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lilosophieApril 8, 2012

Looks as though there are more than one, and it looks as though they may have been here for longer than we think.

According to some searches they have babies in April, so we may have a whole family here.

Because of the way the light is, hard to spot them other than the agitated waves, we thought the visiting ducks had orgies (they do)and thought that was the agitation of the water, apparently not.

Joann worked at the feed-store today and several customers shared their otter stories, even the ones who lost a lot of fish still didn't regret having the otters, they are just too cute.

One man had stocked his pond with trout, that is very expensive, and the trout was pretty much otter-food,and even he couldn't help loving those critters.

Our pond is seriously overstocked and it is in our interest to get it thinned, it will give the fry an chance to grow up, so it is all good.

Still hope to get some pictures.

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Good luck with your otter pictures, would love to see them.
They never seem to hold still long enough.

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Saw a opossum yesterday in the courtyard wit two babies on her back and two more hanging on her belly, she looked fat so they are all doing well. This one has unusually black fur and we saw her a month or so ago stuck in the trash can when we left the lid open. Tipped it and let her out and guess she stayed. They eat the snails so are beneficial.

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