The mind at rest

don_socalApril 11, 2011

The mind at rest

Arms that feel heavy

hard to lift

legs are the same

as thoughts drift

Vision blurs fading

as colors merge

to a dulling

blackgrey surge

Sound disappears

in a quiet roar

that is moving

in a long corridor

Tactile sense

diminishes now

to gentle breath

and tepid brow

Silence the voices

each layer of depth

vying attention

putting to rest

Empty unfeeling

the body and mind

the essence of self

serene deaf and blind

The mirror is blank

just silvered glass

no image reflected

no questions to ask

Go now to that place

secret and void

safe from distraction

free of the world

Refresh with new life

breath the sweet air

return to the here

leave the empty there

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So very beautiful.

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Don, thank you for sharing this deeply creative side of you with us.
You are on a roll, so see it through. You've really tapped into
feelings and thoughts that are wanting to be born.
We're so lucky to be here at this point in
your creative journey.

Your poem reminds me of the nights when I am so tired, I can't wake up enough to get out of the chair until about 1 or 2AM---then I just fall into bed 'til morning.

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You are expressing it so well, this state of just being still, beyond meditation, just stillness. Sometimes it is hard to get there, the "monkey mind" is so insistent and difficult to quiet down, but once there, it refreshes.
Thank you for sharing this

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Alternate title "Spring cleaning for the soul". Was tired last night but wanted to write something. Mind was blank and could not think so embraced it and work with it.

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nice, I feel that way when I nap at the computer some of my best naps

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Very nice, Don.I can identify with your poem.

    Bookmark   April 11, 2011 at 8:11PM
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