Idyll 261: Pieces of April continuing......

just_tApril 10, 2006

I liked Eden's Idyll Tydll....and it is much too early to be creative on my own. ;o)

It is Monday....and I've just put in a request for a glorious and gorgeous day for all the Idylls.....sure hope it happens for you!



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylls, There is a perfect gardening day on tap here. Thanks T for requesting this. Currently it is 32.2 degrees outside so Im really glad I wasnÂt tempted to be lazy and leave the plants out in the driveway last night. I can tell spring is really here when the sun shines in the east dining room windows in the AM and it has finally gotten here. The temps today are supposed to warm up into the low 60Âs with sunshine all day. Get out the sunscreen here I come. IÂm hoping to finally mulch the driveway garden and the shrubs today. IÂve GOT to get the back gardens cleaned out pronto. The perennials are emerging at light speed.

Sue, the ÂJack Frost you gave me last year is coming up beautifully. I love that plant.

T. How did you get a sore throat? Were you screaming in terror while slinging DH about the tree line in the excavator? LOL just kidding. You are a braver woman than I. IÂd have been scared to death IÂd have maimed Doug for life if IÂd done such a thing. Sorry about your tumble on the stairs. I did the same thing about a month ago on the stairs at the gym and was so embarrassed. Fortunately I didnÂt have an audience but I leapt to my feet and made sure nobody saw me. I donÂt know why our reaction is to be embarrassed when we fall. Also why do we deny being hurt??? Seems strange but my reaction was exactly the same as yours and IÂd have said exactly the same kind of thing had I had an audience. One time about 20 years or so ago (drat that makes me feel old)I was at a restaurant and we were sitting at a table with a very long bench seat on one side and a chair on the other. I was on the bench seat and when we went to leave I lifted myself up and pushed to the side like you would to get out of a booth only I was an inch from the end of the bench and threw myself on the floor!!!!! Oh dear, I got myself up off the floor and took a bow and asked the other people in the restaurant what they would like to see for my next act.

Norma, thanks! Happy you like the dove pic. I hadnÂt done any bird photography in a very long time and IÂm getting the itch to play with my camera gear again. ~~ Re cuttings, they would ship fine to you anywhere in the States so why donÂt you send me a list with an email? I normally send by Priority Mail so they are only in transit for a couple days. IÂd have to wait for a stretch of warm weather for tender stuff like coleus though.

Michelle, sounds like youÂve got a great area for potting and supplies. IÂd really love to have an outdoor area that was just dedicated to potting. That would be so convenient. Our shed is used for storing the snow blower etc. so I canÂt really use it as a potting shed. We originally were going to do an area behind the shed but that turned into the composting area so that didnÂt work out. ~~ LOL about the plants in the driveway, that is only the stuff I got at the flower show and not anything I have in the house at the moment. I checked the ÂGolden Tiara and it still isnÂt coming up yet. Soon, soonÂ.

Babs, sounds like you had a great birthday.~~ I LOL at Ryan putting raisins in the cupcakes. ~~ So Ryan on the track team? That really is great. You are now in the ÂSports Mom mode and your motto will be ÂHave car keys, will travel to sports eventÂ. MJ runs around all the time with her DSÂs soccer and basketball teams. Keeps her hopping. I donÂt know how she keeps up with it with a full time job. SheÂs now doing the college tours with her oldest son. She just got back from FL yesterday. They went to see Embry Riddle then she got home at 3 and had to do all her grocery shopping and laundry for the week and her washing machine broke down. It always seems to be something doesnÂt it?

Eden, IÂm crossing my fingers for your musa basjoo. Can you get a pic of what it looks like now. IÂm curious as to what it looks like after the winter. Great score on the stewartia. I need to take lessons from you in enjoying the process. I get a bit panic stricken this time of the year when the beds arenÂt all cleaned and mulched and the plants are growing like mad. If I donÂt get to it this week it will turn into a real pain to get the job done because of trying to avoid the emerging perennials.

Honey, love the pictures of Bullet defending his domain. What a card. Too bad you canÂt post a sound track to go with those pics! LOL that peony photo is gorgeous! ~~ Have you gotten your dahlias potted up yet? Mine are still in storage in the basement and IÂm not going to pot them up until the cold frame I ordered comes in. I donÂt really have room to start them in the house this year.

OK time is a wasting and IÂve got to get to the gym so I can get outdoors. Have a great day everyone.


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Good Morning, It's going to be a beautiful day here today!!! And I'm spending the entire day in the garden. After sleeping like a log last night, I was so tired, I think my brain is functioning well enough this morning to make a few comments.

T, I'm so sorry about your fall. That sounds painful. Glad nothing was broken though. You're braver than me. I know I would have gotten confused on what does what and sent Brad sailing through the air. Hope you're sore throat doesn't stick around.

Babs, so Ryan is becoming a little baker huh? Did he eat the cupcakes with the raisins? Your seafood dinner sounds so good. I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday. I remember the days of all day long sporting events with the kids. You're a great mom!

Norma, I had a few of those pots tossed out on the deck by the end of winter too. So how'd you get dh to do the housework while you got to hang out in the garden? Brad doing housework isn't a trick I've mastered.

Sue, "the bird drawer"? lol! They have that corylus red majestic here at the local nursery. If I could just figure out where I could squeeze one in...McKenzie is very cute! She deserves a great home. I hope my Ivory Prince grows up to be as nice as yours. How much sun is yours getting? I'm trying to figure out where to put mine.

Deanne, I love the dove picture. They're such sweet birds. And your other pictures... All I can say is Oh My! I can't wait to see what you do with all of those beautiful plants. I love the fuschia and the gays delight. The driveway bed is looking good and I love the little grass in the urn with the pansies. I hope to get a couple of spring containers done today.

Michelle, I have a book called The Potting Shed by Linda Joan Smith. I wonder if it's the same one your ordered. I wish you lived near me. I have quite a few books on garden decorating and using salvaged things that you could get ideas from. I know that your shed will be such a neat retreat when you get it finished, kind of like your own little garden club house. I can't wait to see what you do. I love the way you use salvaged things in your garden and I picture your shed being decorated that way too. What a fun project!

Monique, I can't believe Les lost 20lbs. I don't remember him being overweight at all. I'm glad that you dropped in and let us know what you guys have been up to.

Honey, I wouldn't think Bullet would be thrilled when his friend Timmy comes to visit, lol. Bet you're busy in the garden too with this beautiful weather. I was at GW yesterday and they've got the nursery opened now. Didn't buy anything though.

It's light out here now so I'm going to hit the ground running and try to get lots accomplished today. Hope you all have a good day too and that everyone can squeeze in at least a little garden time!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi gang! I'm still chuckling over Eden having just a few books on garden themes. I suspect our book collections are like our container competitons here...huge!

Yesterday was a great gardening day here but that manicure I got before our Oklahoma travels is pretty much shot now. I was told to make sure I soaked my hands in olive oil before putting on my gloves. Gloves? Ok, I wore them yesterday while working (IHATEGLOVES!)but what happens when you just go out to look and end up weeding and poking about? I began weeding the garden by the barn, pruning roses and clematis there.

This morning it is 25F and sunny. I hope to begin unhilling the roses by the vegetable garden and much more!!! A plan is afoot to install a brick path there and remove all grass walkways.

I bought some blue pansies at the grocery store and a hydrangea. Maybe I'll finally have something to photograph for Drema's belated birthday card. (Would you believe me if I said I waited on purpose to stretch out the photos for the new thread?)

Cynthia posted some really cute photos at TGF of the dogs in their spiffy rain gear.

EP wrote that she cannot log in here any more and will no longer be reading at this spot but that she cherishes the friends she made here. She too is contributing at TGF quite regularly.

Dear Chelone, how's it going??? I wish so much that you were coming to the Idyllunion! Would your brother help you to do that in July? Hi Rex! Hi kitties!

Off to start the day. This is the kind of spring day that will be tough for Sue and V and those marching off to the office. BUT, it is brighter out even later and you ladies probably have more money as a result of your work for plants. That's my take on it anyway.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle-I call uncle. Between work, the garden, exercise, the house and other miscellaneous responsibilities I feel like I'm drowning. No way am I going to be able to keep all these balls in the air for too much longer. Yesterday I spent all day outside and only made a dent in what needs to be done. I also managed to squeeze in an hour walk and an hour of stretching and free weights. Between sets of weights I changed my bed and straightened out my room. We sat down to dinner by quarter after 8-pretty good under the circumstances. I vaccumed the BR while I was getting ready for bed. My house is a hole and by the look of things it's going to stay that way for awhile. I see some days off from work in my future.

Deanne, Tom would surely love help getting the site prepared for the hot tub but my guess is he'll have it mostly done by next We aren't building a deck per se but digging down and putting in 4-6 inches of compacted stonedust then setting a pressure treated platform on top of that. It will be pretty much flush with the ground. For a "patio" we'll use 2' x 2' squares of bluestone set in stonedust. Yesterday I had to move all the plants out of the immediate area. Some got relocated, the rest are in pots.

Eden, the Ivory Prince is in deciduous shade-south exposure in a foundation bed. Does anybody know why the Ilex crenata behind it has branches just breaking off at the base?

OK, I need to get the statements out today so must run. Having to run home at lunchtime to let Mackenzie out every day is taking it's toll. So much for the post office, dry cleaners, and other errands I usually do for lunch.

Oh well, the option is to sit around and complain about being bored and I don't do that well either.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Morning! I loved, loved, loved all the pix on the last thread and hearing from Monique, Babs, Chelone, and Norma. Its 34 out now, but its supposed to get to the 60s this afternoon. Im spreading manure, too. When I got too tired yesterday, I had DH pull the bags from the van and place them where Ill spread them today. Im sure Ill run out of bags to do before I run out of time today. So Ill also be on the clean-up brigade as well as making a couple more trips for more bags of manure. The A/C co. is coming out at noon to check out our air conditioner and do spring maintenance.

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Palm Sunday tornadoes that killed thousands in the Midwest from Texas to Michigan. Does anyone else remember? It is still one of the worst disasters in history. Tom lived in Toledo with his parents and was in one of worst ones. He had just waxed his Corvette (which he earned by working odd jobs) and had come into the house. His Mom and Dad were sitting at each end of the couch in their living room and his Mom was worried. Tom was telling his Mom, "Dont worry. The chances of a tornado hitting our house" when he heard a deafening roar and he felt himself lifted into the air as it stuffed his head through the LR ceiling. The sidewalls of the house were blown away but his parents were left sitting on the couch! The outside walls and roof of Toms upstairs bedroom were gone, as was the wall-to-wall carpeting but his bed was still made and left un-rumpled. The whole house was essentially destroyed. They never found his Corvette.

The woman next door had been napping in her second floor bedroom. When Tom and his Dad heard her cries for help, they were able to dig her out of the rubble in the basement where the whole house had imploded. She was shaken, cut and bruised but otherwise uninjured. Her garage was still standing with the car inside, although the tornado removed the concrete pad from under the car!

Tom says, the whole neighborhood was destroyed for miles in either direction and the smell of natural gas filled the air. With power lines down everywhere, there was eminent danger of explosions from the gas. Although their house was eventually rebuilt, they moved away. They considered themselves very lucky b/c many people were never found. Every Palm Sunday, Tom remembers the event as if it happened yesterday. So, believe me, when we have warnings here and he tells me to take cover, I listen b/c he know what hes talking about! Watch the weather, friends, especially those in tornado alley, and stay safe.

Ennyhoo, thats it from me this am. Hi to all. Im off to get more compost. Hope youre able to be outside enjoying spring. TTYL.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And here is a funny thing sent to me by my son. Zoom in closer to see the maze which includes the barn, tractor and more. These are DH's comments to DS:
Wow... with Mom's inspiration we figured it out.
I've got to get on her case to do better. Maybe Charlotte Dog displayed 200 m across?


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We have a busy week scheduled here and one of the nights I am actually home its supposed to rain. Thats what is nice about the shed project, I can work inside while its raining. Its way too messy in there to do any potting yet. You know how when you are doing a project that it gets very messy before it gets better.
I plan on having Easter dinner at my house, but it will just be DD and family and my parents. I hope the day will be nice as I would love to have an outdoor egg hunt for Kenzie. I guess Id better do a good poop patrol before that. I cleaned the main floor this weekend. The basement because of the water is a mess and the upstairs is a mess because of the new carpet in 2 rooms. I need to get them put back together before we have guests later this month. It is sometimes overwhelming. I do have a few vacation days left to use before 7-1 maybe one could be a gardening day. At least like Sue Im not bored. LOL

Eden, that is the book I ordered. I did get a used copy off Amazon for $8 with the shipping, so it was cheap enough.

Norma, how sweet of your DH to cook AND cleanup. I did think your picture might be Candy Stripe which I do have, but I dont believe I have ever looked at it so close up. That is really cool.

T, I hope the sore throat doesnt develop into anything more nasty.

Honey, that is quite a tornado story. Tornados are weird in that they destroy so much and leave other things undisturbed. You really have to respect them.

Deanne, Eden, Honey and anyone else that gets to spend the day in the garden enjoy and Ill be out around 5:00. At the auction Sat. we bought some of the leftover roasted pork and buns. I put them in baggies in the freezer for quick suppers during spring field work and gardening. I also bought frozen sub sandwiches and pizzas from Ricks GS who was selling for school. Rick doesnt expect me to cook big meals. Isnt he great?

Have a fabulous gardening day!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi, remember me? Thats good, because Im not sure if I remember me!

Its getting to be that time of year. Much busier at work, still busy outside of work and then trying to slip in a little garden time whenever possible. I did get the rest of the front beds cleaned up yesterday and I feel good about that. We are having some of the family over for Easter, and with the warm temps this coming week I should have a good number of bulbs in bloom. And now you can actually see them!

What a weekend. I had a funeral to go to Friday night, and an engagement party Sunday evening and both events involved the same group of college friends. The funeral was the sister in law of my former roommate, who lost a long battle with breast cancer. The fascinating thing was that she took an oil painting class for the first time about a year and a half ago, and her paintings were displayed at the service. What an amazing talent she had, and she only discovered it very late in her life.

The engagement party was for one of our group who divorced about two years ago. He had mentioned many times that he did not intend to go through the rest of his life alone, but I didnt realize how much determination was behind that sentiment. He dated over 170 women in the last two years, devoting at least three nights a week to his task of finding a new mate! And his fiancé is a wonderful woman who fits into our group like a comfortable shoe.

The other news of the weekend is that DH was doing a little final burning yesterday afternoon and didnt quite get it all put out before he left. He burned down his duck blind. He also doesnt understand why I find this upsetting. After all, it was only the duck blind, not the house.

So good to hear from you, Chelone. Now can you make it a regular feature? I miss your radical attitude and dog-hating ways.

T, sorry about your fall! I dont think my DH would trust me to run an excavator like you did.

Taryn, you gave us lots of new questions and no answers! Whats up, anyway?

Okay, I have more comments but also more work. TTYL and happy gardening to all.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I feel *so bad* that I missed Babs & Dremas Birthdays!:-(

And though the wishes are belated, the warm thoughts are not...I hope you both had a wonderful day!

I have not been to the Idylls in weeks, but you guys are never far from my mind. Ive been listening to a lot of my old Sugar Ray CDs. Theyre kind of goofy guys and dont take themselves too seriously...but I really enjoy their music. Heres one of my favorite songs by them which makes me of you Idylls... how you are *always* there for each other and how visiting the Idylls is just like the words from the song: "just close your eyes and I'll take you there...this place is warm, without a care". The song is very "summer dreaming" to me, just like the Idylls...a warm, sunny place! :-)

Sugar Ray


Someday...when my life has passed me by
I lay around and wonder why
You were always there for me
One the eyes of a passerby
I look around for another try and fade away

Just close your eyes and I'll take you there
This place is warm without a care
We'll take a swim in the deep blue sea
I go to leave and you reach for me

Some say better things will come our way
No matter what they try to say
You were always there for me

Someway...when the sun begins to shine
I hear a song from another time
and fade away and fade away

Just close your eyes and I'll take you there
This place is warm, without a care
We'll take a swim in the deep blue sea
I go to leave and you reach for me

So far, so long
so far away......
So far, so wrong
so far away......

Babs sorry to hear about all the extra expenses coming your way, but glad youll still be able to make the Idyllunion! :-)

Taryn, I missed it...did the other house fall through? I havent had a chance to look at the latest, but glad to see you arent letting it get the best of you? I know its stressful, but it *will* happen!

Marian you are such a sweetheart and I think of you often too! Dont feel bad about not keeping in contact with me. Id be horrible about getting back to you anyway. I havent been able to keep up with my email or much else for that matter. Im sorry to read about Nolan & your health troubles! I sure hope life gets back on an even keel for both of you very soon. Thrilled that Molly is making buds for you. :-) Hope you get some flowers. I hope the myosotis shows up for you. Cant imagine it wouldnt, it really *is* a very happy plant and once you have it you will never lose it! Re the Lupine...they are *very slow* to sprout. I started some seeds about a month ago and they are still only about an inch tall, so maybe those will show up for you too! I hope so...if not, maybe Ill have extras in the garden I can send along later.

Michelle! I sent you a package last week. Hope all arrives safely. I sent you an email (which you probably didnt get...LOL!) because I had already sealed the package before I realized I hadnt put my note inside. Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I was a little worried about the TE Dahlia. It seemed a little "soft" to me, but I potted mine up and there are already sprouts, so hopefully yours will sprout too. Still, Id pot it up ASAP!

Mary, just wanted to tell you how touched I was by your generous spirit! So glad the memorial/fundraiser went so well. I know your friend is smiling down at you its wonderful what you have done for her family. Also, very tickled to read about Annie & David. How cute that Annies such a good big sister. Laughed at Davids comparison too...Im right with him on that one...I would find it nearly impossible to give up Lasagna!:-)

Sorry to hear about *all* the back injuries here. My back is fine, but the knees are aching a bit and the old carpal tunnel injury is back for me...too much repetitive wrist action. It will be fine, once I give it a little rest....yup, "Gardening aint for sissies!" :-) Anyway....

Hi Chelone! Good to see you pop in! And "Hi" to all the other Idylls too!

Have only just scanned, but plan to catch up. I did enjoy seeing pictures of Deannes garden as always...just beautiful Deanne! Thrilled that you are branching out to do talks too. The audience doesnt know how lucky they are they are in for a real treat! Wish I could hear your talk on color theory...I know I would get a lot out of it! Maybe you can share it with us at the Idyllunion? I havent sent your package yet, but hope to get it out this week.

And T! :-) Congratulations on the "curvy" beds...they look wonderful! :-)

Marie loved your photos too...Im with everyone else, I especially loved the water reflection picture. Hey, did you notice how the one girl is standing? Her reflection almost looks like a watering can to me? :-) Guess with all this sunshine and beautiful weather I cant get gardening off my mind...LOL! Anyway all the pics were just wonderful!

