Idyll #370 - Signs of Spring?

veronicastrum(z5 IL)March 23, 2008

I'm hoping we'll have some signs of spring before this idyll is finished!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

We had a very nice Easter with family and friends. DD volunteered to play her trumpet as part of a brass quartet at church this morning and did a very nice job, and her mother tried very hard to be appreciative but not gloating. Then we had a lot of really yummy food, and quite a bit of just sitting around talking and visiting, and now it's almost time for bed.

A couple of you asked for more about hrutka. This is a Slovak egg cheese. The ingredients are simple - a dozen eggs, 4 cups of whole milk and a little salt. You cook it until it curdles (which is about 10 minutes after your arm falls off from stirring) and then you wrap it into a ball of cheesecloth and let it set. It has a very mild flavor (read: bland) but it was a family tradition. My grandparents were Orthodox Catholic, and for Easter they would prepare a basket of food, including horseradish, Easter eggs, Polish sausage and Hrutka, and they would take it to church on Easter Saturday to be blessed. One of the things I can remember driving me crazy as a child was the egg shells - the ones from the blessed eggs could NOT be thrown in the regular garbage because they had been blessed.

Eden, congratulations to Jenny and Randy and Mags.


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Happy Easter to all. Both family groups have been fed, eggs have been colored and hunted and Im now exhausted.

There was light snow yesterday but it didnÂt accumulate. It was cold and breezy today so the outdoor egg hunt was moved indoors  not nearly as much fun. Although, Kenzie still had a ball.
She enjoyed smelling my Easter lily, we watched the birds and she loved the things I had bought to put in her garden.

DH and one of his sonÂs spent the afternoon yesterday trimming trees in the groves to make walking in there much easier.

Eden, congratulations to the newlyweds. They will probably get more enjoyment out an addition anyway.

Sue, IÂm sure it is a relief that Tom has found a house. Having been divorced I know that it hasnÂt been an easy road. Your lucky you can work in your garden.

We were expected to be home when the 12:00 and 6:00 whistle blew. Anyone else live where they blow a whistle from the water tower at lunch and dinner time?

A peek at some of the fun today:

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A lazy morning on the compound. The sun hasn't crested the trees across the street yet, but when it does this monitor is going to be tough to read!

Kenzie looks so grown up, Michelle. We used to "blow" Easter eggs. Mum would poke a hole in each end of the egg, one a bit larger than the other. We'd blow into the small hole and the pressure would force the yoke and white out the other end, usually intact! Seems that for a couple of weeks before easter there was always a bowl of eggs in the 'fridg.. We'd color them up and hang them on a branch set in a vase. Great fun to do that sort of thing, isn't it?

A confession to you all... . I have been atrociously lax about removing the Christmas decorations from the front of the house. Seems every day I had time or inclination it was raining and the desire to drag out the 8' step ladder faded quickly. Anyway, last week we had a too short visit from very good friends who live way "downeast". They pulled into the yard and stood staring at the house. When Rex and I went out to greet them they expressed delight at the decorations, even in their present dessicated state; asking a lot of questions about how I did them and the time required. Both are accomplished artists and formerly owned a greenhouse/nursery business, their opinions matter to me.

Eden, I rather like the way Jen. and Randy undertook their nuptuals. Short, sweet, and simple... it's not the ceremony that matters so much as the commitment they have made to each other. Here's to a bright future. If they have a fight at least they'll have a dog to kick. ;)

Today is an important day on the calendar, you guys. Peeps are now officially half-price. In our recessionary economy this could be a substantial savings should any of you opt to stock up for next year. Something tells me they don't have a shelf life.

About internet searching... I always manage to find the basics, but I stumple and fail on attempts to "refine" that search. Got any tips? OK, so now I'm going to try to plump the depths of professional stencil artists' guilds. Thanks.

More woodsplitting on the docket this morning and then more pickling. In between peeking in here, of course.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Minus 17C here, which is about 1F. Good thing I checked AFTER walking Phoebe. It really wasn't too bad out there. Lots of fresh white snow though. Tomorrow we are expecting another 10cm and WINDS! Oh joy! I think once the sun comes out from behind the barn that much of it will melt and fall from the branches. We have a red squirrel foraging at the base of the bird feeder and "eau de skunk" in the air. I'm concerned about that, not only because of Phoebe, but because they caused so much damage last Fall. I really don't know how to eliminate them and have no confidence in the skunk removal people.

Not sure what today will bring, but I'm off to start it!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kenzie is so adorable in that photo! All little girl with enthusiasm added!

What's with the ads for lawn mowers and patio furniture above???? Honestly! The scene is still totally white here.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good Morning :-)

Hope everyone had a great Easter and hopefully a nice long weekend. We had a quiet day. Nothing new to report from our house. Computer Chronicles continue and made lots of progress over the long weekend. Today is set aside for making the attempt to get a new AIO printer to work wirelessly with our home network. Not looking forward to it but can't put it off any longer. [g]

I see Martie posted photos of her Baby Seedling Nursery. Looks great! Nice neat work space you have going there and really fun to see something growing!

Congratulations Sue..Yay! Exciting to soon have the house all to yourself, low on furniture or not. Maybe a little scary...but what better time to be facing a new challenge than in the spring when you can get out in the garden for therapy. [g]

Eden, Wow, what great news about Jenni and Randy! A puppy I hope you are happy with their news and will they be living near by? Photos of Magglio? Unusual name, is there a story with it?

Glad Chelone has found an easy recipe for Pickling. Looking forward to photos ...also I may have to do a garden bench for our front hall with that process over the summer, so I will know where to go for the scoop. :-) I share your feelings of wishing I could do a 'search' more effectively.

Denise...hope your parents start getting past that flu soon. If they can just be healthy enough to get on the boat, maybe all the sun and fresh ocean air will help them completely recover.

Love those Chinese PJs Gardenbug. :-) Still snowless for at least the past 3 weeks here, but hasn't warmed up at all and I agree with NEnglanders who said the winds were ferocious on Friday. I stayed in, nice and cozy, transferring files from the old Dell to the Apple all day with a new flash drive that finally worked.

I second what Chelone said ...Kenzie looks older than the last batch of photos. They change so fast! Beautiful long hair and big blue eyes! Looks like she had a fun Easter. :-)

That's all she wrote...back to work on the printer install...

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Look at that little chick... the helpmeet is particularly fond of baby birds, making little coo-y sounds. Tickles me every time.

We've split and stacked another 1/2 cord of wood. Reminded me of "night sticks" and that Marian has not surfaced for awhile, hope computer woes are addressed shortly and all is OK. It was a lovely way to spend the morning, actually. It's a solid 10 degrees colder today than is average for the time of month. We worked in our hats the entire time, though we shed our parkas. There is a lot of bird activity on the compound, you guys! All sorts of songs and a Woodpecker working on a tree. Worms were active under the log rounds we were splitting and there were several times we brushed then off the logs into a hole in the compost pile. "We want you guys workin' for us!".

I had similar thoughts about recovery for Denise's parents. What could be lovelier than a deck chair, a "woolie" (blanket) if needed, and plenty of time to just hang out? I've never been on a cruise, but I would probably really like it... .

We removed the decorations from above the second story windows this morning (think it was time?). The Purple Finches were scoping them out for nest sites, I think. So I have the demolition of those awaiting me, too.

But for now, I am headed out the finish the first phase of the stairwell "Pickle".

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Blah! Back again, no printer installed! An hour and a half on the phone with Apple, following step by step everything looked like it was going right clicked the Done button. 'Now time to test print a page,,' he said to me. Pull up a document, click print, nothing. On hold, consult with supervisor, back to recommend downloading new drivers from the printer website. Go through that, and now instead of working, it is worse. The printer is not being recognized by the computer at all, no icon showing up and now no internet How wonderful. So, he managed to get my internet connection back and now he is sending me to the printer manufacturer for support.

Time for lunch...

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The fuHnace is runnin' in the baHn and I've filled in a few finish nail holes on the casement windows (they face the road, and face directly East). I forgot to bring my my SKIL iXo (squared) lithium-ion power driver out with me the on the first trip. Silly me. Naturally, I will be bringing the SKIL SmartCharge SYSTEM with me, too. ;)

Bummer about the printer woes; though I usually find the support guys are pretty good and usually sort of funny. Things will be better after lunch!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

You're so lucky Chelone to have projects that are within your skill set. I would much rather be splitting wood and finishing up the BaHn! These computer problems are not my favorite and not an easy skill set for me. I keep telling myself I will be a regular wizard when I am Ok...back to work. I forgot to post the caption for that photo of the chick. I also love little chicks and all baby animals. ..

Attwater's Prairie Chick, Texas, 2002
Photograph by Joel Sartore

A weeks-old Attwater's prairie-chicken perches in a delicate nest in Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. A century ago, as many as a million Attwater's prairie-chickens roamed coastal grasslands here. Today fewer than 50 of these chickens are left in the wild, due to overhunting and habitat loss.

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PM2, that is indeed a dark circle of he**, battling with drivers and other unseen foes. Apple puts out a great product, so trust that it will ultimately resolve...and you may still have a few tufts of hair left to arrange when it is! I think the comments re my parents may be spot on. If some of the shore excursions have to be cancelled due to weak legs, so be it. We can sit in deck chairs and peruse maps. Michelle, you are such a good idyller to post photos of Kenzie the day of festivities.

Chelone, do you sing the Monty Python lumberjack song when splitting wood? We usually can't resist. Booming voices now:

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day.

He's a lumberjack and he's OK
He sleeps all night and he works all day.

I cut down trees, I eat my lunch
I go to the lavatory.
On Wednesdays I go shopping and have buttered scones for tea

He cuts down trees, he eats his lunch
He goes to the lavatory.
On Wednesdays he goes shopping and has buttered scones for tea..."

I'm sure you know the rest.

Easter leftovers at V's.
V opened her refrigerator and saw a rabbit sitting on one of the shelves.
"What are you doing in there?" She asked.

The rabbit replied:
"This is a Westinghouse, isn't it?",
To which the lady replied "Yes."
"Well," the rabbit said,

"I'm westing."

Shaking out those Monday sillies.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Awwwww, kids and baby chicks. How cute!
I'm worried about Marian. Our news this morning was talking about bad flooding in NW Ark. :(


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chicks and bunnies...
Here's my animal entry for the day, Phoebe Snow. -I'm fondly remembering a sweet older and calmer Charlotte though.

Our "little tank":

In the bird category, some LGBs. My MIL called them "little gray birds".

And one month ago today many of the men in my life gathered for this shot:

And finally, how things looked very early today:

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Yee Haa! Out of the dark circle...into the light! It was a driver Denise. [g] Apple tech had not deleted the old driver before downloading the new one and had forgotten to disable the firewall and missed two other drivers they needed. Printer/scanner/copy machine installed, connected, printing wirelessly with the home wireless network. I am so relieved and satisfied to get that done, since it was the one thing I was dreading the most. Apple was not able to help with it really. They made a few mistakes that made it worse, but the tech support at Canon was excellent! Straight forward telephone menu, no wait time. Tech person knew his stuff inside and out, 45 minutes later and the print button produced a gorgeous printed page, easily, fast and fairly quiet too. We replaced two perfectly adequate HP Deskjet printers that came free with a camera purchase, because we really needed more. Glad to have that over with!

LOL...Westing is so cute! Looks plump enough for I also enjoyed the lumberjack song. I had never heard that one before. Lumberjacks are about the only ones that can afford to eat buttered scones, aren't they? [g] All I could think of is the song the Seven Dwarfs sang..'Hi Ho, Hi's off to work we go!


