anneliese_32(6)April 22, 2011

I give up, now I have February!

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Anne, so sorry!!!!!
Keep your chin up!

We have rain showers---good for ferns---good for everything.

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I had a strange thought the other evening - perhaps we try to fit the seasons into our Calendar year, perhaps they operate on the lunar year, the way the ancients saw it?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I don't think they are fitting into the lunar year either. Two days ago, 90* after a week of upper 70's; today, right now: 45* and a gusty wind that feels like... yeah, February.

When the forsythia buds are just starting to show color, it's time to put the CGM onto the lawn; yep, did that and wiped sweat between swoops of the spreader. When the oriental lily stems are a couple inches tall and the lilac is in bud, it's safe to plant the tender annuals into the flower beds. Well, the lilies are about a foot tall and the lilac is in full bloom... but I don't think the zinnias and salvia are ready for 40* nights.

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Hope the weather figures out what it is supposed to do soon.

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Ah, don't give up. Mother nature has always been in charge and I don't see where anyone has a viable program to change that, so we do what all the people before us has done. Adapt, adapt, adapt.

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gandle(4 NE)

Summer is less than 2 months away. 40 degrees as I'm writing this.

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