Idyll # 475 Orange You Sick Of Winter ?

dodgerdudetteMarch 5, 2010

Spring ! Bring it on !

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Hello everyone, and with a nod to Sue, TGIF! Fingers crossed for a dry weekend , but rain or shine I will go to check out my plot in the community garden , and take some before photos. I hope to finalize my design and crop selection in the next couple of days.

Eden , your Kate seems to be growing in a head of hair !

Woody, your supports are terrific ! I bought a spiral thingy this week for Arabella, and will post a photo of it this weekend. It is already installed in the front garden , and Arabella waits patiently in her pot for planting time. I was lucky enough to purchase this with my employee discount so it was not expensive at all. Hope you are feeling better every day.

Candy, IÂm sure I had some childrens music on those photo records, I felt a real jolt of recognition when I saw your pics. What a great treasure to have kept !

Bon voyage V ! Or do I say gÂday ?

Catch you all tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

Some orange action From Garden 2009

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well winter is still pretty here, but I am eager to get out there and clean up a bit! Here are some things from mid to late 2009, when orange becomes more prevalent here.

How'd you like how I snuck that one in!!!!?

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Nice work 'bug !

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I do have a bit of orange in my gardens. It goes with the pinks and lime greens that I love. I'll have to look for some orange container combo photos but for now...

I remember that photo of Ivy's chubby foot, Marie. Her ankle bracelet, right? Any new photos of Miss Ivy? Like Kate, she's got to be growing and changing by leaps and bounds and doing new things everyday.

As for growing up, here's a picture of Bella last weekend. We were visiting Build A Bear to celebrate her 5th birthday. Where'd my baby go?

Beautiful day here today. Hoping for lots of snow melt! Only two weeks to go...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I am remembering how you handled your Mom when she needed encouraged. Perhaps if you would use some of the same tactics on yourself it would help ? Some tough love is needed ...towards yourself. We love you, and hate seeing you down like this.

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Saturday finally!

Eden, great orange bike. I like the baskets. Happy birthday to sweet Bella. She sure has grown up. Nice picture of Kate playing hostess. Good to know spring is almost upon us.

Kathy, you mentioned my pillars. Its a little hard to imagine decorating them since one is totally buried in snow yet.

Candy, those records are so cool. I've never seen anything like it.

'bug, you are sneaky. Baby toes are so sweet aren't they?

I don't have a lot of true orange, but here are few.

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Just back from shopping for Bella's "My Little Pony" birthday party tomorrow. I still have to bake the cake. I found some ponies with party hats so will use those for the cake decoration. So after tomorrow the little more than a week birthday celebration will be over.

Over at Jen and Randy's today is baby proofing the house day. Time to put up the gates, cupboard locks, electrical outlet plugs etc.

David twisted his knee last Sunday doing basically nothing. He had to miss almost a week of work, hard to balance trays and wait tables with one leg. Seems like it's always something doesn't it?

Today's just beautiful outside! Blue skies, sunshine and fairly warm temps. Today's my mom's birthday and I woke up thinking about her... Brad's working tonight so Bella and I are watching "Where The Wild Things Are" tonight with our popcorn and the real treat for her...a glass of COKE! I wonder what they will have done to the book to make the movie?

Oh, I saw a cute little Madeline tea set at the toy store that I brought home thanks to you guys. I'm wanting a tea room like Drema's too!

I'm loving the orange flowers shown here. I only started adding orange to my garden in the last few years. It's really grown on me. I still have a hard time with reds, they don't seem to fit into my gardens but the oranges, I'm growing to really appreciate.

Kathy, wondering how the delph seedlings are doing? If the weather holds Bella and I may spring sow some seeds in milk jugs next weekend.

Candy, cool art on the records. I don't think I've ever seem anything like that. I do miss all the great art that used to be on album covers though.

I've discovered Cadbury Mini Eggs and am having a couple as I type. We've been listening to a cute children's Easter cd the last couple of days. All the good old songs, The Bunny Hop, Put On Your Easter Bonnet, Here Comes Peter Cottontail. So glad we're moving on to a spring holiday. I need to stop by the local greenhouse and pick up some forced daffodils, crocus and tulips I do believe. We did put out our Easter decorations yesterday. Bella's big on holiday decorating, lol.

Winter is slowly losing it's grip and I couldn't be happier. I feel like I'm babbling along so I hope you're all having a wonderful and sunny Saturday afternoon too!

Later, Eden

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Such a, a-hum....CHATTY post from me and no one here to chat back? Where have all the Idylls gone? After all, it's Saturday afternoon, which used to be like Grand Central around here. Someone come out and play!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We had company Eden! Now I'm heating soup for dinner.

DH washed the bathroom ceiling earlier, with bleach, because our vent doesn't work and needs replacing, so mildew has started growing there. I hope he has got the message to start work there SOON! In fact, DD & DSIL hope to install a new bathtub and surround soon due to mildew there as well. Houses are just never "done".

I'm sad to say, no new photos of Ivy lately, but not because I haven't asked! There has been LOTS of excitement there regarding the ex, lawyers, teachers, etc... I wonder if things will ever calm down.

But here are some things I'll be taking with me. Hard to find things that are ORANGE!

This morning I also sent DSIL his birthday card with money for painting lessons inside.

Phoebe had a nice walk outside, and now to go fix that dinner!


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Checking in here from the left coast Eden Ive been outside all day , but its beer-thirty right now ! I love your orange bike what a great focal point ! I think orange got a bad rap after years of soldierly looking Inca Marigolds I still fail to see the attractiveness of that plant although I suppose if you use it cleverly it might not be so bad. I never plan to find out though ,lol.

The Delphs are holding their ownI removed from the heat on schedule and now they are just under the lights , slowly growing. I started another batch last weekend . Tomorrow Im going to start a couple packs of cut-and Come-Again Zinnias for my plot at the community garden. I visited this morning but the map was not up so I could not identify which plot was mine. While I was taking pics (on manual settings mind you ) another gardener arrived , who turned out to live on the court at the corner of my block.. she stopped by this afternoon with a copy of the map and now that I know where it is I m going to head over in the morning for the before pics. There will be extensive prep work..the weeds are everywhere, and very robust. There is a work-day on March 21st , when all the members are asked to come and help weed and clean up for spring.

Very stylish additions to Ivys wardrobe 'bug

...and Eden , I am amazed to hear that My Little Pony has endured for all these years, DD was very attached to hers--white (at least for a couple of weeks,lol) with a rainbow mane.Bet it's in a box around here somewhere.

Back outside..waving ! Hugs to Chelone, Eden, and Woody..and anyone else who needs one today.

Kathy in Napa

A shot of one of the plots this morning, including orange ! From garden 2010

And this is my new spiral thingy, soon to be Arabellas home. From garden 2010

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Cute outfits! They have such sweet little girl clothes but I went shopping for the new baby (who will from here forward be known as Baby Wally, named Wallace after my dad). Not a whole lot of cuteness out there for the boys that I could find. Marie, you'll have to take lots of Ivy pictures for us while you're visiting. I'd love to see Ivy in her new outfits.

Replacing a tub and of the messiest home improvement jobs we've tackled here. We tore out all of the old walls too. They were a kind of a combination of drywall and plaster, maybe very early stage drywall from 1955, with wire mesh in them. What a mess that was! So nice to have a new bathroom though when it was finished. As for vent fans, it doesn't seem like they ever last long before they burn out. I know we've had to replace ours a couple of times. When Brad redid the bathroom he put in a glass block window due to the fact that the window is in the shower and it has a small part that opens. That helps alot with mildew issues.

I've taken a couple of drawing classes at the local art center, no painting though. And lots of artsy, design stuff too in the beginning stages of Architecture school back in the day. Bella takes an art class there each session and Megan's walls are full of her paintings and creations. There was an altered book class that looked interesting to me last session but it wouldn't work into my schedule. Art classes keep our creative juices flowing at any age I think, just like gardening (painting with flowers), and are always a worthwhile endeavor. I be dsil will really enjoy the gift. Is that what he asked for?

Bella's cooking for me and her dolls. I have all manner of a feast spread out before me. Too bad it's all wooden food. Soup sounds better.

I got Bella a little journal for her birthday. I told her she can write whatever she wants in it each day. Today's entry...a list of the characters from Alice In Wonderland. I write the words that she dictates on a chalkboard and she copies into her journal. It's interesting to see the what she comes up with.

It's getting late and I need to go make Bella and I some real dinner. What to make is the neverending question???


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well tonight I'm making a breakfast in the crock pot. Never done this before: wheat berries, apple juice, nuts, dried apricots, currants, raisins, diced apple, cinnamon and nutmeg, ORANGE zest...I'll let you know.

Time changes next weekend it says on my calender. Just so you know!

Yes Eden, DSIL did say he'd like painting lessons. He's already painted many things, but it's always good to get fresh input.

Writing was the topic of this week's disaster with Skyler... Why his Mom can't work with him on ANYTHING really baffles me. The every other week stuff is really causing him struggles. DD thinks things are a bit straightened out for now:

"We pointed out that the hard work that we made him do (because we cared) and that he was complaining about, had lead to him feeling really good about himself, and getting all sorts of compliments from his teachers. This morning, he was being very careful about tracing ON THE LINES something Ive never seen him do before!

So, as much as he has been ganged up on this week a little, hes realizing that if he applies himself, he can do VERY well, and it makes him feel GOOD.

And to think that it all started because his teacher got mad at him for not having his agenda signed, and he told her that it wasn't signed because we wouldnt sign it if it wasnt neatly written. And now both the teachers and us are working together and hes RESPONDING WELL (other than a little freakout)!

Oh, Skyler... Why does it always take so many people and so much energy to get you to do something? ARGH!"

I'm off to study an exquisite catalog that is too expensive. If I paid over $300 for a hepatica plant I KNOW it would die before it even arrived here. Is there such a thing as plant insurance? They do have $5 plants too though. :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy March, idyllers -- Spring is on its way, thank goodness.... we had low 50s today, lots of March lion wind, but it was sunny and one had the feeling Spring is coming - I actually saw a few iris reticulata blooming in back - somewhat flat and scorched looking, but a bit of blue!

I truly dont think I have any orange - I love your bike, Eden!! but Im a reluctant orange person I do believe - corals I like, but not orange orange, unless one counts rust!

Kathy - o, I love the obelisk and you'll love Arabella.... I bet you make a lot of new friends at your community plot too...

Denise -- that's tough to hear about your job -- when the jobs gets us down, it's ugh.... discouraging as we spend so much of our lives at it, isnt it? I tend to have an expressive face, so I'd likely fail at your job - hiding emotions as you transcribe what you hear... my face (and of course mouth) get me in trouble... Is this just the 2nd year for Arabella? You do know the saying about 2nd year creep, etc., right? I found that that really applies to clematis -- 3 years and they've settled in and started blooming machinery; but it takes patience for sure with them. Arabella and Juuli are worth the wait, and I cannot believe Betty C will not end up a monster for you - both mine are hugely wide.... love them all.

