

Wendy, the spiky plant is indeed blooming-It is a Rosemary, "Tuscan Sun" , and it blooms many months of the year.

Chelone ..glad to have inspired you with my clock stories--- there is mucho inspiration here at the Idylls---I have new resolve because of all the wonderful container pics that have been posted here-the bar has been raised .

OK, DS has returned from his camping trip to Yosemite- He took 170 pics ! Im going to view them over a glass of cheap wine

Hello to all ! And as said by the Moody Blues, I know Your're Out There Somewhere Martie !

Kathy in Napa

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Good evening Idylls

Hope all those under the weather are soon feeling better.

GB - last year, working with some of the very poorest children in the city I managed to contract both scabies and ringworm. Both had the advantage of being relatively easy to treat - and for me it is part and parcel of the job. I did feel bad though when I realized I'd the scabies on to DH - and they sure do ITCH!! My pediatician friend/nieghbor is very practical about such matters having had them twice herself and pointed me in the direction for the best treatment. Hope the nits are as easily eradicated.

Deanne - what fabulous photos of my favorite bird - they are awesome creatures aren't they? I was completley blown away the first time I saw one and look every time I'm in the woods. I can never see one of your containers without catching my breath in admiration.

Today was sunny and we hit the 60's. I took David and his friend for a walk by the creek which had almost crested. There was still lots of slushy snow in the fields and huge puddles with chunks of ice in for splashing. Both kids were soaked up to their waists and having almost as much in and out of the water as Clousseau. They came home, dried off and then helped a neighbor wash our cars which resulted in another soaking, plus a lot of high spirits. It was definitely a day to run laundry. I also made a start on the poopsicle pick-up and am trying to keep up with the melting snowline. ITs so good to see grass again!!

Time to haul the last load out of the dryer before heading to bed.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Turbo post here, hope all with colds and flu get better soon!!

Monique, no worries, it couldn't have been you guys because I believe everyone came down with something the next day and that is too soon for it to have been you. The incubation for that kind of thing is normally several days.

So glad you all liked the Pileated photos. It is indeed a magnificent bird and speaking of which...

This isn't a great photograph as my 400mm lens just doesn't have the reach to get these birds at this distance but... This pair of Red-tailed Hawks have had a nest in the woods out behind my neighborhood for at least six years and I was SO happy to see the pair together again yesterday. ONe of the hawks has been in residence for a couple weeks now and the other bird showed up yesterday. How neat is that???? They are marvelous birds and the keep the rodent population down to managable levels.

I put in a plant order for a few things last night and got some interesting Acalpha and a few Coleus... I know I'm cracked... LOL

It is going to be 70 degrees today!!!! Woohoo, I can see some spring cleanup in my immediate future. Things have dried out a lot in the last two days.

OK must run,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Bit of flooding of the creek here today. How nice! I can see a few plants emerging this morning that I couldn't find yesterday. Mighty exciting, even though snow is predicted for the weekend. :(

The birds are wonderful Deanne! I hear the different sounds, but haven't seen anything new except for robins. Later they'll be less exciting but for now, WOW. Yesterday a great horned owl was hooting in the distance, but not showing off up close.

Must get organized as I'm going out today with a friend. I'll try to be back later to check in.


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We're having another warm day today. The last one! It got up to 75F yesterday. What a beautiful day it was. The ground's still thawing out though all the snow is gone. Things are still wet and soggy. Lots of crocus coming up though and the snowdrops are blooming as is the Arnold Promise I put in last year. I'll have Bella here today from 10 until 5. Megan went to the Dr. Monday and he said she could go back to work, only 8 hr days though this week. Her usual work days are 12 hrs long. She still is very tired and not feeling well though. I think it'll just take some time for her to get over this mono.

Deanne, thank you so much for the almost daily bird photos. I never know what to expect but you always come through with something spectacular. The hawks are so interesting. So tell us what new coleus you ordered. I haven't even looked at Rosy Dawn's website this year. I'm cutting way down on containers this year...really! With a 2 year old around I think it will be a good time to simplify in the garden, if only for this one year.

Marie, I pitched the wreath yesterday too! Have fun with your friend today. More baby clothes shopping???

