Your Favorite Wedding Scene

kathyjane(z6VA)April 29, 2011

What was your favorite part of the Royal Wedding?

---Touched you the most?

----For me, it was the fly-over of the trio of planes from WWII----it just was an over-the-top salute and I'm sure brought back many, many memories to the older folks in the crowd and watching on TV.

So far, it has just been lovely, through and through.

What a special, special day!

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I didn't watch it, but I LOVE the hats!

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I enjoyed every minute; Kate--or Kathryn from now on, I suppose--has such a beautiful smile and looked as if she was loving every minute. I was tickled when she and William walked out on the balcony and you could tell she said "Oh, wow!", when she saw all the people gathered in the square. Perhaps that scene really brought it home to her about her new role in life

KJ, I, too, was very touched by the fly-over; those magnificent planes helped save Britain during WW2. Another thing that tickled me was Kate's sister Pippa walking down the aisle holding the hands of the two darling flower girls. Knowing the unpredictability of three year olds, that was smart thinking!

I'm very glad I watched it; my only complaint is that I'm really draggin'! Missing three hours' sleep is taking a toll; it's time for a nap. :>)

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All of it. I'm still driniking it in. We need some good in the middle of this crazy mixed up mess the world is in right now, weather, politics, all of it!

Silly side note: I got lucky to be on steroids right now. One side effect? Insomnia. I wanted to get up early today and I need to get up early tomorrow. Easy peasy! Wonder how well I will get up come Monday though when all is said and done.


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I saw all of it and I loved every minute of it. IMO, the British Monarchy is absolutely the best at putting on a show. There is such a long history behind the pomp and circumstances and they do it beautifully.
I think my favorite scene was on the balcony where the whole family was gathered and people were smiling, laughing and hugging children.
My other favorite moment was when I saw the King of Norway and his wife, Sonja attending the ceremony. There is a whole history with the Royals.

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I loved the second kiss with the cranky flower girl looking miserable! "Oh, those grown-ups are kissing again and what's all that noise?"

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

my favorite ...

Here is a link that might be useful: in the convertible

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There was a wedding yesterday?

I thought it was cool enough that we celebrated National Hairball Day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yes, there's a photo. :o)

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Actually, there was a piece about cat food in there----said people could eat safely eat it.
---but could people AFFORD it?!!!

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