Two nice days and then

gandle(4 NE)April 8, 2013

We've had two nice days in the 50's and low 60's, unfortunatelly the wind blew like mad and now they are predicting snow for this afternoon and night. Snow certainly is not uncommon here in April here on the high plains but I would sure rather have moisture in the form of rain. Oh well, I hadn't put away the snow shovel yet and the snow blower still has gas in it. We'll cope.

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We had a few days of rain, then sunshine, but last night we had a horrible wind "storm". I could hear the wind going around and through the trees. Thank goodness we keep our trees trimmed and thinned. When I looked out this morning there were tons of leaves on the lawn but no major damage.

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gandle(4 NE)

Man, did we ever get dumped on. Started as torrential rain which was welcome, changed to hail then freezing rain and now thunder snow. Strets and sidewalks are a sheet of ice under the snow. . Temp is in the low 20's. Just another spring day on the high plains.

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DH's home town is in Southeastern SD; we check the weather there, daily. This morning, at seven a.m., the temp was 21 degrees, but felt like 4; the wind was blowing at 29 mph, and 8 to 12 " of snow were expected. When I checked back this afternoon, the wind was blowing the snow like crazy and white out conditions were the norm on roads. People were urged to stay home and indoors; good advice, IMO. The kicker is that the severe conditions may continue till Thurs. morning.

As a change of pace, our temp reached 84 degrees, this p.m., and the A/C kicked on! What a crazy lady Mother Nature is! :>)

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Oh my, 84 degrees in April? That is summer weather here in Silicon Valley, Mother Nature has gone spastic. Can't depend on anything. There must be a new normal somewhere.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Fairly warm and rather windy here today. Interesting to hear about different parts of the country.

My mom's friend moved from Southern California to Colorado last week, just in time for snow.

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It is 89 here, the first day the AC kicked in.

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Yesterday 79, today 85, that are summer temps too and then it goes downhill again, severe storms and 52 for tomorrow.

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We went from 89 to 70 in one day. I do like this real life weather thread where we share information and try to figure out how to cope with the changes.

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