Up and down

anneliese_32(6)April 19, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I was wearing a tank top. High for the day 85, still 78 when I went to bed. This morning 41 and a 6 degree windchill. Had a lot of rain and wind during the night.
Yesterday the first hummingbird came to the feeder and the Indigo Bunting arrived, the dogwoods started to bloom as well as the apple tree across the street. Hope that it does not freeze tonight, a distinct possibility.
As soon as it dries up a bit I have to saw a huge oak branch into manageable length, right now the ground is very wet and I don't feel comfortable using my electric chain saw standing on the soaking wet lawn. Of course that thing had to come down after the city pick-up of brush and tree debries.

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That's a bit of a drastic change, human body has trouble adjusting to that, hasn't it? You are wise not to use electricity when it's so wet, the branch isn't going anywhere, I'm sure.
Here I think the California spring/summer has arrived, means we shall not have any rain , a bit early to be drying up, but not unusual. Need to get the property mowed and weed-whacked before the grasses dry, I shall call Hank today and see if he is available.
Amazing, I still have some firewood left, but I shall be happy to clean out the stove for the summer. By this time I am tired of the mess.

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The " tank top" comment made me chuckle.
You are right, the weather is up and down. So my wardrobe is between winter, spring and some summer. Sometimes all in one day. We're talking about the layered look here.
I remember the time when we put away our "seasonal clothing" by a certain date and brought out the next season's clothing. That's a thing of the past around here. In fact, we have converted our seasonal closet to a much needed all purpose storage closet.

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It is about 4pm here, and it is 80 on the covered patio and 91 in the sun.


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