Of course I enjoy all the pictures of my favorite things and all the birthday cards were so beautiful too! :-)

V it was great talking to you! Was that two weeks ago now?! Time is just slipping by...

Sorry Im such a terrible Idyll these days, but my life is just *chaotic* right now. Took sis for her 3rd chemo today. She is feeling drained and tired, but has not been vomiting. She has been a real trooper. I feel so bad for her, but theres not a whole lot I can do and Im trying to accept that and do the best I can. Also took mom today for her Holter monitor. If she passes the test she will not need to get a pacemaker...keeping my fingers crossed! Today is dads birthday and so mom and I stopped to get flowers and then to the cemetery. Then took mom to get her haircut and to the bank. So shes looking beautiful and is rich now...LOL!

Anyway, it is absolutely the most *gorgeous* day here today; and yesterday too! Been doing lots of garden clean up in between running and I'm almost done!!! :-) Im on the southwest bed now and when I finish that I will be all done! Hip-hip-hooray! For *now* anyway...LOL! :-)

Well, I gotta go...Ill be thinking of you all, but dont worry if you dont hear from me for a little while. I will try to keep up, but know that that will be almost impossible. BTW, did I tell you all? I am *so* excited! My best friend in the world is coming to visit! I cant wait to see her! She will stay for a whole week and I have hopeful plans to get all the gardening girls together before she leaves. Well have to see how it all works out, she is here to look at houses with her daughter and my schedule with mom & sis is pretty hectic, but we will squeeze in all the fun we can! :-) Anitas daughter is looking to move back this way. I love Anitas daughter too and am excited to think Ill be able to see more of her if she moves here. *And* Ill get to see more of Anita too because as she *have* to come see her daughter at least twice a year! :-) At least thats what we are both counting on! :-) Anyway, have a wonderful day all! Im planning to go outside and do some more garden work this is *such* a beautiful day...the sky is blue without a cloud, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and *Yahoo!!!* ...the daffodils are beginning to bloom! :-) Did I mention that it is a beautiful day?! LOL!

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet
She wore her greenest gown;

She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down

She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head

And whispered to her neighbor...
"Winter is dead."

P.S. I really liked Eden's Idyll Title too and have been singing that song ever since! :-)

Okay, gotta go! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi ! Well, I guess I am back into the swing of things. I mowed a bunch of our yard today! I went out this forenoon with the intentions of mowing, but neither the rider or the push would start.The rider's battery was died, and the push mower's sparkplug(at least that is what we are hoping).Nolon charged the battery, and I did the mowing after noon. 'Ole stuborn me could not stand to not do what I went out to do, so I got out the weedeater and 'mowed' some of the front yard with it before noon! Wow! a little of that goes a long way!
Our yard is bursting with blooms...too numerous to name. It won't be long until the dogwoods are in full bloom. I think this week is the Newton County Dogwood tour. It looks like they hit it really right this spring. I hope, for the sake of all the tour goers, it will be a lovely day. I have gone on it, long ago, but now we are surrounded with all that in our own yard.

It is so good to 'see' Eileen. I hope you are still 'here', Ei. The lupins are up ! Looks like most every seed germinated. I have built a protection over them in case the hooved rodents and/or the cotton-tailed rats have a taste for them. Still no idea whether there are any forget-me-nots. I will not pull anything from that bed that I do not recognise as a weed. "Molly" is okay, but is wilting in the hot sun, so I built a shade for her.

Nolon returns to the urologist Friday. I am not expecting any additional treatment to be needed. He seems to be doing fine now that he has an inhaler. He returns to the other dr Wednesday. I plan on going to the class tomorrow, so it will be a busy week again.

Honey, I really appreciate your concern. I am afraid my health reports on we two old foogies is far from exciting for all the younger set. No one wants to think that eventually it may be them. I even considered backing off with any more hum drum posts, then Ei showed up, and my spirits lifted.

Ei, I pray that your sister will respond favorably to the chemo. I have seen it go both ways, and no one knows. Each individual is differant.

Teresa, Your experiences are inspiring.( smile) I'm so glad the fall didn't do any serious harm, and that your operation of the big machinery with your DH as the 'Guinea pig' went well! You certainly are a brave couple!

I hope I am not offending anyone by not commenting individually on all the gardening, the purchasing,the remodeling, the shoping/trips, and the family fun. Other's do a much better job at that than I do, and I realize my comments are not all that interesting. I have very little input of my own on any of those subjects.

We saw our first Ruby-throated hummingbird of the season this past Saturday. He is right on time.... the honeysuckles are opening! I also saw a pair of Brown Thrashers. Lots of nesting going on. We watched a Carolina Wren gathering cat hair from the mat on the front porch. I love those fiesty little birds. Several types of birds have taken to carrying off the cat food from the from porch. The Tufted Titmice are so bold I think I could feed them from my hand if I'd set out on the step awhile. A Red-bellied Woodpecker is a regular visiter. It may be the one I rescued from a collision with a window.

I hope all are having a great week.


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Eileen, how great to hear from you. I sent you an email. I can't believe that I didn't get your email again. I hope you get mine. I went into more detail in my email, but thanks again for the wonderful box of goodies. What fun that you friend is coming and may come more in the future. I hope your mom passes her test with the monitor. Enjoy your beautiful day. I just got back from the bank and their temp sign said 79 degrees.


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Well, I got the front gardens all cleaned up and my containers planted. I removed all of the leaves from the beds, shredded them, and put them all back again. Also, I potted up the brug cuttings I took last fall that have been sitting on my kitchen windwosill all winter. Glad to have them gone from there. Let me tell you, the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be, lol. I can sure tell I've been sitting around all winter. There's more I want to do today but I'm tired. I'm going to eat something and see if I can get my second wind.

Ei, so good to hear from you. I'm glad to hear that your sister's hanging in there. I'll be hoping your mom's tests come out ok and she doesn't have to get the pacemaker. What good news that Anita is coming to visit. You deserve a good visit with your best friend. I hope you two have lots of fun times while she's in town.

Marie, yep, next to gardening, books on gardening are my next obsession. I know you love your books too.

Hi V, I can understand why you might be upset by the little fire accident. Husbands sometimes, huh?

Boy Honey, I bet Tom does take a tornado seriously. What an experience to go through! I've had a couple of close calls over the years but nothing like that. Once a tornado took out a big tree in the yard at my grandmother's house while I was there.

Taryn, no fair not coming back and letting us know what's going on? Did you sell your house???

My dinner's ready so I'm going to eat and then try to get the deck cleared off and set up so I can put Bella's play yard out there and I can get in a little garden time when she's here later this week.


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Hi Marian, I'm glad you posted and that you and Nolon are both feeling a little better. That's good news. Don't ever feel like you have to comment on all of the stuff I ramble on about. I just like hearing what's going on with you. Just now, I really enjoyed reading about all of the birds around your place. Now take care and don't do too much all at one time, like all of that mowing for example! Oh and I can just imagine how beautiful all of your dogwoods are.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks, Eden, and your post reminded me of some things I should comment on....

Honey, that was such a terrible experience for your DH. I can well imagine how it has stayed with him, sort of like the two car roll-overs that I was in years ago. It took me an awful long time to get over being afraid of riding with someone else driving.

Sorry, V , but I had to chuckle about the duck blind. Thank goodness it wasn't your house.

Eileen, I didn't mean to seen uninterested in Anita's visit. That is wonderful! I am very happy for you.

Yes, Taryn....what gives?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Tired and happy here after a day outdoors! Pruned and weeded, uncaged many shrubs, and so on...and then was very naughty at the nursery where I found wonderful !!!!! hellebores. Five of them came home with me. Well Marian keeps increasing her orchid collection I thought, so I figured it was OK and added to my hellebore collection. ;-)

Here's one of the new babies:

More work but no purchases tomorrow.

Ei, beautiful photos! Love the scilla and daffs under the tree!

Sue, finding a happy set of priorities can be tough. Once the puppy is placed well, perhaps you can unwind a bit in the hot tub!

Michelle's talk of Easter plans for close family sounds good. We are celebrating at a friend's place...which is the easy way out for both of us! We'll be seeing her photos of her trip to Antarctica at Christmas time.

Saw a HUGE racoon in the front field this afternoon. Probably has babies in our barn. :-( I hope Charlotte doesn't find it!

V who? Oh yes, lazy, Idyll V who has nothing to do. Such a boring life...;-)! Don't overdo the garden work for us....we can all pitch in when we arrive. In the meantime, protect your husband from himself.

A demain!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Quick good evening post here. I'm beat! I've spread 1,200 pounds of compost today, potted up two fuchsia, divided two clumps of 'David' phlox and one large clump of Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' (man does that grow fast) Anyway, Doug and I were sampling a lovely glass of Old Vines Zinfandel made by one of our neighbors when I saw this enormous flock of birds in the trees in the back yard. I was so excited when I realized they were Cedar Waxwings. Hundreds of them!!! It was getting toward evening, not much light and they were in the tops of the trees so this isn't the best photo in world but you can see the center bird's lovely black mask and if you look closely in the pic I think there are actually six birds in the photo. All the tree tops were festooned with these guys. Just beautiful!!! Thought I'd share

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Hi, people. Tis the busy season and we all get overwhelmed so don't anyone feel alone. I know for sure I have more than I can handle and I don't go out to work or have kids at home to keep up with.

I went to a couple of nurserys this morning just to look. Ha ha . Really I didn't buy much. Prices are pretty steep IMO. I realise it cost more to get stuff to market theses days, but I will be thinking twice about new purchases. I really struggled to walk away from a Sambucus like Deannes. I will have to save up for that one.
I didn't get a lot done in the garden, just couldn't pull more weeds today,but I did plant a few things. And then I fell asleep in the chair only to wake up when DH came home.

GB, that is a pretty hydrangea. I know what you mean about the gloves. I wind up working without them half the time just because I don't have them with me.

Eden, I hope you got a lot done today.

T, sorry about the sore throat.

Honey that tornado experience of Toms was something else. I was trying to think back to that time but couldn't remember it. But thats not to say much, my memory stinks. Its scary sometimes.

Sue, you certainly are trying to squeez everything in. Don't over do it.

Marian, I hate it when my equipment won't run. I'm glad Nolan was able to charge the battery. I have one dogwood that is in a protected area that is in full bloom. The others are just starting. The redbuds are blooming too.

Ei good to hear from you. I just knew the yellow and blue picture was yours. LOL

Michelle, I hope you get to have the outdoor egg hunt for Kenzie. DH thinks the jello jiggler eggs they are showing on TV look pretty neat.

V, Thats too bad that the lady discovered her talent so late, but I imagine it brought her great pleasure at a time when she needed it.
107 different women? That seems like a lot. Anyway I wish them happiness.
Sorry you are so busy. I miss your posts.

Martie, how did the seed starting party go?

Taryn, do you have a new house?

Yeona and VG , Drema and all others. Are you still out there?

Here is my new Clementine Red Columbine.

And My Country kid.

LOL. His dad told him he was a country kid and could go without his shirt. He thought that was pretty cool. That was a week ago Sunday when it was so hot before the storm. Its so wierd this year , it is either hot or cold, not much in between. Crazy!

Later . Norma

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Sounds like it was lovely! These are some of the Orchids I saw at Orchidmania when I went to the Botanical Garden in March....Hope you like them

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Hi Everyone! I have been writing this a little at a time for a few days¡K.

First let me say thank you all for the absolutely lovely Birthday Cards! You guys are the best! Each and everyone is fabulously beautiful, and I emailed the links to my girls so they can see how pretty everyone¡¦s flowers/gardens are. Now that they are both going to be married, I am sure that they will want some inspiration from the best¡K and that is you all. The beginning of April is know as Sugar Week around our house. One Anniversary, three birthdays, and sometimes Easter.

I have been the worst on making Birthday cards, because I can¡¦t figure out Photo shop¡K When we get to the idyllunion you will have to explain to me where the buttons went that used to allow me to make it 50K or less- Okay, as evidenced by my BD greeting for Babs- my son figured it outº Maybe I will be back in the picture business¡K..

Taryn, that house is gorgeous! Wow, what a dream come true.

I have been busily planning the wedding. Thanks Honey!- she had made lovely pew boughs for her daughter¡¦s wedding, and she tracked them down for me. I have to tell you guys a funny story connected with the pew bows. I told Skip that he had to make sure he worked up in Honey¡¦s area soon, so he could pick up the pew bows. And I also told one of my girlfriends that I was buying pew bows from my gardening friend. Well, we happened to all be together this past Friday night, and Skip said something like.. well, I guess I¡¦ll be going up to Michigan to pick up flowers, right? And I said, not flowers, pew bows for the WEDDING, the kind that hang on the church pews¡K.¡K My friend said she thought I was talking about flowers, too, some kind she had never heard of. Let¡¦s see what would the Latin on that be? I guess they were spelling it puboughs ¡K.. or something.. I laughed so hard¡KAfter I found out he thought it was plants, I was even more appreciative that he would go and pick them upº

I have also been selling houses¡K.yipee, As a matter of fact, I think I sold two houses this past weekend. I think I love doing real estate. It is so much fun to help people find the home that they love. It is a nice sunny day here. I have been faithfully logging my food, well for almost a week. I have made a determined goal¡Kone more time¡K to definitely lose weight by summer¡K

One of my kids complained that they didn¡¦t know what was going on in the family, so I have been writing the family newsletter every week.. they seem to like it. Maybe some day it will get published, and I¡¦ll be rich¡K ya think?

Deanne, your birdie photos are so pretty!

T- Love the curves! You are doing a great job on that.

Honey, Bullet cracks me up! He is such a cool cat.

Sue, I really liked the picture of your hellebore. I have the very dark maroon one, and it doesn¡¦t show up very well in my shady back yard. Well, it might at noon, but I am not there then.

Eileen it was so good to hear from you. There is nothing like visiting with your best friend to rejuvenate you! I loved the poem.

Marian, I am glad you are feeling better.. I can¡¦t wait to see my little hummingbirds.

Norma, What a cutie your little guy is, that picture needs a frame! You columbine is really pretty.

Eden, How is your garden growing? Is everything popping up all over?

Bug, those were great pictures with your kids¡K

Hope you all have a lovely sunny Tuesday!!

Hi to everyone¡K.I know I must have missed someone, I hope a choppy message is better than none at allº I think about you guys a lot!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, yall! Interesting and busy day here yesterday. Got tons done in the garden and still theres lots to do. It was such a beautiful day and a joy to be outside! Got the A/C unit cleaned and checked out so its ready to go and had another contractor out to quote on possible replacement of the front walk.

Mid-day, our good friend and neighbor walked over and as he approached I knew from the look on his face that he had bad news. They had to take their 6 yr. old kitty with liver cancer in to be put down. This was one of the kitties we rescued after we first moved in here. It was just so sad. We sat on the steps, shed a few tears, hugged and remembered fun times with that sweet animal. Its just so hard to lose our little furry friends.

DH's Dr. check up yesterday PM went well. He's lost 15 lbs. and his stats have improved. However, he does need to go back Friday for a Glucose Tolerance test.

Then after dinner I got a call from a schoolmate. She may be passing thru on her way to BC from Vermont next month. We told her that if she does drive, to make sure were a stop on the way. Itll be really fun to see her. Hope it happens.

Lastly, we ended the day with a glass of wine on the deck with Ruth and Timmys Mom. Timmy was allowed some doggie biscuits and we got to play keep-away with his tennis balls.

I guess the wine did me in I just discovered that I left the perennials I was hardening off outside last nite! Luckily, it didnt get below freezing. Whew!

Drema, I sent you a note. Did you get it? Know youve been busy. I fluffed up the pew bows and remade one of them. They look spiffy and are ready when you are.

T, when DH was in the bucket, did you ask him how much he loves you? Trust me, it does humble them, lol. DH pulls that stuff on me but doesn't think it's funny when I do it to him.

Dividing daylilies and hostas is in my immediate future, along with getting and spreading more manure. I enjoyed all the posts lately. Will read up and comment later or tomorrow.


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I'm happy because...

Marian saw her first hummer of the season! and she and Nolon are doing better.

((Eileen)) stopped by!: )Hey you might feel like you aren't doing much for your sister but you *really* are just by being there. I know you have a healing quality about you just because you see the bright things in life even when the going is so tough(I mean,look at all you've been through!). See?Even Marian perked up! Good thoughts for you all as you reflect back for your dad's bday. How great about your mom not needing the pacemaker!
BTW thanks for the bday wishes: )

I'm happy to see Drema. I want to know what day your bday was-I didn't realize ours were close! That shot is beautiful from the orchid show-it's so good you got a chance to go!Thanks for the bday wishes: ) Have you been really busy?

Norma has such a huggable grandson! Wait-is that Wyatt? He's grown!!!! Maybe it's the overalls w/ no shirt that ages him lol. Ryan says he looks nice and wants to play with him! He also thinks the pups in your pic are very cute.(Me too!)
GORGEOUS columbine!

OH Honey!! I'm so glad Tom is still with us! That tornado story is unimaginably frightening! Talk about having good luck. I think it was Sue that said Tom seems to be a guy that lands on his feet...I'd say I'd especially have to agree after hearing that one!!

I'm not sure if it's my less than stellar writing skills but I may have confused you guys on who my kids are: ) Ryan is 5 and not taking track but can bake a mean rasin cupcake(lol). AJ is 10 and on the track team. Yeesh we all got sun/wind burn from the never ending track meet on Sun. I call it the Open-pit suntan method...we look grilled to perfection..yuck. Sunscreen is definitely in order for the next one.

BTW Norma,Ryan's cake batter was not from the one I made. It was odds and ends as I went along and since I ran out of flour I gave him pancake mix(with no measuring!)to make his look like cake batter. We made mocha frosting that covered a multitude of oddities in his creation: )

I keep thinking of you Mary as you deal with the closure of your friend and her girls' passing-it seems to be happening understandibly too quick for you. How hard to experience the dwindling away of her estate. Good that no one can take away your priceless memories of your friendship together.

Deanne-thanks for the cedar waxwings! Last year I just saw one as it devoured berries from my amelanchier I hope more show up this time.

I know I've missed commenting to others but I need to get a move on for now.

Know what I did yesterday...ALL day? I cleaned the garage: )
a very scary task.


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I got the raised rock garden cleaned up last night and started on the patio garden. The temp when I drove home was 83 last night. The average high is 57. It was quite windy, so the combination of the two really dried up the muddies. After it got to dark to garden, I did some more cleaning in the garden shed. It is amazing the amount of stuff you collect for a garden. I also spent some time just thinking about how to organize it all. I am a big believer in "a place for everything and everything in its place"

If you guys keep showing such lovely photos of hellebores, I may just have to try some. (Enablers)

Bug, I ran into a raccoon last night in our machine shed, but he was dead. Kind of freaky. Our dog tangled with a raccoon a couple of years ago and she didnt come out the winner. She ended up with a terrible infection and was quite sick.

Eden, I have a number of gardening books too. The first book I got was a huge one that had a lot of basic info and was invaluable to me when I first started gardening. Another, that I have is from Ricks mom who loved gardening too. It was an old Better Homes and Gardens gardening book from probably the 60s.