It sounds as though lots of garden plans are in the making -- Woody doing constructive plans for the garden - love your designs... That's a treat to find an artisan/ironmaker who will make your designs!

I went in search of old doors today with the still crazy notion of finding something for a fake garden door at the end of my long "walk".... I was given a clue to find a country place that had loads of salvage stuff --- I did find some that were interesting, but a few I really liked were too pricey (for termites to eventually take up residence) and Im unsure how to get it to stand straight w/ the old fence likely to be replaced in a year or sooner... weight is an issue too, as I likely have to tote the thing myself -- there are some things I have such hard decisions making... I found myself thinking about one I did see and may go back next weekend to re-check it. I thought it was too large, but hmmm, maybe it would make a "statement" and not be gigantic.

Holy moly, 'bug, $300 for a hepatica.... one could buy a rare tree for that. Those are adorable clothes and Ivy will look a treat in them.

My, Bella is so grown up, Eden -- so beautiful -- you have such lovely days with her

I hope to begin some gardne cleanup tomorrow despite the wet ground -- at least some pruning and damage review. Looking forward to it!!!!!!!


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Cold, windy and slightly rainy today. We got a new sofa and recliner, so Rick's grandson came over and got one of the old recliners and his son wants the sofa for his shop. I'm glad to find homes for them. They were loaded up today since we are going for a birthday party at his son's tomorrow. We are also taking the grandfather clock as well since his son made it.

We then went to town for Chinese food for his DD's birthday which was actually last fall, but then harvest delays the meal out. The grandson's had great fun bribing each other to eat calamari.

In between I did get some cleaning done and worked on a few little things in the bathroom. We are getting to the cleanup point. Although, the roman shade is still intimidating me.

I really like the new spiral thingy.

Miss Ivy is going to look quite stylish in her new clothes. I agree about the girl clothes being so much more fun to shop for. I recently bought 4 baby gifts 2 were for boys and 2 for girls. I really struggled with the boy outfits.

Cindy, the door sounds like such a neat idea.

Eden, I just can't tell you how fortunate to have Bella around to do all those fun things with. The journal is a fabulous idea.

I have a garden journal of sorts. My mom gave it to me. I really just use it to jot notes about things I read here, on the net or in garden magazines. I often see something that I think is really neat but as I age I find if I don't write it down I don't remember by the time gardening season rolls around.

Kenzie is really likes all her My Little Ponies, including the one that my DD had as a child. (I don't throw much away)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

If Chelone were reading along here, she'd be up by now. I've been awake since 3am. No idea why, but might as well DO something, so here I am. Since Chelone isn't around much, I'll sneak in the following bits.

Eden asked: "Any new photos of Miss Ivy? Like Kate, she's got to be growing and changing by leaps and bounds and doing new things everyday."
This is what I hear:(She's 10 months old now)
- Ivy has learned how to blow the water whistles and recorder and get a sound!!!!
- Food! Food! More Food!
- Both Up and Down more gates except to coral her.
- Doing the "wiggles" (shoulder shake).
- A 3rd tooth on the way.
- Lots of Hot tub time (She LOVES the hot tub and squeals on the cold run from the back door to the tub!).
- Playing "toro" with DH (using a pillow) and will giggle her head off while race-crawling to head-butt the pillow!
- Turning around to go down the stairs, off the couch, off the bed (still a little far), off your lap.
- Makes the "More" hand sign.
- Standing quite frequently unassisted with toys in her hands.
- Makes the "No-No!" finger sign. Now where did she learn that I wonder!
- Stirring a toothbrush in a plastic cup seems to be her favorite toy this week.
- Still loves music classes.
- Often uses her potty at home and elsewhere.
Yep, she's busy.

Michelle, I agree it is nice to be able to give items to people who can really use and enjoy them. I love getting rid of things! (DH does not.)

Nice to hear from you Cindy! You'll have to try some orange this year. Things like agastache that have a pinky/orange hue perhaps?

The allotment garden looks pretty colorful already Kathy. I guess you have a less natural effect in mind!

Wonder what Sunday will bring here at the farm. One thing for sure, some Gravel Watch work in the morning which we prepared for last night.

PS: I did NOT order any plants
. .
. .
. .
I am awaiting 3 trellis structures that are being made for me, however disaster has struck the man's family, so I am not sure what to expect. Perhaps work will help him through the crises? Life can be so very tough...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm not a big fan or orange but do have some that I like. I love some of the orange combinations here - particularly Eden's orange bike!

Kathy - the spiral thingy looks great and will, no doubt, look even better when 'clothed'...

GB - what do the clematis supports you're having made going to look like? The Ivy outfits are so cute!

When we got back from walking Misty, I took a walk past the new narrow front bed. I can see crocus and muscari foliage starting to appear. I see short spurs on the Japanese wisteria that I've got my fingers crossed might be flowering wood - I have no idea what the flowering wood looks like for the Japanese one so I just have to wait until it finally blooms - it's still very young; this will be its third year in the ground. The frost is still firmly in the ground out there - it was very difficult/bumpy to walk on the grass path. But spring is definitely in the air this morning.

Some orange from here:
The squirrels stole these tulips from a neighbour a few years ago and added them to the woodland garden. I quite like them and hope they keep reappearing. Mid-May last year:

I allow these 'ditch' daylilies to remain just for the show they make with the neighbour's clematis tumbling over the fence. This picture is from mid-July 2005 but it's a scene that repeats every year:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi Woody! Mr Weber is working on three matching frames. They are tall and will be affixed to an exterior wall (the garage?). They curve outward and so are intended for large vines. I want one to be for C.Betty Corning for sure. DH doesn't know about these, so I'll need to have a sweet conversation about installation soon! I do hope they are delivered before the vines start their growth. I need to prune the old stems, add compost and fertilizer too. I'm not sure if I should remove the old flat trellises first or leave them. For looks, I'd remove them for sure! I don't have any photos to show you yet.

I saw my first chipmunk today! I hope that doesn't mean we'll have a colony of them this year.

We had our crock pot cereal this morning. The verdict? DH says it would be OK occasionally with ice cream on top! I don't think that's 5 stars, but since it was easy to prepare, I just might make it again sometime, maybe in the Fall as the weather turns cold once again. I liked it. It sure smells nice when you walk in the kitchen!

Here's a Coreopsis plant I enjoyed last Fall. It isn't shrieking orange, but a very gentle one.
Coreopsis Sienna- September

Euonymus europeus- October


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Here is a little orange from the flower show in Philadelphia. From Drop Box

Have enjoyed everyone's notes. Mostly lurking now. Will post more pics from show in a separate thread.

Chelone, spring is coming. Hold on.

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South Seas

Fire King

Orange Velvet



Butterfly weed and Tom Wise

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Niki wonders if they are good to eat.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We're FAR from crocus season here! Lucky Niki!

This afternoon I decided to attack the clematis walk with the shovel. I didn't finish the task, but made a good dent in the job. Soon I will need to prune the vines and will need a place to walk to access them!

It was a funny phone call we received today! "So how do you remove a bathtub from a bathroom?" After much discussion we decided that removing the toilet might create more room to manoeuver. Then they'll need to bring in the new one. Eden was right, definitely a challenging home improvement! Seems their friend and neighbor was unable to help because he had to do the same job at his house!

Miss Ivy decided this morning that she wants to walk frontwards down the stairs. So she held Mommy's hand and walked down with her. Oh my..... trouble ahead. She didn't try walking once she got to the bottom, but no doubt she'll be doing that one day soon too. They're going to put baby gates up to contain her today because they have the renovation work to do. She also enjoyed playing with her drum.


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Spring is here in force, I was outside most of the weekend, and indoor chores were non-existent. And thats ok !

My visit to my community garden plot today was a challenge due to road closures for the Special Olympics run. Lotss of weeds on view when I arrived. Par for the course this time of year. I took a photo and will post tomorrow . I have a plan drawn and now have to figure out my approach to the weeds.

Enjoying the orange on view and a nice visit form Niki too !

Hi Woody ! Glad to see you

Waving to all

Kathy in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Well, happy Monday, all!

Bright sunny spring-like weather here today, probably Mother Nature teasing us into thinking winter is over! We actually christened the wine deck yesterday, albeit with coats and boots on. Looking at my lawn and garden (what I can see, we still have tons of snow) tells me that the pooches have wreaked havoc with the flora and I can look forward too a really messy mud season, starting now.

This morning I was up at 5:30 (Hello, my name is Julie and I am an insomniac) and i saw a fisher run through the park. They are dradful wild animals. Once I found the skeleton and skull of one and, being me, i brought it home to show everyone. The great curving fangs are scary indeed.

I don't think I can control myself much longer - I am certain that I will start seeds this week. It is earlyso rearranging of furniture to make room for plants will be the order of the month of april.

The orange posts are gorgeous. I am especially partial to the Clivia Miniata, as they did so very well for me in my old house.

Sounds like Ivy is quite the going concern, Marie!

Gee Norma how dare you post current photos of crocii, knowing that there are snow-locked Idylls!

Kathy the spiral thingy is lovely. I bet your gardens will be beautiful at IU7.

You sound like you're moving right along, Woody! Good for you!

Just rambling here. I think I'll go outside a look for signs of spring!



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It was glorious today -- temps hit 60s - and for once on a day off, I was able to take advantage of it - drs in the a.m. and then out into the garden for rose pruning and some more cleanup... altho after the other hours on Sunday in the garden, I confess the body was aching and not so willing as the spirit today, LOL. Chloe was having a ball -- back in her element, her yard has been reclaimed and she was on patrol. Sadly, there's to be rain later in the week, so I suspect my chores will be postponed. There are several climbing roses that need some serious hatcheting... I think I managed to prune most of the clems back tho.

Cynthia - I enjoyed your Flower Show photos and regret not having gone this year, altho I doubt I would have found a good time to go, from awfice stuff....but it really gets you pumped to garden doesnt it?

Well, to contribute to the organe theme, not wanting to fall down on the job, I borrow this photo from White Flower Farms visit at IU last year -- I thought this so striking....


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Cindy, that is a great combo. I'm no longer feeling sorry for you. All that snow you got is gone??? We have so much left.

Because of all the snow we had and then the rain on top of it many people are having the roofs of their machine sheds collapse. Rick and his son got on top of ours and scooped and pulled it off. The bad thing is that so much farm machinery is being damaged when the roof comes down. Someone took one square foot off their shed and weighed it. It weighed in at 60 lbs. for just one square foot.

'bug, funny that DH thought the cereal would be good with ice cream.

Norma, lucky you and how cute that Nikki is interested in the crocus.

I'm starting a new project tonight - converting our VHS tapes to DVD. Of course after I got the software installed on my computer it informs me that I don't have enough hard drive space. So I had to install it all over on Rick's computer.

I have 2 more seed orders to place so I'd best be getting at that.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


I saw some tips of bulbs emerging in patches where snow has melted! I don't trust this as being spring yet though. Like Michelle, still lots of snow around in spite of the warmish weather. (40F or so) They say 50F tomorrow but I don't trust them.

