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don_socalApril 6, 2014

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
Marcus Aurelius

Just as in earthly life lovers long for the moment when they are able to breathe forth their love for each other, to let their souls blend in a soft whisper, so the mystic longs for the moment when in prayer he can, as it were, creep into God.
Soren Kierkegaard

No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love.
Edvard Munch

Living here on Earth, we breathe the rhythms of a universe that extends infinitely above us. When resonant harmonies arise between this vast outer cosmos and the inner human cosmos, poetry is born.
Daisaku Ikeda

I wonder if anyone else has an ear so tuned and sharpened as I have, to detect the music, not of the spheres, but of earth, subtleties of major and minor chord that the wind strikes upon the tree branches. Have you ever heard the earth breathe?
Kate Chopin

In a meadow full of flowers, you cannot walk through and breathe those smells and see all those colors and remain angry. We have to support the beauty, the poetry, of life.
Jonas Mekas

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

What beautiful quotes! Thank you, Don.

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Coming back from my morning walk I go toward the sunrise, not a cloud in the sky. The dafffodils and forsythias are blooming and the birds have started their courting songs. Getting home, I find your quotes. What a start to a Sunday. Thanks.

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I came to today's quotes after a string of minor annoyances, the quotes put them into perspective, bringing things into balance. Thank you

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Wow- great ones, Don. Love the last one- so TRUE!

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Love the quotes.
Especially Kate Chopin's quote.
And yes, I've heard the earth breathe.

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Let me count some of the ways.
I don't know one cord from another, but to the untrained ear, the earth's music is wonderful.
A gentile breeze rustling the leaves of a tree, a gentle plop when the raindrops hit a quiet lake, the ripple of a stream , the sound of a waterfall, a howling sound at a place on the Appalachian Trail, a rip roaring sound of the Atlantic Ocean in January and also the quiet among the giant redwoods in CA.
Thanks for the thoughts provoking quotes, Don.

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