Deanne, how cool that must have been to see all the waxwings. 1200 lbs. is pretty impressive.

Norma, what an adorable "Country Kid" I like your new columbine too.

Babs, the mom of AJ the track star and Ryan the baker ;o) I so remember the days of track meets of my own and my kids. Quite often cold and windy. I really preferred to sit at little league games.

Drema, funny about the puboughs. Obviously, he has been around his gardening wife for a long time.

Theres a chance for rain today so we will see if I work in the garden or paint the guestroom.

Heres hoping that everyone get at least a little gardening time today.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi guys!
Sorry, didnt mean to hint and run, but things have been pretty hectic around here. Not that you are all holding your breath or anything, lol, but heres a quick recap of whats been going on in my corner of the globe:

The weird:

Had full intentions of coming back to post that Friday before last, after wiping Wendys pecker-induced spew off my keyboard, lol. But then got really, really sick. Horrible twisting cramps in my gut, vomiting, trots, fever, chills, just awful all Friday night, through Saturday night and still a bit into Sunday, though much less severe by then. I could not believe "she-who-never-gets-sick" could get a gastro-intestinal flu mere days after recovering from a two-week-long head/chest thang, but was thankful no one else in the family was coming down with it. Sunday we had two showings in the afternoon, and I felt human again and Glenn had done most of the cleaning. Was putting on socks when I saw the bite. Yes, would you believe I was bitten AGAIN by a brown recluse spider??? I recognized the nasty blister immediately from the same experience 2 years ago, and suddenly recalled a sting on my inner left ankle when I was doing some garden clean up on Friday. Did some research online and then had confirmed by the doctor on Monday that it was the spider bite that had made me so ill. He prescribed 3 topical anti-biotics and advised me to get back there pronto if the infection went outside a ½" circle around the bite. So far it looks good, but the blister just broke open yesterday so Im keeping an eye on it. And no more rubber garden clogs for me!

The wild:

My Mum came out last Monday night and went with me on Tuesday to Listowel to see the architects house and stay with me for part of the home inspection. Glenn was on nights and drove out and brought her back here again to watch the boys while he went to work and I stayed with the home inspector. He started at 1:30pm and it was 7:00pm before he finished his report, but the writing had been on the wall all afternoon and I knew we wouldnt be buying that house. Major wiring woes, they had patched newer wiring into old knob and tube, and 28 plugs were NOT grounded though they had 3-prong receptacles over them. There were a couple of inches of water in the basement and sump pump was going full tilt. None of the windows had been upgraded, all were very inefficient and he estimated $20,000 to replace them. Though the heat had been on for 1.5 hours, one side of the upstairs rooms were still icy cold, so the chances that the air con would cool them when heat rises and they were freezing were slim to none. There was mold in the master bedroom closet that had materialized with the warmer weather. And the most damaging thing was that the septic bed was located underneath two large old trees whos canopies (and therefore roots) were nearly touching. There was 6" of water standing over some areas, and Im sure a lot of the basement water was due to that. So we would be looking at a $20,000 new system there. Plus I just had 2nd thoughts with the chicken place in full view (ex-chickens or not Id have to look at it). Dropped that house like a hot potato--$420 to save $40,000+ thousand was money well spent. But still it was a major emotional rollercoaster after we had been so gung ho on it originally. But again a mistake we managed to prevent from being ours.

That night I started looking again on MLS and found a cool updated Victorian that my Mum and I went to look at the next day, before I drove her home. Great house by the river in St. Marys, near Stratford, but tiny lot I wouldnt even be able to garden on.

The wonderful:

Wednesday night I found the place I linked to, which sits on 2.56 acres not far from the first house we originally found last summer. It is just what we want, BUT, and this is a big but, there is water in the basement again, and the current owners have not just a sump pump but 2 other submersible pumps that go on and off automatically, plus hoses directing the water towards the sump pump. It is a crawlspace like ours, with nothing in it but the furnace and water heater, but we are concerned with where all the water is coming from, the potential for mould, etcetera. At this point weve asked the agent so see if the sellers will allow a foundation professional to assess the problem and estimate the cost to repair, and if they agree and its not too prohibitive well likely put in an offer taking the cost of those repairs off the asking price. Well see.

The other major "wonderful" is that after 2 visits to the naturopathic doctor and 3 ½ weeks, I am feeling a lot more like my old self again! The 2nd time I saw her, about 10 days ago, she added a thyroid supplement to the adrenal one and bs she put me on before, plus Relora for reducing cortisol levels and resetting my sleep/wake cycle. The results are nothing less than amazing to me! I am so calm, I am ZEN GODDESS! I fall asleep easily and bounce out of bed in the morning with energy to spare! This after months of needing 11-12 hours of sleep to function and STILL feeling exhausted all the time! Ive managed to drop 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks without trying, another bonus. Im just really glad to be feeling normal again, as it had been a long time since that had happened and I was getting so discouraged with my regular MD telling me I was perfectly fine. So that feels wonderful! Just bought a bench and free weights and am going to set up a workout program tonight to start tomorrow, so that feels wonderful too!

We havent sold our house yet, though had some serious interest the past week. A couple who saw it last Sunday asked for a copy of our home inspection we had done 8 years ago, which we leave out for perusal, with all the updates that WE have done noted. They came back Sunday, asked more questioned, checked out the attic etc and seemed quite happy with the house, but said they would want to put a cement floor in the garage (its gravel), replace the cabinets and floor in the kitchen, the carpeting etcetera. Got an email from them last night saying that because they want to do these things, they would only offer us $20,000 below our asking price so they could afford it, but didnt think that would be acceptable to us, so wished us well. I guess NOT!

I responded in part:
"From our perspective, all of the major and expensive things that need replacing in an old home has been done in ours. These include wiring, plumbing, replacing plaster with drywall, upgrading heating to natural gas, new furnace, central air (many don't have the ductwork to accomodate C/A), roof, most windows, a clean and dry foundation and basement that does not leak, etcetera. Plus with the additions, this *old* house has the modern conveniences of a huge attached garage, large master bedroom with jacuzzi ensuite, palladian windows and walk-out deck etc that most century homes simply do not have. The greenhouse and shed are *extras* that are not taken into consideration with our pricing, but would be $20,000 or more to have installed. Our home is a hybrid of old and new, and is unique in that sense. The things you mention as "upgrades" are all osmetic/personal preference projects, not structural necessities. The driveway and garage are fully functional as is, and have served several owners over the past 15 years well, ourselves included. It would be *nice* to have a paved driveway, but it isn't a requirement for use. Regarding replacing kitchen cabinets, flooring, carpeting, etcetera, again that is a purely cosmetic preference, and you are correct in assuming these upgrades that you are thinking of are not ones that we would be willing to finance through lowering the equity value of our home."

I did reciprocate in wishing them well, but SHEESH, how insulting, especially since we are STILL the cheapest 4 bed/3 bath home in Cambridge (out of 42 currently). And they admitted to us that all the century homes they have looked at were either too expensive for their budget or needed a lot of work. You don't get something for nothing! We lowered our price AGAIN in March. Today is 6 months since we went on MLS. I can hardly believe we sold our last house privately in 6 DAYS, and are still selling this one. But have to believe it will work out the way it is supposed to. Now that we are within 90 days of summer holidays which start the end of June, more families with school aged kids are actively scouting the market. And the garden is coming to life and should draw out those with an interest as well. Itll happen when its meant to I guess.

How lovely to see Eileen, and sounding so perky too! And Chelone, welcome back and please dont be a stranger! Where are Janie, Jerri, Sylvia, Lisa, Barb, Da, Cynthia, Yeona and others hiding out? The birthdays drew some out, but would love to hear from others. And wonder how Bruces renos are going, and Blackie is doing? Have read along and commented in my head, and have been enjoying all the pics, gardens, grandkids, pets et al. Mary your description of Susans memorial brought tears to my eyes. Hope you and Sue and others with back pain are on the mend now. I am thinking about everyone but must get out to the garden and enjoy the lovely day now. It should reach 70F today, and Im in shorts! Still have lots of cleanup left in back, and am going to get all my potted plants Im taking out of their temporary raised bed and back into the greenhouse.

Have a great one all!


P.S. Ei, I LOVE Sugar Ray too! (great work out music!) Heres another fav:


All around the world statues crumble for me
who knows how long I've loved you
everywhere I go people stop and they see
twenty-five years old my mother God rest her soul
I just wanna fly
put your arms around me, baby [x2]
I just wanna fly
put your arms around me, baby [x2]
dance a little stranger, show me where you've been
love can make you hostage wanna do it again
there's no time to think about the starting or the end
we'll find out I'm told, my mother she told me so
I just wanna fly
put your arms around me, baby [x2]
I just wanna fly
put your arms around me, baby [x2]
I just want to fly- [x2]
all around the world, statues crumble for me
who knows how long I've loved you
everyone I know has been so good to me
twenty-five years old, my mother God rest her soul
I just wanna fly
Put your arms around me, baby [x2]
I just wanna fly
Put your arms around me, baby [x2]
I just want to fly- [x2]

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OMG-lolol, have any of you seen the site on the link below. You choose your monkey, dress and accessorize it anyway you want, add a message in one of a variety of ways and send as an e-mail. We have been laughing so hard here at the myriad of possibilities and verbage, we're crying. My sides hurt.

Yes, I know I should be working...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK guys I'm wicked busy here so I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to tell Michelle that I just put a box in the mail to you. It was sent Priority so should be there Thursday.

Now, Please, please, please I really need everyone who I'm supposed to send plants to to email me a list and your addresses.

I tried to email some of you but your links here to email are not working.

I need to get these plants out of here. I know I'm supposed to send something to Honey, Eileen, T (coleus right?) and Babs. I think maybe Eden too but don't remember for sure. Norma, did you want something? I know you were asking about cuttings getting there OK.

I am NOT as efficient as Honey as I'm sure she'd already have all the lists and labels ready to go but this year I've totally spaced it. I'd like to be able to get the rest of this out in the mail by early next week so I really need to hear from everyone who I've promised things to.

Martie, If you are in the area you can stop by and pick up a box of stuff free!!!!

Eileen, great to hear from you. I always enjoy your posts.

Drema, too neat that you are selling houses. Good for you!

OK I've got to run and get back to work. Just taking a break after running to the Post Office to drop off Michelle's box.

Enjoy the day all,

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Propaganda Garden Design

Hello Gardenbug and Idyll peeps. How are you all doing? I quit my job at NYBG last fall because...well being happy is more important then making money. Now I just got a temporary job at Loomis Creek nursery in upstate NY. So if any of you are anywhere near Hudson, NY pay me a visit some time this season.

I think I will be here until about September while I try to figure out what I want to do next.

I'll try to stop by the forums more often now that garden season has begun.

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Sue--that site was HILARIOUS!! I liked the beehive, cat glasses,fuzzy camisole and Paul's voice best: )! lolol


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good EARLY morning! It is 5am and Minou was playing with a toy under the bed and DH was snoring the Alleluja Chorus so sleep was an impossibilty.

Well look who else has come to join us again at last! Glad to hear from you! CI, I hope you enjoy your work in NY State this summer and keep us posted on what's new in the market place. My angelica plants from the seed you sent from California are returning this spring! I thought they would be annuals, but am delighted to see them again!

Today they promise rain and thunderstorms so I guess it will be indoor activity for me. But I've had two good days of garden cleanup and am thrilled to have accomplished a lot. It never ends...But April showers bring May flowers! Yesterday I even began introducing new plants to real outdoor air and light! My rosemary plant seems to have survived this year too.

EP has been helping me identify a few of the Oklahoma wildflowers that I photographed on our trip there. The one on Babs' birthday card was wild verbena which was so pretty growing everywhere and spreading its pink colour about along with the redbuds.

Taryn, great to hear your update. I'm glad your health and energy are returning and that the house hunt is progressing. Getting stuck with water issues would have been a horror show! I agree that a house with outdoor space would be ideal, especially with your gang. Yet, as they grow up, playing in the yard may not be as important to them as it will be for you! Hope the sale goes ahead in good time and that a fine new home where Glenn doesn't need to spend too much time commuting shows up too.

Enjoy your day everyone! Isn't this the greatest time of year though!


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Deanne: Do SO MUCH wish I could swing up. Feel awful about the parties missed and months gone by without seafood dinner on Main Street or even the chance to meet you!! Just when I think life has settled, in blows the wind :-) But, like Sue, couldn't imagine sitting around being bored.

Today is a "flex" day for me that I was supposed to take before March 30 but didn't know about until yesterday. So, Bonus Day At Home! Rich and his brother are setting the forms for our walkway and we are having a small dispute about paving material but at this point I'll concede since we need a 4" ornamental tree for the front yard and he's leaving that choice to me. Yes, Folks, he has become the knower of all plants and is driving me nuts. LOL

The seed starting party was FABULOUS! We ended up with 15 kids and it was endearing to see the older ones help the little ones. When it was time to break up the fun, found a four-year-old sitting staring at his six-pack, waiting for the seeds to come up. Boy, do I appreciate that! Some of the olders decided to "donate" their plants to the senior citizens' raised beds in town -- the kind that wheelchairs can roll under -- and now have made new friends as well as accomplished their community service projects for school. I'm still sweeping up dirt and crumbs, but wouldn't trade that day for anything. Their plants from last year are starting to make appearances in-ground and that makes it even more magical for them. The Lemon Verbena cookies were gone in 5 minutes.

Have been reading with interest the new acquisitions and sproutings going on in Idyllland. Am also very envious of Marian's lasagne beds and others' good, rich soil. Does one ever get used to working in Clay??

Am glad for you, Taryn, that you found out about the House's woes before signing the contract. And, I can't imagine anyone looking at a house and not seeing through the cosmetic features that they want changed. Isn't doing that stuff making a house a home? Hrumph. Everything crossed that the dust settles for you all soon.

Marie - Your photos are always so provocative.

As always, am hopeful that the bumps and bruises and sinus infections and bug bites and all that ails anyone turns itself around. We've been lucky so far.

Thought of Ei this morning when I woke up and the radio played The Beatles "Good Day Sunshine." Hope it's an omen!

Sue -- I lobbied like mad to have Rich agree to take a look at MacKenzie. Still no go. You'd think that since I'm letting him make the final decision about path material that he'd throw me a peverbial bone. Still no go. How about if we just foster her and see how it goes? Still no go. She's sooooo cute!

Belated Happy Birthdays to everyone's I missed. Cynthia -- we miss you here!

So good to know, Chelone, that you've made it to Spring intact! I've been enjoying your posts on the NE Garden forum.

Finally got a new mailbox to replace the ugliest green plastic thing on earth. It's swirly metal, rust proof, will nicely accomodate a Clematis, and is cemented in to survive anything weather may throw at it. This was a surprise project but a most welcome one. The Spring CT plant swap will undoubtedly be the source for plant materials.

Need to get outside to enjoy this day. It's been interesting to see the lot's transformation and wish I felt comfy posting pics. For now, descriptive verbage is it.

Best to EVERYONE and keep those fingernails dirty!

Martie, steadfast glove hater

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Hi everyone

I've been laying rather low the last few days. Yesterday I found out from my Dr that I have a Sacroeliac sprain (the join between hip and back). The treatment is rest (no work for the rest of the week and into the school break) and pain medication. It will get better on its own which is good, but at the moment I cannot bend to get shoes on or turn in bed, and have trouble getting into the car (stabbing pain). Sitting is very uncomfy and gardening out for a while so I'm feeling bummed. However, there are worse things it might have been so I should count my blessings.

I'll be back later to catch up on reading, but wanted to say Hi as I passed the computer.

Thinking of you all


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

G-morning, all. Im not feeling so chipper - had to work really late last nite and Im totally worn out this a.m. -- I've never been good at going without sleep and working 15 hour days (maybe that's why Im not a lawyer!! LOL).

I love the new purchases/plants -- Gardenbug - that hellebore is to die for! Wow - what coloration. Incredible.

I've got lots of things blooming in the garden now - but in the realm of "can you believe you were so stupid" category -- Im so mad at myself -- I had 2 large bags of tulips I was planting last Fall - white triumphator and pink Mariettes (my favorite) -- it appears that somehow I did not pay attention to which ones I was planting and all I've got in most of the yard is white tulips -- it's a bit too restrained a look for me -- I was salivating for my favorite Mariettes to bloom - and I get serene white!! I can't figure how I was so stupid and how it happened! And I must have given my neighbor the rest of the Mariettes.
Anyone else do dumb things like that? O well, I figure they'll all fade away probably anyhow & I'll have to order more.... lesson learned (another new one).

Jealous I can't work in the yard during these wonderful days we're getting -- just hoping that Saturday comes quickly.

Sounds like lots of exciting news going on -- Martie w/ her new walkway & mailbox, Taryn w/ a new house hunt, a couple of birthdays (which I'll try to remember w/ a photo as soon as I can get to 'em).

Mary - Im sorry you've got such pain and need to take it easy -- but as you say, luckily it isn't anything worse.

I'll try to read back thru to see what else I've missed.
- Cindy

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Hi, boy I'm dragging today. I worked outside yesterday from dawn to dusk and got alot accomplished. I still have quite a bit of clean up to go but things are starting to
shape up. I have things I want to move but I'm waiting because I'm having a hard time remembering what's where. We did get the stewartia planted and I love it. It's raining here today and I have Bella so though I was planning on getting alot of inside work done I think I'm just going to take it easy today and play with her. A nap for both of us sounds good for this afternoon too.

Mary, I feel so bad for you. You sound like your feeling just miserable. Hopefully after a few days of rest things will improve. I wish we could all come over and get your spring garden work done for you.

Deanne, I don't think there's anything that you need to send me (that I can remember). I sure wish I was close enough to shop Deanne's Nursery in person though. I would like to mention how great it is of you to take the time and trouble to send out plants to so many of the Idylls.

Michelle, you remind me of myself when you say you believe in a place for everything and everything in it's place. I can't start working in the garden in the spring until I have all of my garden stuff organized and ready to go. I too can't believe how much stuff we collect for our gardening habit, lol. I think nursery pots breed around here over the winter.

Taryn, How great that your feeling better, though I can't believe you got bitten by another of those nasty spiders.

Here's a couple of the containers I did...

That's all from me for now.


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LOL Cindy about the Tulips. I wanted a drift of purple and white crocus so planted about 50 of each. Ah, Duh. Planted one bag then the other so have a blotch of purple and a blotch of white. Also layered some mints along the house foundation completely forgetting that needing to manually multiply mints is an oxymoron. What Was I Thinking!!!! If anyone likes Kentucky Colonel mint I've got a ton :-)

Just came in from a long garden walk and am thrilled with plant progress. Only about 1/10th of the beds are planted and the imagination can run wild at this point. I've gotten away from the soft pastels I once craved, and am using strong, bold colors with a bit of pink and white thrown in to tone things down. The little areas that were put in last year as tests for height and color are going to work. In 20 years check in and see if it's at all "there", yet!! NEVER.