Indoors my clivia has one bud opening!

Cindy, the orange (dahlias?) against the berberis and nepeta is gorgeous!

Which seeds Michelle? Remember how you started us all on zinnias last year?

What signs of spring did you find Julie? I'm finding lots of presents from Phoebe. I also found my shovel out in the vegetable garden, lots of vole tunnels too. :(

Had comfort noodles first pasta since January. Naughty Naughty!

Very tired...wonder if I'll sleep tonight.

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After our glorious spring weekend, its downright cold today. I spent my first post-awfice hour today hauling plants into the house and covering the tenders left outside we may have some frost over night for the next night or two. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this sort of thing here..feeling badly for those who still contend with snow !

Surely enjoyed Cyns visit to the Phil garden show, her pics turned out nice considering how challenging it is to photograph those thingsI hope I can do as well in SF. I am weaning myself off the auto settings on my camera , and so far the pics have been acceptable.

Michele, I am going to try to work on my photo files which are in a bit of disarray, so I empathize with your dvd project. I misunderstood some of what I was doing with photos and I have way too many duplicates. Hard to imagine pillars covered with snow in March , but I guess thats a zone 9 thing !

Hi Julie! I think its entirely appropriate to re-arrange the house for plants, lol. OK , so I am going to have to google fisher, having no clue what it is.

Cindy, I think I took a pic of that same combo !

Here is a photo of my community garden plot. I daresay I have some work to do . From Garden 2010 Spring

And a bit of orange. From Roses 2009

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, can you give me approximate dimensions of your new plot? Looks like the plots beyond are quite cleaned up already by comparison. I think you need some muscular friends to come help dig and you pay in beer.

Here it is 41F at 10am and climbing. The last fully sunny day for a while, but at least there will be more melting of the white stuff.

DH is working from home again today. Perhaps I'll escape and get some errands done. Wish nurseries opened sooner in these parts!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hello everyone!

Today I went through my photos - My Gardens, Indoor plants, and Other Gardens....NO ORANGE!!!!! I was actually quite surprised as I do have Clivia (not blooming yet this year) and lots of "ditch lilies" but I guess I never took any photos of them. so, sorry, no orange.

Signs of spring?? Well, fringes of lawn along the curbs - all torn up from the snowplow. Saw a female Cardinal and heard the male calling her. Redwing Blackbird. Heard a woodpecker in the park. Mud puddles in the yard. The pavement of the laneway is almost clear of ice and snow. An old man collecting bottles and cans in the ditches and toting them away in a cart attached to an old bicycle. Construction vehicles as work begins on six new townhouses in the next block. TCS's bike, helmet, and a small pair of strechy gloves lying in front of the garage door....Little dirty paw prints on the mat by the back door....signs of green Hens and Chicks in my cement block borders, and small red sprigs of Sedum there also...No vole tunnels (I think the beasts kept them at bay this year). Groups of runners jogging through the neighbourhood. A lawn chair set up at the door of the garage across the street so the gentleman there can sit in the sun, out of the wind, and read for a few hours each afternoon. And thinking of either taking down the mini lights in the little Maple in the front yard or chaniging the timer as the lights come on at five p.m. and it is still light out then...Arrival of the seed order. A "Seedy Sunday" event in town, where seed collectors or sellers or traders can meet for a few hours to buy or trade seeds. But I fear that winter is not quite done with us yet. I know that most years, we have one good last kick of winter, usually a huge big storm for a day or two near the end of March, and then, and only then, is it truly over....




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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hello, Idylls!!!
Eden, I haven't found much in the way of boy stuff that's cute, either. The journal is a wonderful idea for Bella..and a fun way for her to practice writing and learn spelling. You're SO creative!!

Bug, I remember that chubby Miss Ivy ankle, too :) An excellent update on her activities! It sounds like your DD and DSIL are on the right path with Skyler. Consistency is huge, and pointing out the "payoff" to his hard work was brilliant. So sorry his mother can't seem to follow suit.
What a wonderful coreopsis! I haven't seen that one before. Anything other than the yellow ones seem to not want to come back after the winter for me.

Michelle-yay for you on new furniture. I've been trying to talk Jim into a new chair for ages. I don't think he'll give up that recliner until it falls apart underneath him.

Woody, I must say that's the best picture I've ever seen of ditch lilies! I have a clump that Jim dug up and brought to me the first year I planted flowers. Hm, perhaps they need a purple climbing friend? Good to see that you're out and about!

Cyn, I see I have some catching up to do-I'm looking forward to browsing your pictures from the flower show. I started, but I knew if I didn't pop in and catch up here, I'd be sidetracked for the rest of the evening, lol!

Norma-you've got flowers AND you're in zone 5!? There IS hope that spring is lurking right around the corner!

Kathy, Congrats on your new "acreage", lol! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

I'm still kicking picture files around among three organized of me-NOT! I'll have to see what I can locate for orange. I have some, but not a great deal.
Pretty dull around the farm, and that's fine by me. It's the quiet before the storm of spring planting time, I think. Yesterday, the last group of pigs left and we are no longer in the livestock business. I'm quite happy about it, and so is Jim. He has listed some of the feeders and odds and ends in a consignment sale. He's working on gathering some of that stuff up now. After the crops are planted, the building will come down and that will be the end of THAT!

Jude is growing every day it seems. It's going to be sad when DD goes back to work. They've been over here a few times, and we've been over there a few times. When we all get back in the grind, and don't see each other until the weekend, it's going to be a rough adjustment.

Well, speak of Jim and here he comes! Time to get stuff going for supper. He's grilling pork steaks and I'm in charge of side dishes. I have NO idea what those will be, lol!
I'll be back-with something orange :)

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Too lazy to look for orange pictures. But I'm wearing an orange mock turtle neck today.

NO, not "sick of winter" yet. Probably because this hasn't been a particularly hard on around here. Frankly, all the mild, fair weather has me on guard since I've seen too many April snowstorms to count. Emerging bulbs do not fool me. And the wind off the very cold ocean can be ferocious until mid-June.

New furniture, Michelle.

Woody, I do have a shot of me in turban and I know I owe it to you. I have to say, I've never seen you look more radiant than you did in that shot.

What's with the highlighted "bing" words? I rethought the use of "fol--age" to avoid it. I really hate what has happened to this site, you know. I miss Spike. A lot.

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What a beautiful day! And we began it by sitting out on the deck with our coffee and watching the birds at the feeder. Watching birds has the same effect on me as staring into a fire, watching the waves come in, or a sunrise/sunset. It's so peaceful and calming. It always amazes me how Mother Nature knows just how to do that:)

Today I did something I rarely do... pretty much nothin'! I was just lazy. Oh, I did wander down the garden path and discover a couple of great kid's art blogs. Lots of great project ideas for Bella and I to experiment with.

I ordered a cookbook on tagine cooking too. I keep forgetting to tell Woody that I have a clay one that I've had for a year or so that I have yet to try out.

Kathy, you've got some weeds for sure. I've always liked the idea of square foot gardening, or laying things out in grids for a space like that. It's going to be fun to see what you end up doing. Love the obelisk for Arabella. You'll probably have to weave her through it, my Arabella doesn't really like to climb on her own.

Norma, what a great picture of Nicki with her nose in the flower bloom. She's really something!

Cindy, even after all those feet of snow you've gotten out to work in the garden already. Unbelieveable! I can't wait but we still have patches of snow and frozen ground.

Marie, that is quite a list that Ivy's been up to. What a busy girl. Kate's crawling and thinking about pulling herself up but she's pretty laid back. She has a very relaxed attitude about life so far. Much more so than Bella. She does like to talk though and is saying a few words, the cutest being "toys, toys, toys" which she likes to whisper.

Michelle, I love the way you always have a project going. The vhs conversion is something I need to do too, along with printing out lots of pictures I have of the girls. I have a feeling the next generation will think we took no pictures because they're all on some old computer hard drive that's long gone.

Brenda, it will be an adjustment for everyone when dd goes back to work. It gets easier once routines are in place. The first few weeks were tough for my girls though. Neither of them wanted to go back. I do know some moms that were ready to get back to work though. Guess it just depends on the person.

Julie, great to hear that the wine decks been opened for the season. I notice a big difference without Bud here to wonder around in the garden over the winter, nothing trampled or muddy, and I'm not used to being able to step wherever I want with no fear at this time of year (if you kinow what I mean).

Chelone, we had a mild winter this year too and it did go by pretty quickly. You'd better prepare yourself though....Mother Nature will soon drag you into spring kicking and screaming. No stopping it, the signs are there! Even if we have a major snowstorm the end is in sight.

Cyn, I'm enjoying going through your flower show threads. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that.

Tomorrow, a hair cut in the morning and then I'm going to put up an Easter tree. Brad pruned the curly willow last fall and I had him save the branches so I'll go through those and find one that will work. Bella will be over tomorrow evening so she can help me decorate it.


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A brief Howdy tonight..

Chelone. Look above the thread where GW puts all the bullet points and click in the important announcement " , you can opt out on the link crapola. I did and sometimes I see them when I preview , but never in the post or anyone elses. An orange mock turtle is pretty impressive- I bet most of us opt for white !

Marie, all the plots are 10x10, some folks have 2 adjacent. On the 21st there is a work day mostly for clearing weeds out of the common areas,. But I think I will be able to beg some help , especially since I am donating some irrigation supplies. The photo I posted I think encompasses two plots. I have drawn a plan and know exactly what I want to plant. Im pretty jazzed about it.

Waveing hi to all

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

10 x 10 may seem small at first, but when weeding, it seems quite large! You can grow lots of things in that space and change as the season progresses too.

I bought seeds today, both flowers and vegetables. Also 3 primula plants. They all have a wonderful scent.

Tomorrow DH has his throat checked at last! (and a tooth repaired too)


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Its been raining today and that does help with melting the snow. Weve just returned home from a junior high concert in heavy fog.

In addition to buying lots of seeds locally heres my list that I ordered:
Red Broom Corn, 2 kinds of castor beans, cardoon, Red Veined Sorrel, Giant Dahlia zinnias, Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy and Green Wizard, Bronze fennel, Angelica Ebony & Corinne Tremaine, datura Double Blackcurrant Swirl, salvia argentea, Redbor Kale, Black Pearl pepper, amaranthus Autumn Palette, amaranthus Viridis, Malbar spinich, Painted Lady runner bean.

I think I ordered from 4 different companies this year. I like to try different things each year and like different flowers each year for cutting.

Brenda, congrats on your exit from the hog business. Im sure youre thrilled. I was when we got out of the dairy heifer business. I was tired of chasing them around.

Kathy, thats a healthy crop of weeds. Is it possible to get the same plot year after year? That way you can keep the weeds under control and not have to inherit someone elses negligence.

Eden, sometimes just doing nothing is just what a body needs. I burn my pictures on CDs which I suppose some day Ill be transferring to some other format.

'bug, hopefully the throat guy has some answers.