Chelone, hope you're feeling better today...

I need to grab some breakfast before Bella gets here so HI to you all. Hope everyone gets to spend a little time outside today!


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Another day of work Very cloudy and dark but should be decent temperature wise. We are supposed to have a cool down the next few days. Someone told me that it snows 3 times after the robins are sighted. Hopefully, those are dustings of snow ;o)

I have never seen snow melt so fast, we really dont have any left except where it was piled in large piles. My neighbor told me that we actually had water over our road on Monday. I take a different direction to work so I didnt have to drive through it.

I took a walk around the gardens last night and was pleased to see all that had sprouted under that snow. The sempervivums and the sedum Angelina are just fabulous.

Eden, sorry to hear that Megan is not back to full speed yet. Mono does take lots of time. LOL on "cutting down on containers" (anyone want to take bets?)

Deanne, the hawks are quite cool! I wonder if hawks are one of those that mate for life?

T, after seeing Eis picture of New Dawn, Im too embarrassed to post mine. LOL I hope you start feeling better soon.

I dont know if I have ever see pictures of Monique & Les copper raspberry supports. Hint, hint. I have copper that I bought to make an arbor similar to the tuteur last year, but I just cant seem to find the time. The darn exercises for my knees add another task of ½ hour to my day. I havent even ordered one plant or seed this year either.

Have a good hump day!


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Good morning!

It's supposed to be another warm day today although some rain is expected. Typical warnings on the news about strong storms possible. Warm moist air/weather = storms, such news! Yesterday it got to 80 heavenly degrees. Had all the windows open, airing out the house. Mystique loved it and spent most of the day in front of one window or another.

She also had a visit from our neighbor's cat. He comes almost daily - he was a buddy of my Licorice for many years. He seems quite puzzled by Mystique. Since Licorice has been gone, I have occasionally given him a treat of the leftover cat food and now I think he expects his "snack" whenever he comes down. He even has come into the house (not that that is allowed) a couple of times when we weren't watching! A couple of days ago I pulled several cockleburrs out of his fur while he was enjoying his snack. He'd obviously been out through the brush.

Today I'm going to try to at least clean up some of the dead stuff in the peony beds. It should have been done last fall but I never got to it.

Deanne, my veteran hellebore looks devastated also. We had warm weather, really, until late December, and it didn't really freeze here until about mid January I don't think. I'm sure that had an impact on them. I'm more worried about the new one I planted last year. In fact I'm worried about a lot of the things out there, but time will tell.

I love the pileated woodpeckers too but boy are they destructive. I've seen them work on a tree and hollow it out in just a couple of days time. When they are working on it, the wood chips really fly! They seem to only go after trees with bugs in them, though.

Last night I made a pot of chicken noodle soup to send over to school for Nick. He's not feeling very good and his Dad suggested it. He has a small refrigerator in his room, and can warm the soup up in the dorm kitchen. I've always fixed this soup for the family when any of us has the "crud".

Time to get out and do something before it rains.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all, good grief, it's 72 degrees outside! It was only a week ago we woke up to zero. This weather is crazy, crazy.

Michelle, yes, like many raptors,Red-tailed Hawks are normally monogamous and will stay with one partner until one of the pair dies.

Eden, you are cutting down on the containers???? Hmmmmm..... ROTFLOL!!!!! Sorry! you cracked me up. So coleus, BLING BLING, BURGUNDY GIANT, CALYPSO, CATHYS SUNSET, GLENNIS and TRAILING ROSE

Suzy, yes indeed, Pileated Woodpeckers can be very destructive. I read that a bird can actually topple the top of a tree off if it is digging in a thin enough tree. Amazing brids. But, the cavities that they create make nesting holes for a lot of our cavity nesting songbirds so there are good things about their behavior too.