Feels strange to be here twice in one day, but GREAT!

Mary: Watch your back! Listen to what it is telling you! Anything at the Sacro level (L5 - S3) is mortally painful and can turn quickly. The best advice I can give you is when you are sitting and getting ready to stand up, put your hands on your knees, look straight ahead, and push down with your hands while extending your knees to stand. It sounds stupid but really works and kept me upright more than a few times.

Yes, Eden, pots multiply. Especially the flimsy black 4"ers that I'm SURE I will use for starts next year until my plant babies look too fresh and new to stuff into something old. LOL This fiscal gardening year I took a deep breath and threw them into the dishwasher for my wave petunias, but keep checking the bottom for mites. Also know exactly when my pruners are used for anything but plants and Kyle now "owes" me a new pair of Fiskars after cutting rope for a teepee project at school. He swears he didn't but the fibers tell the tale :-)

New basement seed starting area is working well, and we're up to three sets of lights. When the plumber put in the utility sink his helper switched hot and cold faucets, felt badly after I almost scalded myself, and wormed his way out of the mistake by bringing me two large wooden bins on wheels for soils and stuff. Nice!

We're still in flux about where to put the raised beds. The cedar for them is ready to go but I'm not. Next year ....

Rambling on and on but so glad to be here!!!!


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Didn't see your pics up last time, Eden. Wonderful!!! A question: Will you "trade out" the Dicentra after it's done blooming? I always manage to disrupt everything too much when I try to trade things out. Is there a good trick? I've tried cutting around the root ball with a knife but it never works as well as I think it should.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Eden, what lovely pics to brighten a day. It's drop-dead gorgeous here today. I got to scoot out of the office for a rare lunch meeting and have to leave early for another, so at least the chance to be out driving about is better than being cooped up.

Two radical decisions in the last 24 hours - I "fired" my dermatologist for having a bad attitude, and I traded my pay raise for another week's vacation time. After taxes, that raise wouldn't have made a huge impact on my life, but another week off? Woo-hoo!

Mary, sorry to hear about your sprain. That sounds so uncomfortable! Lots of sympathy headed your way. (Psst to the other idylls - I think that's a fancy way of saying she sprained her butt.)

I have to stop spreading trouble and get a couple more things done before I fly.



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I wonder where Martie is...; )

I am AFRAID to look at my garden. The tree service was here. Need I say more?

Granted the bed is twenty-some feet from the felled tree but doesn't it usually mean when you see green lawn surrounding brown soil in an organically shaped form that this is a GARDEN????How could they miss that? They even called themselves a landscape company(liars). They didn't have to literally stand on and park ON my astilbes and hostas. I have a tire rut running right over my astilbes: ( I can't believe I didn't go into cardiac arrest-it felt like I was headed there and I'm only 42. I didn't cry or yell and I was even kind when I urged them(did I have clenched teeth?)to just move the chipper over four feet...I think you know what I was saying inside my brain.

Mary I never got a chance to tell you that depending on what part of the spine is affected you either get pain down the leg or in your case down the arm. I'm glad they diagnosed it. It's much more worth resting and healing as they advise than pushing yourself-I know you'll be good. You can make a lumbar roll for your lower back when sitting as a means of support by simply rolling a bath towel like a tube and placing it at the small of your back when sitting. Also did they tell you about sleeping with a pillow between your legs? It keeps the spine in better alignment-the lumbar roll can also be used at bedtime to support the spine-it feels odd but is supposed to help. Sending healing thoughts!

Martie your seeding party sounded wonderful!

GB thanks I was wondering if that plant was a primula-but now I know! That was lovely by the way.

Ok I do need to go-track practice calls....woo hoo? yeah right.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi guys,

Well, Im bushed and am taking my afternoon coffee break a bit late. I just got back from the post office so Babs and T, heads up! Two boxes were mailed Priority today so you should have your plants on Friday/Sat. latest. I also repotted two of my Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Peggy into roomier accommodations and also potted up a couple dozen coleus, plectranthus, iresine and fuchsias. Im thinking Im going to just leave them out in the garage. Im ready and past ready to get all these plants outside. I know it is still early but Im in outdoor garden mode and not in indoor garden mode now so the stuff inside will suffer if I dont get it outside in the next couple weeks. I really hate the hardening off process because all these gorgeous beauties get a bit shopworn when introduced to the great outdoors but I guess it cant be helped.

Yesterday I felt lousy so even though I had the whole day outside I dont think I got a whole lot accomplished. I still dont know what the problem was, I felt like my blood sugar was messed up or I was hypo-thyroid or something. Anyway, today is better. The good news is that the entire driveway garden is now done. All the perennials that needed dividing are done and the whole bed is mulched with a couple inches of composted manure. I was so excited today when I noticed that some of the new growths on my Sambucus Sutherland Gold are flower buds!!!! How cool is that? It wintered over beautifully this year and Ill bet it gets gargantuan this summer. I cut it back by several feet and took off a few weak looking stems so Ill see how it goes. I also planted a lot of my alyssum that Id gotten from the flower show. It should be fine now even with some freezing nights.

Eden, I just love your spring containers! How lovely! I got a huge smile on my face when I scrolled down and saw your photos. Did you get that urn at Home Goods? I saw one just like that there and almost bought it but decided I had enough urns already. (can you believe it?) BTW what ajuga is that in the tub with the alyssum? I was wrong about the clump that I thought was Black Scallop it was Caitlands Giant instead. Im looking around this yard and I cant find one clump of the Black Scallop and I"ll be pretty sad if I lost it all. ~~ I wish you were close enough for us to trade plants in person too. That would be so much fun.

Taryn, I simply cant believe youve gotten another Brown Recluse spider bite!!! That is terrible. I sure hope it heals OK. How is it doing now? ~~ Glad to hear you found the problems with that other house before you went too far with buying it. I sure hope you can sell your place and find a new one soon so you can get settled in. Id be a bit crazed with the uncertainty of it all.

Martie, nice to hear from you. Sounds like you are as busy as ever. Glad to hear the seed starting party was such a huge success.

Cindy, that was a bit of a disappointment with the tulips. Im wondering if they were mislabeled? That has happened to me before. Maybe it isnt your fault at all.

Mary, that is just horrible about your back. Im so sorry. Let us know if we need to cancel our trip out there. We could of course come as a work detail and help with the garden chores? Just let us know what works out best for you.

Hi Bug, I LOL about Minou waking you up at 5AM. Our boys have decided that we need to be up at the crack of dawn lately too. I was thinking of you last night when DD was over to visit. Rahjii was being a real brat so I thought Id see if hed like a ride in the blanket and I no sooner picked it up and he ran right over and jumped in the blanket and hunkered down for his swing. Youd have split your sides laughing. He has a new position in the blanket these days and likes to sit with his face just hanging over the edge so he can look at the floor. We need to video tape it for one of those funniest videos shows. It really is just too funny.

Sue, I agree with Babs, that money site is WAY too funny.

Babs! Oh noooooo..... I'd have been out there screaming bloody murder if they'd parked equipment on my hostas and astilbes. I hope they are all OK.

OK time to get myself back outside for another hour or so in the garden. Im hoping to finish mulching the foundation bed to the right of the front steps. If I can get that done and the small garden in front of the chain link fence Ill be done with the entire front yard! Woohoo!!!!

Later all,

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Eden, your containers are fabulous.

Deanne, I am looking forward to receiving your box. How exciting. This morning I was looking at a free local magazine and they had a picture of a fuchsia standard of gartenmeister that was around 3-4 tall. I thought of you. You should send in a video of Rahjii. Just think of all the plants you could buy if you won. ;o)

Babs, I hope that there isnt too much damage from the klutzy tree people. Thats unbelievable.

V, Id go for the extra week of vacation too. Maybe Ill have to present that to the boss.

Cindy, do you have 15 hour days more often? I couldnt handle it. 7 is plenty for me. I dont believe I know what it is you do.

Mary, I feel bad that you are in pain and that you cant garden. Take it easy and hopefully youll be back at it in no time.

Martie, how nice to hear all thats happening in your life. Lucky you to get a day you werent planning on.

Taryn, thats terrible about the spider bites.

I havent checked Sues monk email, but will have to. It sounds like fun.

Its currently 78 degrees and sunny and here I sit at my corner desk with a south and a west window to stare out of and wish I was out there. I did take the long way back from the bank.

Only 45 minutes to go.


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Thought I'd drop in for a minute while I'm sitting here with Bella while she's eating her dinner. She thinks she's a big girl and must always feed herself nowadays.

Babs, those awful tree people. I hope they didn't do too much damage. Better now than later though when they could really tear things up.

V, good choice on the vacation time over the $$$. That's what I would have chosen too.

Sue, forgot to mention earlier that I had fun playing with the monkeys too.

Deanne, that's caitlin's giant in the container. I used some choc. chip in another container too. I hope you didn't lose your black scallop. Ajugas don't do that well in the ground for me here. I've lost most of my chocolate chip in the last couple of years. In my heavy clay soil most ground covers aren't too agressive. I even have a hard time keeping lily of the valley going. I think I did get that urn at Homegoods last year. Very cool about the Cedar Waxwings. That must have been really neat to see. I thought they were pears in the tree when I first looked at the picture, lol.

Martie, I'll probably totally disassemble those containers when I do the summer ones in 6 weeks or so. I may reuse some of the perennials in the summer containers but will put that dicentra in the ground. Did you notice the lavender in the center of the pink container? It's lavandula'grosso' and is supposed to bloom from June to October. I thought of you when I planted it. I think the pink container will look better when it starts filling in and some of the plants start getting some height. The purple one in the back is a purple knockout salvia that I think I'm really going to like. Great that you had an unexpected free day today. Sounds like things are really starting to come together with your gardens but what were you thinking with the mint, lol? That will haunt you for years to come I'm afraid.

Norma, what a sweet picture of Wyatt. He's really growing! I always think he belongs on the front of a greeting card he's so cute and photogenic.

Bella's done so time to get her in her pjs. The sun's shining here now so I may try to grab a few minutes in the garden after I tuck her in.


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Martie, Great that you had an extra day off. Sounds like the kids got a lot out of your seed Starting party. You inspired me to buy a lemon verbena the other day. It smells so good. I will have to go back and see if I can find your instructions for making the sugar and cookies.

Mary, Thats a real bummer about your back. I guess you can use the time to read your garden books and take notes of things you would like to try. Even though I could read my garden books in the winter I find I use them more now and get inspired by the pictures.

Cindy, drats on all the white tulips. Did you at least have a few of your favorites? I didn't plant but one small bag of tulips last fall. But have been surprised with some that came back that I wasn't expecting to happen.

Eden, how pretty. I wouldn't have thought of the bleeding heart in a container and it looks so pretty with the pink chair.
Does Bella eat with a spoon or her fingers? I can just picture her eating.
Wyatt was so funny,all the other grandkids wanted to use the Mickey Mouse spoon and fork forever, but as soon as he could talk good he insisted he was a big boy now and didn't need them.
He is getting taller. He was running and jumping a lot that day. I think he is going to be very athletic. He loves balls too.

Oh Babs, how agravating. Maybe if you dig the plants and divide them or just replant they will be ok.

Deanne,sounds to me like you are moving right along, even if you didn't feel up to par. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and take a break though. I hope your Black Scallop shows up somewhere. I would love to see Rahjiis blanket ride.

I had to go to town this morning, so I got a late start in the garden but worked until almost dark this evening. Yes GB, this is a great time of year. I can't believe how things just seem to explode all at once. Unfortunately that means weeds as well. And must hurry to divide and transplant and yada yada yada. Just means I probably have to much. But since" I AM NOT" making any new beds this year I can concentrate on fine tuning what I have. I need to work on my grass too.

I think I have sprouts on My Salvia Black and Blue. I didn't expect it to come back. But no signs of my agastache :(
Buuttt,, I have a bloom stalk on my Bergina for the first time in eight years. It bloomed when I first got it but never since. How cool is that. Norma


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Oh Norma!That Bergenia is stunning!I like it against the phlox.That's another plant I need to get-I wonder if they do well from seed. Has anyone here done that?

Deanne-sorry you were feeling out of it the other day. Thanks for the heads up on the package(this feels like Christmas: ) I really hope you haven't lost your 'black scallop' but I know our winter here was peculiar. The lack of snow did allow my ajugas,& lamiums to die back hard. I definitely will be keeping my eyes open for 'black scallop' at the nursery-just a compulsion; )

Lol so now I am recovered from the tree fiasco and I'm thinking of what new tree will replace that one! Definitely something small and hopefully native. I've always wanted a Halesia.
Norma-In fact I just might revamp that whole garden and divide the astilbe,etc.. The stems had been standing an inch tall so hopefully the ones that will emerge haven't been affected-it's something about a five ton truck sitting ontop of them that makes me cringe.

Eden! gorgeous planters!! I have a new Dicentra Spec.'alba' that I can't wait to plant-yours is really pretty!
I just knew Bella would be a self-sufficient gal; )

I don't mean to do a half blab job here but I need to get showered and dressed before my garden manglers come back to finish their job. Maybe I need to fling myself over my garden bed until they are done...I bet you I'd have boot marks all over my back.

Later~ enjoy sunshine today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll do even less than a half-blab. Check the link below and have fun going "ooh!" It's the calm before the storm right now and I think once things start rolling today I won't catch my breath until about 7:30 pm - oops, no, that's when the houseload of teenagers arrive to watch movies in the basement all night. So it's turning into a Warren Zevon spring... I'll sleep when I'm dead!

A high of 80 F predicted for tomorrow!


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Happy gorgeous Thursday! I saw the prettiest sunrise this morning. The sky was full of pink clouds and the sun was bright orange.

Norma, I really like that Bergenia. I got one last year, but I don't remember the flower looking that pretty. It has started to come up, and now I see I planted it in the middle of a group of tulips...Last night I skipped the gym, and went through a little inventory of the garden...

V.- that RazzMa Tazz you brought to me last year is sprouting new leaves! It made it through the winter...I am so excited. I don't think I lost much.. but my Oriental lilies don't seem to be coming up at all. Is it too early? My garden is a little behind, because it is so shady. I am usually about a week behind everyone else in town as far as blooming.

Martie, how fun with the seed starting party.

Deanne, I hope you are feeling better today...ditto to you Mary! and anyone else who isn't up to par out there...

Eden, Bella is such a cutie pie. Great containers! I bought a bunch of pots at Sam's last winter when they were on Clearance, I can't wait to fill them up. Other than that, I think I am going to concentrate on getting the dirt right this year, instead of buying so many plants. Well, what the heck.. I'll probably do both, but I am definitely going to improve the dirt. I probably never did get it quite right....

Tonight Mary and I are going out to look at decorations for her shower.

Babs, I hope the tree slayers don't do any more damage to your gardens..

That's about it from me..have to put the nose to the grindstone....hope everyone has a great day!


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Hi guys

Thanks for all your good wishes and suggestions. I don't want to jinx myself, but the pain is a little better today, so I'm feeling hopeful. Babs - I slept with the pillow last night and it felt good!

V - you sussed me out LOL! But I describe it as my bum;0) Great news on the vacation front, especially with all the Idyllers descending on you in July.

Norma - that is a gorgeous picture! I've never grown Bergenia. On my daily walks its so exciting to see the garden coming to life, but very hard not being able to bend down and yank out the dandelions or the last of the dead leaves. I'm trying to focus on the thrill of seeing new growth, telling myself I can take care of everything else in good time, but its hard..........

Deanne - let me see how things go over the next few days. A couple of weeks without doing housework is kinda scary with visitors coming, but I know you and Sue could make short work of mulching the beds. However, I'd envisioned a relaxing lunch with a glass of wine, rather than having you sling leaf mold!

Eden - those containers are just lovely and make me feel even more in the mood for Spring planting.

Martie - what fun the seed starting party sounds! You seem very knowledgable on backs and will remember your techniques. Its GREAT to see you twice in a day.

Taryn - lots going on for you and still quite a roller coaster ride from the sound of things. What great news that you are feeling so much better.

I too hope to be back. I have a bit of work to do on the computer and am taking advantage of not being at work and attending a brown bag lunch talk on flower arranging with a friend mid-day.

I know I missed lots of you - sending good thoughts instead.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good to hear that you are making some progress Mary! Slow and steady wins the race :-)

I really enjoy half blabs better than none! I wish more of our absent friends would do this. Jane? Chelone? Saucy? and others too!

Well I have sympathy for Babs as I have filled in truck tracks from the tree man's vehicle and seeded the area too. The ground is quite wet and soft so I dare not finish the job just yet. My new mower is supposed to be delivered on Monday. Yippee! I hope it doesn't take too much getting used to.

I'm a white tulip fan. OK, I've confessed! I would like all whites in my garden with hints of blue detail. But there are about 3 red bulbs which surface each spring and drive me nuts. They are too deep to remove...believe me, I've tried! So now I cut the red ones for a vase indoors. Last Fall I also bought some pink tulips for a particular area, and near the barn are some apricot tulips. But white everywhere else! (I'm including the Spring Greens as whites here.)

Norma, I love your phlox. Honestly, I try every year to get it growing with tiarella in a special area and it simply doesn't work. Some day I need to rework that spot. I do grow bergenia, but it never looks as nice as the plants I've seen in Western Canada and Oregon.

Eden, I get tired just reading all your activities! I guess there's a reason 60 year olds don't have babies to run after! This morning I planted some seeds, but fortunately I didn't have to keep my eye on Bella at the same time. I planted eggplant, tomatoes, melons, Malva zebrina and Digitalis laevigata. More another day. Washing out all the pots, filling them and watering them was fun, but not quick. And yes, the pots have reproduced in the garage over the winter. They're everywhere. While I was doing this, a junco flew into the house. I caught it in a towel and let it fly away. Glad the cats weren't there at the time!

Drema, I too saw a gorgeous sunrise today...all pinks and grays- just beautiful. A good way to start the day!

More to accomplish this afternoon, so later folks!


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What a beautiful day. I'm sitting out on the deck and I'm loving this wireless internet connection today. Bella's here and we've spent most of the day out here in the garden. It's getting there little by little and I'm having such fun! Brad has the next four day off so we should get alot accomplished over the weekend. Just wanted to say HI from my first time actually Idylling from out in my garden. What fun! Hope everyone's having a great day and you all have a long weekend coming too.

Norma, I love that bergina. I need one!

Mary, so glad you're feeling a little better.


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Good afternoon, we are having unseasonably warm weather here. Sunny and 83. Yesterday I saw my first butterfly of the season. A Black Swallowtail.

Eden, how fun to Idyll from your garden. Ill bet Bella is a big help in the garden. LOL Kenzie likes to feed herself too. I actually havent had great luck with ajuga here either, but if I see black scallop, I will probably pick some up.

Norma, it only takes 8 years for Bergenia to bloom? I have had some for probably 4 without blooms. Funny the 2 phloxes that youve shown are the same 2 that I have.

V, cool hummingbird pictures.