Oh, just refreshed and saw you there Jerri...does Marian live in that area that is getting flooded?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Marian is on a mountain should manage as long as health, food and puzzles are there.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oops. False alarm. Flooding is in NE Ark.
Still sounds like a lot of rain went through the area.
Hi all. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

PM2, I'm so proud of you! When do you show up to receive your honorary PhD?

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We did indeed sing part of that song today, Denise! no kidding... now THAT'S a scarey thought. I love the Westing house, too; that would have cracked my father up, too.

PM2, you are a goddess! I prostrate myself before you in congratulatory awe. You must feel a lot better knowing all is hooked up and functioning as smoothly as the operator. I look forward to your comments on the Apple in the coming months.

'bug, Phoebe is getting big, too. Looks to me as though she still has 2 speeds, on and off (more on than off, though, right?). She's so cute. The snowy photos look more forbidding than what's outside my windows, but do take heart. I PROMISE you spring is on its way. Good call on Marian, lol. Maybe we should send PM2 down to set things right with the computer, huh?

Second coat of pickling goop applied to the mopboard that goes up either side of the staircase's first run. There's a landing and it turns a corner to the left to deposit you in the Salon. And I've gotten 4 of the 10 doublehung windows done, too. There are 3 casement windows on the east wall and I will do those last. Seems the second coat of "stain" is the key to getting a nice pale, "frosty" color. I've found that slathering on the mixture and then working it into the wood with a moist rag yields the nicest result, but will have to check again tonight "under the lights" to be certain.

I believe the stove is going to be brought upstairs soon, too. I'm not nuts about working around it, but it won't be the end of the world, either.

Hi Jerri, how're things going with the foster tank and things in general... greenouse?

Oh, and V. what did DD play at church? and how does one properly dispose of eggshells that have been blessed?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Chelone - The Salon sounds like it's going to be fabulous! I'm anxious to see the next round of progress pictures....

PM2 - you deserve an award for persistence! Hooking up computer stuff is very high on the list of things that can drive one crazy and turn the air 'blue' :-)

gb - it certainly looks like you've got a little barrel of energy there! How long did it take Charlotte to mature/calm down? Copper is turning 2 next month and, while the hyperactivity level has dropped noticeably, she's still an Energizer bunny a lot of the time. We didn't take many pictures while she was here but here are two snow bunny pictures to keep Phoebe company:

I'm sure either or both of them would welcome Phoebe to their pack :-)

A white Easter - and another 2-4" in the forecast - is beyond depressing:-( We'll probably end up going from winter to summer with a one week spring at the rate things are going. I try to console myself by thinking that at least a long, slow melt of the snow pack will allow for more water to sink into the ground rather than run off. We could certainly use a boost to ground water levels after the past couple of dry years.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, there is Phoebe! My, isn't she getting big, so fast! She seems to just love the snow and how lucky can a dog get to have all that room to run around. Your snowy scenes certainly look 'Idyllic', Gardenbug. And the menfolk too. :-)

Handing out awards? Would that somehow involve Peeps? [g]
Well, not a lot of brain power involved here, in calling the tech definitely have to be pretty stubborn to keep at it sometimes. I usually try to take notes after tech calls so if something goes wrong later, the next tech person can figure out what the last one did, but after two and half hours of networking maneuvers, it's going down in the notes as 'tech call'. [g] Thank you all for appreciating my excitement over accomplishing something that everyone does quite readily I am sure, but which is something that I would avoid all together if computers were not a necessity.

Chelone, I am almost there with the initial changeover from the Windows and once I have everything moved and documents converted, music files converted, then it will take more time to get up to speed on the new software on the Mac. But very encouraging so far, how much I am enjoying it.

As for your Salon...I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if we had an Idyll ReUnion in Maine this year and Christened your Salon for you. :-) I am very impressed with what you have done there and have BaHn envy. lol My one car garage should be so roomy and light and airy. You could have a nice GaHden paHty there.. :-)

Just refreshed...and wow, Woody, more SNOW and Snow Dogs!! I guess Canada is a little North of Yes, you are right, computer hook ups...I guess few people actually enjoy it, I suppose.

OK...everyone have a good night... :-) pm2

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I definitely want to have my Idyll friends visit the Compound and am trying to figure out how to swing it AND have the helpmeet here, too. Not so easy when he works every week end, you guys (also doesn't help that he thinks "virtual" friendships are not to be fully trusted). Silly goose!

Love the snow bunnies, Woody... that Copper looks like a lot of fun (potentially "sticky", however). I like that Misty asks no quarter and yields none... I have a fondness for dogs that "pack some attitude" and those that don't know they're small. I prefer dogs that seem to have a bit of a "mind of their own". There are a lot of Idyll pets to keep track of, too... let's see if we can come up with a list!

Chelone: Rex and kitty-cats three: Spencer, Polly, and Vera.
Woody: Misty
Sue: Nick and Zoe
Deanne: Luke and Rahji
V.: Mystic and Sunrise
'bug: Vita, Me Too, ?, Phoebe
Monique and Les.: Emma and Ollie
Saucy: Zeus and Maggie (? who is a beautiful brown tiger), PopcoHn
Mary: Clousseau, rodents of some sort?
Kathy: Doobie, ?
Denise" Ein, Evie, Newt, (tuna)Joe,?
Jerri: see daily menu
Eden: see above, but she has the catbox in a closet!
Ei: Scout
Honey: Missy
Michelle: mystery canine
Cynthia: Katy, Dannie, Monty, Greydujour (Jack), Audreyhepburnallonename, George(?), howmanyothers?
I'm done...

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LOL, it's Marcy - short for Marcella the Italian cat because when we brought her home we were having meatballs and she went nuts....Marcy was the name of the person who dropped her off....and my 23 fish are insulted that you don't remember their names :)

I have pictures of Sarah and her new 'do....she looks fresh and ready for anything :) No more brushing out the knots and pulling it back in a ponytail!

Sarah and I woke up late this morning and made it out the door in 5 minutes with a banana for the bus. Whew!

I laughed out loud about the westing house. Nick and I enjoyed the peep show, too, LOL!

Phoebes is growing so fast! Copper's fur is moving in different directions! Great action shot.

PM, do not make light of your computer and printer set up. I get so frustrated that I live with a lot of things that don't work to their full potential. Next week we have a relative "in the business" who is coming to help us find all the bugs and work them out.

I got out today and cleaned up the front yard. It felt nice to work in the yard and see green poking up here and there. Tomorrow I will overseed the freshly raked lawn...I'm shooting for more grass than weeds this year. I feel inspired!

I found a 50 dollar gift card for Waylaid, LOL, that I had forgotten about! What to get, what to get???

I had the idea that Marian was on high ground, too.

Deanne, I found the tag to the Diacia today, LOL....just a week too late.

Kenzie has really grown more mature looking! I love coloring eggs. We used to blow our out, too, Chelone. My mom always made a quiche for Easter.

I'm off to soak in a tub and relax. I'm tired!


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I went to undergraduate school in Maine Chelone, and can talk just like a downeaster. So can we schedule IU5 now? Pick the date!

Speaking of Pickling, Jack's group name is 'Pickle' (registered name is Snazzy Jack) and he is going home next Monday to live with another greyhound and a calm quiet family. Which in his case is exactly what he needs to keep his confidence up.

I didn't get my taxes done yesterday, not even started. Came back in from breaking up sticks (I have 18 bags of sticks for when the yard waste pickup starts in April), and my monitor was flashing on and off. So I spent over an hour troubleshooting (even got the hairdryer out and dusted the cable connections), that didn't work so downloaded new graphics drivers. It worked. I can use the laptop monitor in a pinch but it just isn't the same comfort level as TFT for real work.

Phoebe is getting tall! Copper is faceless, and the bunny in fridge is a hoot (as is Denise.)

Hi to all! Cold here today, but daffodils in full bloom, blue anemones are blooming and crabapples are in bud. Lots of signs of spring here. I wish the crabgrass would green up. Even L.'Britt Marie Crawford' (from IU1) is up 5 inches.

Funny how we reveal ourselves in our comments to others. PM's comment to Sue about 'a little scary'. I can't picture Sue being scared by anything. Except maybe the extreme flatulance she had to be hospitalized for last year? Now that was scary.

Ok, it's getting dark, I need to get comfy and find Nothing but chocolate chip cookies and wine here. (I'll make do.)

Nice to see everyone's Eater pics, especially McKenzie and the little men in GB's life.

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Eden: Bud, Jake, Esau, Isaac, Xerxes, Esther, Chloe, Fezzik, Inigo Montoya, Buttercup, and Ella

Marie: has one more kitty that sound like Me Too, Minou maybe?

Marian: Tommy, Trubby and maybe one more kitty

Michelle: Jaden and assorted farm cats?

Cindy: Chloe

Norma: has a dog or two?

T: has a couple little guys (dogs) and the goats

Drema has a dog too I think...

We've been painting all day. Still not done. On painting hiatus until Saturday because Bella will be here the rest of the week.


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Don't you ju_t love a good typo? We can all drop our S's and ee what happen.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

The list of kitties is somewhat stable but I'm not sure I want to own up to the number. LOL

Kitties: Hope, Kenzie, Gracie, Emma (Orange tabby sisters I 'fostered')
Caterina, Tiger, Gabby, Spike, and Angel - all rescues

Dogs: Tiffany (rescue 13 Yo toy poodle with cancer), Lilly, Chloe
Gracie and Zoe are 'fosters'

No wonder I never get anything done around the house!


P.S. I love the snow pictures. We just have mud. :(

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good job on those list additions, Eden. You saved me some typing.

Chelone, I'm a little nervous about Denise. How did she know that my favorite silly joke is the wabbit in the Westinghouse? Sometimes when I'm asked what I'm doing, I'll respond that I am westing. Love the photo!

DD played a short prelude and postlude, and being a bad mother I cannot tell you the names of the pieces they played. (Like Sue, I was raised by wolves.) But they also played accompaniment for the hymns, especially "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" and "Thine is the Glory", which are two Easter hymns that just cry out for trumpet flourishes. And blessed eggshells should be burned or buried to be properly disposed of.

I've never been to Maine and would love to visit the Salon. Some other vacation plans just got cancelled, so I'm ready to go. Tell the helpmeet that Dianthus' DH was very skeptical about this group, but once he met them during IU3 he gave the Idyllers his blessing and said Dianthus and I could go anywhere with "youse guys".

We actually have some daffodils starting to emerge. And I am seeing buds on a few trees. I'm even in the mood to peruse a plant sale brochure.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Minou is the third kitty, also known as NouNou.
Our black and white bunny is Cricket. Clover, his sister, died just after Charlotte.
We used to name the groundhogs...but even we realized the stupidity of that!!!
Carl and Carlotta are our resident cardinals though...(rolling eyes) MIL named them.
Frank is our blue heron: when he squawks, it sounds just like someone screeching "FRAAANK! FRAAANK!"

Dinner was Just so/so. But no dishes.

Woody, Charlotte was a puppy for three years or so, a really long time. Phoebe is a real handful still. I'd be nervous boarding her with you until she shapes up a bit. Bitter apple spray seems to be catching her attention. Maybe we can get the nipping under control at last. The little brat.... Adorable though...Definitely a personality! Seems to me V felt this way about Mystic too.

Monique's pup is Oliver to me.... I'm so formal!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cynthia, what scares me is the inferior health insurance I now have compared to what I had through Tom's company. Hopefully, going forward there will be no incidences of extreme flatulence, surgeries, lyme disease or anything else. Note to self: increase the medical spending account contributions for 2009.

BTW, T's dogs are Henry and George. I slept part of the night in a hotel room with one of them As far as Nick and Zoe go, custody will be shared but I see it primarily being with me only because I have the fenced yard and place they've known best and can be most comfortable. Tom is literally moving up the street so it will be easy to cover evenings when I get home late and weekends when I go away. Hopefully it will work out.