OK must run, TTYL

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This is an old thing that used to be sent around, but today it struck my fancy once more:

How to get ahead in life:

1. As I let go of my feelings of guilt, I am in touch with my inner sociopath.

2. I have the power to channel my imagination into ever-soaring levels of suspicion and paranoia.

3. I assume full responsibility for my actions, except the ones that are someone else's fault.

4. I no longer need to punish, deceive, or compromise myself, unless I want to stay employed.

5. In some cultures what I do would be considered normal.

6. Having control over myself is almost as good as having control over others.

7. My intuition nearly makes up for my lack of self-judgment.

8. I honor my personality flaws for without them I would have no personality at all.

9. Joan of Arc heard voices too.

  1. I am grateful that I am not as judgmental as all those censorious, self-righteous people around me.

  2. I need not suffer in silence while I can still moan, whimper and complain.

  3. As I learn the innermost secrets of people around me, they reward me in many ways to keep me quiet.

  4. When someone hurts me, I know that forgiveness is cheaper than a lawsuit, but not nearly as gratifying.

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Laugh if you must Deanne :) Glennis is one of my favorites. Have you ever tried goldfinch, another really good yellow one? Did you order from Glasshouse? That's the only place I could find most of the ones you listed. If so I'll be interested to hear about how their coleus are. I've ordered begonias from them before and was happy with them.

Marie, are you having a bad day?

T, forgot to mention earlier that I'm sorry to hear you've relapsed with your cold. Hope it's much better today!

Michelle, are the exercises helping your knee? I hope so.

Time for Jeopardy. I have to watch it alone, Bella's gone home. Megan had a headache when she came to pick her up. She didn't look good at all.

Wonder what Cynthia, Monty, Katie, Dannie, Saul, George and AHAOW are up to this week?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)


We enjoyed a high of 73 yesterday as well as a long walk with the dogs. Since the pond is all fresh snow melt, the dogs didn't even stink after their romp through the water. Goofy Sunrise rolled like crazy in the remaining snow patches - go figure!

On Sunday afternoon there was not a sign of crocus or daffs. Tuesday evening there were blooming crocus and lots of daffs poking out of the ground.

Now for the rest of the story - an inch of snow forecast for overnight!

Deanne, I love your hawks!

One wee bit of bad news today - DH was vacuuming up pesky box elder bugs in the kitchen window and had a vacuuming miscalculation. PHWOOOMPH! There went one coleus cutting, sucked right out of the pot. He emailed a very sincere apology to me.

DD learned life lesson #162 today - you cannot leave a car sitting outside for six weeks through major subzero temps and never even try to start it once. The tow truck solved her problem and she will be able to drive home on Friday. I don't think she'll make that mistake again.

Gonna catch some zzz's.


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Hiya Idylls.. I spent the day today in Woodland, which is a town just to the west of Sacramento , in meetings all day . It is just about a one hour drive home , south on 113 and then west on Interstate 80. Along 113 the Western Redbuds (Cercis-lots of them ) were in full bloom. Very pretty !
My internet connection this evening is very slow for some reason. I re-started , but no improvement. It must be "them"¨ . Point being is I tried to upload a few pics from DS's Yosemite camping trip that I thought y'all would enjoy , but had to abort after two way too lengthy tries. I'll try again tomorrow.

Glad to hear of all the warm temps, now I feel less guilty about mine !

I¡¦m beat up from the feet up (in the immortal words of Zig Zigler), so I need to do something really mindless. I have three movies to watch , but tonight is just not the night, especially since one is a foreign film and will require more concentration than I have to give ...

So, see you all on the morrow !

Kathy in the Napa Valley.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)


V, which one went "PHWOOOMPH!" I'll send you a replacement?

Eden, Now I'm ROTFLOLPIMP.... Yes it was Glasshouse and that is the cause of my hilarity, that you'd actually know that. Now I'm going to have to look for 'Goldfinch'. Sounds like I need that one especially because it has a bird name.

Sue, how is Zoe?

Babs, time for another 'turbopost'

Bug, too funny, are you having a bad day?

Nitey nite,

Where is Cynthia this week?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not a bad day at just struck my funny bone.

The creek is flooding and we were covered in fog today.

What will tomorrow bring?