Babs, have fun being the garden police. Our house would benefit from new siding, but it would have to be put on in winter when the ground is frozen. I dont think I could handle any other time.

Where is everyone? In the garden I suppose. I need to get the garden furniture out. I took a little walk around last night before I went to Bible study. I was pleased to see the h. Peach Melba made the winter and a few others that are marginally hardy. I always have a hard time remembering where I put all the new plants and what the new plants were. I thought of a couple that I planted last fall that I havent see signs of. Ill check tonight. I now have crocus and iris reticulata blooming. There are some other little purple flowers blooming that I cant remember what they are. I believe they came in a box of bulbs from Sams last fall.

Enjoy the day

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Finally a little relaxation time. Ive got a small frozen pizza in the oven, four teenage girls in the basement amusing themselves and more due here anytime. I gave Mystic an old dog toy that he is chewing to little bits, but its keeping him out of trouble so Im happy.

I got a lot accomplished at work today, and Im hoping to scoot just a little early tomorrow (as in working only 8 hours instead of 9 or 10). I need to get some Easter preparations underway.

I did a quick walk around the house when I got home, and the bulbs are opening like mad. The iris reticulata by the front sidewalk are done, but I forgot that I planted some by the back steps. Since thats the north side of the house, theyre just starting to open now. And the hyacinths are pumping perfume through the air like mad. I just love it when we finally get to this part of spring. (The dark side is that the weeds are popping too, but Im determined to ignore them at least until after Sunday.)

So lets see if I can catch up on some comments.

Norma, did I tell you what a cute picture that was of Wyatt? What an absolute doll! You really need to get that one printed and in a frame.

Drema, glad to hear that the Razzmatazz made it! I think one of the dogs made off with the tag from mine, and since I planted it amongst some other Echinacea, it will be a long time before I know if my Razzmatazz survived.

Babs, sorry to hear that the tree guys were so clueless. We need to have our deck restained, and it may or may not happen before idyllunion because I want a friend of mine to do the job, and he may not have time until later. I would rather have a faded deck and happy plants than the reverse! And I know that you guys, more than anyone else on the planet, would understand that thinking!

Whoops! Just had to go close the door to the deck the coyotes started up a little early tonight, and I didnt want to risk having a crazy puppy go through the screen door.

Martie, I seem to recall that Kentucky Colonel is a particularly vigorous mint. Yank early and often. Sounds like the seed planting party was a bug hit.

Taryn, thanks for the update! Im really hoping this house works out for you, but it does seem like there are a lot of good possibilities out there. Sooner or later, things will fall into place.

Marian, youve been quiet for a couple of days. I hope both you and Nolon are feeling better and youre just out enjoying the spring weather.

Mary, continue to take it easy!

Theres heavy weather moving this way, and the internet is getting just a tad touchy, so I think Ill post while I can!


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Good gorgeous morning!!

Eden: 'Grosso' is one of my all-time fav lavs and will get 2-3' wide and tall after a few years in the ground. You'll be able to leave it in the container overwinter if you want but the size will be about 1/2. A lot of folks in the funky Z5 areas of CT use it instead of 'Provence' with great results. The blooms are amazing but Watch Out for Bees!!

Mary: Yes, unfortunately I know all too much about bad backs, but also know that with some care and not trying to be superwoman they do feel better :-)

Lemon Verbena Cookies: To any good sugar cookie or shortbread batter mix in very finely chopped LV -- about 3 tabls for a 24 cookie batch. Have also used the same ratio in pound cake. Yummmmm. In a pinch pineapple sage works almost as well but add a bit more sugar to the recipe. Sometimes the green flecks throw people off but after one bite they're hooked.

Deanne: Take it easy, friend!! LOL I, too, have to keep reminding myself that it's only mid-April!

Work email just beeped and need to call a contractor client before he gets to his jobsite.

Best to everyone and if I don't have time to check in, have a wonderful, colorful, fresh and bright Holiday of choice!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Goooood morning Idylls,

We woke up to 45 degrees and clear skies. We are supposed to have sunny skies and temps up to the 70s today. Woohoo!!! Ill be able to finish up the front and then get around to the side of the house today, maybe even start cleaning out the terraces. Ill be so happy when I get that done. I look at the winters mess every morning when I sit here in my chair in the dining room. I dont know what is with me lately but Im having a TERRIBLE time keeping myself in check with the eating thing. Could be the stress of the family dinner thing coming up this weekend. My mother is having a family dinner for Easter Sunday and has invited all my local siblings and has apparently decided we arent part of the family because we arent invited. Grrrr more mind games. This is the same group of people who get invited to our house EVERY year for Thanksgiving dinner (well only for the last 20 years since we started doing Thanksgiving here every year) Anyway this has happened before on a Thanksgiving which is why we started doing dinner here and inviting everyone. OK Im done whinging about this subject. Oh well, I should not be surprised, my family is a piece of work.

On another subject, Im so happy that a pot of Oriental lilies I left over the winter in a pot by the front steps is A-OK. I just didnt get around to planting them and didnt quite know where I wanted to plant them and thought Id lost them. Well, they are popping up and looking great. Im thinking Im going to leave them in the pot and see how it goes. Ill plunk them into a spot in the garden where I need some color. Ill be interested to see if they bloom well.

Norma, your bergenia is lovely! Ive had some for years and they havent bloomed once. Ive decided that they are going to get hoiked if they dont bloom. Maybe Ill put some hellebores in their spot. What phlox is that? How neat about the Black and Blue. I didnt have any last year and think Id like to grow some again. It is such a lovely plant.

Babs, so did the tree people do any more damage or did you fling your body over the garden to keep them from parking on your plants???? I LOL about your doing a half blab job. I think that probably is going to get incorporated into our Idyll vocabulary.

Drema, it still is a bit early for the Oriental lilies to be emerging. My Asiatic lilies are starting but I still havent seen my Orientals except for that one pot that is in the sunny front of the breezeway.

Mary, Im crossing my fingers that your back continues to improve. We could sling leaf mold then sit and relax with a glass of wine. LOL No worries please, whatever works is OK.

GB tooo funny that you have a couple of red tulips where you dont want them. Ive got the same exact thing here and I cant dig them out because they are too deep. Every year Ive pulled the darned foliage in hopes that they will fade away but all I get is a smaller red tulip. It has been there for years.

Eden, how neat about Idylling on your deck! I can pick up a connection out on my patio and love doing that when the weather cooperates. Speaking of patio, Ive got to clean out and mulch that garden out back next to the patio. The Actaeas (Cimicifugas) are emerging like crazy and some of the new growth is HUGE. For a change the Rose of Sharon on that corner is really doing well this year and doesnt have any winter kill on it. ~~ Message to a fellow rabid plant collector, have you see that fuchsia Autumnale??? I must have it. LOL I knew youd understand my need to get that plant. Doug simply does not understand that I need another fuchsia. Te he.

Michelle, isnt it a bit early for Swallowtail butterflies??? How neat, 83 degrees though. Wow!

V so how did the pizza party for the girls go last night. Sounds from your post that it was going to be a huge success.
Neat that youve got two waves of Iris reticulata. I really need to plant a few more of those someplace. They are such a nice spot of early color. ~~ OH I forgot to tell you RE the burn thing. Had my DH burned down anything that wasnt supposed to be burned Id have been frothing at the mouth! Im really afraid of fire and dont think I could ever manage a property that required burning on a regular basis. LOL

OK waiting for Sue and the Friday tgif.. Sue, you need to come down with the Friday afternoon flu.

Have a glorious day all,

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Good Morning Idylls!
Nothing much happening here. I've been reading along, enjoying the good news, laughing at the funny stuff, sad when people are unhappy and love, love, love seeing Wyatt & all the springtime color. I was jealous of Eden's garden blogging---and then thought I'd better get use to being envious as there are a number of wireless Idylls that will be enjoying their gardens as they Idyll away after a fruitful day in their lush surroundings. When I get lush surroundings then I'll go wireless.

Mary sure hope your back/bum/nerve feels better quickly.

Deanne, I'm eagerly watching for the package....thank you!

Guess I'll refresh & see if Sue's posted our TGIF---funny (odd) what I look forward to each week.....

Hope your day is sunny.......we've got rain forecast (it almost always rains on Good Friday here) but I'm planning on it being a sunny day in my mind......



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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


No need to come down with the Friday afternoon flu today, Deanne, we're getting out at 2 in honor of Good Friday. By the lack of traffic coming in this morning I'd say alot of people have the entire day off (including Tom who is planning to work on his hot tub site
). I'll have time to get home, work out and spend a few hours in the garden-if it doesn't rain.

Last night I blew out of work when the bell rang and was able to work out and get in over an hour of garden time. I finally got one of my variegated red twig dogwoods moved into the circle at the end of my street. The digging on that wasn't easy-I really had to hack the shrub to get it out of the ground-hopefully it will take in it's new home. I also got a poorly sited Clematis Perl D'azur dug up and potted until I can decide where to plant it.

Bergenia is a plant I wish would grow better for me so I can use it for foliage combos. I'm not wild about the flowers. The variegated one I picked up last year is coming back and looks good.

So, Babs, did you survive the tree removal onslaught? I would love to have more room for trees here-small ornamental trees that are more in scale with the size of my lot-not these monster Sycamores, maples and oaks that tower over everything and shed three hundred thousand tons of leaves every fall. I'm still not done cleaning up the tonnage from last fall. We toyed with the idea of hiring out the patio area for the new hot tub. One of the main reasons we didn't-other than financial-was I just couldn't bear the thought of another spring of contractors trampling around my gardens. Between Tom and I we ought to be able to get it to look decent.

OK, best to try and get some work done here today. My boss is out because he hosts an Easter egg hunt at his house every Good Friday-I think he's got seventy something kids coming this year. Better him than


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mini message for Sue. Perle d'Azur is a gorgeous clematis but very slow to take off. I hope you can find a home for it soon and get its roots in soil so it can take off ASAP! You may want to read the article below.

In really exciting news (hahaha) I have an ingrown toenail and the only good part is that they say I should have a pedicure once a month.

Just received news that a nursery will be open today. Since DH is home from work, I'm out of here in the car.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Eeek, 70 kids running around the yard - now that's a scary thought - probably worse than that tree crew of Babs!!!

It's supposed to get to 80 here today -- in between t-storms -- that should blow all the tulips & bulbs out for sure.... I am so jealous of you guys who even get to work in the yard 1 hour in the evening after work! I'm thinking I should ask to change my hours for a couple months so I could get that one hour....

I agree with you, Sue - I really love the look of Bergenia foliage -- I'd eyed that variegated one but havent purchased as I had not had luck w/ it much - but the Apple blossom cultivar seems to have withstood the Virginia climate pretty well and is blooming now - so I may attempt to locate the variegated one now. Norma, I do love the color of your pink one -- very very pretty (even if it took 8 years to bloom) - it's funny how patient we gardeners can be if we want isnt it? Think of tree peonies, wisteria, magnolias, etc., things that we wait for almost decades to get a real "return." Then, other things we just chuck after a couple of seasons!

GB & Deanne, I too have a few recalcitrant red tulips I keep trying to get rid of -- they've been there a long time - I like them but the clash w/ other stuff -- but boy, they're persistant - I do as you do GB & usually pick for inside. Yes, I do see a few (maybe 15 or so) of the color I love - the Mariettes -- not the bang I was expecting & I admit the other white tulips are quietly pretty -- I suspect it was the shock of realizing I had so screwed up the planting that annoyed me so at, Im deciding it's "okay"(at least they're blooming, right?).

Deanne, you make me exhausted just to hear of all the cleaning and energizing you've been doing in the garden -- maybe that has something to do w/ the eating too (plus the family stress - old behaviors and buttons are really hard to change permanently). But Im sure you'll haul it in quickly - you may just need the extra "fuel" to get started on the garden work, right? hehehe...

Taryn, I missed the bit about the spider bite -- boy, I sure hope you're feeling better now. It's amazing the garden hazards we can encounter. Good luck w/ the house again - I know you'll find one in good condition just right for you and your family.

Martie - that's interesting to hear about the Grosso - I love lavs but in my heavy clay it's really difficult - but I hope to try it again this year w/ lots better drainage prep for it-- I may give Grosso a try. I did order some of the stoechas Kew Red & hope to pot it up and try to overwinter indoors, as I know it's less hardy then the other.

Eden -- I just love your containers -- they're such great combos & you put them in just the right settings - it Almost makes me want to give a lot more a try but I have no storage space for overwintering stuff - I think I'll live vicariously watching yours & Deanne's collections multiply. You too should give that Fine Gardening contest a shot.

Okay - I need to pretend to work today - it's like a ghost town except my "big" boss is here (he's a workaholic - he's Always here.... holidays, etc.) - if Im lucky maybe I'll get to leave 30 minutes early tonite - but at least the commute should be pretty easy w/ everyone else already gone.

Happy holiday (of choice, as Martie said) -- hope we all get some sunshine for the weekend.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It has been a year since our new roof was put on, and Bab's experience with the tree crew makes me glad all over again for the lack of damage to our yard and beds. I had placed large stone jars in front of small front yard trees to protect them from vehicles, and more protection in flowerbeds, and had dug and potted a few plants that I thought might have been endangered.
Babs, I hope no additional damage was done, and that the ones that were ran over and trodded on will come out okay.

I heard our first Wippoorwill of the season last night. It was very close to the house, and the doors and windows were open. I went into Nolon's bedroom, ( he was in bed), to ask if he heard it. He didn't, even though it was on that side of the house. I am thinking his hearing is much worse than I realize.

Add me to the Bergenia with no blooms. I have had mine for several years, and it has spread, but never bloomed. At least I was blessed with blooms on the Dutchman's Breeches that a cousin gave me a few years ago. It always puts up a leaf or two, then dies down right immediately. There are seeds , so maybe it will reseed and more than one will appear next spring.
Our dogwoods are coming into full bloom. Now I am afraid the tour will be past the isn't until next Friday, and we are one of the latest areas to come into bloom because of our altitude. I am rather amazed that although most of the dogwoods should have suffered from the drought, they are still putting on a good show, even in locations where I never watered them.I just walked around and counted....there are 10 in our yard, or on the immediate perimeter and all but one is blooming.
The Chinese Coral Narcissus that Tim's lady friend gave me last fall are blooming. They are very pretty, and later than my other large flowered narcissus.
My pink azalea is opening. The Jacob's Ladder is in bloom
(Ilove it), and the Jonquils and Red Honeysuckle that share it's bed make a patriotic picture. The Lunaria has made a spread of purple in the North corner of the 'island'. Mayapples are putting on buds. Goldenseal is starting to bloom. Lots of Rue Anemones, Spring Beauties, and Wood Sorrel ( Oxalis) are in bloom in and around in our yard.
I noticed the Jack in a Pulpit are up in the bed by one group of May Apples, under a Dogwood out front.
Almost more than I can keep up with! and it just keeps coming! Oh yes...the Bladdernut is blooming. Bush Honeyscukle are blooming. Redbuds are fading.
The pollen count is HIGH, with sugar maples and oaks doing most of the contributing.

Butterflies have been here for about a month. I think that includes the Swallowtail. Becuse of my ailments I haven't been as observing as other springs.


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The weather here has been unbelievable. Yesterdays high ended up at 87. Last night I sat on the patio around 10:00 and it felt like a summer night. The frogs were singing, the moon was full and the stars were shining bright. 80 is predicted for today. I woke at 6:00 this a.m. and decided to take the dog for a walk as it was 55 degrees already.

Deanne, I got my box in the mail yesterday. It was better than Christmas. What a beautiful bunch of plants. I think we should call you the Cutting Queen. LOL Thanks so much. I will probably mail your box next week. This week has been so crazy and in such an uproar with the water in the basement. Im hoping that things calm down a little.
I cant believe your family that is so sad.

Marian, spring seems to be going full swing in your neck of the woods.

I also received 2 clematis in the mail also. Arabella and Franzishka Marie. I still dont have the finial on my copper obelisk. I have 2 more clematis on order as well.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

WOW Marian, your description of your woodsy gardens just thrilled me! My favourite kind of plants. A few years ago I spent an obscene amount of money for a Golden Seal plant and last year they were popping up all over. I wonder what this year will bring? I also hope my Japanese Mayapples multiply, but I'll have to be patient for a while longer to find out. The bloodroot is up though, so flowers really soon!

All the shops are closed here today except for Little Katy's, where lottery tickets, milk, cigarettes, soap, Coca Cola and other essentials are sold. I bought DH a candy bar and me a jug of water. Soon a new filter may be installed so that I can drink from our kitchen tap.

Also open, the nurseries 1/2 hour down the road from us! Because DH is studying for his professional engineer's license today, I got the car and escaped to inspect the important things in life! And that is how I got a white lilac to replace a dead one where Clematis Kermesina grows. That should be an interesting task, eliminating the one and planting the other!

Also came home with an interesting willow shrub for along the creek.

In the perennial department, I came home with yet another orange rudbeckia, a Morden's Sunrise rose, an apricot coloured tree peony named Kinkaku, a Ruby Bergenia, Stairway to Heaven Polemonium, and a Peach Flambe Heuchera. All that because I've been housebound for too long. The sun is shining a bit and I feel good after this venture! Pretty heavy on the orange I see now.

Way to go Michelle! You'll LOVE Arabella!

Enjoy your gardens!!!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mine is presently about 2" tall!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)


DD got accepted at her first choice college!

V., for Very happy and relieved!

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Congratulations to V.'s daughter!!!!!! :o)

I came home all grumpy because that darn pecker is back and has made some big, deep, awful holes in the house (same corner). I put the ugly CDs back up.....DH is going to be so angry.

Congratulations again to V.'s daughter!!!



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

YEAH for V's DD - how exciting!!

Boo for T's [wood]pecker!!!

GB - wow, you're definitely in the "apricot" mode -- that tree peony will be a stunner.

Happy weekend - Im counting the minutes til home bound.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Too tired for typing but congrats to V's daughter.

Marie, thanks for the Perl D'azur link. I was thinking of growing it up the garage wall in the patio garden. How would you site 'Mrs. Robert Brydon'? Monique uses it as a ground cover of sorts but I don't have that much room.

Anyhoo, here's some pictures of what's going on around here...

Site of future hot tub. This pic was taken this morning. Tom slaved over it all day so I'll get an update tomorrow.

Early tulips are blooming

And daffs...shown with the kind of rabbits we don't mind in the garden.

Sometimes you just have to let sleeping dogs lie.

Sweet dreams to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh those dogs! What a cute scene!

Sue, Mrs Robert Brydon DOES take up space and it really is great as a ground cover. Maybe you should put it in that circle at the end of the street! In three years time you will want the space for many other things. Actually, I throw mine over the fence in mid summer, but it is always a risk with brittle stems to do that.

V, she must be as happy as you are. And now I hope she makes the best of things next year! May I ask which was her first choice? The place of the audition? What a relief to have that process over with!

And now a word from Simon and Garfunkle:

April come she will
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain;
May, she will stay,
Resting in my arms again.
June, shell change her tune,
In restless walks shell prowl the night;
July, she will fly
And give no warning to her flight.