Denise, thanks for the ski club link. Tom belongs to the one I would be most apt to join geographically. Many of the members are old friends of his. I've been to a couple of meetings and social events and never "clicked" with the group. I'm not giving up though.

Tomorrow night I'm going to look at an antique oak dining set I found on Craig's list. It certainly sounds legit but I guess I should make sure someone knows where I'm Last week there was a segment on the local news about a woman who has been offering her "services" on Craig's list and got busted by the local internet crime police. Out of morbid curiosity I wandered in the personals section of CL. My advice is stay away. OMG, it's downright obscene! I though it was just a place to buy stuff and I guess that's true but depends on your definition of "stuff".

Time to head to bed. Enjoy what's left of your Monday night.


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I had 2 canine visitors when I got home from work, the neighbors dog and her pup. They chased the car and followed me in the garage. Everytime I tried to open the car door to get out the pup would run up to me and the mother would start barking and growling. I don't know this dog so it made me nervous. I finally looked up their phone number in the book I keep in the car, got their machine which happened to give his cell number in the message. He said she wouldn't bother me, but I wasn't so sure. I sat in the car until they went out of the garage and I quick shut the door.

Interesting that Jerri has a kitty named Kenzie. A few weeks ago she spent the day insisting that she was a kitty, not a cat but a kitty.

DD had a black and white rabbit years ago named Sam, who escaped, hummm he looked just like the one in the fridge.

We used to blow eggs too and also make sugar eggs.

'bug, the "boys" make a handsome bunch.

Eden, are you painting your living room or are you on to another room?

I finished the first coat in the laundry tonight. I actually don't like the color and will be painting a slightly different shade for the top coat. Its time to wrap up some of these projects.

As for projects I'm stumped with a DVD that I'm trying to burn of the 2007 garden season. I included instrumental music and everything. Now it just stalls when I try to burn it. Does anyone have a clue?

As for taxes, farmers have an earlier deadline, March 1, so that's behind us at least.

I did a little garden inspection and discovered quite a few things that stayed green and many things breaking ground as well. Snow is in the forecast for later this week, just when we were nearly snow free.

Good night

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I can't believe I am watching baseball @ 7am. lol Boston's first two games of the season are in Japan. Game One this morning. Hasn't the Dodgers started their season, Kathy?

Dogs...That is some list of names. Lots of Pets here!

Woody, What breed is Copper? Misty?
Chelone, have you ever posted a pic of Rex? I know I have seen your cats..maybe around Christmas time...?
What about Cynthia's Rippie and sister? Were those fosters?
Eden's Timmy? [g]

Am I the only one without a pet at the moment?
In that case, I am 'virtually' adopting Betsy... :-)

"How much thought goes on behind those eyes? A lot, in this case. Six-year-old "Betsy" can put names to objects faster than a great ape, and her vocabulary is at 340 words and counting. Her smarts showed up early: At ten weeks she would sit on command and was soon picking up on names of items and rushing to retrieve themball, rope, paper, box, keys, and dozens more. She now knows at least 15 people by name, and in scientific tests she's proved skilled at linking photographs with the objects they represent. Says her owner, "She's a dog in a human [pack]. We're learning her language, and she's learning ours."

Photo By Vincent J. Musi

Did you ever see such a gorgeous photo? Wouldn't you just love to have him take a photo of your pet? are not alone, we also live with things that don't work right. The last printer was set up without being able to connect to the wireless system, so you would have to go to the printer and connect with the wire to print. That is why I am so happy to have it set up as it is supposed to be for a change. [g]

Michelle, I haven't tried to add music to a photo DVD yet. Wish I could help. I don't suppose you have warranty? Is it a DVD recorder on your computer? I've been trying different forums of late and have an audio visual forum name that I haven't tried yet. The second link is sometimes helpful.

Michelle...I didn't know farmers have an earlier tax deadline. DH does our taxes and has them done to his great relief as I am sure you are to have yours done. :-)

Gee, aren't there quite a few people missing? What happened to the newbies? Also, babs, 't', drema with Charlie, Ei, Marian, Honey, Monique, Norma, and Wendy?

Definitely getting out in the garden today. Hope the weather is warmer.

Enjoy your Tuesday! :-) pm2

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - as long as Phoebe is reasonably reliably housebroken, we can cope with the rest of the puppy behavior if/when you need some dog-sitting. Copper was coming for day visits by the time she was about 7 months old although she was about 13 months old for her first long stay. She was/is pretty rowdy at times but good-natured. Misty gets a good work-out when Copper's here! :-) Misty loves it! (We do have to let them out in the backyard to go to the bathroom in shifts though. Copper has VERY strong herding instincts and tries to keep Misty confined to the porch or patio. To let Misty have some peace to go to the bathroom, Copper has to be kept inside while Misty does her 'business' :-)

pm2 - Copper is a Briard; Misty is probably a mix of Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso but thinks she's every bit as big as Copper. Chelone - Misty has ATTITUDE! She's quite a smart little thing, although not too interested in obedience. Her vocabulary isn't quite up to Betsy's (that was a fascinationg article in NG... Liam, who arrives on Thursday for 10 days, is a Border Collie like Betsy - but maybe not quite as smart!) Misty knows all the important words for life here e.g. 'exercise bike' means go to the back bedroom where my exercise bike is; 'watch TV' means the living room; 'in the back' means the office; 'kitchen' means kitchen; 'breakkie/supper' means the pantry; 'out' is the patio door; 'car ride' results in going crazy and running to the front hall; 'walkies' is a quieter run to the front hall; 'wait for [insert dog or people name]' means run to the dining room and look out the front window; etc. I'm sure most people's dogs have a similar grasp of key words in their pack's language.
Here is Misty with Liam - Liam is her favorite buddy I think:

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I also enjoyed the article in Nat'l Geographic!

I can get Zeus to lay anywhere I want buy bringing a towel and placing it where I want the dog and saying, "get in your bed." The vet thinks this is funny.

It's shaping up to be a gorgeous day here, though we won't reach the 50's. I'm planning on burning out the grasses today and making a burn pile for a later date. The street sweeper will be here any day, and I've been busy sweeping all the sand back out into the road where it will be picked up. It's one of my favorite days because it really cleans things up :)

Sue, you may have to change your name to NHskier :) Is there another area that'd be as fun/challenging? I can take you water skiing :)

I'm gonna have to resurrect the Idyllunion thread....


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Spring to a gardener is like waking up to a bunch of exquisitely wrapped new toys...every day. I wonder what it's like to nongardeners?

I've one more to add: Felony, Felonious Monk, pure grey, probably the nicest, sweetest nature of the bunch. The cat most visitors want to take home. I stepped on her this morning and all four cats acted like they were electrocuted. I'm sure they know me as "Big Foot" or maybe just "The Foot."

Inigo Montoya, sure, but Fezzik? I seem to remember something about Minou hiding under beds and scaring idyllers.

Woody's and 'bug's dogs-in-snow photos are FF to the max. Betsy has gotta be an alien. What purity.

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Hello! I've finally caught up on this Idyll but the last one hasn't been completely read.

Congratulations to Eden's DD & new SIL. May they have many years filled with happiness and good health.

Mary, I am so sorry that your family is having to consider a move...but how great that all of you will be together more often. I do hope it works out well for everyone and hope you are much closer to me. :oD Okay, so that was a selfish wish.......LOL .

Sue, I laughed long and hard when remembering that hotel visit. For anyone wondering, Sue & I traveled to a gathering of friends (dog breed being the common interest). It was August and the hotel room was stuffy/hot when we checked in. I turned on the air conditioner to get the room cooled down, we went to bed---Henry sleeping with Sue for awhile and then he jumped into my bed for the rest of the night (if my memory is working). The room became incredibly cold from the AC running full blast. Sue got up during the night and put on her fleece coat, she was thinking that I enjoyed/wanted the room cold. I was too darn cold to even think about getting out of bed to turn the darn AC off or down and I thought Sue wanted the room that cold. When we got up in the morning, I saw she was wearing a coat in bed.....we had a good laugh about how darn cold the room was and how we both thought the other wanted it that way. A silly but fun memory. We had a great time during that visit, we traveled for a few days with another mutual friend that was here from Australia....a very enjoyable week. I hope it isn't the last time that we all get together.

Life was busy last week with my mother being in the hospital. She is back home now and her health is improving. I am headed over to her house soon to check on her and also give her some help with organizing her medications.

We're suppose to get some unseasonably colder weather this week and there is a possiblity for a little bit of snow. We did have a dusting of snow one day recently (was it last week? Week before? Days/weeks are running together in my mind). Yesterday I saw azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom.....spring has happened here quickly---I hope it finds its way to everyone else soon.

Nothing much going on here...keeping myself busy helping with mom and the twins.

Oh, animals. Sue shared my dogs' names and the goats have names (do not know why as they don't respond to any verbal commands, their only interest is if you walk towards the pasture or barn with their grain bowls in your hands). Caramel, Poochie, Rainey and Paco (Poochie, Paco and Rainey were all named by others and me not being very creative with naming animals just kept those names....Caramel is various colors of light browns & white---she looks like butterscotch and caramel was poured over her so Caramel worked for me).

Guess I'd better get myself out the door and headed to mom's.....hope everyone is doing well......


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Denise, Inigo, Fezzik and Buttercup were named from The Princess Bride. We have a Westley too but he lives with Jen and Randy.

We forgot Cynthia's kitty Saul too.

Are we counting goldfish if they're named? If so add Paul, George and Ringo for me, lol I guess they are pets. We've had them for 6 or 7 years.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Eden - I recognized all the Princess Bride names because we watched that movie on the weekend!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DD has The Princess Bride memorized.
Here she enacts a scene with her Dad:(Back in her university days in NH)
You kill my father...Prepare to die!

Woody, I wonder if your day is as blizzardy as ours! Can hardly see out the window. This morning before it all began DH and I managed to buy new cartridges for our 2 water filters. He also bought us a BBQ on sale. Then we had lunch in town. But now the winds are fierce and the snow a-blowin'!

Last night Phoebe received her first bitter apple spray to help end the biting and nipping. Well one shot of it and she's an angel already! We'll see how well she remembers now... Wish we could play outside, but she hates the sounds of the storm and wind.

Book club tonight. We read The Places in Between by Rory Stewart...which I highly recommend. Saucy, still looking for suggestions? A friend has a taped talk by the author that we'll be watching, and I have a short article from National Geographic on the author since the writing of the book.

Felonious....shaking my head!

My neighbour has a feral cat who gave birth to 2 kittens. They named her Petunia...which I thought was very cute.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - We just got back from some fabric shopping. It's very windy with a messy mix of snow and rain. I'm hoping we don't get a lot - latest forecast was for an inch this afternoon and another inch overnight. That's not too bad but I'm hoping for less! I don't want to get snowed out for tomorrow - we're having a samosa-making day at a friend's in Mississauga and I don't want to miss it!

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Did someone say The Princess Bride? It has to be one of Annie and David's all time favorite movies even though it is now 20 years old. Check out the link to see where the stars are now. Like wine, some have aged better than others.

I've skimmed very quickly but thought I read that Chelone might be up for having us visit her in Maine - yippee!! I'll go back for details.


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My mom just called with the results of her scan. Not good news. It's still there and now they're afraid it's gotten into her bone marrow. Next step is a bone marrow test on the 31st. Just wanted to let you all know.