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I will be finishing V.'s berth today (I hope). I received the heavy criticism yesterday... the cushions don't look as good as the normally do, etc., etc., maybe because I was sick? I am not thrilled with them, either, but after nearly 30 years of doing this work, it's pretty much "from the neck down". ;) I calmly pointed out that I was working with old, crumbling foam lacking the necessary oomph to puff out new, crisp covers, in spite of being carefully steamed out. I am also using a product called "Seamark", Sunbrella fused to a vinyl back that is about as "forgiving" as cardboard (I would NEVER have recommended it for the purpose under the circumstances, but what do I know?). So, you can imagine my excitement about getting to work today. :)

It was really warm yesterday and I put on the muck shoes and took Biggie out for a yard cruise. We uncovered a couple of tennis balls (Oh boy!), checked on the progress of emerging bulbs and receding snow cover. The cats put on quite a performance, too. Lots of racing with "big tails", up the pergola, up trees, etc., etc.. Supposed to rain today (rather hard, I believe) and then get nasty tomorrow night... saw something about 4-8" of SNOW for Friday night into Saturday? So what, it won't last long.

Helpmeet is really stuffed up even as I'm still "draining". I left him a note about taking down the pediments IF he felt like it. I've also tactfully avoided the open question of pulling a building permit for the garage.

Not very interesting this morning, I'm afraid.

Eden, sorry about Megan... going to be a long haul, huh?
V., cracked up about the coleus cutting. That's pretty funny.
Wondering about Cynthia, Woody, and MARTIE!
And wondering about several other things, too, but have to get toddling along.

Ta ta!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A huge flock of red winged black birds is making a fuss in the trees and by the feeders this morning! WOW!

The waters are flowing furiously and filling the overflow area next to the bridge. The skies are ominous, but "they" say partly who knows!

DD began a new agility session (8 classes) but in a different location last night. She really enjoys the new instructor way more than the first, and Indy-dog figured out what weaving is - and did the teeter (albeit low) all by herself. She's so proud of her smart dog, I can already imagine her baby will be the world's greatest gift and we'll hear all about it! ;)

I've heard from Woody, busy working on yet another carpentry project, another table.

Mary is offering me advice not only on lice, but now scabies. Oh poor daughter is turning into a laundress!
Another situation agitating her is that yesterday she discovered that her boss doesn't know she's pregnant, though she told everyone in January. So in two week he is to interview her for a job opening...and she wonders what to do. Here's what she says:
"So if Paul doesnt realize that Im pregnant, should I tell him now, or wait until after the interview? I am 24 weeks, and I run the risk that I could be obviously showing in 2 weeks (Im just on the verge now but he obviously hasnt noticed and probably wont ask most men are weird that way). If I do tell him, then I run the risk of not getting the job because Id go on maternity leave for 3 or 4 months - 2 months after being hired"

Her DH says to assume she told him back in January when she told everyone else. Its not like she's been trying to hide it.
And so she is agitated.

I must move ahead with the day-
So later!

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Good morning!

Chelone, when you are done with the cushions for that boat---ours could really use some new ones. No berth for V, but we do have bunk beds in the aft cabin, so we can house V & a friend. The settee could use some new cushions and some new curtains throughout would be very nice.......Or even easier? I could just sell the *^%$ boat!

Laughed during V's report of the coleus sucking vacuum. We are starting to see the Japanese beetles (I think I have the name right, they look like lady bugs) littering the windowsills in the family room. I don't know where those pesky darn things hibernate each year, but their little carcasses litter the windowsills of that room. Dear little James thought it was quite neat to get to study the 'dead bugs Grammie, wots of dead bugs' up close and personal. Needless to say, I didn't mention to his parents that he was lining up the 'wots of dead bugs' into orderly lines......... Kids!

I'm watching James for a little while today while his mom gets her hair cut. Tomorrow and Saturday I have the twins. I guess I'd better do my grocery shopping today after my time with James. I really dislike grocery shopping. :oP

Eden, sorry that Megan still isn't feeling a lot better. Hopefully she notice an improvement over the next few days and be back to feeling well soon.

Deanne, I enjoyed the red tailed hawk photo. We see hawks quite often, but I've never seen two sitting together.

Well, the coffee cup is empty and we just can't have that happening this early in the, I'm off to fill it up.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning morning, rather damp and gloomy here in Southern NH. but it's 53 degrees out even with no sun so I'll take it. A few of the hyacinths are poking their heads out in the front gardens and I've started picking up debris from all those winter ice and wind storms. Wish I could burn the brush, I've got quite a pile.