Ill leave you with a couple of more oranges from my garden.

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Yes Michelle. you can 'renew' every year, the plot is yours as long as you pay for it. If I have some time this weekend I will post my plan. I measured it out on my driveway . Love your seed list, and I sure enjoyed my A. viridis last summer. I did not sow any this year assuming they would re-seed.Am peering closely at the area every day.At some point I will have to decide whether to grow some.And I have my 'Michelle' seeds to direct sow in April ..gotta love spring !

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning

Ahh- orange. Orange blooms make me smile, especially when mixed with purple.

Kathy - this year I am coverting my old 10'x10' metal gazebo, (formerly a quail pen) into a mini veggie garden. I will be able to keep the critters out (mostly) and will attach trellis to the sides and strings in the centre for vertical climbers. I hope to finally have a sturdy way to support tomtaoes. We can compare notes on 10ft (as opposed to square foot) gardening:0)

My seeds arrived and leeks are up already. The hoophouse/cold frame is nearing completion. I spraypainted the white PVC piping with a plastic paint and the dark green looks great, from a distance just like metal. Our biggest news is 3 baby chicks have joined the household. They are rare breeds: a Sicilian Buttercup, a Lakenvelder and a Buff Orpington (Buttercup, Birgitta and Buffy). I forgot how much fun baby chicks are. Just don't tell DH - he doesn't know yet and might not be as excited as we are.... The big girls are enjoying the warmer days and yesterday there was an enormous pale blue agg waiting for us - it weighted 93 grams!

Spring is in the air:0) I know we will have more snow, but I'm enjoying the sun while it shines and hearing the birds again in the morning.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Although we still have large patches of snow, things have been melting well. Unfortunately, the critters have noticed this and begun digging up our "lawn" in patches that far exceed 10 x 10 feet. I am discouraged. I rather doubt it is the possum, but it could be which case i have no idea how to discourage them. I guess it could be other things too.

Yesterday I did get out and bought new garden gloves as well as seeds. I was told that the last week of April is when they expect their perennials to arrive. That is a long long wait for me!

When I say I bought seeds, that is a sign of a gardener who needs to get busy. I already have lots of seeds waiting around from last year and before! But this is what I ended up with...all less exciting than Michelle's Angelica Ebony & Corinne Tremaine and her pale peach variegated nasturtium.

climbing courgette
sweet red peppers
yellow cluster tomatoes
dwarf snow peas
white bush scallop squash
romanesco broccoli
Bright Lights swiss chard
Many eggplant varieties
golden & red beets

As for flowers:(mostly annuals)
apricot beauty foxgloves
sweet peas (captain of the blues)
Flying saucers morning glories
Orange cosmos
nasturtiums Night & Day
double shirley poppies

As many as I can I will direct sow. It is pointless to start seeds indoors before I leave for Alberta.

Kathy, you will be adored by all with your irrigation supplies. Looking forward to your plan. Mary, I know your new veg garden will be a success. Always something up your sleeve to delight!

Thanks Eden for the Easter tree talk! I have a candle stick that I think I can turn into an Easter decoration to liven up the old homestead here. We need to see the new haircut! Does Bella take photos yet?

Brenda, I don't envy your DD returning to work. It is a major change and the first day is all about tears. It improves though! Sarah had it easy because both times her DH took his parental leave starting the week before she began work again. She also returned part time for a month or so.

I'm told Ivy became a climber all of a sudden. She climbs over the baby gates and out of her high chair. She also opens the doors (sunroom and garden) if they are left the slightest bit open...This becomes a big safety issue when Skyler is around. Oh the challenges!


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Oh, nolook how Ive fallen behind; lots of reading to catch up with. Nice visit with DS last weekend only to come home and find MIL perusing paint samples for their living room. The bottom line is I volunteered to help FIL. I was in the grip of spring fever, it was sunny and spring like and I was feeling euphoric. Later, DH told me in no uncertain terms that I must be out of my mind and, as it turns out, he was absolutely correct. Its always best to let them go about things in their own way. Half way though today and she really doesnt think they can be happy with the colortoo dark. So, more days of painting ahead of me this week.

Enjoying all the shades of orange. Eden, that bike settles it!youve got to be one of those crafty people with a great eye for repurposing. Hope youll be posting more pics.

Kathy, seriouslyvery cool spiral; I love it. Arabella will look stunning as she climbs; how tall is the spiral? Thanks for posting your new garden plot. I had no idea youd have so much, wellweeding and plowing to do, lol. I guess I was picturing bare soil that had been turned over last fall by a community grounds crew; all nice and fluffy ;-) I can tell youre going to enjoy the whole project though!

Snow is almost gone. Wishing I had been able to get those bulbs in the ground last fall but it was always raining or too wet. Only thing coming up will be odds and ends from previous years, so Ill be happy seeing the Idyll bulbs burst forth.

Michelle and Bug, you grow such a wonderful variety of plantings! Ive got to live vicariously to enjoy farm life, unlimited space, sheds, barns, potagers, secret gardens and the availability of handy equipment and hardscape. In another life I must have been a farm girl, lol.

Hey, theres Niki and doesnt she look all grown up! Hi Norma, does she spend a lot of time around your pond? Anxious to see you posting more photos, too.

Bug, hope DH gets some encouraging news from the ENT doctor and the tooth firmly anchored.

Cyn, really enjoyed the flower show, thanks for sharing. Right now I must get out of these paint clothes, shower and try to salvage a little of the day for what needs done around here. A few more days and Im done with my refresher course "PAINTING WITH THE IN-LAWS 101"

Waving to everyone!

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This picture was a nice find from an Idyllunion...can someone pin it on a specific trip?

I need to get in the bed. Things have been hectic here and sleep is needed. I just wanted to check in here and say hello as I've been thinking about you all.


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Howdy friends !

Not one, but two boxes greeted me when I got home today, my order from The Lily Garden..huge plump bulbs and 3 freebies ! And Charlotte Armstrong from Regans Nursery. I spd Charlotte in fall after 20 plus years of service here. Sometimes hybrid roses just decline , and she had been doing so for the last couple of years.

We are having a cold snap. Frosty two nights in a row, and the wind machines are blowing in the vineyards pre-dawn. No damage in my garden, I think the temps are only at freezing for an hour or two. March is shaping up to be a really busy month, DSs play, DD will visit, the SF Garden show, photo class, and this weekend is an open day at a garden I would like to take the IU7 crew to, have not been there so I need to preview in the event it does not meet standard criteria ! And the Community garden plot work day too.

Saucy, I am going to guess that photo is before my time at IU. Either that or I missed something entirely possible .

Candy, the spiral is about 5 feet-ish . I have a couple other items to purchase in this product line, and I will take pics when they arrive here at the kathy garden. Lol, bare soil would have been nice, but it would be hard to pull that off over our winters ! And we have had rain rain rain for two months..soils are wet and muddy. More rain is coming tomorrow.

Nice seed list bug !

All for now, apologies to those unmentioned, and a wave up Woodys way.

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am just a wee bit envious of those who are ordering and getting orders of nursery items and seeds. It had got to where I would send for them, and then wonder how on earth I was going to plant and tend to them ! I do not plan on even buying anything except bedders to put in my deck pots, this year. And I will get them locally.
As for spring here....I have the following in bloom : miniature daffodils, crocus, anemone blandas, and cornelian cherry . The grass still looks like winter. And there is not a sign of life in our trees.
Our lovely warm weather has come to and end, and we are back to the average temps for this date....50s for highs, and 30s for lows. Yesterday got into the upper 70s, briefly. We had rain last night, but no severe weather as parts of Arkansas further south of us got.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - good to hear from you... It's too bad you're not in full garden mode this year, but I'm sure your deck will be overflowing with beauty!

gb - what was the verdict on your DH's throat? Good I hope...

Today we started on the clematis tripod project. Materials are simple for this one:

We cut the cross-pieces and drilled the pilot holes for the pipes but we really need a 5/8" drill bit because the 1/2" one we used for the fence and gate is a bit too small. So Randy will pick that up this afternoon. Once the pipe holes are drilled I need to prime and paint all the wood. Assembly will be quick - assuming it's not too difficult to cut the 3/4" pipe that wil act as spacer bars to seperate the wooden pieces. Then we have to wait for the ground to thaw before we can put it in place.

Randy has been a reasonably good helper - once he could finally see what I was talking about re how it all goes together! He's Mr Precision and it worried him that the cross-pieces weren't all EXACTLY the same length until I could show him/convince him that the important thing is that the holes for the pipes are the same distance apart and that minor differences in length of the cross-pieces are immaterial.

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Woody, your trellis pieces and parts look great. Can't wait to see the result.

Norma, I really like your kitty smellig the fleurs pic. Immediately reminded me of Ferdinand the Bull. Don't know why.

It has been a long day today, but Brandon posted these pics of Charlie Boy, and I wanted to share them with you guys. He is my little buddy.

Now that I upload the pics and previewed, I can't go back to the thread to figure out comments. Anyway, hope you all are having a good day, and that it is sunny where you are. We have had multiple days of sun, strange, but I could get used to it!

I think I am going to hit the hay. Skip is coming home tommorrow. He has been gone quite awhile this time, and I can't wait to hand over the reins of the puppy. Sean and I are whipped. This is one smart dog. I don't know if I have ever seen one quite this intelligent. She is very sweet, but quite a handful, and I am getting OLD:) My sister in law taught her dog to use the treadmill. I don't know if I am at that point, but I need a nap:)


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Saucy that picture makes me want to do a mass planting of daylilys.

Candy, yes Niki does like exploring around the pond.
And the peepers are hollering in the evenings now. We are getting cooler weather so I bet they will quiten down again.

I worked outside all day yesterday and it was great. Unfortunately there was mold spores or pollen because I wound up with a terrible headache last night. Still wiped out from it today so I didn't even try to go out. It happens to me every spring.

Drema, That Charlie boy looks so huggable. I bet your puppy is really growing. My friend has a white german shepard puppy that looks like a little polar bear. She said he just chewed up his bed.

Woody, I'm anxious to see the finished trellis.

Kathy sounds like you will be very busy for awhile. Nice to have packages to open when you get home from work.

Mary love that combo by the shed. I picked up a package of Bluish purple dahlias today because they were almost all gone and They should look great with some of my daylilies.
Pics of the new baby chicks?

Hey to all, I'm still wiped out and ready for bed.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just love Saucy's photo! Not sure where it is though, but I'd love to transplant the whole thing into our front field!

Drema, he's a doll. I hope we don't need all that snow gear much longer!

It has been a week of trials and tribulations but I guess I'm still marching along. DH's appointment with the otolaryngologist was good as these things go. Cancer and polyps are ruled out. Yes, his vocal chords are inflamed and red. "Take these pills and come back in 2 months if you feel like it." Hmmm. The dentist began his work on DH's cap and decided to have it replaced and re-screwed, so more appointments there too.

