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lilosophieApril 13, 2012

There is snow on the ground, looks pretty, but this is April! Winter has been hibernating all through the proper months, and now puts out white stuff. Cats and Dog are not happy, I am not exactly delighted.

I have a day's supply of firewood, so the house will be cozy, but I am so done with having the stove going, this time of the year I always get tired of ashes and dust and all that.

Weather bureau says it shall get "mostly sunny" by tomorrow and for next week, can hardly wait. I want to go walking and get my garden cleaned up!

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Oh, what a storm that was. You got the snow and we got the heavy rain, rolling thunder and lightning. It will take days of dry weather to get the soil dry enough to plant anything. Sigh.

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Yes, West Gardener, the Bay Area really got hammered, it skimmed my area, just some periodic heavy down-pours, but wow, you had some real T-storms

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I hid under my blankie.

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Weather has been getting very different than normal. There was a funnel cloud over the LA basin yesterday and thunder storms.

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So far so good here, but when there is bad weather in the West, we always keep one eye looking in that direction.
I am worried about George and Leone today, hope they have a safe shelter and keep the weather radio on.

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I also worry about George and Leone today.It seems the storm moved toward the mid section of the US.

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gandle(4 NE)

O.K. so far. Tornados dancing around us last evening, some structural damage. Sirens for several hours. Unfortunately more of the same predicted today along with Lilo's snow. Up to an inch but with temps in the 40's it shouldn't last. But, when all the fruit trees decided to bloom about a month early we had some rather hard frosts so no fruit again this year. The raspberrys look like they are dead, they were beginning to grow when they got zapped. Now there isn't any green under the bark. Some coming up from the roots though. Well, maybe next year. We do have a lot of wood left for the wood burner due to the mild winter we are using much more wood in April than we did in March.

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Stay safe, those things just touch down where they want to and leave big messes. Sorry about the fruit season, happens too often lately in too many places.

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