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Oh Eden - I'm so very sorry to hear that. Please know I'm thinking about you all. Your Mom sounds such a wonderful, brave lady. Sometimes life's twists and turns can be very hard. ((((((Hugs))))))


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Eden - what a bummer -- Thinking of you and your family. You're a strong group as is your lovely Mom -- Im rooting for her -- and thinking of you all.


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Eden I am so sorry to read your Mom's news. I really don't know what to say to you; nothing would make you feel better, I'm sure. But I have a special sympathy for the worry you must be experiencing. (((Eden))) :(

Whoa! I don't have what it takes to host the Idyllunion this year, you guys. I just don't. I'm struggling to get the inside of the Salon reasonably finished; knowing the helpmeet is going to be down to one day off/week shortly. I have to plan and execute a memorial for Mum, clean out the contents of her home (after the snow melts enough) on my days off (2hrs. away and wearing greatly on me right now), Wrecks is really, really lame today and we have to deal with that(an easy 8 wk. commitment), we have to try to come up with some basic landscaping around the bahn, AND both the helpmeet and I are heading into the busiest time of year for us both. Nothing would be more fun than to have you all come here, but it'll have to wait a year for it to be fun for me, too... maybe something smaller for more local Idylls as a "first time"? Less "pressure"?

I've pickled 3 more doublehungs today. 3 more to go and then I have to decide whether or not to add another layer of the thinned paint "stain". Then topcoat... then move onto the 3 casements. DIY finish work is basically a "war of attrition"; there comes a point when you toss the brush and sanding sponge in the air and call it a day. I'm not "there" yet, but the idea of pushing it all forward into the fall raises my blood pressure markedly.

I am amazed at the number of pets listed here! Felonious Monk cracked me up totally. My first cat was (as they've all been) someone's cast off. He, too, was a beautiful slate grey (looked like Saul) who was known as Mr. Sleek, until the helpmeet began calling him, Junior. which quickly became Jun.. He was the quintessentially "cool" cat. Nothing bothered him; not the car, not a dog, not the 5 relocations he experienced, NOTHING. I called him my "personal emmissary". Jun. was the cat first touched the helpmeet's heart and showed him what completely delightful companions they can be. Had he not "come around" to cats I'd have held our relationship to a more frivolous level. I've had good experience of this world and I know that men who "don't like cats" are not a good match for me. (it's not the same thing as hating dogs, BTW).

I'm clearly not very much fun today. :/

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Something that made me laugh this afternoon...

As you all know we spent the weekend trying to finish up painting the livingroom. Still not done, but getting close. We have all of the walls done in the blue and most of the trim in white. I've painted all of the new panel doors white to match the trim but the front door is old and flat and looks better painted the wall color. We ran out of paint before we got that done so it's still the old purple color. Bella and I were sitting in the livingroom reading books this afternoon and she must have been looking around and taking in the changes since she was here last week. Then she looked up at me and asked if we were going to paint the front door. It must really look bad for a three year old to notice, lol.

Michelle, Bella likes to play kitty too and meow. Thanks for posting the Easter picture of Kenzie. Cute!

Bud knows all the usual commands and likes to 'shake' hands but the most useful is when he gets excited and starts panting we tell him to 'roll over' and he lays down and rolls over on his side, totally calm.

Chelone, sorry to hear that Rex's lameness is worsening.

Time to go rustle up some dinner for Bella and I.


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Sorry about your mom's news Eden. I don't know what to say either, just that I'm thinking of you all, and glad that you have Bella to critique your decorating :)

Chelone, I must have missed Rex's update, I do remember you saying it looked like TPLO on the other side now too? Poor pup, just got over the other one.

Love the look on Misty's face. She is so special with her best buddy.

Katie had her first physical therapy today, with laser therapy and TENS therapy, some physical manipulation and of course peanut butter inside her muzzle and cookies and lovins'. She didn't want to leave, so I guess she had a good time. (She always has a good time wherever we go!) This is just 'keep her comfy' stuff. She had another MRI last week and new things going on.

Nice to see a note from T!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Eden- so sorry to hear that things are still tough for your mother. You both have my sympathy! I never know what to say either - from my experiences, there's nothing one can do but 'keep on keeping on' as best one can, enjoy the good days that come along, and hope for the best.

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Eden, so sorry for the results, what a letdown. Sounds like more chemo. I do hope your mom is comfortable and feeling strong.

For a household that often communicates in movie dialogue, Princess Bride isn't included here. I've seen bits of it but can't remember sitting thru end to end. I had one of those worker comp depos today, where towards the end the witness/injured worker is asked what does he do now that he's injured, what are his hobbies, etc. Answer: No hobbies. Do you read? No. Any sports? No. What do you do all day? Watch tv. Unfortunately, that's pretty common. Kinda terrifying in a way. In both the morning depo and afternoon depo, attorneys tripped over my power cords, one spattering the wall with his coffee, a double header.

Commiserating with Rex & Katy and all others hurting.

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There have been times in my life when I've read more and I've read less; times when I read different sorts of things than I now read (and ever, lol!). But there has never been a time in my life when I didn't read, at all... I can't even imagine not reading. Nor can I imagine not being able to find something to amuse myself in one way or another. BUT, I've never experienced an injury/disease/condition that rendered me unable to pursue something that interested me. I agree, very scarey. I think being devoid of hope and personal interests is the absolute "kisss of death".

Eden, I laughed at Bella's comment about the door, too. I laughed because we have parts of the house that even after 17 yrs. still need attention. We've grown so accustomed to the sight of painter's tape, newpaper and primer that we don't give them a second thought, lol. And yet, when I finally get a yen to "deal with it" it looks so good that we look at each other and say, "why did we wait so long?". How pathetic is that? A perfect example of how DIY becomes a war of attrition!

We have a pot of forced Hyacinths (pink) and an Easter lily. They smell so good. I have thought of Kenzie whenever I've allowed my nose to hover just out of reach of the pollen. ;) Did she end up with a smudged nose? Helpmeet is still gleefully rooting through his basket. My "generic" bunny has been removed from the plastic sarcophogus to a zip-loc baggie (recycled), minus his ears and his head. Peeps have been strategically stockpiled.

The bad news about Rex's drivetrain pales in importance compared to many other things; it's a question of perspective, that's all.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Denise - how long after the injury for the workers? It takes a while to figure out how to reinvent yourself after you are no longer able to work or do the things you used to do. And it can take a while to simply figure out what you are now physically capable of doing, plus fight your way out of the inertia that inevitably descends when you've effectively lost what you considered your life to be. Even so, I suspect for some disabled people, the real cause of their death ultimately is boredom! Trying to stay busy and not bored is a job in itself at times. (And if there is a lawsuit going on, it might be strategically wise to appear more pathetic :-) If they don't have good benefits/financial resources, that could make everything more difficult. I assume the reason there are lawyers etc. involved is because the worker is fighting for better benefits or additional financial compensation?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well, I have finally got my computer back from the shop ....again! and it STILL is not working right!!!! I hope that was not another 70+ bucks down the drain.

Tomorrow I will call the power company and have a second line installed for it, and a new telephone box on the side of the house. Hopefully that will take care of the problem....but I am skeptical. I wish I had just got a new one after the first trip to the shop!

I haven't had time to do much reading ( couldn't even open the old thread! ), but I did see the discussion about the Arkansas floods and our proximity to them. We had no major flooding in our area, but lots of road damage. The county did a little 'fixing' of their roads, and I am sure they will do more when they catch up on the worst wash-outs. I did enough fixing on our driveway that I can get the car in and out dispite the holes and rocks.

I am having an added strangeness trying to adjust to my new rolltop computer desk. It was delivered this afternoon after I brought home the computer. I am sure I have everything connected properly.....

Oh..back to the rains, we got at least 6 inches in about 36 hours. It was very interesting seeing all the water running down our driveway and through our yard, and hearing the roar of the Pitcher Hollow back of our house, and the Possum Trot Creek further on down from us. I almost needed wading boots to get to the woodshed!

As for concerns, I am wondering how our Missouri Idyllers fared? Missouri was really hit hard. There were several drownings there. Lots of homes washed away.

On the happier side, I have oodles of daffodils blooming around the yard. The Forsythia are opening, also the Flowering Quince, and the Hyacinths. Things are much farther along in town. It is getting really pretty. Red maples and Elm trees are in bloom. Pollen counts are up from cedar pollen! I have had sinus pain for some time now....

I think my computer conked out before my doctor prescribed the new Fibromyalgia medicine for me (Lyrica). I have had some uncomfortable side effects, but am getting adjusted to it...then I forgot to get a renewal prescription today and I have only 2 pills left! Dum de dum dum!

It definitely helps the pain and makes it so I can function lots better. The main problem is the dizziness and drowsiness....I think that, too, will eventually subside.
A dear young member of our congegation is a nurse, and she is concerned that I am taking it. She says it hasn't been tested enough....but if it helps my pain and other functions, I am willing to take the chance.

Hopefully I will be able to open the threads tomorrow, and catch up on all that has transpired.


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"And if there is a lawsuit going on, it might be strategically wise to appear more pathetic." Very perceptive, Woody, and I think that's probably part of it, and this guy today really succeeded if that was the goal! The worker's comp laws have recently undergone a major rehaul in Calif, and everyone seems to be scrambling to understand the full effects of the new laws. This injured worker has carpal tunnel to the point of constant numbness, and since he's had serial employers, it's a matter of which employer and in what proportion will pay for the necessary surgery. The last employer doesn't want to pay for the whole bill, since the injury's inception preceded the date of his hiring the employee. These "cumulative trauma" injuries take a King Solomon to sort out who pays. I really shouldn't make any assumptions from the brief look I get into these cases.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I think the omnipresent boob tubes carry a fair share of the blame. I've probably shared the story before, but my SIL's late mother once had a major heart attack and was in the ICU. She began to regain consciousness, and her first memory was of wondering why there were people around her fighting, and she was getting agitated over how to make it stop. Reality was that there was a TV in her room tuned to the Jerry Springer Show. I've seen my fair share of folks who are not at their best who just sit and watch show after show after show. I think it's fair to say that the endless watching does not improve the situation.

And Chelone, I agree with what you say about reading. I love reading and can't imagine not being able to enjoy it in some way. I have been very inspired by Dick, an in-law of my in-laws, who is legally blind due to macular degeneration but who has used many, many tools to allow him to continue to enjoy books.

Eden, my hugs to you and my prayers to your mom.

We had highs in the mid fifties today, although the wind was howling. I took a little stroll to check on some of the plants (the tiger eye sumac is all fuzzy! and the Heuchera Caramel lives!) Then I decided to take a little slip in some of the remaining snow. I sure know how to take all the fun out of a walk!

I'd like to hear from Marian and Norma and know that they are okay.

I love the photo of Betsy. The article mentions the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig; one of the former au pairs that lived with our family is completing her doctorate there. She was amazed that I had heard about Rico here in the US.

Work is starting to ramp up. My fun job this year will be creating colorful weekly emails to our customers. I'm looking forward to having the chance to be a little creative. Usually accountants are not encouraged to be creative.

I think it's time to slice another hunk off the lamb cake's neck. I have a couple of cadburys stashed away as well...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks for the update, Marian. Glad to hear you did not have any serious problems.

Now we just need to hear from Norma!


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Things that annoy me more than trying to garden in the wind : Loud Children in RestaurantsLegroom in Coach REO Speedwagon.
So its windy yet again today. Our temps are still wildly inconsistent, with a few days of near 70, and then back to cool high 50ish breezy weather. This probably sounds pretty good to Marie, V, Michelle and others in the snow-belt.