DD has to visit a friend tonight before he moves to hospice care. He was around at Reed's birth. Very tough. The Ex-wife is proceeding with the family coordinator at last, so we hope for improvements, but things are slow and tedious. Yesterday DD had her M/W appointment and they think maybe baby is due 3-5 days earlier than before. (big deal) Anyway, we have a heartbeat! Skyler and the family do not yet know. This afternoon I found more small clothes for Ivy and some seed starting supplies.

My friend the organ builder began his new job 2 weeks ago. Yesterday he phoned for help. It seems he injured his hand at work and needs me to accompany him to the specialist tomorrow. (To translate) Hand injuries and fine hand work are a bad combination. He was to perform in a concert tomorrow evening too. :(

Randy looks like me in his photo, glasses slipping down his nose. LOL. I love having that kind of project.

The cats are protesting their late dinner tonight, so I'd best tend to them.

Marian, I'm jealous of your cornelian cherry!!!

PS: It was today, in 2005, that Mom passed away. So it has been a thoughtful day in many ways.

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OK so I combined Mary and Michelle in the same paragraph. It's Michelles combo by the shed. I told you I was tired.

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Bug, good to hear cancer has been ruled out for DH.

Our cats got fed twice today because they lied to DH while I was gone.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Beware, spring is coming!

Yes Norma, cats frequently lie! But dogs do too.

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Since it is raining again today, the snow is disappearing fast. There is still a lot to go though. I took pictures last March 17 of several things in bloom hmmm, thats only 6 days away.

Drema, Charlies eyes are amazing.

Marian, Im envious of your spring like weather and blooms. We still arent getting above 40 and its been rainy for at least a week and the forecast is rainy until early next week.

Woody, Im excited to see your finished project. Cutting copper pipe is so incredibly easy so that shouldnt be a problem at all.

Kathy, for me Arabella stays fairly short. I think Ive mentioned that Ive got 2 cuttings from her that overewintered and Im intending for them to scramble over my rock wall.

Candy, "painting with the In-laws" doesnt sound like much fun.

bug, have you grown Ammi before? I didnt have any germination last year. Im sure you are relieved to have the nasty things ruled out for your DH.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Michelle, I grew it a few years ago. I had a lot of seedlings but only grew one large plant in the end. I was nervous because I thought they spread a lot. I liked it though!!!

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Good morning, idylls, and glad to see signs of spring are mentioned by lots of you. Hoping chickens and other loved ones will come through the winter intact. My job cancelled for today, but shhhush, don't tell anyone. I let out a whoop when I heard the message on the answering machine. I've already been shuffling pots, moving plants, checking on seedlings. It's an amazingly beautiful day, but I hope we're not quite done with rain yet for the winter. Will probably grab the camera and take a walk. I found this urn planted with succulents a couple days ago on a walk a few streets away, with our native ceanothus in bloom behind it.

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Nice shot Denise. How wonderful you are getting a bonus day off.

Not only a crocus here but a bee as well.


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Nice planter Denise - I like the strings of pearls and the ceanothus is a fabulous backdrop.

'bug, I'd love to have the ammi as it would make a nice cut flower. Although, for cutting we have tons of Queen Anne's Lace in the ditch just down the road. I'll have to show Rick the tractor picture-a good reminder for him to wait until its fit to be out there.

It's another rainy, foggy day here. The river that follows the road I take to work is now out of its banks. The river that is by our place is dammed up 2 miles up the road so doesn't usually flood. The part that is dammed up forms Lake Bella. We've seen Lake Bella so dry that we could walk across it but I'm sure that won't be the case this year.

Have a great Friday

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You had to wreck it didn't you Drema... two shots of sticky/bratty kids. Nice going! ;)

Planter is lush and full of hope, but pales in comparison to Norma's lone crocus. It'll be some time yet for us, I'm afraid. But I'm OK with it. I'm not so OK with the damned clock foolishness and neither are my fisherman buddies! You cubicle workers have made the lives of those of us who work outdoors increasingly difficult... but you probably have neither a clue nor a care...

Speaking of which, that tractor shot sure sucks, eh, 'bug? BUMMER. What that boy needs about now is a good, strong yoke of oxen. And we think we're "evolved".

Woody, I haven't deleted the turban shot... when you least expect it it'll surface. Give Randy a hug for being "Mr. Precise" and such a good son. Not to mention the best husband any wife could want. But most of all, my best wishes to you for a speedly and full recovery. You amaze me.

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Norma, we were posting at the same time. What a great reminder that spring is so near.

Ah ha, kids are what brings Chelone out. I was thinking of saying that I had left one of my paint brushes get hard or something of the like to do the trick. Good to hear from you - you're in my thoughts.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well....the yellow and purple crocus in the back yard are history ! The hooved rodents ate them down so low you cannot even see the stubs ! And all of the white, yellow, and purple ones except a few purple are gone from the front yard . I rolled a 50 foot roll of woven wire out to the front bed a couple of days ago, but was not feeling like putting it up. :-(
I wish there were more colors to daffodils. I would plant them everywhere.

Drema, Charlie is so precious. A very handsome fellow.

Marie, does that buried tractor belong to someone you know? We do not have deep loam like that here, but I guess tractors could be buried in clay just as easily.

Woody, you continue to inspire and amaze me.


I am having a time substituting words for the ones that are underlined. :-(

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Chelone and Marian, follow the link below to turn off the underlined like a charm, I don't see any!

Charlie Boy's eyes are pretty spectacular! Denise, I love your photo. I can't figure how they'll get the tractor out of that mess.

I signed up for a Nature Photography class. SunnyD's husband is going to help me weld. I decided against the greenhouse job because my neighbor offered me more hours...she's looking to do more business this year. My life is feeling more orderly :) for now.

Goodnight...busy weekend ahead!


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Trying to get this house warmed up tonight, we had a cold rainstorm come through today and we are in the 40s and heading close to 30-ville. Vineyard wind machines have been on most mornings this week-we are in the spring frost season. No damage here, small lots, fences, etc tend to have a protective effect. We are expecting beautiful weekend, and hope to preview one of my potential IU gardens on Sunday. The ground is saturated again , so digging and weeding wont happen, however I am going to drive north to take some photos tomorrow morning and will stop by the nursery; its time to replant some of the containers !

Opening night for DSs play, he has been in rehearsal for weeks; I will be attending at some point, but will let them get the bugs out 1st.

The Ceanothus is glorious around here right now Denise, and the lupines have opened too-. There is just something about an urn full of succulents. And that particular urn..very appealing. My punch list for the SF garden show is heavy on the succulentsthat great nursery from Carmel Valley is probably going to get a fair chunk of my garden show disposable income.

Aw Marian , sorry that your Crocus were laid low by the hoofed ones. I only have snails to contend with and at least is takes them longer to wreak their havoc. I can usually take action before all is lost.

Not orange, but I took these last Saturday at a winery garden a few miles north .. From iu6 From iu6 From iu6

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The tractor photo is not mine, just one of those things my sister-in-law sends me periodically. (a little TOO periodically I must say)

So today I took over Blab's job and took up nursing my friend's hand. I learned how to attach a splint after a peroxide soak:

And this is my friend's cat, Kiara.

It will be a very short career as on my first day I gave him a practical exam on seeing if he could do it all himself! What a shame though. He has a month of splint and then with luck he'll be ready for weeks of physiotherapy.

Michelle, can I share some ammi seeds with you? Send me an email if you'd like some!

Tomorrow Phoebe has her annual physical and knee checkup. Its rainy and dismal, but we are expecting sun by Tuesday. The creek is VERY high and the property needs spring cleaning thanks to the dog...

Chelone, sorry, no infant photos to post yet. Guess DD wants me to take them myself.

Time for some popcorn!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Michelle I love the lily and delphinium combination! Are lily beetles a problem for you?

gb - that's very good new that your DH's troat problem is not in the scary territory but not having a definitive diagnosis must be very frustrating - I hope the pills work!

Marian - I'm glad we don't have the hooved rodents to contend with! I'd be none too happy to see the spring color disappear so thoroughly.

I just finished putting the second coat of paint on the cross-pieces for the tripod. Tomorrow we'll cut the copper pieces and we should be able to assemble it! It's been the fastest project I've ever done - I need to think up something new to do....

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Now,'bug, you know that dogs don't really lie! Their ADHD issues just interfere with their memories!!! Glad DH's throat only required pills. What a relief.

Kathy, I do believe you live in garden heaven. Hope your DS was pleased with the opening performance last night.

Drema, Charlie is such a cutie. Those eyes will give all the girls fits in too few years.

Woody, you and Randy accomplish so much. You are a wonder.

Marian, I think you are right about not ordering from catalogues or online. I was a tad too enthusiastic this year and I worry about getting everything planted when those boxes arrive! Of course, I'll be planting and the fools will be digging up right behind me. Ah spring.

Denise, I so wish I could grow ceanothus like that. What a fantastic blue it is!

Norma, the crocus with the bee on it is an amazing shot. Saw a house the other day with crocuses scattered throughout the lawn. Very pretty. Maybe I'll do that for next year.

Saucy, hope your class provides us with many more wonderful pics. Glad things are falling into place. Also, thanks for the link!

Off to greet DH and dogs with towels-they've been walking in the rain! Going to try to get to bed early-turned my clocks ahead this morning to fool myself into being tired earlier-didn't work.

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Way behind schedule tonight .. the sun was out all day ! A very frosty morning ; I drove to the garden center and bought plants- an important event in March I think. Nemesia and a few more creeping sedums for the tapestry I am planting in one of my beds. Had a plan to go see DSs play this afternoon, but it was sold out. Tomorrow is not, so I will go and postpone my IU7 garden preview visit till April 3rd., which is the next day its open.

bug you are a good friend ! My nursing skills are pretty woeful .

Lol Chelone , Ive come to embrace your annual anti-DST comments as part of the spring Idyll landscape. Though I appreciate the evening light it will be depressing to attend the awfice mornings in the dark again. I hope things progress on The Compound , and that all residents, both human and otherwise, are in good health and good spirits. I do miss your morning posts !

Woody, that trellis will be fabu !

I can report that my 2nd sowing of the big bucks Delph seeds are up and will be removed from heat probably on Monday. I m thinking about a very mild fertilizer for the 1st batch, maybe some ultra diluted fish emulsion or Maxsea. Next weekend Is the workday at the community garden and after quizzing a couple of other members I think it will be the Lasagne route.

Seen today- very tiny rosebuds on Duet , Mary Rose and Bolero. I have tulips blooming in the front garden. All Clems are budded. Lilies continue to break through.

Cyn, DS was very pleased with opening night . He came home this evening to tell me that todays matinee was not as good, they were all tired. He looks a bit Sweeny-Todd like this evening, as he was unable to get all his make-up off.

All for now, hope to see other check in !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Really ugly weather here. It's a combination of rain, wind and snow. We continue to have woodstove weather. The creek is flooded, but we expect sun starting on Tuesday. No nursery flowers for sale here for a long while.

The house is a disaster zone. I must try to tidy a room or two today. I can't head into outdoor gardening season with housework left to do....

