Thursday April 26, 2012

coconut_njApril 26, 2012

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.

- Cree Indian Proverb

The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its diseases is called man.

- Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1844-1900

The second one is a little rough. What do you think?

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Yes it is rough but true. What causes most of the planets problems, mankind.
If not for man, some other living thing might have climbed up the ladder, but would the result have had the same consequences?

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Some years ago I met Janet McCloud, Chief Seattle's granddaughter, she was talking about all the illnesses so prevalent right now, and she said, what we do to the earth comes back on us, example we dam rivers, the arteries of Mother Earth, and line their beds with concrete, and clogging of our arteries is happening, deforestation destroys Mother Earth lungs, and humans get more lung-disease. It was a very interesting conversation.

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Re the first one. Some people are not waiting for the last viable day on earth.
I live close to NASA and have visited several times. It is amazing how much testing they are doing in growing food in outer space. All types of grain seeds and seedlings among other things are included on space flights.
Some of these experiments may not benefit us in the short term but I know they are looking at the long term.

I was born in Norway,and I got a kick out of finding out that that the US and Norway are collaborating in growing Strawberries in space.

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This is very likely the only planet we will have, at least in our lifetime, so I too think we have the right to be as harsh as we want with how the Earth is treated. Animals can exhibit what we might consider cruelty, but I don't think we can dispute that human cruelty towards other life forms and the planet make any other animals pale in comparison.

West, I think a lot of good for our planet has been done under the blanket of the space programs. That's cool that Norway and USA are working on strawberries in space. Smiles.

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