Denises characterization of spring was just right there. My first task when I come home from the office every day , after chores, is to pour the wine and go on patrol. The lilies are volcanoing, they seem to rise up inches every day, with mounds of soil at the base where they pushed up. A co-worker claimed that he had Dahlias already a foot tall. I accused him of lying, and rushed home to peer at the still barren spots where mine live. The Sweetpeas grow about a foot a day, smell grand and I hope the visitors wont need a machete to get through the arbor since (of course) I overplanted.

Pet names: we must not forget Ted , Doobies housemate and one very cool cat. I had fish names too (no fish at the moment) both were black mollies- Elvis Lives, and Othello. Once had a dog named Malibu Bill, cat named Rembrandt , nickname Big Fat Kitty, a Zelda, and a Bob.

Eden, good wishes to you and your family. Gotta try to play the cards we are dealt , and enjoy the game whether we win or lose.
Goldfish that are 6 or 7 years old impresses me ! But what about John ??? And perhaps Bella has a career in home décor in her future ? My front door is white and is the only solid core door in the house. When I had the exterior trim painted a couple of weeks ago I had them paint the front door as well. How nice a fresh coat of paint looks !

T, good to have you drop by, and I enjoyed your story of the hotel room temps..Im always thrilled if I check into a hotel that has operable windows ! I stayed in a hotel once on Wacker Dr. in Chicago-dont remember the name but it was about a block west of Michigan Ave and it was a high rise with casement windows you could crank open. Im sure it has been re-done since.

Denise, the TV thing on your depressing. To this day I always associate the TV being on during daytime with being home sick (except for baseball of course !) . There are many people who are not sick, not disabled, not unemployed, who spend hours and hours each week watching other people live their lives on the tube-fictional or otherwise. Give me the radio any day.
And I just refreshed to see Marian re-appear and others weigh in on TV and inertia in general..

And what PM said What happened to all those newbies ? Tricia ? Hoping that Norma , Babs and Ei will check in soon, and Honey has been silent too.

Okay, I need to go work on my fantasy baseball draft strategyand speaking of baseball, Boston is the best team in baseball and the As are in the cellar

Kathy in Napa

Ted, Mr Cool.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Eden, so very sorry about your Mom's news. Such a shock to the system to get such news even if you are semi prepared to hear it. Hope there will be something offered that you can work with. Wish there was something we could do to help.

Chelone...I'm sorry I started the 'Idyll Union @ Chelone's new Salon' idea...and had you worrying over it all day. You certainly have a lot on your plate! Poor Rex too. :-(

Glad to see some of the back in the morning with more to say...

Good night.. :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Kathy...LOVE that photo of Ted. Cats really know how to enjoy the sun, don't What is all that on the ground? Blossoms falling? What is growing in the container upper left? Sedums?

Kathy, one of our neighbors has a high school age boy who has a very quirky sense of humor, and he was telling us about his idea of creating a fantasy basketball team that would consist of all the 'worst' NBA players. He was having a lot of fun mulling over who the starters would be. We got such a kick out of listening to not only his enthusiasm, but his already extensive knowledge of who qualified and why. [g]

Mary and Gardenbug.... I have a vague recollection of Princess Pride, but I think I am getting it mixed up with Princess Diaries. Our daughter's films that she wore out the VCR playing were Singing in the Rain and Mrs Doubtfire. :-) sympathies with the computer problems. Hope they are all ironed out now. Sure sounding like spring there...daffodils and six inches of rain...neither of those here.

V...congrats on Heuchera Caramel making it through the winter. You were worried?

Woody, I agree with you...having any kind of disability that interferes with how you have always done things and being able to get things done that you need to do, is such an adjustment and not an easy one to make. A process that often is take one step forward and ten steps back. Not to mention the emotional work of dealing with a lot of loss.

Finally managed to convert my Windows Media Player files to mp3 files and have 600+ songs and counting moved over from the old computer. Only took half the day yesterday, having to download and attempt to use four different freeware programs before finding one that did the job. Spent a couple of days sorting through the music collection to see what I still wanted and get the duplicates out. Finding lots of tracks I forgot I had. Let's see, the Playlist this morning...

Beauty School Dropout...Grease
Allman Brothers
Bette's... 'Do You Want to Dance'
You Are My Lucky Star ..from Singing in the Rain
Gipsy Kings
Glenn Miller
Midnight Train to Georgia

Hope you have some music in your Wednesday...


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Ooops! Missed saying hello to 'T'.

Glad your Mom is feeling better. Isn't it nice she has you to help her out. :-)

Funny story about Henry in the hotel room. My, you and Sue are very polite! lol I am still wondering where you found a hotel that allowed dogs?!


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Good Morning, I'm up and at it earlier than usual this morning. Meg has a 9am meeting so instead of getting Bella at 10 she'll arrive at 8:30. Looks to be a fairly nice day, highs in the 40s and NO precip. Now tomorrow into Friday will be another story, up to 3" of snow forecast. I scouted out the garden yesterday. What a mess but I did see a few brave snowdrops. This time last year the crocus were in bloom but are still buried in a snowbank this year.

Thanks for all of your kind words for my mom. As always your wise words help alot! I especially took to heart the words of Woody and Kathy. Thank you! My mom is the type person who does live every day to the fullest. I don't remember if I shared this with you all but she's organized a raffle through her quilt guild where she's raffling off one of her quilts to raise money for the cancer center where she's treated. So far they've raised over $3000. She's always been a busy and involved person. Makes me sad to see her so tired now days but she still pushes herself to keep going.

Kathy, what a fine cat Ted is. As for John, he jumped out of the pond or was taken out by some animal a few years ago. We found him near the side the next morning. The fish were $.25 feeder fish from the petstore originally. They spend the summers in the pond and the winters in an aquarium and aren't really very gold anymore but more white/silver. They are quite large though.

My girls were big fans of the Princess Bride and came up with using those names for the cats.

PM, I've always really liked Midnight Train To Georgia, one of my all time favorites!

Marian, I figured you were having computer problems again. Sounds like it may be time to stop sinking money into the old one and think about getting a new model:)

As for TV. Don't watch much here at all throughout the day. I do usually turn on (Chelone don't read this part:) Fox News from 8-10pm. I used to watch Brothers & Sisters and Grey's Anatomy before the writers strike too. Bella mostly watches DVDs and I limit those to one a day, usually in early evening when I'm trying to work in the kitchen.

Denise, your job sounds really interesting. Love when you share with us about it!

Cynthia, good that Katie's enjoying her PT. Such a sweet girl she is!

I'm off for some coffee and a round of backgammon. Hope you all have a great day!


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Hi everyone

Eden, sorry to see that your mom will have to go through more therapy. She is such a trooper. Hope you are okay, too.

Mary, I read about your possible move. Sticker shock on the houses isn't it? Hope all turns out the way you hope for. I am sure you would love to have DH home more often, and who knows, you might find something fabulous. The gardening is great out there:)

V- DH wanted me to ask you what you did with your church for the "green" factor? He is looking into some possiblities for a side business we might do together in that area. Either get a tankless water heater distributorship, or trying to come up with something that is forward thinking, and you seem to definitely have your act together on that one. I have done some research, but am not connected enoug to know what I am looking for.

Princess Bride, 20 years ago? Wow, seems like only yesterday.

Michelle, Kenzie looks so cute in her Easter pic. I thought if I could get this posted today, it might not be too late for the Easter-ish idyll.
Don't know why this is so small..

Mom Dad and Charlie

Told Jen some of you who met her might like to see her pic.Her shower is Sat, she is due May 6

Dev making eggs

Please excuse the peeling wallpaper. I am in the middle of removing it in that room.

PM2, I just loved the pic of the baby bird.

Kathy, how did your open house go?

Cynthia, glad Katie is enjoying her therapy:)

I have to take my kitty to the vet today if I can get him in. His right paw is swollen to three times the size of the other one and he is limping. I think he may have gotten into a fight outside.

Chelone, I am impressed with all you are accomplishing in your home! I can't seem to get a project finished. I think I am needing to rethink this whole being at home thing. I don't seem to accomplish half of what I set out to do. It is amazing how different it is than I had it pictured when I was working full time. I think I need to learn how to say no to people. When I worked it was easy, because I just couldn't do things, but now I seem to be wafting in the wind, whichever way someone needs/wants me to go. This is not a good combo with my natural guilt complex.

I have been taking real estate CEU classes online, I have about 11 to take by April 1, so am cramming at all hours. 4 more to go....

Looks like we might have sun here today, hope you all have a great day!I am going to go try to accomplish something.


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Eden, I forgot to say congrats to your daughter and her new husband. Wish them all of the happines possible.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Our power was off yesterday long enough that it was necessary to reset the various clocks and appliances. The satellite only began working again this morning.

I was off to our book club through the deep snow, which is dinner and discussion. A vigorous discussion was had with wildly different points of view on our book. GOOD!

I'm slowly absorbing Eden's news about her Mom and at the same time digesting what Denise wrote about the boredom and TV viewing...and then Woody's excellent observations. First of all I'm very sad to hear your news Eden. Yet I do feel that these ugly occurrences do allow us to know people in a profound way, a way that makes special ones shine. I include your Mom in this category. She has style! (My friends Susan and Ed too...!)

I fear I'd be the negative basket case. When I think of the TV viewing though, it is my mother's (excellent!?) retirement home that springs to mind in a terrible way. Pathetic people beyond clear thinking or caring, unable to focus on others or other activity, parked in front of a loud moving screen with advertising. What kind of He!! is that?

Loud children in restaurants: Yesterday we saw a family of four eating lunch next to us. Two very young delightful girls who were charmers. They sat eating their fruit cup (which Mom brought along) while waiting for their orders. They were calm but cheerful and full of smiles. Personally, I like to praise the parents whose kids I admire wherever- be it the grocery store, a restaurant, anywhere. I do get annoyed by whiny screechy kids whose folks do not discipline them. But like a misbehaving dog, they are what their parents make them in large part. We found that there's an art to selecting eat-out spots when you have kids. Chinese food worked for us!

On my daughter's forums, the young Moms share the talk they endure from grouchy people who insult them at every turn. So much rudeness in the world. My own ax-to-grind is adults who are rude to teens and to young children in stores. Basically though, I find kids are like puppies. If the owner doesn't care or deal with patterns of behavior, everyone suffers. Given my choice, teens are the ones I enjoy teaching the most.

DH's uncle has died. Good old uncle Clyde, the last of that generation, 93 years old! He is remembered in our household for many things, but one of them is this: How do you spell "squirrel?" "Skwee double skwee, wiggible wiggible whirl. Squirrel." Another one of his famous lines: "My wife is a Catholic. I'm an engineer."

Welcome back Marian and good to hear of your garden waking up!

Enough yabbering. Off to start this sunny Wednesday!

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Eden, Im so sorry to hear that your moms news wasnt good. Its got to be so tough to hear that kind of news after all shes been through. She sounds like a very special woman. The quilt is a generous thing for her to do.

Rain and then snow is expected here :o(

Drema, wonderful to see you family pictures. They are a handsome bunch.

Marian, I was thinking that you had a fairly new computer.

Kathy, actually the last couple of days have been windy and 50ish. Its just what the next couple will bring.

Chelone, Kenzie did dip her nose into the pollen.

Ive always loved to read, but find it hard to find the time these days and I actually watch little TV. I do listen to books on tape as I commute, but the selection is limited to what they library has.

Today is disconnect day at the cable TV office and it becomes very apparent how many people desperately need their TV time. The sad thing is when moms call and want it back immediately because their kids are driving them nuts without it.

Interesting that with all the pets and gardeners here that few are named cool names like Petunia.

Poor Chelone may go lock herself in the salon to avoid an onslaught of Idylls.

I have to confess that I see very few movies and dont recall the Princess Bride at all.

I finally got together a couple of seed orders. It really is fun to try a few new things each year.