Phoebe got a clean bill of health yesterday. She did NOT like having her nails trimmed though, a common thing with Bouviers. She had her annual shots but will not have as many next year as these, I am told, will last 3 years. Cyn, I recognize the post dog walk cleanup situation. We have old towels hanging near the back door with the leash and grooming combs. DH is getting the hang of the spring cleanup routine.

More work to edit for DH later today, so I'm off to do breakfast.

Enjoy the play Kathy! Expecting a review tonight!

Woody, I like the tripod colour. Is that the same as the shed door?

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We needed to go to the city yesterday to return our sump pump which quit working - not a good time for that. We lucked out, the 1 year warranty was to expire on 3-25. A new sump pump,four large bags of potting soil, a new spring purse, some cannas, a variegated African violet and a pair of shorts were a few of the purchases - it sounds like I think spring has arrived.

We got home late and I remembered that I hadn't prepared for my Sunday School class. Plus the lost hour of sleep. I think a nap will be in order for the afternoon.

I've never had luck with African voilets, but it was so pretty and for $2.50 its worth a shot. I need Marian's advice.

My house is somewhat disastrous too. Like 'bug, I like things to be somewhat orderly going into gardening season. We have nearly completed the bathroom project. Rick needs to install the newly refinished baseboards and the roman shade remains untouched but that's about it.

'bug, great news for Phoebe with spring arriving especially.

Sorry Chelone, but I love DST. How is your bathroom project coming along?

Kathy, its hard to believe that you have rose buds already. Great shots from the winery garden. I like the stepping stone/grass path and the magnolia is so pretty and spring-like.

Marian, sorry about the deer damage. I had lots of rabbit damage this winter. I guess I'm going to need to work harder on caging shrubs.

Some say that woodies are the way to go for a low maintenance garden, but I'm not so sure.

Cyn, what types of plants have you ordered? I haven't ordered a thing.

Woody, the project is coming on nicely. As for lily leaf beetles, I've not had a problem.

I took a spin around the gardens yesterday, at least the ones where some of the snow had melted. Of course I had to go through snow that was nearly knee deep to get there. There was a lovely patch of sedum 'Angelina' The grass is just as green as ever under the snow and I have quite a few evergreen plants in my garden, so we are getting there.


"A friend in the garden is a treasure whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart."...Anon

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

'Some assembly required' - the tripod was a bit tricky :-) It was too tall to assemble indoors - 8' plus the finial height - so we had to do it in the chilly, MESSY garage. It looks a bit tall and spindly but it has to fit into a 2' wide bed along the garage. I would have liked to make it wider and to have put cross-pieces between the outer poles to have made it a fixed triangle that would look a bit more stable, but this way I can ajust the angles if need be to make it fit into the bed. Once it's fixed in place and has clematis growing over it, I think it'll look OK. I'm considering reducing the height of the center pole though.

GB - good guess re the paint. Remember that I didn't like the first paint color I used on the shed door because it wasn't dark enough...? This is the that paint.

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Michelle you lucked out in the sump pump department. I love when that happens. I laughed about your thought of dried paint brushes for Chelone... speaking of which..

Chelone, I have no orange, so had to put the baby blues:). He cracks me up.. at the age where everything they do is cute and funny. He runs as fast as he can while watching his feet, for one. I took him down the street to Dairy Queen in the Jeep the other day and cracked the window a little bit. He loved the wind blowing the top of his hair. He is just learning to put words together, so a lot of hand motions are in order, and it is fun to watch him get his point across.

Yesterday I went outside and cleaned up the yard a little. Weeping willows should be on the ban list.

Mary, are you going to post pics of your new chicks? I would love to see them.

Bug, glad your husband got to the throat doctor. Hope the medicine is helping. Do you think it might be some sort of allergy? The reason I mention it is that a friend of mine said that when I got a new load of wood in a month ago she noticed I started coughing, sniffing but wasn't sick, and her thought was maybe I was burning some type of wood that triggered allergies. Wierd, but not outside the realm of possibility, and the fact that it lingered so long for him made me think of it. Just a thought, not diagnosis:)

Woody, I can't wait to see your finished project.

Skip came back late Friday night, flight was cancelled etc, but he got in. I took it easy on him yesterday, but today he promised me he would give me one hour of time that he would do whatever I wanted. I am going to ask him to chainsaw some ugly scrap trees that are blocking my sun in the way back. Cross your fingers he doesn't bail one me when he sees what I want.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday. Kids are coming to dinner, so I have to figure out what to cook. I didn't make the big breakfast as usual because of the time change. It is a lot of work, and a lot of mess in the kitchen for just two people. When the weather changes, I am going to change that tradition, maybe a bike ride and take along some blueberries and yogurt every other week or something fun like that.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I bet once the clematis takes hold that you won't see the structure at all, except in winter! ;) I'd leave the tall center piece. I'm wondering if the lower pieces will go deep enough in the ground to make it stable. I guess I'm thinking of yesterday's high winds!

Made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
I just packed my bag of goodies to take to Skyler and Ivy. My goodness, you'd think it was Christmas! Getting to work on house cleaning seems to be so easy to put off....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - there will be 4' rebar poles pounded into the ground 2' for support and then the copper pipes will slide over them like a sleeve. The copper pipes will only be supporting the above ground portion and, with the wooden cross-pieces, I think that will be stable enough. It was tricky getting it together at first when there was only the first and second layer of cross pieces and the pipes were flopping around. Once we got to the third layer of cross pieces, it became quite stable re holding the pipes together. It could, I guess, bend the pipes above the rebar supports in a really high wind but the garage wall should help protect it from the worst of the winds.

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More cool, gray and drizzle here but I am seeing green shoots from the daylilies. The birds are singing so I hope its getting ready to clear up. I heard the top 2 inches of ground have thawed; very muddy patches in the yard.

Marian, your choice of words (hooved rodents) made me laugh although I sobered up immediately at the though of the destruction they do to plants! We wait all winter for beauty to return to our gardens and its so frustrating to see it ravaged in hours. A definite downside to the other pleasures of living with wildlife. The deck will be stunning this year; you can devote time to plant selection, care and arrangement (and photography!) without labor intensive in ground work. Your deck is a "stage"cant wait to see it!

Michelle, Ive caught sight of a couple of rabbits so therell soon be moresigh. Do they target any particular plants in your gardens? I have quite a few hosta and they love to devour tender growth upon emergence. While its way too early for hosta eyes at the moment, several years ago I discovered wire baskets offer very good protection. I put them on in the fall so theyre in place and ready for spring. Thought I had a photo to showhmmm; cant locate it at the moment but I can take a picture if you want a visual.

Denise, that ceanothus is absolutely gorgeous. You and Kathy have plants growing I didnt even know existed! Really looking forward to see your garden areas this season. It will be interesting to note the difference and detail of everything from plant selection, architectural design and hardscape.

Drema, Charlie looks so cute in his winter gear but those wonderful eyes will show more delight with spring! More things to share and let him experience, have fun with him. Also, I thought that was noteworthy about the wood burning as a possible irritantsome ailments are mysterious especially when they clear up without an explanation . Interesting thought.

Kathy, hope to hear and see some highlights from DSs playtaking your camera, right? Please do post more about the lasagna approach to your community plot. I understand and have used the concept, however, I was under the impression it took over wintering and some time before the layers break down? Im all about expediency so very interested in how youll proceed with this part of the project.

And, Woody? sheesh. Am I the only one thinking how remarkable it is that youre designing , painting a tripod and thinking up more things to do? Two days short of a month since you underwent surgery! Talk about amazing recuperative powercheers to you and your good fortune! BTW, did I miss reading which clematis is going to grace the tripod? A new one, or are you relocating something from another part of the garden?

Chelone, after piecing together a few comments, I gather you are not a fan of DST. No doubt youll get over it AND the baby photosLOLbut these are with you in mind. First, a polyphemus moth I found on our door last May. I was quite surprised how large it was and the tarantula like hair it sported.

However, when it dropped down at my feet and the secondary wings exposed these eyeballs, I really did a double take. Makes me think of some of the Sponge Bob characters.

And, last is Mr. Pot Head for your viewing pleasure. I could only find rather large, expensive face planters and vases last year. I thought they were a bit too formal for my gardens and yard, so I just made my own for a touch of whimsy.

Time to make a quick trip to the store DH and I satisfying a craving for shrimp tonight.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Candy - fabulous moth pictures! It's a bit surreal to me too that I'm in the state I am at the moment. Last time (1998) I was in the hospital and rehab hospital for a total of 2 months and was very decrepit when I came out. So I didn't believe the surgeon when he said I'd be home the same week! Location matters - this tumor was on the surface of the brain whereas the 1998 one was deep inside.

The tripod will be replacing the flimsy bamboo ones you can see in this picture:

The clematises that will be growing on it are these ones - they're supposed to be Nike but I'm notorious for buying mislabelled clematis!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Look like Warsawska Nike or Niobe to me Woody!

Love the moth shots! We too wanted shrimp this evening. DH & I went for an early dinner run (before a scheduled work phone call at 7:30)and had Japanese goodies. DH had a seafood noodle soup while I had shrimp and yam tempura along with other things. The tea was better than usual.

The treats for today were the mallards landing on the melted pond and the snowdrop buds beginning to open. There are daffodils emerging from the mud. It's quite the mess out there!

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Woody what keeps the cross pieces in place? Did you design this trellis too? Pretty neat. I would only shorten the middle pole a little and perhaps add finials to the side poles to increase their hieght a little. (Just a thought, it is quite all right like it is). I like the idea that it is adjustable to fit the area. The clems look like my Warsaw Nike does.

Michelle what luck with the sump pump. I am not so lucky with my pond pump that I have to replace.

Drema I love your description of Charlie liking the wind blowing in his hair. Is signing his way of comunicating?
He does have gorgeous eyes.

Cyn, you are right the moth does resemble a sponge Bob character. What did you make the face on your pot with?

Its been a cold drizzle here all day. Wyatt and Jake spent the night and when we took them home DDIL had fixed corned beef and cabbage so I got out of cooking today.
It was rainy and cold yesterday too and we picked up fish for our friends pond and dispersed them around. So I am ready for our sunny weather to come back.

Kathy keep feeding us pics of green and growing.


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There I go again. Mixing up Candy and Cyn. Sorry. I need to start double checking who I'm talking too.

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Good evening Idylls, it is a very pleasant one here in Northern California.

A theater afternoon for me, I attended DS;s play..what a nice job they did ! This was produced by the the theater arts dept at our local community college, and they have a very good reputation here-abouts for quality productions, and this was surely one. You dont see Man of La Mancha done often, for whatever reason it seems to have become obscure. I remember it was pretty groundbreaking in its day;,I saw it first in Los Angeles in the 60s . DS of course delivered his one word line brilliantly, lol.

I did work on my photo file mess this weekend too- my part 2 of photo class is on the 24th and I want to be in somewhat of an organized position..I feel pretty good about abandoning the auto settings the pics Ive taken have turned out ok.

