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don_socalApril 6, 2013

Kill the snake of desire in the beginning;
or watch out: your snake will become a dragon.
But everyone considers his own snake to be just an ant: if you do, seek knowledge of your real state from one who is a lord of the heart.
Until copper becomes gold, it doesn't know that it's copper: until the heart becomes a king, it doesn't recognize its poverty. Rumi

My Soul gave me good counsel, teaching me to listen to the voices not produced by tongues, nor shouted from throats.
I sip at silence and listen to its inwardness that chants songs of the eons, reciting praises of the sky, announcing the mysteries of the Unseen.
~Kahlil Gibran

"And So We Say, May It Be So."

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Amazing quotes! I am imagining Rumi and Kahlil Gibran sitting under a tree in Persia, discussing philosophy and it's application, yet they are centuries apart and their thoughts are timeless

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And I wish I could be the fly on the wall or in the tree who listens to that dialog. Marvelous.

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