PM2, thanks for the tech links. Now if I just get time to research it. DSIL is a big help to me with computer stuff so since Im watching Kenzie on Friday night, maybe hell take a look.

Enjoy your day!


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Sometimes, the finality of Mum's death is breathtakingly clear. Today was one of those times. Like 'bug, Mum loved teenagers. She was their staunch advocate when they were criticized for being half-grown adults and doing stupid things. And she was a brutally direct and scathing in her indictment of those 'teens who were "repeat offenders" or just plain "mean". I would never have described her as "strict" or "stern", but I now realize that she WAS! She epitomized the "iron fist in the velvet glove". There was never any question in our home about what behavior was "acceptable" and what was NOT. She would overlook the occasional profanity, but if it was used in an angry outburst... apologies were in order and they were to be delivered clearly and specifically. Ditto, Dad. His idea of acceptable was different than Mum's... but they worked in concert... with devastating effect. ;)

Today it was into the 50s! first time this year, I think (It's comin' 'bug!). I cracked the slider when I got home and the cats have been zipping in and out all afternoon. Hope Drema's club-footed kitty gets drained and innoculated today. They heal fast!

And Drema, I'm appalled you'd show peeling wallpaper... NOT. Soemthing tells me I'd feel pretty much at home in your house (and that would be reciprocal!). Hmmm... Jen. looks considerably thicker in the middle than I recall. :) I love the easter egg coloring shot of Dev.. Made me think of Mum (again) and it made me smile. Thanks.

Would really like to hear from Deanne (need thoughts on where to find Liquitex acrylics), Wendy, and Saucy...

Michelle, lol about Kenzie and "pollen nose". I've been thinking about the use of network TV as "supervision" and like you, I think that's a very sad commentary about home-life in too many homes. We cancelled our cable account because we didn't have any control over what came into our home. My boss teases me about our 4-5 channel "selection" periodically. Last week I was frustrated with my project and she teased me about it again. I asked her to tell me the name of the last book she'd read... "I don't have time to read...". Ummm... okay. What an interesting insight you have into American homes! All the more reason for a potting shed, methinks. :)

Marian, good to see you back. I was getting worried, but 'bug assured us that you'd be fine since you live on high ground and had plenty of puzzles. But still! let's face it, once you've savored the internet it's sort of hard to go without... esp. when you're part of a group like this one. It'll be another solid 3 wks. before I'll have daffodils. Like you, I can tell when the weather is "up". I can hear the roar of the ocean surf across the street. And I get to monitor the weather every single time I drive by the ocean. It was beautiful today. 6-8' waves breaking with the westerly wind blowing the whitecaps back out to sea. PostcaHd woHthy, b'gawd. ;)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Eden, I'm so terribly sorry for your Mom's news. She is an amazing woman, like her daughter. Hugs to you all.

Chelone, see link below.

Busy x 1,000 here, plants and house (overdue cleaning) and bird photography and getting ready for two three day seminars two weekends in a row. Yikes! You probably won't hear from me for a couple weeks and by then the gardens will be coming to life. Can't wait.

Had a great time today, Wendy and Lisa came up along with my friend Mary for cuttings and cuttings and more cuttings. I'd been holding off on pinching back the coleus for a while in case anyone wanted cuttings so the plant babies have had a trim now.

OK time to go and start cutting some mats for my class. Waving hello to everyone!!!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just wanted to report a biped! Next it will be Charlie no doubt!

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Inseam=what? 8-10"?

lol, too cute. He looks pretty pleased with himself. As he ought to be... bi-pedal locomotion is no small accomplishment.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

We had another sunny and tolerably warm day today. If it doesn't rain on Sunday, I may be able to get into the garden for a bit.

pm, I just wanted to be sure that the H. Caramel was coming back. I'll be promoting it in a seminar this weekend, and I always prefer using first-hand experience instead of "I've been told..."

Chelone, back in our former house we canceled cable when we realized how many hours of cartoons my son could watch - and this was before the Cartoon Network debuted! When we moved out to "the sticks" we resisted getting satellite. We get 5 stations, 6 on a really good day. But most days we only watch the 9:00 pm news. Last night we got to see my son's former orthodontist plugging his new robotic orthodontics.

Today at the office we "improved" our internet service and ended up with something slower than dial up. I am very grousy about this because a.) I am the one everyone calls to complain that the internet is not working, even though this was not my project, and b.) I need to upload photos for something that is my project and it is a deadly slow process right now. It's supposed to take 48 hours to improve. I remain the grumpy skeptic at the moment.

Speaking of photos, so nice to see all the grandbabies and those to be! Reed's little legs are just above the white box right now, and they are gosh-darn cute little legs.

Drema, our church is just getting started on the green process, so nothing to speak of has happened yet. But we had tankless waterheaters installed at the house and I am quite happy with them. My words of wisdom are that I think this is unquestionably a growth area, but because the initial cost (in a retrofit) is higher than replacing with a conventional water heater, I would keep a good eye on your local economy before jumping in to the business. There's a lot of interest in the tankless systems in our area, but there are a few suburbs that won't let them be installed yet. Do your homework, but it could be a good opportunity.

The dogs seem to think they need to eat, so I'd better post and feed!


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Tip: If you walk around the corner of your house with a reciprocating saw in your hand, the salesperson at the door will spook thinking it's a gun.

It's cordless and I use it to limb up small trees and chop up the tree sized branches that I pick up from the lawn. I looked up from side yard and was annoyed to see a car parked in front of my house ruining my view, so I headed out front to find out what was going on. Scared him when I turned the corner packing my saw like Annie Oakly :) He was 'working on a house in the neighborhood' (oh yeah) and wanted to sell me concrete siding or something. No, I said, we like paint. Bye. ('We' is me and my ferocious dogs, Killer & Maim-y)

Cute baby & baby to be pics!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

AARRGH! My turn to have computer problems! I just realized that none of the e-mails I sent today have left my in-box! (That includes the reply to yours Marian....) I had this happen once before. I assume it's a problem with my ISP but it's very annoying!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my, Woody! sorry to hear that. I have that happen every now and then. When it does, I send it from the outbox.

My computer seems to have leveled out, and is behaving quite well this afternoon. I did encounter a new problem...with my new desk. It does not have sufficient ventilation in the place where the console sets! I kept hearing it running, and running. I opened the door and it was too hot inside where it ( the console) was. Shortly afterwards the noise slowed down, and quit. After it cooled off I tried it again, with the same results.Sooo, either more vents will need to be cut; the door will have to be open while the machine is running; or it will have to set outside the intended space! What is that old saying about hindsight? :-(

LOL, Marie, I like your reasoning about my living on a hill, and having lots of jigsaw puzzles. You are so right!


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Think some of Ts unseasonably cold weather has sauntered down the coast-its quite chilly this evening and the wind machines were howling in the vineyards this morning. I may have to turn on the heat for a little while tonight.

bug, lol the Chinese restaurant thing with small fry. My DH and I did exactly the same thing-it was always Chinese if we took the kids out when they were young. For one thing my DS was a picky eater to the extreme and Chinese was about all he would eat. Viewing the décor, appetizers and tea rituals always kept them interested and well-behaved. Condolences re: Uncle Clyde. I particularly liked his Catholic/engineer line.

Deanne-there you are ! clearly, you have a lot going on right well continue to speculate as to whether you have been swallowed alive by a man-eating coleus..perhaps you should take a flat or two to each of your seminars as door prizes or can you not bear to part with any of your fledglings ?

Drema, the open house went pretty good for the day before Easter I think..I have one both days this upcoming weekend. At least I will only have to do touch up cleaning since I went to extremes last weekend and the house is still remarkably clean . And I completely sympathize with your home improvement plights. Removing wallpaper is hell. And if there are too many projects one can easily become galvanized into inertia. That has happened to me more than once in the last few months. Charlie looks very festive in his Easter garb !

PM, yes indeed, those are blossoms, what I refer to as Lady Banks Potty ..that pic of Ted was taken late last spring. See below for the pic taken just previous. The succulents are actually a sempervivium of some sort, but I can see why youd have guessed it to be a sedum. I should post some pics of my succulents. Unfortunately, my last years fantasy baseball team was pretty close to what your neighbor tried to do by design. What an awful year I had !

CynthiaI too tote a recip saw for tree trimming, but have never pulled it on a door to door dude ! Capitol idea I must say.

I need to go whip up a Mexican salad for a pot-luck at work tomorrowbig hello to everyone !

Kathy in Napa

Ted, the pre-quel

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Norma checking in here. Our property sits high so no flooding here, but the river runs next to the road on the way to town which causes minor inconvience. Had to backtrack and take the long way around. We are having more rain today with some small hail mixed in. After the last few years of drought we certainly can use it. I am truly sorry for the people the floods have affected though.

Eden, I'm sorry to hear your moms news was not good. She sounds like a special lady. Her quilt raffle is really going well.

Rebel the dog and Jasmine the cat live here.
I've read a lot of things and looked at some great photos, pets , family and everything else. some good news and some bad. I would like to respond to all, but I'm fading fast here. I have been working hard on clearing out an acummulation of stuff and cleaning and painting in the basement. I have barely poked my head out in the garden but have seen my first hellebore in bloom. Some Iris reticule (sp?) crocus, the daffs are starting and I am itching to get out there but I'm still not finished downstairs. We will be gearing up for another grandaughters wedding soon too (April 12th) with out of town company coming in. So my down time is limited. I'm just not good at multi-tasking.
I did want to check in though and say hi to all and may you all be blessed in your endevors.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Norma, it is wonderful to read about the flowers coming in your garden. Don't hesitate to get out there and enjoy them. I'd love to see a flower these days! Basements are terrible places to tidy up! I know from experience. A never ending job there.
Another wedding soon too! Sounds like a fun spring event. Do you have company staying at your place then? Remember, company is like fish...the longer they stay the more they stink!LOL

Kathy, good luck with the house this weekend! I always reminded myself "It only takes one person...!"

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Everything is white this morning. Yuck! Although, so far its only an inch.

I got a call yesterday afternoon that my mom is in the hospital with heart issues. The heart doctor will see her today.

Kathy, just be glad you arent trying to sell your house with a 3 year old under foot like my DD is trying to.

That little stinker Reed is way too little to be upright!

"6-8 waves breaking" I think I could watch that all day. I remember spending a whole afternoon at Point Betsie lighthouse in Michigan watching the waves break, it was mesmerizing for a landlocked gal.

Norma and Marian, Im glad to hear that you are unaffected except minor inconveniences by the flooding. Some of the pictures on TV are horrible.

We have a small chain saw for branches, so far Ive let DH handle that job. Cynthia, watch out, things like that will give you the reputation of "that crazy saw wielding, gardening lady in the white house" LOL

This Idyll should probably slow down if it wants to see signs of spring before its ending post.


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No snow here yet. They've knocked it down to an inch now. We have a few small mounds left in shaded areas but it's almost gone. I can't wait for it to get warm and dry enough to do some cleanup!

Last night I was very grateful to have a Harold And The Purple Crayon dvd babysit Bella while I had my hands full mixing together a meatloaf for dinner. There are those times when monitored TV makes an excellent sitter IMO. Our cable is a bundled package including phone, tv, and internet. Just the savings on our long distance phone service has made it worth having and I'd never want to go back to dial up for the internet. The cable tv I could take or leave. Nice to have choices of something worthwhile to watch though if the mood strikes.

Drema, what a cutey Charlie is in his little bunny costume. I was struck by how young his parents look. I see pictures of Brad and I when our kids were babies and we looked like that too. Funny I didn't feel that young at the time. Jen looks happy and healthy. Have fun with the baby shower!

