How is everybody down South and East?

anneliese_32(6)April 28, 2011

If you can, please let us know how you are doing. I should not have complained about our weather here compared to you. The sun is coming out here.

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Still here and have power. The sun has finally come out here, too. Will drive to Huntsville and check on family. Power,land and cell lines are out so it's a return to pre-civilization means of checking up on family. Will take ice and KFC.

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Thank you for asking!

We are unscathed, but heartsick over all the problems. I remember my nephew finding me the same way last year Michael, an absolute Godsend. Your family is gonna hug your neck just to see you, but with KFC? you're a gem! My cousin lives in Tuscaloosa, but he's pretty sure his home is ok, he doesn't know as he's at UAB still. Today is the baby's surgery.

I'm going out ot town this weekend to meet some GardenWeb people and I need it badly! No more health problems and no more weather. We're supposed to be in the 80s and sunny. Reprieve!!!

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Had to clear Oak limbs to get out earlier this morning---we were so LUCKY---just a few miles down the road, there was a lot of heavy damage.

Good job, Michael!

Have fun, Robin!

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We escaped barely. Just some thunderstorms no damage.
Some parts of NW Georgia got hit.
Ringgold GA was badly damaged.
I could hear the emergency sirens all night.
Ringgold ran out of emergency vehicles so
our county went over and helped them with search
and rescue.
Several tractor trailer's got blown over and into other
traffic on I75 south between Chattanooga and Dalton.

Alabama got slammed.
Michael, I was so afraid for you yesterday when all the
storms were taking place. It is so good to know that you are
okay. I hope your family members are okay to.

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I'm still checking back in looking for Michael's report, BUT, none of us can get one of the people we're meeting. North Alabama got hit hard. Prayers for all of them!

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Am I glad that you are all ok. Hope nobody got blasted by today's weather.

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gandle(4 NE)

Glad you are all O.K. Feel like we want to help so did the only thing we know how to do when something like this happens. Sent a check the American Red Cross. Daughter is with the Red Cross and she's on the way, said she would call when she knew where they were sending her. She works with embursements.

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Glad to see that all at the GP are OK for now.
I have been reluctant to send any $$$ to the Red Cross, because in the past they have been known to divert dedicated funds to other areas. Especially during Elizabeth Dole's Presidency.
gandle, IMO you are a good Ambassador for just about everything and I'm sure you daughter is the same.
I want to send a check to the Red Cross, but I want it to be dedicated to help out with the storm victims of the storms in the south. How do I do that?

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The worst you have seen on the TV. One tornado that tracked 300 something miles hit Tuskaloosa, Birmingham, and Rome Georgia. Most of North Alabama is without power except for the very west counties. Huntsville government is encouraging it's residents to get out of town and stay with friends and relative in places that have power. No power, no can pump gas and no can do electronic banking. The ones who don't want to leave or can't leave are driving to places that have power. Rogersville is one of the places that do. There are three gas stations in town. One has already run out of gas. The two others have lines. The wait is not too long, 15 minutes at most. They are also picking up supplies from the local businesses. Food, water, sundries and camping supplies. Most all have been done in a orderly, well mannered way. But one can see the damage the tornado has done in the eyes of these people.

Power won't be restored in less than 4 or 5 days minimum, and in some places predicted it will take 2 weeks. I probably won't have to be back at work until next Tuesday or Wednesday. It will depend on when the power is restored at school. The main reason that power is out is that the main transmission lines that come from the nuclear plant were knocked down. The plant took no damage to its main buildings. My brother was at work that evening leading the teams that shut down all three reactors. They won't be brought back on line until the transmission lines are repaired.

Understandably, people are nervous after what happened to Japan.

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West Gardener - Although the American Red Cross is a very worthy cause, if you want to ensure your donation is used for the tornado survivors or a certain community, you might want to think about donating to one of the local Food Banks. Just google Food Bank and the name of the city or state you wish to donate to and there will be instructions on how to donate (most have a number you can text the word "food" to and make a $10 donation). Please don't forget about the Human Society in the tornado ravaged areas, some will house wandering pets during a crisis until their owners are able to retrieve them and they depend solely upon donations. I've volunteered with both of our local organizations and know firsthand what a blessing both are during hard times.

The tornadoes stayed east and west of us this time but there were a lot of us who held our breath. We had some awful storms and wind and my heart went out to those who were still cleaning up from our losing battle with Mother Nature a few weeks ago. When I got home tonight, I had some insulation hanging from a tree in my front yard. Just a reminder of how powerful Mother Nature can be and how small I really am in the grand scheme.

Sunflowers to those who fell victim to this last bout of storms.


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I was asking about you guys on another thread just now---Now I see most everyone is doing OK; I'm very relieved and glad to see Jan and Michael have checked in!

What a surreal day----every time the news is checked, the death toll keeps climbing and more damage is shown.

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This is where they all came Michael, Tennessee. They're all over our news. I am supposed to be meeting someone from Huntsville in Chattanooga tomorrow. I keep hoping she'll get there and call me tonight. I still haven't heard from her. I'm assuming power is all that is stopping her from contacting me, but that I'll see her. I hope!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Rob, the CF meeting was today? I heard Beverly couldn't make it. Hopefully she's staying with her daughter.

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She didn't make it. It was the most awesomely wonderful time. Great company, great food, great weather. I feel on top of the world. After my health issues this past month, I needed to get some enjoyment.

The destruction really began one county south of me and was water. Another county south, and the wind damage joined in. There were places all along I-24/I-75 that looked just like it did when we drove to New Orleans after the hurricaine. Trees snapped off at the knees. It smelled of heady honeysuckle and freshly hewn pine warming in the sun together. There were huge trees lying on their sides alongside completely knotted pieces of steel signs and guardrails. Nickajack Lake had loads of damage and so did mile marker 298 in Georgia. I cannot even imagine what it looked like in Ringgold. The interstate alone still had debris on it. The exit was shut down. Powerlines tilted. I did see a Nashville Fire Department truck tooling around near that exit and I would not doubt for one moment they were there to help. Chattanooga didn't seem any worse for the wear, but I didn't stop there. I'd made a point to stop and get my gastank filled up long before it both going and coming.

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