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anneliese_32(6)April 25, 2012

Spent the last couple of days again in the hospital while my husband had tests. Why do some people think a hospital room is the ideal site for a family reunion? Not only do they inconvenience the other patient, but don't even pay attention to their own.

Our otherwise great hospital has mainly 2 patients rooms. It's not the other patient who was the problem, it was the poor guy's family. Got so bad they had to get security.

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The problem is with the staff I imagine who are not enforcing visiting guidelines. I was a nurse for enough years to know all facilities have some restrictions on visitors to ensure patient comfort and that some clients are too kind to ask they be enforced. Some people just don't have any common sense.

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Had a pizza party in my room the sixth week when got broke up on a motorcycle. Had six family and friends and we included my room mate, an old guy and he was cool with it, I was 16 at the time. Don't think they do such long stays any more and that was 1966 so different time in many ways. More rudeness now is out there due to a disconnect in social politeness.

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(((anneliese and hubby))) Frustrating! People just frustrate me to death these days. I gotta learn to be more tolerant. I'm sure you were disappointed in the chaos, rightfully so.

Don, more likely, you were a good guy who said, "Is it ok with you?" and dude probably said, "Heck yea! For you, anything" I can't imagine any bunkmate being disappointed in anything you do.

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Thankfully, our hospital doesn't have anything but private
rooms. Many years ago we had the shared rooms with a curtain between them.
I never liked the shared rooms.

Neil was in the hospital two weeks ago and his room had
one of those TV sets the would extend out on a long arm
right in front of him. It also could connect to the internet.

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Our brand new state of the art hospital has private rooms only. The rooms are equipped with every gadget possible.
The security is excellent. So far so good.
But I'm a bit concerned that the patient is isolated from society.
A case in point is when a long time neighbor went to visit another neighbor in the hospital had to go through extensive questioning before she could visit.
It's always a trade off.

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Our hospital is a regional facility, but 75% of the costs are carried by our county. The medical facilities are first rate, it's among the best 100 small hospitals in the USA. 30 years ago it had a small ER, 2 operating rooms and 20 beds. Now it does organ transplants.
This county is not big, has no large industrial base and with the downturn money is tight, so instead of adding more rooms and changing to single rooms, money available was infested in advanced equipment. The large facilities send people for diagnosis here, so we really can't complain. The staff, from top on down to the cleaning staff are first rate and in all those years we dealt with the hospital, I can't complain about a single person. It's the visitors which are the problems sometimes.

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anneliese, I'm so glad that you are keeping such close watch over your DH treatment, kudos to you.

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