Marie, hard to believe that Reed's already standing. Is he walking too? Megan and David were walking by 10 months, Jen and Bella not until closer to their first birthdays. It seems to me babies walk earlier if there are older siblings walking about. Reed's little legs are so cute in the picture you shared too!

Deanne, I was wondering where you were but then thought you must aready be away. You are one busy and productive girl these days.

Michelle, sorry to hear about your mom. I hope it's nothing too serious. Good thoughts and prayers for her.

Norma, glad you're dry there. The basement here is a never ending job of straightening and putting away. I tend to put things down there and then have to stop and organize when they start piling up.

Cynthia, funny story! Good way to keep those salespersons away too! I carry a folding pruning saw and a garden knife with me when I'm out working. My kids always kid me about being well armed.

I've been straightening, putting away and vacuuming today. Also have bread baking. I made a yummy tollhouse pie yesterday too.

Looks like the weather may warm up a little next week. Hope so! Have a good afternoon.


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Well now they've revised our snowfall for overnight to 4-6 inches. It's snowing now. It's 36F now, supposed to go down to 25F tonight. So Michelle, I'd have to answer that nope, not spring here yet. I like your kitty though:)


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Now Eden... you promised us it was now spring. I just caught the weather forecast for tomorrow (you'll appreciate this) they're sqeaking about 6-9" of snow. I have minimal confidence in their ability to predict anything since they've completely blown the last "storms", at least for my area.

Cynthia's story of the saw and the salesman cracked me up. I also like the image of a "well armed" Eden. lol. As for concrete siding, however... my brother used it on his garage. I have a very discerning eye and it was a good enough "fake" to fool me! It looks sensational and there is NO maintenance.

So... will I go to work tomorrow or will I stay home and continue to pickle?

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Michelle, hope your mom's heart problem turns out to be nothing serious.

Chelone come on over anytime! We are pretty laid back around here, and the wallpaper project was a whim. It started peeling itself, so I thought it would be an easy job. Didn't happen that way. I think just the edges are loose:) Every time I pulled on a piece it ripped. I bought a paper tiger, but it doesn't seem to be doing such a great job. This is vinyl, so it is a bear to remove. But, I need to update, it is ten years old. Skip doesn't like for me to start new projects, but it is definitely time.

Eden, the kids are young to me, but they want a lot of babies, so wanted to get an early start. I am having so much fun with Charlie. Did I tell you he fired me as his baby sitter? Separation anxiety. Anyway, now his mom has to take him to work. Hopefully he will grow out of it. She is lucky she can do that, but she works in daycare, and doesn't want him to be around all of the germs. If you are getting snow, that means I must be too. Enough already....We got 18 inches the last big storm. Yuck. I am so done with the dreary weather.

Woody, hope your computer gets up and running quickly.
Bug, your little guy is adorable. Love the pants. Can't wait till mine are toddling along around here.

Norma, how many grandchildren do you have? And what are their ages?

Kathy, good luck on the house!

I am wrapping up things for Jen's shower Sat, got the flowers today, Mary and Charlie hung out with me today. Devin was over here too because he is on spring break. Fido's foot is amazingly better, he got a shot in the flank and antibiotics to take. I also got some medicine for my dog Maggie's ear. Seems to have an infection. I really like my vet. If you take in two dogs at a time, he doesn't charge double office visits, just 1 and 1/2. I have been going to him for over 35 years. That is hard to believe.

Well, have to go finish taking this online class... TTYL

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Michelle, Did the Dr. have any answers for your mom today? I know it usually takes a while to find things out. I hope she will be ok. Kenzie looks so excited in her egg coloring picture. To bad the egg hunt couldn't be outside.

Sorry to hear so many are getting more snow. We had rain again today, but on easter we had about six different kinds of snow. It was wierd, every thing from silver dollar sized flakes to powdered sugar fine and blowing sideways.

Bug, yes we will have company staying here. Our two grandaughters from Florida and one male friend. I just said to DH today that we should have all the grandkids together for the first time since Wyatt was a baby. I must remember to get a picture.
Reed is just going gangbusters. He clearly enjoys life.

Drema we have six grandkids. Four girls and two boys. Ages 25, 21, 19, 18, 14, and 5. The 21 year old is the one getting married. We were going in to St.Louis today and decided to drive by the apartment complex they are moving into. It just so happened that Danielle was pulling in with her other grandmother to see the apartment, so we got a tour too. They are brand new and and very nice. A two bedroom with a small balcony over looking some trees and a small stream. I think our son is going to have a harder time seeing this one leave the nest than he did the younger one that got married in Oct. They will soon be empty nesters.
Charlies family looks like a happy one, and Jen looks good too. I too enjoyed Dev coloring the eggs.
I always thought I would get so much more done when I wasn't working anymore too. I think it is to easy to put things off because you think you have plenty of time to do them.

LOL about the well armed gardners.

Eden, I am on a kick that if it has'nt been used in the last three years and doesn't have a real purpose it is out of here. I told DH if its not something useful, don't bring it home. He thinks we should keep everything because it is sentimental. I think who is going to want this stuff when I am gone. There are exceptions of course. I just am tired of pushing things around when I clean.
By the way, congratulations to Jenny and Randy. I think this generation of newly weds have a rougher way to go than the last one. But I guess they will find their way like we all did. Danielle is doing something with wedding pictures at the reception and requested one of us. All we had were some snapshots taken at the preachers house where we got married. They were in bad shape too, but I managed to touch them up and reprint them. I lol at how young we looked too. We were only 17 and 18 at the time.
Well geeze I'm up late tonite. I'm a little wound up I guess, but I better get to bed I have lots to do tomorrow.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Quick good morning to all!!!! I've got to hit the shower and get out the door to get to my seminar on time. So what is with this 6" - 9" of snow? Good grief! I've got to head to Mont Vernon (and it is a 'Mont') where they always get twice the snow as we do here because of the elevation. I surely hope my students can all make it OK.

So this morning his nibs, his Highness Rahjii, got himself locked in my clothes closet upstairs. When I was having my breakfast I kept hearing some noise and thought I might have a squirrel in the attic or something. Anyway the noise got louder and worse and I finally heard a distant meowing, whent on search and found the 'PITA' cat closed in my closet, I didn't even know he'd followed me in there and he completely ripped the carpet out of the doorway so I couldn't even open the door. GRRRRRrrrrr..... He's been skulking about and not his normal bouncy self so he probably knows I'm not happy with him at the moment.

Kathy, best of luck with the house. I've been thinking of you and know you'll be happy and relieved when you've sold and that chapter is closed. ~~ LOL about coleus door prizes. I couldnt' stand to give them away to people who probably wouldn't take care of my 'babies'.

Michelle, sorry to hear about your Mom. HOpe all is well.

Eden, thinking of you and your family as well.

Drema, love the pics of Jen! Great to hear from you!

NOrma, have a great time with those grandchildren.

Cynthia, loved the saw story. Too funny, I'm getting some thoughts as to what to show up with in hand when opening the door to someone I don't want there. LOL

Waving hello to all.... I"m out of time... Have a great day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dull and white out my window, but at least it isn't deep! Phoebe went out for a quick walk and now is napping again already.

Eden, Reed's favorite thing is walking, but he needs a finger to hold in order to keep his balance. He's so proud to walk! He only began crawling last week but pretty much abandoned that.

I smiled at the talk of young looking newlyweds. I'm at the stage where everybody looks young to me: my doctor and dentist, anyone driving a car looks about 13, university students and yes, brides and grooms. So then the talk of our own wedding pictures looking like youngsters was fun too. In our case we didn't feel too young at the time, but in retrospect, we were in some ways. (25 &27. DD was 30 and DSIL 39...and that seems so right for them) We should do a thread of our wedding photos! The styles of dresses and hairdos would no doubt make us laugh now.

Norma, I am getting more and more like my Mom who adored things simple and neat in her surroundings. She loved the Japanese look. She achieved it by relentlessly throwing things out. This was no small thing with a packrat husband. I get great satisfaction eliminating stuff from our home. Sort of like garden cleanup!

Wondering what Chelone decided. Is she at work today or in a pickle? I'll guess she's off early to annoy her boss. ;)

Voice lesson for DH he's practicing in the shower now... OYYYYYYYYYY


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

No snow here, but cold enough! We went from the mid 70s yesterday to the upper 30s this morning. We did have another nice rain ( not a deluge).
I worked out in the yard yesterday, and on our driveway some more. My poor back is really 'bum' this morning. :-(
Our yard is getting prettier everyday. The grass is still not greening up very much, but lots of 'stuff' is blooming, including the serviceberries. Amongst the blooming items is: Forsythia, Quince, Spirea, red maples, clove currant,Cornelean Cherry,Daffodils, Hyacinths, Anemone blanda, Confederate Violets, Chionodoxes,Vinca minor ( the deer ate off all of the foliage so the blooms really show up! ),and there were a very few Iris reticulata but they didn't last long. I think that is all for now...:-)

LOL, V...I just now noticed your " Signs of Marian" title.

Although I am too overwhelmed to attempt commenting on all that has transpired on the last 2 threads, I have read them all ( rather briefly), and enjoyed the pictures ( espacially the "biped" LOL ).

My pain med is apparently causing an allergy! I have been itching all over since yesterday afternoon. Since I need the relief from the pain, I bravely( or stupidly) took another this morning! This is the Tramadol. It has done this before, but rarely... I don't have a rash, and no difficulty breathing, so I took a 24 hour antihistimine, and will tough it out. I am thinking it may be a combination of what I ate along with the pill??? I ate fish....

My word...the fog just moved in and almost obscured everything!


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My mom has been released. The tests show it wasnt her heart. Although, she needs to get her cholesterol down. Thanks for the concern.

Norma, enjoy the weekend and the wedding. Ricks son and wife had a table of wedding pictures of the parents and grandparents that people could look at as they waited for punch and the guest book. Its a fun idea.

Deanne, Im please to say that the one fuchsia that I have under lights looks fabulous and actually has a bud. Funny but the other great looking plant is a rex begonia. Obviously they dont mind my letting them dry out between waterings.

Im thinking I should take cuttings and get them started.

bug, the wedding pictures would be as much fun as the Christmas pictures were.

Kenzie is spending the night with us so her parents can have an evening out for DSIL birthday.


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Silly people, I bagged it! As a friend once said to me, when we are lying on our deathbed do you really think we'll be wishing we'd more?!

I pickled from 7:30-10:30, at which point the power went out (downed line). I came in, had a little snack, lit a fire in the stove, and read for a bit. The juice is back on now and I'm heading back out to the Salon shortly to get some more work done. I have some pictures and I'll try to get some up for your persusal. The snow has basically stopped and it's beginning to drop off the branches of trees and shrubs. It's wet and will be gone a in few days, very pretty though. I wonder if this will be the last snowfall before spring finally springs? We have 5-6".

Fun to read how things are changing at your homes. More later.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello from gray and dreary country... :-)

No time, but I ran across something on NPR I thought Gardenbug might like to see...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Did nothing in terms of the house here...but took Phoebe for a drive to town where we walked in a park next to the river and met a few doggies. Phoebe wanted to play, but the old guys were not at all interested. Maybe next time. So where did she do her business after all that walking and excitement? In the car. My fault I guess. Sigh. So in Chelone's words with a twist, "I bagged it!"

It is above zero and sunny. Still freezes each night which is great as it keeps flooding away. I've not seen a single green thing yet though. :(

Hope the itches are gradually vanishing Marian. I have a friend who gets that from early gardening. She can't really detect the plants that affect her before they surface a little more. She has to stay away from "donkey tail" spurge and other spurges, and any form of primula. Of course poison ivy too. That can be really nasty even before it leafs out.