Last fall I brought home Nepeta Kit Kat (think Cindy may have been instrumental in this) and it has been dormant of course over the winter. Doobie is very taken with the new foliage and I hope it survives his adoration.. face rubbing, licking, reclining etc. Its very small as Nepetas go ; especially relative to Doobies head.

Candy, what sort of camera do you own ? The moth shots are awesome ! I am trying to find a reconditioned macro lens for my Nikon D-60. My plan right now re:my community garden plot is to lay down cardboard and newspaper, build a raised bed frame with construction grade redwood,(1x6 most likely) and fill it with topsoil on top of the lasagna layer. There is no topsoil at the community garden now, but I will donate a couple of yards and my fellow gardeners can have-at what I dont use.

Woody, I vote for Niobe. My WALATS the last few days have included close peering at all Clems, many buds but no flowers yet. I really regret now the placing of Niobe, she clings to Star Jasmine which is a vigorous grower here and will overpower most anything in its path.

Waving to all, thinking of V down under, and where is Cindy this weekend ?

Kathy in Napa

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Hello everyone

A very quick peek in from me before retiring to bed with a book. Another week and weekend have sped by and the chicks are replacing fluff with feathers practically overnight. DH is home after a long trip, but only to leave again Tuesday:0( Annie and I watched Precious which was powerful and moving but very, very hard to watch.

We have had three days of rain which has washed the snow away but mud is everywhere. I despair of ever having a clean kitchen floor again.

A very neat trade today - in exchange for a dozen eggs a friend gave me a pint of her fresh maple syrup. She has tapped tress all over the neighborhood and boiled down sap to amke a fantastic syrup. I think I will have to ration it!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today all power is going to be off while they install new power poles along the main road. I have containers of water in the fridge and on the stove. We have the wood stove going and I'll eat a cold lunch...or maybe grab a bite in town. It is far better to know about these things in advance and to know when power will resume!
Happy Monday!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Norma - yes, I designed this one.

What holds the cross-pieces in place is sections of 3/4" in pipe fitted over the 1/2" pipe between the layers of cross-pieces, which keeps the cross-pieces from sliding down the center pipe. There actually are little button finials on the outer pipes but they are too small to show in the picture. I wanted ball finials for those pipes too but couldn't find ones that were a suitable size and didn't want to use the same large size as the center one. As gb says, hopefully in a year or so it'll all disappear under clematis foliage!

Kathy - I'm pretty sure that clematis is not Niobe. I have one that is supposed to be Niobe on the iron arbour and it's much redder - mind you I'm not sure that one is really Niobe either.... :-)

Raining here again this morning - as of yesterday afternoon we have had a little under 3" since Friday afternoon.

I seem to be coming down with a cold or flu - sniffling and sore throat... yech!

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Woody, I think your 4' rebar should keep your trellis upright. I think that's about what we did when I erected mine and we certainly get wind in the country. Its been up for several years already.

Drema, we have lots of sticks to pick up too, but ours are from green ash and a cottonwood. All the ice we had earlier was the culprit. Did you get Skip to keep to his promise? Good idea to get the promise before devulging the deed.

Candy, great job on both the moth pictures and Mr. Pothead.

Mary, what a great trade - yum! I'm thinking the two of you should get together for breakfast - eggs and pancakes with maple syrup.

Kathy, I'm slowly plucking away at my pictures. I have them as a screen saver and I'm appalled at times with some of the pictures I failed to delete and also the ones that need rotating.


"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."...Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg (1986)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a strange day. No heat in much of the house, no laundry or dish washing, etc But outdoors there was plenty to see:

and indoors

On a friend's blog this is a feature I enjoy:
This Moment - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. Perhaps a simple, special, extraordinary moment. Maybe a moment you want to pause, savor and remember. Maybe something that made you smile or laugh. Maybe a craft you are enjoying working on.... If you're inspired to do the same, share your 'moment' here each Friday. You have a week to think about it.

This feature just may entice me to use my camera a bit more- and in a different way.

This evening my friends ASKED if they could come tomorrow and begin some garden cleanup! BUT OF COURSE! I think they may trim some trees, maybe cut back the ornamental grasses if there is time. This is so exciting. I love getting a head start on things. Even if we get another snow storm, these things will be DONE. YIPPEE!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

WooHoo! 60F and sunny is today's forecast! Yesterday I gently raked all of my backyard (this is when I remember one of the reasons for moving here) and actually took down my Christmas lights from the front. As last fall was good weather until November, I had done a lot of clean-up then and so I haven't that much to do now. Today I will gently rake the front. The huge snowpile left by the plow will be shovelled onto the laneway where it will hopefully melt away. Great feeling, as Bug says, to know that even if we get another snowfall things will be cleaned up. This is the earliest I have ever been able to work outside in my whole twenty years of gardening. I usually try to get started on DS's birthday which is the 29th.

However, all was not bliss for me yesterday. Six e-mails and three calls before 9:30 from the Hort Society concerning a lady who wants to give us a rose bush. This will not affect World Peace. I called the number given to me eight times during the day - always busy. Checked the phone book, number was correct. She maybe talks a lot, has dial up and surfs a lot, her phone is out of I am certain that the rose bush saga will continue.

Took the beasts for a walk. A big backhoe was working at the construction site down the street. Doggies freaked, ran in front of me, and down I went. First the kness, and, as my hands were full of dogs, then the face. Limped home to pick gravel out of my chin and to bandage bloody knees. Sent DH out for a nice Chardonnay, which I then proceeded to drop on the ceramic kitchen floor with predictable results. Took an Ibuprofen and went to bed. Not feeling real spry this morning, and smiling hurts.

DS has a job interview with a large golf club this morning. He has lots of experience and is available right now, so it seems like a good bet. Maybe it will lead to something more permanent. It will surely mean a long bus trip every day - I hope they have showers!

Anyway, off to get my day started, by washing the Cardonnay stickiness from the kitchen floor.

Happy Spring everyone!



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - ouch!! Be careful!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Julie, a fantastic day in terms of weather. I hope DS manages to get the job! Figure out transport afterwards. Take it easy and get DH to open the wine next time...As for the dogs, maybe get the menfolk to learn that job. Delegate!

Big disappointment on the gardening front here. Friend's pacemaker is not functioning so they could not come today. Very good reason, but too bad from my viewpoint. I managed an hour of dog cleanup. There's one disadvantage of living on 10 acres! Still more to go, but a start. Then there are the willow branches to deal with. I see blisters on my hands in the near future! I hope to get DH to put the rain barrels out this afternoon. Wish me luck. Do you think there will be more bugs than usual this season? I'm guessing yes because although it was cold at times, not as bitter as in previous years.
Hi to all!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Gorgeous day out there today here - sunny and much warmer than normal! Randy moved all the big pots of strawberries, blueberrier and garlic from the garage to the driveway. Then we pruned the wisteria trees. I was very excited to see what appears to be flowering wood/spurs on the Japanese wisteria.

It was only planted in Aug. 2007 so it would be a bit surprising if it flowered so soon! It'll be the end of May before we know for sure....

The Chinese wisteria is loaded with flowering wood now and the clematises we planted to grow into it a year or two ago now have stems all the way to the top so it'll be intereting to see if they bloom too. Next spring we really need to get ruthless and cut the tree back severely. It's got a bit too tall to easily prune it in spring. We'll have to be much more rigorous and keep the Japanese one from getting as tall. Since the bed they are in runs along the top of the ditch, it's dangerous to place the step ladder on the road side of the tree. I was very nervous while Randy was doing this:

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Holy canoli, its sunny and warming into the upper 50s! Having a late lunch here at the computer and a chancing a post from the box. Then Im heading straight outside to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on my face after so many chilly gray days. I understand why horses race around and whinny and dogs roll on their backs in the grassl. Its spring, celebrate!

Hi Norma, no big dealI knew who you were taking to, lol. Mr Pot Heads face is actually one of those tree faces. Each piece is separate so positioning was no problem. I made him mid season; got the face on clearance for $1.99 and also a discount on the pot and grass so total cost was like, under 7 dollars. He turned out to be a hit with guests while satisfying my urge for a face planter.

Glad so many enjoyed the moth photos; he was most cooperative while I clicked away. When he fluttered off the door to the doormat, I just pointed the camera straight down immediately and managed to catch the eyeballs before he left for good. Kathy, my camera is a Canon power shot A75, nothing fancy. I basically use the auto or the macro settings.

Whew, Juliesounds like you really dinged yourself up. Unfortunate you couldnt get your hands up to break the fall, sheesh.

Bug, I like the photo of your purple knitting. Interesting about a picture of special moments. The kids always ask what DH and I have been up to, so I give them a glimpse of the simple or exciting as the case may be. They like visuals reminding them the home fires are still burning. It would be nice to see what the Idylls capture as a special moment during their week - or whenever one presents itself.

Also, bugare you part of a garden group? Im wondering how you have friends that ask if they can come over and do "clean up?" That sounds terrific considering the size of your farm and gardens, wowee!

Woody, I have the clematis Niobe and love the rich color but it WILTS! Does yours do that? Im just curious if Niobe has a tendency for the problem. Im not even sure of the cause; if I cut it back in July it bounces back with healthy new growth. Glad you and Randy are enjoying the day!

OK, lunch is over. Before I escape outside Ive got to go shove the bed and night stands back by the wall. Kind of funny sleeping in the middle of the room last night but, yesterday, there was a SPIDER on the wall just above the headboard! I cannot abide them in the house. Yes, I know they are friends of the garden and eat all manner of other pests, how-EVERR! Not inside, no. And it was a big black jumper, my worst nightmare because they can spring right at you in a split second. So anyway, I pulled ALL the furniture out from that wall and he disappeared into the oak window trim. I tapped around on the wall/window several times during the day, hoping for him to dart out, to no avail. Had to leave for a hair appt.come back to find DH had been home, changed clothes and was going through the mail. I say "Oh! I bet youre wondering why the beds smack in the middle of the room, arent you?!" And, he goes (without looking up from the mail)"No, not really." Now, I know ID be curious if I walked in and saw that jumble, so I say"youre not even curious as to WHY?" He looked up, smiled and said"you must have seen a spider or something." Gotta love it when they understand you so well, LOL! And yes, I got that spider as I typed this. My peripheral vision is excellent when it comes to spiders and I caught the movement clear across the hallway and into our bedroom. Done.

Running out and waving.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Candy - Yep, my Niobe wilts too - very annoying...! We dug it out one year, but we obviously missed a bit because it came back. We figured if it wanted to be there that much, we'd just have to put up with it:-) So now we just rip off all the messy bit when it collapses. There's enough other stuff growing with it that it doesn't leave a hole.

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One of the best features about springtime : there is always something new to see every day..although seeing it may require some stooping, bending, peering , squinting etc. Just a few frost free nights in a row, a few rainless days and things start to happen fast.