August, die she must,
The autumn winds blow chilly and cold;
September Ill remember
A love once new has now grown old.

(Perhaps a bit melancholy, but I don't think so now, with all those months ahead of us!)

My bones ache. I need that hot tub NOW!
gnite all!

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Evening everyone!

Three Dog Night, Sue? They look very comfortable and content.

I received a great box of plants from Deanne. She took great care in packing them and I was singing her praises as I unwrapped them. Jim just stood and laughed at me. Thank you Deanne!

It has been raining all day. Gray, dreary & I think the grass has grown 3" during the day. Everything is getting that fresh 'spring' green look. When I was in town, the cherry trees were in blossom. I love driving down streets that have the trees on both sides....of course I didn't have my camera and they'll probably be dropping their blossoms before I get into town again.

Cindy, do you ever take photos of the Capitol Mall when the trees are decked in their blossoms? I bet that is lovely.

Sue's TGIF was in pretty Easter pastels this morning. We're having the kids over for Easter lunch....I'm going to just bake some salmon fillets, make some cheese garlic rolls, will make some cole slaw, wild rice and not sure what I'll do for a dessert. Jamie will do his Easter egg hunt here his momma said. She has some plastic eggs that she's going to tuck a couple of jelly beans in each one and in a few will be some coins (he likes dropping money into his piggy bank). Sounds like it will be fun to watch him figure this 'finding eggs' business.

DD who is pregnant is already having trouble with her legs & feet swelling. She's got a long time yet to go, I hope this doesn't mean she's going to have troubles in the months ahead. Babies aren't due until late July.

The woodpecker was beautiful. He had a bright red head and dark body. He was perched on the siding and didn't leave until I rolled down my window and told him to get off my house. Nasty bird. I don't know what the draw is to that corner of the house, but he's doing a real job of ruining the whole area.

I'll see if I can take another picture of the damage.

Time to go feed Boo & the goats.....


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Isn't this rotten bird causing a lot of damage? You can compare the size of the CD with the holes....he is an ambitious and industrious bird...........

He must have a long beak....some of these holes are very deep.

He did seem to stop when I put up the CDs, but I took them down a few days ago because I thought they looked awful hanging there........well.........they are back up and I may just add a few more to get in his way. Hope one of them bonks him in the beak a good one!

There are thousands of acres of trees around us......thousands. Why does it want to peck my house to bits instead of the trees? The wood is good there, no rot, no bugs......just must be tasty. Darn bird!


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Morning all. After a fabulous weather week, we will have a windy Saturday morning and rain for the afternoon. Figures. So I will be outside soon. Im keeping Sundays dinner very simple so that I dont have to spend so much time preparing. Mom offered to bring dessert.

Sue, the pups make a cute picture. (Three Dog Night) LOL Love those tulips!

T, that pecker damage is awful. He obviously isnt very bright to choose your house over all the trees.

V, great news for your DD.

Those with Arabella, do you let yours sprawl or have it climbing?
We checked out a few of the popup nurseries last night out of boredom. Not much out yet. We did score a pallet of misc. bags of compost, manure etc. that were somewhat broken open. DH spots these in the back and asks what they want for it. On Tues. I do have to go to a business meeting about an hour away. I will be able to come home through Spirit Lake (the town DD lives in) and theres 3 full time nurseries on the way. So I will be able to stop to see Kenzie and go to nurseries. It almost makes an all day meeting bearable.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

T, I wonder how woodpecker tastes roasted? Maybe it's payback to Jim for taking down all the dead trees around your Your Easter lunch sounds yummy. Tom's family is very traditional so I'm guessing we'll have ham, ham or ham. If I had a choice I'd prefer to stay home and work in the garden.

Marie, unfortunately the soil in the cul de sac circle is crappy and I rarely water out there. You did give me another idea though-the top of my wall at thepart shade end needs plants. Maybe I'll try Mrs. Robt Brydon there.

The other day I had a great idea. I think the idylls should have a container contest-not really a contest but a display of sorts. The only rule is your container has to container all plants you got from Deanne. Wouldn't that be great? Who needs Fine Gardening when we can make our own fun? In our contest everyone is a winner. Start planning your containers. Entries must be submitted before IU3.

Looks like a great day on tap here. I plan to spend the whole day outside. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of the woodies from my list moved and the remainder of the Miscanthus cut down. Then I can start moving and dividing perennials. I want to get this done so I can order a truckload of compost to topdress the older beds. The soil in those beds needs help. Then it will be a truckload of mulch for the reclamation area. Then I can start concentrating on tender stuff and container design. Based on what I can get done in the next few weeks I'll decide whether I want to volunteer for the town garden tour that is supposed to take place in June.

Yesterday I spoke to a family in RI about Mackenzie. It sounds like a good fit for her but they can't come and meet her until April 29th so it looks like she'll be here a few more weeks. Now if I can just kid test her-gotta rent some kids somewhere...


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It's a beautiful day here too and I too plan to spend it entirely in the garden. We're having Easter at my sister's tomorrow but don't have to be there until 5pm so I'm hoping to spend most of tomorrow gardening too if the weather cooperates. There's still lots to do out there but I keep reminding myself it's still early. Gotta run but wanted to stop in and say "HI".


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, it is going to be a primo garden day here again and Im determined to get the rest of these beds cleaned out. Ill worry about mulching things later but Ive got to clean up this mess. The hyacinths are simply lovely right now and Im thinking I need to plant more and not try to deal with tulips anymore. The rodents have taken out half of what I had planted and sometimes it is better to admit defeat. One has to pick the battles and I cant win the rodent war.

On a totally different subject, the Decorative Artists Workbook magazine that Ive had a column in for the last eight years has closed its doors. That is a terrible bummer and a blow for our industry. Business has been very bad for a long while and I guess this was to be expected. On a positive note, I dont know if you guys remember the licensing thing I got into a couple years ago? Well, apparently Sams Club has purchased a set of canisters from a company that is using a knock off from my designs so Ill be getting a royalty check in the fall when they take delivery of the order. Just a small toehold but this is a good thing.

Sue, looks like good progress is being made for the hot tub. When are you supposed to be having that delivered? ~~ ROTFLOL about our Idyll container display. I like it! ~~ RE Idyll containers, the really fantastic news is that T saved the container thread from last year so I have the information, the bad news is that I still havent put it all together in hard copy so I can send it out to people. I am planning on doing that at some point. We really had some fabu containers here last year and Id like to have that available; maybe I can bring them to IU3. Another thing to get ready for. ~~ I surely hope you decide to participate in your local garden tour. Your gardens will be the highlight. ~~ I love the pics of the snoozing dogs. MacKenzie looks like she is fitting in nicely in your household. I hope she isnt too traumatized when she has to move on.

Michelle, I grow Arabella on my arch over my path. I just have to tie it up because it doesnt cling. I love the way it displays the flowers though. You are so going to enjoy that clematis.

T, I cant believe that drasty woodpecker is back. What a horrible nuisance! I wonder what the heck it is looking for. ~~ So glad your plant order arrived in great shape. ~~ That is a worry about your DD with the swelling. I hope it doesnt forecast problems later on.

Bug, We seem to know and admire a lot of the same songs. Ive sung April Come She Will for many years. I love the music and lyrics.

Congratulations to Vs DD!!!!!Woohoo!!!! That is terrific news.

Bug, sounds like you had some fun at the nurseries. Kinkaku is just gorgeous and so orange! LOL

Marian, I cant believe your Bergenia dont bloom either. Intersting! No flowers for me again this year and Im thinking they are going to go. Hoik time. They currently look lousy and have no redeeming qualities so out they go. Ill bet your dogwood are looking lovely.

Cindy, I"ll bet thats it, I need more energy for the intense gardening. LOL

So I went out this AM with my camera in the light overcast and snapped a few pics.

My Beacon Rosa standard is looking great and hasnt had too difficult a time adjusting to life in the great outdoors this year.

Here are a couple of my new Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Peggy. I absolutely love these little jewels. They are covering themselves in buds and flowers and theyve only just begun. There is a whole series of these dwarf Shadow Dancer fuchsias and I might just have to get a couple of the other colors.

How sweet is this??? This little brug cutting came from Sue last fall. If this is a preview of coming attractions this plant will be pretty floriferous.

The rose garden those clumps of hyacinths are absolutely huge this year.

The PJM rhododendrons and weeping cherry just opened in the last day with the warm temps

Look what I found in the top of the Terrace Garden! This is an Ivory Prince Sue! I didnt even know I had it. LOL

Todays project I must get these beds cleaned out before I go to bed tonight

So to that end Im outta here and getting my garden gloves and hat on and getting to work. Have a terrific Saturday everyone.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Good Morning Idylls,
Sunny and 65F on forecast for today and tomorrow, and I'm going to spend much of that in the garden. All of my pots of plants I'm taking are back in the greenhouse, but there are pots and flats to tidy and sort. Glenn has just taken 12 brown paper compost bags from my garden clean-up to the city compost pile as my 3 bins are full. Gardens are all cleaned up but the big stalks and stems that wouldn't fit in the bags I'm going to burn in the outdoor woodstove. Might have the neighbors over for a camp fire later.

T I can't believe that silly woodpecker! I'd be fuming at the unnecessary damage. What a dimwit birdbrain, with all those trees around. Cd's look nicer than the holes...

Eden your containers are lovely! I just put some pansies into my large wash-tub container Thursday. Not very creative, but will perk up my walkway a bit. Also treated myself to a lovely lacecap blue hydrangea which I need to find a nice container for, as I'm bringing it with me. I love the soft greens and yellows along with the blue in the petals--very pretty.

Re the container contest, well that will only work for me if Deanne will send me a box of goodies marked "houseplants" for the customs people, lol! Actually fuschias and coleus would fit that bill truthfully, anything you kept alive indoors all winter Deanne could technically be a "houseplant". I was thinking about asking you earlier. I have Purple Shamrocks (Oxalis triangularis) I could send you, also in the houseplant catagory. Do you have it already? Too funny about succumbing to the charms of that H. Ivory Prince before and then forgetting, lol! Great piccies as usual...

Here's a googled pic of the Oxalis:

Add me to the no blooms on Bergenia club. Waited them out for 5 seasons, then decided they weren't worth the space in my small garden and passed them on. Norma yours is lovely with the phlox.

Marian I really enjoyed your description of your garden right now as well! It sounds just beautiful, and if you get an opportunity I hope you share some pics. And did I infer that your garden is on a local tour next Friday? How exciting! Do tell us more!

V how exciting for your daughter to be accepted at her first choice of university! I remember those days well, the whole world full of possibilities. It seems both not too long ago and very long ago at the same time. Best of luck to her!

Sue those doggies look so comfy lazing by the fireplace! Too cute. LOL roasted woodpecker.

Cindy hope you had a good commute home and make up for lost gardening time today and tomorrow.

Thanks to all who asked about my spider bite. Looks like the topical anti-biotics and cortisone are doing the trick, as it looks pretty good now, two weeks later. Better than the last one which got so nastily infected, and MUCH better than some of the pics I've seen on Google. Brown recluse spiders can kill a lot of tissue, so I guess I've been lucky. But the first time I didn't get sick, and this time very sick, so I made a point of asking the doctor if I had the bad luck to get bitten again, would I keel over dead or go into anaphalactic shock. He said no, but I would get even more sick if there was a next time. Can't imagine how awful that would be, so I'm wearing body armour out there!

Well I'm trying to organize my life better, now I am waking up feeling human again, so have subscribed to While I already do a lot of what she suggests, and have decluttered a ton of stuff before we went on the market, you can't be too organized, it saves soo much time, and I really would like my house to stay clean and neat between showings which she insists is possible with the right routines. Check it out at link below. The menu planning link ( appeals to me too. I am SO tired of not knowing what to make to keep everyone in this family happy at dinner time. One of the menu options features low carb with carb options for the rest of the gang. Sounds like my kind of menu! On that note, light lunch, weights and greenhouse are next on my agenda...

Happy Easter weekend everyone, and hope you all get some garden time in!


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Just a quickie. I am in to take a little break from the wind. The temp is nice but oh so windy. It figures that the beds that are finished are the ones that would be blocked from the wind. I am so happy to see so many things returning that were a little questionable. Especially some of the things that the rabbits chewed to bits. Mostly heucheras and new shrubs planted last fall.

Help, I need to make more light space. Deanne, I actually took some cuttings off the plants you sent. I should get my purple oxalis under lights as it is getting very scraggly. It doesn't look nearly as pretty as the pic that Taryn posted.

Deanne, the pictures are great. The area with the hyacinths is so pretty and the fuchsia standard is so cool. The weeping cherry and PJM look fabulous together.

Taryn, the flylady sounds interesting. I heard someone else mention it recently.

Back to the garden.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Taryn, no, the tour is not of our place. It is the annual Dogwood tour in our county.
I am so glad that the treatments have squelched the advance of the spider bite. My scary that must be! Do be very very if you needed told that !

I went out and took some pics, but the light was bad, and they didn't turn out very good, so here are the 3 best:
Our yard

Chinese Coral Narcissis from Tim's lady friend:

"Molly" from Eileen :

If anyone is interested in the rest of our place and flowers you can see them on my PT albums. Nothing has changed all that much from the past couple of years.
( The link is also on my member page.)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all, that the tests on Nolon all came back 'clean'.Selenium was prescribed for him. The Urologist is still concerned about the high PSA count, and wants Nolon to have another test in September.( There is a free clinic for that at our local Hospital then.) Medicare only covers one such test a year.)

I am still "hanging in there", and having my ups and downs.


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It's been a productive day. Brad got 3 yards of woodchips spread on the paths, we put the goldfish out in the pond for their summer vacation, I got the roses all pruned and I sowed about 50 different kinds of annual seeds. We're calling it a day and going out for ice cream.

V, great news on dd getting accepted! A weight off both of you, I'm sure.

Taryn, what a pretty oxalis! I can never keep them alive for long.

Marian, I love those narcissis. I'm putting them on my list for ordering this fall. What a pretty pink they are. My Molly from Ei has one bud and I can't wait to see the flower.

Deanne, that's funny that you had forgotten you had Ivory Prince. I love your bed with the white hyacinths.

Sue, everyone will love seeing your garden. It will be the highlight of the garden tour if you decide to be on it. So are you going to grow alot of tropicals around the new hot tub area?

T, that's one determined pecker! He is really doing some damage there. Unbelievable!

Marie, nice haul from the nursery. I've been good and haven't bought anything in over a week!

I guess I'll go and chip away at a little more garden cleanup while I wait for Brad and David to get back from their bike ride. Then off for a hot fudge sundae. Don't forget tonight's wine night too!!!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

What a gorgeous day today! It actually got into the mid-70's here this afternoon, just beautiful.

The front areas of my yard are cleaned up, and most of the back. Bloodroot is blooming despite a tree branch stabbing underneath that area in February when the tree fell, and one of my trilliums (I have a whopping two) has made an appearance, with a bud. The Virginia bluebells and epimediums also have buds. I moved Sedum 'Matrona' into a sunnier spot, I just wasn't getting that burgundy coloring and I think more sun will help.

DH and I planted some new foundation shrubs today: Ilex crenata 'Helleri', Pieris 'Brouwer's Beauty', Azalea Delaware Valley white, and Pinus mugo 'Pumila'. I spaced them sensibly (Sue, I used my trusty yardstick) to allow for the maximum spread in years to come, but they look tiny now. There is room for a couple deciduous shrubs too, but I wanted to get the evergreen background in first. I'll have to fill in a little with annuals or easily moved perennials, it just looks too empty.

GB, I like your plant selections, especially the tree peony. I'm starting to like the softer orange shades too. That polemonium 'Stairway to Heaven' was developed by Bill Cullina at Garden in the Woods here in Mass. I posted a link below if you are interested.

Deanne, looking forward to seeing you and Sue at the lecture next week. I would like some of your plants; some coleus would be great (Sedona and Plum Frost come to mind, or anything in the orange, purple or burgundy range), or anything with nice foliage - I'm a foliage nut! Actually if you could spare 2 Sedona, I'm thinking of the matching urns on my front steps. Maybe I'll try an upright fuchsia - I had good luck with one a few years ago. I tried fuchsia 'Autumnale' last year, it didn't do much for me and it never bloomed. Of course, I'm not the Fuchsia Queen that you are! I had it on my mostly shady deck in a pot, maybe it wants more sun. The foliage is great though, very pretty.

V, congrats to your DD! The college application process is very stressful, glad it all worked out well.

Norma, your "country boy" is adorable. That picture does belong in a frame - too cute.

Ei, glad you stopped by - as always sending good thoughts to your sister, glad she is holding up well and that you are able to be there for her.

Taryn, those people had a lot of nerve wanting to deduct from the price of your house for cosmetic stuff. Everyone makes changes when they more in to a new house, it is to be expected. It sounds like they may have been looking above their budget, hoping for a bargain.

Marian, glad that Nolon's tests were negative. I enjoyed your pics, the coral narcissus is pretty. The dogwoods must be spectacular.

T, that woodpecker must be driving you crazy. I don't even like hearing them in the woods, I can't imagine having him pecking on your house! (Yes, I'm sure it is a guy...)

Mary, good to hear that your back/bum is feeling better, but please take it easy! It must be frustrating not to garden now, but you must take care of yourself.

Babs, you have my sympathies re: dealing with the tree guys. You are brave to be home when they are working - I have to leave, I can't watch. The local guy that takes care of us (I hate to say "my tree guy" - I really don't want one of my own...) is pretty hip to the garden thing, he even knew what my cold frame was and offered to move it out of the way himself. Despite that, I still have some ruts from the truck tires, and a few broken flagstones.

Hi to everyone I missed, and have a Happy Easter if you celebrate it, and a wonderful Sunday if you don't!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Woo hoo, just a perfect gardening day! Sunny and temps in the mid 70s. I spent the whole day outside in the garden except for a half an hour when I ran to the fish market for fresh swordfish for dinner tonight and cocktail shrimp for tomorrow. Got a few things planted, a few things moved and a few more areas cleaned up. Unfortunately the more time I spend poking around the garden, the longer my to-do list gets.

Deanne, Tom plans to order the hot tub next week. Supposedly it takes 3-4 weeks to come in after that. I thought you'd like the container garden For the Canadian idyllers, design your container using plants that Deanne has propogated and overwintered. I'm sure she can provide you with a list. So, Deanne, did you get all your cleanup done? I enjoyed the pictures. Have you really moved some of the tender stuff outside?

Taryn I love that purple Oxalis. Is it hardy? I'm guessing no. Interesting that Flylady is turning up on all my on-line groups-even the dog groups. Getting organized must be at the top of everyone's list. Did I ever tell you the story of the guy Tom used to work with who married a widow whose first husband reportedly died due to a brown recluse spider bite? They used to say things to him like, "They never did find that spider, did they?" lol.