Chelone, your cushion story reminds me of a class I taught years ago on how to paint a strawberry. I show the students that after the berry is highlighted and shaded (no seed or dimple detailing yet)and the basic form established they are to crosshatch the berry with removable chalk or graphite and in each of the diamonds formed by the crosshatching you place a seed and then erase the crosshatch lines. Well I had one student who only put in about three lines so she was only going to have about nine seeds on a large strawberry. I told her she needed to re-do the crosshatching lines because there wouldn't be enough seeds on the berry and it wouldn't look right. Well, she looked at me in a huff and said, "I'm not going to paint all those seeds! Too much work." Anyway, when she finished the berry looked pretty stupid and she was angry with me and wanted me to fix it because it didn't look right. Sometimes you can't win!

T, I laughed about James lining up 'Wots of dead bugs'. Too funny.

Bug, re: DD - She probably should inform him that she is expecting. If she is agitated about it it probably isn't a good plan not to make sure he knows. Also, he might have a pretty bad attitude about her if he hires her and doesn't realize she is going to be out of work for four months on maternity.

OK the Rahjii is marching on my lap and sitting on the keyboard so I'm going to zip out of here for now.

Later all

PS Kathy,more spring pics would be greatly appreciated as it is supposed to snow tonight. Arrggghh....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sue, why can't we have Friday a day early this week? I want a long weekend.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Lots of joy here at home. It's all good, and I'm anticipating more....

I know you all are trying to move on, and I truly meant it when I said I hoped we could get past this. But no matter how pretty the pictures, how chirpy the posts, it's like this big, black cloud still looms over this place. There has been no closure. So:

In an ideal Idyll world...

-We would never say or do anything that might possibly hurt or aggravate someone else.

-If we thought it, and actually typed it, we would never hit "send" when we should hit "delete". Feelings arent right or wrong, they just are. (Though printing and burning such thoughts for cathartic release might be theraputic.)

-We would all think twice, post once, and never when angry.

-If we read something that did hurt or aggravate us, we would try to be understanding. Perhaps a private note to the individual would make them re-think their post and stop things from getting out of hand. (Note, this does NOT apply to lurkers emailing nasty notes, which is cowardly and unacceptable.)

-We wouldnt be self-righteous or judgemental or accusatory, or expect things from others that it is just not possible to receive. We would attempt to see if we had misinterpreted the message somehow, or were bringing other issues to the situation that shouldn't be there. We would never ask [what could be perceived as] pointed questions, gang up on someone, betray things told to us in confidence, name call (anonymously or not), post rude or threatening images, make snide remarks or cruel jokes, question anyones moral or spiritual values, or rehash ancient history.

-We would be honest with ourselves and each other if we did play a part, and apologize, sincerely. Emotions ride high, PMS happens, people have pain or stress or not enough sleep, a bad day, the full moon hits. We would all acknowledge our role in the matter and come clean. Then move on with a clear conscience.

-Apologies would be acknowledged and accepted so that healing could take place and a real fresh start could occur. The dirt would be cleaned up, not just swept under the carpet. (Do they make carpets that big?)

-"Forgive and forget" would be the order of the day, not just "forget".

-The friendly, caring, respectful, funny and compassionate qualities that the people of this forum are known for would come shining through, rising above the hurt and obstacles. We would all talk the talk, and walk the walk.

-It would never be winter.

You know, all except the last one are entirely possible...

It may be too late to repair some bridges, but everyone can aspire to try a little harder in the future. Take it or leave it, but this needed to be said. And I guess since I started this forum, it was up to me to say it. I had to get it off my chest, for whatever it's worth.

I wish you all the best, (yes, you too Marian)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

I'll leave you with a song. This one embodies the spirit of the ideal Idyll poster, IMHO, and goes out to the memory of EP, whos wisdom, patience and kindness are sorely missed.

Suddenly I See by KT TUNSTALL

Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

I feel like walking the world
Like walking the world
You can hear she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white
Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember
What you heard
She likes to leave you hanging on her word

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

And she's taller than most
And she's looking at me
I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine
Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower
A big strong tower
She got the power to be
The power to give
The power to see

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

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