I had purchased an unseemly amount of lilies from the Lily Garden in Vancouver Wa, and I am gradually planting them-they were bought of course with no plan in mind as to where they would go sounds familiar to all of you , huh ? These bulbs were not cheap, but the size of them was pretty spectacular, and I got a few freebies as well . No regrets. The trick is to try and site them where standing water is not much of an issue over winter. I always loose some every year-which makes it more urgent that I plant more , lol !

I have to say I have never experienced wilt on my Niobe, but I also dont experience rampant growth. For me it has been 1st year sleep, 2nd year creep. 3rd year creep, 4th year creep some leap yet !

bug, I sure love the color of that yarn..what will it be ?

Lol Candy, I guess you better steer clear of my house, I keep it open about 8 months of the year i.e no screen doors-I like to be able to walk in and out seamlessly, but the result is appealing to the daddy-long legs spiders who are more or less permanent residents inside. They do get vacuumed a few times a year when I do the seasonal web abatement.

Well Julie, I hope it wasnt a pricey Chardonnay ! Good vibes to DS !

Some sites from today..none of them orange !

From Garden 2010 Spring From Garden 2010 Spring

Kathy in Napa

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Karhy, I love seeing Spring in your makes me hopeful that blooms will happen here soon.

Candy, I make my bed everyday so a spider won't get under the covers with me :) One night I was in bed watching t.v. (back when I had a t.v. in the bedroom!) and the room was dark. By the light of the t.v. I saw a spider repel down his web and hang inches above the covers. I scooted out of bed without touching him and ran to the bathroom to get tissue and get rid of him...when I came back, I couldn't find him. That was not a good night's sleep, lol!

Today we're burning, my neighbor and I. She has hired me on again for the season and I am happy about it. You can't beat it with a stick.

My overwintered plants are coming up from their slumber in the basement. The banana is touching the ceiling down there already. I hope it will be fabulous this year.

The bees all made it through the winter and are busy cleaning out the messes from their hives. I need to put a pollen patty on for food this week, and will begin feeding them sugar water in a month. I am glad both my hives survived and will look for opportunities to start another.

I guess I need to go get the day started. I didn't sleep well last night. We're babysitting our MIL's dogs and one cried a good bit and that woke me up...and once you're awake...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We have one rain barrel installed. Also many willow branches raked up and on the burn pile. I managed to prune about 20 clematis yesterday too, more today I hope. DH got the mower started for the first seasonal go around the property.

We went to town for a few errands and I picked up 3 African violets (why? I don't really like them and can never keep them alive...but they are blooming) and several ranunculus plants too for the kitchen window.

I started The Help last night, (by Kathryn Stockett) and it looks like a quick fun/interesting read.

Glad to hear the bees are buzzing Saucy! (Here the flies are making lots of noise.)

Time to eat something and start moving!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today I was outside with Phoebe for much of the time. Pruned about 40 clematis. We expect rain and colder temperatures starting on Saturday. My friends who wanted to garden here are headed to the hospital tomorrow instead. :( Hope things get tended to quickly for him!

Think I'll read a bit before preparing dinner.

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Wondering if 'bug's snow is gone. The lawnmower hasn't crossed my mind. We have gotten rid of lots but more to go and rumors of more to come.

The sun is shining today!

I came home last night to a guest room minus a window. Rick has 4 windows upstairs that he is replacing.

Candy & Saucy, your spider stories sound like the time a spider came in my car with the mail and escaped. I never did find him and had visions for quite a while of him crawling up my leg while driving. I let Rick get the mail now.

Julie, how awful that you fell. Take care.

Kathy, I agree about the squinting and stooping in spring. It looks like your garden is a little beyond that already. I was pleased to see tulips up an inch that were just covered in snow the day before.

Good to know that the Saucy's bees are active again and that Woody's wisteria shows a possibility of bloom.

I like the "This Moment" photo idea and hope all join in. I'm going to have a hard time with the "no words" part.


"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn." ~Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Yes Michelle, I thought that photos only would be quite the challenge. They do it well on the blog I follow, but maybe we could allow just one sentence? I think a separate thread for this though. Your thoughts???

I made sweet and sour pork for dinner and now want to read more of The Help. All this fresh air tires me out.
'bug, yet again

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It was an incredibly warm, spring-like day here. Liam was visiting for the day and Randy was away for the morning participating in a medical study, so I started the day by walking Misty and Liam by myself. Unfortunately the day went downhill from there. The rapid increase in temperature really messed with my head for some reason. I spent a good part of the day horizontal because if I got vertical, I felt like I was shaking like someone with Parkinsons:- ( Randy came back just after lunch. He said I wasnt visibly shaking, but I felt like it. If this happens every time it warms up, I could be in for a rough spring!

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The UPS dude presented me with my Digging Dog order ..I now have a dwarf Baptisia..among other things. You know its spring when the garage workbench is full of mail order plants and bulbs. 70 degrees today, and the same for the next few. How nice that feels ! I have contracted the Common Cold, but a very mild case; very little nose blowing but fatigue and coughing. Im thinking Ill feel almost normal by Saturday.

DD and Aiden will join me at the SF garden show DD has not been probably since about 06 and always enjoyed it. And I have not been anywhere with a 2 year old in 20+ yearshope Im up to it !

Well need a photo of that Banana, Saucy. Working for a neighbor, is a good deal, no commute !

Where the heck is Cindy ?

All for me tonight

Kathy in Napa

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I was wondering about Cindy, too!

Take it easy Woody! I know exactly what you're talking about with the internal shaking - I've had that, too! I wonder if it is your sodium, still? Take it easy and take lots of breaks :)

Michelle, where are you finding your wonderful little sayings at the ends of your posts? I'm really enjoying them. What are you planning for garden art this year? I have been busy dreaming up lots of projects. Yesterday I met with SunnyD's husband, and we're going to work on welding a stand for one of my leaves. I am going to take the course if I can ever get in!

Sorry to hear about your garden friend, GB. I wish I were close and could come work at your place for a day. I do enjoy poking around other's gardens. I need to focus on my own this year, though :)

We're burning again today, so I'd better get my house in order so that I can shower and crash when I get back this afternoon. Burning makes such a difference and she doesn't have the space to compost.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Saucy - I don't think it is a sodium problem. I had a blood test about 10 days ago that was normal for both sodium and potassium. I had another one this morning so we'll see what that says. Perhaps the problem is I've lost too much blood from all these tests :-) I've also been drinking Gatorade instead of plain water and mixing it with the cranberry junice I drink. I've always got 'weather headaches' when it warms up so it was probably an extreme case of that. It's supposed to warm up a lot again today, although it's supposed to be 'cooler by the lake'. So we'll see if the same problem appears today...

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Hi everyone

Today I came home from work, put on my oldest jeans and dug in the dirt. I cut back the dying foliage from my hellebores and was thrilled to see so many buds.

I then cleared the area my little hoophouse will sit over and added a layer of well rotted leaf mulch. The soil was warm and crumbly and after being stuck indoors so much of the winter having dirt under my nails again was pure heaven!! I cleaned out my earthbox and filled it with fresh potting soil and organic fertilizer and planted purple and rainbow carrots, and red and yellow beets. The box was wheeled into the hoophouse. My pot of leeks are looking sturdy and green and they too are sheltering under the plastic. I know winter is not yet done, but this little taste of spring made my heart sing.

Woody - I so hope there is a cure for the shaking. So much for you to have gone through and still have these curve balls thrown.

Saucy - congratulations on your bees making it through the winter, and a garden job. It will be another year before I am ready for a hive here but I'm enjoying my reading and will feel more confident once I take a class. At the momement, finishing the garden clean-up that was barely started in the fall is top of my list. But that will be a joy rather than a chore.

Love the idea of "The moment photos" and think a sentance would enhance viewing.


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Mary, Just how big is your hoop house? So glad you could work outside today.

Woody, its so frustrating to get out to enjoy the weather and then have it make you feel bad. I get weather related headaches too. I hope that is all it was for you.

Saucy , I have been enjoying Michelle's added quotes too.
I also think the "moment" photos are a good idea. I was wishing I could capture one today. I was walating today and could hear a swarm of bees, so I followed the sound until I could figure out where they were. At the edge of the woods there is a native red maple tree in bloom and the bees were swarming it. To tall for a picture though.

I wrote a post last evening and lost it for some reason. Can't remember who I talked too.

I think I wondered how Bug could trim so many clems and how she keeps track of which ones to trim.

I found helebore blooms this morning and have iris reticula blooming. Should have some daffs open tomorrow. It is to be nice again tomorrow and then not so nice for a few days with a chance of rain snow showers.
Picking away at some winter weeds and clean up. I think I will sow some lettuce and radishes at the edge of a flower bed as it is way to wet in the garden.

Kathy, I love the sound of a workbench full of new plants. I hope Aiden is good about staying in his stroller for the garden show excursion. I'm sure DD will enjoy the show with you.

I'm posting before I lose this. Hoping all had a good day.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I heard them first, then I spotted them: red winged blackbirds. I hear lots of cardinal love songs too.

Yes, lots of clematis. I pruned still more today...and there are more to go. Most of mine must be pruned to the ground, so it is only a matter of a few that need NOT be pruned. I trimmed back several clumps of ornamental grasses this morning too. I wish there were a few more days for me to continue clearing up, but I guess I'll have to wait. I fear things will grow by leaps and bounds before I return at Easter time.

This morning there was a phone call about our HS reunion. Amazing how we could chat for an hour about stuff from 50 years ago! I am asked to do a reading and speak briefly about my friend who passed away years ago. There are so many who are gone, many children and grandchildren as well. Thank goodness there is also funny stuff to share.

Tomorrow I again take my friend to the hospital to have his hand checked. I have a good feeling about how things are going. Being a pianist means his finger will get serious exercise once the splint is removed.

I've been enjoying The Help. Those lively southern ladies sure had sharp observations and attitudes and would speak up sometimes. (and get fired for it) So just after reading a passage like this, DH decided we should go out for fish & chips in town. Once we arrive, I see the menu up on the chalk board. Every plural word there has an apostrophe in it: mushroom's, frie's, piece's, etc... I explained to the poor lady there that plurals don't use apostrophes and that I used to be a teacher and I'm sorry for bothering her about it. And I WAS sorry I opened my big mouth. Sometimes that itch needs to be scratched though...and it was today it happened. Sigh. I'm blaming The Help for this. ;)

I think I'll need to take more photos tomorrow morning before posting on the new thread. I'll try to start it tonight though, in case some early birds post in the dawning!

Please return all you absentees!!!!

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I am excited about "The Moment" GB! I will be looking at things differently now :)

I think it is nice that you pointed out her error - perhaps, like me, she want to do the right thing, but her foggy brain won't allow it :)

I want to hear more about the hoop house, too. We've been potting things up and that means playing in the greenhouse. I really needed this early Spring! Even if it disappears, I will have fond memories :)

I loved The Help.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma, The post I posted yesterday disappeared also. :-(

I had told Woody about my experience with a low blood sugar attack and said it reminded me of her shaky feelings.

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