Marian, some great shots from you too. Those pink daffs really are nice-even for non pink person like me. My "Molly" from Ei is shooting some nice stems but is a long way from blooming. Same with the dogwoods. You are way ahead of us here.

Eden, yes I plan to use containers around the hot tub. Any excuse, right? My canna tubers are sprouting out of their bags in the basement so I need to get them potted up soon. Also, even though I have yet to uncover my Musa basjoo, one of the stems made it through the winter and is starting to poke out of the shredded leaves. At first I thought the leaves were just settling but no, the damn stem is alive and growing. That banana will be a monster this year. We still have frost potential here for another month so so I'll have to keep my eye on the forecast. Oddly enough the Leycesteria planted right next to the banana appears to be a goner. Since we had a solid zone 7 winter here this year and that plant is in what is usually a zone 7 microclimate to boot, it must not be zone 7 hardy. I'll have to post on the shrub forum and see what other people have experienced.

Wendy, I'm looking forward to the lecture too. I'm still trying to decide how to plan the rest of that day. Too bad you can't join us for dinner. Good garden friends, a good meal, and garden events-what more can you ask for? Keep using that yardstick. It's tough to space things properly this time of year when everything is so small.

Michelle, I finally cleaned out the garden where I have all the variegated Solomon's Seal and it's coming up strong. The Persicaria 'Painter's Pallette' hasn't really sprouted yet though so I'll have to wait another week or so before getting your package together. Have I promised anything to anyone else?

My neighbor came over this morning because she needed to disappear because her house was being shown. She has two boys-maybe 12 and 7. I figured it was a perfect time to kid test Mackenzie. The boys were sitting out on the patio so I let the dogs out. Hmmm...let's just say Mackenzie may have to go to a home without kids. She growled the whole time-a low growl-and slunk around like a fox. She did let one of the boys pat her but he might as well been hitting her the way she cowered and growled the whole time while she pasted herself to me. I was really suprised because she is affectionate and playful with Tom and I and has never growled at all. On a funny note, my neighbor told me the positive feedback she has been getting from potential buyers looking at her house is they love what I've done with mine. Apparently they aren't willing to buy hers to look at mine

Ok, I'm beat and need to get into bed. Tomorrow is a bust due to Easter festivities. I wonder if anyone will believe me if I say I'm


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning and Happy Easter to all who celebrate the day.

The weather yesterday was drop dead grogreous, but I woke up with a right wrist so sore I could barely move it. I think it's a ganglion cyst. No gardening for me; I had to eat left-handed yesterday and made my son (home for the weekend) drive me to the grocery store, etc. It's better this morning but still a little sore. I have a whole lot of bell-ringing to do in a couple of hours, so I will take a large dose of ibuprofen and wear a wrist brace.

DD mailed off her acceptance yesterday. Yes, this is the college where she auditioned in March. Small college of 2000 that is about 2 1/2 hours south of us. Her cousin is just finishing her freshman year, her best friend is going there and they have 100% job placement in music ed. We're all pleased!

I've got to keep this short to avoid aggravating the wrist, so I'm waving hello to all! (left-handed wave)Have a great day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Crispy cool good morning to you all!

Why is it that sickness and injuries take place on weekends? V, I'm sorry your wrist problem occurred on a major bell ringing day! Do take care of it soon please. I remember spraining my ankle long ago, 3 days before a dance recital...

Last night I covered the old pink tree peony because it was supposed to reach 32F. I don't think it did, but better to be safe and not loose all the buds.

The birds are a loud active bunch out there this morning! I hope to get out there too and weed for a few hours before cleaning up and driving off to dinner at our friends' place in the afternoon.

Enjoy this special day,

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Easter Morning all,

It is a lovely day here and Doug and I are starting our morning with our lap tops and coffee sitting in the dining room enjoying the sun streaming in. Ahhhhh. Spring and the longer days of this time of the year are like a happy pill for me. The good news is that I finished cleaning the garden next to the house on the East side and my Odoriba clematis is coming up with some beautiful new growth. I started digging out the corner where Im going to move that huge wisteria tree and the bad news is that the shovel never went further in than five inches at the deepest point. The constant clanging of shovel blade on rock was NOT welcome music to my ears! In fact the exact spot where I want to move it to has a pretty good sized boulder already poking out of the ground. I need my rock mover helper to deal with that only he is currently working on my trellis for the rose garden.

The trellis is looking pretty nice at this point and hes gotten the curved edge on the top all attached. Now Doug just has to make the two wings that are going to go on either side and paint the frame. Im hoping this gets finished very soon because Proteus is seriously looking for someplace to attach itself at this point.

I never did get to the Terrace Garden yesterday but Im hoping to get to it today. So much to do and the time is slipping away. It looks like both of my Heuchera Amber Waves have bit the dust. Im pretty bummed about that as they are so pretty. Id like to try another of those heucheras in those colors but was wondering is anyone knows which of those types are the hardiest.

V. sorry about your wrist. How did you do that? How the heck are you going to do your bells? Dont make it worse please? ~~ That is so great about DDs school acceptance.

Sue, I was in the garden all day yesterday myself and I SO know what you mean about the longer you spend outside the longer the list gets. I was supposed to just be cleaning out the garden on the east side of the house and I decided to dig out a huge patch of an old variety of white phlox paniculata that has always gotten mildew there and replace it with the David phlox I dug out of the driveway garden. Also I decided to get rid of a patch of shastas and plant my orphan tree peony in that spot. That side of the house gets about five to six hours of direct sun in the morning and Im thinking that plant will do well there. The poor thing got dug out of the garden next to the shed last summer and spent the winter in the pot I put it in when I dug it out. I thought it would probably be toast but Im amazed and pleased to find it alive and well and sporting some new growth. So it is going to get that primo location. Then I was amazed to see tons of greening at the nodes on my Rose of Sharon. The last two springs it didnt break dormancy until June. Incredible! So of course I had to stop what I was doing and get that pruned. ~~ LOL about the propagation list. I should put that together just for jollies. ~~ Im starting to move all the fuchsia outside as they can tolerate quite a bit of cold. In fact one of my biggies got left out by accident on a night that had a hard frost and it is now leafing out again so they are pretty tough. Im still keeping all the coleus inside for now as I discovered last year that they really resent being too cold and just do not do well at all until the temps warm up. Im supposed to have a cold frame delivered this coming week and Im going to get that set up in the trailer park on the hill. I think that little alcove in the rock will hold heat pretty well and Im going to experiment with a few of the more tender cuttings and see how it goes. I also want to pot up my dahlias and see how they do in there. Im going to wait on the caladium for another few weeks though.

Wendy, it sounds like youve accomplished a lot in the garden. You have so much more discipline than I do. I never seem to be able to leave that much space between plants. I just crowd things in and let the best man live. I start hoiking when things get crowded. ~~ Im looking forward to seeing you next week at the lecture also. ~~ Ive earmarked a couple Sedona for you and Ive got some Plum Frost that just got potted up so Ive got that also. I think Ive got lots of burgundy colored ones too and think youd also like Religious Radish which has terrific variegation in the leaves when it gets enough light. It has burgundy and purple in the leaves. Ive grown it in full sun and it seems to be happy as long as it gets enough water. If you can do pink Eclipse cant be beat and Ive got plenty of that right now. Yes, do try an upright fuscia, Ive got some Beacon which is a darker version of Beacon Rosa and is pretty easy to grow and winter over. ~~ Thanks for the info on Autumnale. Ill bet it needed a bit more sun. I never really did well with fuchsia until I started growing them in more sun, ditto coleus. Ive found that most of them can tolerate a lot more light if they get enough water and food.

Eden, Im envious that youve gotten your fish outside. We still have to get the pond cleaned out for the year and Ive got to be careful because I probably have some babies out there I couldnt find in the fall. It was a mild enough winter that they probably survived out there.

Marian, things are looking really pretty down your way. We arent even close. My Molly from Eileen is coming up beautifully and has a couple buds on it so Im looking forward to a flower from her this year also. Those Narcissus are really pretty and Ive noted the variety to look for in the fall. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle, I think weve gotten your wind here today. It is going to be a pain to be raking up leaves today but the sun is shining so Im just going to have to deal with it. ~~ How cool youve made cuttings from the cuttings!!! I love it! Just wait, you will soon find yourself with forty feet of lights in the winter also! ROTFLOL!

Taryn, I didnt know I could send any plants to Canada. If it is legal Id be happy to send you a box of my goodies. They actually are house plants and have been indoors for months so that isnt even a stretch. ~~ That oxalis is gorgeous. Ive never tried them and it really looks like it would be lovely in a container garden.

OK Ive got to get my day started and have to get all the indoor stuff watered before I go outside.

Have a great day everyone,

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Good morning and Happy Easter

As I type the children and a friend are dying eggs in the kitchen. I hope the cupboards don't get dyed too.

What fun reading about everyone's plant/garden activities.

I'm still taking things very slowly but yesterday enjoyed the entire day outside. It was gorgeous, sunny and warm with so much bursting into life. I remember Woody saying she gardens by the seat of her pants and that was what I did. I plonked myself on my bum and did some arms reach weeding and tidyup in one of the biggest beds. The violets by the evergreens were giving off a sweet scent and it was heavenly. Instead of rushing around trying to get everything done, I savored every smell, sight and touch, just enjoying the moment. Not a lot got done, but I think baby steps are what is called for right now.

V - congratulations to your DD - that is fantastic!! and take care of your wrist.

Need to check on egg activities. Unfortunately today is cooler and cloudy. We're going out for brunch, then an egg hunt a a friend's house. Should be a pleasant day though I'm missing the sunshine.


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Happy Easter! I have my scalloped potatoes cooking away in the crockpot and am free until we have to leave around 4pm for dinner at my sister's. It's cool and cloudy here but no rain in the forecast. David and Brad are getting ready to go out disc golfing and I'm wondering if I want to go out and do some more garden cleanup or maybe hit a nursery or two.

Mary, I'm so glad you were able to get some garden time in. I've been having the same attitude about trying to enjoy the moment while I'm working in the garden instead of thinking of how much there is to do or what I need to hurry and move on to next.

Michelle, good news that you didn't lose much over the winter. I've been relieved to see things return that I wasn't sure about but am not seeing my heuchera peach melba or peach flambe. The squirrels are hard on the heucheras around here over the winter though so it could be their fault.

Sue, that's great news on your musa. So far no green anywhere on mine but I still have hope. How far down did you cut your stem last fall? We cut ours down to about 18 inches. It feels firm and there are small offshoots around the base that feel firm to but no green on those yet either.

Deanne, I'll play the container game too if you post a list of the plants. Sounds like fun! You got alot accomplished yesterday. I agree that it feels good to look out and see the gardens all neat and tidy. That's why I start at the front and work my way to the back. That way it looks good from the house even when the back of the garden's still a mess.

V, sorry about your wrist. I hope it gets feeling better soon. Didn't Cynthia have that same thing last year?

Wendy, good for you having enough discipline to use the yard stick. I'm trying to get better at that but it's hard.

I think the nursery has won out. It looks cold and cloudy in the garden and at the nursery I can walk around inside where it's warm and sniff the Easter Lilies. Have a great day everyone!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, Marie, great shot! Pulsatilla is such a neat spring flower.

Well I'm off to bring Mackenzie to another foster home for a few days. She'll be going to the vet and getting a change of scenery. Then we're off to the in in-laws for the afternoon. Boo hoo-it would have been a great day for gardening.

If Easter is on your holiday calendar, enjoy!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all, just a quick post because I'm taking a short break before hitting the shower to get ready for dinner at MJ's. she is fixing rack of lamb and I'm bringing the scalloped potatoes. I LOL when I saw that Eden was bringing the scalloped potatoes to a late afternoon dinner as well.

I never wound up getting outside today as I wound up spending my whole morning/early afternoon taking care of the indoor plants, labeling things that are going to new homes and checking that I've got enough of everything. I decided to make another batch of Sedona and Peter Wonder and was surprised to realize that I never did a bunch of cuttings from Religious Radish so I've got to do that tomorrow.

Doug is finishing up my trellis and it is going to be just gorgeous!!! I'm over the moon with it and will have to post a pic when it is finished. I told him he just saved us a couple hundred dollars and now he wants to make me another! Cool!

OK break is over and I've got to run and get ready for dinner. Enjoy the evening all,

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


This is kinda cool--check out my Easter message below! The audio isn't quite in sync, but still! Imagine the possibilities....

Taryn :)

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Well I was doing good. Went to the first nursery and saw a couple of plants of interest, heuchera mardi gras and polemonium stairway to heaven. But I was strong and didn't purchase anything. Then on to the second nursery where I totally fell off the wagon. They had starter plants about the size you'd get from Bluestone and if you purchased a full flat, 32 plants, they were $2 each. I got some really cool stuff though. Salvia wildthing, salvia koyamae, indigofera pseudotinctoria, a buddleia pink delight, and for containers oregano kents beauty, vinca illumination and ajuga burgundy glow and mahogany and alot more stuff. Then I picked up a heuchera black bird and a euphorbia chameleon and a couple of ipomoeas, sweetheart purple and sweetheart red. Oh well, it was fun. Gotta run now. Time to leave for Easter dinner.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi guys -

Just a quick half-blab...

Taryn, I watched your movie - how cool to hear your voice! I enjoyed the tour of your greenhouse; pretty hydrangea.

Lol on the scalloped potatoes, we had them earlier for our Easter dinner too! Yummy!

Deanne, thanks putting aside the plants for me. I do have a cutting of coleus 'Cantigny Royale' for you if you still want it. Re: heuchera 'Amber Waves', a review of Dan Heims' new book 'Heucheras and Heucherellas' in Horticulture magazine says that H. 'Marmalade' is more "vigorous" than 'Amber Waves' - maybe more hardy too? I haven't tried either one personally though.

Eden, sounds like a nice haul for you - and at that price!

Well, DS is standing behind me waiting for his turn on the computer, so I have to go now.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Sounds like most had a nice Easter. I'm feeling kind of bad that we didn't have scalloped potatoes...

Well, I'm not sure what was up with this wrist thing. Saturday night I couldn't even lift a fork to my mouth without horrible pain. Right now, I'm totally pain free. Was it the massive doses of ibuprofen? The massive doses of red wine? The sports creme? The slamming my wrist into the wall to get rid of the cyst? Something worked and I'm not sure what, but it's just a little weird to have it totally gone now.

I rang all my bells successfully, and we had a wonderful dinner - a ham from a local farmer (free range, no drugs) and lamb that DH prepared according to Cook's Illustrated and it was some of the best lamb I ever had. Spinach salad, asparagus, double baked potatoes, and a lamb cake for dessert. My lamb cake was a tad anorexic looking but still tasty.

Time to do a final clean up and go nitey-nite!

Hasta lunas,


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I sounds like lots of us got some gardening yesterday. I did spend the whole day outside, but I just cant tell you how terrible windy it was. I did get almost all the gardens cleaned except the butterfly garden which is one of the biggest but the furthest from the house. I also spent some time trying to eradicate some white obedient plant. It grows like crazy. I also have the pink and it is positively whimpy for me. The white yarrow and the Lady bells that I dug out last fall havent shown themselves yet but I cant believe it will be that easy to get rid of them. You how it goes when you first start gardening and you plant anything and then later realize that not all perennials are your friend.

We ended up with an indoor egg hunt as it was cool and rainy today. Does that mean 7 more rainy Sundays? My mom and dad gave Kenzie a stuffed rabbit and we gave her a little stuffed duck. She didnt pay attention to either. Instead she carried around a feathered bird that I have perched in a little tree. She kept kissing and hugging it. I gave her a little piece of a peanut butter M&M and she loved it. She knows the sign for more and she kept asking for more. I had to hide the candy basket.

No scalloped potatoes here. We had roasted pork loin, little red potatoes with fresh chives, broccoli soufflé, garlic bread, lettuce salad with mandarin oranges and sugared almonds. My mom brought the pies.

Marian, things are looking so beautiful in your garden. I love those white and pink narcissis and Molly is a fabulous peony.

Eden, I have really admired the pictures Ive seen of Kents Beauty. The rabbits really munched my heucheras, but I had covered Peach Melba with a pine branch. I dont think a couple of the Amethyst Mist faired as well.

V, I hope your wrist feels better. I deal with a permanent ganglion cyst on my left upper hand. I have had it removed, but it returns. Most of the time it doesnt bother.

Taryn, how absolutely cool your video is.

I thought Id share a picture of my purple oxalis that I used in a container last summer. I did overwinter it and it looked good until a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be going down hill.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning all, - dont know how you find the energy to post after all day in the garden?! I did nothing but work in the yard both days it was glorious but I was way too tuckered inside to do anything other than get a shower & fall onto the sofa! I got a few things moved around, about a dozen new plants planted, a new armillary put in a home in the front side garden (& Im hoping I didnt install it on top of any bulbs or plants not yet out), and assembled & hoiked the Plow & Hearth pillar into the bed for Cl. Betty Corning whos been throwing herself all about. I too ordered Mrs. Robert Brydon this year originally as a type of groundcover usage, but now Im having some trepidation about that concept & have to find a better place for it. Got to get some rebar too to help anchor the 3 metal arbors I put in last year (theyre doing that tilt-a-whirl thing this year...)

I will say that unfortunately neither new polemonium (nor a brunnera) made it thru the winter for me very disappointing; no sign of the veronicastrum fascination or dictamnus alba either I sure hope theyre just "late breakers..." but I suspect thats not the issue. . . .

I also took a bunch of photos that Ill try to post a bit later couldnt get the energy to do that at nite either! My mertensia are in bloom along with a bunch of other things, even the first of the iris pumila they just keep coming & coming each day. We then got a nice soaking rain last nite that is to continue today perfect timing to water everything all in all a very successful weekend!

Hearing all the remarks about everyones Easter menus has made me very hungry - & its only 9 a.m.! I turned down a couple of dinner invites because I jealously wanted to just work in the yard all day even had 2 phone calls from my father & brother who were attempting to do a prime rib & roast potatoes for themselves & Mom pretty funny trying to explain that no, those potatoes should not go in the oven for 3 hours w/ the beef!

Ill try to post later in response to everyones comments the one thing I did notice was Michelles inquiry re Arabella Ive got her twining thru a Heritage rose its gorgeous & Im expecting great things of them this year, as last year was the first for Arabella but shes looking very healthy today. I even have great big buds on Niobe, Blue Moon and Helsingborg has the first of its yummy blue blooms. So exciting!! Wish I had a better camera to get some close-ups; they seem to fade with this amateurs attempts.

Can someone re-wind to Saturday please?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just back from a quick race into town where I deposited a check, picked up nail polish (!) that I'd ordered for my beautiful toes, and bought grass seed at the hardware store. Didn't have time for the nursery though. :-(

It is sunny and warming up a bit finally. Cindy, I hope you can be patient a bit longer. Brunnera always returns very very late for me.Veronicastrum and dictamnus are late risers for me too. Hang in there! Mrs Robert Brydon is a great ground cover. What's your hesitation?

I need to clean out the mailbox area today, perhaps get started on weeding the raspberry and asparagus patches too.

