Happy Easter Everyone!

anneliese_32(6)April 8, 2012

Hope your weather is nice for a little Easter stroll, bonnett not required.

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Oh well, I checked the week's weather and today through Friday are "likely" days, that is "Rain Likely" until next Saturday, when it is a "mostly" day, "Mostly Sunny". If this keeps up I may have to spring for a new umbrella before season is over, old one has seen many better days.

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Happy bunny egg day, never could figure how eggs came from bunnies, oh well.

Rain Tuesday night and Wednesday then clear.

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Happy Easter! I've been on vacation and just now am back up and running. Good to home, all of them, including here.

It just wasn't meant to be. I was on my way to church when BLAM! the car behind me tried to go inbetween the car next to me and me, but instead, he hit the car next to me. Because there wasn't any room. Thank God in Heaven above it wasn't me. I just kept saying, I don't know how he didn't hit me?! By all accounts he should've hit me too??? Honestly. If he had, I'd be in huge trouble. I don't have collision on my 22 year old car; would've had to buy one outright with ??money??? Couldn't be done. I moved my car and rushed over to everyone. No one was injured. He should not have been driving. He never even slowed down. No screeching tires? Nothing. Just wham.

Then, as I drove on down the road, late but still going to church, my car overheated. So I let the car sit and cool down. Drove some, sit and cool down, until just now, I am back at home. Wasn't my day to be at church! I really wanted to, but it wasn't meant to be. No ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, carrot cake, etc.

I am truly blessed and glad that it wasn't my car he hit, and that no one was hurt.

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I agree that you were so fortunate - blessings appear when least expected and most needed, don't they?
Making the best of the remains of the day certainly is a good idea - Happy Easter, Robin and LF

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Thanks Lilo! Hope you and all of yours also enjoy today. It ended up being pork marsala, whipped potatoes with browned parmesan on top of it, and green beans. Talked with my family on the phone whom I didn't get to see (they were all still together) and it was so loud, I felt like I was there.


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Some peeps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the peeps pictures! Wouldn't have been right to go through Easter without seeing peeps or their pictures. This is the first year I can remember not having Easter candy of some sort. I was going to make some. Yeah........sure. I have the ingredients but ran out of time or had the time and had run out of energy. Now I have this stash of white chocolate and I don't even like it, but shall have to use it on something so it isn't wasted. LOL.

Dinner was at my house today for the family. The youngest in attendance two years, the oldest almost 75 and everything in between.

Both kitties are in and safe for the night. The dishwasher is swishing away and I just dug out the cheeseball and pigged out.

Robin........sounds like somebody was taking good care of you. Been there, done that with a car I couldn't afford to have out of commission.

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Robin, I'm so glad you weren't caught in that accident! I know God knows that you wanted to be in church, and you know it, too. Your "unplanned" dinner sounded good to me.

Our computer has been acting up, so I didn't get here, yesterday. Hope everyone had a good day, especially, you, Robin. :>)

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We got unannounced visitors yesterday, relatives on their annual return from their winterquarters and we make a convenient stopover, even if they have to drive out of their way. Motel for four and supper as well as breakfast cost more. They just left this noon. GRRRR.

Robin I am glad that you were so lucky.There have been times in our lives where we talked to our vehicles like to a horse in the hope of making it for another couple of months.

It just dawned on me, I have not had a Peep this Easter. Well, I am not supposed to have one anyhow, but you got to misbehave once in a while. Maybe I find one tomorrow when I have to go to the store.

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Oh, the guilty pleasures are appeased when I buy my candy 50% off the day after the holiday (whatever the holiday).

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