Apology for recent Hair Post

kathyjane(z6VA)April 13, 2011

----I wrote this apology and tacked it onto the 'Hair' Post---then I thought those affected might not go back there and see it, so here it is on its own.

I feel so stupid and embarrassed for not being more sensitive to EVERYONE here.

Please forgive me.


To ANYONE here who may have been hurt in any way by this 'Hairdo' post; I sincerely apologize.

I posted it as I saw it----not for a minute thinking of others who may have lost their hair because of a catastrophic illness.

Please forgive me if I hurt any of you---I don't think things through very well sometimes.....and it's not getting better; it's getting worse... :o)

I must say, those of you who have been through hard times health-wise, have a wonderful outlook on life

and have a lovely way of laughing things off,

accepting life as it is!

That is true beauty...

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I see no reason for you to apologize for said insightful funny post. My hairline ain't what it used to be but I don't let it bother me. It does not define me. Nor do the scars that I have.

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I agree completely with Michael. My hairline isn't what it used to be either,and your thread was especially enjoyable to read KJ. When I read it a second time I laughed out loud because it brought to mind my wonderful sister in law who when her daughter was infant,tried to make a pony tail out of a couple of hairs. That hair thing goes with every age. The only thing you need to apologize for is staying away from the GP for so long.

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Michael and Marda, thank you for the saving grace of friendship. I'm relieved---get so TIRED of making mistakes all day long
I don't trust myself anymore and am always double-checking----what a joke----I'll just laugh along with you guys, how's that?

Marda---I only disappear because of the seasonal heavy garden load----However, since hurting my back last August, I've learned I can no longer do it all without paying dearly. So, now I just do what I can, use ice packs and try to be careful in between chiropractor visits.
I even had to let my 4X4 go because it hurt too much to get up in the bloomin' thing----I still can't get used to not having a truck around!
I now drive a 25 yr. old diesel Benz---$1,500 special--6th one I've owned over the years! Feels fine on the back and Roxie the Rottweiler gets to ride in style!! Guffaw!

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I don't see any reason for you to apologize for the post. I think it was done with humor and I could identify with it. I'm grateful that I have not had any major illness, but due to aging, my hair is thinning. Who knows where it will end when I'm really old, like 120 years old.

Changing the topic somewhat. I'm knitting "chemo caps" for cancer patients. While doing my research I found that people wanted the caps to keep their heads warm, and also wanted soft, seamless (knit in the round, no seams) caps, because their scalps were tender.
Some people want caps for looks, and the knitting community designs all kinds of caps.

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I too feel the apology is unneccesary. Your light hearted funny posting brought smiles to my face and obviously was not meant in a deregatory or hurtful way towards anyone.
However, I do find it sad that a posting meant only to lift our spirts and make us laugh might have been misconstrued by some and cause YOU to have to issue an apology. Perhaps, this is why the number of postings here are declining so much? Now THAT'S truly sad!

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ej---I can assure you no one said anything derogatory about the post. It dawned on me (as usual!) after the fact that some of the respondants had had serious illnesses and had suffered hair loss.
THAT'S when it hit me that I could've hurt
someone unintentionally and therefore, my apology came as soon as I realized.

I've been here since 2001 and my mouth and brain have led me down a tortuous path before, because I would just jump in there without thinking things through. Mostly everyone would just laugh---they knew I meant no harm 98% of the time.

OK; what I want ot know now is, how many of you are having problems with memory---names, days of week, taking meds on time,etc.?
I'm asking because I want to hear, "We ALL are!!" No lie!

We were coming home from an Itzhak Perlman concert the other night--the DGD's music teacher was with us and three times during a conversation, I couldn't remember a name, or else, the topic. I covered up twice and my daughter jumped in and saved me on the last one. I then pretended to fall asleep before I got into real trouble---I was tired anyhow.
Please tell me you are left hanging like this at times---I'm 65---so, if you're 39 and doing this, you're working too hard!! :o)

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Sis, just today after going to the VA I was trying to remember what the two shots the had given me were. One I knew was a flu shot but the other would not get off the end of my tongue till I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. I kept thinking Iodine for some reason but that could not be right. Turns out it was a pneumonia shot, duh. Has any one had those and ended up napping because of them?

The world is such a stressful turmoil any more I am surprised any one can remember everything they want to. Happens to me all the time.

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