I hope your Easter was as nice as mine. We had a lovely lamb dinner and a fabulous moulded maple syrup custard with strawberries and raspberries for dessert. Lots of easter I am recovering from all that today. My friend gave me one of her many clivia plants too. Hope I don't kill it! She also gave me a beautiful Peit Oudolf book on natural gardens. It turned out to be a Christmas, birthday & Easter celebration all in one!

Heard from David B that his clematis have survived their move to his new place. He was pretty concerned by their dead appearance last Fall and is of course thrilled to see new life on them!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

T- re the Capitol photos Im such a poor photographer I have never brought my camera to work I couldnt do the cherry blossoms justice Im hoping to get a good digital camera sometime this year (more in the line of the point & shooters) & will perhaps be skilled enuf next year to give those a shot! My office is close enough to walk to the mall at lunch and sometimes to the Tidal Basin if I get very energetic & have a little extra time they are stunning but its always sooooo crowded when theyre in full bloom a site to behold from afar or near.. I cant believe all the damage that stupid woodpecker is doing to your garage! wow o wow.

GB, thanks for the note of encouragement re the MIA plants Im hoping & watching (daily LOL) that a couple of em will pop up and surprise me. I am trying not to plant any more new plants for a week or two to give any lazy sleepers a chance. I also looked thru last year photos to try to figure out if Id covered anything w/ the pedestal of the new armillary but had no closeups so Im just taking a leap of faith on that one! Re the Cl. Mrs. R.Brydon, I had envisioned (from a couple of book photos) of it "frothing" & skimming lightly in front of a bed border but I realize that DD (thats dog, not daughter) Chloe loves to hop in & out of there & I suspect shed break the stems in her travels at the front. Shes not destructive but loves to "investigate" where the neighborhood cats & pests have been in our yard! I may have to try to force it to climb instead by tying up...?

Deanne gorgeous fuchsias hard to believe most of those are "babies"!!! I love the "open" effect of your white hyacinths some seem so tight and closed; too stiff I definitely prefer the looser look. And oops youve got lost of fresh white for spring dont you? And you obviously CAN grow hellebores as well that Ivory Prince is indeed "princely"

Taryn thats a stunning oxalis. Your video was very clever & cool!

Marian I love those Chinese Coral narcissus very lovely. I dont have any "pink" ones thats a lovely color. Such a nice gift. And it looks like youve got lots blooming isnt Spring wonderful! and Great news about Nolon.

Sue, you guys made terrific progress for the hot tub site lookin good. My DB just installed one at his house (his present to himself) he installed on sand/flagstone base w/ a small rock wall around it. Thats a shame that Mackenzie is not a "childrens" dog but Im sure youll find her a perfect home shes a cutie!

V sorry about your wrist but glad its better if only you could figure out what "magic bullet" solve that problem!

Mary, meant to say to you that you did a perfect thing, just sitting & enjoying the garden all too often we dont really get to do that because were so busy working in it you were wise to take this opportunity and make the most of it "squeeze that lemon & make lemonade"!!
O wow the pulsatilla shot how wonderful.

Deanne, why are you moving that fantastic wisteria standard? to get it away from that neighbor? It looks so wonderful against the gate. The new trellis sounds wonderful Im so envious of all these able-bodied helpmates who make things for the gardener! I find I sometimes have to compromise what I would really like with the reality of trying to install or do these things myself I just dont have the physical strength sometimes to pound stakes into the ground or cement them, etc. (but I would NEVER confess that to a guy!! LOL).

Scalloped potatoes and lamb are sounding mighty yummy here! not very dietetic but yummmmmmm.
Ok, back to reality.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Shooie! It's 86F and not even the hottest part of the day! A rather smothering heat.

Thanks for the positive comments on the Daffs. Nikki, Tim's lady friend, specifically picked out the prettiest pink ones she could find, since I had mentioned that was the color I was wishing I had.I keep finding pleasant surprises in my flowerbeds. I thought I had lost some clems, but they have all shown up. I did lose the earliest blooms on Asao, either due to the late freeze, or the hail. I know it snapped some of the Multi Blue's buds off.It still has a good crop of early buds. The Ernest Markham had 2 shoots last year. This year it has 6! I am training them to cover most of the tacky trellis that I made from reinforced cement wire tomato rings. They won't reach all the way around to the south side of the structure, so I've sown Heavenly Blue Morningglories on that side.

It sounds like some fancy eating went on yesterday. :-)
We had canned Progresso vegetable beef soup, and store bought Coconut pie. (Smile) I chose not to stop at the local One Stop, even though it was open. Otherwise, it was a normal Sunday for us.

None of you need to envy our early spring. At least you don't have to remove ticks every time you come back in from working in your yards. I have already got bites from my shoulders down to my ankles. Some of the ticks had to be removed with tweezers. :-(
I still have a couple of bags of tick granules, but hate to use them for fear I will kill beneficial critters.

Teresa, That is really awful what the woodpecker is doing to your house! Only our trim is wood, and (so far) it hasn't attracted woodpeckers. They sure do work on dead and dying trees around us. The sapsuckers did a number on the Am.Cranberry Viburnum in front of our house. It looks like it will be okay. It is all leafed out, and covered with flowerbuds.

I think the drought, or the hail, damaged the blooms on the Doublefile Viburnum. They aren't nearly as pretty as last year.
The Iris cristata is in full bloom. I wonder if the recipients of the roots that I sent had any success with them.

That reminds me....we haven't heard from Lisa in Oklahoma in a long time. I sure hope she is okay.


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A Micro-blab:

Hoppy Easter to those who celebrated the day!
We had scalloped potatoes! ; )(never knew that was a traditional Easter dish?)

yAY and congrats V to your DD!

The stump was removed today...lots of chips here.My back is complaining.

Love the pics~I'll have to comment later. Miss y'all!

(BEAUTIFUL dogwood Marian!)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, I had such a weird day here. Got up and had my AM coffee and oats then went to the gym. Got home from the gym and didnt feel well the rest of the day. I dont know what I ate yesterday that didnt agree with me but Im thinking that the rack of lamb and scalloped potatoes was too rich for this old bod. Im finally feeling a bit better after a dinner of salad with grilled chicken. Too funny, I dont get away with much anymore in the dietary indiscretion department. I tried to work outside but just couldnt do much. Im hoping a good nights sleep will take care of things. I have too much to do and there is just no time to be sick!

Babs, you are too funny, a micro-blab and you had scalloped potatoes also? Too funny.

Marian, eeeeuuuu. About the ticks. Yukky! I absolutely loathe those things. Have you ever tried any of the Buzz-Off clothing from LLBean or Cabelas? They actually do work and keep the bugs off. I think they are supposed to work with repelling ticks too. I have a hat, jeans and a shirt that make working outside during black fly season bearable.

Cindy, yep, Ive got to move that wisteria to get it away from the property line so it doesnt aggravate the nasty neighbor anymore. ~~ I know how very lucky I am that Doug is able and willing to help me out and make things for the gardens and house. ~~ It sounds like you had a great weekend in the garden. Im thinking of picking up C. Betty Corning this year myself.

Michelle, that container with the Kiwi Fern, Oxalis and Ipomoea is gorgeous!!!!

V, sorry about your wrist but glad that it is feeling better. I used to have a ganglia on my left hand but it went away after being an aggravation for many years and has never returned. ~~ That free range ham sounds absolutely yummy! I havent had ham in a while.

Wendy, thanks for the information on heucheras. Im going to have to look for Marmalade. Also thanks for the cutting of Cantigny Royale. Im a firm believer that one can never have too many varieties of coleus. LOL

So Eden, where are you going to plant all those new babies???? Great score! LOL Here is what I can think of for the plants list .


Abutilon pictum Thompsonii



Alabama Sunset (From Sue)
Gays Delight
Kiwi Fern (From Eileen)
Peter Wonder
Plum Frost
Religious Radish
Solar Flare
Solar Sunrise aka Mt. Washington (From Sue)
Tilt-a-Whirl (From Eileen)
Wizard Pineapple (From Babs)

Crazy Love
Kelvin Floodlight (From Honey)
Le Baron (From Honey)
Lilac Time
Ottos Thrill
Snow Country


Beacon Rosa
Sun Ray

Ipomoea batatas

Sweet Carolina Bronze

Iresine herbstii


Lemon Twist
Variegated plectranthus
Troys Gold

Perilla Magilla

Okie dokie, time for me to hit the sack. Have a great evening all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well, I just found Deanne's seeds for Linde Armstrong cleome. I guess I still have time to plant them??? Seeds for Malva Zebrina are up after only one weekend!

Today was the day when Myrtle the turtle oozed out of the pond to explore the world of 2006. Boy, Charlotte was barking up a storm when she saw her. The kingfishers returned and were flying everywhere and the big fat Mama goose sat tight on her nest as I walked slowly past. Ah nature!

I did finish fertilizing all the clematis and weeded the mailbox garden. Tomorrow I go out in the afternoon, but I MUST start vegetable garden cleanup in the morning. Deanne, I just want you to know that ultimately Betty Corning gets VERY BIG and needs very solid support. It is beautiful and everyone should grow it, but be warned!

True confession time: I have never made scalloped potatoes.

OK, time to go study investments with DH. Not my favorite activity....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Finally got a chance to upload photos from last month & a week ago (boy, things are so different already!) But I like some of this spring color:

The other results of my over-zealous fingers on the shutter are located at:

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

You seed people just reminded me...I collected seed from my Purple Hyacinth Bean vine last year and have some Carmencita Castor bean seeds that I never got around to doing anything with last year. Can I plant them now? What do I do-stick them in some soil in small pots and wait for growth?

I've never made scalloped potatoes either, Marie. In fact I only make potatoes for Thanksgiving. When we have starch at all, it's usually rice. Easter dinner yesterday was turkey. Since Tom's SIL is not known for her cooking I won't go into details on the rest of the meal but I will say that the leftovers a few of my co-workers brought in today were beyond scrumptious. We had a variety of cookies, almond poundcake, ricotta pie and this to die for cherry nut cake with cream cheese frosting-all homemade. Blew my healthy eating regimen all to hell.

Marian, I heard your heatwave forecast on the news this morning. Keep cool! I've already removed a few ticks from the dogs this year. I'm lucky here-all we seem to get are wood ticks. It's the deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.

More bad backs...everyone around me is complaining too-my boss,'s that time of year when people are trying to do too much. This morning I was on the floor in my boss's office showing him the various stretches that I do. It's a good thing we're at the end of a hallway and nobody came down at that particular

Cindy, it looks like spring has sprung at your house.

OK, that's it for now.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way.

(Well, it isn't 86F here Marian!)

Chloehoover- lovely colour in your gardens!
Enjoy YOUR day! That means you too Deanne. I hope you are feeling better now.


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Hi Everyone!

We had a nice Easter. Everyone came over for dinner, and then we had the egg hunt and played Trivial Pursuit. We have one old and one new game, and we play in teams. Skip knows all the science, geography and history, but absolutely nothing about pop culture, so we had to mixt them together. We take turns asking questions from each box. That way everyone knows some sort of an answer. Devin had his birthday party Saturday night at the Fitness Center. We played dodge ball and swam in the pool. Yesterday I ordered Dahlias from Swan Island. I just started by getting a collection. LOW GROWING COLLECTION These varieites work great as borders. This collection contains: All Triumph (white), Bitsy (lavender), Firepot (Orange/Yellow), Mary Jo (peach), Matilda Huston (red), Park Princess (pink), Sisa (yellow). The varieties have blooms from 3" to 4" and the bush heights of under 3'. Then I ordered separately, CHILSON'S PRIDE (BBID) Introduced in 1984. 4" blooms of pure pink with white center. Bush height is 5'. and the other one was LADY LIBERTY (BFD) Introduced in 2003. An excellent exhibition flower, 6" blooms are pristine white with petals that fold all the way back to the stem. I really wanted to buy some lilies, but I have some of those already, and don't really have many Dahlias, except the ones I bought at Sam's Club last year, and I enjoyed them so much at the end of the season.

I got an email from picture trail telling me the stats on my photo viewing, and they said 706 people viewed Bab's birthday card. Could there possibly be that many lurkers here? Maybe Babs just has loads of friends who she sent to look at it?

V- Congratulations to your Daughter! How exciting! I hope your wrist is better.

Sue, are you putting down a concrete pad for the hot tub, or a deck? Ours is on a deck, and it sort of settled a little crooked, so the water level wasn't straight across. I was pretty easy for Skip to fix. We have soft sandy soil.

GB, I love that song.

Deanne, hope you are feeling better.

Mary, nice pulsatilla shot. Glad to hear you are recouperating.

Marian, can you paint ticks with nail polish? Or is that chiggers? I know when we went up to the Upper Peninsula last year a couple of us got chigger bites.

Taryn, I loved the video. I hope you sell your house this weekend. It's that time of year. Did I tell you guys I sold another one a couple of weeks ago? I really like doing real estate.

Cindy, those are really nice photos. I have always wanted to go to DC when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

That's about it for me. Hope you all have a great sunshiney day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gardenbug - re the Cl. Betty Corning - I have to laugh because I kept reading on the forums here how huge everyone says she gets - altho most of the books say things like (8-10 feet), which is not so large -- but your photo proves that wrong I suspect -- she's so vigorous - I love her. I've been thinking of pairing one of the Bettys w/ another clematis but havent been able to come up with a good combo idea -- have you seen any successful combos w/ her?

Deanne - I hope you feel better today -- if only we could cure our tastebuds of all that great, rich food desire - we'd all feel much healthier and thinner I guess -- I pant at the thought of fried chicken (too many TV commercials in the evening -- all about Fried Chicken - there outta be a law!).

Drema - sounds like a nice list of Dahlias - Im giving some a try myself this year - altho I know nothing about them except they're a lot of work!

Hopefully a nice Spring day here -- those 80s are lurking later in the week - some of Marian's weather I guess. Yikes - too soon!


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Good morning!

It is a frosty 30 degrees out this morning and that *&^%$ bird (woodpecker) is still pounding at my house! I have so much shiny 'junk' hanging and blowing there, but he just dodges it and continues to peck. Along with the two cds I took tin foil, cut it in 2" x 18" strips and attached it to a piece of cardboard (think wind chime effect). I was making a cup of coffee and hear some drumming.......ran out (with the camera) and sure enough he's holding onto the siding...under the foil strips and pounding his beak on the downspout. Darn thing was probably choosing to pound on the metal downspout so I'd know he was back. Kind of a woodpecker raspberry noise to the homeowner. I didn't tell you guys that my DH got out the shotgun on Sunday morning and sat on the porch waiting for the bird to return (it had been on the house twice in the previous 15 minutes---pounding). Reminded me a bit of Elmer Fudd going after the wrascally wrabbit. He was prepared to blast him to smithereens --- I wondered what the house was going to look like with the peppered buckshot...........but the bird was wily and didn't come while DH was out there with his gun. This bird is doing a real job on our minds (and our house)! I'm not even laughing any longer......the destruction is amazing and we are just not sure how to stop him. My next consideration is to staple butcher/freezer paper to the house to cover the siding there. My thinking is it will be slick and perhaps the bird/pecker won't be able to get a toe hold on it? We've got to find something that works to keep the darn thing away.

:o\ That's my morning tale of woe.

The sun is shining on the hillside across the way.........grass is still covered in white looks to be a pretty day.

My best to all (except the darn woodpecker)!!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well I just got back from my yearly physical and I think I need an overhaul. LOL Ive had some problems with an arrhythmia and had to have an EKG and now am scheduled for an echocardiogram then have to get an event monitor. Yuk. Im also going to talk to a nutritionist at the hospital and see if he/she has any dietary suggestions or information I dont know about. Leave no stone unturned is a good motto. Then Ive got to schedule another bone density test and a mammogram and also have to see an allergist. I dont think Im going to have any time to be in the garden with all this garbage I have to have checked and tested. I just hate this stuff.

Anyway, done whinging about that for now. Bug that Betty Corning pic is glorious. I must have that clematis!!!!! Maybe Ill plant it in the corner where Im removing the wisteria? LOL Id like to have a huge, aggressive vine on that fence. ~~ Glad you reminded me about the Cleome Linde Armstrong seeds Ive not sown mine now either.

Sue, lol about your back stretching demonstrations at work. I can see it now.

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!!!! Your spring gardens are scrumptious and beautiful. What a treat to see your gorgeous pics. Thanks for sharing those. ~~ LOL about the fried chicken. So true about wishing I didnt like rich food. ~~ Interesting enough the doctor told me today to STOP trying to lose weight. She thinks some of what Ive got going on right now may be because Ive been calorie deprived for a very long time. Sometimes I think I cant win.

Drema how nice to hear from you. Sounds like you had a great Easter. ~~ Im looking forward to seeing pics of those dahlias, they sound lovely. I think a person can never have too many fuchsia, coleus or dahlias right?

Oh T!!!! The vision of your DH blasting away at the side of your house and the woodpecker flying off hooting in laughter has me ROTFLOL. That being said, the damage is just terrible. I wonder if you could find out what the heck the bird is going after. Do you have a local Audubon society person you could get some information from?

OK Im going to get myself outside and use up the rest of this sunshine today. Lots and lots to accomplish out there still and Im working all weekend.

Enjoy the day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Isn't it amazing! It is after 8pm and DH is still working outside in daylight! This is a perfect early spring!

Today we are enjoying hepatica blooms. Here are a few of them:


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I had my meeting today and we finished up at 3:00. So I had an extra hour to shop. I went to Menards which if you dont have them is like Home Depot. It is a huge new store that just opened. I found a great rack to hang garden tools on. You purchase the hooks separately and are able to get different sizes. I also bought a wire shelving unit. These things will help me organize the garden shed. I also got a cool jute rug on clearance for $15.00 that will go in there too. That says its an indoor outdoor rug. Then I stopped at the local nursery. I didnt see much other than another fancy leaf geranium, coleus Black Dragon and Purple Beauty hens and chicks. Id like to do some kind of succulent container. Oh, I picked up a couple of cool houseplants at Menards for container use. Then I had supper with Kenzie and her parents. Kenzie had to show me her purple "Dora" sunvisor, garden trowel and 3 tined digger. Shell be grandmas garden helper. So it was a fun day.

Those hepaticas are so pretty bug.

Deanne, sorry to hear about the heart problems. I hope it isnt serious. I know that all that stuff takes time and none of it is fun. I recently had the mamo, but should get in for the physical.

Cindy, great to see pictures of your lovely garden.

Our weather has settled down from the high last week of 87 to about 57 today.

Sue, I just planted my Carmencita Castor bean seeds last night. I wintersowed them, although winter is over. Basically, I planted in a milk jug, watered and taped the top of the jug on and set them outside. Keep watered. The jug acts as a mini greenhouse. I will do the hyacinth bean vines soon the same way. Im sure you could plant in pots under lights or a sunny window too.

Marian, we get ticks here too, but not yet. Although, I am watching for them.

Im sleepy, so Ill say goodnight


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