We often have the same experiences with our felines as Deanne did this morning with Rahji. They get shut in a closet or the bathroom at bedtime, and just as I'm finally nodding off, I hear scratching and meowing and have to get up for search & rescue duty.

Off to see what to do about Skyler's 9th birthday now.

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My lawn is covered with Robins. It's been spring here for weeks and daffs and hellebores and forsythia in full scream.

Someone needs to remind Sue what day it is.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I think Sue is working in her dungeon....

PM2, thanks so much for the article! DS must have seen this, but I have not until now. DH gave a talk by phone to many of the volunteers on Sunday. It can be discouraging work with many roadblocks, but it can also be very exciting. I must say, I certainly had a hard time working with the model we had. I'm no child though!

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Yes where is our TGIF girl? It's not Friday without her:(

We got 4" of snow, much of it's melted and there are rumors of a warm up next week. We'll see.

Michelle, so glad to hear the good news about your mom!

I walked into the livingroom to this scene a little while ago so grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of Bella reading to her babies.


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Bella, thats the perfect thing to do on a snowy day. I'm sure your babies enjoyed the stories.

Ms Norma

P.S. I bet Bud was nearby too.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'd love to join Bella and her books 'n' babes.

We had snow all day yesterday but not much accumulation. I had to go to a dinner meeting last night, and about halfway to the restaurant, I hit near white-out conditions. It was a little unsettling when I could see flashing lights behind me but couldn't tell where they were going. I was hoping if they were headed past me, they would see me at the side of the road. But they turned on the crossroads I had just passed, and I saw in today's paper that the road was closed for almost an hour because of the accident. Fortunately, the rest of the evening was much less eventful.

My SIL (the blonde one for those of you who met both of them), her DH and another couple drove to Washington, DC in the other couple's older minivan this week to visit their sons. Early this morning the minivan was stolen. Bummer! Funny thing is, it is an old minivan - not a beater, but sure nothing special. Probably stolen for parts.

I'm speaking at a conference tomorrow, just a teeny stretch from what I usually do. The good news is that it is about two hours west, so if I flop, I never have to see those folks again [g]. But I'm trying to expand this part of my repertoire a little more, and there's some potential good exposure if the "name" speaker of the day hangs around after his opening remarks. I laughed at myself yesterday when The American Gardener magazine arrived - there was an interview
with Ketzel Levine of NPR fame and I thought, "I want to be her when I grow up!"

It has seemed like a quiet week around the house with no kids here.


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I'm going to get my taxes done before it's light out.

For fun, go to google this morning :) I thought I was having another monitor problem!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

LOL...cynthia! What are you doing up at this hour doing taxes of all things!? I do understand, when you have something weighing on your mind, it's just as well to just get up and take care of it if you can. Good luck with it, hope it is painless. :-)

I fell asleep at 8:30pm last night and then wide awake @ 3:30am. *sigh* Not the way to start the weekend off. Cranky and bleary eyed already.

It rained here yesterday. Saw a few snowflakes but nothing on the ground really. I was able to prune a couple of bushes here and there during the week. I need to get to moving shrubs but with daughter's shoulder injury, husband's bad back, son soon to be working two jobs, looks like I am going to be trying to hire out. I am dragging my feet about getting around to doing that for some reason.

Boy, I've already had to correct my spelling four times already. I think I am going to go try to watch a movie and see if I can get sleepy...

I do have a new National Geographic Wallpaper...

A prothonotary warbler adds a splash of gold to a tableau of cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. The famed cherry trees were given to the U.S. capital city by Japan in 1912. More than 3,000 treesand 12 different varietiesmade the oversea journey from Yokohama to the District of Columbia.

Photograph by Raymond K. Gehman

Aren't the color echoes in the photo pretty?

It's supposed to warm up here next week. I saw my first crocus opening up yesterday and will try to get some photos to post later today...


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I wanted to get some pictures up for you guys this morning. I, too, have a busy day planned; a good deal of it requiring the use of a paintbrush.

Yesterday morning:

Mopboard before and after pickling:

Here is a copy of what I want to use as a stencil taped in place. I want the repeat to include one more of the motif you see on the left. The mopboard will be 5 1/2-6" high and pickled, as well:

Good luck with the taxes, Cynthia, Bella knows how to enjoy the snow! good that club-footed kitty is on the mend, hi to everyone else. Off to get some laundry in the machine and and get the second coat of pickling on the remaining two double hung windows.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am so envious of your witchhazel Chelone! I have never had one do more than barely survive. It is the perfect plant for me...except for our winter conditions.

Your stencil is very beautiful. The room will have quite the lacy effect with the white. Lacy pickles?? Naaaw.

Bella, who wouldn't want to be parked on the cushions along with you?! Quite the princess.

Phoebe is walked and snoozing already. I am in a daze, having been startled suddenly into waking mode.

Haircut this morning, French Club in another town tonight. We will have lights out and make use of 'des bougies' instead. (candles) Anyone remember the candle scene in the book or film of the English Patient? Something has made me recall that scene in my dreamy morning state.

Stuff to be done. Enjoy your weekend! TGIS!

    Bookmark   March 29, 2008 at 7:42AM
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All done! I'll review and file tomorrow morning. TurboTax really makes it easier and every year they improve the application. I noticed there's up to a 2K tax credit for solar water heating installations. Wonder if V has one of those yet. I hadn't really paid attention to the Economic Stimulus Package, so wasn't too disappointed when a pop-up said 'sorry sister, no May bonus for you.' Something like that. I would have been happy to help :(

Chelone, that stencil is wonderful. Love it. If you want to practice at my house....? Witch hazel in snow is beautiful photo, but I'll take the spring blooms I have here without that fluffy dressing thank you. It was chilly this morning, low 30s and I had to grab gloves. Yesterday was 60F, and I played outside a bit in the evening.

I don't think Bella has enough books there. Looks like about 4 per doll. I'd be curled up with her, that settee looks comfy and really like the fabric.

Deanne's closet is the size of normal bedroom if I recall correctly. Just put a litter pan and water dish in there for next time.

I'm in middle of my annual spring Lands' End order. Which is when I stock up on winter things, and order a bunch of their tank tops for summer. (3 white ones Chelone and a few black/navy...) But! Want to tell you they have are having a tank and t-shirt sale. The tank tops are $7 each if you buy three, and similar deal for Ts. The quality and fit is great, I only buy new each year because the old ones are worn so much they end up stained from garden duty.

Thanks for the 'TGIS' GB. Phoebe is growing so fast, we really need new pictures to keep up....

Hi to all, enjoy your Saturday. And PM, what were you doing up at that hour? I get up early every day, but especially don't want to waste my days off, and easier to do indoor things when it's still dark out. My rule is that if I wake up before 3AM I go back to sleep, after 3AM, I stay up.


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Hi all.

I've been busy in the office. That's all I want to say about it. Worker's comp audit next week, but I have my ducks in a row.

Eden, sorry to hear about your mother's health news. I hope Spring will bring a renewed strength in her.

Michelle, glad your mom did not have heart issues. Hope she is feeling better.

Chelone, that color sure cheers up the landscape outside! I can't wait to see the stenciling! I never did tell you that I voted for pickle - MIL had it in the guest bedroom in Maine.

I went to Deanne's last week and was the proud recipient of some of her "babies." I hope I can care for them half as well as she does. I crowded them all under the little light that I have and am setting up my lights/shelves today.

Good to see Drema - Charlie sure is a cutie in that outfit! Jen looks fabulous! May seems like a good birthday to me :) Wallpaper is always half on/off the walls around here :)

Martie, I am starting some seeds too....hope my set up looks as good as yours.

Hope you're feeling better Marian - a rash is no fun.

Cynthia, I am with you on Turbo Tax! I love it! I always feel like I did a good job and did it correctly when I am done! Lands End gets a look from me every time you mention them. I have to say that I actually like my bathing suits that I bought from them this year! Usually a suit is a miserable tugging, pulling experience that I can't wait to get out of.....

Well, enough of this break....time to go.


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'bug I do remember that candle scene in the English Patient, very much so. Anthony Minghella passed away too young (54) a few weeks back. Overheard conversation in an upscale nursery yesterday: "Do you have any candles that won't melt in the sun?" The expression on the salesperson's face could best be described as stupefied. She quickly recovered tho and suggested surrounding them in ice chips. Another, less famous, Hollywood screenwriter passed away this week. My brother notified me by email having read the NYT obit, a screenwriter named Abby Mann who wrote Judgment at Nuremberg. I worked for Mr. Mann for about a year, get this, taking screenplay dictation by shorthand in his home off Sunset Blvd. One girl would go in for dictation then leave to type up those notes while another girl cycled in to take dictation, etc. Sometimes there were 3 of us, all of us paid by the studio as part of project development. It was one of my more bizarre jobs, to say the least. Maybe now I can write that expose (kidding!!) He was good friends with Tony Bennett, so my one celebrity encounter was over the phone with Mr. Bennett, about five words.

More on the movie front. The Nat'l Geo special on the ports had a preview screening to LA Harbor employees and, sad to say, most of Marty's footage ended up on the cutting room floor. I didn't attend but am told he is seen briefly, barking "Shanghai!" into a radio. It's supposed to air April 6 here so check your local listings if interested. (I was also told it's kinda bo-ring.)

Good to hear your mom has been released, Michelle. The revival of your shed thread has been very enjoyable. Any special plans for it this year? There's a book coming out in April, I think called "Shed Style" which might be right up your alley.

The pickling really "cools" off the orangey tones in the pine. I'm getting very Scandinavian vibes already. The stencil looks complicated, but I have no doubt Chelone's up to the task. Earlier in the week I dug into the cedar chest filled with fabric remnants, some over 20 years old, pulled out a few, grabbed a beloved shirt, pants, linen vest (probably 15 yrs old!) and took the lot to Nina, my fairy godmother seamstress. She made the first pair of pants for me about a half year ago, when there was nothing to be found in shops except those hig huggers, even for business wear, so I brought an old pair of pants I liked to her, the high-waisted, pleated, baggy kind, with some fabric I'd saved. She sews from the samples you bring, without dismantling the sample. Not that I'm boycotting Chinese seamstresses but enough with the hip huggers already and clothes that fall apart after a couple months of use.

Cynthia, you're a good shill for Land's End, lol. I do need some tank tops.

Thurs' job started at 7 a.m. at a doc's office, so I found myself alone in a dark, quiet office bldg. Can't use stairs due to amount of stuff I carry, which today also includes a speaker phone in a box. Punch 4th fl on elevator, doors close...and nothing happens. Hit all buttons. Nothing happens. Very hot and stuffy. Hit alarm button. Still nothing. Become flooded with regret over leaving cell phone in car. Just about to hit the red/fire dept button when doors soundlessly open on 3rd floor. Woman enters and sees my face, laughs and says yeah, these elevators are silent and slow. I mention this all later to an atty, who tells me he has no problems with claustrophobia but don't ever get him near the edge of a tall bldg because he will jump. I tell him this happens to me too on the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, which may not be entirely true but I didn't want him to feel alone in his phobia confession.

That's problably enough rambling about nothing much from me. I'm going to make like Bella and find a place to lounge with stuff to read. Temps have cooled into high 60s/70s, which is perfect. Rain possibly on Wed, so they say, but won't be much. Weekend greetings to all, and PM, take a nap!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Happy Surprise!!!

My sweet neighbor and friend Cecylia just came by for a visit with her new baby German Shepherd! It is only 10 weeks old and ADORABLE. It is afraid of Phoebe who already looks gigantic in comparison! Her name is Nora. (Their cat is Petunia) Phoebe is just so excited. We will try to visit almost daily until they get adjusted to each other and figure out good manners.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2008 at 4:30PM
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